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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  July 15, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. construction worker in albuquerque, new mexico, he's being hailed for saving a baby from a burning building. >>the apartment next to the building that he was working on it caught fire. he ran over spotted a man dangling a baby from a second story window and he cop the child he then began banging on doors running around that property helping other people to get out 3 people were injured. they will survive and a woman has been arrested on arson charges. police say she admitted to starting 2 fires in that apartment. using paper and a look at electric stove.
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>>had a school shooting drill controversy. why some parents and teachers are upset over a
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>>a drill and to prepare students and teachers for a possible school shooting is stirring up controversy in fresno county. yes, some teachers, some parents they're arguing that drill was to realistic and frightened some of the students. >>the superintendent insists he was just trying to save lives. eric was all us has the
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story. i thought. >>this might not really be a drill and what am i going to do kim cooper says in her 22 year career as a teacher she has never gone through anything like this i love the students and i don't know what i can do and i think wow my go down like you know out it reason city school cooper says she and her students tried to stay quiet and gather together in the corner of the classroom, all of a sudden someone came pounding on the door boom boom boom boom and trying to open it. she says kids inside were terrified, so i had one boy who was a he was trying to be very quiet about it. he was sobbing and you can imagine i was upset and i'm a you know 48 year-old adult but they're in the back of my mind i don't know that it's a drill i think my goodness this could really be happening thankfully. it wasn't real but was dressing a janitor with the mask fake gun banging on the doors and windows with kids inside going too far.
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>>was wrong. well. >>no, i don't think it was wrong. it was a drill not training. usually these drills become routine to students. we wanted to make sure that this was a realistic raisin city superintendent wants and of all defends his actions. he says after the drill all teacher shared a video with the students to be better prepared. >>but admits the teachers and students were told nothing before it happened. he says as a teen he wanted to see how his staff would react emotional. >>strain that put on both of them the students and the teachers. >>well that's what the uh you know when it's a real situation. it's the worse than that and so teachers and students need to be that this is reality. >>sand of all ads, he's never heard a single complaint and the drill help them identify issues that need to be fixed. >>the emir in the single complaint from the board member, so i don't know uh
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number. janet are serving as a mass going on to campus and scaring the kids and the teachers like ms. well i don't know that he was scaring the kids say was it was a drill. >>there was eric roe solace reporting the local school district is now talking about updating. the training for drills and they say they will be working closely with local law enforcement happening now the us air force is warning more than 1 million people not to try and raid area 51 yet more than a million facebook users say that they want to storm the dove ad a military base on september 20th in an effort to quote see them aliens. the pate states that the whole thing is a big joke but the air force isn't laughing. now it issued a statement saying quote we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train american armed forces adding the us air force always stands ready to protect
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america and its assets mysterious area, 51. of course has been the subject of conspiracy theories for decades now many people believe the us government stores, its secrets about us foes and aliens at the military site. for your health tonight, not surprisingly students who spend too much time on social media and watching tv. they are more likely to have symptoms. >>of depression. the study involved students in grades, 7 through 11. the report says for every additional hour. i could spend on social media on watching tv. the depression problems got worse, not clear if the screen time is causing depression or this is just a symptom. but experts say there are clearly is a connection. so which one it is just got sites beautiful day live look at does san francisco's embarcadero well. >>going hurt right a little breezy but beautiful, yeah, gorgeous here of course over the weekend. the big story was very right. we are worried about very very early season hurricanes a little bad, but
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still a problem not as bad, but you can see the circulation has moved further to the north really just this the remnants now. >>you're a little rock you see that spiral as the low begins to make its way but all kinds of trouble along the mississippi of course we have one of the wettest rain season on record across the united states and soul all that moisture just pouring down the mississippi and of course the concern was as you start to get a storm surge. the surge watch that water backing up along the mississippi down in new orleans you can see that heavy rain and they're looking at a flood warnings continue along that it is flooding along the mississippi that continues there and they've seen some impressive rain amounts. i was just looking at this very closely, especially right across central parts louisiana fact, some of these rain rates in the last 24 hours. so much is a 12 inches of rain so that will continue that to some flooding concerns all that water works its way down in toward the mississippi outside right now looking back toward a alcatraz you see some patchy fog returning inside the bay just patchy right now but that will thicken up overnight tonight temperatures today still hot away from the immediate coastline, you're back up in the 90's in concord
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and 93 91 in livermore 70 degrees, very nice day in san francisco, plenty of sunshine all day long, 76 in oakland 85 degrees in san jose and 96 the hot spot. in santa rosa. here comes the fog though you see beginning to fill in now along the coastline now that will begin to race inside the bay tonight and i think it can extend all the way to some of the interior valleys overnight tonight, so big change in the weather pattern look at the winds though how about sfo 38 miles per hour that is a substantial onshore breeze kicking up right now pretty blustery there you can see around the bay you're seeing some of those was picking up as well temperature wise still holding on to some 80's in a lot of 70's very nice inside the bay things change in overall is a this trough is going to get a dive in long california that's going to wrap up the marine layer just a bit bring more fog low clouds public and help to cool down the temperatures just a bit. it will still stay toasty away from the coastline planet some hot 90's and the warmest interior valleys 1560's with fog at the coast. all right lawrence up next a woman's car
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stolen and. >>and that's thanks to our own
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a missouri woman has car stolen. now she has it back and has quite a story to tell she used her best detective skills to bring the car back home at the dot reports. >>there are parts or all snow. i know a part here and then i might reason my car in they just was all downhill >>it was a full investigation for danielle reno. she filed a
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police report for missing 4 runner then took things into her own hands. i got out of the car for 2 seconds had to grab my daughter turned around my car was gone the nonstop hunt for car started at this quiktrip close to her house we've stopped this lady literally for 48 hours. she had no idea what we were doing reno track purchases on her debit card and credit cards as well as the activity of her which had been taken it ended at a gas station told reno the car thieves said they were headed to applebee's. reno decided it was time for dinner to got our waters and she walked in the door and i had a heart attack reno took the opportunity to slip out the front door in take back what was hers. >>want to show you guys what i just back. by doing our own stocking. >>t even cop their rest on
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video just my wallet and and my keys in her hand getting your car back isn't the end of this crazy story seat next they're in the car seat the thieves trash her car to the point she won't drive it there's stuff in the car see their son stop on the eas is just gross not to mention the smell that hits you when you open the doors now the people arrested in this video are in the hands of clay county deputies. could detect to purge wraps up kron 4 news at 5 ken wayne and catherine. >>are here for kron 4 news at 6 yeah good for her to get us out. thank you rick. we are following breaking news out of hayward a helicopter crash. one person has been killed another person seriously injured we're live at the east bay airport where it happened. fire destroys 2 homes in the south bay and burns dangerously close to others leaving neighbors on edge in the east san jose foot hills plus. >>protesters gather in amazon headquarters in san francisco.
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give your kids a sport with a level playing field for all. station. >>and breaking news tonight at 6 one person is dead another seriously injured after a helicopter crash in the east bay crews rushed to the scene at the hayward executive airport. this afternoon. thanks for joining us.
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everyone, i'm in for pam moore and i'm ken n wayne this happened at the hayward airport. uh it is one of the busiest general aviation airports. >>in the bay area, it's not a commercial airport we're catching flies to but a lot of private pilots and corporate pilots use that airport federal officials are not handling the investigation as emergency responders remain on the scene. >>and kron four's dan thorn, he is alive, he is at the airport tonight and joins us with the latest dan. >>catherine we're learning tonight that this was an instructional helicopter that went down the instructor and the student. we're apparently practicing when something on board the aircraft cause them to crash. we're told the 2 men were on board, but it's still unclear whether the passenger or the pilot was killed the person who was injured had to be rushed into even medical center in castro valley emergency crews first responded to the scene around 2 30 this afternoon. an f a a spokesman says the helicopter


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