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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 12, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ tonight -- brad pitt back in the spotlight and sharing laughs with leo. >> it's pretty dicey, my friend a massive fire near oprah's hawaiian home. pleads for help. dog bounty hunt's wife warning him before her death. >> if you do, i will haunt you then -- the countdown to 90210 is on. how the o.g. cast is bonding far from beverly hills. and what the cast of plan and meghan into the. this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody. thanks so much for joining us.
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it's busy friday. let's get started. here's tonight's top story. brad pitt's photo-bomb and his new interview with leo. >> in my next life, who should i come back as -- you or you? >> ha, i don't know about him. i shine up pretty well, but it's pretty dicey on the inside. >> brad joked, and in a photo shoot had a blast joking around with his "once upon a time in hollywood's" co-star. that's margot robbie attempting a pose. that jump also rare glimpse of the tattoo on brad's stomach. the cast sits down monday with the "today" show. >> we did start on the same television show -- >> "growing pains." we're talking decades ago but -- >> did you ever do a scene together? >> no, no. >> they just missed each other
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on "growing pains." >> you know, it's a pretty good first day at my new school. >> brad was on the show in the late '80s. leo, early '90s. >> well, what's not to like. >> dicaprio was 16 years old when he joined the cast and "e.t." was on the set. >> it would be hard adjusting but they really nice to me. >> that shared sitcom time helped brad and leo bond. >> we kind of grew up in the same generation. we have similar experiences to laugh about it. i hope with can do it again. >> meanwhile, brad's ex, angelina jolie, was in paris this week working on her own project -- helping to launch a new perfume by mon guerlain. on the tip he reconnected with her godmother, jacqueline bisset. we're told they enjoyed reconnecting and angie shared photos of her six children. this is the wildfire in maui, just a few miles from oprah's estate. thousands were forced to
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evacuate. quote, if would kindly share the code to your gate/road, folks can evacuate through -- oprah, maui is on fire, considering opening up -- oprah was a step ahead and replied quote -- whiem many this this is oprah road the truth is she doesn't own it. quote the city controls access, nothing is being blocked by oprah at all. >> remember in the wizard of oz when the wicked witch says, poppy. >> we showed you oprah's hawaiian ranch yesterday and today we're told her home and danger. this weekend, american and british royalty come together. the queen b, beyonce, is jumping across the pond for premiere of "the lion king" and duchess meghan is expected to be there. and yes, we can feel the love.
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♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> we can't wait to see beyonce do a full curtesy when she meets meghan. they get five seconds of royal space time. that doesn't mean beyonce and meghan won't talk more behind closed doors. beyonce's a major meghan fan, remember when she and jay-z made it clear she's their queen. what's are the rules in. >> i haven't been taught any protocol. i assume you do that fresh prince hand shake, right? yeah, i think that's right. ? >> right. >> then, if you go, your highness, chop your head off. you got to go your royal highness. >> i got to get it right. i'm good to go. >> you don't want to quite do with the duchess, because she's
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half home girl and half royal. >> before the lion king premiere on sunday, meghan and sister in law kate are returning to wimbledon, the two will catch meghan's pal serena williams in the final, just like they did last year. maybe tomorrow we will see meghan posing for selfies with fans, to clap back at the backlash when her security team tried to stop taking pics of her. okay, so, we know ed sheeran loves a good collaboration. he's done them with beyonce and taylor swift. and today. ed just dropped an entire album full of all-star duets. ♪ 'cause i don't care when i'm with my baby yeah ♪ >> bieber just got married. i just got married. i just got married. i just got married. ed's finally confirming what he hinted to me last august. maybe already married? and get this, it was actually
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his wife cherry who told him to team up with the biebs for his fourth studio album "no. 6 collaborations." >> how you doing, man? >> i'm a big fan. >> that was 2012, the first time a baby-faced biebs met ed. ed would later write justin hits "love yourself." now, ed is calling the shots. the world's third highest paid musician hand picked all 22 artists for the record including one of his good buddies, bruno mars. >> we know each other very well. when that finesse video came out, it was like -- cool. and like the rest of us, he's a fan of cardi b, teaming up with them on another track. but the sweetest thing you got to hear how ed talks about his wife. >> wake up every day with his wife and like, why the [ bleep ] are you
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with me. all right, let's move on the day two of our exclusive sit down with dwayne chapman. they were in the middle of shooting their new reality show when beth passed away from cancer just 16 days ago, but the show goes on. it will premiere on wgn america later this year. >> when the show comes back, how much of beth's final days and her battle will you show? >> in reality television, you don't have the control, especially this production company and this network of what i want. >> the picture dog paints of beth's final days is grim. she withered into a shell of the vibrant woman america fell in love with. >> she went from -- she would be so mad if i said, 170-ish down to 126, and she's like, honey, i'm dying. i go, no, you're eating.
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she would say, big daddy, you better not let another girl take my place. i said, i won't. she's like, if you do i will haunt you. i would never commit suicide or none of that crap, but i am ready now to go. >> beth's urn remained close to dog during our nearly two-hour interview. production on their show resumed tuesday in colorado. >> i wanted to put them in the car and seat belt them in. and i want to take them with me and i thought, that's too weird. so i leave it next to the bed right there and i think that might be where it's going to be forever. >> their 20-year-old daughter bonnie, 18-year-old son garry and beth's 42-year-old stepson leland have all rallied around dog during this time of grief. >> it's hard to believe that she's even gone. >> if there was one thing you could tell your mom, what would you tell her? >> probably that, you know, i appreciate like how she raised
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me and it's made me the man i am today. >> i would tell her thank you and i'm sorry i didn't go to church with you every sunday like you wanted. i want to be the best woman i can for her. i love you, daddy. >> love you, too. >> and monday on "e.t." dwayne's final farewell to beth. we'll take you inside the weekend memorial and how beth is speaking to him beyond the grave. >> she's still doing it. and still ahead here tonight -- ♪ >> chris pratt's new country career? then, "fast & furious" fans you haven't seen anything like this. we're first on the set of the rock's new spin-off >> i've waited my entire caree
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minutes away on "e.t." --
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jnchts fk's wedding album revealed. the there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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♪ that's chris pratt singing on stage during a nashville pub crawl belting out a couple of country classics. >> the guardians on of the galaxy stage was hanging out without wife katherine
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schwarzenegger. we spoke with band member today. >> he killed it. we had a great time. he's a supernice guy. >> this is not good. we're going for a ride. >> after eight "fast & furious" moving, raking in more than $5 billion, the very first spinoff is finally at the starting line. dwayne johnson and jason statham are "hobbs and shaw," and we are first to take you behind the scenes. >> let's raise the bar. >> you have to defy gravity. >> the rock, shirtless and showing off his moves? jason statham, brooding in a trench coat? and sexiest man alive idris elba turned bad guy kickin' butt? sounds like a blockbuster to us. >> listen, i was just all in. >> access granted. access denied. access denied. access denied.
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>> the first spinoff in the "fast & furious" universe takes us on a ride from london to samoa, something the rock has always wanted to do. >> i'm half-black and half-samoan, i'm very proud of cultures i come from. >> a staggering 183 stunt performers were used throughout the movie. shaw's prized mclaren that will set you back about $400,000. the final battle scene between good guys and bad guys took two weeks to shoot, and featured zero guns. >> mama, where's all the guns? >> i got rid of them. >> let's get old school. i found just joy in these action sequences and fighting this way, somebody's face and trying to break their neck.
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>> look at me, i'm black superman. >> we had to really, you know, commit to that character and his capabilities even though it's like, do we believe that? >> damn, he really is black superman. coming up -- >> how is married life? >> pretty good so far. i recommend it. >> the truth about jfk jr. and his wife carolyn bessette. plus, exclusive scoop on the "90210" gang back to work and why you don't want to be the last person to binge the office before it goes away. closed captioning provided by --
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there's no such thing as a born winner. so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta.
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♪ the countdown is on to the return of "beverly hills 90210." it's just a few weeks away and the gang is busy shooting up in canada. so we found out how they're doing so far away from their iconic zip code. ♪ >> the cast is now halfway done filming on this replica. >> this is peach pit, yes. >> are these old flames back at it? >> remember, when we used to make out to this song? >> sort of, fans will get reooc they'll also get a glimpse of the actors themselves off the set. >> we're all playing heightened versions of ourselves. >> it's us making a reboot and making fun of ourself. >> you'll see brian austin
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green. in real life, brian austin green is married to meghan fox. on the show? lala anthony. >> it's been such an amazing show. it's just amazing. >> say hi to bri! >> a source tells us that the cast spends all day together on set, even working on the fourth of july, they still make a point to hang out offset, too. brian, shannen and gabrielle are all neighbors, living in a luxury high rise and they've been trying out some of the best restaurants in the city. when jennie and her and hubby ised rescue dog keeping her company just like last time as for brian the soon to be 46-year-old gets around on a skate brd, yes, some things never change. all right, die-hard "dunder-mifflin" fans are pretty
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bummed "the office" is leaving netflix in 2021. remember, nbc universal bought the rights to the tune of $500 million for their upcoming streaming service. and no matter what, the comedy still holds up today. it's one of my favorite shows. just ask the cast who is grateful to be part of something that's so "e.t."bingeworthy. >> the dundies, how can i explain it? >> we got really lucky, i think, you know, to get anything on the air. it's like catching lightning in a bolt and nbc stuck with the show. >> we were just lucky to be on television and then all of a sudden people were watching and now it was a big deal.ric that u have to stop everything to watch. >> three days, one hour and 41 minutes are all you need to binge all 192 episodes before netflix pulls the plug next year, but we're here to tell you it's totally worth it. >> i don't believe you continue. >> well, first of all, no one does hilariously cringe-worthy boss moments quite like steve carell. >> that's what she said, ha ha ha. >> i guess the rule of thumb is that if you don't know a
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character like the one that i play, then you are that guy. >> then there's the adorableness of john krasinski before he went all ripped and sexy in 13 hours and "jack ryan," but back then he was single and striking out with the ladies. >> my move is to get really awkward and uncomfortable people are like that's so adorable and weird. >> does it work with the ladies? >> obviously not. >> another reason to watch? the sitcom about a group of dysfunctional office mates selling paper helped launch the careers of some of our favorite funny people. >> dwight schrute is a worldwide phenomenon. i have my own bobblehead. >> yes! >> i've never been open to so much like drugs and alcohol and like good-looking men. it's totally changed my life. >> we are the office. we're not just the office. >> is that enough, should i keep going? >> and finally, the guest stars. everyone from amy adams to will ferrell, to idris elba, has shown up at dunder-mifflin's scranton office, we've been there a few times ourselves. >> sorry about that.
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>> "entertainment tonight." going to get entertained tonight. we all remember where we were when we found out john f. kennedy jr. and his wife carolyn bessette tragically died in plane crash off the coast of martha's vineyard. this tuesday marks the 20th anniversary of their passing and now we're hearing a lot of stories about their final days and about their love story which seemed to be far from camelot. >> their marriage was complicated for the fact that it was so public. but the public only sees a little bit. >> how's married life? >> good, i recommend it. >> the rumors surrounding jfk jr. and carolyn were many at the time, hidden drug use, carolyn felt trapped. >> everyone likes to think john and carolyn were fighting and it was over and heading for divorce and none of it was true.
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>> carole radziwill, who was married to john's best friend and cousin anthony, was part of their inner circle. in a new two-hour documentary, she shares insight on the hard times but rebs the good times as well, like the couple's wedding. >> god, it's been probably 20 years since i've seen these photos. amazing. carolyn just looked breathtaking. the dress was supersimple, everything was simple. they didn't need a lot of fancy around their love. >> as what couldbeen? carole beliefs they would have started a family of their own. >> i know that she was very nurturing and john told. we used to joke about family
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names. carolyn said if she had a boy, she would name him stanislus. named him stash, it would be a family scandal. i just thought stash kennedy, it sounded great. >> the documentary airs tuesday night on a&e and we'll be right back.
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doing that. >>i'm sure arresting saw that video i like actually they're going to have a talk with him nightmare and now i get i get being you know doing what you want to do and living on the edge. i get a book come on that's risky. yeah that's risky could have been done within a day it was know that could easily been a win, but today's someone wrote we should have a discussion about this it's our boat is 8 of
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well we're out of time. we certainly hope you have a great weekend. >> yeah, we'll leave you with a look at why you want to join us on monday on "e.t.." >> bye, everybody monday on "e.t." we're with dwayne the rock johnson duking it out on the red carpet? plus the ultimate royal run-in, "e.t.'s" in london as harry and meghan meet the carters. and -- is the lion king's biggest critic beyonce's own daughter. >> i heard her go, are they talking? disney is a powerful company. monday on "e.t.."
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>>the bay area once again on the front lines in the battle over immigration. >>starts on sunday and they're going to take people out with ice raids poised to begin this weekend bay area law enforcement officials are making it clear we do not cooperate for work with ice. >>that resistance could come at a high cost to bay area cities will tell you about the surprise ruling today from the 9th circuit court in san francisco. we have developing news tonight out of the south bay where a homicide investigation is underway good evening. i'm can when i'm pam moore, our kron 4 gayle ong is on the scene gayle, you just talked with a neighbor who knew the victim fill us in on what's happening there.


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