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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 13, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>>we are following breaking news this evening out of the east bay right now concord police are searching for a suspect who shot a man at 6 flags hurricane harbor. good evening. i'm j r stone and i know well below in for justine waltman we do have new video. >>for you from the scene according to a facebook post by concord police officers were called to 6 flags hurricane harbor just before 5 o'clock this evening. i believe this is not a great video by we they found a man in the parking lot who had been shot several times times according to police. the shooting happened after an argument between the victim and the suspect the man who was shot has been taken to the john muir, medical center and walnut creek and police say he is expected to survive again.
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>>that was the wrong video there but you're now looking at the right video and what it looked like the shooting happened the suspect police are looking for is an african american man with tattoos all over his back. he is about 220 pounds and drives a silver honda 4 door sedan the car is described as an older model cars with front bumper damage. conquer police ask anyone with any information to call them. and as always you can see updates on this breaking news during our 11:00pm show on kron on and on our website kron 4 dot com. and don't forget to download the kron 4 app to get push alerts for all breaking news sent straight to >>another big story we're following tonight police in concord ed fire at a hotel killing one man in the shooting happened late last night the motel 6 on clayton road. kron four's gayle ong
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reports from concord. >>the man killed has been identified, but we don't know is what led to the shooting. the police are looking for these 2 men at 32 year-old adam renfro of brentwood and 40 year-old robert brown of a point in connection to the fatal shooting in concord. >>the shooting happened around 11 15 friday night when officers arrived to the scene at the motel 6 likely in road they found one man identified as daniel straighter suffering from gunshot wounds, trader was taken to john near medical center in walnut creek where he later died the motel is surrounded by apartment homes and houses neighbors tell me they heard at least 5 gunshots in the night i was in my room and i thought i heard like. >>the trash can kind of like fall. anything i want to make it into gates s what it saw the light.
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>>the veto shooting as people living nearby on edge, i saw the police cars i just that you put it all together and there has always been like. >>lots of like problems with them and stuff like that i like police come, but i never actually heard. >>gunshot before so police say the suspects have arrest warrants for murder. they are considered armed and dangerous. >>earlier this afternoon congress want numbers track one of the suspect at a home in may point a search warrant was served at that home. neither suspect was located, reporting in concord gayle, ong. >>thank you gayle undocumented immigrants continue to be on edge ahead of ice raids that are planned for tomorrow earlier this week, the berkeley city council voted unanimously to sponsor a agains the council is calling a humanitarian crisis. >>and as kron four's felipe should call reports several 100 people showed up. >>council member or a sheik s
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arwani setting the tone for saturday's well attended rally at martin luther king junior civic center park we want send a message. undocumented children separated from their parents by federal agents along the southern border, inspiring the demonstration. >>a day after vice president mike pence toured a texas border patrol station where hundreds of men are kept in cages without cots in severe heat team treated like animals. >>i'm not being afforded the basic dignity that we all. have the privileges that we have the issue of immigration collectively personal for the berkeley city council considering its diverse makeup. >>also because some 50 years ago declared itself a sanctuary city the first of its kind in the united states at the time. the following the vietnam war had talked to a number of people who are undocumented and they are they're concerned they don't know.
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>>in addition to the crisis along the border mayor jesse out again says planned raid sunday by us immigration and customs enforcement agents on undocumented people in the bay area and other parts of the country is causing says he's unaware of any possible operations berkeley, but there he says local law enforcement want to be involved it really gives people pause about whether they should go see the doctor. >>we'll top out the kid to school go to work even just right trades alone is already. >>accomplishing the white house's primary goal which is to instill fear in immigrant communities all over the country organizations like the american civil liberties union were also in attendance giving legal advice to those in need. >>the 2 leaders also offering sanctuary in their churches to undocumented residents fearing an arrest. >>in berkeley felipe that all kron 4 news. >>we have continuing coverage of the ice raids tonight at 1030 we're going to hear from a lawyer about what folks can expect in the coming days on
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our website you can find more on protests across the nation and find information for bay area families that might be affected at kron 4 dot com. >>and east bay community is heartbroken tonight after someone down a playground alameda county crews say they responded to woodstock park around 3 30 this morning to find the playground equipment on fire now it's closed off and investigators are looking for answers kron four's dan thorn is live in alameda tonight. dan. you did speak to some neighbors who aren't too happy about all this. >>that's right. peoto their loc many of see this and they can't understand how someone could be so heartless to destroy it fire investigators say that a suspected arsonist is responsible and now they're looking for who did it. caution tape wrap-around melted slides and monkey bars
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at a place well known for fun, firefighters say the woodstock park jungle gym was torched by a suspected arson next. it's just a sad to see it destroyed doug evans loves to come to the park with his son rex. >>evans says this is an area of alameda that doesn't get much love seeing this happen here is disheartening the likelihood of a getting rebuild anytime soon is. >>it seemed unlikely the kids just want to have a plate play structure to >>the hope for a quick replacement was expressed through flowers and a note to the blue park, a nickname for the playground given by a child may miles be. alameda mayor maryland as the ashcraft says the playground open in late 2017 and cost around $250,000 to build. >>we're just bes do whatever it to get this rebuild because we need playgrounds across our city in every neighborhood. >>crews say the fire at the playground was the first of 2 they thought at the park early saturday morning. the first erupted in a trash can next to
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the playground, just before 02:00am then less than 2 hours later they returned to find the playground burning some people who live nearby say they're hoping this doesn't become a pattern. >>i wasn't completely surprised that somebody would especially around the 4th of july looked to have some continuing fun with fire fireworks or whatever it turns out to have been but that definitely annoying because like we go there all the time with my son. firefighters say it's still unclear what was used to start this fire. >>they're getting help and the alameda police department right now in this investigation, reporting live in alameda dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you for that dan a new deal in santa rosa is changing up some of the protocols when it comes to citing or arresting homeless people advocate sonoma county and the city of santa rosa. all agreed on the new one year deal that so the city agreed that before officials arrest or cite a homeless person they must first work with homeless outreach workers to offer an
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adequate shelter bed and reasonably accommodate verified disabilities. >>the defense has rested in the case and the ghost ship warehouse trial. and now prosecutors are preparing for rebuttal evidence which we presented next week kron four's michelle kingston has been covering this trial from inside the courtroom for more than 2 months now and spoke to a legal expert who says the district's attorneys. office that is picked the 2 week is people to charge in this case. >>for more than 2 months to recall man and max harris said sat and watched taken notes look directly at the jurors sin wiped away their own tears, testifying on the stand and now the trial is one step closer to a jury deliberation to reaching a verdict finding out if they're guilty or not guilty it's been super volatile super emotional paula canny is a defense attorney not representing anyone in the go ship trial but someone who has been watching very closely
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if. >>they find any. >>either harris or almanea. guilty for one. they're going to find him guilty for all 36 and vice a versa. >>elmen and harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for everyone who died in the fire at the electronic music party back in 2016 at the go ship. an oakland warehouse this space was not zoned are permitted for people to live inside or to hold large events that all man and his wife and 3 children his co defendant max harris who is described as the creative director and about 20 other people live there prosecutors say almena and harris are responsible for the fire because they did not provide exit signs sprinklers are working fire extinguishers in terms of our minimization i think everybody thought. >>well this is less bad than having people be on the street
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can he describes a man as the architect of a utopian place bringing artists into a warehouse to live to work to create together. >>people who were trying to do a good thing. and that thing you have and that so many people have your sort of. >>hand in you want to point these 2 people. you know horrible filthy jail. how's that made anything better. in oakland 1000. >>michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>police are searching for 2 ppli a firecracker inside a busy safeway store so they could steal a shopping cart loaded with groceries. it all happened about noon thursday at the safeway store in alameda south shore center. according to police the man through the firecracker in the stores refrigerated beer section creating a distraction that allowed a woman to them
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to leave the store with the groceries now the store had to be shut down. while police did their investigation. and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast for your saturday night live look outside from the east bay overlooking berkeley and as you can see. >>not really tracking that much of a marine layer influences patchy at best weaker sea breeze is it really pushing that thick fog bank right along our coast. but it is pretty think for those of you along half moon bay, but in downtown san francisco to 4 miles visibility and better clearing for those of you in oakland in hayward up to 5 miles there with that marine layer not extending into our interior valleys, so temperatures right now widespread 50's and 60's throughout the coast and most of our interior valleys with the exception of the tri valley has conquered in antioch still in the mid 70's after scorching heat in the 90's today. overnight lows tonight will cool down into the mid to upper 50's with the exception of antioch 65 degrees for your overnight low so still dealing with a very warm air mass even during the
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overnight hours and wake-up planner forecast is going to show a shallower marine there and with that warmer temperatures not just along the coast, but also still remaining warm in our interior valleys but we're all going to notice that cool down in the coming days to start out your upcoming workweek forecast. in addition of that i'm tracking your tropical storm barry forecast in my next full forecast in just a few minutes know allen jr back to you. thank you so much. >>moving along honoring fallen sacramento, police officer tara o'sullivan. that's the goal of a new beer at a local brewery. there was a line wrapping around the parking lot of the track 7 brewing of their soli 3, 4, 9, the i p a is dedicated to o'sullivan who was shot and killed in the line of duty last month. solve and frequently patrolled the curtis park neighborhood with the brewery is located and got to know the staff there well, several of her fellow law
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enforcement officers came out to show their support. >>obviously last year it was it was tough on the whole community up in the law enforcement community in any way too bring a little you know more joy excitement something. 2 you know help the family. help the community. you know recover. >>the net proceeds from the beer will go toward the tara o'sullivan memorial fund track 7 expects to sell out of the i p a this weekend. the lights out for new york city, what cause half the city to be completely in the dark. >>plus a new movie brings a true story of a hostage situation to lie for hearing from e >>plus perry has weakened as it made landfall in louisiana. but the threat is far from
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>>the kron 4 at age tonight, tropical storm barry is slowly making its way into louisiana. at this hour as the threat of major widespread flooding remains throughout the region. >>apolloas>>as tropical storm b majority activity remains in the gulf of mexico. the slow pace of the system is pushing the threat of significant flooding into sunday and monday and possibly
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beyond as residents remain on edge. >>pays to be safe than sorry and coming to shout to this is the most safe place for me and my family thousands of national guard troops were deployed by louisiana's governor and already rescues are underway. >>the coast guard warned perhaps not for much longer. >>it is important for buddy understand that, although we were able to conduct search and rescue operations. this morning in advance of landfall. our ability to do so will deteriorate as the storm continues to come ashore, the storm made landfall as a category one hurricane saturday afternoon and quickly weekend. >>and we'll continue to weekend. >>but the winds were never the primary concern for forecasters. >>it was the heavy rain and potential for significant flooding border, starting to come on the road their rove and as those waters rise the effects could be felt for days in the region, several levees are in danger some already over topped. >>it's going to be a long
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several days for our state. i know the people of louisiana are strong and resilient and i can assure you we are going to get through this. >>at least 300 families are now in shelters another 330 homes have been evacuated because of flood concerns and over a 118,000 customers are without power across louisiana. >>time now to check in on our weather forecast. membrey sir every is joining us. it has been windy and chile lately. it really has here in the bay area and let's take a first your tropical storm barry forecast because i am tracking sustained winds of 50 miles per hour. and it seems like new orleans gets a little bit of a break from the wet weather because now. >>the national weather service new orleans says that it's expected to get anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain from now through sunday. so that's a huge improvement from the 20
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inches of rain that he was expected to get but storm surge will remain an issue, especially along the states of louisiana and mississippi where they could easily get up to 3 feet but closer to home here in the bay area tracking very dry and calm conditions at home and today's daytime highs along the coast, slightly below average, especially for us in downtown san francisco 5 degrees below normal thing so that cool sea breeze and also that stubborn marine layer that did hang tight right along the immediate coastline. right where you should be in oakland, but above average temperatures of nearly 10 degrees for conquered and santa rosa, here's a live look outside from south market in better clearing overhead because of those high clouds pretty nonexistent right now in the bay area, current wind speeds out there right now light to breezy and seeing a lot of single digit wind speed so. thanks to those calmer winds were not really noticing that marine layer influence and temperatures right now
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widespread 50's and 60's for coast and most of our interior valleys. concord an antioch those 75 degrees so still dealing with a very warm air mass even at this 10 o'clock hour this evening. overnight lows tonight will dip into the mid to upper 50's for most of the bay area and tomorrow's daytime highs very similar to today warming up along the coast though, but in our interior valleys, cooling down just a bit san jose 85 degrees with plenty of sunshine, mid 70's for oakland in downtown san francisco. low 70's for your afternoon highs for the try valleys in concord in antioch mid 90's and also tracking low 90's for those of you in santa rosa, livermore though upper 80's for your sunday afternoon and as we take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 forecast. we are going to begin a gradual cooldown starting early next week with that cooling trend continuing through midweek until we rebound to near average highs even 10 days from now, plenty of sunshine out there with that patchy
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dense low clouds and fog still hanging tight along the coast keeping our temperatures relatively mild compared to our interior valleys in the 60's and 70's. dr. noel back to you. >>well, thanks so much up next the deadly hostage situation in 1991 played out on tv. now 28 years late
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>>in 1991 shots were fired live on tv is a tense hostage situation in sacramento unfold now a movie called a clear shot based on the 8 hour standoff. premieres in sacramento today, adrian moore spoke with reporters who were there covering the drama 28 years ago. >>shots fired on live tv as a tense 8 hour standoff of the good guys electronics store in south sacramento came to a close in 1991 hostage situation less 3 of the 4 robbers 2 store employees and a customer dead a lot of what happened is burned into my mind even 28 years later reporter george warren was broadcasting at the scene as the drama unfolded. we came on live. >>right as the flash bang grenade was going off inside the store. >>now that live tv tragedies. the basis for a new feature film titled a clear shot premiering this weekend at
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sacramento's esquire theater still living as hostage situation in us history, the film's director nick leisure was born in sacramento and watched with his friends who saw on the news and and that going over there check it out the movie changes. the name of the store and parts of the plot of been fixed allies, but it does create some of the most eye. it seems from the standoff, including the shattering of the front window and the deputy stripping down to his underwear to deliver a bulletproof vest to the gunman that sells kind of all sides of the story from. >>i respect police and also the from the perspective of the government. >>though the movie is set in sacramento it wasn't filmed here major says the lack of local support forced him to shoot in mexico, we drive millions of dollars to mexicbee revenue in sacramento today, the actual building is a dollar tree, good guys went out of business years ago. this network, a slice of sacramento's history will now gain new attention on the silver screen.
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>>well ice raids are set to take place this weekend coming up we'll talk to an immigration lawyer about what your rights are. >>and a deceased donor helped make a woman's dream of having a baby come true. and coming up of a quick check on your microclimate for
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>>starts on sunday and they're going to take people out they're going to bring him back to their countries or
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they're going to take criminals out put him in prison or put him in prison in the countries they came from we're focused on criminals as much as we can. >>the bay area's bracing for impending raids or by the white house isis targeting undocumented immigrants here in the united states illegally. these are supposed to be people wro have gone through the court process and i've been asked to leave or never showed up for their court dates. but critics worry these raids will separate families and place them in detention centers that are already overcrowded. protests have sparked here in the bay area and across the country calling for a different approach to the border crisis. some saying to close the detention centers. others say they want to spread awareness about why these immigrants are being forced to come to america. also why their home country should be taking some responsibility. >>could be more analysis and consideration on the relationship with the central american governments because
10:31 pm
the remaining silent on the changing of their own citizens are forced >>rally started as early as thursday this week and organizers say they plan to continue them through the weekend for those here in the bay area we want to inform you on what your rights are in the event of an ice raid. we're joined right now by catherine for rick don't attorney based in los angeles catherine first of all thank you for joining us. all the talk has been around the possibility of these raids on sunday from your experiences when do we often see and i know there isn't necessarily a time frame but is there a time of the day or the night when these often happen. >>it really can be any i've had clients reporting that they are seeing them. more during the day i would say mid morning afternoon but i would advise to be prepared to any time really. >>here we are on the eve of what could be something that last for several days or
10:32 pm
possibly weeks, what is a main recommendation, i know you made several earlier tonight at 8 o'clock for those folks who might be concerned out there. >>yeah there's a few major things that i want. >>people think about when this is happening, i know it's a very scary time so definitely try to stay calm if somebody is at your door. have them slip a warrant under the door and make sure it's a ju just show warrant meaning it's signed by a judge. it's not signed by a judge you do not have to let anybody in your home. you also have a right to remain silent. so if they do have a warrant and they come into your home. you can just let them know you want to speak with an attorney and remain silent after that definitely don't lie don't claim to be a citizen if you're not because that can be very problematic for your case going forward and do not sign anything without a lawyer because often times people can sign away rights are signed on terri departure orders just being unaware of what they
10:33 pm
sign. you want to be able to see your case before a judge so definitely don't sign anything a your rights away. >>and catherine you brought a warrant and i want to hit that again because this is these are warrants that have to be signed by a judge. that allows ice to go inside the homes. but administrate of warren is different is that the correct here that's not signed by a judge. >>that's correct and a lot of times ice officers will slip those under the door and if people are not aware that he has to be signed by a judge they may not be aware the difference and it may open the door. from what i've heard in new york. there were warrants that were not signed by a judge in those individuals did not open the door and were not taken into custody at that time so knowing their and these protected them in that moment. >>what's been your to this out there there's been so much talk about this about this happening and i know we're a mass deportations back in
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2015. it is there they're more fear out there today than there were years ago. >>i think i definitely have a lot. >>marc all 3 candidates very scarce. >>as just a it feels more aggressive this time. >>the numbers that they're talking about are quite large 2000 individuals that they're targeting. >>and another thing to be aware of is that there's supposedly targeting people with prior removal or deportation orders. now for those individuals they want to think about having a stay ready. a request r th ice that because if they have an old order out there that gets reinstated. they can be suto x-ray every move and taking out much quickly much more quickly. well thank you so. >>thank you so much catherine again catherine for it no. a los angeles based attorney who deals with these immigrants
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situations on a regular basis. we look forward to talking to you again in the next coming week, thank you so much catherine e that's. >>and your 4 zone forecast live look outside at the embarcadero and as you can see marine layer, not as big of an issue this evening and temperatures right now pretty mild along the san francisco peninsula, widespread 50's there, but 60's for everyone else in the bay area with the exception of the tribe valleys right now conquered in antioch in the mid to upper 70's and overnight lows tonight, we'll dip into the mid to upper 50's so relatively mild night and tomorrow's microclimate forecast for the 2nd half of your weekend calling for slightly warmer temperatures along the coast because of the shallow or marine there downtown san francisco warming up into the low 70's mission district 60 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs daly city 61 degrees in half moon bay, 67 degrees burlingame warming up into the low 70's
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millbrae flirting with 70's but 68 degrees, plenty of sunshine. there just started in the day light and breezy wind speeds around 20 miles per hour less increasing by sunday afternoon through the evening. palo alto 76 degrees in mount view in the low 80's and widespread 80's for those of you in the south bay mid 80's for san jose and even into the east bay tracking 80 degrees for livermore so out of that ninety-degree mark a little bit of relief for most of our interior valleys. hayward 77 degrees berkeley 74 degrees and conquered warming up into the mid 90's yet again tomorrow at 93 degrees but a slightly cooler forecast compared to today. napa 86 degrees sonoma also in the mid 80's in your sunday afternoon highs. so let's take a look at your allergy outlook for your sunday medium to low amounts of these top 3 allergens in the bay area continuing through monday and your full 10 at 10 outlook showing a cooling trend starting on monday with below average temperatures by the middle of
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next week and then we're going to warm up to near average by the end of next week and even 10 days from now with plenty of sunshine specifically in our interior valleys, a mix of sun and clouds though throughout the coast here back to you. >>thank you so much mabrisa a bay area driver crashed into a cvs today sending a few people to the hospital we'll tell you where it happened. plus e cigarettes will soon have to get approval from the food and drug administration. what that
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun.
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you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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kron 4 news at 10 a federal judge on friday ruled that cigarette companies must apply to the food and drug administration for a public health review within 10 months. this comes following a previous decision by the judge in a lawsuit filed by health groups, including the american academy of pediatrics in 2017 the agency allowed the cigarettes to stay on the market until 2022, for companies applied for authorization. products are also permitted to remain on the market indefinitely during the fda or illegal. last month for the first time in north america, a baby was born to a woman with a transplanted uterus from a deceased donor. a woman was born without a uterus but through an experimental surgery, she was able to deliver a baby girl. long
10:41 pm
process to this moment started in late 2017 when a team of cleveland clinic doctors. transplant a uterus from a deceased donor, the 2018 the mother who is in her mid 30's, became pregnant through in vitro fertilization. >>when i started we were doing we were doing ivf of us can expand. but hughes transplants. honestly even 10 years ago, i didn't think this was going to happen. >>roughly one in 5,000 women are born without a uterus but one in 500 of non-functioning uterus is the hope is this exper mental procedure will soon be able to help other women who want to carry their own child. a shooting drill for one california school district left the student in tears coming up. >>why one teacher says the drill may have gone too far. and up next in sports today was the second round of the american century celebrity golf tournament, we'll show
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>>lights are just starting to come back on after a transformer fire. caused the massive power outage in new
10:45 pm
york city stopping broadway shows and putting a hold on the subway system. people stranded outside of the theater were disappointed to hear their shows were canceled. that's when the cast of come from away walked outside and began singing and performing the show for the crowd. the blackout happened in midtown manhattan and on the upper west side causing long delays for riders on many lines of the subway during its peak more than 70,000 people were being impacted by the us. >>the facts but what i'm try make clear is it's something within the normal electrical grid something obviously it didn't work. but no other kind of external influence. >>because all the stop lights went out. and here's a look at times square. all the billboards went completely dark officials are working to restore power and say everything should be back to normal in fact we got updated. earlier on that things are
10:46 pm
back on the electricity is now back on well moving along in the east bay, an elderly driver was up currently trying to park in moraga when his foot slipped off the brake and on to the accelerator sending his van into a cvs pharmacy. the vehicle crashed into the front of the cvs store 5.80 marotta road shortly before 01:00pm officials said the number of people inside the soul, the store suffered minor injuries and one person needed to be hospitalized. the driver and a passenger in the van or injured. police said they don't believe drugs or alcohol caused the wreck. well school superintendent in central california is offering no apologies. despite complaints that the live shooter drill that he held at his school was too realistic. he had a gender wear a mask and carrying a fake gun who banged on doors and tried to open classrooms. some said the drill could end up traumatizing children but the superintendent says he's
10:47 pm
trying to save lives. kim cooper says in her 22 year career as a teacher. she has never gone through anything like this. >>i had one boy who was a he was trying to be very quiet about it. he was sobbing and you can imagine i was upset and i'm a you know 48 year-old adult but they're in the back of my mind i don't know that it's a drill. i think my goodness this could really be happening. >>the raisin city school board says the district which is located outside of fresno plans to update its procedures for active shooter training and we'll coordinated training with local law enforcement. well police in fullerton release body camera footage of an officer involved shooting that left a 17 year-old girl dead. fullerton police say hannah williams confronted the officer in a shooting stance with both arms in front of her pointing a gun directly at the officer. the officer shot her. an officer can then be heard
10:48 pm
on the video saying it's a replica hannah later died at the hospital police also released audio from the 911 call the place by william's father indicating that she had taken their rental car had been missing for about 3 hours and may have wanted to harm herself. one of the coolest events around happening in tahoe this weekend round 2 of the american century celebrity golf tournament in south lake tahoe, tony romo leading after round one stephon curry aaron rodgers, justin timberlake among many of the celebrities in the tourney. >>check this pass t nice comple oh yeah, the crowd is loving it curry on the 14th hole on the stand fans, great shot that would set him up for his first eagle curry getting
10:49 pm
some love from timberlake and the audience then chef again gets his second eagle on his second attempt. he would finish the second round tied for 12. speaking of curry how about his dad dell curry on the 18th for par. it's it's going good. closer closer. he gets a look at the reaction from punishes the second round tied for 6. tony romo on the 18th put it in for the part and remains in first place with 51 points heading into round 3 on sunday. giants in milwaukee taking on the brewers giants brought out the bats on friday night. and they made it even more interesting on saturday late drop, we'll pick it up in the top of the nighthe bren vogt of the plate. said that the bays it right there. brandon crawford will come in to score the ball is bottled and left here comes austin slater, we're always
10:50 pm
cut off giants tied up all not of that before but the brewers with and surpass bottom of the 9th we go to on 2 out then gambled the plate and he would. field no chance for austin slater. ryan braun comes in to score brewers walk it off after giving up the lead in the 9th. they defeat the giants 5 to 4 that is the final giants look to take the series on sunday. back here in the bay beautiful day beautiful saturday out the oakland coliseum a's hosting the chicago white sox we go to the highlights. chris bassitt on the mound today for the green and gold spot of the first we go a's up one to nothing to on for franklin and he says c a a deep to left field that ball is gone a's lead for the nothing of three-run jack all part of a seven-run first thing yes, 7 runs. bottom the board legal a's lead 9 does it is mark
10:51 pm
hanna grounds one to left field that would bring in matt olson, chris davis goes the 3rd dowels and nothing's as we've gone to defeat the white sox 13 to 2 that is the final the look to complete the sweep on sunday in other sports news history was made at wimbledon the women's final ramani as romania that is romania's simona hala taking on serena williams final set match point for halep and halep had the commanding lead over williams williams could not answer back caleb defeats williams into straight sets and becomes the first romanian tennis player, male or female to win a lliams of the record time 24th grand slam title serena's thoughts on her loss. >>i think for me any losses not easy per se, but. you know like i said on the court when
10:52 pm
someone plays lights out there's really not much you can do i mean you just have to understand that that was their day to day and hopefully they can play like that are often and more consistently. and really i can late raise the level of my game and sometimes. >>certainly was quite the shocker. right there that is sp
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 2 young children and their mother kidnapped in a plot to rob a wisconsin bank. but le moyne has details on the family's ordeal. >>on friday june 28 the branch manager at wells fargo closed up this racine bank for the night picking up her children ages 2, 5, and drove home to can osha. the woman says 2 men approached her at home and forced her and the kids into the back seat over 2008 chevy impala the suspect allegedly drove the 3 victims to milwaukee holding what police would later describe as a fake gun to the woman's head. investigators say the suspect held the family in a basement near 37th in concordia and plotted to rob the bank 23 year-old done terry us rob 19 year-old william howell 19 year-old george pearson robin 18 year-old lamar will all face multiple charges. while
10:56 pm
kidnapped the woman and the children were given a bucket to use to go to the bathroom and happy meals from mcdonald's to eat. the suspect took all 3 back to the bank early in the morning and at gunpoint demanded that the woman let them in. police say the suspects eventually had her disable the alarm and entered the volt stuffing bags full of cash. the suspects allegedly took off in the woman's vehicle. the woman and the children were left at the bank later that morning police say the suspects torch the woman's car near but the men clark in milwaukee, it burned the side of this garage raj the homeowner declined to speak with us on camera but says the intense flames will come off. the suspects all were eventually arrested. thanks to surveillance video. forecast. really a beautiful day out there, but it was a fol that they just couldn't take it yet is going to be another breezy day on sunday, so along the coast wind gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour or less. >>and even along the north bay
10:57 pm
mountains and hills wind gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour or less and we are still going to notice above average temperatures for interior valleys and along the coast near average highs and along the bay mid 70's for your sunday afternoon and in the tri valley has conquered in antioch. >>in the mid-nineties low 90's for those of you in santa rosa, and everyone else in the interior valleys in the 70's and 80's and as we take a look ahead cooling down to start out your upcoming forecast. thank you so much and thank you for watching we are always on kron (announcer) who can you always rely on to be there
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