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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 14, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>now at 8 immigration and customssenforcement have begun conducting raids across the country today. thank you for joining us this evening, i'm noel bellow in for justine waltman and i'm j r stone the operation is said to be taking place in 9 cities, including atlanta, denver, new york, los angeles. >>and right here in san francisco. officials say the focus will be on undocumented immigrants who already have court orders to be deported. the raid could last several days some city and state leaders have called the operation fear mongering and they said they will not be coperating so far no ice raids have been reported here in the bay area right now kron
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four's gayle ong is live in san jose where she met with an immigration attorney. >>and asked about what people should do if they come into contact with an ice agent kale. >>you know in j r a federal ice age and can be in public to ask people questions they say it's always important to know you're right. >>a federal immigration agents use these questionable in the legal tactics. >>jeremy is an immigration advocate at siren in san jose who is trying to get the message out to those who are concerned about the trump administration's immigration raids in the bay area and across the country remind people not to open the door. >>if immigration officer happens to have a warrant asked him to slip it under the door and confirmed that is actually signed by a judge this is their job every day we got compassion oil ice agents who are just doing their job acting us citizenship and
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immigration services director ken cuccinelli told cnn sunday piece of paper in a federal order that says they've gotten due process over a million people with removal orders last let's talk you know a nice drawing from. >>meanwhile coast to coast protesters in new york you can >>police that. >>and san francisco gathered denouncing the rays since friday. well, immigration activists say it has been quiet and no reports of ice raids in the bay area so far the operation is creating aq culture of fear, you know seen a >>phone calls coming to our office more people approaching a sound the community just trying rise above that we're not asking the community to panic but to empower themselves with this knowledge about knowing their rights.
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>>the operation is set to go through next week the city of san jose oakland and san francisco. all say they will not assist ice in this raid, live in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thank you as reported we have not heard of any ice raids reported yet in san francisco, many large groups and organizations are still taking action to protect undocumented immigrants. there are also local sanctuary church is in the bay area offering safety to migrant families kron four's taylor bus aqi spoke with the congressional church of san mateo about its sanctuary status and its message to the community. >>the congressional church of san mateo says and stepping up for those most vulnerable and its community right now you are neighbors. we're an immigrant welcoming congregation. this is a safe place to land this is a place of refuge. and you know one thing that we say here is no document defines anyone's humanity and so to be a sanctuary church and this
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time, this moment, may be more important than ever news of planned ice raids on sunday threatens nearly 2000 migrant families across the country in 9 cities, including san francisco. >>it's part of president trump's crackdown on undocumented immigrants focusing on those who already received court orders to be deported to its sanctuary status. the congressional church of san mateo says and hopes to help families in need we're one of the main ones in the area actually have physical sanctuary. a lot of it the congregations have voted become a compliment the sanctuaries so they do different things and provide different services, but i'm here at the foundation churches seem also the unitarian universalist church just around the corner there are also physical sanctuary church in addition to support from the church we are. >>here for you and will stand with you walk with you reverend jorge about and penny nixon say. >>it's important to know your rights and resources if somebody is afraid to call the rapid response line and people
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will come in the area and the in solidarity with you in san mateo sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor, we have continuing coverage of the ice raids on kron 4 as well as. >>kron on and kron 4 dot com. you can also find information for bay area families that might be affected at kron 4 dot com. >>we absolutely made through the storm. i'm the i'm lucky. we were spared. >>mayor of new orleans latoya cantrell saying the city is spared this after tropical storm barry weakened to a tropical depression. thousands of people across louisiana and alabama without power due to barry's heavy rains, strong winds and flooding. david daniel has a look at the latest conditions. >>tropical storm barry sparing new orleans we absolutely made it through the storm. i'm the i'm lucky. we were spared.
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tropical storm barry is weakening as it pushes inland, it was a hurricane when it made landfall saturday. >>that was quickly downgraded as it weakened over land. >>it seemed as those bands move closer to new orleans the same to just go around this but forecasts warn more rain is on the way. the storm still has a long way to go before it leaves the state rescue crew. >>work through the weekend the us coast guard air lifted residents to safety as flood water surrounded their homes on saturday. >>of on parish crews shore up the levee after flood water's topped it. >>the people of very well protected we had no flooding in the area. first time this is that we've ever had an eye for the water where these people have been going on the water, i mean it this is this a great day for old that these levees do forecasts show days of rain are ahead 11 million people were under flash flood watches on sunday. >>some could see severe weather as barry continues to
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push inland. i'm david daniel reporting. >>we are taking a live look outside and barca narrow look at the bay bridge. it's really clear tonight yesterday and we had a lot of thick fog we can barely see one of our cameras so quite a difference 24 hours makes. both here and in louisiana, like we were just talking about barry there much different look here than louisiana. >>and tropical storm barry has downgraded now into a tropical depression. so great news there sustained winds at 35 miles per hour as it starts to exit out of louisiana. >>over the overnight hours we are going to notice. calmer winds speeds as well where by monday afternoon. ed winds at 25 miles per hour as we take a look at what was once hurricane barry when it did make landfall in the state of louisiana, but as you can see the bulk of the moisture now starting to exit that state and now heading towards mississippi where there were flood and also tornado
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warnings issued in that state very severe weather right now over jackson and even memphis tennessee now getting the bulk of the moisture of what was once hurricane barry and closer to home much more calmer and drief conditions here in the bay area as you can see lack of marine layer is going to make for a beautiful sunset, even along the coast of the bay area temperatures out there right now still relatively warm and most of our interior valleys specifically the tri valley is in antioch in concord in the low 80's, everyone else though in the 60's and 70's so we are noticing a nice cooling trend right about where we should be for this time of year in current wind speeds out there right now getting a little bit of some and southerly winds right now impacting downtown san francisco 21 mile per hour winds. and also noticing some gusty wind speeds for those of you in fairfield also seeing wind speeds in that 20 mile per hour range, but wake-up planner forecast is going to show a cooler forecast and even gustier winds speeds by your monday afternoon and
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evening find out how gusty it's going to get and how cool we're going to get in the coming days my full forecast in just a few minutes noel back to you. thanks for esa happening now 2 separate outages knocked out power to more than 2000 pg any customers tonight they both happened around 6 15 this evening in the japan town and cathedral held districts at last check. >>pg e was investigating the cause and working to restore power by at least 9 o'clock tonight so hopefully that gets coming up an elderly man attacked over a parking spot and it was all caught on camera here with the victim says sparked the fight. >>and ice raids have now started in parts of the d immigrant who is in fear. >>that he will be deported and hear why governor newsome signed a bill aimed at helping utility companies with wildfire costs even when their
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>>welcome back the family of a north bay girl says she's making improvements after being struck by an alleged drunk driver. the girl was hit last thursday near the cotton town mall in santa rosa. >>she's since been in recovery ucsf children's hospital oakland. that's where we find kron four's dan thorn live tonight. can you talk with the girl's father i can't imagine what he's going through right now. >>family is saying that she's doing much better than they
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thought her mom and dad a van by her bedside since the accident here at children's hospital and the father tells me it's been a little difficult to handle, but they're lucky. >>if you're howard 10 is opening her eyes and making strides after an alleged drunk driver struck her with his car and took off the little girl who just turned 2 years old has a fractured skull and bruising to her lungs and kidneys when i was in a panic. >>to the hospital as best they could was emotionally very distraught i couldn't really keep ed her mother by her bedside since the accident happened rsday afternoon. shane social security office with their great grandmother when she ran and a range avenue in santa rosa shames initial shock and fear wore off once doctors told him severe did not have any internal bleeding for brain damage.
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>>those are things that they were able to tell me much right away and that was that was company. >>what's not comforting for shane is that police say the 47 year-old hit and run driver actor larios was drunk at the time if found guilty this would be says a 4th dui conviction. >>i'm not exactly what i would say anymore i'm more wondering. he was doing driving. why the trading after so many duis i mean you have so many warnings at that point. >>the chain says he's thankful for all of the support they've received from friends and family now they're just looking forward to this being all over. >>i think that this is definitely better the aspect that that we're dealing with things that we heal. >>relatives of set up a go fund me page to help severe as parents with any expenses at
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last check more than $13,000 have been raised their parents are hoping and by tomorrow she will have her breathing tube removed so that her progress can continue here at the hospital reporting live in oakland dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>thank you dan happening today all 3 lanes of conquered boulevard are set to reopen tonight after being closed for several days crews have been removing a crane that was used in the construction of an apartment complex that burned down last year. the fire broke out in april. investigators say arson cause $55 million in damage. the 180 unit complex and prompted the evacuation of about 250 people from the adjacent apartments. all 3 westbound lanes of concord boulevard are still closed right now between the lindo street and mira vista terrace they're expected to be open in
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citing for running red lights and send the tale we'll either get their citations dismissed or get a refund city leaders say they are ending the city's red-light camera program after finding an error and yellow light timing at the intersection saratoga drive in hillsdale boulevard city leaders also say an evaluation found the safety benefits of the program have fallen flat and it has become harder to administer. >>the state has a new utilities regulator governor newsom announced friday, he's tapping marvell bought her to serve as president of the california public utilities commission. the commission oversees the state's power companies and other services and has faced criticism recently largely following last year's wildfires caused by pg e equipment hadn't been maintained properly. now in an effort to help utility companies pay wildfire victims governor newsome has signed a
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new bill but as capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala reports pg any likely won't get access to those funds just yet. >>the governor's ink is dry on the new law that create a wildfire liability fund for utilities to use winner equipment sparked blaze. >>it's not the end of the process, this is one. >>face it goes into effect immediately establishing a $21 billion fund with money from investor owned utilities and attacks californians already pay governor newsome emphasizing pg e has a lot to do before it has access to the money. the company first needs to get out of bankruptcy and pay off the 2017 2018 wildfire claims they got a lot of work to do. >>you know get to participate in this one unless they go through a series. steps most importantly they've got sit down. they can deal with these victims. been 1400 days, some of these victims we
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compensate. >>the governor says to help prevent fire in the first place he sent a letter to a number of us senators requesting the federal government boost its forest management budget more than half of california wild lands are on federal property. >>he's to participate private individuals need to do more home heartening they knew more on defense and space's obviously i used to do their part we need to do our part. through cal fire office of emergency services. >>to work through this. the governor says when the legislature gets back from summer break they will begin focusing on insurance issues as well as fireproofing homes in the wake of these devastating wildfires, reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and this sunday evening gorgeous shot of san francisco and a little more there >>i mean it when it's been so clear today compared to yesterday i'm surprised what a difference 24 hours makes.
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yeah we got really lucky with every mayor today great way to end our weekend at sunday night. >>and we're also noticing clear skies not just along the coast, but also the interior valleys as well so today's daytime highs cooling down relief in sight for most of our interior valleys specifically, the tribe valleys conquered though a little toasty still in the low 90's santa rosa, not that far behind 80 degrees for your afternoon highs in downtown san francisco, 62 degrees with oakland in the upper 60's today. so we all noticed that slight cool down today that cooling trend continuing all the way through tomorrow as well storm tracker for tracking very dry. calm conditions out there right now and beautiful sunset this evening for those of you in the east bay over looking sun all as you can see picture perfect conditions out there right now to endure sunday night, current wind speeds out there right now little bit gusty a downtown san francisco winds out of the north right now 21 mile per sustained winds in fairfield also noticing wind speeds in that 20 mile per hour range. but tomorrow we are going to
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notice even gustier winds speed throughout the roughout bay area, tonight will be pretty gusty for those of you in the north bay about 20 miles per hour or less during the overnight hours and even through your monday morning pretty calm conditions but winds will start to increase by around our new lunchtime hour. and then by monday evening that some are going to notice sustained winds at around 30 miles per hour or less specifically for north bay mountains and hills and even for parts of downtown san francisco as well. we are going to notice very windy conditions fortunately below advisory level but still enough for it to be noticeable for us in the bay area. temperatures out there right now we are seeing that nice cooling trend this evening read san francisco peninsula and east bay shoreline 70's as you make your way inland and the tri valley specifically antioch and conquered in the low 80's as you step outside right now and overnight lows will be generally mild in the mid to upper 50's and daytime
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highs tomorrow, cooling down to write about where we should be for this time of year 60 degrees for downtown san francisco, mid 70's for oakland and san jose 83 degrees for your afternoon highs and we are going to see near average temperatures to start your workweek monday with little change for most of this upcoming workweek and then below average temperatures by next weekend with plenty of sunshine. whelan jr back to you. thanks recess. a major power outage in new york city impacted 73,000 people last night as city officials scrambled for a few hours to get the lights back on steve mann says the details into what had. >>happened and how the biggest city in the world l, the major blackout. >>10's of thousands of new yorkers in the dark saturday night as a power outage in manhattan let people trapped in elevators and subway cars, the power failure occurring primarily in midtown manhattan in the upper west side fdny confirming several transformer fires in the area, it's
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something within the normal electrical grid, something obviously didn't work but no other kind of external influence here. >>the outage also impacting multiple subway lines, according to the metropolitan transportation authority. >>a significant disturbance. that eventually to that. >>thousands of new yorkers taking to the street when the lights went out. several broadway shows also in the dark restaurants, movie theaters and other shows impacted as well post apocalyptic it's no lights now back this new york are directing traffic at a busy intersection one of several in the city without working traffic lights city officials working to figure out what went wrong will get to the after action. >>to the action the call of
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duty is public safety. traffic control. additional law enforcement because it is harder to police blacked out cities. >>i'm steve mannus reporting. >>well coming up the 9.11 victims compensation fund bill has now passed the house details on the push to get the bill to the president's deaths. >>and an elderly man attacked in broad daylight over a parking spot. it was all caught on camera we have that story aft
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news today police in florida are looking for the person caught on camera attacking a senior citizen over a private parking spot nicole lynn salata has the story. >>people park in our spaces even though they say tollway and everything else and the parking on private property and go to the beach. >>and the man in the red shirt was apparently one of those people willing to attack the property owner because he wanted to park wherever he wanted he even said so he told me that when he comes to hollywood he parts where but as he wants to. >>rudy owns the short view condo hotel on south surf road in hollywood over the memorial day weekend. he says that man in the red shirt parked in a clearly marked private spot. >>and i asked him very kindly if he would move that's when he said the man told him he wasn't going anywhere. but i saw he was at a hospital.
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>>i turned around went to get my cell phone out of the office and. to call the police when he went back inside. he says the man driving this red mustang. >>was smoking a joint. >>and he told me because i was so nice to him. he would go ahead and leave but after he finishes joined. so i told you can't smoke because i've got a hotel full of people in kids here the smell is everywhere. you can't you can't do that. >>still it looked like he was going to leave or he says, but he didn't. >>people i know he came behind me and then he sucker punched me. >>he continued to keep beating rudy until his female companion intervened. the attack left rudy badly bruised on his throat and his neck, suffering blurred vision and a possible concussion. and some neighbors say they simplr don't feel safe anymore. >>i think it's terrific i'm born and raised here and and to be quite honest i'm ready to move on. it's just very said. >>the world is getting getting
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very very angry. >>trump targeting female dems that story after the brea
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>>psychologically you live in fear for you live thinking that any day any moment to you will get a knock on the door this they want put up with. >>ice raids unfolding across the nation today leaving many in fear of deportation about
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2000 people are at risk right now most. our believe should be people who have recently entered the us, but that's not easing fears among many longtime residents without legal status. >>cnn's sara side. no reports. >>this undocumented father says he's never felt this much stress and fear in his 15 years living and working in the united states. what did you think when you sure that the rate would be happening again. >>and there some wheat and it's very stressful it's like you have a disease that's killing you like cancer something that makes you feel desperation. he says. >>look at this is fear and desperation are exploding in immigrant communities across the country. after the trump administration announced raids by immigration and customs enforcement agents set to begin this weekend. coming through psychologically you live in fear for you live thinking that any day any moment to you will get a knock on the door this they're going to fill up with he lays out of
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documents to show he pays his taxes, he's worked hard as a repairman to achieve the american do you think the president has achieved his goal of making people who are here undocumented want to leave and i know it out it was yes, he's achieved that there are many people who don't have a choice. he says an opening up him, but he knows the life he built with his wife together in california could be wiped away with a knock on the door. he says he left el salvador for economic reasons after his first wife died in childbirth and you could not make enough money to provide for his 3 children there. he entered the us illegally the rio grande, a in 2005. >>missed a court date and a court ordered his deportation he says that is his only crime. >>he's been trying to remedy it through the courts which includes making scheduled visits with ice which leaves him even more vulnerable.
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>>at his church, i'm putting myself my church, i'm a risk. his pastor's make clear they're willing to face the consequences of not helping the undocumented this is what we need to do we need to walk the psi i've honorable their church is a member of a network of churches preparing emergency shelter for people to go into hiding in the short term and if need be indefinitely. >>and we have a high or too low law of love compassion and the law of god. >>that was sarah seigner reporting some undocumented immigrants say they feel like they're preparing for hurricane frantically stocking up on supplies, afraid to leave their homes. in the east bay tonight police in oakland are looking for whoever shot a woman early this morging it happened around 02:30am on the 2400 block of chestnut street in west oakland police say the woman suffered from a gunshot wound to the ankle right now she is in stable condition. police have not yet released a
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description of the gunmen. and in san francisco, a man remains in critical condition tonight after being rescued from ocean beach it happened late saturday afternoon around 3 15 near the san francisco zoo. officials from the national park service and san francisco fire department surf rescue say the victim was fully clothed when rescued and was result revived using cpr before being taken to a nearby hospital. he does remain in critical condition tonight. no word yet on why he was in the water. >>in national news critics say president trump use racist language to attack progressive democratic congresswoman in a series of tweets today, the president plied the congresswoman weren't born in america and the sarcastically suggested quote they go back and help fix that totally broken and crime infested places from which they came the tweets come after a group of democrats who are women of color, criticized the president's immigration
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policies and conditions of border detention facilities. house speaker nancy pelosi fired back against the president saying quote his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white again. the house has voted and passed a bill to fund the 9.11 victims compensation fund through the year 2090. >>the bill was renamed in honor of the several of the 9.11 responders it's called never forget the heroes our washington dc correspondent morgan wright has the latest. >>the house of representatives voted friday to permanently find 9.11 victim compensation near 2098. >>the bill is passed you never forget 9.11 is one of those moments that is ingrained its new york republican congressman tom reed says the bill had strong support from both parties and new york democrat joseph morelle he says the victims are not limited to new york pennsylvania. >>and washington d c. >>of the 435 congressional districts, the united states.
8:36 pm
433 and people and families who could benefit from this fund the bill passed the house for a 2 to 12. thanks in large part to lobbying efforts by first responders now suffering from the toxic environment at ground 0 shanksville and the pentagon and the high profile testimony of comedian jon stewart. stewart. >>thi finals are. 2 weeks from now in the senate stewart changed lawmakers at a hearing. >>the official fdny response time the 9.11 was 5 seconds and one of the first responders victims. louis alvarez died shortly after urging lawmakers. >>to pass the certainly a shame to see it come to this where we had to push this vote. >>thankfully common sense prevailed new york democrat anthony brindisi says he wants the senate to act quickly as 9.11 victims payments have been cut because the fun was running out of money. pennsylvania republican senator patrick toomey says brindisi and the victims should not worry. he says the senate will act quickly on the measure we want to make sure
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those first responders are take care of in washington morgan right. >>and a toddler killed in a road rage incident we hear the family's plea to the public. and coming up on your full microclimate forecast for the start of your workweek in just a few minutes. >>and next on dine and dish where you can get a taste of the mediterranean. right here in san franc
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at a people in milwaukee are angry tonight after a 3 year-old girl was shot and killed in a road rage incident incident lauren linder has more on how the little girl's community is pushing for change. >>and she just turned 3 on lead up date. >>with sonia ferguson processing the loss of her grandchild brooklyn harris, as the rest of the community prays for her family. the 3 year-old was shot and killed around 00:30am in the morning. investigators say she was with her mom and siblings in a car when her mom nearly crashed with another car. the driver of an older car then shot at them a bullet striking the little girl. police say they have a suspect in custody. the incident now creating an outcry amongst local leaders and the community. >>every want to you should be just as angry and upset about this as i am. like the front
8:41 pm
of her. >>and that is saturday morning. young child lose their life because some jurors decided he's getting news. a gun because he's mad at someone on the street, it's just insanity in a sick and should be able to play out here. >>and you have a life. it should be all this killing always innocent bystander. >>they're seeking change and agree it's going to take more than police to make a difference. it's going to take the whole community working together this can't become the norm. >>our city is better than this. we need everybody to understand just how tragic this is not granted they put the dog down. >>those lauren lindor reporting this marks the 3rd time in less than 2 months that a 3 year-old was shot in milwaukee. the other to survive their injuries. next in sports. it was quite a day at >>and the local baseball teams, kate rooney is here, she's got a break it all down it was a wild one.
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>>and next amazon prime day is tomorrow a look at the bargain basement deals being rolled out for members this year. welcome back
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to kron 4 app. >>8 for your money tonight, we are less than 24 hours away from amazon's prime day and now we're getting a sneak peek at some of the deals the online retailers putting a big focus.
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>>on many of its own gadgets and in-house brands this year. there are discounts up to 50% on some of amazon's women's clothing lines. some line of home goods you can get up to 30% off other deals include a sony l e d smart tv. for half off amazon's annual sales blitz starts tomorrow and will end on tuesday. >>this is pretty interesting ford and volkswagen are now teaming up to build electric cars, they're planning to buy a majority stake of argo ai the startup company actually develop self-driving technology. ford will use volkswagen's electric car architecture on vehicles, it builds for the european market, starting in 2023 ford doesn't sell any purely electric vehicles right now, but it is working to develop them. volkswagen has committed to making a 40% of its fleet electric by 2030. >>if you can't make it to a
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mediterranean island for the summer at least you can eat like your online yet. >>tonight on dine and dish vicki liviakis takes us to a hidden gem in san francisco's 6th street area, it's called our jen time project. >>island of rota system 16 hours from the bay area until that which is george. only his home island is not far from his mind. this is a new cafe called argenta project started by rena and her husband dimitri if you're your it definitely a favorite. it is greek as you can get from donors, even the soda pop it's from greece. street area of san francisco is. you know
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what do you say. if you want to taste the mediterranean you it's all of oils are fine wine so anything up a new language along the way like. still put up with me. in san francisco, >>if you want to submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery or food truck to dine and dish you can nominate them by sending an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot. more go to our dine and dish facebook page as well. >>well taking a live look outside and the it looks like the bay bridge approached right, they're not too many cars out about if you are making your way back into san francisco last sunday night not a bad or night for a drive.
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>>i guess been super clear like we i was just surprised. >>are we getting touch colder this week so. yeah we are going to notice a slight cool down starting tomorrow we're going to be right about where we should be so relief is in sight for interior valleys scorching heat they're well above average, especially the tribe valleys warming up into the 90's yet again today and here's a live look outside from golden gate bridge. dense low clouds and fog not going to be an issue for your commute in and out of the city of san francisco. so enjoy the clear weather out there right now throughout the golden gate bridge temperatures right now widespread 60's throughout the san francisco peninsula even east bay shoreline but 70's as you start to make your way in london antioch in conquered the warmest locations right now in the low 80's. as you step outside this evening and overnight lows tonight will be fairly comfortable in the mid to upper 50's conquered in antioch even warmer than that in the low to mid 60's. so you're still going to notice warm temperatures tonight even during the overnight hours but
8:49 pm
we are going to see a shallower marine, the layer yet again right along the bay area coastline. downtown san francisco cooling down to 68 degrees daly city 62, half moon bay in the mid 60's for the start of your workweek monday. so it will be a fairly patchy cloudy start but then plenty of sunshine by the afternoon millbrae and burlingame 6869 degrees respectively san mateo in the mid 70's, but paul also even milder than that 69 degrees for your monday afternoon highs and i am tracking gusty. wind speeds as well about 30 miles per hour or less fortunately well below advisory level but enough for us to notice those wind gusts throughout the afternoon and evening low to mid 80's for the south bay, san jose 83 degrees saratoga in the low 80's sonal 76 degrees for you in the east bay livermore cooling down into the mid 80's right about where you should be for this time for the east bay
8:50 pm
the low 80's conquered low 90's and reek. 86 degrees for your monday afternoon. so the guest east winds will be in the north bay mountains and hills 30 miles per hour or less and temperatures cooling down as well nap in the mid 80's in santa rosa, upper 80's for your afternoon highs in your allergy outlook medium to low amounts of these top 3 allergens and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast we're going to be on cruise control for the next couple of days with below average temperatures arriving by next weekend. >>the oakland a's more hot heading into the all-star break but could they keep up that momentum after taking the time off. well so far. the answer seems to be yes oakland's taking on the white sox today and women equal a series sweep. and this is a wild finish chads hinder with a single he go from first. goes jose rondon trying to
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turn the double play and the a's would get the 3 to win. they have now won 10 of their last 12 games, jr and i will have more highlights from that game is on sports night live coming up next to that it was a giant pile, also talk. and everyone's favorite celebrity golf tournament, up in tahoe, and that's really just scratching. the surface, you're gonna have to tune in to find out what else we've got right after news at 09:00pm j r i know you have a lot of a lot of things that happened this weekend i got a field. >>multiple i'm so excited over the wimbledon we're even talking cricket cricket match to finish off the show wt e'ghl pictures from the big cricket to let you do the talking thank you so much. >>most here the lion king set to hit us theaters later this week. but a very special guest in the u k already got a sneak peek stick with us.
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>>know a lot of us are pretty excited about this one than you live action lion king movie premieres tonight in london and there will be actual royalty at the event that's pretty interesting linda kincaid has the details on this star-studded night out.
8:55 pm
>>it's one of the most hotly anticipated releases this year. these these live re imagining. line. >>with an cast to voice including beyonce as the young line nala and donald glover in the lead role as really fun to be a part of a. >>you've known your entire life like i didn't have to wait. learn any lines i didn't have to learn the words of the songs that him after that you know it was a second nature's i think that i think you you do films like that. once in a lifetime, but the crown prince is a jungle is getting of oil seal of approval in the united kingdom. >>prince harry, the duke of sussex will attend the uk premiere of the film is sunday. it's all for a good cause disease launching a worldwide conservation charity to protect him revitalize the line population across africa. the protect the pride campaign
8:56 pm
its goal to double the line population across the by 2050 wildlife conservation is a cause close to prince harry's hot. and it's also a chance to get some positive media attention up to some negative press over the private nature of prince a cheese christening with lions in africa facing rising threats from poaching and loss of habitat. >>prince harry will likely be a good today, the public attention from his own household to the king of the jungle lindsay kinkaid cnn. >>cool stuff can wait for that was a very special swim classes of started that the san francisco zoo and gardens as 5 penguin chicks of the zoo are beginning to learn how to >>nearly 2 months old, but they're learning some basic lessons at what the zoo calls fish school. that includes learning to eat whole fish and how to swim and socialize with their care takers for $5 visitors can also help a name. the 5 penguins, the donation benefits, penguin conservation they're just so cute when i
8:57 pm
when i ridge they read that script though $5 to feed them, but you know. >>help with the that's nice still pretty cool that still pretty cool. i think so. >>also pretty cool our weather. yeah we are going to notice the nice cool down greet transition in segue into that noel, so we are going to notice cooler temperatures and our interior valleys, widespread 80's tomorrow and still remaining mild right along the coast 60's and 70's as you takr a look ahead for the next 7 days we're going to notice near average temperatures for most of the workweek but below average temperatures by next saturday still going to remain mild along the coast looking forward to that firefighters had to wait for
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
pg&e to arrive here at the scene to safely turn off the gas meters which is located underground. renee matsutani was overnight lows will be mild in the 50s through monday morning in the bay area. temperatures (nats - show theme music> "this is kron 4's sports night live." the giants hoping to take two of three games from the brewers... miller park in milwaukee... the giants starting the 2nd half with a 7-game road trip top 2nd...ted 1-1... pitcher tyler beede... lines a single to left-center... mike yastremski is being waived home... trying to score all the way from 1st base... play at the plate... and prlando arcia's relay throw is in time to get yaz...


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