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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 15, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>this my life a that is up and down the latest on that fast-moving fire in san jose, the parking lot dispute takes a terrifying turn in the east bay next thing i seem to get guys grabbing a gun out of his glove box, hundreds of acres in the santa cruz mountains are going to the dogs and cats too we'll tell you about the ambitious plan to handle pads with behavioral problems. 2 homes were destroyed after a fast-moving brush fire quickly made its way up the hill in san jose good evening. i'm can wait. >>and i'm j r stone sitting in for pam moore, the a barn fire started just after 11 is morning and burned nearly 50 acres kron four's nall biello joins us live tonight with details noel. >>it was a devastating day for
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some and and a close call for many others who live here this scorched hill right behind me san jose. fire says that the flames started at the bottom of the hill on the right side and then just quickly made its way up threatening several different. holmes now we talked to said this is the 3rd a big fire they've seen but none have been as big as this one. >>but when i first saw it i thought oh my gosh, you know anything could happen or by to crack going. >>saw small and i thought it was a neighbor i'm on fire. >>a fast-moving brush fire scorched nearly 50 acres of these tea san jose foothills monday. >>no people have been injured on this fire. the fire is contained right now at 47 acres firefighters were able to save 10 homes but to on the hill went up in flames, smoke
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right there that's putting out a notice my house me when was devastated when san jose fire officials confirmed not only was her cottage destroyed. >>but her pet dog buddy didn't make it out in time everything everything's and why this my life right there. >>that is up and down. >>officials say there were several other large animals that crews had to evacuate from the hill. the initial 3 alarm fire prompted a heavy response from several different agencies this is 3 alarms from san jose. >>plus a wild land task force from county agencies and a high response from cal fire. so we've got 3 different kinds of fire engines on the scene right now we're at hand crews from cal fire and the department of corrections we did have aircraft was fixed wing and helicopters working on this fire. as well as those years make sure there's no. >>i we neighbors whose homes were saved say they consistently clear the brush around their properties. just in case something like this happen is there's nothing to burn that except our barn is right on the edge.
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>>but it did not catch on fire because we've cleared everything out and that's so important when you live on a place like this. >>definitely a good reminder for anyone who lives in area like this now there's no word yet on the cause officials don't believe it's anything suspicious. i just spoke with san jose fire a moment ago he said most of their crews have already left however some cal fire crews will be staying here through the night to make sure there are no more hot spots live in san jose and well below kron 4 news noel. thank you. >>in the east an is dead after a helicopter crash at the hayward airport around 2 30 this afternoon, a 4 seed helicopter being used for instruction crashed 2 men were inside one of them died the other was taken to the hospital. we don't know yet what caused the helicopter to go down or additional details about the flight instructor and a student inside. but we do know the helicopter was a robinson r 44 and belong to pacific helicopters which
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offers training for private and commercial helicopter pilots. we have a reporter at the scene will have an update in a live report on kron 4 news at 9. >>concord police are still searching for the suspect that shot of stockton man outside 6 flags hurricane harbor. we first brought you this is breaking news on kron 4 news at 8 this past weekend. now reporter christy grosz talks with the man who was shot. >>chester i was today. >>so as bad it's a birthing danny's now 8 year-old daughter will likely never forget that for all the wrong reasons i'm certain one shot l a and then the rain afterwards, danny was shot in the parking lot of 6 flags hurricane harbor in concord saturday today he's recovering at home in stockton, and he and his girlfriend rina tell fox 40 would happen the assets to protect their identities went in right here came out. aside right here the stomach. >>and then went in my leg and then exited the let me say it
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all started when they went back to their car to take a smoking lunch break in the man parked next to them hit their car. >>as he got into the driver's seat that's when rina says things escalated and the guy told him you know you have an f in problem, you know and. and he's like let me roll the window down the next thing i see is to get the guys grabbing a gun out of his glove box. >>and then each point in the car i jump out of the car and i'm screaming please don't shoot him please don't shoot any was still seated in the back seat of the car he jumped out the car. >>had a gun and stuck in the window might he tried to hit me in the face with it or just pointed my face i don't know, but says it has not grabbed his handgun and i pushed it out the window seconds later the gun goes off you know i thought on the night he killed and you know he you know even though he was holding myself i thought he was going to die. danny was rushed to a concord hospital as the rest of his family was still inside the park. >>so far no arrests have been made i want the police to find him, you needs. pay for what he's done. you know you could
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take his life. >>those christy grosz reporting the couple says they just bought season passes to all the parks, but say they don't know if they'll ever go back because they don't feel safe. >>in the north bay, a 61 year-old man crashed into a house it had a newborn baby inside and then admitted to police she was high on meth around 6 o'clock last night road or park on keith circle, not far from the fox still golf club. police say when they arrived on the scene the man was trying to back his chevy tahoe out of the home it was stuck. the homeowners were inside at the time, but fortunately, nobody was injured. a building inspector deemed the home unsafe to live in so that family with a newborn baby has to find another place to live at least for now. >>live look outside on this monday evening beautiful shot of san francisco, let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow weekend is done let's get back to work back to work in back with the fog and it looks like that just beginning to move
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back in we had a day and a half or so without the fog now moving along the golden gate bridge to just very patchy at this time but likely to fill in. >>and really begin to race on shore overnight tonight, filling in now with the bay, but i think some of the interior valleys you see that fog right now begin an intro to seize couple patches along the coastline of maine fog may still a little ways off the coast that is going to be moving on shore overnight tonight so that we're getting that fog on once again so you head out the door plan on some patchy fog along the coastline, mostly clear inland sort out your evening that as we head toward 11 o'clock the answer to feel inside the bay a bit and then after midnight tonight really going to start to make its way in the some of the interior valleys, maybe toward livermore overnight tonight but that being said we'll start out with some patchy fog early on tomorrow morning temperatures going to be in the 50's and the 60's by noontime will still find lot of sunshine inside the bay. a lot of 60's popping up some low 70's in and around the bay in mid 70's, the interior valleys by the afternoon up in the 80's some low 90's in the warmer spots well inland could be cooler as you head inside the bay, the temperatures generally in the 70's and 50's and some 60's out at the
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coast. >>order to rescue animals was medical or behavioral issues will soon have a new home the peninsula, humane society and the spca just purchased 261 acres of land in the law on the area in san mateo county yeah, the plan will become an animal sanctuary as kron four's michelle kingston reports the sanctuary be a place for animals to live there very best otherwise would have no place to go. a little tow couldn't catch. >>why does the president of the peninsula humane society and spca right now they have nearly 900 animal center soon to house a whole lot more but in a new location. they just acquired 261 acres out here in the low honda area where in about a year and a half about a 100 dogs. 1000 cats or so in farm animals to that have behavior medical conditions we'll be able to live a very
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happy life. >>this land is for 5 years an open society has been playing with the idea of trying to find a piece of property on which we can build a sanctuary for those wonderful animals that come to us who for health or behavior reasons that just unlikely to find a home unlike these cats and dogs who are ready for adoption. the sanctuary will be for animals who need a little extra love and attention. >>once you likely can't be adopted out to families talking about the dog who maybe has been diagnosed with a horrible cancer. >>maybe 3, 4, 5, 6, months to live maybe $2000 a month and medical care that 261 acres will be fenced in and filled with volunteers to care for the animals will be. >>tiny little houses couple inches square feet in each one of those houses will be. >>2, 3, 4, 5, 6 dogs who get along great because of behavior and health and temperament. created as a family unit, it will be another 12 to 18 months before the sanctuary opens up.
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>>right now they are designing the site and beginning construction, white says the sanctuary is fully funded by donations in the honda michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the new 70 landmarks may soon have a more familiar rain to them what a court decided today in san francisco also the go ship trial continues tonight, a new defense witness took the stand his take on the deadly oakland warehouse fire and protests outside the amazon headquarters in san francisco today by some people are calling out the company
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of savings and service.
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>>president trump is dismissing any skepticism that his long promised immigration raids have stalled. he claims ongoing raids have been working and that more are coming. >>meanwhile, there is a new immigration crackdown starting today, immigrants can no longer seek asylum in the us if they did not apply for protections on the way here. for example, someone from guatemala traveling through mexico must seek asylum in mexico before applying in the us some advocates for the undocumented brought their protest against ice to the amazon office building in downtown san francisco. >>that's because the demonstrators say the online retail giant is in business with the feds in a way that facilitates deportation.
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>>held signs calling on amazon to cut with immigration and customs enforcement they were joined by activists in several major cities on amazon prime day, a major online shopping day for the retailer to deliver 270,000 signatures, a petition calling on them to get out of this week highs ear, the activists were stopped from delivering their message for security leaving way. >>amazon who is letting us talk to them. according to these protesters amazon does more than just sell products online. >>amazon actually sells amazon web services which is a technology today in a platform that allows it ice to collect data. target people and then deport them. >>they also claim amazon has attempted to sell the feds facial recognition software. >>which can also be used to target people in a really invasive and scary way there we'll let him civil rights
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activists saying that this technology has not been. >>i actually be good news for other people so there's actually also racial profiling issue with this use of this technology be reached out to amazon about the activist claims that have yet to hear back. >>but they've reportedly responded to other media outlets saying in part companies and government organizations need to use existing and new technology responsibly and lawfully maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>california lawmakers are already pushing back against the new asylum rules tweeting while on vacation governor gavin newsom wrote quote we cannot be the country that turns away those fleeing violence and in need of help that's not our american values. attorney general javier becerra tweeted in part not only is this rule, inhumane. it flies in the face of the rule of law. no word yet if state leaders will sue the trump administration over the us. these latest regulations, the state has sued the administration. at least 50 times.
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>>oakland, the atf agent was called to the witness stand to counter the testimony. other key defense witness. co-defendants derek on and max harris, both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. and the 2016 fire kron forces yoon has the story. >>3 rebuttal witnesses take the stand today as testimony and the goal ship trial begins to wind down here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland at oakland police officer took the stand to answer questions regarding the 2014 couch burning incident outside the ghost ship, the prosecution played the officers just camera video in which cold if they did derick is overheard saying that it is amazing the fire did not go inside it would have been horrible the decks rebuttal witness was atf agent with the hayman who told
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oath that he heard a fight this all running away from that though ship as the deadly fire begin to burn. however the atf agent does divide that lead the government to that information when he was interviewed the day after the fire, i'm not going worry about that. yes of course in the thing that in peaches says. >>a bill that he's says painful for me what i don't see one he was adequately. and 2 i don't think in the bigger picture that it's not meaningful. >>family members of the victims seated in the courtroom, the agony. the jury another day of testimony continued. >>it's very hard for somebody that has lost their child. burned alive and they know that they were burning alive. they were texting their parents were going to die. it's very extremely hard what our children are not here to have justice for them and their friends. the 3rd prosecution rebuttal with this
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was an investigator with the da's office. he was questioned about a 2017 voluntary interview of call defended matt stairs. >>at the courthouse in oakland haaziq that you brought for >>today a national park service announced a settlement of a lawsuit that will allow some 70 landmarks to get their old names back. back in 2015 the national park service change concession operators from delaware north to air a mark delaware north sued shortly thereafter claiming it owned the naming rights of properties in the park, including the ahwahnee hotel which is now referred to as the majestic yosemite hotel under the settlement deal 70 can go back to using the former names of landmarks, including the ahwahnee as well as the won't a hotel curry village and other locations. >>some executives at uber will not be getting paid if the company does not meet diversity goals ride sharing company released its latest diversity report monday. it showed that white males make up about 30% of its white a workforce. that is the report
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revealed the percentage of women in leadership roles is increasing the report also stated the compensation of senior executives is tied to diversity and inclusion goals uber hopes to meet those goals by interviewing more minority candidates for mid-career hires some executives at overall not be getting paid if the company does not meet its diversity goals are let's check in on this monday evening with the weather as we give you a view of a windy embarcadero in the city certainly looks that out there as we're joined by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to break down that when done. >>really even in the fire earlier today we saw that when brees plan and when stronger. >>around the bay area say we're seeing some of those words or 30 miles per hour. so certainly within out there if you get a fire started that can the blow that around in a hurry. >>overlooking out just right now got a couple of patches of fog over the city of san francisco otherwise, mostly clear and limit the fog really going to race back on shore
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overnight tonight. and we'll start to fill in many of the valley so yeah today, beautiful sunny and bright into san francisco, 70 degrees so well above the average for this time of year 76 degrees in oakland 85 for high in san jose 90's and the livermore concord and santa rosa temperatures may cool down just slightly as we head in toward tomorrow. see couple swirls up to the north a low pressure really kind of anchored off the coastline that low's going start to drop a little further to the south that will help to kind of cool things down ramp up the marine layer is added further on shore. the next couple days w 're talking about those winds. yeah, but that over 30 miles per hour at sfo, not only there. mill valley checking on 30 mile an hour winds right now all the way down a inside the bay you're seeing some stronger winds to so that sea breeze is kicking in all carry with us some low clouds and fog overnight tonight that is going to creep all the way to the interior valleys throughout the night. then tomorrow should be mostly sunny in the afternoon warm away from the coastline is still cool out toward the beaches with that patchy fog. high pressure going to be kind of given up above and see here
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is that rain along the west coast who brought his a beautiful sunshine. last day to happen now this low is going to start to drop in. that's going to ramp up that marine layer and allow for some cooler temperatures begin to move in for tomorrow so going to top out probably the 80's the low 90's inland back toward the beaches. you've got the patchy fog will sit there part of the highs they're only in the 50's and the 60's. a it's not connick 1950's era, play structure and oakland's lakeside park near lake merritt has been renovated and reopened. >>the lake merritt monster also known as the midcentury monster is one of the few remaining freeform play structures for children. that were popular back in the 1950's it was shut down in 2015 prompting fears of its removal. however, it has now been repaired and a celebration is planned at the site on july 28th. a ban will be on hand playing some hits from sly and the family stone who pose for one of their iconic album covers dance to the music on the play structure back in 1968. >>next hurricane barry may
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have passed yes, but officials say dangers for the gulf coast are still there. >>it's an event on facebook where more than a million people are joining it. a quest to try to see aliens while the plan to storm area. 51 might be
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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>>the us air force is warning more than a million people not to try to raid area 51 more than a million facebook users
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say they want to storm the nevada military base on september 20 it's in an effort to quote see them aliens they can stop all of us. the page states that the whole thing is a big joke. the air force isn't laughing. it issued a statement saying quote we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train american armed forces, adding that the us air force always stands ready to protect america and its assets. the mysterious area 51 has been the subject of conspiracy theories for decades. a lot of people think the us government stores, its secrets about us foes and aliens at that military site. >>well scientists may have uncovered a way to make mars livable for humans new study published in out today in the journal nature astronomy puts forward the idea using an insulating material called silica air and shell substance could be used to build oems or bias fears to block radiation. control temperatures and still allow for photosynthesis nasa
8:26 pm
scientists plan to test the material here on earth and places like antartica. >>in case astronauts on future missions to mars need a little more spice in their lives. nasa scientists are working to send the as fun, y'all and chili pepper to the international space station it would be the first fruit team plan to the u s harvests there. scientists believe the pepper can be pollinated easily and thrive in a high carbon dioxide environment. chili peppers which are packed with plenty of vitamins will also help astronauts stay healthy while in space. hurricane very may have come and gone, but the stories of survival are now starting to emerge how these goats on a boat managed to get rescued from rising flood waters in louisiana. >>and next today 30 go back to where you came from how the president's inflammatory rhetoric. it's
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>>these are people that in my opinion hate our country. they hate it i think with the passion we don't leave the things that we love. >>and when we left this ountry. >>he says they're not patriotic. they say that he deserves to be impeached the trash talking in washington touched off by a tweet that many critics are calling races the president telling for members of congress all of them women of color that they should quote. >>go back and help fix a totally broken in crime infested places from which
8:30 pm
they came kron four's vicki liviakis has their reaction. >>he's play racist. and floyd duly members of the united house of representatives. all of are women of color. we can. we will. >>representatives alexandria ocasio cortez of new york michigan's rashida to leave ilhan omar from minnesota and a on a presley from massachusetts responding to the president's suggestion. >>if you're not happy. in the us if you're complaining all the time very simply you can leave you can leave right now. >>of the 4 women only omar was born outside the u s. >>telling them to go back to their countries is one of the oldest and crude is tropes to malign non-white americans. >>house speaker nancy pelosi tweeting make america great again has always been about
8:31 pm
making america white again the president says he isn't bothered that white nationalist groups have identified with his remarks only doesn't concern me because many people agree with me is senator lindsey graham is one of them. >>we all know. >>see in this crowd are a bunch of communist. they hate israel, they hate our own country week. >>challenge loyalty to our country in order to avoid challenging and debating the policy. it is time for us to stop allowing this president to make a mockery. >>i don't our constitution. it's time for us to impeach this president. >>vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>twitter says president trump's weekend tweets about 4 democratic congresswoman are not against its rules episode is a first test for a new stance twitter announced less than a month ago under the policy instead of removing
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them twitter will label and down ranked weeds from world leaders that break its rules. right now barry is no longer her hurricane or even a tropical storm but it is still expected to drop several inches of rain across the southeast. the national hurricane center said dangerous flash flooding is still likely. thousands are still without power as barry continues to make its way inland. dumping heavy rain across parts of louisiana mississippi and arkansas. very made landfall as a hurricane saturday before quickly turning into a tropical storm. today, louisiana governor john bel edwards toward the damage. >>we know that we're in hurricane season. so that obviously presents some concerns does going forward. >>but despite the storms weakening the national hurricane center warns of more dangerous flash flooding as barry is expected to drop another 4 to 6 inches of rain today. >>and when flood waters rise
8:33 pm
first responders no water rescues are a strong possibility, but in one case the heroes were on the boat with the ones they were helping porter chris dumb area has the story. >>thinking of all kind of a children's stories right now. >>hurricane parties can involve peculiar guests, but not many of them have 4 legs reports just something you'll never seen your >>the goats 6 of them in all taking refuge on carol places front lawn as waters rapidly rose near del come neighborhood she and her family were worried about their furry neighbors. so with a little help from first responders the rescue again they walked the boat in there and feel the boat with the goats and walked abou back out. >>rather than trying to pull him with a bow think is going all in the boat they walked killing the goats on the boat were brought across this mode. they went immediately. this flower but you could say some of them haven't quite left yet as soon as the goats were rescued, we put him in the yard and they and went to town
8:34 pm
on all of her daisies over there and she just got her saying she wanted to weigh the bed so. >>luckily we got somebody to take care that pours animal rescue group franks way stopped by later to check on the goats. >>seeing if they needed any medical attention. they even managed to bring some stubborn creatures to dry land from the shallow and deep water, this is com actually it is planned. >>and plan a plan a plan and when you get to a disaster to nothing is that you never know it's always something carol never imagining this picture thankful for everyone who came out to help her 8 new furry lawn guests i think that's an incredible. it says a lot about this area it everybody reaches now where they can. >>all right the goats are good the donkeys are good. but let's see how that storm is doing right. yeah, very concerned for several days down there not done just yet in fact some pretty impressive a rainfall totals here then come up to the billing that we thought it might but still a
8:35 pm
lot of rain across special the central part. louisiana look all that rain moving on through this over the last 12 hours on the doppler moved here you see that rain and moisture right to the central part of the state and yet now we're looking at all all the warnings there. those are flood warnings along many of the tributaries also right along the mississippi river you see all the red here that is a flooding all along the mississippi that was a concern we had to above normal rainfall. in most the most interesting says about 1895 rain across the us and all that water working its way into the tributaries and that's cause the flooding and now you get a storm like this approaching backs up all that moisture with the all that water in the mississippi the strong storm surge but a lot of that didn't happen still seeing a lot of heavy rain though right across the central part of the statement that i was checking on sunday amount sundries. berle as we've seen as much as 12 inches of rainfall there in the last 24 hours so looks like the storm system finally beginning to wind down but of course a long way to go and this hurricane season, we're looking to patchy fog working
8:36 pm
his way inside the bay right now that will start to ramp up somewhat as we head through the night tonight pushing well on shore making its way well inland temperatures outside right now still comfortable out there 79 degrees warming conquered 72 and the more 69 very nice and clear redwood city, 59 and cool the wind's blowing in the san francisco and 65 degrees in berkeley things begin to change dow's high-pressure breaks down this trough going to drop it right in toward other bay area that will cool things down around the bay area as well wrap up the low clouds and fog tomorrow left some sunshine away from the coast 70's and 80's inside the 80's and 90's inland, 50's 60's out at the coast. thank you. lawrence, a house exploded killing a utility worker a neighbor describes the scene moments after that explosion. >>also a hiker and her missing for 4 days. reason her family insisted she had been abducted. there are moments in life
8:37 pm
that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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>>welcome back scientists are closing in on a blood test for all simers that could screen people for possible signs of all simers and other forms of dementia the conference and la today. researchers say the experimental tests were as much as 88% accurate. the test could be used as routine doctor visits and would be less expensive than brain scans and spinal fluid tests about 50 million people worldwide are suffering. some form of dementia healthy
8:40 pm
living isn't just good for your body, it's good for your brain to people who watch what they eat work out regularly g to a minimum and don't smoke a less likely to get dementia even those at a higher genetic risk. but scientists don't know why and need to find out more about the brain changes that actually cause dementia. >>the dove may find it easier to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes. the study tracked than 5,000 daily cigarette smokers for 2 years in france. smokers who use electronic cigarettes or vape pens smoke fewer cigarettes each day and we're more than one and a half times more likely to quit research only looked at adult smokers as for teenagers, the centers for disease control says they may be more likely to smoke cigarettes in the future if >>spending too much time on social media and watching more tv have been linked to symptoms of depression and middle schoolers and high schoolers that's the latest from a new study on kids in
8:41 pm
7th grade up to 11th grade. it took over 4 years in the results just came out today and the study for every additional our kids spend on social media or watching tv. their depression got worse. it's not clear of screen time causes depression or it's just a symptom. but experts agree moderation is key. >>next today to sacramento county teenager dies in an off road accident on the central coast. now his friends are coming together tonight to remember him. >>and in sports brandon crawford has a career games, the red hot giants role in game, one of their double header in color.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at a family and friends of a sacramento county teen. a heartbroken tonight. this young man that you see right here was just 18 years old with so much life ahead of them tonight reporter jessica mensch tells us how they're trying to find comfort in their memories of bright smile and contagious laugh. >>that is the most joyful person and i run on my life, it's how close friends will always remember allen turn its key i never seen him mad or said every time you see me instead of being a handshake he did give me a hug with the biggest smile on his face family members say the 18 year-old died saturday while on vacation. >>he was offering at the oceana dunes recreation center when he crashed a motorcycle off a 30 foot do i don't even
8:45 pm
want to believe in 100 and you know it's it's one of those were it's like there's no way that howling. you know he's he's not here with us anywhere the tally deep on metronet ski when they were young kids living in the same apartment complex in an he says his friend left off-roading and was a skilled mechanic, always helping his friends. >>i remember this one time he came 12, my brother fixes carcass and rolled out and he came from morning from 08:00am and he sat there all the way to go. and it was like 9 or 10 just trying to help and that's all he ever wanted to know was to make other people happy >>in a little high school confirms he graduated in 2018 a ar early. his friends say he was taking college classes while working as a truck dispatchereand still has his life ahead of him and still had. >>again you can still have to get kids the sign read that's never going to happen anymore. >>creams cut short, but these friends will make sure czarnecki is never forgotten, you know, he's always going to remember is on.
8:46 pm
>>well the search for missing camper cheryl powell is over. she was found alive this afternoon this a picture of her and her family after she was found the 6 year-old disappeared on friday near the grandview campground after taking the family dog for a bathroom break. search teams found pao's dog. early this morning about 2 and a half miles away from where she was last seen her children pushed the sheriff's department to open a criminal investigation. they were worried cheryl may have been abducted. >>you do and all those thought the >>the inyo county sheff's office says powell was exhausted when they found her and will be evaluated at a local hospital, the town closest to the campground is big pine which is about 50 miles from the nevada border.
8:47 pm
>>a gas explosion killed a southern california utility worker today it happened in marietta that's about an hour east of los angeles. sow cow gas employee was working on a damage natural gas line at home when it exploded a neighbor describes what he saw moments after the explosion. >>my trailer sit right there came around the corner and i seen a body laying there there there were people run into him. of course there was a big huge ball of fire across street he was it >>worker was killed 15 others were hurt the extent of their injuries has not been released. police say 27 year-old man has confessed to killing oakland scientists use and even on the greek island of crete the man who is from crete had been detained for questioning by police. california molecular biologist, suzanne even went missing on july second but police say they think she disappeared during a run. she
8:48 pm
was attending attending a conference with her employer, the max planck institute at dresden university in germany. her body was found in a cave on july 10th. she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons accreted spoke police spokesperson says the man has confessed to the crime. more details are expected to be announced tomorrow. >>a california man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing an engaged couple. well they were on a camping trip in 2004. the ohio couple wap sleeping on jenner beach when they were shot and killed by sean go on the case remain cold for more than a decade before go on admitted to killing 22 year-old lindsey cut shell the 26 year-old jason out. he also pled guilty to killing his brother. he was sentenced today to 3 consecutive life terms in prison without parole. as well as more than 94 years in prison for his other crimes. >>time now. and starting
8:49 pm
tonight with the giants team that has looked unstoppable lately especially on offense. winners of 8 of their last 10 games. coming into today had no problems in part one of their double header in colorado giant of course field top first brandon crawford, it on mark as opposite field to left gone three-run homer c 4 nothing giants next batter it's like you just rent scheme. the deep right center field deep bass to back. jack for the giants 5 zippy has had 4 hits 3 rbi scored 4 times up top 3rd already 10 2 giants buster posey gets into the act but to run tater to center a 10 run giants lead that cap the seven-run 3rd inning and 3 innings later, the giants got a 13 run shot out going to crawford not done it it's his second home run of the game. a career and his store accounting for crawford, utah, the franchise record with 8 rbi the first a giant to do so since willie mays in orlando
8:50 pm
supper to 1961. also had 5 hits giants role 19 to 2 the most runs the rockies it ever allowed again san francisco, giants also just won it the second part of a double header will have the highlights later on now the a's have the day off of the host the mariners tomorrow moving on to the warriors now that the dust of a wild offseason has settled. taking time to assess where the team stands the golden state president of basketball operations met with the media this afternoon recapping the summer that has brought dramatic turn over to a roster gone from one of the most experienced 2 among the youngest in the league of course the most significant changes kevin duran signing with brooklyn meyer said he feels durrant left because he simply we wanted to do something different a new chapter but with katie gone. incomes d'angelo russell, the former nets all-star myers newsweek well, the speculation that this may not be a long-term fit and they'd seek to trade him by the way it's a good thing so much our sport at least maybe other sports is what are you doing next. >>the figure we're doing now.
8:51 pm
and that applies to go again jello in that. there is speculation removing a mom we lose him play i'm seeing a lot our guys play we've seen him play with some of our core players and we won't even know took lay comes back how that fits. we're just happy to get a a a young player that has a lot of upside in our opinion and we're excited at the possibility of him in our uniform. >>finally tonight, the 40 niners locking down a deal for kicker robbie gold the team announced a day they've reached terms on a four-year contract with reportedly commands million in guaranteed money over the next 2 seasons since joining the niners in 2017 of the 14 year veteran has been extremely reliable. >>racking up at 96% field goal percentage and setting a franchise record of the 33 straight made a tense with football. the way is going can jr you've got to have a good these you do everything county certainly earned that money as well, i mean he was red hot
8:52 pm
last season may be absolutely setting records been so consistent there. he won games for them literally so i get to see him get a new deal and this giants team just so impressive right now giants and the a's won what we've been seeing from the giants and even just since before the all-star break too. >>some phenomenal numbers of what we're saying their 17 games out of first place but there's 3 good teams in the national league so if they can get 3 or 4 games over 500 they'll be in the hunt for a while for a grammy in the second wild-card spot is within striking distance, it is going to take some time especially with so many teams in front of them, but you like to see this and we had seen this all year to see that kind of put it all together also the a's too they have a wild card spot right in sole possession of one so we'll see how that plays and we may be talking mlb playoffs. so you play of year plays out right has a and they got annual rate is making a comeback at james bond will give you a look at
8:53 pm
who he's passing the torch on to. >>as the next to a low 70's. isn't it nice when you can keep things simple?
8:54 pm
well, now you can switch to sprint and get both an unlimited plan and the all new samsung galaxy s10e included for just $35 a month. see what i mean? simple.
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>>there could be a major change in the james bond movie series double 7 is fairly getting a facelift and a new gender shot a lynch is reportedly taking over the role as the legendary british agent, according to the el craig, the most recent bond is called back for retirement and then introduced
8:56 pm
to lynch's new character but fear not bond traditionalist lynch isn't the new bond but she will take over his secret agent number once bond leave see organizations stay tuned. >>yes, well it's a whole new spin on enter sandman metallica's releasing a children's book titled the abc's of metallica we'll tell in alphabetical rhymes the history. one of the most popular heavy metal bands of all time. the band unveiled the book's cover on its website and social media channels metallica says some of the proceeds will go to its nonprofit organization but supports workforce, education and hunger prevention. if you're interested in sending your kids off to never never land. the book comes out in november. but it's available for preorder now don't forget to say your prayers. and yet often never never less right only this really get all those they are there.
8:57 pm
>>crown for news at 8. but our primetime coverage just getting started on this monday night vicki kron 4 news at 9. thank you can't. >>next up at 9 a tragic scene in the bay area helicopter crashes killing one person seriously injuring another tonight new details into what went wrong and what we're learning about the victims in this deadly crash. the ntsb is headed to the scene to investigate that next in a live report. plus a fast-moving fire that destroyed 2 buildings in the south bay. it's now out not before scorching nearly 50 acres though, and sadly we are learning that a dog was killed in the blaze. we'll hear from a woman who says she lost everything and the war of words heating up between president trump and house democrats why the president says his attack on twitter was
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>now at 9 one person was killed. another seriously injured when a helicopter crashes at hayward executive airport, thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm j r stone in for grant lotus an airport spokesman says a flight instructor. >>and a student were on board when the helicopter went down. kron four's dan thorn is live at the airport tonight with more on what happened and. >>jr and vicki i'm told that


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