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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 15, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>now at 9 one person was killed. another seriously injured when a helicopter crashes at hayward executive airport, thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm j r stone in for grant lotus an airport spokesman says a flight instructor. >>and a student were on board when the helicopter went down. kron four's dan thorn is live at the airport tonight with more on what happened and. >>jr and vicki i'm told that this was an instructional
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helicopter that went down it's the type of helicopter that used to teach people how to fly but today's lesson took a turn for the worse and became deadly. >>the on this set of small planes emergency crews surround a crashed helicopter and hayward executive airport, a flight instructor was killed and a student was seriously injured when the helicopter went down around 2 30 monday afternoon. the survivor of the crash was taken to the medical center in critical condition closed both runways. >>investigated we responded that hayward fire department responded and hayward police department all responded to the scene airport manager doug mcnealy says the 2 men were practicing maneuvers in a robinson r 44 helicopter. >>similar to the one seen here. then apparently something went wrong on board it's unclear whether the cause of the deadly crash was a mechanical or human error. our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased
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pilot. >>be on that we're going to assist the national transportation safety board the any way we can with the investigation to make it easier for them, the names of the victims in this crash have not been released. >>it's still unknown whether the flight instructor or the student was the pilot at the time of this crash. an ntsb investigators expected to be here tomorrow at the airport reporting live in hayward dan thorn kron 4 news all right hand we brought you this breaking news update our kron 4 mobile app download it today to get alerts when breaking news happens. >>in the south bay 2 homes have been destroyed after a fast-moving brush fire quickly made its way up the hill and san jose fire started just after 11 this morning and burned nearly 50 acres. our first noel bellow brings us the latest. when i first saw it i thought oh my gosh, you know anything could happen are too much of crack going. >>saw small and i thought it was a neighbor i'm on fire.
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>>a fast-moving brush fire scorched nearly 50 acres of these tea san jose foothills monday. >>no people have been injured on this fire. the fire is contained right now at 47 acres firefighters were able to save 10 homes but to on the hill went up in flames, smoke went there this morning out you know, that's my house me when was devastated when san jose fire officials confirmed not only was her cottage destroyed. >>but her pet dog, but he didn't make it out in time everything everything's and why this my life right there. >>that is up and down officials say there were several other large animals that crews had to evacuate from the hill. >>the initial 3 alarm fire prompted a heavy response from several different agencies this is 3 alarms from san jose. >>plus a wild land task force from county agencies and a high response from cal fire. so we've got 3 different kinds of fire engines on the scene
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right now we're at hand crews from cal fire and the department of corrections we did have aircraft was fixed wing and helicopters working on this fire as well as those years make sure there's no. >>i we neighbors whose homes were saved say they consistently clear the brush around their properties. just in case something like this happen is there's nothing to burn the except our barn is right on the edge. >>but it did not catch on fire because we've cleared everything out and that's so important when you live on a place like this in san jose noel bellow kron 4 news going to take a live look outside a sunny and windy day across the bay as we take a live look over san francisco right now, yeah joined right now by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow breaking down what we can expect weather wise this week we just had that story. >>about some of the winds and the fire conditions the on the on the south but you know we have to win lower 30 miles per hour strong sea breeze, so certainly of any fire does get started. >>that dry brush out there now and you can watch the fire spread. in a hurry. high well as start to back off or to see
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this low beginning to drop down into the bay area that is going to bring with it some cooler air not cold just a little bit cooler see more low clouds and some fog but the winds. yeah, they're still whipping around a bit outside right now we're 30 miles per hour at sfo but all around the bay you can see some of those stronger winds noe valley almost 30 mile an hour winds as well so certainly the breeze is blowing we're see more of that over the next couple of days, fog low clouds begin to make their way on shore you can see the sales first building kind of disappearing behind some of those clouds right now or san francisco, as looks like a return some low clouds and fog and the cooler temperatures over the next couple days not going to be cold by any means in spots and fact still likely going to see some 80's and some 90's there in the 69 degrees in san jose right now 65 in fremont but cool 57 with that patchy fog in the pacific a 59 now, but when the in the san francisco, 70 set up in pittsburgh, 73 in concord 68 degrees in the napa valley and 66 in petaluma low clouds and fog will be creeping well on
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shore overnight and i think all the way into possibly the tri valley and then tomorrow, mostly sunny again in the afternoon warm temperatures away from the immediate coastline and then really this week we're going to see a cooling trend, but still lots of sunshine in the afternoon. if some morning fog. high pressure though there is finally breaking down and that's allowed the slow to drop in that same low that is the bring some showers up in the pacific northwest, not to bring us the rain here but certainly going to see a deepening of the marine layer and maybe some drizzle along the coastline as early as tonight. this bill is going to be down a bit too is want some low clouds and fog stretching back on shore filling in some spots and when you see it there tomorrow morning you wake up to some patchy fog visibility down less than a mile and a half moon bay about a mile in hayward or so and in the san francisco them for the middle the morning that begins to break up we start cloudy skies that a surge back on shore. once again. temperatures are going to be down just a bit will warm into san jose lots of 70's there you're looking at 60's into san francisco in oakland to afternoon, comfortable temperatures up and low 70's
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guys back to you. thanks so much lawrence will right now there is no longer a hurricane or even a tropical storm for that matter. >>but is still expected to drop several inches of rain across the southeast. the national hurricane center said dangerous flash flooding is still likely. thousands are still without power as barry continues to make its way inland. duing heavy rain across parts of louisiana, mississippi and arkansas. very made landfall as a hurricane saturday before quickly turning into a tropical storm. today, louisiana governor john bel edwards pour the damage. >>we know that we're in hurricane season. so that obviously presents some concerns does going forward. >>but despite the storms weakening the national hurricane center warns of more dangerous flash flooding. as barry is expected to drop another 4 to 6 inches of rain today. one other big story that we are following tonight. president trump is dismissing
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any skepticism but his long promised immigration raids have stalled. he claims ongoing raids have been working and that more are coming meanwhile, there's a new immigration crackdown starting today immigrants can no longer seek asylum in the u s. >>if they did not apply for protections on the way here for example, someone from guatemala traveling through mexico must seek asylum in mexico before applying in the us some advocates for the. >>undocumented brought their protest against ice to the amazon office building in downtown san francisco. and that's because the demonstrators say that the online retail giant. >>is in business with the fed says in a way that facilitates deportation. >>held signs calling on amazon to cut with immigration and customs enforcement they were joined by activists in several major cities on amazon prime day, a major online shopping
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day for the retailer to deliver 270,000 signatures, a petition calling on them to get out of this week highs ear, the activists were stopped from delivering their message for security leaving way. >>and there's no on who is letting us talk to them. according to these protesters amazon does more than just sell products online. >>was on actually sells amazon web services which is a technology. it's a data platform that allows it ice to collect data. target people and then deport them. >>they also claim amazon has attempted to sell the feds facial recognition software. >>which can also be used to target people in a really invasive it's scary when they're not we'll let him civil rights activists saying that this technology has not been. >>i actually be good news for other people so there's actually also racial profiling issue with this use of this technology be reached out to
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amazon about the activist claims that have yet to hear back. >>but they've reportedly responded to other media outlets saying in part companies and government organizations need to use existing and new technology responsibly and lawfully maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>there are churches in the bay area offering sanctuary for undocumented immigrants during these ice raids, the congregational church of san the tale says it's stepping up of for those most vulnerable in the community news of the planned ice raids threatened 2000 immigrants all across the country, including here in the bay area the san mateo church says it hopes to help families in need. and we continue our coverage of the ice raids on our website there you'll find a protest across the country information for families and what lawyers are saying it's all on kron 4 dot com. >>a 27 year-old man has confessed to killing us scientists, suzanne eaton on the greek island of crete suzanne was from oakland. the man has been detained for questioning by police after even went missing on july 2nd.
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police believe she disappeared during a run. she was attending a conference with her employer. the max planyc institute at dresden university in germany. her body was found this fix a us fix a k did in a former not see war bunker on july 10th. she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. creepily spokesperson says the man has confessed to the crime. more details are expected to be announced. tomorrow. in the south bay police are investigating a homicide that they believe is the result of a home invasion happened friday night at a home on the 3200 block of montecito drive in san jose. police have not identified the victim, but a neighbor told kron 4 the victim is an elderly man who was a grandfather. it's unclear how many people are involved in the homicide. a california man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing an engaged couple. well they were on a camping trip back in 2004. the ohio
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couple was sleeping on jenner beach when they were shot and killed by sean michael cole lawn case remain cold for more than a decade before go on admitted to killing 22 year-old lindsey cut shell the 26 year-old jason allen. the law also pled guilty to killing his brother. he was sentenced today to 3 consecutive life terms in prison without parole, as well as more than 94 years in prison for his other crimes to kick. >>in the go ship in oakland an atf agent was called to the witness stand to countered the testimony of a key defense witness. co-defendants tara come and max harris, both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and that 2016 fire conferences he made unit has the story. >>3 rebuttal witnesses take the stand today as testimony and the goal ship trial begins to wind down here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland and oakland police officer took the stand to answer questions regarding the 2014 couch
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burning incident outside the ghost ship. >>the prosecution played the officers just camera video in which cold if they did derick is overheard saying that it is amazing the fire did not go inside it would have been horrible the decks rebuttal witness was atf agent with the hayman who told the court that she took part in a pair of interviews of goal shipped resident darrell believed as a witness for the defense leaked testified under oath that he heard a fight this all running away from that though ship as the deadly fire begin to bird. however the atf agent does divide that lead the government to that information when he was interviewed the day after the fire, i'm not going to worry about that. yes of course in the thing. >>that peaches says. >>says painful for me what i don't. one he was adequately. and 2 i don't think in the bigger picture that it's not meaningful. >>family members of the victim seated in the courtroom, the agony during another day of
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testimony continued. >>it's very hard for somebody that has lost their child burned alive and they know that they were burning alive. they were texting their parents were going to die. it's very extremely hard what our children are not here to have justice for them and their friends. the 3rd prosecution rebuttal with this was an investigator with the da's office. he was questioned about a 2017 voluntary interview of call defended matt stairs. >>at the courthouse in oakland haaziq with you rob porter who's. >>and the east bay police in concord are searching for 2 men wanted in the deadly shooting at a motel 6 there. the suspects 32 year-old adam renfro and 40 year-old robert brown. police believe they were involved in the shooting friday night at the motel 6 on clayton road. the victim died at the hospital renfro and brown are considered armed and dangerous. police are still investigating a motive, new homeowners in the east bay just got a rude introduction to life in the suburbs, a this
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is how package was delivered to their san ramon home last week from the us postal service. you can see the man walked up to the board and then just the box that he was delivering. this was recorded on a security camera already installed the man might also want to consider the fact that the box contained a new security system how about that. >>happening right now police in san francisco are looking for a man who they say stole a golden retriever from outside a convenience store dog lily has since been returned to its family. happened yesterday afternoon in japan town. this man was seen on surveillance video and tying the dog's leash and walking away with it that around 10 30 last night. police officer saw a couple walking the dog that matched louise description in the tenderloin neighborhood saying they found her police are now looking for the suspect who initially took the dog. well the north bay, a 61 year-old man crashed into a home with a newborn baby inside. and then admitted to police he was high
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on meth it happened around 6 last night in rohnert park on heath circle, not far from foxtel golf club. police say when they arrived at the scene the man was trying to back the chevy tahoe out of the home, but it was stock. the homeowners were inside at the time. luckily, nobody was injured a building inspector team, the home unsafe to live in. so the family with a newborn baby has been displaced. >>concord police are still searching for the suspect who shot a stockton man outside hurricane harbor. >>we first brought you this is breaking news on kron 4 news at 8 this past weekend. now reporter christy grosz talks with the man who was shot. >>chester i was a day. >>so as bad it's a birthing denny's 8 year-old daughter will likely never forget that for all the wrong reasons i'm certain one shot l a and then the rain afterwards, danny was shot in the parking lot of 6 flags hurricane harbor in
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concord saturday today he's recovering at home in stockton, and he and his girlfriend rina tell fox 40 would happen the assets to protect their identities went in right here came out. aside right here the stomach. >>and then went in my leg and then exited the let me say it all started when they went back to their car to take a smoking lunch break in the man parked next to them hit their car as he got into the driver's seat that's when rina says things escalated and the guy told him you know you have oblem. >>you know and. and he's like let me roll the window down the next thing i see is to get the guys grabbing a gun out of his glove box. >>and then each point in the car i jump out of the car and i'm screaming please don't shoot him please don't shoot any was still seated in the back seat of the car he jumped out the car. a gun and st ck it in the window might he tried to get me in the face with it or just pointed my face i don't know, but this is a touching i grabbed it, i grabbed his hand and the gun and i pushed it out the window seconds later the gun goes off you know i thought on the night he killed and you know you you know even though he
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was holding myself i thought he was going to die. danny was rushed to a concord hospital as the rest of his family was still inside the park. >>so far no arrests have been made i want the police to find him, you needs. pay for what he's done. you know you could take his life. >>that was christy grosz reporting the couple says they had just bought season passes to all the parks, but say they don't know if they'll ever go back because they don't feel safe. >>today in san francisco, a federal judge reduced an $80 million award given to a sonoma county man who claimed roundup weed killer caused him to develop cancer. 70 year-old edwin hardiman the santa rosa resident. instead will take home just over $25 million the judge found guidelines from the 2013 supreme court decision that required him to reduce the jury's punitive damages. arguments case was the first to go to trial of more than 1000 lawsuits against monsanto, nationwide. >>hundreds of people ride muni
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to work every day will be riding into the sales force transit center right now the center officially open back up saturday about 10 months after cracks were found in 2 steel beams this caused the transit center to shut down just 6 weeks after opening. transit hub will only have certain union lines running through to the bus plaza, other routes will stop on nearby surrounding streets. eventually it will bring caltrans service from the peninsula. and on the road california high speed rail trains from southern california into an underground station. well rescue animals with or behavioral issues will soon have a new home yet if it's humane society in the spca just purchased. >>261 acres of land in the law on the area in unincorporated san mateo county. the land will become an animal sanctuary as kron four's michelle kingston reports for us tonight, this sanctuary will be a place for animals to live their very best life otherwise would have no place to go.
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>>an animal sanctuary is coming to a rural part of san mateo county this land is fabulous the 261 acres will be fenced in and have small house like enclosures for animals who likely can't be adopted due to medical or behavioral issues, i'm holding here a little tow kid ted white is the president of the peninsula humane society and spca he says they've been looking into building the sanctuary for 5 years and now it's becoming a reality we get more animals who come to us sick. >>or behave really messed up succumb to his healthy the sanctuary will be home to hundreds of dogs about a 1000 cats in farm animals too. we'll have the opportunity to live out their very best life talking about the dog who maybe has been diagnosed with a horrible cancer. >>maybe 3, 4, 5, 6, months to live maybe $2000 a month and medical care it will be another 12 to 18 months before
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the sanctuary opens up. >>right now they are designing the site and beginning construction, white says the sanctuary is fully funded by donations in the honda michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>new video tonight showing a fisherman catching a great white shark. he caught it near alcatraz over the weekend. detroit back in this after a great white was spotted near half moon bay last week and another one in monterey bay. this is the second great white to be spotted in the bay area within a week. multiple pilots were seen, flying over the san mateo county coast early this morning. they spotted several great whites in half moon bay. county officials warned beachgoers to use caution while swimming in the water. >>well coming up after the deva tating camp fire in butte county family. those into their newly remodeled home we have warming story up next. >>plus tell you how state
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lawmakers are responding to a new rule that could dramatically limit the silent claims from people seeking refuge here in the u s. >>and prime day is here. but officials are saying be on the lookout for scams. what you need to know to protect yourself. there are moments in life
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that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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>>for your money tonight, amazon prime day kicked off today and last throug, tomorrow. >>the company says that it expects to sell millions of items of us some of the
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products you see was scrolling through amazon might be fake experts are warning online shoppers about the possible scams that can happen on prime day mary maloney has more. >>fast and ea. it's always important to take caution when buying a product online, especially on amazon prime day. experts say there have been reports of scams on its server thankfully, though scams can be easy to spot. experts say always read the product description. one big red flag when buying online descriptions without spaces after a comma or grammatical errors be wary of those glowing 5 star reviews a product with thousands of reviews might be faked and check of the product is in stock and other web sites like walmart if not stay away. online security company mcafee warns of phishing scams in your email. if you see an e-mail from amazon read it with caution because it might be fake some scammers full
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shoppers into putting in personal log-in information which then can be used to access account. details indoor real account. mcafee says always go directly to the amazon site and avoid clicking links in your inbox if you plan your purchases ahead of time don't scramble and stay vigilant. you won't be fooled by scammers for consumer watch i'm mary moloney. >>coming up president trump targeting female democratic leaders on twitter and he's not backi who's dog is this?
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 9 in national news president trump is not backing off from his twitter attack on for progressive democratic congresswoman of color. >>that some people are calling the tweet racist. cnn's jim acosta reports. >>president trump is defending his racist attacks on twitter telling reporters he's not concerned that his tweets say that for democratic women of color in congress. they appeal to white nationalists. doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >>and all i'm sayingethey want to leave that leave now. it doesn't say lee forever. it's just leave referring to congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez rasheedat to leave ilhan omar and the honor presley, the president tweeted that they could go back to where they came from but 3 of them were born in the us, the 4th omar came here as a child and became a citizen. there
9:30 pm
were no apologies for mister trump as he took his incendiary rhetoric, one step further telling the women they can leave the country if you hate our country. >>if you're not happy here you can leave. and that's what i say all the time that's what i said in a tweet which i guess some people think is controversial a lot of people love it by the way a lot of people love it. but if you're not happy. in the us if you're complaining all the time very simply you can leave you can leave right now. come back if you want don't come back ok too. but if you're not happy you can leave. >>the president also fired back at house speaker nancy pelosi who tweeted that the slogan make america great again has always been about making america white again. >>a very racist statement, somebody that would say that so speaker pelosi said make america white again. let me tell you that's a very racist that's a very racist a bit of surprise should say that the president's race baiting rhetoric has been a cornerstone of his wives of
9:31 pm
american politics. >>that we back to his birth or attacks on barack obama people are trying to figure out why isn't he giving his address it if it's not a birth certificate that's racist obama was born in hawaii. then there were his comments about immigrants crossing the mexican border as he watched his campaigns. >>they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >>that's races too and then there was equivocating over neo-nazis spreading violence in charlottesville. but you also had people that were. very fine people on both sides. democrats say it's all part of a pattern, everybody knows that. the president. acts like a white supremacist he is a racist he's made that clear on so many different occasions.
9:32 pm
>>top administration officials are hardly eager to answer for the president's racist tweets whatever he i think the president clarified his comment. i understand what the president's comments as i'm not concerned by the president's comments and again that's the last comment to make on this issue yet the president still has plenty of allies inside the gop backing him up. >>we all know see in this crowd are a bunch of communist. they hate israel, they hate our own country. they're anti semitic the anti america. >>that was jim acosta reporting for us tonight, white house officials are more willing to defend the president in private, a senior white house offici l recently told cnn's jim acosta the president is not a racist but when asked if that comment could be stated on the record. the official declined. >>california lawmakers are already pushing back against the new asylum rules tweeting while on vacation. governor gavin newsome wrote. we cannot be that country the country
9:33 pm
that is that turns away those fleeing violence and in need of help that's not our american values. attorney general javier bus era tweeting in part not only is this rule inhumane it flies in the face of the rule of law. no word yet on if state leaders will sue the trump administration. over the latest regulations, the state has sued the administration. at least 50 times. paradise in butte county issued its first certificate of occupancy for rebuilt home on monday yet comes 8 months after the camp fire devastated 90% of the community. >>and displaced nearly all of its residents. the key gonzalez was there when the first family moved back in. >>the sinclair is are celebrating a milestone with significance extending beyond their families moving into a new chapter for the town of paradise. the victorian travis
9:34 pm
sinclair's home among the nearly 19,000 structures destroyed in the camp fire. this is the first certificate of occupancy and now pioneering a fresh start. yeah. their home in mint condition. not. the first completed rebuilt for the town of paradise. >>coming home today. >>after 8 long months that felt like an unstable roller coaster towards eternity it's then trying there's you know it says something like this will either make or break your marriage, i mean for us it made it. >>one home to the next thrown into unforgiving uncertainty was there ever. >>i wondered what i would be coming back to and i mean you'd be foolish not to consider it. but for the sinclair's home goes well beyond the house when i was on. it's still felt more at
9:35 pm
home and there's a peace in my heart knowing that it was still going to be okay, it seems like you have a and so it's for me home is just we planted our roots here with the intention of never leaving the spot. in other stories, a gas explosion killed a southern california utility worker today it happened in marietta that's about an hour away from l a. >>the so cal gas employee was working on a damaged natural gas line at home when it exploded that worker was killed 15 others were hurt. the extent of their injuries is not been released. >>missing camper cheryl powell has been found alive in big pine in inyo county near where her dog was discovered earlier today, the 60 year-old disappeared friday near the grandview campground that's after taking the family dog for a bathroom break. the la times is reporting that poulsen says his mom was
9:36 pm
chased at some point by a man with a knife. local sheriff says paul was exhausted when they found her today should being evaluated at a local hospital, the closest town to the campground is big pine. it's about 50 50 miles from the nevada border. >>we're starting to see a return of some low clouds and fog that is going to change the weather the next couple of days, we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >>plus the white house hosted its made in america than showcasing american businesses and american made products we take you there. >>and in sports brandon crawford as a game for the ages, many falls up with more. giants double header
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>>with the giants team that has flipped its season. the gun from struggling to seemingly unstoppable after huge series win against milwaukee. the giants with no signs of fatigue for a double header today in colorado giant at coors field it was a courier and historic day for brandon crawford, this is one of his 2 home runs that game one ties the franchise record with 8 are eye. the first giant to do that. willie mays orlando, some paid and 61 cross also had 5 hits. giants role. 19 2. now on again too didn't provide the same offensive fireworks but stephen vogt solo home run in the top of the 4th gave the giants. >>one nothing lead. next batter they guessed it,
9:40 pm
crawford it goes deep. 3rd. will smith recorded his 24th save after losing 24 of their last 24 games of course, the giants sweet little. >>amazing of the a's had the day off will host the mariners tomorrow moving on now to the warriors since the dust has settled off of a wild off season. bob meyers taken time to assess where the team stance. the golden state president of basketball operations met with the media this afternoon. and recapping the summer that has brought a dramatic turnover of course the most significant changes kevin durant's signing with brooklyn. >>meyer said he feels durant left because he simply wanted to do something different a new chapter but with the red gone and comes d'angelo russell, the former nets all-star myers quell the speculation. this may not be a long-term fit and i think seek to trade san francisco so much >>our sport at least maybe other sports is what are you
9:41 pm
doing next. we're gonna figure we're doing now. and that applies to get a d engine low in that. there is speculation removing a mom we lose him play i'm seeing a lot our guys play we've seen him play with some of our core players and we won't even know took lay comes back how that fits. we're just happy to get a a a young player that has a lot of upside in our opinion and we're excited at the possibility of him in our uniform. >>and we'll see how it all plays out coming up on kron 4 sports attended the 49 ers locking down a new deal for one of the most consistent scores in all
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 9 today, the white house held its 3rd. >>the annual made in america showcase our bree jackson reports on this pillar of the president's trade policies. he wants us all to buy american-made products. some heavy duty military equipment to small marbles american made products from every state were showcased at the white house so proud to made in america. >>is a small warehouse should american ball that's the look hated in a small town in texas the kona is one of the last remaining baseball glove manufacturers in the us most of our. >>utters or in asia now and have been for a number of decades. we had a few tough years trying to compete with foreign labor president trump says this annual event as a way to highlight us businesses an economic growth under his administration were up 600,000 manufacturing jobs.
9:45 pm
>>since the election, several business owners i spoke with say they benefit from the trump administration's policies and they're urging lawmakers to work together to support a more american jobs. >>alan wayne founded red line still in alabama. he says still tariffs have boosted his business. >>allowing him to invest more in the community i served almost 7 years in the military as military police >>we try to employ a lot of veterans but democrats like virginia's abigail spanberger raised concerns about the negative impact of the president's trade war with china and start infrastructure negotiations. we have to re center our focus and our conversations on what are the needs of the american people by raising awareness about us products business owners i spoke with say they hope to see federal leaders put political differences aside and put the interest of american workers first in washington bree jackson. >>are 4 zone forecast as we take a lot live look outside boy it's hard to make out much
9:46 pm
of anything right a little bit of cotton candy at the bottom your screen. there to be rolled just laura's car. >>if you were. a i we all go for is good to me but yeah, you know we have the fog moving in here of course on the part of the country. it's that time of year is hurricane season of course we're talking about barry and the concern about area and not all that materialized and yet they still saw a lot of heavy rainfall and that you're seeing some of the flooding. look at the swirl over the last 24 hours you can see on the doppler radar that heavy train of moisture making its way right through central part of louisiana, the core low now making its way farther north that you can see all along the mississippi river now we're talking about some flooding they already have flooding. it's been an extremely wet season. all that water running right down the mississippi in that we're worried about all the sudden get a hurricane come in you get a a strong storm surge and that's going back up the mississippi, not all that transpired and yet they've seen some tremendous amounts of rainfall right across the central portion of the state some of those areas.
9:47 pm
yeah over 12 inches of rain in the last 24 hours over the bay right now we're talking about some of that cotton candy fog out there right now some of that making his way in the san francisco slipping in the bay now more that on the way overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. fog low really stayed away for the better part of the day then in the afternoon starting to see some of that material lies along the coastline ounce begin to push just inside the bay. pretty comfortable outside of many spots holding into the 70's and the cocker right now the 68 degrees in the napa valley 78 still in santa rosa, so they're not the near just yet but that will change overnight tonight as will see a high pressure blue looking like it's going to break down a little bit this whole trough. it's going to kind of cover itself out along the west coast. the next few days some for the better part of this week in fact almost to the end of the month we're going to see some minor fluctuations here but really that trough kind of setting itself up along the west coast. that keeps us from really get although we're still going to see some toasty temperatures inland but not seeing those triple digit temperatures i don't at least the next 5 to 7 days. here we
9:48 pm
go we've got some patchy fog on shore to 9 now it's making its way into the bay and it's going to put a little finger fall all the way maybe into the tri valley and then as we head to the morning tomorrow, it's going to start to back up just a bit and you'll still see some fog along the coastline, maybe some drizzle out there as well. highs tomorrow going to be running up in the 70's some 80's inside the bay under mostly sunny skies, beautiful weather. some low 90's. a possibility the warmer spots inland and then 50's and 60's with patchy fog along the coastline, cooler temperatures as we head in toward thursday and friday probably a bottom out on saturday, but mostly sunny skies, the next 5 to 7 days. thank you lawrence for your health a we know that being outdoors is really good for you by on how does it impact your well being in check while the recent studies suggest spending time in nature. >>decreases stress in tonight's health minute david daniel tells us. well researchers say about making time for sunshine. >>taking a break in your day outside that's what a study published in the journal
9:49 pm
frontiers in psychology says can help reduce stress levels in the study published earlier this year, researchers suggest just 20 to 30 minutes spent in nature, each day can significantly improve your mental health. >>participants to walk sit or both as long as they took their nature break during daylight hours somewhere green and bright for the study found the hormone which produces stress cortisol. >>dropped in participants who are prescribed outdoor relaxation time they were also advised to avoid using their phones going on social media. we're having conversations. the researcher mary carol hunter says she hopes the study will encourage cities to develop well-being programs and green spaces but the best thing about the so-called major pill. it's for everyone and free. for today's health minute, i'm david daniel. >>well not surprisingly students who spend too much time on social media and watching tv. a more likely to have symptoms of depression. the study involved students in grades 7 through 11. the
9:50 pm
report says that for every additional our kids spend on social media or watching tv. the depression got worse. it's not clear of screen time causes depression or it's just a symptom. but experts say there is clearly a connection. >>us measles outbreak is showing no sign of letting up according the cdc. the number of cases nationwide now stands at 1123 across 28 states sets up 14 cases from the week before it also marks the greatest number of measles cases reported in the country since 1992, the centers for disease control and prevention says the measles can be prevented with a vaccine which it calls quote very safe and effective. >>an iconic 1950's era play structure in oakland's lakeside park has been renovated and real that the lake merritt monster also known as the midcentury monster is one of the few remaining free play structures
9:51 pm
for children that were popular in the 50's that was shut down in 2015. prompting fears of its removal. the celebration is planned for the site on july 28th, a band will be on hand for that celebration. playing some hits from sly and the family stone who actually pose for one of their album covers on the play structure. it's really cold. >>i hear some you know see every day a jellyfish the size of you yet where this life-size jellyfish was found after the break. and an update to directv in 18 t uber subscribers heads up as a july second kron four's been removed from the directv in 82 uber's lineup. yeah atnt has refused to extend our existing distribution agreement to august 2nd. >>meaning you can no longer watch kron 4 in its programming next our our parent company is negotiating with atnt as offer to extend our current deal as we work to
9:52 pm
reach agreement so if you want to continue watching kron 4 in shows like doctor phil inside edition entertainment tonight. >>and of course the news. 805 3, 1, 5,000 intel direct tv an a t to u
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9:54 pm
>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 9 with just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water terrifying images emerge. >>from the take a look at this it's not jobs or any other shark ah but uh a jellyfish a
9:55 pm
giant one and the sting from this guy might the in the league of a pipe from a great white. i would know, but it seems like it could be intense a diver was stunned when she spotted the life-size blob off the southwestern coast of england near cornwall it's called a barrel jellyfish they are the largest species ofc jellyfish in the british sees but seeing one of course like this is very rare. egypt opening an ancient 4600 year-old pyramid to tourists the so-called bent pyramid is about 25 miles south of cairo. it's been closed down since 1965 for repairs. the massive restoration project include for to find the entrance and your rooms leading to the burial chamber archaeologists say they found hidden tombs as well as mummies and masks during nearby excavations this started last year. >>well 7.11 were apparently the lucky numbers for a baby born on 7.11 day on thursday
9:56 pm
baby has a series of 7 elevens linked to her birth and she was born on july 11th at 07:11pm and weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces she was born to rachel langford of st. louis and both mom and baby are doing well lankford who also has a 6 year-old son said she plans on telling the convenience store chain about the coincidence but seeing that this has gone viral. it's very likely that key that they know. >>so celebrated 7.11 exactly well that wraps up kron 4 news at 9. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour can wait is here with kron 4 >>they can see our thank you very much exit and the ntsb is expected to be in hayward to begin investigating today's deadly helicopter crash. it is structure was killed another person seriously injured we now know the name of one of the victims stand by for a live report from the scene plus violence rocks, 6 flags hurricane we're in the east bay. the hunt is on for the person who shot a man several
9:57 pm
times in a parking lot. tonight we hear from that victim who is recovering from his wounds. and rescue animals who is medical or behavioral issues, we'll soon have a new home the land just purchase for a new animal sanctuary here in the bay area
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>new information tonight in that deadly helicopter crash in the east bay we now know the name of the person who was killed. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne. >>and i'm j r stone sitting in for pam moore, the crash happened this afternoon at hayward executive airport. an airport spokesman says a flight instructor and the student were on board when that helicopter went down. kron four's dan thorn is live at the airport tonight with the victim's identity and more on what happened and. >>well j r we're just now that the alameda county coroner has identified the flight instructor as 62 year-old wayne project he was flying here today in teaching a student had flying an instructional helicopter and today's lesson unfortunately turned deadly. a helicopter flight instruction and hayward executive airport becomes deadly emergency crews rushed to the scene


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