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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 16, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>now at 9 san francisco international airport and bart are teaming up to crack down on homeless people sleeping at the sfo bart station and at airport terminals. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm j r stone sfo says it will be adding more security and more barriers kron four's taylor bus aqi is live at sfo with details about this taylor. >>suppose is homelessness here
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is no new issue but they have seen an increase over the years. now they say that they see that increase because for the bart station here is one of the stops. it has a file train station stop and the trains are actually stays or of earned night so now because of that they're adding more bart officers, glass barrier, fair games. >>our writers say homelessness on trains is an obvious issue. but it's also spilling out at stations like as a foe and its you do see a bit of seasonality to during winter months we tend to see more for example during this. >>past winter. we might encounter anywhere from 30 to 40 homeless in any 24 hour. >>period, it's creating an issue with fare evasion and sometimes stolen luggage. now the airport and bart are making changes to a new deal to do what they need to do. >>and you never know they might be doing on here. it could be. the more people you
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never know. >>vandalized airport. the airport says the agreement includes a second bart officer at the sfo station and added barriers to fare gates enhanced barrier. >>currently there are the turnstiles and can be easily jumped over with this move we're actually going to be paying for the installation of 5 foot tall 5 foot tall glass barriers that will make it very difficult for people to jump the turnstiles to get in and out of the bart station cart and sfo will also share surveillance camera footage. >>in every bart officer will have radios plus we've established a rule whereby. >>between the hours of 10:00pm and 06:00am anybody at our airport needs to demonstrate illegitimate. the reason for being there. >>now the deal cost million over the next 5 years so we could start to see some of those changes starting next month. why the sfo taylor bus at the time.
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>>there's a queue of 4.3 magnitude earthquake rocks, the east bay this afternoon that quake struck on the greenville fault, as just east of black hawk. >>though it was technically minor kron four's noel gallo spoke with several people who said it gave them a pretty good jolt. >>it kind of scared me because i heard rattling you know like the dish i thought the dishes had broken, i thought it was really big i didn't know that it was only like floor, i thought oh the way they she is just it got in the car and i thought she was if the house is backing up because it it shows that the house a big jolt and then several seconds of shaking that's what folks at this shopping center off black hawk road in east san ramon are saying they felt. >>when that 4.3 quake hit tuesday afternoon. >>i heard like the house can moving a and my dogs got a little freaked out which is it more scary according to usgs the quake struck on the greenville fault just about 7 and a half miles east of black
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hawk it was originally a 4.4 magnitude but then downgraded to a 4.3. >>though technically a minor quake. it was felt all across the east bay and my son lives over in oakland he text me right away, he's and did you feel it so he killed and over no plan for many it raises the question of whether or not they're ready. if and when a larger quake hits are you prepared in case the bigger one. >>i have a bottle of water in the a big part of a we do we have the kids so makes me glad we have it always have to be prepared for that one hour we should be at home. >>a blue and with water and no but i'm going to change the water soon and to get out from that last 80 not of in san ramon noel bellow kron 4 news. >>according to the united states geological survey, the earthquake happened on the greenville fall that one 11 just 7 and a half miles east of black hawk usgs officials
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say very few events that happened on this fault line in the past 20 years. a 5.4 5.8 were felt in 1980 in livermore but that's about it. after today's earthquake there were aftershocks reported in byron and also livermore. >>we expect this aftershock activity to decay with time and magnitudes are going to go down also really depends on how close to the oven people are and what type of rock or soil people are standing on so it can vary vary widely. >>usgs officials say today's earthquake is normal behavior of the fault in the bay area and that there's just a 4% chance that will feel a bigger earthquake. what we felt today over the next week. well kron 4 1st told you about this earthquake through a push alert. make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app always get the latest breaking news in your neighborhood.
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>>time for a first check of weather this hour as we step outside to give you a live picture of the golden gate bridge which thankfully still standing internet for or waste. joined right now by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who is breaking it all down and that no signs of any fog out there either no fog out there kind of little jolt to get people awake today with the earthquake along. that to fall to in the east bay. so certainly some changes coming our way but yeah you get these earthquakes going of course that gets people talking and then a lot of people talking parts the stated a fact as you look at the map here you can see the really not a well known fall for the bay area we're talk about the hayward fault news of the san andreas this one the greenville fall that's stretching all the way from concord all the way down the past livermore but the earthquakes on their usually fairly small all these was today kind of interesting though coming in in a series says we had a 4.3 a one 11 a 3.2 shortly thereafter at the one 24 and then another
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magnitude 2.2 much smaller quake just after 2 o'clock in the afternoon. so certainly things are shaking in around that area could see some more all the way outside right now we do have that fog that is moving into the bay right now on the shot looking over alcatraz back towards san francisco. you see some that patchy fog that is now beginning to make its way inside the bay. more than all the way for tonight in fact to come out for likely going to see some drizzle along the immediate coastline, maybe with some patchy drizzle inside the bay where early tomorrow morning so we're waking up early on you've got some patchy fog and the temperatures are going start on the 50's and the 60's by noon though we'll begin to stick in some sunshine and the temperatures warming up quite nicely i think in toward tomorrow afternoon lot of 70's inside the bay by lunchtime you'll see a lot of 60's along the coasts i think even by noon maybe some clearing out toward the beaches temperatures get near 80 degrees and some of the interior valleys that in the afternoon. and we'll start to crank up those numbers probably some low 90's, the hot spots well inland. we're talking place like concord
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possibly pleasanton and live more 70's names inside the bay and 60's along the coastline, so looks like some nice weather ahead here, although will notice some changes. more fog all the way the next few days temperatures going start to drop it still away from the immediate coastline are on the hot side you get out toward the beaches. yeah, they'll be a bit of a sea breeze numbers there in the 60's inside the bay are right in between 70's and some 80's looking out over the next couple days here we go really going to see things a cooling off over the next few days temperatures dropping down maybe in the mid-eighties the warmer spots by saturday's that maybe just a little bit below the average for this time of year, but next week. we could see a little heat wave coming our way well more on that got your 1010 coming up at 10 o'clock tonight. well just in this evening, a noose was found on the campus of stanford university. >>it was found near resident hall on the university's campus. the school's department of public safety is investigating right now. they say that the rope is about 3 feet long and was hanging from a tall bush. you see right here with a loop at the end.
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the university is investigating the incident as a suspicious circumstance. but says it may reclassify it as a hate crime depending on evidence. also the east bay federal investigators spent the day examining the wreckage of yesterday's helicopter crash in hayward. >>kron four's charles clifford has the latest. >>we'll hear in hayward on tuesday, the investigation continues into a helicopter crash for monday throughout the day on tuesday, the ntsb and the f a a had investigators here on scene a walking around the wreckage trying to figure out what happened what we do know is about 2.30 on monday of this training aircraft which is a robinson 44 helicopter that's a small helicopter crashed it was apparently a training flight. there was an instructor and a student on board unfortunately the instructor 62 year-old wayne prada jer of sunnyvale died the student was critically injured and taken to the hospital now a small aircraft like this most small aircraft
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do not have a black box so investigators are i have to examine the wreckage. talk to witnesses trying to piece together what happened. here's the general manager for the hayward airport kind of explaining what's going on. >>so the ntsb is conducting their initial investigation. i'm side investigation. the results of that and are issued in a week or 2 after and then the final a report that includes a probable cause is typically issued 6 to 12 months after the accident. >>and finally the airport is hoping to move the wreckage of the helicopter off of a the kind of the near the runways and move it over to a hangar at some point on tuesday. hayward charles clifford kron 4 news. >>5 people were taken to the hospital after an ac trancit bus collided with a car in union city this morning. it happened just after 00:30am in the morning in the intersection of to kowtow and alvarado niles road. the bus also hit a tree. the 2 drivers and 3 passengers were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions tonight the cause of the crash is under
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investigation. south bay law fi the traffic collisions are a leading cause of injury and death and san jose that led the firm to hiring a company to look into the most dangerous intersections. 5 years of data was analyzed. kron four's felipe should all shares what was learned. >>spend a few minutes at the intersection of mcloughlin avenue and story road we'll get an idea why a new study says it's the most dangerous in san jose in this case a distracted driver runs a red light making a left-hand turn nearly causing an accident intersections and wind on our report. >>there are sections near freeway david henshaw of hen shawn henry p c represents clients with personal injury claims and says to get a bette where the problem areas are it's just a lot of people. d i that people coming off the freeway you're going fast. if you're not paying attention
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and a lot of bad things can happen. the research focuses on data collected from 2013 to 2017 and during that time it shows there were nearly 8,000 intersection related crashes in san jose. >>103 people died as a result another 10,118 injured, you know if it's helpful one person saying this >>to think a little bit before going through this intersection maybe as yellow slow down. maybe if it's light turns green take a second. >>go and take a look around alamuddin expressway at blossom hill road was second on the list of the city 65 most dangerous intersections. capital expressway call avenue was 3rd and the only one in the top 3 where an accident claimed the life, the factors weighing into what makes an intersection the most dangerous with a number of injuries and the severity of he said each location, though no one has been killed mcloughlin and story in the
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noted time frame. it had the most crashes and injuries. the area with the highest number of deaths in general was south san jose in san jose felecia all kron 4 news. >>well, here's a closer look at the most dangerous intersections in san jose. you can see the top 3 that fully mentioned the others are spread across the city, many of them are in close proximity to the highways. california is getting closer to a warning a warning a one 0.6 billion construction contract. for the first segment of the state's bullet train project today the high speed rail authority board proved releasing a request for qualified bidders that contract would cover a 119 mile segment of the rail in the central valley between bakersfield and we're said project leaders aim to have the contract issued by next summer. >>and to me this is another. the example of an important and significant step that this
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board is taking to move forward on the project and i think the board for that action. >>well funding for the original vision of the high speed rail from anaheim to the bay area is still in question. the project c e o says a report is coming soon on the southern california segment. >>the big story tonight, a former basketball coach in school employee is charged in a sex-abuse case 60 year-old paul fielder of sassoon city was arrested last week on suspicion of trying to meet with a child for sacks police say he'd been assaulting a child on an ongoing basis for years. fielder worked as a youth sports coach and solano county and was employed by at least one high school. he's now facing 32 child molestation charges and police are asking for any additional victims to come forward. swimming instructor in the east bay has been arrested for possession of child pornographer e 18 year-old james happ was a swim instructor at the weigh-in in
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dublin. police say they found the pornographer you on electronic devices belonging to have after his arrest half was fired from his job as a swim instructor is currently out of jail on $100,000 bail. >>motions are running high outside the courthouse suspect that the go ship trial in oakland. kron four's cameras were rolling when some family members of victims took issue with a supporter of max harris, someone who had posted free max harris stickers outside the courthouse. harrison co defendant derick almena both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in the warehouse fire back in 2016 the examination phase of the trial ended today kron four's haaziq madyun was in court when one of the men on trial was called back to the witness stand. >>all parties have rested
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their cases here at the go ship trial in oakland. >>but not before max harris is recalled to the witness stand that series was called back to the stand to refute the testimony of prosecution rebuttal pd officer kept the child is obvious a shop is told the court that he responded to a raid back on march first 20 15 at the ghost ship they got into a physical altercation with parents however, when the video was played for the jury, the defense team for max harris decided to put him back on the stand because they say that that is not next year is in that video. >>airs his lies it is in his hands, he's an officer of the law. his testimony is important it should be accurate the jury's rely on it and he got up there and his own body camera just completely contradicted 100%. everything that he testified in a way that was a gift to us you know, that's what they're going to close on. >>in a more significant way it's kind of a microcosm i think of how this case is gone
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the other about a witness was said the standard that investigator with the da's office she testified that emails between now be the of the owners of the ghost ship. >>did not contain information about the owners telling him to lie about people living there i said. >>well is it possible that could have been. verbal the is it possible it could have been over the via is a could have been by one of the agents, so i i think that's completely deluded just twice a they went how weak man. >>they win out week family members of the victims say they are satisfied with the prosecution's effort in this trial. i'm satisfied with it any effort to have to come >>my opinion they presented a case is strong enough to in the one i just hope that the jury will pay attention to all the lies that were told this trial because that's what it boils down to. >>the trial is in recess until
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july 29th that's when all parties return to court for closing arguments in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>suzanne eaton, the american scientist who was killed on the greek island of crete was also sexually assaulted. that's according to police in crete the us state department also confirmed her identity today. yesterday police said that a 27 year-old local man on crete has confessed to killing even. the man had been detained for questioning by police. the molecular biologist who once lived in oakland missing she disappeared on july 2nd. police say she disappeared during a run. she was attending a conference on crete with her employer, the max planck institute at dresden university in germany. her body was found in a cave on july tense. i can't breeze. those were the last words uttered by eric garner after he was arrested his words fuel
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the movement. demanding police accountability today the justice department may have had the final word by not charging the officer accused of killing garner but his family says the case isn't closed just yet. omar jimenez has more on the decision. his death was the center of protests nationwide. >>eric garner the 43 year-old who died after and why pd officers attempted to arrest him for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. one of the officers was accused of using a chokehold garner's last words became a rallying cry i can't priest 5 years ago my son said i can't breathe 11 times. and today we can the nearly 5 years to the day federal authorities decide not to pursue charges against and why pd officer daniel pantaleo the officer accused of killing garner garner died in 7/17/2014 and in the days after his death. the city medical examiner's office ruled it a homicide with the
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medical examiner testifying, the officers actions cause an asthma attack that set off a lethal chain of events the city of new york settled with garters a state for million in 2015. but federal investigators have been examining the case since 2014 after a grand jury in new york declined to indict the officer video. >>and the other evidence gathered in the investigation does not establish beyond a reasonable doubt. that officer acted willfully in violation. a federal law. >>for the family. the decision reopens old wounds to kill my side. >>and you won't get away with >>omar jimenez reporting. >>big news tonight retired us supreme court justice john paul stevens has died. justice stevens passed away this evening in florida. the 99 year-old was at holy cross hospital in fort lauderdale following a stroke on monday. stevens was nominated to the
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supreme court. president gerald ford in 1975. he was born on the south side of chicago in 1920. stevens graduated from the northwestern law school in 1947 retired from the supreme court at the age of 90. well some of the biggest names in tech face scrutiny on capitol hill today as lawmakers considered steps to limit their expanding power. executives from facebook amazon apple google took the hot seat at the hearings. the big focus of the questioning was your privacy. karen caifa has details from washington. >>executives from the biggest names in tech and e-commerce grilled on capitol hill as lawmakers question their growing power and facebook has 2 competing missions make the world more open and connected and make a lot of money. it is facebook attempts to serve both these missions. they wreak havoc on the rest of us
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in focus at one hearing facebooks proposed crypto currency libra the company promising to do their homework. >>and let me be clear and unambiguous facebook will not offer the libra digital currency until we have fully addressed regulators concerned and received appropriate approvals. >>but after facebook past privacy missteps some senators skeptical of the endeavor. it's one after another after another after another. so i don't trust you guys and despite establishing libor as a separate entity there are questions about whether information about transactions could be shared with facebook and monetized i can't think of any reason right now for us to to do this. >>another hearing the major questions surrounded antitrust issues whether facebook amazon google and apple are allowing consumers enough options or stifling the competition, the internet has become increasingly concentrated less open. >>and growing hostile to innovation entrepreneurship. >>the top of the big tech has become an issue in the 2020 democratic presidential
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primary race. some like elizabeth warren calling for breakups others calling for more regulation to rein them in in washington, karen caifa kron 4 news. >>coming up the republican party stands behind president trump and his comments toward for democratic congresswomen why they're saying his twitter post was not racist. >>plus families who have lost loved ones in semi truck accidents are trying to turn their grief into government action. some trucking groups are pumping the brakes will explain. >>and girls are better readers and boys that's according to a new study the new link researchers found between
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>>for money tonight, why are there more men in masks based careers, that's what a new study set out to figure out. according to researchers girls are better readers growing up, which may increase their interest in humanities focus fields. the study looked at reading and math scores of 300,015 year olds across 64 countries while math scores didn't vary much between genders girls outperform boys in verbal testing. but an expert with the national girls collaborative project cautions natural ability is just one factor saying social cues and stereotypes often position boys as better fits for math and engineering jobs. up next
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gop leaders standing behind trump and saying that he's not a racist this after his comments towards for i
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believe this is about ideology. this is about socialism for says freedom. the fallout continued today over tweets by president trump. the many say are racist the weekend tweets were
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directed at 4. >>freshman congresswoman, all of them. women of color. >>3 were born in the united states and all are american citizens. now in his tweet president trump suggested the congresswoman quote go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places which they came from democrats have slammed the comments all republicans are largely standing by president trump. cnn's abby phillip reports. >>president trump demanding loyalty from his party as he moves to reaper and his racist attacks against for american lawmakers of color who he told to go back to their countries. trump now shifting the debate to past statements of some of the freshman progressive democrats look at what they flip through a the most vile.
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while on twitter trump denied the tweets were racist adding i don't have a racist bone in my body and telling his party not to show weakness by voting in favor of a resolution in the house condemning the comments while some senate republicans like iowa senator joni ernst of called trump's attacks race as the majority leader offered a generic call for a return to civility from the president to the speaker. >>the pressure members of the house all of us have a responsibility to elevate the public discourse. our words do matter. >>o connell refusing to say if he would use the phrase go back, but insisting trump is it rises. >>and i think the tone of all of those is not good for the country. >>in the house lawmakers are following suit and falling in line. >>with the president's speech. i believe this is about
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ideology. this is about socialism for says freedom but trump's tweets never mentions socialism at all instead he claimed the 4 democratic women who originally came from other countries. >>should go back to the corrupt crime infested places they came from counselor to the president kellyanne conway defending her boss by taking a page from his playbook what you're missing. >>because i'm asking a question. why assessors or from ireland greece. and it you're asking about that he said originally. >>originally from meanwhile her husband george conway writing in a pad that sunday left no doubt made it a resentment and outright racism roiled in a toxic mix have given us a racist president. >>other news tonight, a roadblock for president trump's push for a citizenship question on the next senses.
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today a federal judge in new york issued an order that prevents adding the question on the 2020 senses in any shape or form the trump administration already announced it was abandoning efforts to amend the census questionnaire last week the president said he would seek citizenship information from other federal agencies not through the senses. but in today's ruling the judge said the court will keep monitoring the issue to make sure his order is enforced. city officials in stockton are helping protect undocumented immigrants. >>by handing out updated handouts. what to do if they encounter an ice agent kaye receive has the story. >>gloria lorenzo cruz is a confident delta college student who works hard to give back to her community i want to become an urban us a community leader who credit her passion in large part to her education thanks today resources that they have its close we too. i now think i a better life. he's also one of the many undocumented immigrants living in stockton
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she's other criminal she's not a threat to our community in fact. >>our community is better because she's here and doing her best mayor michael tubbs along with other community advocates. >>have just shared this newly released guideline he says lynn for an immigrant families of their legal protections we want to make sure that as many people as acts of the guidance possible say no that they have rights they know where to go to for help near tubb says he's received many messages from families living in fear about ice raids and deportation. it says the pamphlet may make the city safer when the issue of crime in this community. we're not safe unless everyone who's here feels cut will pick up the fallen reporting to the police department a crime happened in the mir says the guide is available at organizations such as catholic charities and is printed in spanish english to go look and cambodian this is not about the white house. this is not about ice from this is about us and the community. >>another big story we are following nearly 2 dozen people associated with the new
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tory is gang are being charged in a string of grisly murder and the la area. the us justice department indicted, 22 m s 13 street gang members. officials say those accused murdered 7 people in the last 2 years. some of the victims were viciously have back to death with machetes and dismembered the gang members are also facing racketeering corruption and conspiracy charges. >>2 have lost loved ones and big rig accident is travel to the nation's capitol to fight for safer roads across the country washington correspondent justin turner reports what they want from congress. >>a steel bar can mean the difference between life and death. that's what families who have lost loved ones and semi truck accidents are telling lawmakers on capitol hill this week probably would be here today laurean randy higginbottom lost their 33 year-old son michael when he crashed into a tractor trailer that illegally turned in front of him. he was only going about 30 miles per hour. the
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police told us. >>michael would have been better off hitting a brick wall at 50 miles an hour. >>the higginbottom joined dozens of other families from across the country with the truck safety coalition to lobby for what's called an under right guard on the side of semis this bill will make our roads safer. they also want congress to require automatic emergency braking in new tracks and increase the amount of insurance trucking companies are required to have this crash. >>not only affected our family devastated it. but it also devastated the truck driver family bills to cover these issues have failed in the past asked, but lawmakers say there's more support this time pennsylvania congressman matt cartwright made a career of representing victims of truck crashes when you have all of this traffic coming through your area you get the good. >>you get the careful but you get the bad and you get the ugly trucking groups have opposed legislation like this concerned about the cost an extra weight to the trucks, but the families of victims stressed that safety of some eyes should be just as important as any other type of
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transportation most of the time the trucking fatalities in severe injuries. our one at a time. >>it doesn't make the same impact as of the 7.47 crashed. >>in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>the low clouds making return tonight, how might that affect your weather tomorrow could be little death of spots, we'll talk about that coming up. >>plus seems like it's getting hotter as the days go by you are right why concerned scientists are sa ing it's likely to get even worse. >>and up next in sports. it was a thriller as the giants won are
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>>and we begin tonight with what's quickly becoming one of the more exciting stories in baseball, this summer the surging giants who have won 10 of their last 12 and are fresh off an impressive double header sweep in colorado go to coors field. the giants fan. during a night in the mile high city. fast forward to giants up 3 one run hockey trying to get something going. tony walters hansen well look at the hostel from kevin doyle. flashes the leather web gem right there. stellar defense not top of the 9th mike your strengths get additional gets a hold of one opposite field to left san francisco. takes a 4, one lead part of the 2 had 2 rbi game for your strengths, key. buthe the rockies came alive already got a solo shot from trevor story rocks within 2, ian
9:41 pm
desmond on the first pitch he sees right to center field will smith knew it immediately to run jack ties it for smith's first blown save of the but in the 10th, the giants got a couple runners on alex dickerson wrote one to right field, charlie blackmon grant it cleanly buster posey's weight home, he scores. giants lead 5, 4, dickerson's rbi single open the door for a 4 run 10th inning for san francisco. final score for giants, the first time since 2012 they've won 3 straight in the series in colorado is hosting the mariners will have that later on now to the nba. it seems as if the major offseason transactions have finally come down. >>but it's never too early to analyze what kind of warriors team will be seen s reflected o team's summer so far and experi veteran lineups to among the
9:42 pm
which means clear developments will have a ramped up importance but myers, this is he in the coaching staff are excited to be in this uncharted territory. >>it's a new dawn for us it, but it's ok i we have been in this position for 5 years. but it's you know it's it's going to be fun doesn't use can be easy disease can be easy because when you have young players, there's a learning curve to to to their gross to expand the experience. >>coming up on kron 4 sports attend we go to the coliseum where the a's put on another show trying to remain undefea
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>>warnings tonight from scientists over the climate crisis they say the number of days of dangers, heat could triple by the middle of this century. yeah that's unless we reverse our current type of energy usage. kron four's dan kerman has the story from treasure island. >>it seems as if there are more and more excessively hot days, you'd be right. >>in the us and around the world, the frequency of these that are extremely hot has been increasing over the past few decades now a new study by the union of concne scientists says eme ely high temperatures. >>could double or triple over this century. the law of florida will see the worst of it in the u s california and specifically the 9 county bay area won't be spared. >>we look at napa county as an
9:46 pm
example historically not the has had about 2 months worth of days where the heat index exceeded 90 degrees. by midcentury we'd be looking at double that number so about 2 months worth of days in napa that would have a heat index that high by late century, not the county could see about a 100 days for the heat index was over 90 degrees. >>and napa counties just one area that will see the number of hot days triple contra costa county historically sees 20 days a year above 90 by midcentury that will increase to 51 days and by the end of the century. there will be 3 months of temperatures above 90 and solano county is the worst historically with 37 days above 90. it will increase to 77 days by midcentury and a 113 days by the end of the century reversing that trend will take some work. but the union of concerned scientists thinks it can be done if we aggressively
9:47 pm
reduce our emissions from things like. >>burning coal and burning oil and gasoline that we can contain the expansion of extreme heat in the coming decades. but that will mean that we need to quickly make a transition to clean energy to get our electricity and then we'll need to use a clean energy to power every car every truck. >>if nothing is done scientists say the number of days above a 100 will also increase again the worst of it will be in contra costa. solano and napa counties on treasure island dan kerman kron 4 news. >>well mammoth mountain resort in the eastern sierra will end its ski season. this month after a huge weather the resort of hope skiing could continue into august. resort at more than 700 inches of snow at its summit this year. however, the recent hot weather has been melting the snow faster than expected. the last day for skiing and snowboarding will now be july 28 you're i'm going to try to
9:48 pm
go skiing more. do it on the water. let's get a check of the forecast as we show you the embarcadero in the city tonight little different in the city has a chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins pretty amazing that we're seeing the ski season lasting that long almost hill office but here we go but. >>yeah tonight we've got some a cool fog that's making its way on shore looking out toward sfo. no delays reported there but the fog. >>started stretches way inside the bay now and that's where it's headed and some of the valley's to is that fall going to thicken up quite a bit you see right here. so a patchy fog moving in along the coastline now moving inside the bay. maybe some drizzle out along the coastline early on tomorrow morning. temperatures in the san francisco becoming mostly sunny in the afternoon into the 60's. mid 70's in oakland, san jose check in about 83 degrees, sunny warm in the afternoon too. well we're going to see that patchy fog overnight tonight and some of that drizzle out along the coastline early on tomorrow morning. then as we head throughout the day i think it clears out the even along the coastline tomorrow afternoon.
9:49 pm
and then another bank of fog be is a role in late today and that because the surge back on shore that probably a little more impressive, i think they'll up and drop that temperature down a little bit as we head into thursday as you can see some of that along the coastline, almost a wife temperature wise numbers are not all that bad 67 degrees in the marina tomorrow, 64. you find some sunshine in the afternoon in the sunset 65 degrees in daly city. a little more sunshine along the coastline after a cloudy start to the day. and then you get inside the bay, those temperatures going to warm up nicely 71 degrees in brisbane about a9 in san bruno 73 in millbrae about 75 degrees in burlingame 78, san carlos 77 in san mateo says 83 redwood city about 81 and about the eu and the south bay up in the 80's there so very comfortable into the afternoon, a source little hot now part of the valleys but but not as hot as it could be are talking low 90's in the hot spots in the pleasanton livermore about 89 in a dublin 86 since and all 78 hayward about 77 in san leandro 85 moroccan about 90. it will the creek in the north
9:50 pm
bay, those temperatures running up the 80's in the 90's to should be a nice warm afternoon the now toward the beaches tomorrow, a little sunshine little breeze to but about 71 since the beach about 84 in petaluma and 89 degrees in santa rosa. next call is temperatures going start to drop off just a few degrees into the first part of the weekend that looks like next week we start to warm things right back up. >>before your health tonight don't wait to make healthy choices that advice following a new study showing health in younger years is tied to heart risks later in life. brad conway explains. >>making healthier choices. early can save your life later, according to a new study published in the journal of the american college of cardiology, having higher than normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels before age 40 raise the risk of heart disease when you're older. the study showed a level of bad ldl cholesterol at 100 milligrams for hire as a young adult was associated with a 64% increased risk for coronary heart disease later
9:51 pm
in life and a systolic blood pressure of 130 millimeters of mercury or higher brought a 37% increase risk of heart failure after 40. researchers say waiting until middle age or older to improve your diet and exercise always reverse damage done in use the study involved research on more than 36,000 us adults between the ages of 18 to 39 as well as those 40 and older health experts are urging younger adults to use this as a wake-up call to make healthier choices now. for today's health minute. i'm brett conway. >>some ways to lower blood pressure include exercise regularly eat a healthy diet reduced sodium and alcohol and cut back on caffeine. says havi a job might help women fight off memory loss later in life. researchers looked at more than 6,000 women born between 19 35 in 1956. they found the rates of memory decline and
9:52 pm
mothers and not in others who worked or similar. but they say women who are not a part of the workforce saw the fastest memory decline. according to the study paid work. they offer 3 benefits that could help women, including mental stimulation financial benefits and social connections. well up next bart riders report seeing a lot of unusual things on trains. what about an entire wedding party, the bride and groom who
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>come back in entertainment news, the cast of game of thrones is battling it out for emmys 32 to be exact that's a lot in fact it's of record a new record for the most nominations earned an a single year by any drama series. the hbo hit is getting nods for best drama along with nominations for several individual cast members. it is the first time for actresses from the same drama have been nominated in the supporting actress category thrones is also the most emmy winning primetime series in history with 47 emmys and a 116 nominations over the years and take a look at this young couple to bart to their wedding in oakland, the bride and groom are laura and jeremy. their big day was on saturday and they took the dublin pleasanton train from the powell street station in the city to lake merritt in oakland. the groomsmen and bridesmaids all join them on the trip the couple said they decided to take march because
9:56 pm
he wanted to be environmentally and economically friendly a great looking pictures right there. art never looked that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 that our prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour coming up on kron 4 news at 10. partnership to tackle homeless problems in the bay area. sfo and bar it will work together to keep homeless people from catching the last train and flocking to the airport every night and former supreme court justice john paul stevens passed away today at the age of 99. >>a look back at his remarkable life and career plus we continue our team coverage on the earthquake that shook parts of the east bay today don't go away our - hey, mike. check out this time-space wormhole i created. - how's it work? - let me see your togo, and i'll show you.
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>>was people on bart it's a familiar sight that many of them take the train to sfo to spend the night. now the airport and bart are teaming up to crack down on the problem, thanks for joining us. i'm can wait. >>and i'm j r stone in for pam moore sfo says it will be adding more security and more barriers kron four's taylor the sackey is live at sfo this evening. taylor what type of changes can we expect.
10:00 pm
>>officers and glass barriers to the fare gates says it's been working on the solution for many years and are seeing an increase in people skipping out on fares and sleeping in their terminals. >>san francisco international airport says homelessness here is no new issue, but it has gotten worse with direct access from bart the final train comes into that station and stays there overnight. an sfo is one of those locations where there's a terminating train and that last rain arrives at about one 20 in the morning and that is the. >>the vast majority of the homeless contacts that we're making are occurring on that final train that runs into sfo at about one 20 in the morning, the airport says homeless people then look for a place to sleep here you do see a bit of seasonality to during winter months we tend to see more for example during this past winter. we might encounter anywhere from 30 to 40 homeless in any 24 hour. >>period creating issues with fare evasion and stolen
10:01 pm
luggage now the


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