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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>a public health crisis. >>tonight at 6 sadly suicide by train is a familiar issue too many bay area residents. the problem has been well documented on the peninsula, but now some are problem appears to be cropping up in the north bay. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne. >>and i'm j r stone and for pam moore suicides are now art rain along the sonoma marin mail route kron four's dan kerman has details from rohnert park. >>in the last 3 weeks 5 people have been struck and killed by smart trains along the sonoma marin rail corridor, several of these occurred at the golf course tried crossing in rohnert park. but none were train operator error instead officials say they were the result of people not paying attention or suicide. >>facing a health crisis. and all that mode of transportation prices. we must
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focus on the marchers strategy on how to deal with these prices. >>wednesday, smart rains general manager told the board of directors he was setting up a task force that will bring together more than 30 suicide prevention law enforcement and county mental health agencies to determine what can be done to reach out to people in crisis before they arrive at the tracks. >>80's really how do we get to people who are in crisis. mental illness and homelessness and impulsiveness these are the 3 types that it's causing people to do that he's really national issue and at bay area issue for those simply not paying attention. >>smart is in the process of installing 17 of the z gates with another 13 on the way the code enforcement officers can also be seen monitoring the tracks and periodically. what they're still trying to fill a couple of those code enforcement positions and they point out that that is not the answer.
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>>that is why they have reached out to the mental health community in rohnert park dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thanks so much daniel 2 window washers had to be rescued from the millennium tower in san francisco this afternoon. they've been trapped on a platform 10 floors above the ground. firefighters used their ladders to rescue the pair around 3 45 this afternoon, no one was hurt. >>in the north bay 3 men have been arrested in connection with a killing an armed robbery at of the label shop. it happened in december of 20 16 at advantage on springs road. that's when police say the armed masked men stormed into the pond shop and gave orders to employees. the store owner tennessee pulled was shot and killed a man in a wheelchair. and a dog were also shot. tonight we're learning the dog died that man in the wheelchair survived. 2 of the 3 suspects will be arraigned in court next week. >>well, the man accused of stabbing and killing wilson at the macarthur bart station has
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been found competent to stand trial. it happened in july of last year 28 year-old john lee cowell is facing murder and attempted murder charges. the connection to stabbing wilson and her sister. the judge in the case initially suspended the criminal proceedings because he said there was evidence that cal was not mentally competent to stand trial. but today the judge ruled that cal is in fact competent to stand trial. he is scheduled to enter a plea on august 2nd. >>shakealert earthquake warning system is still in a test phase here in the bay area and along the west coast. but kron four's felipe should all tells us yesterday when that magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck near black hawk. researchers at u c berkeley say they were tipped off before they felt the shaking. >>this is the way form of the hole earthquake. frank saw as a as a certain duration. this
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first little piece of the way form to do its estimation and jennifer strauss with the u c berkeley seismological lab says when what you see here on the seismic graham registered on the shakealert earthquake early warning system. >>4 seconds heads up that shaking was eminent the amount of warning time that you get is not a fixed number it really depends on how far you are. >>from the epicenter of the earthquake. and how far you are from the amount the fault that shakes so you can feel very heavy shaking even though you're far away from the epicenter, if it's a very large quake. strauss is a regional coordinator for shakealert northern california. >>the shakealert system is a pilot program sponsored by the united states geological survey. >>u c berkeley is one of several universities on the west coast involved in the testing. right now the system isn't fully funded and therefore can't share warnings yet with the public. but
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strauss says ultimately that's the goal. she receives the alerts through an app installed on her desktop computer 4 seconds gives you a couple of things first it gives you the knowledge that. >>what you're feeling are about to feel is indeed an earthquake and not just a big truck going by. it also would give you enough time to drop cover and hold on which is generally the recommended advice for what you should do when you feel taking strauss says the system is actively monitoring all quakes above a magnitude of 3.5. >>in berkeley fleet at all kron 4 news kron four's a special earthquake section on our website under the earthquake tab you'll find an interactive map and other stories on. >>recent earthquakes. you can also find information on what you should have in your earthquake hit at home. it's all at kron 4 dot com. >>well happening tonight, the newest democratic presidential candidate, san francisco. billionaire tom stier is hosting his first campaign event in san francisco. it's taking place at 6.30 at
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manny's on 16th street in the mission stiers pledged a 100 million of his own money to his campaign making him immediately. the best funded candidate in the race. he's been known as a political finance or donating hundreds of millions to causes over the years, including most recently a campaign to impeach president donald trump. >>a new quinnipiac poll released today shows that senator kamala harris has opened up a slight lead in her home state here in california. over joe biden in the 2020 democratic primary race. the poll has harris at 23%. biden at 21 and bernie sanders at 18 though the difference between the top 3 candidates is within the poll's margin of error previous falling done before the first democratic debate had harris 8 percentage points behind biden elizabeth warren also gain support california jumping from 7% to 16%.
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>>in the east bay more than 20 storage units were damaged by a grass fire yesterday and today people are showing up to check on their belongings kron four's charles clifford has details. >>well right now i'm standing along pacheco boulevard just outside of the pitch echo many storage facility. now the fire that bout 20 units in this storage facility broke out around 2.45. >>on tuesday afternoon near the intersection of highway 4, 6, 80 fire crews were able to get in there quickly. this was a 2 alarm fire. they move pretty quickly to contain the fire and fortunately. >>as i mentioned about 20 units were completely destroyed and several more and smoke damage know folks er have been showing up here on wednesday to check on their units. i talked to one woman who says that to her unit well only suffered smoke and water damage so most of her stuff is probably ok but she feels for people who have lost everything. >>and in pain a month. for my stuff in storage and then this happens and for me i think i'm one of the fortunate ones
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that. the unit and actually. go up in flames and i feel terrible for them. the unit owners who i watched on tv just everything was engulfed in flames and i can't imagine. what that must be like to lose things such as well i have in my storage, some. >>now as of wednesday afternoon at the management here is not allowing folks to go in and check on their storage units just yet they're waiting for the investigation to this fire to be wrapped up and then open the gates let people go in and check on their belongings the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>a new report says the sizes of wildfires in california have increased dramatically over the last 50 years due to climate change the study published in the journal earth's future says that the annual burned area and the state has increased 500% since the 1970's and that human-caused warming is the culprit. part of the problem said more water is a bad for parade in from the atmosphere
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and that effect is expected to double by the year 2060 in 2017 2018 california spent more than a billion and a half dollars on wildfires more than any previous 2 year period. the study notes and wildfires will continue to grow in size in the coming decades. >>oakland is the latest to place to ban the use of facial recognition software by city employees, including the police department. the city council voted unanimously to pass the ban officials in the city are concerned about the reliability and invasiveness of facial recognition and biased towards minorities. oakland is now the 3rd city in the country to enact such a ban. san francisco is the first berkeley is also considering a similar bad. >>coming up he's put batteries in our houses and cars and send rockets into space. now elan musk wants to put chips in our brains details on the sci-fi project that could become a reality just by next
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year. >>mayors from around the country in washington today to talk about how they're leading the way on climate change and how the federal government can help. >>and it could be a temporary solution for people to find permanent housing. the new proposal to help the homeless in san francisco. a lot of sunshine around the bay area today, some cooler temperatures th
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>>at 6 people in fremont are
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concerned about a homeless navigation center. that's being planned in the city right now the city is deciding between 2 potential will either be build next to a plant nursery on dakota road or a parking lot behind city hall. the facility would house about 45 people who would live there for about 6 months at a time. there is now an online petition from residents who oppose the navigation. the city says it's a way to help people impacted by the housing crisis. city council will make their decision on the navigation center in september. >>meanwhile, a san francisco there's a proposal to temporarily turn a city own parking lot into a safe place for homeless people living in their vehicles kron four's maureen kelly got reaction to the plan from the neighborhood. >>people living in our v's and other vehicles are becoming a larger part of san francisco's growing homeless population 17% rise in homelessness citywide. >>what 68% of that increase
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was people living in vehicles. >>supervisor cautious a fight he says he's been hearing complaints from his district residents for the past 2 years. >>see more trash we're seeing more illegal dumping. >>so he's proposing to turn in old parking lot across from the bow bull bart station into a place for about 30 homeless vehicles, what's being called the vehicle tree arts center, we'll have security guards bathrooms and on site staff to help coordinate social services for the people staying here those allowed in will first be screened and then able to park here for 90 days as they wait to be transitions. >>into permanent housing, this is not going to be a navigation cent. >>this is not going to be a magnet for people to come from all over you were only be able to come here if you are referred in a vehicle. >>do this i knew i found jose mud rondo living out of his truck parked up the street, it's been his home for 2 years. he says he'd love a safe place to park with the
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ability to wash up and cold having the opportunity of having someone helped him find permanent housing. the answer to his prayers. but this is just a temporary solution as this law is slated to become. >>affordable housing breaking ground in the fall of next year still neighbors have mixed feelings. >>i mean nobody really wants this new that they really are going to monitor the waist and a i think that takes away a lot of the the concern of people dumping things on the street. >>neighbors will be given a chance to take a look at that proposed plan to turn this parking lot into a vehicle tree oz center. at a community meeting scheduled for this saturday, a bell bowl high school. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>a group of hawaiian elders were the first protesters to be arrested today as they tried to block the construction of a new telescope in hawaii. near them
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on a k a mountain while supporters of the telescope touted scientific and economic benefits. protesters consider the area sacred today was the 3rd back to back day of protests against the construction of the 30 meter telescope on the mound. >>it was it was pretty emotional quite frankly because some of the people arrested actually related to some of the officers and that was the case in several cases are it's a it's a a tough situation for everyone. >>officials say some of the protesters will be arraigned tomorrow. but it's still unclear on what charges space x and tesla ceo elon musk has created a prototype for brain machine interface that could be. >>implanted in a person as soon as next year. musk's plan is to connect human brains and computers in a way not yet possible through his noor link mentor musk says the technology could allow the brain to merge with ai artificial intelligence through tiny wireless chips
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implanted in the brain, speaking at the california academy of sciences in san francisco musk said testing on animals is already under way and that a monkey is already been able to control a computer with his brain. the technology could also be used to alleviate the symptoms of chronic medical conditions musk of course is also heavily involved in the next generation of space flight. it's been 50 years now since man stepped on the moon but nasa and mosque had bigger plans said may change mankind forever. reporter omar jimenez 6 planes. >>there's may be no better time to dive back into the wonder of space exploration than the 50 year anniversary of apollo 11 as the united states celebrates the conquering of one frontier others loom on the horizon it starts with going back to the moon bringing the first woman and the next manned by 2024. >>with the goal of sustainability this is the proving ground. it is how we learn to live and work on
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another world. >>using the resources of that world. >>it's a first step that may well serve as a launchpad the moon can train us in the going the samples back from mars which trains into what to look forward to we get to know mars well enough. >>so when we send those first women and men to mars. we'll know the mars we're going to. >>but managing resources for those missions may come down to a merging of 2 worlds. won't be in the private sector too and that means companies like elan musk's space x who in 2018. >>launch its signature falcon heavy rocket and in unprecedented fashion landed 2 of the first-stage rocket boosters up right and back on earth. >>those epic or destroyed. most exciting ever seen. there were. >>and during a week meant to look back at a crowning achievement. it's looking for it and may ultimately have the largest impact that's how we inspire that's how we create the next generation of scientist or engineer for our
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country. omar jimenez kron 4 news. >>let's take a live look outside we couldn't quite get a camera up in space, but we put it near the top of the 977 foot tall sutro tower to show you the golden gate bridge that shot is as good as spaces. we're joined by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to break down our weather here on earth, yes, something something cool about that fog is it's coming in out of oi that looks gorgeous is coming through the golden gate bridge right now and see more that overnight tonight and yeah, it looks like a in the coming days is going help to cool down the temperatures just a bit you can see the cloud that just below the top of the bridge there so under 800 feet over to see that kind of picking up maybe a couple 1000 over feet tonight and then we're going to see that fog race well on shore not a look at it is a look toward alcatraz right now to try disappearing in the fog, san francisco, there in the background of the cloud deck coming on shore right now that will thicken up throughout the night tonight and more on the way you see that along the coastline kind of begin to fill and still very patchy out toward the coast. but that will fill in quite a bit overnight tonight, the winds
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not as strong as they were yesterday still breezy around the bay area but remember yesterday we had some 2030 mile an hour gust today still some 20 plus but that's about it otherwise though that sea breeze going to care that fog further on shore still temperatures outside very comfortable in the san jose right now nice evening a 79 degrees 77 in mount view 83 in fremont right now 56 get a little cool to civica 67. in the san francisco, 70 degrees in berkeley. it is 90 and still on the hot side in concord and 91 degrees and sailing up so overnight tonight, we'll see low clouds and fog want to move back on shore tomorrow patchy morning fog then sunny and a little bit cooler by the afternoon over the weekend mostly sunny and then we start to warm things back up just a bit. throughout the week as high pressure going to start to build it. this big ridge of high pressure going to be a major weather makers we head in toward this weekend. then the next week they can talk about some very hot temperatures across the desert southwest, then eventually that starts to build back toward the bay area and that will really crank up the numbers but not i think until late next week and we'll see some hot temperatures may be back in the triple digits in some of the valleys but for
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tomorrow. no i'm not going to be the case still a little bit of a trough along the west coast. that is going to usher in that cool marine air keep the temperatures down in that fog yet it's going to reform overnight tonight a move back inside the bay and some of the valley's tomorrow morning to the models want to pay little drizzle along the coastline by the afternoon most of fog and a hug, the coast all day long so the temperatures going to cool down coe side in fact most of al is going to cool down still some hot 90's inland and 15 60's at the coast. well coming up tonight at 6.45 more vandalism at big serve. >>for the highway patrol thinks is behind the latest acts of protest and up next how you can save the planet just by changing your diet. - hey, mike.
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>>welcome back mayors who are leading the way in efforts to reduce pollution and fight climate change we're invited to washington they share their ideas about how similar efforts can be implemented nationally. washington correspondent alexandra lamone reports. while the mayor's testified before senators. no republicans were at the meeting. >>senate democrats invited mayors from green cities to washington to talk about how they're dealing with climate change we've done it all our population has ballooned. >>in our economy has thrived and you can in fact be a thriving community and you can
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also achieve your sustainability goals mayor ted wheeler says portland's been leading the way on reducing carbon emissions. >>by incorporating green transportation and getting more people to bike or walk to work. wheeler says it's possible to duplicate that nationally if the government provides safe infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians and fast affordable convenient public transportation wheeler also has ideas for how to pay for it. >>tolling on federal roadways. right now there's a prohibition against holing on federal roadways. >>the daring existence. honolulu mayor kirk caldwell was invited in part because his city created a permanent climate change office in honolulu is committed to planting 100,000 trees by 2025 and it's taking steps to deal with rising sea levels raising buildings into urban core. >>but we're retreating from the ocean in areas where we like to beach road. the mayor spoke to a room full of democratic senators but in order to pass any federal
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climate legislation. >>republicans would need to be on board to this an issue for a time it's an issue for children only hope that republicans would come on board to this committee in washington alexander lee mound. >>mayorn from all over the bay area, including london breed in san francisco. sam liccardo and san jose and libby schaff in oakland have committed to uphold the goals of the paris climate agreement. >>and if you want to help save the planet you might want to think about cutting back on the amount of beef you eat how much according to the latest research from the world resources institute eating about a burger and a half less per week by the year 2050 they're expected to be 10 billion people on the planet and in order to feed everyone americans will have to cut back by about 40%. the reason is that cows require about 20 times more land and make more than 20 times more greenhouse gas than growing plants. cows also grow and reproduce lower than pigs and
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chickens. so they need more food and water. cal's also use 43% of the land we have for agriculture and be phony accounts for about 3% of the calories that we eat here in the u s. >>well still ahead we may we have seen the last of the notorious drug kingpin el chapo why his lawyers say the verdict against their clients tanks. you may have seen a flyover paris with a replica rifle in his hand so. >>what's next for the flight and what he's planning has never been done before. >>and next at 6.30 the latest on the
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>>and this ago. >>developing news tonight, a noose was found on the stanford university campus over the weekend near a building where summer school students are staying. it could become a hate crime investigation as kron 4 sarah stinson tells us officials are still trying to find out. >>how it got there. >>i'm standing here in the residential area of the stanford campus where a noose was found here from this bush in front of the cullum they have house take a look at this picture this is what deputies found when they responded to the report over the weekend and they saw this white rope approximately 3 feet long with a loop at the end suspended from a tall bush.


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