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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 17, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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robin with your traffic check before we get to the headlines. this morning, what's it look like out there looking good so far it's picking up, you know the bridges are already crowded so we'll check in on some drive times casey if you're smart just by knowing the day. it now the bar is weather on top of that so it's like you're really smart write what you know the day and you step outside and you know it's cold you're good to go though it's not really bad about their only 50's and 60's it is misty at the golden gate so much so. >>but you can see much the camera but it shows you that you do have some fog out there definitely misty start to the morning in a lot of parts across the bay area you are seeing especially dense fog along highway one and then if you're driving up into the hills because the fact fog isn't really sitting right on top of a like it was yesterday rather sitting just a lot of it so you're not really in countering it for most areas this is good for visibility into the afternoon skies expected to clear out actually just a bit quicker tdid yesterd
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of sunshine sooner than he did for your tuesday temperatures into the afternoon when she get into that sunshine are going to be pretty similar to where they were for your tuesday, coastal areas still in the 60's in the mid 70's for the bay and a range of mostly mid-eighties for inland areas, i've got more on your forecast to come. robin. >>all right, thank you john and we want to check in on the bridges they are getting a little crowded often on you'll experience a backup in the cash lanes here at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far so good. no complaints, no issues from the maze through the pay gates across the upper deck, you're good. you're also going to 92 just a little busy so you have some company. we see all the brake lights. levy hayward was founded is coming to a crawl. section but the high rise looking good and it's a great trip on through foster city, wes 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell bridge also delay free of course a great way to start your morning drive. no problems here smooth sailing at 7 minutes from the tolls to one o one chase started. >>thanks a lot rob. and our top story this morning a noose
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was found on the stamford university campus near a building or summer school students are stay yeah, we've got from 4 sarah stinson at the campus this morning with the latest on what we know sarah. >>yeah that news was found near a resident hall and is being investigated right on campus by stanford administrators as a suspicious circumstance take a look at what they found a definitely a shocking sight to see. >>deputies responded to the report over the weekend saw. >>this white world approximately 3 feet long with a row with a loop at one and suspended from a tall bush stanford has released a statement saying we feel it's important to state that the news is recognized as a symbol violence and racism directed at african american people's such a symbol has no place on campus. our community values affirm the dignity of our people and call upon us to strive for a community of no discrimination and no hate.
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now while is being investigated as suspicious. if more evidence comes to light, they will start invested in this as a hate crime. it is being looked at by these campers act of intolerance so they have a a different. it departments looking into this trying to investigate they're really hoping that somebody will come forward with information because they want to put end to this hate and violence and figure out why someone would do this from live at stanford sarah stinson kron 4 news ok, thank you sarah. >>5 oh 3 is that i'm in the east bay swimming instructor is facing child pornographer charges is out of jail right now on bail. 18 year-old james happ was a swim instructor at the wave. in dublin. police found pornographer the on his electronic devices. he has since been fired from his job. >>this morning, the former east bay coach and school employees now facing dozens of is live in walnut creek with more on this well. walnut
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creek police officers arrested this man last thursday in james he's been charged with 32 counts. >>a sexual-abuse of a minor under 14 years-old let me show you this picture, his name. paul field or 60 years old some says soon. guys city according to the walnut creek police department they said that he arranged to meet with a minor around 14 years old last week and that's when they swooped in an arrest and they say that he has been around children for quite some time serving as a youth sports coach in solano county as well as a campus supervisor, at least one high school they're not giving the name of that particular high school this time, his bail has been set at million and he will be arraigned. next thursday. back to you. >>well new this morning, oakland has banned the use of facial recognition te from
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acquiring the soccer or even using it. even if it's used by other police agencies city leaders approved the measure citing limitations of the technology. the lack of standards around its implementation and its potential use in the prosecution of minorities. oakland now joined san francisco in banning the software. sfo is adding more security and barriers to stop homeless people who take bart from spending the night at the airport. sfo and barter teaming up right now to crack down on the problem. they say the homeless problem is creating issues with fare evasion and stolen luggage. the plan includes a second bark officer at the sfo station and added barriers to fare gates. >>enhanced barrier. >>currently there are turnstiles that can be easily jumped over with this move we're actually going to be paying for the installation of 5 foot tall 5 foot tall glass barriers that will make it very difficult for people to jump the turnstiles to get in and out of the bart station.
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>>well bart and sfo will also share surveillance video and equipped bart officers with 2 way radios. >>it's 5 oh 5 and federal investigators are looking at the rail wreckage of that helicopter crash in hayward they're trying to figure out what went wrong. the helicopter went down monday afternoon during a flight training flight. the flight instructor wayne died and his students suffered critical injuries. investigators say that most helicopters do not have a black box that collects data so the investigation could take up to a year and they won't have a black box to go by. there's only a small chance that a big earthquake will strike this week after that magnitude 4.3 hit the east bay yesterday afternoon. it was just east of black hawk
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and livermore scientists say that yesterday's quake happened along the greenville fault and there does just tao a 4% chance that we'll feel a bigger one over the next week. >>the 4.3 certainly is a very gentle reminder in our backyard that we do live in earthquake country and earthquakes can and will happen. >>very few strong earthquakes have happened on the greenville faulty in the past 20 years. the last strong earthquakes were a 5.4 and a 5.8 there in 1980. we caught up with people shopping and they were felt the quake yesterday afternoon. there's virtually no chance of damage with a 4.3 earthquake. but the joe got everybody talking and my son lives over in oakland he text me right away, he isn't did you feel it so. >>he killed and over in oakland i heard like that the house can moving a >>and my dogs got a little freaked out which is it more >>so what we always say
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wake-up call. >>all this is just one of those things that may happen and you need to be ready. so you have to have an emergency kit and a plan when disaster strikes and we can help you with that if you go to kron 4 dot com kron 4 was the first to tell you about the earthquake. we had a push alert go out so you knew what was going on. and as always you can go to our website to get the very latest information on earthquakes and you can download the kron 4 mobile app. >>california is getting closer to a warning more than a billion dollar construction contract for the first segment of the bullet train project the high speed rail authority board has approved releasing a request for qualified bidders. the contract would cover a 119 mile segment of that rail system that would connect the 2 cities in the cennral valley, bakersfield and merced said project leaders want to issue a contract by next summer. >>the example of an important and significant step that this board is taking to move forward on the project and i think the board for that action. e high speed rail from
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anaheim all the way to the bay area still in question. federal government pulled its share of the money from the project earlier this year. in national news, the house of representatives has passed a resolution condemning president trump's racist comments targeting for minority congresswoman. those tweets falsely implied that the women were all born in foreign countries and should go back to where they came from while on the house floor speaker nancy pelosi broke house rules yesterday by saying the president made a racist statement she was temporarily barred from speaking in republicans push to have her comments stricken from the record. both of those attempts however failed and the resolution in the end past for the most part along party lines there were 4 republicans that voted to condemn president trump's comments. >>there is no place anywhere for the president's words which were not only divisive. but dangerous and have legitimized increased fear and hatred of new americans and people of color for the president not
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>>and i think the tone of all of those is not good for the country. president trump. >>is standing by his tweets tuesday saying again he's not a racist. he called the house resolution a political stopped. happening today, the house of representatives will vote on whether attorney general william barr will and calmer second secretary wilbur ross should be held in criminal contempt. barr and ross did not comply with subpoenas for information related to the push to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. house democrats are expected to pass that resolution against barr and ross, but it likely what lead to a prosecution. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a breakdown of the worst intersections in san jose and what can be done to make them safer. >>plus police are searching for the man who robbed an east bay convenience store will have the latest video for you. and the reason another instagram destination in california has been closed off to visitors. and outside this morning, temperatures on the cool side with a lot more 50's
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than yesterday hayward fremont san jose all starting off your morning just there. >>i'm talking more in your forecast for the rest your wednesday. still ahead it's very crowded this morning into san francisco as the bay bridge toll plaza you cash buyers are going to be sitting in a bit of a back up that's going to continue
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touch lighter psyche at this pretty have my neighborhood wasn't kind of caught off guard. it was a little warmer great they see i the police and was driving this after wasn't nearly as socked in his was yesterday morning exactly a if you're heading up into the hills that's where you run into it, but yeah for people like james and darya and rest of us really all of you hopefully driving into work not really seeing too much of a visibility impact it's sitting for the most part right above us this morning, so the hilly spots those are you going to see it but elsewhere, yeah, it's actually a really nice drive into work this morning. still a little bit on the gray side eventually as that sun comes f is going to burn off a bit quicker than it did yesterday, cnn get a dose of sunshine sooner. temperatures are going to be very similar. so yeah very much so similar day to where we were at 24 hours ago. this low pressure area to our north is helping to nudge few days that means inland areas
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staying out of the 90's for the most part at least still hanging on to temperatures in the 80's inland with 60's and 70's as you'd expect by the coast. tonight, another foggia evening and setting us up for a foggy start to the day tomorrow then going to be seeing some more sunshine into the afternoon tomorrow so nothing too remarkable about the remainder of the week or hanging out very close to average which is not a bad place to be 60's and 70's in san francisco, 60's right up and down the coastline and then a few 70's from south san francisco through millbrae and burlingame 80's begin to show up in san carlos in redwood city much as they did yesterday and much is the same as yesterday mid 80's in the south bay o p to san jose los gatos paul 84 degrees while a range of mid 80's in the tri valley to upper 70's in union city hayward through san leandro oakland and eventually up to richmond a lot like yesterday conquered walnut creek and danville not really changing at all in fact just
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to 90's left just like yesterday in pittsburgh in vacaville. that shows you how similar we are the same areas in the 90's really the same areas in the 80's to not a whole lot of changes to know for your wednesday come thursday temperatures not quite as warm. it's a very small difference yet again, but by friday saturday and sunday our daytime highs inland will only be in the low 80's. adding all this up these small changes through the week that's a full 10 degrees cooler in some spots than we were last weekend. robin all right. thank you john a very crowded commute on highway 92, the drive out of hayward. >>is all ready pac. we see here on the flat section. all the brake lights and just west of the toll plaza so be prepared for this. there's a crowd 13 minutes to make it over to want to watch. we're checking in on and the richmond sandra fell bridge, no delays to worry about here so we're off to a great start. we haven't had problems or crashes so 7 minutes to the north bay. this is really the only trouble spot 2.80 heading through 17 county there in redwood city northbound at edgewood it's an overturn accident left over from earlier this morning. we do
5:17 am
have the 2 right lanes closed, but it's so early this stretch, not heavily traveled during this time a morning so it's not causing a delay, but if you use it something you want to keep your eyes open for north down to 80 edge would overturn accident. still wrapping up the rest of the bay area doing fine highway 4 6.80 the nimitz one oh one all the fantastic shape. it's less than 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park more drive times in just a bit darya. >>5.17 and and a rabbits left for dead in a storage bin in monterey county are soon going to be put up for adoption. the 9 rabbits are okay. they were found on the side of the road. they were overheating when rescuers first found them people in the community say that animal abandonment is a big problem in monterey county. there are. >>humane options the spca is here 7 days a week. from 85 to taken any animals who you can no longer care for. were here were funded by donors. that's what we're that's what we're here for.
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>>the shelter gets an average of 900. i adopt the animals that are abandoned each year. happening today mexican drug lord el chapo is going to be sentenced in federal court the 62 year-old was convicted. earlier this year on 10 counts including the international distribution of drugs he also is accused of ordering are taking part in the murders and torture of more than 2 dozen people. >>a family in utah is grieving after young girl was killed by a golf ball that was hit by her own father. the 6 year-old was in the cart next to the tee box when her dad hit an errant drive that struck her in the back of the head. she was flown to the hospital but didn't recover from her injuries. he was golfing buddy, she loved doing it she would always be on the car the senate and that some of important them but on the national day for that got to go through. police are
5:19 am
investigating the incident but they say the little girl's death is a tragic accident. it was caught on camera making an emergency landing on a beach in maryland while look at that. we'll replay the video for you the 23 year-old pilot didn't think he would be able to make it to the airport because of some mechanical issue that he was dealing with people on the beach say the pilot made an impressive landing in the shallow water. >>and he came to friday and and that point is kind of movie border right around the shore of lake and you know this makes it out he seemed like he was coming close to the beach plate almost seemed like he was watching to make sure there weren't people in the water. >>thankfully the pilot and no one on the beach was hurt. >>take a look at this the car. ended up underneath that tractor trailer, yeah, you kind of have to figure out. >>when it does not give you a minute to look at yeah, this is in maryland. the driver hit something in the road went airborne and then came crashing down and ended up
5:20 am
getting wedged under that big rig. >>believe it or not the driver was able to get himself out of the car. he right through his own door, he was able to open that door and get out and he's going to be fine. that's incredible. >>5.20 right now and still ahead on the ground or warning. fusion and the defense reston ago ship warehouse fire trial will take a look at what happens next after the break why the washington monument is going to look like a rocket for the next couple of days. well as cohen and jay z like that ready for blastoff and if you're ready to blast off for work, it looks like an easy work, it looks like an easy commute. buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. here's a look outside at sfo this morning really just kind of a misty morning would even call it too much of a foggy one you can actually see out in the distance to some of those hills there on the peninsula. and delays reported so far we'll keep a close eye on that to see if we do have any reported. yesterday we had delays for about an hour but other than that you're pretty fine as for the coastal areas of the state today, 60's and 70's do remain take a look at our inland valleys temperatures also falling for the central valley with fresno a co nleow only mid 90's and if you're stepping outside to enjoy some of our more comfortable weather than we had been seeing year going to be greeted by some low pollen
5:24 am
levels. this continues, we've seen low pollen levels for a few weeks down have more of it for the remainder of the week. rob. >>thank you john traffic continues to fill in at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you need to get into san francisco you'll be dealing with this minor weight and the cash lanes and the fast track lanes it's not bad 12 minutes and growing for your commute off to fremont street want to take you over to the east bay because we have a new crash in concord this is southbound to 42 and grant a couple of vehicles, we have injuries we have at least 2 lanes blocked and that back up on to 42 is spilling over to west bound for so when you're like a pin over the hill coming out of pittsburgh bay point look at this that you're back up on highway for all. heading toward 2.42 so be prepared for that that crash jamming up your drive and not helping your morning commute. we'll check more slow downs coming up james. all right. thank you robin. >>so check this out the washington monument has been turned into a saturn for the next few life-size
5:25 am
image of the most powerful rocket ever built is going to be projected on to the monument itself. it's honoring the apollo 11 mission to the moon and that's the rocket that carried them up into space pretty impressive. christina. >>a new navigation center may be coming here to fremont but there are a lot of people don't want
5:26 am
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no annual fee. to apply, visit >>27 jacket weather and
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traffheic ouled for wednesday probably okay, ye o its backing up traffic 5.28 but >>9 years foggy on the roads as it was yesterday morning yeah that definitely helps not seeing as much of a fog impact you'll see it as you're looking up, but not as you're looking towards the roadway. so much this is your look outside at the lick observatory skies, nice and clear from up there great way to start off the morning in that regard. visibilities holding just fine for most areas a couple of hilly spot you could encounter some areas where you're running out of his ability for just a bit now as we make our way through the day less and less fog more and more sunshine. that's just the way it works this time of year what we've been seeing a lot lately. daytime highs today are going to be very similar to where they were yesterday under mostly sunny skies highs at the coast will peak in the 60's 70's by the bay and some more in mid 80's for inland
5:29 am
spots, i'm talking is slightly cooler weekend. still to come in your forecast robin. thank you john i pulled up a caltrans camera right over highway 4. >>because i want to show you the back up some of this is commute traffic. some of it as a backup related to a crash on to 42 so this is coming down the hill as you leave bay point heading toward conquered all of these folks are heading out to 2.42 right here where we have an injury crash at grant in the left lane to looks like that whole stretch of 2.42 is backed up and it does not improve until you get to 6.80. so be prepared for that and early back up there for highway 4 and highway 2.42. we make it up to the bay bridge toll plaza well first you have to get to the bay bridge toll plaza and you have to sit in some traffic firs from west grand right up to the pay gates but after the pay gates a smooth drive into san francisco. we'll check more in a bit darya james. >>thanks a lot of people in fremont are concerned about a homeless navigation center that's being planned in the city at kron four's christie that a troll joining us live
5:30 am
with more on that plan and the reaction. christina. >>yeah it's a very divisive topic here in the city of fremont city council proposed a temporary safe navigation center which also somewhat acts like a homeless shelter and they like to bring that here into the city but its cause a lot of upheaval. a lot of people who've been voicing their opinions against it. now they also have 2 locations they've officially. looked into for they've not yet chosen which one that's a process. the city is in now many residents they're up in arms about the possibility of a navigation center going up on mine there's actually now 18 shot org petition called keep fremont homeless navigation center away from homes and schools and has over 8,000 signatures on it. viewers calling it the million about hundreds of residents, heading to the city hall to express their concerns. the city is between 2 locations for the center. the parking lot here at fremont city hall which i actually am in now in may be over in the back area
5:31 am
or the dakota surplus property which is least area next to break a nursery these 2 locations are within half a mile from food services and bus stops. you can help the people to fart no residents who have signed a change org petition do not want to see the center go up near the dakotas surplus property they are saying it is too close to residential area. that also has thousands of home and is next to about a dozen a half a dozen schools. according to the city the temporary navigation center will provide 45 beds and about 6 months of housing to homeless adults where they're transitioning into there permanent housing, the navigation center will be operated by bay area community services who help provide 24 hour staffing, they also provide services to the homeless navigation center in berkeley as well as 2 in oakland. now the city-state's that right now they're in the middle of analyzing these 2 properties, this is a decision they're going to be working on all summer and they say they're also going to give an opportunity in their upcoming meetings for community to go ahead and a voice their opinions and they're going opin
5:32 am
part of the choosing process for them to go ahead and decide which of the 2 properties that they'd like to choose here. but for more information we're going to more information online over at kron 4 dot com on the safe not against navigation center. coming to the city of fremont reporting live christina teatro kron 4 news. all right, thank you christina traffic alert. >>since are a leading cause of injury and death in san jose south a law firm henshaw and hendry they hired a company to look into the most dangerous intersections and they found that mug loughlin avenue in story road is the most dangerous intersections, san jose, the research focuses taol 2017 during that time. there were nearly recession related crashes in san jose, 103 people died as a result and more than 10,000 people were injured that study looked into the numbers of injuries at each location. you know that's
5:33 am
helpful. >>that one person thing. this is a busy intersection. >>to think a little bit before going through this intersection maybe as yellow slow down. maybe if it's light turns green take a second. go and take a look around. >>another one they say that extra bad is he on an expressway at blossom hill. that was the second. on the list of the 65 most dangerous intersections in san jose and the 3rd was capital expressway, collar avenue. >>the prosecution and defense teams have rested their cases in the oakland ghost ship trial. max harris and eric element of both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in the warehouse fire back in 2016. harris was called yesterday to refute the testimony of prosecutions rebuttal witness officer hector chavez chavez told the court that he responded to an illegal party back in 2015 at the go ship nto a fight the da's office she
5:34 am
testified that emails between al men and then the owners of the nformation about the owners telling him to lie about people living there. and i said. >>well is it possible it could have been a. verbal the is it possible it could have been over the phone via is a could have been by one of the agents, so i i think that's completely deluded test >>they went how weak man. >>the trial is in recess right now until closing arguments which are set for july 29th. so looking for 3 men who robbed a convenience store. sure surveillance video captured the robbery at the 6 points express mart on second avenue. the 3 men as you can see wearing masks they walked into the store with guns got away with about $3800 in cash. >>san francisco officials want to install more electric charging stations and parking
5:35 am
lots and garages around the city mayor london breed and supervisor aaron peskin introduced this plan yesterday that would help to reduce emissions. they say from the city's transportation sector which currently accounts for 46% of overall emissions in san francisco. under their plan up to 300 privately owned parking facilities in the city could install charging stations. daffodil hill near sacramento is closed indefinitely because the roads there can't keep up with all of the people and the traffic tourists coming to see and get a glimpse of the bright bulbs. >>on death until hill are the problem >>80 years of well king visitors now free of charge and the hill actually has to close county sheriffs as said actually owns the land the sheriff calls it with his brothers and it's been in their family for generations, but now they say they're concerned about public safety. >>are they really came to a
5:36 am
head this year former open for for 2 days and we just saw a crushed were we had people waiting in line on the roads for up to 2 hours just to get the parking lot impeding first responders fire. sheriff's deputies. ambulance services all of those things that needed not only to get to the field to get past the hill to service or neighbors as well. >>and here's the thing even though they're closing it to the public they're going to continue to plant daffodils just to keep the tradition alive. >>about the climate crisis yes, scientists believe the number of days of dangerous heat could triple by the middle of the century at least that's unless we reverse or current type of energy you have 4 dan kerman explains. it seems as if there are. >>more and more excessively hot days, you'd be right. >>in the us and around the world, the frequency of these that are extremely hot has been increasing over the past few decades now a new study by the union of concerned scientists says the number of days of extremely high
5:37 am
temperatures. >>could double or triple over this century. and while florida will see the worst of it in the u s california and specifically the 9 county bay area won't be spared. >>if we look at napa county as an example historically not the has had about 2 months worth of days where the heat index exceeded 90 degrees. by midcentury we'd be looking at double that number so about 2 months worth of days in napa that would have a heat index that high by late century, not the county could see about a 100 days for the heat index was over 90 degrees. >>and napa counties just one area that will see the number of hot days triple contra costa county historically sees 20 days a year above 90 by midcentury that will increase to 51 days and by the end of the century. there will be 3 months of temperatures above 90 and solano county is the worst historically with 37 days above 90. it will increase to 77 days by
5:38 am
midcentury and a 113 days by the end of the century. reversing that trend will take some work. but the union of concerned scientists thinks it can be done. >>if we aggressively reduce our emissions from things like burning coal and burning oil and gasoline that we can contain the expansion of extreme heat in the coming decades. but that will mean that we need to quickly make a transition to clean energy to get our electricity and then we need to use a clean energy to power every car every truck. >>if nothing is done scientists say the number of days above a 100 will also increase again the worst of it will be in contra costa. solano and napa counties on treasure island dan kerman kron 4 news. >>still while morning news, what happened the moments before a driver plowed in and the river there. we don't
5:39 am
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maybe for the men. lash volume that speaks volumes. lash blast mascara from covergirl 1 lash blast sold every 2.3 seconds >>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news checking your commute, some bridges a wide open some here's a good one the richmond center fell bridge, picking up a little bit at the pay gates but a great trip so far into the north bay and then we have the bay bridge which is the opposite to us cry falling from west grand through the
5:42 am
tolls and up the incline to be prepared. we'll check more bridges and drive times after the break stay with us.
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5:45 am
feet of snow at the summit this year. and then recently it's been hot so snow has been melting a little faster than they thought at first the last day they think is now going to be july 28th, wow. >>i'm just look at these pictures going i can't believe they're still have much snow up there. but. >>listening to it because unlike the horse was for when it comes like like i i will read the snow we can tell slushy or what it's like by the yeah, what was your take sounds a little slushy to me it's low i get can tell has there ever been a year it really right that they never close something you keep now would be kind of going to be so i guess it's pretty much to warm up now yeah, it is a has been warmer in the sie ra some sure a lot of that snow is melting but live to see there's enough of it it's a july it's amazing exactly i kind of crazy up back here in the bay area we're in for some warm weather ahead of us not too warm. >>definitely not skiing
5:46 am
weather but not whether that you need to worry about too much as you're getting outside either. this is you look at san francisco this morning enough light to shine in through those low clouds drifting across the bay area making for a less grave you than you did see yesterday some clouds sitting over the south bay but also getting a nice little bit of some light on those buildings as the sun comes over the horizon and still gray over a berkeley in the east bay but nothing blocking out your visibility and that's the way we've been all morning long it's mostly just some low clouds pushing in across the bay area at this point. now low pressure to our north high to our south. we looked at this yesterday we've looked at the same pattern set up a lot so far this year one of the reasons we haven't been excessively warm at least for the most part so far this season and we're goittle bit of fog a little push of cooler ocean air on into the bay, one of the reasons we do have a touch of cloud cover this morning into tomorrow, a touch of fog to start off this of
5:47 am
went thursday morning and then skies clearing out to thursday afternoon. we'll see the same pattern repeating itself on into the weekend too. temperatures today. those will be in the 60's 70's for san francisco, as well as elsewhere on the peninsula. temperatures right where they should be for this time of year not just for a coastal in bayside areas but also for some of our inland spots where we really should be in the mid 80's and that's exactly where we're going to be peaking today for most areas, mid 80's for the tri valley wall seasonable 70's from union city hayward on up through oakland enough to richmond concord walnut creek in danville remain unchanged from yesterday in the upper 80's. same for you in youngsville fairfield indonesia while pittsburgh in vacaville still barely holding on to the 90's. so you to do so you see today just as promised we level out right in the middle of the week was very little change after this though will start to decline in temperatures again and by the weekend ahead of us daytime highs inland will only be in the low 80's
5:48 am
on average which in some cases is about 10 degrees cooler than where we were last weekend. robin alright checking in on the slower traffic out of hayward right now we are looking at westbound 92 and if you need to use it, you know be sitting in a backup. >>leaving hayward starting back at the toll plaza on the flat section continuing to the high rise and then up and over the high rise. you're good. so 19 minutes or make that 30 minutes to make your way off to one on one. we're checking in on the bay bridge because when you come off there's a crash that's right here waiting for you 80 west. and harrison street one lane blocked you can see that back up on the suspension. almost back to treasure island now so one more thing adding to the stalled traffic. here's what it's looking like on the oakland side behind the toll plaza spilling back the on west grand. so you have to slow down here in oakland sime and then another slowdown coming up the bridge because of that stall so be prepared. accident still working in concord southbound to 42 and grant look at what it's doing to highway for backed up up and over the hill through pittsburgh bay point. so that commute is off to a very slow
5:49 am
start that will put you at 24 minutes now just to get from antioch to concord and then once you make it to 2.42 more heavy traffic up ahead because of the crash. and still wrapping up here in redwood city north to 80 at edgewood crews still wrapping this up in the 2 right lanes but no major delays getting through james. >>rally is scheduled this afternoon in new york for eric garner today marks 5 years since he was killed in a police involved incident in new york now his death was ruled a homicide by new york's medical examiner said the incident triggered a fatal asthma attack. officers were attempting to arrest him back in 2014 after they say he sold loose cigarettes outside staten island convenience store. gardner refused to be handcuffed at the time and that's when officers took him down. yesterday the department of justice decided against charging the n y p d officer involved daniel had a leo he's accused of placing garner in a chokehold which is banned under police policy.
5:50 am
>>even if we can prove that officer pen to laos hold. mister gardner. constituted an unreasonable force. we would still have to prove. beyond a reasonable doubt. that officer penta lael acted willfully in violation of law every dime. >>in the hands of a police officer that with multiple to be protecting us not killing us. >>and leo could lose his job if the police department determines that he put garner in a chokehold gardner's family received a $5 million settlement from the city of new york. was forced to make an emergency landing after his plane caught fire mid-flight look at this happened yesterday in marion county oregon. the 73 year-old pilot was flying to the roar airport when he was forced to obviously taken down in a field he wasn't seriously hurt thankfully. the cause of the crash now is under investigation. >>it's 5.50 right now on surveillance video captured the moment, a woman accidentally drove her car
5:51 am
into a river. in new jersey. >>she just goes s raight in. >>and it almost it look like an accident right because watch. she avoids that in the it seems so yeah, 64 real woman. she was leaving a car wash because you're thinking is a gas station with a car wash. so you know when you go out of the car wash and they dry and so you have to push to gas on at that point. you know because you don't you have a neutral inside the car wash and and then you're supposed to kick it into gear is seeing the weigh-in or that way and the guy got a call about it was a neat. she had a passenger in there to a 27 year-old passenger is just a i just want take a severe just mistaken the gas pedal. >>for the break, let's listen. >>the tide at the time was going out so was probably made tied and hackensack river has a very muddy bottom. so when the car impacted the water and it hit the mind it didn't sink
5:52 am
any further when the car was removed the war you can see the damage and the much loved living off of the car. d% >>second time this happened on the spot. so you know it to have the river right near the car while the car wash right near the river they can't move the river james know, but. >>right look at that she's going live on one guy runs the other guys like oh you went the wrong way watch the guy on the left. well he he dodged it going to run through the car wash she took lot out everybody's fine which is you know i just >>5.52 right now and as we head to the break. you're probably get ready to jump in the car, maybe catch a flight. >>as a full moon does a live terrible, but it doesn't take terrible, but it doesn't take much so i'd call ahead. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>5.55 getting close to 6 now and you're looking out at the golden gate bridge in that direction does show bit of a breeze out there on the flag and looking out towards the distance across the day. you can actually see across the bay showing you that those clouds that we do have across the bay area right now ard sitting just above us uh not really causing visibility issues just making for a slightly gray start to your day. 50's and 60's is where we're sitting as far as temperatures go mountain view conquered oakland and pittsburgh all in the low 60's while doubling in berkeley in the upper 50's hayward at 59 degrees for your current temperature keep a light jacket with you won't needed this afternoon as temperatures rise. robin hey i found that crash coming off the bay
5:56 am
bridge, the upper deck westbound 80 to fremont street check out this box truck. >>box truck that crashed right into the guardrail here this is in the gore point just as you exit at fremont street so we have crews on scene they put some flares down in that lane. so at least one lane blocked. this is adding to the heavy traffic into san francisco so heads up for this new trouble spot. this is what it's looking like at the toll, so you have to slow downs. you have the approach to the bay bridge. toll plaza slow from the bottom of the maze and then again from treasure island up to the crash that i just showed you so be prepared will check more trouble spots coming up james, all right. thank you. >>coming up the next hour of the kron 00:04am morning news police are investigating a noose found on the stanford campus will have the latest coming up in a live report and a second various city has joined san francisco now in banning police and other agencies from using facial recognition software and people in one east bay community are pushing back against plans to build a cabin geisha center for the homeless in their city. (woman) have you smelled this litter?
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today's the day to take action i'm and i'm an emt.erer when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community. i just don't want to let these people down. excedrin migraine. relief that works as hard as you do. >>stanford administrators are investigating after a noos resid hall. we'll have all the details coming up in a live report. walnut creek police arrest, a youth sports coach accusing him of sexually abusing a minor for years.
6:00 am
>>coming up, i'll show you his picture and tell you is named coming up in a live report. >>every single member this institution, democratic and republican. join us in condemning the president's racist tweets well the president not republican lawmakers defending president trump is democrats condemn his racist tweets. thanks for waking up with us on a wednesday and darya folsom, i'm james fletcher we've got john tribal and robin winston with weather and traffic before we get to the news this morning little foggy out there but how the roads roads are a little busy i have so many problems to talk about crash on the bay bridge, a major accident in rich


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