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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 16, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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and you said the foxconn list but little later yet it's taking its time in san francisco for sure we are seeing improvements in some spots like the east bay, but as you do see sitting over san francisco. >>there's still a stabber layer of it sitting right above the city and other parts of the bay other areas though are seeing those clearing skies like oakland and you've been under sunshine all morning in the south bay, the north bay and then areas further inland in the east bay which really enjoyed all that sunshine through your morning and will continue to see plenty of a into the afternoon. 70's for san francisco and oakland making for really comfortable conditions in both cities. while san jose and a lot of our inland areas still holding on to the 80's not quite as warm as yesterday though, and even cooler in the days to come, i'll get to that. still ahead robin thank you john, the only lanes that look better at the bay brgeyour car. >>pool lanes there wide open but right down the middle you will be dealing coming from the maze paying cash for fast-tracking and it goes back on to 5 80 and the
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east shore freeway so sll under crowded, but not a terrible commute. we're watching an overturn accident on one oh one so if you're leaving san jose. you're going to be stacked up both northbound and southbound on one oh one we have this overturn crash and trumbull at last check it was still blocking the right lane. so that's causing just a little bit of a backup because it's a counter commute directions northbound the commute side it's much heavier plus they can see the activity. so that's why you're in a whopping 76 minutes, san jose to menlo park and then an early morning crash still wrapping up in union city eastbound alvarado now set to kowtow still block eastbound only they're clearing on ac transit bus telling that out it was involved in an injury accident so do expect traffic control to get through darya. >>breaking news that we've been covering all morning and robin was talking about this accident union city 5 people had to go to the hospital an ac transit bus collided with a car. around 4 30 this morning. and you can see that the bus
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ended up in a tree and then you can take a look at coto and alvarado niles intersection here where this happened the other car wound up there. the driver's door to drivers on the bus. they're in the hospital and 3 passengers also taken to the hospital we don't know their conditions. but as robin has been saying they are investigating the crash this morning. >>well happening today federal investigators will be on the scene of that deadly helicopter crash in the east bay, a flight instructor and a student were on board when the chopper went down in hayward ca for sarah stinson has the latest from the hayward airport. >>federal investigators just showed up minutes to go to the hayward executive airport, they're here to figure out what went wrong. why did this helicopter go down yesterday afternoon. take a look at this video you can that it that helicopter the wreckage is still here on scene. they kept it so the ntsb could come here t'd i figure out you know the cause of the crash. now we do know
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that the instruntor died on scene he has been identified as 62 year-old wayne sunnyvale the survivor which is the student is in critical condition at eden medical center because as we know this was a flight the air when the helicopter went down the 2 men were actually practicing some maneuvers on a robinson r 44 helicopter. this type of choppers very popular for teaching people how to fly. now the helicopter went down close to the runway just after 2 30 yesterday afternoon. the helicopter belong specific helicopters here in hayward according to airport directory or the instructor owns an aviation school called vertical cfi helicopters. it's unclear if the cause of the crash was mechanical or human error but that is why federal investigators are here right now looking into that. now the manager of the airport says his main priority is assisting with the investigation also just helping the family during this tragic time.
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>>our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the ben th we're going to assist the national transportation safety board. any way we can with the invesga >>so we're still waiting to see how the passenger that a student is doing at last check that person is in critical condition and we're also waiting to see if investigators have found out is steep if the student or the pilot was the one it does actually driving the helicopter the time of the crash. we do know what happened so close the runway down ether they were coming from slide. we're taking still something we're waiting to find out very much still a developing situation. we'll send it back to you now in the studio. >>thank you very much sara it's 9 oh 04:00am and police are looking for a group of people assaulted and robbed a man in pleasant hill in the area avoid road. and cleveland road. the attackers took off
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before the police got there, but they took his cell phone and wallet. and then got away the man is in the hospital he's expected to be okay and the south bay, a fast-moving fire scorched about 50 acres and did burn some homes in the foothills of the san jose firefighters were able to save 10 homes but 2 were lost in the fire and a dog died as well. there were several other large animals that crews were able to evacuate. the neighbors say that they had been clearing the brush around their properties to prevent this from happening. >>make sure there's no i we was nothing to burn that except our barn is right on the edge. but it did not catch on fire because we've cleared everything out and that's so important when you live on a place like this. >>50 acres to homes but as she says it could have been worse had they not made sure that all the pressure is clear. >>national news, a new rule that takes effect today prohibits migrants from seeking asylum if they have
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lived in or traveled through what's called a safe 3rd country for example, someone from guatemala who passes through mexico. can't apply for asylum in the us now until they first applied for asylum in mexico. the departments of justice and homeland security issued this new rule yesterday to deal with the influx of migrants at the southern border, but critics say it won't fix the crisis and the american civil liberties union is planning to sue. mexico's government is rejecting the new asylum rules saying it won't affect mexican citizens. some advocates for undocumented immigrants protested in front of amazon's offices in downtown san francisco. kron four's maureen kelly was there to reports the demonstrators claim the online retail giant is in business with the federal government in a way that facilitates deportation. h immigration and cities on amazon prime day, a 1000 signatures on a petition calling on them to get out of this week highs here the
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activists were stopped from delivering their message for security leaving way. >>amazon who is letting us talk to them. according to these protesters amazon does more than just sell products online. >>was on actually sells amazon web services which is a technology. it's a data platform that allows it. >>ice to collect data. so target people and then deport them. >>they also claim amazon has attempted to sell the feds facial recognition software. >>which can also be used to target people in a really invasive it's scary when there's actuly lot of civil rights activists saying that this technology has not been. >>i actually be good news for other people so there's actually also a racial profiling issue with this use of this technology be reached out to amazon about the activist claims that have yet to hear back. >>but they've reportedly responded to other media outlets saying in part companies and government
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organizations need to use existing and new technology responsibly and lawfully maureen kelly kron 4 news. new this morning senator and presidential candidate kamala harris has unveiled a plan that lets the federal government set prices. >>on some prescription drugs. it's a what she calls people over profit plan and it considers medication prices in europe, japan and australia to set benchmarks for fair mrrket value. her plan would punish drug makers who sell above with the law considers a fair price by implementing a 100 tax on those profits and it would also penalize pharmaceutical companies that raise medication prices faster than the rate of inflation. >>a 27 year-old man has confessed now to killing an americate a man had been detained for questioning by police after she went missing back on july 2nd. they believe that she disappeared while out on a run she was attending a
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conference at the time that she vanished her body was ultimately found in a former not see war bunker on july 10th. she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. a federal judge in san francisco has reduced and million award against monsanto corporation, to million. that's the word now that will go to a sent us in on the county man 7 year-old edwin heart of an claim that the companies roundup weed killer caused his cancer. a jury ordered masato to pay hardiman $80 million in damages. a federal judge says the us supreme court guideline requires him though to reduce that 80 million down to 25 monsanto is facing more than 13,000 roundup lawsuits filed in us federal and state courts to cases that we know of from the bay area have gone to trial d in verdicts against monsanto. >>new this morning civil rights charges will not be brought against a new york city police officer involved in the deaths of eric garner officers were attempting to arrest garner in 2014 for
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selling individual cigarettes outside of a staten island convenience store. but he refused to be handcuffed and as can see here officers took him down a medical examiner found that a chokehold which is banned under police policy contributed to his death. but a state grand jury refused to indict the officer on criminal charges. his family, the victims families outraged. >>d o j has failed us 5 years ago my son said i can't breathe 11 times. and today we can read. because they have let us down. >>the officer in the case maintained that he used a legal take down maneuver. >>it has returned to the bay area after a recent major drug bust ever this video we showed you this week showing the officer jumping onto a submarine. on board was 70,000 pounds of cocaine. pretty dan
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open up the hatch. all that drug money or all the of rebellion about million those accused of trying to smuggle the drugs into the u s have been arrested the coast guard says the drug trafficking like this is on the rise, the drugs were unloaded and destroyed in san diego. still ahead president trump is defending his racist attacks on 4 democratic congresswoman and now those lawmakers are reacting this morning. plus the prosecution tries to refute the testimony of defense witnesses in the go ship warehouse fire trial will have the very latest developm
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>>we are robin here talking about what it's like on the road hopefully there any major hot spot an a major hot spot things are looking better looking up our major crash in union city gone, good, i just spoke sergeant rodriguez from union city tell me that all lanes are open. so that's better news to report that we have pretty backed up in crazy one. yeah, there's an ac to kowtow that's out of the way and even the richmond center fell bridge just looking check out the shot. >>no delays nothing to worry about on west bound 5.80 leading up to the tolls we are down to 9 minutes that's quick right from the pay gates out to one o one so that's one good bridge for you, here's the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco and it's still slow as we expect when i leave work at 10 o'clock it still backed up so and on the phone down to stick with you for the remainder of your morning commute and yes, it's from the maze but still quiet making your way in down to the santa
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clara san jose area so this crash south what i want to trouble that was our overturn in cleared, but another one popped up and santa mosques right behind it so a little busy one gone one new and that active both are southbound so the backups not too bad. it's the northbound flow down that you have to worry about that security inside and it's jammed and stretches from south san jose through downtown continuing up to the peninsula. you're looking at a 75 minute trip at least from san jose to menlo park for checking in on more numbers, they looked decent they look normal right 6.80 per to danville 17 minutes and one oh one 14 minutes that's not bad brisbane to the 80 split in san francisco john. >>skies still cloudy over san francisco but we're getting there skies are going to clear out you're already seeing just a touch more brightness making its way down into the city, san jose has been clear all morning long and for the east bay, these big changes have
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been seen over the past hour now that line of fog out there in the distance near starting to see san francisco. it's beginning its retreat really fast now skies, all the clearing side we are going to see a few more high clouds drifting across the bay today than we did yesterday, nothing more than just a few cirrus clouds high pressure to the south and east a low to our north and west and we're right in the middle of it a nice push of cooler air from the pacific this morning that has resulted in some of that marine layer fog that scooted in clear skies this afternoon return of fog tomorrow and some coastal drizzle will repeat the process on into thursday morning to and eventually into the finish of the week. each of these days having those sunny afternoons we start to our days after i should say are foggy starts 60's and 70's for san francis of mount airy you're at 62 today while burlingame will peak at 76 areas further south still holding on to some of those 80's such as in the south bay where temperatures will
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overall peak just a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday of nothing more than one to 2 degrees cooler for most areas that is enough to take conquered out of the 90's and back into the upper 80's while oakland will remain steady at 75 a range of 70's and delay hotel low 90's continuing in pittsburgh in vacaville barely hanging on. santa rosa 88 while sandra fell 82 for your high. here's your next 7 days temperatures continue their cooling trend eventually into the weekend. we're talking some really comfortable temperatures in some cases about 10 degrees cooler than this past weekend. >>tigers top winners and losers with rob black our financial expert and we're talking about the big amazon. so you just still going through tonight. yes right your crack time track didn't buy even though there were deals i didn't buy a thing and about makeup yesterday. good now you can get it said part of america does not think for many by make up in that area. >>just it just works so how's it going is if you lease sales because this is kind of a time
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where i just don't feel like shopping. it is an adobe analytics did a great study and they said that basically companietarget eve a macy's walmart amazon a big fat. thank you because it ups their cells about 60% on a typical monday than year over year. so we are using and how we are fighting excuse to spent mark cuban want said everyone should buy big ticket items on cyber monday saw a black monday's a but friday's any time you can get a big sale you should do it, especially isn't a lesson in the world rob, i know i know i so they'll be another one i'm not gonna by didn't labor day it was just a couple weeks ago memorial day is around the corner i got that backwards tom back to school now what's interesting is there's another study that says back to school use t that ford ultimately we're pavlovian like dogs we all always want things on sale now. yes, we do and people are buying full price or financially retarding the growth. i i will not buy full presidents of if i miss the sail away.
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>>you're are you saying there's not going to be any more back to school sales are still there and they're known to be sales. but we have withdrawn the sales. >>ford is the expectation might like for let's see the clothing company like banana republic. e-mail i just can wait a week and there's a 50% off email waited for when he was or even better it buying stuff on sale so it's a tough time to be a but amazon's on pretty good job nothing so we all of us you know how those millennials a lot of. >>they give the password everybody. what's interesting was netflix that could be both the plus and negative. ultimately they ever get tougher more subscribers because the study found that people don't share passwords as much with julio passwords almost of all of amazon prime which shows there's just not a lot of interest that mom the online streaming netflix has 15 of the top 20 amazon's got some cute ones bait the penetration rate of cheaters are much higher netflix they are on
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hulu or amazon season. they're missing out on a lot of money that they could easily police's put would be like bad for business or something. >>why wouldn't they do it and say it's fair at this point in time they don't need to. but down the road i expect to the police a little bit more i do netflix is watched by more than with every demographic every single demographic watches netflix more than amazon prime or who are so they're winning. i'm speaking winning the gun report numbers on wednesday. any weakness in the stock i think you're kenya lakes that got a ton of international growth ahead and maybe even the story tells us they've got the ability to raise prices create more she user accounts or police that people are still report us doing and it's pretty easy to find 90 address. your uncle in nevada right. it's not your family in san francisco or i ally see so they could easily they could easily switch up on this you can okay so for those of us who don't want to achieve certain seat or deal do want know actually i don't we're all pretty good. it be
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different if it was like really expensive 14% of people cheap. 14% of people ok. now for those who still go to us because that's a rare bird these days is anybody going to go to the big lion king because that's opening this weekend. it's interesting because it's getting pretty weird people are saying it's just odd to see animals talk the way to do i am not quite live action because they're putting like bubble gum in the lion's mouth to get to talk that's not what they're doing it's more computer tricks but it's just an odd effect in at critics are saying a this is a weird we don't need this done. but it's going to million it could know mister ed talked why could you buy that and you know by this what's so weird about i don't have to be to be remade as the thought all it's got a lot of say music it's got different stars beyonce isn't it senate. so there's a lot of good things to say about it, but it's expected 0.209 if you look at the year that disney has had with live action last couple years. whether it's the jungle book beauty the beast aladdin they
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keep remaking these old cartoon or animated films right i asked the question is when they run out of all the free makes what could be the next 200 million our franchise and the need to get to work on that picture got one coming up next year. it's probably be a pretty big hit for them, but it begs the question of how many times can go to the well and can dream it the same old story plus and just looking at this video. >>it is and it's a lot scarier to me you know when i had kids the animation is very good and so it seems to me if you're a animated your whatever you want to call this these days live action. its carrier like she got to think about that as a parent i think absolutely yeah, it's also a reliving your childhood past like. >>your children are old enough to chile at aria but when they do they can say here you can see what i used to watch was garbage 21th century here it's ok cool. good thanks. thanks. a lot. rob. and if you have a question for rob you'd like to get a little input or you have a something that you'd like to share with rob you can reach him.
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>>on e-mail and facebook and twitter as well.
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>>and we're back 9.25 testimony in the go ship trial is beginning to wind down now and the jury could get the case before the end of the month. they're a cow that max harris, both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. in the 2016 deadly fire there in oakland. local police officers took the stand to answer questions regarding a 2014 couch burning incident outside
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the go ship warehouse in fact when officers body camera video played for the jury showed alan mannus saying that amazing the fire didn't spread to inside the warehouse because then that would have been horrible. next an atf agent told the court that she took part in a pair of interviews of go ship president dear old levee as a witness for the defense led he testified that he heard a fight and then saw a man running away from the warehouse before the fire agent testified that lead he never mentioned anything about happen. later this month. >>50 years ago 3 american astronauts were hurling
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through space trying to land on the moon. they are bay area ties including the uss hornet they're having celebrations throughout the week. >>we'll let you
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>>and we're taking a late role spot for the south and i know another problem southbound want to want a great america,
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new accident right behind the old nt. so they just keep popping up. >>in a yes on the weather front anything breaking up yet with low clouds yeah we're certain to see him breaking up your are getting the hint of sunshine now in parts of san francisco, especially right along the bay for while other parts as you can see still pretty foggy with that low clouds hanging out has made for a pretty view, but honestly, most of you at this point are looking at those blue skies overhead so skies, definitely still showing some touch of fog right across the core of the bay east bay, oakland and berkeley you cleared out looking really good while it really is just up and down the coastline on the peninsula. that you're seeing some issues with the fog 70's and 80's is where we're heading today for daytime highs low 70's and san francisco, mid 70's in oakland, while san jose just a touch cooler than yesterday got the reil ahead robin. >>all right, thank you john want to head over to the bay bridge and check in on 80 still a very busy commute into san francisco so be prepared for this this heavy traffic
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from the maze for the remainder of this hour into the next hour. we haven't had too many trouble spots, but it's just a busy commute coming in. >>it's under 20 minutes. so that's good off to fremont street normal now checking in on one oh one we had an overturned southbound want to want to trimble that cleared right before that cleared another crash popped up in the back of one oh one south at great america. this one house the 2 left lanes close a singular has been issued by chp and now it's getting heavy out of sonny bill for matilda this is going southbound the counter commute side northbound they can see it and their noses so they're stacked up from south san jose through downtown san jose continuing of the peninsula. so 73 minutes from north one on one san jose to menlo park your trouble spot is south downgrade america blocking 2 lanes started james, thank you robin 9.31, a big story we're following this morning. president trump is not backing to attack progressive democratic
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congres woman gabby is joe johns reports the house isn't backing down either in fact today they're set to vote on a resolution condemning. >>the president's comments. >>they hate it i think with a passion president trump unapologetic defending his races twitter tirade aimed at 4 democratic congresswoman of color after telling them sunday to go back to help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they can doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >>and all i'm saying they want to leave they can leave now. it doesn't say lee forever. it's just leave if you at all for congress women are us citizens and 3 of them representatives alexandria ocasio court has ion a presley and rashida to leave or born in the united states representative refugee moving t us as a child this is a distraction and we should not take the bait. >>the first termsquad fighting ck
9:33 am
he does. is what this is all about. >>sadly this is not the first nor will it be the last time we hear disgusting bigoted language from the president. we know this is who he is this is the agenda of white nationalist. >>and now now it's reached. the white house garden. >>trump later intensifying his races clash in another tweet storm calling the congresswoman anti american and falsely insinuating more without mentioning her name is pro al qaeda as few as 19 republicans in congress denounced president trump's comments. >>i think those tweets are racist and and they're also inaccurate. but most falling short of directly calling trump's statements racist. >>was tweeted was d was a diss unified and and frankly was very wrong. other gop lawmakers backing the
9:34 am
president's rhetoric. i don't think he's races. i think he's an equal opportunity offender and i think any. >>i thinks from time to time some people think that they're special because offended by him president trump also going after house speaker nancy pelosi misrepresenting her sunday tweet where she wrote trump's mission is making america white again. >>let me tell you that's a very racist that's a very racist a bit of surprise should say that house democrats introducing a resolution strongly condemning president trump. i'm >>and this morning, the president tweeted saying as you can see on your screen as screen quote those tweets were not racist i don't have a racist bone in my body. the so-called vote to be taken is a democrat con game. republicans should not show r trap. >>if second died and was in ignition sequence time.
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>>well 50 years and 3 hours the crew of apollo 11 lifted from merced on their way to the >>and the uss hornet, it's now station in alameda and a played a major role in thron fo joining us live to explain good morning. well. >>the beginning of the mission was in florida. this is the end of the mission. >>8 days after taking off they the uss hornet after splashing down into the pacific ocean this is not the exact one this is a tester a few years earlier but we'll show you just how cramped it is this is
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a museum 50 years ago today they were hurt early through space broke the gravity and now heading towards the moon 250,000 miles away. they spent about 21 and a half hours on the moon they came back here this is the welcoming party president nixon was here when they came down. here's mike mccarron the executive director of the uss hornet so this is part of history can you walk us through and i mean that literally through what happened what happened after they recover of the water but the helicopter. the helicopter landed on our pe flight deck. down to this level. the 3 astronauts. thcy are strong buzz over michael calls got off they're in 8 biohazard suit basically just make sure that in contaminated one else. they came walking across the hangar deck. a facility like this call mobile quarantine facility. and this is an airstream trailers modified to
9:37 am
he secure because we didn't know if they had any germs on they might contaminate the rest the planet. so the 3 astros plus a flight surgeon and a technician lived in here. this what's the ship go back into pearl harbor this is lifted onto the back of a c one 41 air force transport flown to houston and the head of the facility at houston. what i live for a couple more weeks later term they were not a a threat to anyone else 3 incredible that. >>this is the end of that mission and this is available to people in the bay area right this is we are a national story partly because this ship service are in the bill were to another. >>in vietnam, other places but also because last 2 major missions in life for this apoll so the first 4 men to walk on the moon walk on this very hangar deck and their celebrations throughout the day i know some of the dive team members they'rwee ll and t have stretched all across the globe from australia and america probably in europe as well as the world remembers 50
9:38 am
years ago, i wasn't alive them. but i've seen the footage we're at everybody was huddled around televisions just cheering on what an incredible moment in humankind if you think about it flight was 19 oh 3 with the wright brothers. >>just 66 short years later. >>a man walked on the moon and then ultimately 3 men walked from the uss hornet back to you. >>and to think maybe will be back there again soon and who knows maybe even on to mars. we'll see. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news after 4 days lost in the woods, a california hikers found safe and sound. coming up and she'll explain what it was that kept her away. >>plus it was brandon crawford and had a career day for the giants were going to take a look at. one day.
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>>california woman and her dog who went missing last week were found alive near a campground in southern california, 60 year-old cheryl pow you see are there. she went missing friday after taking the family dog for a bathroom break she headed off on a trail, but they never came back turns out she says she was approached by a man with a knife while she was on that trail. she managed to get away but then she was avoiding roads ducking hiding just trying to stay away from him. all the while searchers are looking for and had our time obviously finding her. >>i knew that there had to be something. >>she wouldn't just disappear into thin air.
9:42 am
>>powell isn't letting this experience topper from hiking apparently she says she wants to go back to huntington beach park with her friends as soon as you can. >>coming up on the kron 4 morning buzz, the giants are trying to back their way out of the basement, the warriors are deciding whether to love her the stunt and why shack says that he will kiss is steve kerr hi welcome back
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9 45 tuesday morning looking really good now big changes in the past few minutes for san francisco, as you can easily see here there's not a cloud left in the sky at list from this perspective. >>it was very foggy really just about 30 minutes ago looking out over san jose skies also nice and clear just as they've been all morning long. the new look out their way in the distance and you can see that retreating line of fog making its way out this morning you could not see that view berkeley it was just so foggy conditions are going to become increasingly clear bought into the afternoon and bring enjoy another nice and sunny one today, high pressure sits to our south and east we're right at the edge of it though that low to our north is actually weather that we've gotten fairly used to this weather this set up a familiar one keeping us out least out of the triple digits for inland areas, even though we were in the 90's this past weekend. we dodged the brunt of the heat which was out in the central valley. again tonight a push of fog even some coastal drizzle into tomorrow morning as you see retreat of it on
9:46 am
into tomorrow afternoon then we're going to repeat the process through the rest of the week which is a typical way to do things. in july foggy morning sunny afternoons and we've got plenty of both 60's and 70's for san francisco today and the range of 60's 70's as well up and down the peninsula millbrae 73 fo at numbers really just on average one to 2 degrees cooler than yesterday's san jose 84 for a high down into the tri valley a range of a tease for your highs today, enough of a cool down to take conquered into the upper 80's after year low 90's yesterday while oakland remains in the mid 70's, just a couple of 90's holding on in vacaville in pittinsburg much of those in the forecast ahead novato 83 while sandra fell 82, let's look ahead at the next 7 days temperatures tomorrow, really not a big difference by the bay and the coast in any of this forecast but it will be our inland areas that do see a gradual cooldown taking us into the low 80's on average by the weekend. robin.
9:47 am
>>well traffic is still crowded on the san mateo bridge. so if you need to leave hayward go ahead and do it now don't think it's going to improve any time soon we're looking at a 23 minute trip to make it from the nimitz to one o one the richmond center fell looks fantastic this commute is pretty much over a great drive into the north bay and 8 minutes from the tolls to one on one the bay bridge one of the heaviest still stacked up and into the maze carpool lanes look great cash lanes of fast track lanes still slow. but this isra normal drive into san francisco, so 18 minutes without any major problems off to fremont street. our one major problem is in the south bay, it's sticking around in santa clara, one oh one south at great america, your 2 left lanes closed. heavy out of sunnyvale leading up to the scene so keep that in mind northbound much heavier that's opposite side of the crash and that's from san jose and little stretch is heading in to menlo park and then if you're traveling 5.80 livermore to dublin looks great 18 minutes pass go to the interchange. in the buzz
9:48 am
the san francisco giants are starting to turn things around and their last 12 games. >>they have had 96 runs 21 of them came yesterday they played a double header against the rockies in colorado game, one brand. and 8 rbi is tying franchise record set by willie mays. >>and orlando subpoena. giants crush the rockies night. it took a little 3 out. i ran in crawford added another home run and the giants won the second game. 2 to one. they have gone from the seller to one a games back back in the wild-card race who knows maybe they w the warriors had to race when the free agent it tough and they had to make chicken salad a leftovers gma ayers said it all hapn so fast one minute he found out kevin duran was leaving for the nets and the next he was making a
9:49 am
deal to get d'angelo russell a lot of people thought that he was going to be a sign and trade but myers says that's not the case. >>and by the way there's speculation removing a mom when you see them play i'm seeing a lot guys play we've seen him play with some of our core players and we won't even know took lay comes back how that fits. we're just happy to get a a a young player that has a lot of upside in our opinion and we're excited at the possibility of him in our uniform. >>you got to see it all dressed up you know it's like those home shows that i watch like flip or flop the warriors haven't decided yet if they're going to love it or lito kiss h coated feet. but a bet is a bet years ago shaq was sure that nobody could beat the legacy of the lakers. >>the coast to files. 4 to 5 years all cases feed on fear factor with cheese on it. and that will be done yet.
9:50 am
>>serious and as we all know the the warriors have done one better made the finals 5 years in a row, so now what kerr tweeted check that he was willing to forget it. but then scheck said no he's acting like it's deal made good on his promise as long as no it says as long as it kraft cheese, you know what they say everything tastes better with cheese on it. if you're trying to get your beach body that will phil mickelson found something that works don't eat. here's a before and after pictures, looks like it's slimming definitely slow probably starving. but slimmer he showed off his new bn he arrived at the open yesterday. >>the last 10 days i've done what i call a hard reset. change and try to make things better. lost 15 pounds down a 6 day fast with water and a special coffee blend for well the senate to work on monday and without a bit of a
9:51 am
retreat, i'm here in ireland now beautiful place get ready for the british open i don't know if it's going to help me play better not but i'm willing to do whatever it takes to try to get my best back. all have more fireside chats with some funny things in the future but for now, let's keep it real. >>well if you keep it real he said i know how great. looking at is starting to look right i mean you know you just be pretty ravenous yeah. yeah, what it right how long can you keep that up it's kind of a it's a tribal is right oil a little bit on the milk and then hot water and coffee in his coffee and that still is like a shake it's a it's a liquid diet for a week so it was it's a hard reset so that's just the shock to the system and he's going to try and probably eat healthier from this point. well, yeah and you know, i mean he's 49 that goes right you get older, it gets harder. he's tried paleo he's tried going vegetarian his stride and nothing last inning that's the thing is what can you he's
9:52 am
doing staying for the long haul. i don't think in the future, i'm she's again. i'm certainly not going to think of in the same way after that whole foot thing that's the bus. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! jack in the box. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪
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♪ switch to geico. try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>and on the rescue animals with medical or behavioral problems will soon have a new place. >>to retire, yes, a big space 261 acres of land in san mateo
9:55 am
county is now becoming a new animal sanctuary with kron four's michelle kingston with a look. >>sanctuary is coming to a rural part of san mateo county this land is fabulous. the 261 acres will be fenced in and have small house like enclosures for animals who likely can't be adopted due to medical or behavioral issues, i'm holding here a little tow kid and ted white is the president of the peninsula humane society and spca he says they've been looking into building the sanctuary for 5 years and now it's becoming a reality we get more animals who come to us sick. >>or behave really messed up then was to come to us healthy, the sanctuary will be home to hundreds of dogs about a 1000 cats and farm animals too. >>we'll have the opportunity to live out their very best life. >>talking about the dog who maybe has been diagnosed with a horrible cancer. maybe 3, 4,
9:56 am
5, 6, months to live maybe $2000 a month and medical care it will be another 12 to 18 months before the sanctuary opens up. >>right now they are designing the site and beginning construction, white says the sanctuary is fully funded by donations in the honda michelle kingston kron for news. >>excellent all right. that's it for now to take a peek at the forecast sure it's very nice to have the trend as john's been talking about his continued cooling as we head toward the weekend then look temperatures seem to start to come back up as we head into next week so look at look at the breezy on friday will be wearing r. >>just what it meant it was now it would you give so >>i really am a huge windfavor jack t and that is headed for a school the windbreaker know know and never has to get a crowd on we have a new app if you don't have to go to kron on dot tv to sign up and you get. >>24 7 commercial free news, we'll see him a check it out. y
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all-new "dr. phil." he claims his wife is unfaithful. >> dr. phil: you said she's sneaky and a liar. are you cheating? >> no. >> announcer: and counts every move. justified? >> i opened the blanket to see
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what she's wearing. >> dr. phil: he caught you in this t-shirt thing? >> it has a button on the bottom. >> doesn't have a button. >> dr. phil: that's for easy access. >> announcer: or paranoid? >> dr. phil: you're obsessed if she's having an affair. >> dr. phil: today will be a changing day in your life. you never had anybody working harder to bring you to the threshold of change than right now. [cheers & applause]


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