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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 15, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>local news station. >>and the breaking news is out of the east bay tonight where a man is dead after a helicopter crash at the hayward airport. thank you for joining us everybody on vicki liviakis and i'm kathryn heyman grant lotus has the night off. the crash happened about 2 30 this afternoon that when a four-seater instructional helicopter crash 2 men were inside one of them died. another taken to the hospital we don't know yet what caused that helicopter to go down or any other details about the flight instructor or student inside. we do know the helicopter belonged to pacific helicopters. they offer training for private and commercial helicopter pilots
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and we brought you this breaking news update on our kron 4 mobile app you can download it today to get alerts when breaking news happens. >>she said the house is burning down any to leave any to leave when she ran out that's a please call 911. >>our other top story tonight, anguish neighbors talk about a fast-moving grass fire. the threatened more than a dozen homes and claimed the life of a dog. it started this morning, this was in the san jose foothills, it was on a born road in the evergreen neighborhood of san jose. >>that's where we find kron four's dan kerman he joins us live in. dan we can see i thought i know there's hillside behind you that's burned how many acres did burn. >>in all 47 acres burned fire crews still on the scene now they are making sure that no hot spots pop up they should be here into the evening that we don't know how late also some residents remain off the hill at this point the roads, many of them are closed. do the fire trucks on there and
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as a result, many of the residents who self evacuated are now down here where i am waiting to be able to return to their homes but as you mentioned 47 acres burning in this fire. fire crews quickly got it under control in about an hour and a half. >>the bus smoke with their that money out you know, that's my house that's my that is a burn down a horrible day for me when she was heading to fremont when she got a call from her aunt who she shares a cottage with that the hillside they live on in the east san jose foot hills was on fire. >>she said the house is burning the house is burning and then she was scared she was crying said the house is burning and then after that they she left out in the niger calling and she didn't pick up the phone until like an hour ago and she said she's safe. she's in someone else's house but i think without is still in there what we don't we haven't had any means. >>her dog in almost 2 year-old a datsun mix named bobby was rescued from hurricane harvey in 2017. later in the day fire officials told her the worst of her fears had come true.
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>>the cottage did have a pet animal a dog was found inside there. it is deceased. >>in addition to destroying the cottage, the 47 acre grass fire also wiped out a mobile home. fortunately, no one was inside and firefighters were able to save another dozen homes that were threatened. >>that when i first saw it i thought oh my gosh, you know anything could happen and we could lose everything instantly. karen ryan says this is the 3rd major fire on the hillside in the last 25 years. she believes the brush clearing they do save their home. we constantly keep our property. >>just down to the ground there's nothing to burn that except our barn is right on the edge. but it did not catch on fire because we've cleared everything out and that's so important when you live on a place like this because the fire goes so quickly. >>again no people injured in this fire, one dog is deceased as we mentioned fire crews again still on the scene
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making sure that no hot spots pop up. >>residents who self-evacuate is still down here where i am there waiting for the all-clear to go back up the hill, the roads are filled up there with fire trucks so it's difficult to navigate. that's why many of these residents have not returned also there's some power out to some of the hills at the top of the homes. they had d energize some lines been some pge wires were damaged in the fire. that's the latest reporting live in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news all right dan a second fire broke out in nearby san martine at last check cal fire says that it has burned 5 acres. >>they do say that they've stopped its forward progress the fire right now is 50% contained. also in the a 3.5 o% earthquake hit near our morgan hill this afternoon the usgs says that was just after one 45 about 10 miles north of morgan hill people in the area reported feeling what they described as a coup. jolt and another big story we're following president trump is
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dismissing and the skepticism that has long promised immigration raids have stalled he claims ongoing raids have been working and that more are coming. meanwhile, there is a new immigration crackdown starting today immigrants can no longer seek asylum here in the us if they did not apply for protections on the way here that's the cabbie out for example, someone from guatemala traveling through mexico must first seek asylum in mexico before applying in the u s some advocates for the undocumented immigrants, they brought their protest against ice to the amazon office building this is the one in downtown san francisco. that's because the demonstrators say the online retail giant is in the business of th the feds in a way that facilitates deportation. >>and held signs calling on amazon to cut with immigration and customs enforcement they
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were joined by activists in several major cities on amazon prime day, a major online shopping day for the retailer to deliver 270,000 signatures, a petition calling on them to get out of this week highs ear, the activists were stopped from delivering their message for security leaving way. >>and there's no on who is letting us talk to them. according to these protesters amazon does more than just sell products online. >>amazon actually sells amazon web services which is a technology. it's a data platform that allows it ice to collect data to target people and then deport them. >>they also claim amazon has attempted to sell the feds facial recognition software. >>which can also be used to target people in a really invasive and scary way there. we'll let him civil rights activists saying that this technology has not been.
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>>i actually be good news for other people so there's actually also a racial profiling issue with this use of this technology be reached out to amazon about the activist claims that have yet to hear back. >>but they've reportedly responded to other media outlets saying in part companies and government organizations need to use existing and new technology responsibly and lawfully maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>there are churches in the bay area offering sanctuary for undocumented immigrants during the ice raids, the congregational church of san mateo says it's tipping a stepping up for those most vulnerable in their community news of the planned ice raids threatened 2000 immigrants all across the country, including here in the bay area, the san mateo church says it hopes to help families in need. we continue our coverage of the ice raids on our website there you'll find protests around the country information for families and what lawyers are saying it's all on kron 4 dot com. in the ghost ship fire trial in oakland and atf agent was called to the witness
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stand today to counter the testimony of a key defense witness. co-defendants turkomen a and max harris, they're both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the 2016 fire. kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest. >>3 rebuttal witnesses take the stand today as testimony and the goal ship trial begins to wind down here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland at oakland police officer took the stand to answer questions regarding the 2014 couch burning incident outside the ghost ship. the prosecution played the officers just camera video in which cold if they did derick is overheard saying that it is amazing the fire did not go inside it would have been horrible the next rebuttal witness was atf agent with the hayman who told the court that she took part in a pair of interviews of goal shipped resident darrell delete as a witness for the defense leaked testified under oath that he heard a fight this all running away from that though ship as the deadly fire begin to burn. however
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the atf agent does divide that lead the government to that information when he was interviewed the day after the fire, i'm not going worry about that. yes of course in the thing that in peaches says. >>credibility is says painful for me what i don't. one he was adequately. and 2 i don't think in the bigger picture that it's not meaningful. >>family members of the victims seated in the courtroom, the agony. the jury another day of testimony continued. >>it's very hard for somebody that has lost their child. burned alive and they know that they were burning alive. they were texting their parents were going to die. it's very extremely hard what our children are not here to have justice for them and their friends. the 3rd prosecution rebuttal with this was an investigator with the da's office. he was questioned about a 2017 voluntary interview of call defended matt stairs.
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>>at the courthouse in oakland haaziq that you brought for >>these are people that in my opinion hate our country. they hate it i think with the passion we don't leave the things that we laugh. and when we left this country. >>for democratic congresswoman responding to president trums attack on there patriotism in language widely condemned as racist. no question is getting ugly in the capital the president tweeting over the weekend that the 4 should quote go back and help fix the totally broken in crime infested places from which they came. >>he's play racist. on duly members of the united house of representatives. all of are women of color. we can. we will. >>representatives alexandria ocasio cortez of new york michigan's rashida to leave ilhan omar from minnesota and a on a presley from massachusetts responding to
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the president's suggestion. >>if you're not happy. in the us if you're complaining all the time very simply you can leave you can leave right now. >>of the 4 women only omar was born oside t u s. >>telling them to go back to their countries is one of the oldest and crew to strokes to malign non-white americans. >>house speaker nancy pelosi tweeting make america great again has always been about making america white again. the president says he isn't bothered that white nationalist groups have identified with his remarks. >>doesn't concern me because many people agree with me is senator lindsey graham is one of them. >>we all know. >>see in this crowd are a bunch of communist. they hate israel, they hate our own country week. >>challenge loyalty to our country in order to avoid challenging and debating the
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policy is time for us. >>to stop allowing this president to make a mockery out of our constitution. it's time for us to impeach this president. twitter says president trump's tweets do not violate its policy on hateful conduct policy prohibits targeting individuals with. >>repeated a slurs tropes or other content that intends to dehumanize degrade or reinforce negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category 3. >>coming up police are searching for the man you see here after they say he stole somebody's is golden retriever in san francisco, how police were able to track down that dog the shooting drill for one california school district left a student in tears by one teacher says the drill may have gone too far and after the break dramatic video shows the moment, a great white shark was caught in the bay area that's after another great white was spotted just
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last week we'll have details. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow fog was gone and
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>>take a look at this there is new video shows a great white shark of being caught near alcatraz this was over the weekend this after the great white was spotted a near half moon bay last week in another one in monterey bay con for sarah stinson has details. >>a group of sports fishermen
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were outside of alcatraz when they were fishing and they had no idea what was at the end of their wrong it could have been adult son, a shark that they're used to catching but no it turned out to be a great white shark and it was all caught on camera. you can hear the excitement in their voices it shows this is a historic catch for golden state sport fishing they caught the shark over the weekend near alcatraz still worry as soon as they identified it was a great white shark. they eleased it back into the bay and these guys go fishing for sharks, salmon held that you name it but never expected to catch this type of shark which on average weighs anywhere from 1500 to 2400 pounds i hope in the sun. >>here. >>you can see in the video there rod nearly snapped in half and each person tried to take ago a day before they finally caught it now this is the second great white to be
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spotted in the bay area within one week. take a look at this multiple pilots flying over the san mateo county coast spotted several great whites in half moon bay. county officials warned beachgoers over the weekend to use caution while swimming in the ocean. jamie robertson is one of dozens of people who swim here at aquatic park every morning. uh there's a real risk of sharks is for surfers out in the out of the ean most every year someone gets attacked. >>there's never been attack in the bay itself, but it could happen he says well it's too close for comfort hearing that a great white was right here in the bay. he says it's not going to stop him from taking a swim and i'm seeing san francisco from you know one inch above sea level. >>and get seconds touch with that and what was his goal is all good when you're out there at the beach or swimming in the bay this summer having son. >>just keep your eyes out for sharks and if you do see one make sure to move slowly away from its search slowly swimming to shore. >>don't get in its way and as you're swimming, don't keep your eyes off of the shark in
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san fraycisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>happening now police in san francisco looking for a man who they say stole a golden retriever from outside a convenience store. the dog's name is lilly a she's been returned to the family. so it is a happy yesterday afternoon in japan town police to say this man that you're looking at there was seen on surveillance video and tying lilly's leash and then walking away with her then around 10 30 last night, a police officer saw a couple walking a dog that matched lily's description in the tenderloin neighborhood saying that they found her police are now looking for the suspect who initially took lily. >>the coast guard has returned to the bay area after a recent operation this video shows officers, jumping on a submarine. they say was carrying 17,000 pounds of cocaine this is in the pacific. the drugs valued at more than $569 million kron
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four's charles clifford has more from coast guard headquarters in alameda. >>all right coast guard island here in alameda and take a look behind me here this is the coast guard cutter monroe was just returned to alameda here and talked about 9 o'clock on monday morning other monroe had been on a 98 day deployment mainly in the eastern pacific on narcotics patrol they were looking for illegal drugs being brought into the country. now you may have seen this dramatic video we're actually shows a member of the munros crew jumping on top of a submersible law was moving and pounding on the hatch until the crew that submersible surrendered now they arrested the crew also confiscated thousands of pounds of drugs from the submersible in total of the 98 days that they were deployed the munros crew confiscate about 39,000 pounds of cocaine 933 pounds of marijuana for street value about 569 million dollars the coast guard says it unfortunately drug-running like this is increasing and they need to respond accordingly. yes, so the coast guard has made the eastern pacific in kettering, the drug
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that their priority for the service. surged. >>ships in assets to the area to try and counter that. we're hoping to get more ships, newer ships to be able to counter that threat. so as stop the drug runners they change their tactics, including and playing submersibles like this, so we got to be on our game as well. >>now as for that submersible that we show the video of earlier. the crew arrested the drugs were taken off the submersible was actually sunk in international waters where they found it. the drugs were then unloaded in san diego a few days ago now the ship is docked here. in alameda charles clifford kron 4 news. >>but take a live look outside right now from our sutro camera overlooking downtown san francisco you just a yet crisp and clear and that we haven't had a lot of fog but chief meteorologist lawrence karnow you're saying that such ancient you miss it already in the fog are ready for many now. considered it is cool look at siena poll coming back and we're starting to see some of that he looked to hard here you can see just behind the
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golden gate bridge. we see some of the patchy fog developing now. >>and begin to move back in along the coastline that can actually fill in the bay and make a pretty good run of some of the valley's overnight tonight, so you seen along the coastline already temperatures very 19 out of the beaches last couple day a mostly sunny and bright 65 degrees in half moon bay get over the hill, 70 degrees right now in redwood city 82 in mount view 79 in san jose to 5 to warm into livermore 79 dublin 86 in concord 90 degrees in pittsburgh 87 the napa valley in 92 degrees in santa rosa. so some toasty temperatures away from the coastline of things begin to change. cee lo look a little swirls up here one just off the coast here near portland. then there may one just off the coast here making its way in this is going to slowly dragged to the south for tomorrow. that's going to change our weather just a bit for now they're seeing a couple of scattered light showers up in that region. we don't worry about that we'll see more fog and low clouds out here you're seeing some of that moving in right now just kind of turn the corner here making its way into parts of southern pacific a slow the sign up toward south san francisco that could fill in the bay make it
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through some of the gaps as we head to the night tonight so low clouds and fog would be creepy not inland overnight tonight, mostly sunny in the afternoon tomorrow should be nice and warm to and then looks like mostly sunny skies for the week ahead, but we do have to deal with some more low clouds and fog that will affect love the neighborhoods here we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes, i lawrence an update now to a direct tv an a t t u-verse subscribers as of a july 2nd kron four's been removed. >>from the direct tv an a t t u verse lineup atnt has refused to expand our existing distribution agreement to august 2nd. meaning you can no longer watch kron 4 and its programming next our parent company is negotiating with atnt and has offered to extend the current deal as we work to reach an agreement so if you want to continue watching kron 4 in shows like doctor phil inside edition entertainment tonight. and the news call 800 by 3, 1 5,000 intel direct tv an a t t u-verse to bring back kron 4. i had a rough delivery is caught on camera why this
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local postal worker might want to rethink the way he delivers packages to the east bay home. and lawmakers are siding with the us women's national soccer team in their fight for equal
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>>week after the us women's national soccer team won the world cup. most of the parades and parties to live come in they've gone, but the team's push for equal pay continues full bore and now congress is
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getting involved with all those kron 4 washington correspondent morgan right. >>has the latest. >>from the moment and italy after running to help. after their ticker tape parade in new york city, us women's national soccer team's call for equal pay is running out. >>i think we're done with a are we were says should we have equal pay the us women's national team is already suing the us soccer federation for gender discrimination and equal pay now members of congress are taking up the fight. >>men and women in the same job deserve the same pay congresswoman rosa delauro says there is a legislative fix to the problem the paycheck fairness act which passed the house in march and would help close the gender pay gap, mitch mcconnell. >>my view has the obligation to bring up that legislation get it passed in the senate. other lawmakers are targeting the governing body of us soccer. >>in order to get their
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cooperation on equal pay west, virginia senator joe manchin says us soccer must close the pay gap. >>they're getting paid to $0.38 on the dollar to what the men are getting paid. and they've outperformed the men senator manchin has introduced a bill that would ban federal funding for the 2026 world cup. >>and to the united states soccer federation pays the national women and men's teams. the same time million in revenue versus 11 million for the men. now you tell me why they're only getting $0.38 on the dollar congresswoman to laura says she's already working on similar action in the house in washington morgan right. >>it's a 5.30 a man crashes into a home in the north bay. well, a newborn baby was inside what he admitted to after that crashed also a dramatic rescue caught on camera how construction workers saved a baby from a burning building. and after the break a new immigration crackdown from president trump how state la hope it's worth
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it into a white is mexico. i'm camila bernal reporting.


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