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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 16, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>back to our top story tonight at 6.32 small earthquakes hit the east bay, a 4.3 magnitude quake hit a little bit after our little bit before rather one 15 this afternoon and that was followed by a 3.2 aftershock. people reported feeling those quakes all over the bay area. >>experts are saying again you should let this be the wake-up call you need to get ready for a much larger quake. kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >>a us a loud noise and then a jolt. >>what kind of scared me because i heard bradley i thought it was really big i didn't know that it was only like 4. i thought oh the way they are. >>a 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattled the east bay just after 1 o'clock this
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afternoon, according to the united states geological survey it happened on the green gold vault at one 11 just 7 and a half miles east of black hawk usgs officials say very few events have happened on this fault line in the past 20 years, a 5.4 and a 5.8 per felt in 1980 livermore but that's about it. there were also a few aftershocks after today's earthquake. >>we expect this aftershock activity to decay with time and magnitudes are going to go down also shaking was reported all over the east bay and as far north as sacramento and santa rosa some even reporting shaking in san jose aside from light movement of dishes usgs officials say there is virtually no chance of damage with a 4.3 earthquake. and feeling are not feeling the shaking also depends on what you are standing or sitting on it really depends on how close to the oven people are and what type of rock. >>or soil people are standing on so it can vary vary widely.
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the types of shaking people experience californians had been on high alert this month following the earthquake near ridgecrest on the 4th of july. >>usgs officials say today's earthquake is normal behavior of the fault in the bay area and others just a 4% chance will feel a bigger earthquake. then what we felt today over the next week, the 4.2 is certainly is a very gentle reminder in our backyard that we do live in earthquake country and earthquakes can and will happen. >>we continue our team coverage on those quakes tonight and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with more at the greenville fault extending all the way almost from concord just south all the way south of livermore and the mountain ranges you see just east of toss the har and certainly can produce some earthquakes there and one of 5.5 early on in the 1980's, but boy now today things get going again as we had several earthquakes really close together in fact the magnitude 4.3 that was a one 11 and then fall upper-right
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live thereafter a 3.2 at one 24 and then another one of 2.2 much smaller just after 2 o'clock in the afternoon. so certainly active there along that full region, although this fall. also a strike slip or transform faults very much like the senate races well that means it's moving from side to side is not moving vertically up and down the side to side so you're seeing that slippage along this fall creeping in about the 2 millimeters per year so that is not very much, but every once a while it gets hung up and all of a sudden lurches for just a bit and that's where you start to see some of those earthquakes are certainly a chance of more aftershocks there in the coming days outside right now we've got some hazy conditions out there is the fog begin to form around the bay area will see more of that on the way i think tonight probably pretty thick in spots, especially near the coastline and look at the latest satellite image you see the fog gathering out toward the beaches now that is going to be in the race. back on shore so tomorrow morning, waking up some patchy fog then some 60's into the afternoon and just a beautiful day in
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oakland about 73 degrees some sunshine there in san jose looking good sunny and warm about 82 degrees. in the afternoon. more clouds on the way certainly some more fog stretching along the california coastline probably going to see some drizzle to especially along the immediate coast and then more the same we'll see more of that fog moving on thursday. i think the pattern it's going to start to cool down just a little bit around the bay area not going to be bad though temperatures going to be coming down still some warm to hot spots and when you see some upper 80's some low 90's by tomorrow afternoon. 60's along the coastline, but our but cooling down as we head toward the weekend. >>if you're 240 the nays are 187. the resolution is adopted without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >>the house of representatives to vote in a couple hours ago to condemn president trump for racist remarks only 4 republicans broke ranks to vote with the democrats that vote came 2 days after the president tweeted that for democratic congresswoman of color should go back to the countries. they came from
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tonight partisan political passions in washington. our near the boiling point. >>but a fairness is not enough because we want to just fight. abandoned the chair. >>a dramatic moment in the house of representatives as a texas democrat emanuel cleaver throws down the gavel and walks off the rostrum in frustration. the president's tweets have touched off a firestorm. >>every single member of this institution, democratic and republican. she join us in condemning the president's racist tweet. >>the taken out most ease accusation of racismewas captain the record bipartisan vote. the president tweeted ve a racist bone in his body. new york representative alexandria ocasio-cortez fired back you're right mister president you don't have a racist bone in your body. you have a racist mind in your head and a racist heart in your chest,
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she's one of the for congresswoman, the president has invited to leave the us you look at what they've said i. >>i have clips right here. the most vile. statements about our country about israel about others. >>white house counselor kellyanne conway demanded to know reporters ethnicity before giving her version of the president's intentions. he's tired. >>a lot of us are sick and tired. >>the house minority leader also denied racism is the issue i do not believe that i believe this is about ideology. this is about socialism for says freedom. the president's tweets of also rekindled the effort to remove him from office. texas congressman al green says that he is filing articles of impeachment. that's despite opposition from speaker pelosi and other moderate democrats president trump's push for a citizenship question on the next census has been permanently shot down in
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court. >>today a federal judge in new york issued an order that prevents adding the question on the 2020 senses in any shape or form the trump administration already announced it was abandoning efforts to amend the census questionnaire last week the president said he would seek citizenship information from other federal agencies not through the senses. but in today's ruling judge jesse furman said the court will keep monitoring the issue to make sure his order is enforced. >>former supreme court justice john paul stevens has died stevens was the 3rd longest serving justice in the history of the supreme court. he was on the bench from 1975 to 2010. he became a its leading liberal. stevens was appointed by president gerald ford, he was known as an independent thinker and a voice for ordinary people against powerful interests, he was 99 years old. >>it was a giant leap for mankind. we'll take a look back at the apollo 11 mission
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>biggest one pleaded not guilty today to murder and other charges stemming from a deadly confrontation in a nail salon parking lot last year. a judge refused to grant 21 year-old krystal bawhipil
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requiring her to remain in next april. police say with full use of fraudulent credit card to skip out on paying for $35 manicure in december. whipple then ran over a salon worker who tried to stop her from leaving killing her in a stolen rental car. the rental car was later found abandoned and whipple was apprehended in arizona has a prior criminal record including a 2017 conviction for attempted possession of a stolen vehicle, she could face life in prison. if she's convicted on the murder robbery burglary and stolen vehicle charges. >>mammoth mountain resort in the eastern sierra it's going to end of ski season this month that a huge winter of course the resort had hoped that scheme would be available into august didn't quite make it. the resort had more than 700 inches of snow at a summit this season. but of course the recent hot weather that's been melting the snow a faster than anyone thought the last day of skiing and snowboarding will now be july 28.
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>>taking you to the uss hornet in alameda where celebrations are happening all week to honor the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission. and if surf your streaming us on kron on the news continues during the co
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>>today is the 50th anniversary of apollo 11 says sturrock mission to the moon
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50 years ago today, the saturn 5 rocket rig from kennedy space center in florida. and sent apollo 11 and the astronauts into orbit. 4 days later, humans landed on the moon for the first time ever it was neil armstrong and buzz aldrin in the lunar module eagle landed on the moon surface at the sea of tranquility. armstrong said quote the famous quote that's one small step for man one giant leap for mankind when the astronauts came back to earth say splashdown in the pacific and the first thing they step foot on was the aircraft carrier uss hornet tune of course the same uss harnett that's now a museum in alameda. >>kron four's will tran was there today for the anniversary celebration. >>and they're celebr a celebration of human history. this is where it ended. it started in florida, this is where it ended and we are in one of the rooms where a lot of people watched it go down look at this we will zoom in
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this is one of the newscast of that day there's the deck of the uss hornet president nixon was here at the time. they took off at 6 32 in the morning california time 50 to fix his me 50 years ago and they landed a day's layers, some of the crew members of that mission here to talk about that day mike mccarron he's executive director of the uss hornet walk us through here and i say walk i literally mean walk us through either the foot to a foot steps from the astros and the came off the helicopter. this is a block. my there is there a dynamic test model these for the apollo program. >>the helicopter over here, there's a sea king which the same model picking up all the water. if you want go the mobile court let's do it this is where. >>they went to after leaving the module they came to this location here where they had to spend a little bit of time just to make sure that the only thing that they came back from the moon. we're rocks and
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other samples for the scientists to examine the late 60's early 70's architecture, the goldenrod upholstery now the shade carpet. it's not a lot plays really crappy here. but if you've been in that space capsule for the past 8 days. >>the sky like the helm honor. a fridge, a very large microwave which at that time i was a brand new item. once a month and a shower and a toilet at the other end. >>and this was taken to houston the way it is and then they spent more time in use right put this in the back on air force c one 41 transport has flown to houston from hawaii. and then have another facility in the houston space center where these but the rest according to time ok so come on down this is a great area this is history us history. and the one thing you'll notice that every aircraft on here needs to be fold a bow. >>foldable. >>so you can come down here and you can show the kids in the family history and this is one of my favorite parts about every mission they learn from
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when they went to the moon. they had less technology at their disposal all the way to under 50,000 mile there and back. we have more technology with our phones. men they did at the time back to you. happening tomorrow, the 75th anniversary of the port chicago explosion in concord more than 300 people died in the deadliest homefront disaster in world war 2 and after the explosion survivors who refused to return to work in unsafe conditions. they were charged with newton is joining us now to talk about this the reverend diana mcdaniel the president of the friends of port chicago. congressman mark to from the east bay has introduced a resolution to exonerate. sailor back to what do you think of that where does that stand right now. >>well first let me say we are deeply grateful to representative the because we have been working. diligently to try to get these guys in
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the center ate it because we don't think they were found they were found guilty wrongly. so he has put into. language. it's called a port chicago amendment that the house voted on on friday and passed to actually clear the names to say there was no wrongdoing to 2 make their lives whole again. >>that core 75 years later, reverend, you know a lot of people listening to this will say why did it take this law for this to >>somebody else asked me that stion too as it this is america, racism exists. and it was racism that caused the to you need a conviction found it and you know it just takes time plus it's a military event that happened and some people didn't follow some orders and you know. >>they have different rules went into the only thing speculation so just so people know pour chicago of them. a
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lot of people who are younger in the bay area may not know where that is at sea. the former location of the concord naval weapons station which doesn't really exist anymore as far as the navy is concerned not an active military base, but back then is. >>it is not it is an active military base. so you don't have maybe ships pulling up like you did before that the army controls it, but and live munitions and face this very moment, but the point is that it was a very active a lot of activity. >>ships going in and out especially during world war 2 at that time and these black sailors were giving a very dangerous job to lows. those munitions is at the kind of racism you're talking black men were in the military. doing the kinds of jobs that maybe others weren't. yes. >>they they had white officers sort of like oversee years and the african americans so that sailors were the only ones loading the ships and they could not even go to the bathroom on the ships that
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they were loading. they have to go a half mile away to go to the bathroom. so many of the details are distressing about half of the more. >>teenagers say they were not trained properly in the first place is you know what are some of the things you want people to kn w when to remember about what was happening. when i've talked to the survivors of the explosion. not first there and none of the skakel 50 that are alive today, however, the survivors who have said to me they want people to know they really worked very hard to help win the war that they had 2 wars to fight the one and a cold front type racism type war. and the other was world war 2, but they really worked hard and they wanted to be remembered forgotten well that's what's happening tomorrow tomorrow. so a big day right. >>tomorrow is a big day. it is the 75th anniversary so we decided to a couple of the events this year so one happened and 3rd on the 13th and once happening tomorrow the actual day. so there will
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be a commemorative ceremony where will have a telling the story again what happened. there will be flowers there will be carnations for people to toss in the water. it's a it's a a way to remember it they'll be resolutions shared various senators and so it is going to be good and they'll be families and people will be sharing their stories. the the city of ports of congo also was lost. no it wasn't just the 320 men who died. it was also a city that was raised so that those people will be there because many of should be told to and that i guess that out of time but we're hoping a lot of people. >>do you remember if this bill goes through the senate that there will be other events may be involving to sentence. yes, that's thank you rep. thanks so much for joining us saint.
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>>and as always a lot to talk about in the sports world tonight mark carpenter jason dumas join us now from the set a bay area sports night guys that's right bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on.
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>>and we are breaking down the bay area baseball both the giants and a's, a seemingly all lose ever again. dejesus what's impressed. you most about both these teams. the resilience of the giants because they could easily packed it in. >>call it a season they had all the excuses to do so i guess is the magic of bocce you know he's kept these guys on the line in there. they're playing inspired baseball and n with the a's there there's a pretty talented team they'll have to overcome injuries. they're going to get some of those forces back in the stable and they're trying to make a run as well so we might have some relevant baseball going into september the a's are currently a playoff team. they have one for him. the giants have won 10 of their last 12 games. they have scored at least 10 runs in 5 of those really is amazing will be breaking it all down bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on. >>let's go back to you getting catherine all right looking sharp with the blue blazers as white shirt, a >>yes, i was thinking teaming up to wall all right lawrence,
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guys very slick. hey guys we've got some fog low clouds return in the bay overnight tonight we're going to see some of that thick enough likely going to see some drizzle special on the coastline, maybe just inside the bay tomorrow become a mostly find some hot 80's and 90's inland, a lot of 70's a few 80's around the bay and 60's along the coastline. cooler weather looks like as we head in toward friday. and the weekend too welcome some cooler weather. yes, not bad just a few temperatures take a little thank you for joining us, we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock have a good deed.
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she's alive! first meal with the missing hiker mom. >> how she got out alive. then, president trump's cheat sheet. the handwritten notes. the misspellings. what do they reveal? >> they can be a red flag. got the car back. >> and how the citizen sleuth tracked down her stolen car. >> we stopped her, we found her. and they caught the gait to but how the heck did it end up in chicago? >> how easy is it to buy an alligator? gross! screen with his feet. then, on the 20th anniversary of jfk


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