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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 17, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston we appreciate you waking up with us before you head outside and start planning your day we want to get a check of the forecast so john tribal standing by with a look at what we can expect john. >>and good morning robin we are seeing some foggy skies yet again to kick off this wednesday morning, this is your look outside at what should be the golden gate bridge for the cameras actually turn to the entrance to the golden gate. from the san francisco side right here you can see also little bit of that fuzzy view before you do encounter the bridge this morning baga streaming over the peninsula over the bay and eventually out into the east bay and even some portions of
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the tri valley. it doesn't look like visibility is as impacted as yesterday fog is going to burn off midmorning today than we've got the sunshine yet again so nothing about thaprise it too terribly much a foggy start sun shiny finish something you see a lot this time of year and some thin that today is going to be living up to his well a look outside on satellite and radar showing some pretty clear skies as of this morning, we've got 50's and 60's for current temperatures mountain view hayward oakland and concord each sitting in the 60's pittsburgh at 62 all san francisco at 55. the late on berkley also ticking off this one in the upper 50's compared to yesterday. this is just a touch cooler napa conquered in livermore each town 2 degrees compared to the same 0.24 hours ago winds breezy out into fairfield and concord but elsewhere really calm for your to wednesday ahead of us. so where are we going to be sitting later today, we're starting off this morning in
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the 50's 60's by noontime today we are back into the 70's for a few spots and by the afternoon really not a big change from yesterday a few 60's by the coast by the bay, some 70's and then for inland spots, another day in a range of 80's. i'm talking more about what you can expect for this wednesday still to come in your forecast. thank you john and we want to check in on traffic now and see how it's moving around the bay area starting off with a look at 92. >>we're checking the drive across the 70 oh bridge and we don't have any big problems right now levy hayward heading over to the peninsula, it's getting a little crew and but no big trouble spots to worry about you're at a very easy 12 minutes to make your way from 8 80 across the span and out to highway one oh one golden gate bridge camera turned around for us this morning, but it's facing the northbound traffic which is fine here at the limit out of san francisco with no problems north or south nevado to the toll plaza checking in on the richmond sandra fell wide open no road work to worry about this morning traffic's been quiet
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in trouble free so 7 minutes from the pay gates out to highway one oh one and we're taking a peek at 92, this is your trip from hayward over to the peninsula and so far we are doing just fine. we haven't had any big trouble spots to worry about 12 minutes to make it out to one o one. we'll take a look at more bridges coming up in just a bit. for city has launched an investigation after a noose was found on campus. now this was found near a resident hall the rope is about 3 feet long and was hanging from a tall bush. now the case is being investigated as a suspicious circumstances may be classified as a hate crime depending on the evidence the school's department of public safety is handling this case. well former basketball coach in school employee faces 32 counts of sexual-abuse of a minor one a creek police and federal agents arrested 6 steel paul fielder of sassoon city. investigators say that just last week fielder was going to meet a minor to engage an sec sachs. police also learned that fielder had
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been sexually abusing the minor for several years. fielder worked as a youth sports coach and solano county. federal federal investigators are examining the wreckage of a helicopter crash in hayward and the still trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. so the crash happened at around 2 30 monday afternoon. this is doing a training flight flight instructors 62 year-old wayne rogers, he died his students suffered critical injuries. investigators say that most small aircraft like this one involved don't really have a black oxo it's hard for them to collect that flight data the investigation could take anywhere from 6 months to a year. it is only a small chance that a bigger quake will strike this week after that 4.3 magnitude quake that we felt yesterday the east bay. it struck and won 11 in the afternoon just east of ure i felt it and folks as far as san jose fell today and also
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some parts of north sacramento and santa rosa. but after yesterday's quake, aftershocks and also livermore so time scientists say that tuesday's quake is normal behavior of the fault in the bay area and that there is just a 4% chance that will fill a bigger earthquake. over the next week. >>the 4.3 certainly is a very gentle reminder in our backyard that we do live in earthquake country and earthquakes can and will happen. >>well very few events to have happened on this particular fault line in the past 20 years a 5.4 and a 5.8 were felt in 1980 and that was in livermore. the quake in the east bay 7 and a half miles east of black hawk and we got it a lot of people at a shopping center who say they felt it when it happen and yesterday afternoon and usgs officials say there's virtually no chance of you know damage and a quake, this small a 4.3 no one really
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reported any damages filling are not filling the shake also depends on whether you're standing or sitting side was sitting down on the floor. so that's why i felt it, although it was technically a minor quake.was felt all across the bay area. >>my son lives over in oakland he text me right away, he's and did you feel it so he killed and over in oakland i heard like that the house can moving a >>and my dogs got a little freaked out which is it more >>well residents say this is a reminder to have of your emergency kits ready to go just in case of disaster strikes. kron 4 1st odi about this earthquake through a push alert did you get it if you don't make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app you can get breaking news weather traffic straight to your phone. it is always great to have. and s f o are adding new security measures to try toe nu most people using trains to spend the night at the airport kron four's taylor psaki
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explains. >>san francisco international airport says homelessness here is no new issue, but it has gotten worse with direct access from bart the final train comes into that station and stays there overnight. suppose one of those locations where there's a terminating train and that last rain arrives at about one 20 in the morning and that is the. >>the vast majority of the homeless contacts that we're making are occurring on that final train that runs into sfo at about one 20 in the morning, the airport says homeless people then look for a place to sleep here you do see a bit of seasonality to during winter months we tend to see more for example during this past winter. we might encounter anywhere from 30 to 40 homeless in any 24 hour. >>period creating issues with fare evasion and stolen luggage now the airport in bart hope to stop that through a new agreement. >>in doing what they need to do and you never know what they might be doing out here. it could be. people you never know.
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>>vandalized airport. the airport says the deal includes a second bart officer at the sfo station and added barriers to fare gates enhanced currently there are turnstiles that can be easily jumped over with this move we're actually going to be paying for the installation of 5 foot tall 5 foot tall glass barriers. >>that will make it very difficult for people to jump the turnstiles to get in and out of the bart station bart and sfo will also have enhanced communication by sharing surveillance video and equipping bart officers with 2 way radios airport says it will also be patrolling the area in the late night and early morning hours the deal was million over the next. >>5 years. >>we can start to see some of those changes starting as early as next month. and as a vote taylor this acne. >>california is getting closer to a warning a one 0.6 $5 billion construction contract
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for the firbt segment of the state's bullet train project. so yesterday the high speed releasing a requests as for d qualified bitters the contract for cover a en of rail of the central valley under said project leaders want to issue a contract by next summer. >>example of an important and significant step that this board is taking to m ve forward on the project and i think the board for that action. >>well while funding for the original vision of a high speed rail from anaheim to the bay area is still in question. the projects he also has a report is coming on a southern california segment. well on to national news now the house of representatives will vote today on whether attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross should be held in criminal contempt. so barr and ross did not comply with subpoenas for information related to the push to add a citizenship question to the 2020 senses. so the vote was supposed to
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happen yesterday. but it was postponed to make room for resolution that condemned controversial tweets president trump road about 4 democratic congresswoman, so house democrats are expected to pass a resolution against barr and ross, but it likely won't lead to prosecution. prosecution and the defense rests in the go ship trial, we'll take a look at what happens next. and then lawmakers are it's over president trump's tweets that many say are races dramatic moment on capitol hill. >>and before we go and pick outside checking in on 92 traffic looks good. no problems here we'll have a complete traffic and weather check after the break stay with us.
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new warnings this morning about class crisis, scientists say the number of days of dangerous heat. >>could triple by the middle of the century. that's unless we reverse our current type of energy use kron four's dan kerman explains. >>if it seems as if there are more and more excessively hot days, you'd be right. >>in the us and around the world, the frequency of these that are extremely hot has been increasing over the past few decades now a new study by the union of concerned scientists says the number of days of extremely high temperatures. >>could double or triple over this century. a lot florida will see the worst of it in the u s california and specifically the 9 county bay area won't be spared.
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>>if we look at napa county as an example historically not the has had about 2 months worth of days where the heat index exceeded 90 degrees. by midcentury we'd be looking at double that number so about 2 months worth of days in napa that would have a heat index that high by late century, not the county could see about a 100 days for the heat index was over 90 degrees. >>and napa counties just one area that will see the number of hot days triple contra costa county historically sees 20 days a year above 90 by midcentury that will increase to 51 days and by the end of the century. there will be 3 months of temperatures above 90 and solano county is the worst historically with 37 days above 90. it will increase to 77 days by midcentury and a 113 days by the end of the century reversing that trend will take some work. but the union of concerned scientists thinks it can be done.
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>>if we aggressively reduce our emissions from things like burning coal and burning oil and gasoline that we can contain the expansion of extreme heat in the coming decades. but that will mean that we need to quickly make a transition to clean energy to get our electricity and then we need to use a clean energy to power every car every truck. >>if nothing is done scientists say the number of days above a 100 will also increase again the worst of it will be in contra costa. solano and napa counties on treasure island dan kerman kron 4 news. >>all right time to check in with meteorologist john tribal. well let us know if we have more hot days a warm days ahead, fortunately little cooler head of us. you think you're saying that that's okay. >>you like to see temperatures. we're looking at
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some i'm >>when you say oh it's going to cool down i i just get i take it whenever i talk about it all down and like this is a good thing or bad thing said oh robin ok job, but you know we are looking at some still still warm enough weather into the weekend. it's not going to be cool weather by any means just not as hot as it has been looking outside at berkeley right here skies, definitely a touch on the cloudy side. >>most of the fog that we're seeing is just a little bit aloft this morning so not really making contact. we too many areas that should be causing you problems i think will be good on your drive to work, do watch them hilly areas and that visibility in those spots though storm tracker showing dry skies across the region this morning, a certainly a bit of good news. low pressure to our north that high still looming to our south and we are again right in the middle of these 2 factors so fog again at play across the bay area this morning. although as i
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mentioned not as thick as it was yesterday skies cleared out this afternoon then it's a little bit ofwmarine layer pushing its way back in tonight before we do see another clear day tomorrow trend just repeats itself as we finish out the week as robin and i alluded to we are seeing some slightly cooler temperatures ahead of us, although today really leveling out with yesterday not too many big changes in temperatures today as compared to where we were for your tuesday. 60's remain up and down the pacific side of the peninsula. brisbane at 68 millbrae 73 burlingame at 76, while a range of 70's to 80's further south on the peninsula. redwood city 81 saying carlos today, 80 degrees south bay numbers like i mentioned are really not that much different than yesterday sunnyvale 82, san jose, same temperature 84 east bay very union city to those mid 80's out into the tri valley as for berkeley and
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richmond 73 choked at 74 while for those of you in conquer walnut creek and danville you're still holding on to the upper 80's and still holding on to a couple of 90's up in the north bay, although temperatures out towards the coast will remain very similar. you are going to see some areas of fog compared to monday when it was nice and clear now let's advance the next 7 days. you do see daytime gradually cooling in the days to come we do have daytime highs only in the low 80's for friday saturday and sunday and which is a nice change from the low 90's that we had this past weekend. a nice change unless you robin when which case you do like the heat but hey not that bad out there in traffic, not that bad either robin n to be quiet this going to stop complaining. i know we have weather here. >>in the bay area saw hush about the cool down all right over to the bay bridge t and traffic is okay, it's d not bad, it's filling in a little crowded in your cap shalane so only if you're paying cash and only if you're on the left-hand side we'll be
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stuck in a backup other than that it's wide open on the right the carpool lanes and the fast track lanes so we consider this a good trip into san francisco. we're checking in on sorry about that golden gate bridge cameras all turned around this morning, we'll get someone to fix that. but we're supposed to be looking at traffic into and out of san francisco right now we're just looking at some blurry lights over to the richmond sandra fell traffic looks good here a leading up to the tolls no road work to worry about it's going to be a great trip from the tolls across the span out to highway one oh one so hot spot free a great way to start your morning commute. we're checking out highway for which looks great. so far the drive westbound antioch to concord it's wide open. 6.80 looks really good so far no major issues pacheco to danville the nimitz that's in really good shape and so as one on one a very quick 26 minutes, san jose to menlo park we'll talk more just a bit. well a south bay law firm says that the traffic collisions are leading to a cause of injury and death in san jose. so they looked into exactly which
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intersections are the most dangerous kron forcefully juggle shows us the results. a 5 year study. >>spend a few minutes at the intersection of mcloughlin avenue and story road we'll get an idea why a new study says it's the most dangerous in san jose in this case a distracted driver runs a red light making a left-hand turn nearly causing an accident intersections and went on our report. there are sections near freeway david henshaw of hen shawn henry p c represents clients with personal injury claims and says he hired an outside agency to complete the study. >>to get a better idea of where the problem areas are it's just a lot of people. >>i think when you have that people coming off the freeway you're going fast. if you're out in attention and a lot of bad things can happen. the research focuses on data collected from 2013 to 2017 and during that time it shows there were nearly 8,000 intersection related crashes in san jose.
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>>103 people died as a result another 10,118 injured, you know if it's helpful. >>that one person the thing. this >>to think a little bit before going through this intersection maybe as yellow slow down. maybe if it's light turns green take a second. >>go and take a look around alamuddin expressway at blossom hill road was second on the list of the city 65 most dangerous intersections capital expressway call avenue was 3rd and the only one in the top 3 where an accident claimed the life. the factors weighing into what makes an intersection the most dangerous with a number of injuries and the severity of injuries at each location, though no one has been killed at mcloughlin and story in the noted time frame. it had the most crashes and injuries. the area with the highest number of deaths in general was south san jose in san jose felecia all kron 4 news.
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>>well, here's a closer look at the most dangerous intersections in san jose you can see the top 3 right there that felipe mention the others are pretty much spread across the city. you can get a closer look at this map by going to our website kron 4 dot com. we have it all the stuff for you there. >>before we go a little peek outside want to check in on conditions around the bay area bay bridge traffic of w slowdown in the cash lanes we'll have the hollywood minute coming up after the minute coming up after the break stay with us. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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back to the kron 4 morning news time to check in on your entertainment headlines. >>and they include a killer documentary shedding new light on killer whales. david daniel has more in the hollywood minute. >>the avengers are headed to saturn avengers endgame tops the saturn awards nominations with 14, including best comic to motion picture released. best film director best film screenplay and best film actor nods for robert downey junior and chris evans, the academy of science fiction fantasy and horror films or hand out the 45th saturn awards in hollywood on september 13th, they have. >>deformities including collapsed fans and broken the idea that they spent all this time. cause depression depression kills the blackfish follow-up long gone wild explores the treatment of orcas and the plan to create a sanctuary for the killer whales. the documentary is now
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available on dvd and most cable and streaming systems. talk about a breakup song in avril lavigne's new video for i fell in love with the devil she is both driving a hearse and laid out in the coffin as she ponders whether to leave a toxic relationship. latest track off album head above water. levine kicks off her first tour in 5 years september 14th in seattle in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>before we go a little peek outside checking back in on the bay bridge. we see that traffic is filling and quickly so get on out there the morning commute is picking up. we'll have a complete check after the break.
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>>to the kron 4 morning news and as usual. thank you for waking up with us. how about we take a little peek outside were taking a look from san francisco. this is our roof camera overlooking embarcadero the bay bridge the pretty lights mixed in with the fog, it's something that we're used to waking up early in the morning, so we want to check in with meteorologist john stable and see if and when that fog. it's going clear kind of like yesterday al. >>it's going to get there but a little bit of a waiting game for it today. i definitely a foggy start to the morning as robin mentioned, but it is going to be a nice clear. afternoon ahead of us this is your look at downtown san francisco. foggy conditions certainly out there today.
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this ability not really being impacted as much as it was yesterday during member that low visibility that we had especially in coastal areas and in parts of the east bay yesterday, not looking at quite as much of an impact for those of you getting outside this morning skies, plenty clear into the afternoon so a lot more sunshine to look forward to and temperatures on the warm but comfortable side still sunshine and a later today, but you are seeing dry skies even this morning as you're getting out there really minimal coastal drizzle you might see a couple of misty spots from half moon bay, the pacific at 50's and 60's are your current temperatures with oakland in concord at 61 pittsburgh at 62 berkeley and the late show right now at 57 overall this is a touch cooler of a start to the morning then yesterday was that's where we're going to stay into the afternoon, maybe just a touch cooler in a couple of spots fairfield and concord are breezy a spots really not all that windy though the rest of the bay really nice and calm for your morning so the rest of the day today we're going to work our


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