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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>the us a loud noise and then a jolt. out of the house. >>hundreds across the bay area tonight after an earthquake hit the east bay, this afternoon good evening. everyone, i'm catherine he >>and i'm j r stone grant and vicki have the night off the 4.3 magnitude earthquake. he just before one 15 this afternoon. here's a look at where happen from our kron 4 earthquake map. the 4.3 quake hit just east of black hawk that was followed by a 3.4 aftershock. people from across the bay area reported feeling
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that jolt. >>and kron four's noel bellow she's live in san ramon tonight with some reaction. noel. >>yeah, catherine and j r it's definitely the talk of the town here at this shopping center off of a black hawk road i'm actually in east san ramon, but just about a mile from danville and not too far from tessa horace, so anyone there everyone that i've spoken with says that if they weren't in their car. they definitely felt that jolt now like you said according to usgs the quake did strike about 7 and a half half miles east of black hawk and measured at about 7 and a half half miles in depth it struck on the greenville fault and was originally reported as a 4.4 but then was downgraded to a 4.3 magnitude most people roaming around this shopping center saying the initial jolt was definitely pretty strong and then the shaking afterwards was a little less intense. but it did last for a couple of seconds.
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>>got in the car and i thought she was if the house is backing up because it it shows that the house of i thought it was really big i didn't know that it was only like floor, i thought oh the way they are. >>i heard like the house can moving a and my dogs got a little freaked out which is it more scary here. >>that last girl that you just heard from she actually just moved here from ohio and says this is the first earthquake she had ever felt she saw her mirror shaking as well so she didn't really know what it was until average know that that was actually an earthquake. i did ask most people of this made them feel like they needed to double check on whether or not they are actually prepared if a larger one hit some people said they hadn't even thought about that while others who were shopping here at the safeway behind me say that they were definitely going to go ahead and pick up some extra water and make sure that their emergency preparedness kits are up to date i just spoke with one woman she walked by and she said she was definitely scared
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because it reminded her of the one back in 89 and then when she realized just how close the epicenter was she realized that that's exactly why it felt so strong so definitely folks a little shaken up kind of brushing it off as just another earthquake, but it's definitely a good reminder to a look and see if that emergency preparedness kit that you might have at your house is up to date for now live in san ramon also get back to the studio. thank you know well. >>kron 4 1st told you about the earthquake through a push alert you can make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news in your neighborhood. let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow more on the earthquake and the fault line where it hit lawrence wright on the greenville father looks like right now that is a really near toss a horrible you see looks like heiress that is the reds were that will take him for a closer look to. >>and that's right just about where we had the earthquakes we have that first one a one 11 i was a magnitude a 4.3 followed up right at one 24 by
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3.5 and then a magnitude 2.2 at 2 o 3 so kind of active out there right now you can see along that fault zone continuing all the way up through the concord the clayton area all the way south of livermore certainly not one that we expect to see a earthquakes on what about a 3% chance that we could see a major quake along that fault. still we are looking at clear conditions around the bay area now lots of sunshine around the bay area's high pressure that this trying to hold on here but we've got some cooler air that's going to be mixing in fact a big change overnight tonight as we're going likely see some drizzle popping up around the bay area but skies clear out again after some fog early on the clouds went away and well the start to creep back a little bit closer to the north bay right now we'll see more that filling in tonight and i think some drizzle too so yeah if you head out the door this evening looks like a very nice seemed very comfortable temperatures out there. it is a little breezy in spots, bigger changes are on the way we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you so much lawrence happening right now in the east bay, a small grass fires. now extinguished
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after burning part of a storage facility started near highway 4 and interstate 6 80 in pacheco. >>firefighters say then spread to a nearby storage facility. it's now over you see these pictures. right there, not before about 50 storage units burned fire officials are still on the scene and say they are now well an extensive mop up when new warnings tonight from scientist over the climate crisis they say the number of days of dangerous heat could triple by midcentury that's unless we. >>reverse our current type of energy usage. kron four's dan kerman his life and treasure island and has more. >>well the worst of it will be seen across the bay here not towards san francisco. but in the east bay counties like solano and napa and contra costa will see the worst of these dangers temperatures if things don't change. >>the number of extremely hot days has been increasing over the last few decades. now the
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union of concerned scientists is turning up the heat on the climate crisis. >>the us is poised to see a staggering expansion of the frequency and the severity of extreme heat in the coming decades, senior climate scientists christina a doll says while florida is poised to get the worst of it in the u s california and specifically the 9 county bay area. we'll also see impacts in alameda county we've historically seen about 11 days per year where the heat index was over 90 degrees. >>by midcentury that would triple to over 30 days -er year with that level of heat and by the end of the century would expect to see about 60 such tease. >>in alameda county is far from the worst of it. contra costa county historically seas. 20 days a year about 90 by midcentury that will increase to 51 days and by the end of the century there will be 3 months of temperatures above 90 the projections in napa county are slightly worse
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with 27 days above 90 becoming 63 by midcentury and 98 by the end of the century and solano county is the worst historically with 37 days above 90. it will increase to 77 days by midcentury and a 113 days by the end of the century. reversing that trend will take some work. but the union of concerned scientists thinks it can be done in order to contain the expansion of extreme heat in the coming decades. >>we'll need to rapidly and aggressively reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. >>we need to be getting or energy from cleaner sources like solar and wind power and we need to be using that clean energy to power our cars and our trucks or buses. >>scientists say if that is not done. we're also going to see an increase in the numbee of days above a 100 degrees again the worst of it happening in the east bay county solano as well as napa
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and alameda and contra costa. live in treasure island dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>another big story tonight, a former basketball coach in school employee is charged in the sex-abuse case 60 year-old paul fiedler of system city he was arrested last week on suspicion of trying to meet with the child for sacks police say he had been assaulting a child on an ongoing basis for years. fielder worked as a youth sports coach and solano county. he was employed by at least one high school. he's now facing 32 child molestation charges. poice are asking any additional victims to come forward. >>5 people were taken to the hospital after an ac transit bus collided with a car in union city this morning, happened just after 4 30 in the intersection of the condo and alvarado niles road. the bus also had a tree. 2 drivers of the bus and 3 passengers were taken to the hospital, no word on their condition this
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evening. the cause of the crash ash is under investation. >>emotions were running high outside the courthouse at the ghost ship fire in oakland today kkn 4 cameras were ra rolling when some family members of victims took issue with his supporter of max harris, somebody who had been posting free max harris stickers outside the courthouse. harrison co-defendant derrick amenable facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in that warehouse fire in 2016. the examination phase of the trial ended today. kron four's aziq madyun was in the court when one of the men on trial was called back to the witness stand. >>all parties have rested their cases here at the go ship trial bu oakland. but not . before max harris is recalled to the witness stand that series was called back to the stand to refute the testimony of prosecution rebuttal pd officer kept the child is
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obvious a shop is told the court that he responded to a raid back on march first 20 15 at the ghost ship they got into a physical altercation with harris, however, when the video was played for the jury, the defense team for max harris decided to put him back on the stand because they say that that is not next year is in that video. >>airs his lies is in his hands, he's an officer of the law. his testimony is important it should be accurate the jury's rely on it and he got up there and his own body camera just completely contradicted 100%. everything he testified in a way that was a gift to us you know, that's what they're going to close on. >>in a more significant way it's kind of a microcosm i think of how this case is gone the other about a witness was said the standard that investigator with the da's office she testified that emails between now be the of the owners of the t ghost ship. >>did not contain information about the auteurs telling him to lie about people living there and i said. >>well is it possible that
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could have been.n. verbal. is it possible. it could have been over the phone via is a could have been by one of the dea agents so i i think that's completely deluded test they went how weak man. >>they win out we family members of the victims say they are satisfied with the prosecution's effort in this trial. i'm satisfied with that any effort to have to troops come in my opinioiothey presented a case is strong enough to in the one i just hope that the jury will pay attention to all the lies ththt were told. >>this trial because that's what it boils down to. >>the trial is in recess until july 29th that's when all parties return to court for closing arguments in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>coming up nearl 2 dozen people are indicted for string of murders in california. how police say they were able to get the dangerous gang members off the streets.
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>>a homeless problem at sfo and officials say it's because of bart the measures now being taken tototory to prevent homeless people,e,'m sleeping in terminals overnight. >>and a new report reveals the most dangerous
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>>a south bay law firm says that traffic collisions are leading cause of injury and death and san jose and that led to the from hiring a
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company to look into the most dangerous intersections 5 years of data were analyzed kron forcefully to go all shares what was learned. >>spend a few minutes at the intersection of mcloughlin avenue and story road we'll get an idea why a new study says it's the most dangerous in san jose in this case a distracted driver runs a red light making a left-hand turn nearly causing an accident during the intersections on our report. there are sections near freeway david henshaw of hen shawn henry p c represents clients with personal injury claims and says he hired an outside agency to complete the study to get a better idea of where the problem areas are. >>it's just a lot of people. >>i think when you have that people coming off the freeway you're going fast. if you're not paying attention and a lot of bad things can happen. the research focuses on data collected from 2013 to 2017 and during that time it shows there were nearly 8,000 intersection related crashes
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in san jose. >>103 people died as a result another 10,118 injured, you know if it's helpful that one person the thing. this is it should have. >>to think a little bit before going through this intersection maybe as yellow slow down. maybe if it's light turns green take a second. go and take a look around alamuddin expressway at blossom hill road was second on the list of the city 65 most dangerous intersections. >>capital expressway call avenue was 3rd and the only one in the top 3 where an accident claimed the life. the factors weighing into what makes an intersection the most dangerous with a number of injuries and the severity of it, he said each location, though no one has been killed mcloughlin and story in the noted time frame. it had the most crashes and injuries. the area with the highest number of deaths in general was south san jose in san jose felecia
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all kron 4 news. and here's a closer look at the most dangerous intersections in san jose you can see the top 3 that felipe mentioned others. >>really spread across the city, many of them are in close proximity to the highways. >>another big story we are following tonight nearly 2 dozen people associated with tories gang are being charged in string of grisly murders in the los angeles area. the us department of justice indicted, 22 am asked 13 street gang members. officials say those accused. 7 people in the last 2 years. so the victims were viciously have. to death with machetes and dismembered. >>after the gang was formed here in los angeles over 13as spread like a cancer throughout the united states and throughout central america were 10's of thousands of members and associates
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distribute narcotics prey upon local communities through extortion and other crimes inflict horrific violence. often on innocent residents of those communities. >>the gang members are also facing racketeering corruption and conspiracy charges. >>disgraced singer r kelly will remain behind bars as he's facing child pornographer charges. kelly pleaded not guilty to 13 counts in a federal courtroom in chicago. he faces federal sex-crimes and racketeering charges in 2 separate indictments. he's accused of recruiting women for sacks accused of having people help him conceal inappropriate contact with under aged girls and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buyback videotapes showing him abusing young girls. a new asylum rule issued b the trump administration would prevent most of asylum. seekers from a central america from applying at all their washington correspondent alexander the mall on.
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>>reports some are crying foul saying the rule is illegal. >>the trump administration announced a new rule that will ban people from applying for asylum in the united states if they've traveled through another country first with a few exceptions what is happening today is. >>individuals are coming from other countries, passing one to 3 other countries and never claiming asylum house republican leader kevin mccarthy says the action is necessary because the current asylum system is overwhelmed with claims we want to make sure we protect those who truly need it. >>but this is a system that is creative the loophole that actually puts it and out of protecting those who needed democratic lawmakers say the reason asylum. seekers don't ask for protections in countries like mexico is because it's not safe for them there either. >>the american civil liberties union announced it will file a lawsuit challenging the rule and congressman jim costa says the president may be going too far it's not clear whether or not the president. institute
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illinois democratic senator richard durbin says democrats have proposed legislation to deal with the problem. >>it addresses root causes in the northern triangle countries that drive migrants to flee. it cracks down on traffickers exporting migrants. >>the democrats plan would also allow migrants to apply for asylum in their home countries but both sides continue to point fingers and there's little agreement on how to deal with the problem that's led to a backlog of hundreds of thousands of asylum cases in washington. alexandra, the mound. >>and time for a check on weather as we take a live look over the city it was a beautiful day. >>well, it certainly looks like it joined right now by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. hopefully continued beautiful days, i've got some nice weather headed. no major changes tonight though could be a little wet and spot to see some that fog make a return on not much of a right now beautiful evening out about the default go to come back on shore going to be very wet along some of the coastal areas overnight tonight into
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early tomorrow morning really we did start out some patch thick fog early on the kind of swept away a more of a northerly component the wind in the afternoon that capture of beaches. nice and clear even out toward the coastline looking at some sunshine there so they were to see that again tomorrow winds kicking up again on our see more of that on shore re-look at a widespread lot of numbers in the 20's almost 30 miles per hour in a mill valley over 30 at the sfo, some gusts there and stronger winds all the way the interior valleys, so you see that strong push some low clouds and fog in tonight i think penetrating also in some of the valleys as well numbers outside right now very nice evening, 82 degrees in san jose is 82. in livermore 78 degrees in redwood city 66 in san francisco cool 59 in pacifica 78 san anselmo 91 still hot in santa rosa 90 degrees in saint alina but they out the door tonight, you're going to find some of those lows clouds begin to move back on shore the drizzle likely going to start a little bit later on this evening along the coastline. the tomorrow patchy morning fog and then mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. low pressure, the trough kind of
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calm down on the west coast now and it will be here for at least another day or so that helped keep temperatures from getting too hot. but maybe long range made by the end of this month we start to talk about numbers moving well in the 90's again, but for now we're talking maybe some low 90's, the warmer spots otherwise temperatures going to stay a cool near the coastline with some patchy fog. thanks so much lauren still ahead fallout continues over tweets by president trump. >>that many call racist how republican leaders are now defending his actions. >>also a homeless man asking for money is offered a job and he turns it down. how one florida resident is turning wormhole i created.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 5 a florida man is asking residents not to give money to panhandlers after he says a homeless man refused a job he offered. >>and now he's taking the message directly to the streets. he's got his own sign and it's right next to the man who still asking for money. michael police go reports on the heated situation. >>my first moonwalk but. >>brian bray is holding the sign he made on sunday after offering the man in the black shirt, a job instead of a handout. i said i got one better for you. >>i will take you to my house. which is down the road apiece give you $15 an hour new yard work. if i start a role in a my window he's getting the lead during whole time and
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then he kicked my tire brace as things escalated after that that write mother. >>kill my wife. >>you know, i mean what can i didn't give me any dollars. >>just call >>the man was irate when i tried talking to him but he finally calmed down so we could get his side of the story is so he get out from the >>i've never had no trouble and you know there's there's i wasn't we just because he got money don't leave those homes paypal don't have details as he calls himself alabama and he was just asking for help on 75th street in manatee avenue is a ridge preppy. dice i'm supposed to take you because you've got some morning. the down here. i don't hear what you got on the state of florida does have a law on the books prohibiting panhandling it is a misdemeanor but certainly this polities have different laws on the books a homeless man we spoke to out here says he wasn't doing
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anything wrong great want stronger laws in brighton 10 against aggressive panhandlers the >>brain now plans to shadow alabama again with this sign to encourage others not to give him money. >>that was michael political reporting. ryan says the battle is not over and he plans to bring that up at a city council meeting next week. >>well next at 5.30 sfo is apparently dealing with a homeless problem. they say bart is to blame, we'll tell you how the airport is now teaming up with far to increase security. >>also another change for bart riders, how trips are being made easier for cyclists. >>and we continue our coverage of the earthquake that hit the east bay this afternoon after the break. we'll have a
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>>our top story tonight at 5.30 an earthquake hit the east bay this afternoon. people over say that they could feel it the other 4.3 magnitude quake hit just before one 15 this afternoon. >>kron four's michelle kingston is live at the usgs location at moffett field tonight. michelle what did the usgs have to say about this earthquake. >>well let's talk first about how many people felt that earthquake. i mean i was in san francisco. i didn't feel it out all, but i heard from people on twitter who felt it in fremont in santa rosa in sacramento and in san jose who
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felt that jolt who felt


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