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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 16, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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several seconds of shaking that's what folks are telling me they felt when that 4.3 quake hits now i'm at a shopping center in east san ramon just about a mile from danville not too far from tulsa har and black hawk and it's pretty clear that if you are anywhere in this area, if you were to your car you definitely felt that earthquake now according to usgs the quake did strike about 7 and a half miles east of black hawk and measured at 7 and a half miles in depth it struck on the greenville fault. the quake was originally a 4.4 magnitude but then it was quickly downgraded to a 4.3 now about 10 to 15 minutes later as you mentioned there was a 3.2 aftershock and then a half an hour after that a 2.2 but most people say they didn't really feel either of those i did ask several people if this quake made them think about whether or not there are emergency preparedness kits were ready if a bigger one strikes and here's what they have to say yeah and we do we
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have a kid so makes me glad we have it. >>you always have to be prepared for that one hour we should be at home. >>i a blue and with water and no hope but i'm going to change the water soon and to get that from that last 80 not of go out. >>yes speaking of the 89 earthquake. i spoke with a woman just about an hour ago she today's really scared her and almost felt reminiscent of that earthquake back in 1989 she said she didn't really realize what it was just yet and men when she noticed that the epicenter was a so close by that why it felt so strong to her, i know a lot of people did pick up some extra water at the grocery store after i asked them if they were prepared, they said all maybe we need to go ahead and buy awesome stuff just to make sure because this was definitely a good reminder that to you just never know when an earthquake is going to strike for now live in san
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ramon noel bellow kron 4 news. thank you know well and a group of 20 senators they sent a letter to the fcc today urging the government to ensure that planned changes to the. >>national wireless emergency alert system do not negatively affect the delivery speed of quake warnings. the fcc says that quake alerts will be part of the system that will notify americans about dangerous emergencies. the senators want to make sure that any lag times and the south tower network for example are taken into account. so the earthquake warnings do reach americans as quickly as possible, especially in light of recent quakes and california and washington. >>to arm a grass fire is now out after burning part of a storage facility. the fire began this afternoon near the intersection of highway 4 and interstate 6 80 in pacheco crews are on the scene around 3 o'clock this afternoon about 50 storage units were burned. fire officials are still on the scene they say they are now in extensive mop up.
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>>and the time for a check on weather, let's take a live look outside a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge or our own standing by a little breezy out there as well lawrence yet on shore breeze really kicking in again today was he was 20 and 30 miles per hour. but a how when he can get through there. but outside right now couple high clouds up above couple patches of fog trying to form along the coastline overlooking san francisco right now though some high clouds. >>that are drifting up above right now as we get ready for some changes coming overnight tonight. highs today, running a little bit above the average in the san francisco, very comfortable 67 degrees 76, sunny and bright in oakland today to 4 in san jose to 9 degrees in livermore getting hot in concord and 90 degrees and speaking of hot 94 degrees above normal in santa rosa. so we've got changes coming our way we've got a weak area of low pressure kind of dropping down into the bay area that will kind of bottom things out over the next few days and we're going to see deepening in the marine layer and that means more low clouds and fog
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likely going to see some drizzle overnight, especially along the coastline. so tomorrow morning. we're waking up some patchy fog early on in the bay and some of the valley's do numbers by the middle the day in the 60's and the 70's for most the bay area by the afternoon should be mostly sunny even along the coastline will sunshine there. but temperatures 30 degrees cooler in the 60's there you still see some low 90's in the inter about these guys. >>thank you lawrence, there are new warnings about the climate crisis tonight from scientists they say that the number of days of dangerous 8 could triple by midcentury that's unless we reverse are current type of energy use our kron four's dan kerman is live on treasure island with the latest on this. dan. >>that's right catherine we're talking about the number of hot days tripling in many areas of the bay area, the worst of it will be in the east bay contra costa county solano county napa county. some of the worst. it seems as if there are more and more excessively hot days, you'd be right.
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>>in the us and around the world, the frequency of these that are extremely hot has been increasing over the past few decades now a new study by the union of concerned scientists says the number of days of extremely high temperatures. >>could double or triple over this century. and while florida will see the worst of it in the u s california and specif cally the 9 county bay area won't be spared. >>if we look at napa county as an example historically not the has had about 2 months worth of days where the heat index exceeded 90 degrees. by midcentury we be looking at double that number so about 2 months worth of days in napa that would have a heat index that high by late century, not the county could see about a 100 days for the heat index was over 90 degrees. >>and napa counties just one area that will see the number of hot days triple contra costa county historically sees 20 days a year above 90 by midcentury that will increase to 51 days and by the end of
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the century. there will be 3 months of temperatures above 90 and solano county is the worst historically with 37 days above 90. it will increase to 77 days by midcentury and a 113 days by the end of the century reversing that trend will take some work. but the union of concerned scientists thinks it can be done if we aggressively reduce our emissions from things like. >>burning coal and burning oil and gasoline that we can contain the expansion of extreme heat in the coming decades. but that will mean that we need to quickly make a transition to clean energy to get our electricity and then we'll need to use a clean energy to power every car every truck. >>if that's not done. we're also going to see more days above a 100 degrees again. the worst of it happening in the county's we mention which was about 90 solano napa as well
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as contra costa county. that's the latest live on treasure island dan kerman kron 4 news and thank you we have developing news tonight federal investigators spent today examining the wreckage of yesterday's helicopter crash in hayward. >>kron four's charles clifford has more on what they learned. >>we'll hear in hayward on tuesday, the investigation continues into a helicopter crash for monday throughout the day on tuesday, the ntsb and the f a a had investigators here on scene a walking around the wreckage trying to figure out happened what we do know is about 2.30 on this training aircraft which is a robinson 44 helicopter that's a small helicopter crashed it was apparently a training flight. there was an instructor and a student on board unfortunately the instructor 62 year-old wayne prada jer of sunnyvale died the student was critically injured and taken to the hospital now a small aircraft like this most small aircraft do not have a black box so investigators are i have to examine the wreckage. talk to witnesses trying to piece together what happened.
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here's the general manager for the hayward airport kind of explaining what's going on. >>so the ntsb is conducting their initial investigation. i'm side investigation. the results of that and are issued in a week or 2 after and then the final a report that includes a probable cause is typically issued 6 to 12 months after the accident. >>and finally the airport is hoping to move the wreckage of the helicopter off of a the kind of the near the runways and move it over to a hangar at some point on tuesday. hayward charles clifford kron 4 news. >>also in the east bay 5 people were taken to the hospital after an ac transit bus collided with a car in union city you're looking at the same this happened just after 4 30 in the intersection of coto and alvarado niles road. the bus also hit a tree, the 2 drivers of the bus and 3 passengers taken to the hospital no word yet on their conditions. the cause of the crash is under investigation.
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>>are you swimming instructor in the east bay has been arrested for possession of child pornographer she 18 year-old james happ was a swim instructor at the wave in dublin. police say they found the port of rock the pornographer you on electronic devices belonging to happen. after his arrest happ was fired from his job as a swimming instructor is currently out of jail on $100,000 bail. >>emotions were running high outside the courthouse at the ghost ship fire trial in oakland kron 4 cameras were rolling when some family members of victims took issue with a supporter of max harris that was somebody who had been stickers outside the courthouse. harrison co-defendant derrick all men are both face, 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in the warehouse fire in 2016. the examination phase of the trial ended today. kron four's haaziq madyun was in the court one one of the man on trial was called back to the witness
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stand. >>all parties have rested their cases here at the go ship trial in oakland. but not before max harris is recalled to the witness stand that series was called back to the stand to refute the testimony of prosecution rebuttal pd officer helped the child is obvious a shop is told the court that he responded to a raid back on march first 20 15 at the ghost ship they got into a physical altercation with parents however, when the video was played for the jury, the defense team for max harris decided to put him back on the stand because they say that that is not next year is in that video. >>these an officer of the law. his testimony is important it should be accurate the jury's rely on it and he got up there and his own body camera just completely contradicted 100%. >>everything that he testified the other about a witness was said the standard that investigator with the da's office she testified that emails between now be the of the owners of the ghost ship did not contain information
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about the auteurs telling him to lie about people living there is it possible it could have been over the phone via is it possible that could have been by one of the agents, >>so i i think that's completely deluded test they went how weak man they win out week family members of the victims say they are satisfied with the prosecution's effort in this trial. >>my opinion they there's an it case is strong enough to in the one i just hope that the jury will pay attention to all the lies that were told. >>this trial because that's what it boils down to. >>the trial is in recess until july 29th that's when all parties return to court for closing arguments in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>coming up bernie sanders is a presidential candidate most known for his stance on prescription drug prices. but senator kamala harris is touting a new proposal that could change that will have details on her plan ahead with traffic collisions now the leading cause of injury and death and san jose. we'll take
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a closer look at some of the worst intersections in the area and what's being done to try to make them safer. it's not dead yet coming up an update on the high speed rail project as well as a first look at some new you got your homework? yeah. yeah? hey, give me a kiss. [ kisses ] announcer: what's the role of a car company? go! announcer: to take your kids to and from school? mari... yes? what are you doing? don't forget your science project. announcer: we think it can be something bigger. announcer: this summer, announcer: volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: join us, announcer: and drive something bigger than yourself.
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>>there are new renderings tonight of what the proposed high speed rail project could look like once completed. this despite being tangled lawsuit with the trump
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administration over funding. so it is a more or less business as usual in the meantime for california's high speed rail authority our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest on the project. >>california is getting closer to awarding a one 0.6 $5 billion construction contract for the first segment of the state's bullet train project the high speed rail authority board tuesday approved releasing a request for qualified bidders the contract would cover a 119 mile segment of rail in the central valley between bakersfield and we're said project leaders aim to have the contract issued by next summer. >>and to me this is another example of an important and significant step that this board is taking to move forward on the project and i think the board. >>for that action. the board's latest move comes less than a month after the state sued the federal railroad administration over funding for the project the lawsuit not derailing project leaders from continuing construction of more than a dozen sites in the central valley. well funding for the original
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vision of the high speed rail from anaheim to the bay area is still in question the project's c e o says the report is soon coming on a southern california segment officials say a public outreach effort is also underway on a northern route incorporating san francisco and san jose, you know it's clear we're not going to get this thing done in one straight shot like would have been beautiful of the funding was there. >>and i began i fully appreciate looking at it in a larger way for the long term efficiencies et cetera. but i think we do have a few things that we have to do that undermines that vision ever so slightly hopefully ever so slightly and i think we're still open for conversation on that in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>california senator and presidential candidate kamala harris unveiled a plan today that lets the federal government set prices on some prescription drugs her people over profit plan as she calls it considers medication prices in europe, japan and australia to set benchmarks for fair market value. it's similar to
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legislation that senator bernie sanders proposed earlier this year she had co-sponsored that her plan would punish drug makers that so above what the law considers a fair price, using a 100% tax on the profits it would also penalize pharmaceutical companies. that race medication prices faster than the inflation rate. >>google executives were grilled on capitol hill today at issue censorship. republicans say google facebook and twitter have been censoring conservative opinions. meanwhile, the father of a murdered television journalist says the companies are not doing enough to keep offensive content off their platforms. washington correspondent bree jackson reports. reporter. >>alison parker was in the middle of a live television news when she was shot to death by a former co-worker the gunmen posted video of the shooting online but the worst is that. >>so allison is still up on youtube and i've been fighting to get that taken on allison's
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father andy parker has taken thcapitol hill. >>at a hearing about online censorship. parker urge lawmakers to regulate social media platforms. companies face a balancing act on the one hand parker insists that congress should require companies. >>to take down disturbing videos like his daughter's murder on the other hand of the president and republicans are slamming social media platforms for censoring conservative voices. senator ted cruz says that's wrong. >>this must change. google cannot simply hide behind its algorithms tech company giants twitter and facebook have admitted banning some high-profile personalities for what the company's call hate speech but a global representative defended his company's content our job which we take very seriously. >>is to deliver to users the most relevant an authoritative information out there. and studies have shown that we do just that cruz is urging the federal trade commission to investigate how the company's
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cure rate content. but parker says his priority is making sure tech giants are held accountable in washington bree jackson. time for a check on weather. >>we're looking at sfo and the skies still looking pretty clear. >>a little bit but mountain and morris looks like it's got a little of fog hanging over that we see more of that probably some drizzle overnight tonight so it's going to thicken up quite a bit as we head through the night and you can maybe be a little damp along the coastline early on tomorrow morning. look this one coming from timber on you see the fog there in the distance behind the golden gate bridge and that patchy fog going to kind of refill law into the bay overnight tonight and move into some of the ballot you can see the are right there as just beginning to make its way back on shore. so here's another shot of the fog behind there is alcatraz in kind of see the fog the clouds kind of a rolling right by but briefly showed up there here we go clear things out just a little bit the fog begin to move back on shore already this evening pushed along by strong sea breeze, look at these numbers right now we're seeing almost 30 mile an hour winds at sfo,
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20 and a san francisco, 27 in the mill valley, but even in spots inland now right through the delta to 20 miles per hour in a benicia so we're seeing some stronger onshore breeze that will bring the clouds a well in the bay and probably some of the interior valleys still working on. a very nice evening. if you're outside right now beautiful as we head into san jose the evening there looking good at 80 degrees 79 in fremont right now to 67 degrees little breezy into hayward 71 in oakland now 74 in san mateo 57. as you get toward the pacifica 75 and timber on 83 in the napa valley and 80 degrees and santa rosa. tonight, we're looking at low clouds and fog thickening up again marching back on shore some drizzle out there again tomorrow morning and the patch morning fog early on tomorrow then becoming mostly sunny. the slight cooling trend. i think as we have round out the better part of the week low pressure the north here you got another system off the coastline but really this trough kind of cover this stuff out along the west coast. that's keeping us from getting too hot. so it's going up to deepen that marine layer bring the fog further on shore for tonight, so ucf all
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creeping on shore it will be a lots of sunshine toward tomorrow afternoon. thank you are. >>coming up tonight at 6.45 a bay area lawmaker has a resolution to clear the names of sailors who refuse to and dangerous and work unsafe conditions following one of the worst disasters of world war 2 up next demonstrations continued today on the side of proposed telescope in hawaii. why protesters are saying the mountainside should remain undeveloped. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit
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>>protesters came out in droves for a second straight day they're trying to prevent the construction of a new telescope in hawaii. they rallied at the base of them on a k a mountain this morning. that's where the 30 meter telescope is scheduled to be built. protests began monday after construction plans or confirmed. activists say that i'm on a k as one of the most sacred mountains for native hawaiians and they say that's no place for a telescope. >>mona care, the highest mountain in the world from the sea floor, the highest water in the world from the sea floor. all of our life louise. our secret in this for the next generations that's what we're standing for. >>supporters they're arguing the telescope will bring a lot of scientific and economic benefits. state officials say that even though they did ok the construction. they're not yet moving heavy equipment up
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the mountain. >>a south bay law firm says traffic collisions are leading cause of injury and deaths in san jose. that led the firm to hire a company to look into the most dangerous intersections in the city 5 years of data were analyzed kron four's felipe chagall shares what was armed. >>san jose law firm henshaw and henry pcs says research on traff,c collisions at city intersections from 2013 to 2017. fines there were nearly 8,000 intersection related crashes in san jose, 103 people died as a result, another 10,118 injured. >>65 most dangerous intersections. >>avenue that road. some serious. >>intersections here that you need to be careful. and there's a lot of new drivers a lot of older drivers. there's a lot of people that just aren't paying attention alamuddin expressway at blossom hill road was second
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on the list of the city 65 most dangerous intersections. >>capital expressway call avenue was 3rd the only one in the top 3 where an accident claimed the life. david henshaw pen shawn henry pc says a significant number of this clients approach with personal injuries from accidents. why he's taking that closer look at the issue. >>i've had someone want express wave was no area hit by a drunk driver, the factors weighi g into what makes an intersection the most dangerous with a number of injuries and the severity of injuries at each location. >>though no one has been mcloughlin and story in the noted time frame. it had the most crashes and injuries, the area with the highest number of deaths in general was south san jose. henshaw says a majority of the most dangerous intersections. our near freeway on and off ramps in san jose believe that all kron 4 news and here's a closer look at the most dangerous
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intersections in san jose and see the top 3 that felipe. >>mentions the others are spread all over the city mostly on the east side, some in south san jose. they are many of them are in close proximity to highways. >>continues over tweets by president trump many calling them racist, how nancy pelosi's remarks today contributed to a vote on the issue delays on the house floor and an important court appearance today for the woman accused of skipping out on paying for manicure before. >>killing a nail salon employee. >>and it's just another day in earthquake country by the usgs now says it's time again t you got your homework?
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yeah. yeah? hey, give me a kiss. [ kisses ] announcer: what's the role of a car company? go! announcer: to take your kids to and from school? mari... yes? what are you doing? don't forget your science project. announcer: we think it can be something bigger. announcer: this summer, announcer: volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: join us, announcer: and drive something bigger than yourself.
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>>back to our top story tonight at 6.32 small earthquakes hit the east bay, a 4.3 magnitude quake hit a little bit after our little bit before rather one 15 this afternoon and that was followed by a 3.2 aftershock. people reported feeling those quakes all over the bay area. >>experts are saying again you should let this be the wake-up call you need to get ready for a much larger quake. kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >>a us a loud noise and then a jolt. >>what kind of scared me because i heard bradley i thought it was really big i didn't know that it was only like 4. i thought oh the way they are. >>a 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattled the east bay just after


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