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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 17, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>a case that has baffled investigators for years police hope this surveillance video will lead to the killer of of ole ole pawnshop owners. 5 deaths in 2 months the north phase, smart train system is trying to prevent fatal incidents, including suicides burglar breaks into the sauce a little business in lee's with $25,000 worth of bicycles. >>there's no reason for that is no rhyme or reason for it was a very brutal very violent and very heinous.
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>>he went to work one day and never came home to his family for more than 2 years police have been trying do find the people responsible for killing a shop owner after gunmen stormed his store and started shooting. good evening. i'm can wait. >>and i'm j r stone in for pam moore, thanks for joining us tonight at 8 o'clock today, 3 men are behind bars for the armed robbery. of that small business owner in vallejo kron four's justine waltman has more what helped police break the case. >>solving the murder of 49, year-old timothy pope was always a priority for police in valais hope this is a heinous crime. >>a very violent very brutal uncalled for. in december of 2016 masked men holding guns and shouting demands stormed inside of the pond advantage shop on springs road. police say the suspects shot and killed polled and killed his dog, a chocolate lab. and they also shot a store employee who was in a
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wheelchair, who is still suffering from his injuries without revealing too much to compromise the case. it was around the clock police for captain lee horton tells me that made all the difference that we got some some breaks in the case that led us to the apprehension of the suspect. >>now 3 men from how are under arrest for murder, an armed robbery caught just last week, 24, i'm a nice summer rise, 21 year old ally just summarize and 24 year-old caches nelson who is already serving time in prison for a robbery in yolo county. while it took 2 and a half years to make these arrests. police want the community to know holtz murder case never grew cold. >>we'll hopefully deter other suspects something that they can come to the land on and get away with crimes, they can't. >>as for the pawnshop it now operates under a new name and there is a security guard inside in valais whoa i'm justine waltman kron 4 news.
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>>the marin county sheriff's office needs your help identifying a man that they say stole $25,000 worth of bikes from the sausalito bicycle shop over the weekend. they say this man broke into the shop early saturday morning and took off in a car with several bikes from that store. >>kron four's michelle kingston talk to the sheriff's office today. >>spikes is a bicycle shop in sausalito just update 6 road. >>early saturday morning deputies say this man pictured in these surveillance photos broke into her front window. >>and stole 25 now dollars for the not. >>the subject made entry into a business and proceed is still multiple bicycles detectives are following up on leads and reviewing surveillance footage now trying to identify this man seen wearing a gray sweater that has a pretty distinct logo on the back. >>and we're asking that anybody sea-ice photographs to take a look at that logo on
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the back of a sweater, it's tough to see in these photos but deputies believe it's a custom logo on the back of the sweatshirt. >>it may be the one description they need in order to crack the case are trying to identify it we asked what the store manager did not want to go on camera he is hopeful, though that the man who broke into the store is identified. >>and caught, i know the bike that's to happen often i have not heard of at a bicycle store locally recently. but that is always rampant in a very unfortunate. >>sausalito michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the shakealert earthquake early warning system is still in a test phase here in the bay area and along the west coast. but apparently it worked yesterday when a magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck near blackhall. >>as kron forcefully to god tells us researchers at u c berkeley say they were tipped off before the earth started shaking. >>this is the alert that popped up on jennifer
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strauss's desktop tuesday afternoon when a 4.3 magnitude earthquake rumbled 7 and a half miles east of black hawk i got 4 seconds of warning before the shake so this was a great example of how the shakealert system can provide earthquake early warning for bay area residents even when the earthquake originates in the bay area strauss received the alert from her office at the u c berkeley seismological lab. >>she's a regional coordinator for shakealert northern california 4 seconds gives you a couple of things first it gives you the knowledge that what you're feeling are about to feel is indeed an earthquake and not just a big truck going by. it also would give you enough time to drop cover and hold on wch is generally the recommended advice for what you should do when you feel taking the shake alert system is a pilot program sponsored by the united states geological survey. >>u c berkeley is one of several universities on the west coast involved in the testing. right now the system isn't fully funded and therefore can't share warnings yet with the public. but
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strauss says ultimately that's the goal. the quake system that we have right now she color. >>is actively monitoring earthquakes usually above magnitude 3.5. >>that doesn't mean that all communication methods are going to push out information for an earthquake of that magnitude she adds the length of the warning is not fixed it changes depending on how far you are from the epicenter of the earthquake and the fault that shakes in berkeley fleet of all kron 4 news. >>all right, let's take a live look outside and see how things are shaping up on hump day we have a lot of fog earlier and i don't know where to go. >>don't see much of it right there we're spoiled rotten we look at that shot here in the bay area turn right now to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to break down the left. >>kind of pull back don't worry. we've got some reinforcements on the way so that fog is going to thicken up and move on shore but yeah, nice shot out there this evening a bad at all looking to the marine headlines. you see couple of patches of fog over that of the golden gate that stretch to early on right into the golden gate and well
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that fog has pulled away just a little bit they're still more to come temperatures out the door right now to 63 degrees in san francisco, 7, 9, still warm in livermore and 85 in caulker 71 in santa rosa, 16 in oakland at 76 degrees beautiful evening. in san jose are you see the patchy fog along the coastline kind of a road in just a little bit but then you see another branch an even bigger branch, a fall ofi the coastline that is going to be pushing on shore a little bit later also tomorrow morning, waking up some patchy fog in the morning hours mainly inside the bay and of course out along the coastline as we head toward the middle a day. we'll find some sunshine temperatures going to be a little bit cooler tomorrow knows a little bit stronger sea breeze to but still some pleasant 70's inland by noon, some 60's a few 70's around the bay and 15 60's along the coastline by the afternoon. so those hot 90's were still in the upper 80's, the warm spots inland lot of 70's a few 80's inside the bay 15 60's with the fog camped out along the coast. well up next a group of. >>bonnie is left for dead. why
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the spca says this should have never happened a new rv park could make all the difference for some homeless in san francisco. and suicide by train, the growing problem in the bay area and how officials are trying to choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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>>san francisco may be viewed by the world has won the most democratic towns in the country but that doesn't mean republicans are extinct in the city in fact we're going to have that story. coming up in
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just a few minutes, but first suicide by train is a growing issue, especially on the peninsula in recent years now suicides are becoming a problem. >>for the smart rain along the sonoma marin rail route kron four's dan kerman has details from rohnert park. >>since june 5 people have been struck and killed by smart trains along the sonoma marin rail corridor. several at the golf course tried crossing in rohnert park officials say none have been the result of train operator error instead they were the result of people not paying attention. >>4 suicide. this is not a trained prices, the seas health and public health crisis. and now we're dealing with. >>that wednesday's meeting of the smart board of directors, the general manager announced the creation of a task force that will bring together more than 30 suicide prevention law enforcement and county mental health agencies to determine what can be done to deal with the issue. we need to get the
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professionals involved. >>when when's somebody decides to jump out of the bush in front of the train, it's too late, we got to figure out how to prevent them before they get to that point for those simply not paying attention. >>smart is in the process of installing 17 of the z gates with another 13 on the way the code enforcement officers can also be seen monitoring the tracks and periodically but 2 of those code enforcement positions remain open. still they say that's not the problem that's why they've reached out the mental health community in rohnert park dan kerman kron 4 news. >>a lot of people may think san francisco is a pretty much run by democrats but that doesn't mean there are some republicans in the city. >>yet tonight philanthropist and socialite dt will see is hosting a fundraiser for president trump's reelection san francisco may be viewed as the in the world is one of the most democratic cities like you said. kron four's knoyle
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bellow is following this story at the fairmont tonight with details. >>its triple local republican donors who don't have much to donate to here in the bay or something to get excited about. >>and donate they will with tickets reportedly starting at a $1000 a pop tuesday night's reelection fundraiser for president donald trump hosted by san francisco socialite dee dee wilde, we'll bring in some cash. >>the democratic party is certainly animated and whoever is running is going to well provisioned and well funded and the president needs to have the bill does bigger platforms possible to make sure that his message. it is delivered everywhere and that starts with raising money chairman of the san francisco republican party john dennis. >>says having a high and fundraiser like this reminds the bay area that republicans are in shock here. >>i think we're about 35,000 republicans in san francisco in we're in it because there are so many people here is actually one of the larger republican parties in the state of california. i think republicans feel underrepresented. specifically
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again general in california it's very specifically and in san francisco. gives them a voice on national stage where a lot of big things are happening. >>the secret service will storming outside the fairmont hotel tuesday evening as donald trump junior, and girlfriend, kimberly guilfoyle made their way to the private event the couple will represent the president for the evening tickets to snap a picture with them at the event were reportedly selling for between 15 and $35,000. >>has a history of launching this year's anti semitic. >>meanwhile during a rally in greenville north carolina tonight, trump spoke about the tweets he made about the 4 congresswomen at times the crowd as you heard began, to chant send her back and they booed when the women were mentioned. trump also spoke
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about efforts to impeach him saying it's quote the most ridiculous project i've ever been involved in the house of representatives voted to kill democratic representative al green's solo bid to impeach president trump. >>the man accused of stabbing and killing nia wilson at the macarthur bart station back in july of 2018 has been found competent to stand trial. jon kyl is facing murder and attempted murder charges for allegedly stabbing wilson and her sister as well as special circumstance allegations that he killed wilson while lying in wait. the judge in the case suspended the criminal proceedings on grounds. there was substantial evidence. he was not mentally competent to stand trial. but today the judge ruled that cal is in fact competent to stand trial. he is scheduled to enter a plea on august 2nd. >>there is a proposal to temporarily turn a city on the parking lot into a safe place for homeless people who are
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living in vehicles certain areas of san francisco streets are lined with our bees that are being lived in by the homeless. according to recent homeless counts there's been a 17% rise in homelessness in san francisco with 68% living in vehicles, a proposal will allow 30 homeless vehicles to park in a no parking lot across from the balboa bart station. the vehicle tree are center as it's called will have security guards bathrooms and on-site staff to help coordinate social services for the people who are staying there. >>we allowed to come in here unless you've been screened in referred. they are going to begin with those that are in our district first in this neighborhood for. >>neighbors will have an opportunity to hear about the proposed plan and voice their opinions at a community meeting that is set for this saturday at balboa high school. the list fremont are worried about a homeless navigation center that's being planned in the city right now
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fremont officials are deciding between 2 potential sites. it will be built in either next to a plant nursery on to kowtow road or at a parking lot behind city hall. facility would house about 45 people who had lived there for about 6 months at a time. there is now an online petition from residents who oppose the navigation center. the city says it's a way to help people affected by the housing crisis. the city council will make its decision on the navigation center in september. >>well he ran a storage unit that the many storage facility. you won't be able to check on it just yet owners say they will wait until fire investigation to finish a grass fire yesterday destroyed 20 units and damaged several more at the facility. some people stop by today to check on their storage units, one woman says she was told her unit suffered water and smoke damage. >>for me i think i'm one of the fortunate ones that. the unit and actually. go up in
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flames i feel terrible for them. the unit owners who i watched on tv just everything was engulfed in flames and i can imagine. what that must be like to lose things such as well i have in my story. >>the fire broke out near the intersection of 6.80 and highway 4. >>firefighters managed to put it out pretty quick. >>now to our 4 zone forecast we step outside on the embarcadero in san francisco has a lovely night out there certainly is we're joined by lawrence wright, now's closely tracking the weather situation all week long and tonight and that's what we need to do in the news right now they're right out there on the dock enjoying the beautiful sunset around the bay area to get us out that you've got some poll here i'm going to talk to our wrap about that you this is not bad to run go check that out as we've got a beautiful evening on tap here the bay area the patchy fog kind of pull back just a little bit it's going come back on shore.
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>>as we go through the night tonight, but you can see just a couple patches over the marin headlands more of that on the way. temperatures today to the little bit of a hit in the santa rosa member yesterday there up to 96 degrees today, little bit cooler at 87 still on the warm side 92 in both conquered in livermore today, 69 degrees in san francisco, 79 in oakland 85 degrees in san jose. so i think we're going to start to see some cooler temperatures as more of a sea breeze going to be kicking in not a strong around the bay area today but still some the winds are blowing 10 even 20 miles per hour side but not the 30 mile an hour winds that were seen yesterday comfortable evening outside 76 degrees in san jose 68 in san mateo cool along the coastline now the 50's there 60 into san francisco 68 degrees in oakland right now 76 in late on 69 degrees in the napa valley, 70 in petaluma tomorrow morning, waking up some patchy fog early on that would give way to some sunshine a little bit later on this weekend, changed directions again will cool off for a couple days. let me start warm up a little bit over the weekend. big dome of
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high pressure that's going to be the big story not only here but across the united states that ridge or bring some very hot temperatures across the desert southwest, extending all the way in the central united states and possibly the east coast over the weekend too but we've got a trough. you've got an a another cold front diving in the pacific northwest. when actually bring this some showers that will keep that ridge of high pressure from strengthening too much in fact temperatures going to be cooling down at least for the next couple of days. >>moderate community will soon have some new rabbits available for adoption, but that almost was not the case of monies were a banded they were stranded in a storage bin and pretty much left for dead, but the good news is. they were rescued another recovering reporter ashley keane has more. >>these 9 rabbits some adults in some just babies are expected to make a full recovery after being left for dead in a storage bin on the side of crazy horse canyon road. >>everybody seems to be doing. ok, we're we're glad that they're found when they were hit otherwise it could have been a lot worse. they were
8:21 pm
already overheating there in a bin the adults could have easily hopped out of an just gone right in the middle of crazy horse. and that would have been very dangerous to then and dangers to the driver's people i spoke with who frequently travel through the scene one great and crazy horse road area say abandonment is a big issue around here people dumping their pets all the time or dogs cats you name it they don't put out here. >>best burkhauser with spca for monterey county says the shelter gets an average of 900 animal abandonment cases a year there are. >>humane options the spca is here 7 days a week. from 85 to taken any animals who you can no longer care for. were here were funded by donors. that's what we're that's what we're here for she adds the person responsible could face a lot including animal abandonment and cruelty preventing an animal to go without veterinary care. there are many charges that could be placed they are asking for anyone with information to come forward and call the spca for monterey county for now they'll continue to brwng these bunnies back to good
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up for adoption. >>an animal rescue group is asking for help caring for nearly a 100 birds words. they were rescued last week from downtown oakland. over 15 s were in this tree that spli in half and partially fell last week. it was home to 50 snowy egrets 22 black crown night herons and 17 bags that need intensive care round the clock support international bird rescue says we're already taking care of more than 200 bay area water birds said it's fairfield hospital. so they're asking for donations and also volunteers. >>still ahead california's high court could soon decide if prosecutors can keep pursuing the death penalty. here from district attorneys who say it's their right to pursue capital punishment. >>
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announcer: to take yourhe kids to and from school?y?
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announcer: we think it can be something bigger. so we have the essays from the last three parts. announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. announcer: now during the volkagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jetta, tiguan, and select atlas models. >>back flowur brands are being recalled due to an e coli outbreak top brands affected include pillsbury king arthur and flour and also baker's corner, the centers for disease control said the outbreak is actually over people may still have the items in their pantry is which could get them sick later. the cdc reports 21 illnesses and 3 hospitalizations so far from the recalled flour if it is still in your home. it should be thrown away. the cdc also
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warns to not eat raw dough or batter. >>and from florida hama several band brands of hummus are also being recalled because of a listeria risk brands to check for include 7 select. she knocks around these researchers pete a pow light lantana thomas thomas harris teeter, fresh time and bookies listeria is especially dangerous for those who are already ill for young children elderly people and pregnant women. the recalls are voluntary so far no illnesses have been reported. >>the next time you take a trip down to big serve that can stop over the youthful sites and some graffiti telling you to go away. active shooter situations are becoming more and more common the way first responders. >>in the central valley are coming together to train to prepare people for the unthinkable. plus after the break, we'll tell you about a pending decision to let prosecutors seek the death
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news today, the state supreme court could possibly weigh in on whether prosecutors should keep pursuing death penalty cases. this is because regardless of governor newsom's moratorium on the death penalty. prosecutors from across the state continue to seek new capital punishment cases as clean and johnson faces the death penalty. his lawyers are appealing to the state supreme court to block
8:30 pm
capital murder trials while the moratorium is in place. da's pursuing capital punishment has said it's their right to do so johnson's lead attorney bob sanger says it's a waste of resources. in sacramento, several da's announced in april they would seek the death penalty against the suspected golden state killer. joseph de angelo. the 19 year-old brother of a sandy hook shooting victim is running for public office and his little brother's honor jt lewis's 6 year-old brother jesse lewis was killed in the deadly elementary school shooting in newton connecticut in 2012. now he's a candidate for state senate. even though he is still in a college student. he released his
8:31 pm
campaign video monday. lewis will be challenging republican state senator tony flying. huw lewis says hasn't responded to his request. a quote help prevent future tragedies. >>this is a trend it's not just him i mean he's got a lot going on it's not just him it's our leaders in general here in connecticut. we need to bring real leadership people who will return those hard phone calls and that's something that in there. >>lewis says he has respect for both former president obama and president trump saying quote that politics only divides us if we allow it to. >>was active shooter situations, becoming more common more than a dozen yuba county area law enforcement fire and other emergency response agencies all teamed up to train for a potential worst case scenario. reporter karma dickerson went to see how it all unfolded. it was just a drill. but an elaborate plan. >>involving about 400 people.
8:32 pm
and trying to get first responders their best chance at preparing for the more than a dozen yuba county area law enforcement fire and other emergency response agencies teamed up for this training led by the yuma county sheriff's department that no other details but that they would be responding to an active shooter simulation at the toyota and the theater in yuba county. the concert goers are 200 volunteers from the area pretty crazy and honestly think it's kind of scary to think about us a situation like this that could actually happen. >>including former fox 40 employee out and has a marysville native and an actor we're going to be barricaded in a room, my dad it has been shot going into today, she wants to use her performance skills to help the situation seems authentic as possible. just going to get into character and try to help the police out and make it as real for them as possible. training is geared towards first responders yuba county
8:33 pm
undersheriff residents. he says he hopes the volunteers are able to take away some tips for dealing with law enforcement in an emergency situation law enforcement personnel are coming in with very limited information on this. >>they may not be able to differentiate you between the suspect that is causing us harm. >>so for that matter listen everything they say keep your hands in plain view let them know that you're complying. >>it's the kind of information you hope you never have to know, but under sheriff morrison ski says that doesn't mean you can ignore reality. it's the world we live in as much as i would like to say that this could never happen in our community are at a venue like this. unfortunate fact is is that it can so the best that man is preparation. >>eyes step outside see how things are shaping up on this wednesday looks like the visitor center the golden gate bridge and somewhat of a hazy day out there as we're joined by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow break down what we can see later this week, yeah we're going to see some nice cooling hear other parts of the country they're not going to be so lucky we're talking about a major heat wave stretching across a good
8:34 pm
part of the country over the next few days probably into the weekend and maybe into next week as well huge dome. >>of high pressure buildg in overhead that ridge going to say these temperatures across the country. well into the 90's triple digits that's not uncommon in phoenix but these numbers stretch up to 98 lincoln about 96 in wichita 95 in dallas and that's too long. all that moisture. coming up off the gulf to so moist air yet the humidity running high in those hot temperatures to and well the bay area that sea breeze can look pretty good as we're going to see some cooler numbers along the coastline beautiful evening out you can actually see out the tractor the earlier shows the faa was coming in so low disappeared he just see the top of the sales for spilling out of the likely led away just a little to return in the next few hours and you can see just kind of eroding along the coastline. they're the reinforcement starting lineup off the coast that will be pushing onshore a little bit later on tomorrow you see mostly sunny skies and sepsis craft some patchy morning fog right out toward the zoo. you're probably still cloudy there but you get toward the ballpark. you'll see some sunshine, 71 degrees in
8:35 pm
oakland sunny all day there and 7 lots of sunshine in san jose about 83 degrees warm into the afternoon. low clouds and to move in along the thicken up overnight tonight and it will be in place tomorrow morning when you get up really kind of hugging the coast all told a long tomorrow and then a little less far as we get into friday, but the damage will be done temperatures going to coming down over the next couple of days least a couple degrees. and then the numbers go to start to march back up a little bit over the weekend but next week we saw that heat across the u s some of us are to work its way in our direction by the middle of next week. >>well police department in tennessee is sounding the alarm about math gators laredo police department posted a warning to facebook on saturday. after officers found a suspect trying to flush math and paraphernalia down the toilet. it's a it's become a big issue for the city because drugs in the sewer system and up and retention ponds before they are sent down stream.
8:36 pm
authorities are afraid that the drugs could be consumed by gators and other animals. the post of quote shutter to think ne all hyped up on meth >>nasa and ilan mosque are teaming up for liftoff. the new plans for exploring space. >>also comic con is celebrating 50 years in san diego this weekend. how panelist plan on honoring marvel icon stan lee. >>and he may not have known it, but it's national hot dog day so tonight on dine and dish the kular bianco shows us a plac - hey, mike.
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>>when it comes to hot dogs the bay area does pretty well in that department joey chestnut of san jose of course is the top dog in the nation. nathan's hot dog eating contest. and san jose's matt stonie no slouch either. >>today on national hot dog day vicki liviakis had the greatest job around out there. she takes us to the home of the hot. >>chance of hot dog eating both from the south bay. and that's exactly where in these cases this week way and every day is national hot dog day serving up hot dog since the 1930's a hot dog eating the champ in the hot dog eating champ. and no not today, we
8:40 pm
have one each 3 of them. hedges down a ways in los gatos is happy now another long time. >>this right up hot they're big or they're just a moment here. >>on aficionados swear by their labor. i got a chilly she's out. she's and remind me that outside the doggy dogg competitive world of my dog eating it is after all what they would be 20 and never has and will be oc is kron 4 news.
8:41 pm
>>hungary. well you want to submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery or food truck to dine and dish. you can nominate them by sending an e-mail to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page. >>a very popular tourist destination for a lot of people here in the bay area but people who live there are getting pretty tired of the visitors will explain. >>in sports. the red hot giant sunday's win again and for san francisco and is a caught it was an accomplishment that is almost 8 years in the making.
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>>the kron 4 news today, some big sur residents are fed up with tourists flooding into the area and took extreme measures to get the point across authorities say the unknown vandal or vandals put an anti tourists message on display and caused a bit of a stir kyla glenville reports. >>over tourism is killing big sur. these are the words painted in big bold letters on a parking turnout right next to bixby bridge. this comes days after a large banner was hung over the famous spot with the same message. i think that people. >>have the right to make their voice heard but there's a right way to go about that and i think is not the correct way to go about that. >>others it doesn't bother as vice is going to from that.
8:45 pm
terrorism does reallroom places are shown a skies. a and we understand but coming from a bind. same time you know you probably have a lot businesses along here has been a lot of tears and the message also caught the attention of california highway patrol. >>who says the cost of labor and materials to clean up everything is around $1700 and says whoever did this is facing felony charges mckayla hawkins comes to the area often she says this is the spot to be shared. it is. >>for everyone here tourists turn on. you should be able to come and nobody's doing them a charm to it so it is understandable, but they want you know placed a thriving businesses to thrive they do need to have the worst to come. >>again that was kyler lindo reporting the group that hung the sign across the bixby bridge last week says it wasn't behind this recent case of vandalism in the parking lot. the highway patrol is also investigating. 130,000
8:46 pm
people are expected at this year's comic-con in san diego. >>but the event's 50th year also marked the first convention since the death of stanley 3 panels at the events starting tomorrow. honor the marvel is known by old-school comic fans as head writer copy editor, the comic giant since the 1960's, younger fans may know him from his many cameos in marvel superhero films. we tireless evangelists for s a his company, he worked for decades to make sure his characters got the treatment they deserved on the big and small screens stanley died last november at 95 years old. >>there has been a lot of fascination with the space program in this country, especially since it's been 50 years since man landed on the moon. >>and nasa and others have bigger plans that may change mankind forever though omar jimenez 6 planes.
8:47 pm
>>there's may be no better time to dive back into the wonder of space exploration than the 50 year anniversary of apollo 11 as the united states celebrates the conquering of one front here. others loom on the horizon it starts with going back bring the first woman and the next manned by 2024. with the goal of sustainability this is the proving ground. it is how we learn to live and work on another world. >>using the resources of that world. >>it's a first step that may well serve as a launchpad the moon can train us in the going the samples back from mars which trains into what to look forward to we get to know mars well enough. >>so when we send those first women and men to mars. we'll know the mars we're going to. >>but managing resources for those missions may come down to a merging of 2 worlds. won't be in the private sector too and that means companies like elan musk's space x who in 2018. >>launch its signature falcon
8:48 pm
heavy rocket and in unprecedented fashion landed 2 of the first-stage rocket boosters up right and back on earth. >>those epic a destroyed. most exciting ever seen. ever. >>and during a week meant to look back at a crowning achievement. it's looking for it and may ultimately have the largest impact that's how we inspire that's how we create the next generation of scientist or engineer for our country. omar jimenez kron 4 news. >>we have some breaking news right now in the east bay to tell you about several people are reporting a plume of black smoke in richmond. we're told there is flaring going on right now at the chevron refinery we're still working to get more details what we know so far that the flaring started around 7.30. so a short time ago right now there's no word on how long the flaring is expected to last but we are told the contra costa county fire has issued a community
8:49 pm
notification we'll continue to keep an eye on this story, we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we get more information. >>well at this rate bay area baseball is about to take over the major leagues, another great day for the giants in days and will begin with bruce bocce club looking for a rare four-game sweep at coors field, let's go to colorado the giants have been on a roll. ruin the rockies mascot dana 3rd batter the game pablo sandoval gets things started reagan went down the right-field line into the corner, brand is built in austin slater come home to giants on the rocks thought that the tide 5, 5, in the 6th donovan solano keen to left center gone for a solo homer 6, 5, giants career day for so 4 for 5 with a couple of r b i top 8 giants of 3 kevin a large lines want to center field stephen vogt scores, what was the eventual winning
8:50 pm
run in 9, 5, giants, san francisco goes on to win for their first out the war game sweep in colorado came to in years position got to the oakland coliseum now for another red hot the area team, the a's. bottom second to nothing mariners they're to and fro fox last to right center says to run tater for profar the first of a to jack day game knotted at 2. the a's, us to 3, 2, lead on a solo homer this one, a shot to straightaway center john for another solo job for the former cal star for to oakland. to the opposite field carries out of the yard for a three-run home run 7 to blow it open a's win 10 to they hit 6 home it to give homer bailey more than the support he needed a started giving 2 runs over 5 innings oakland has won. >>12 of its
8:51 pm
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>>a controlled burn is laurel county almost turned into a bad situation for a kitten. >>they're really mushy addicts reports how a group of firefighters with their new furry friend from this fire. >>i was meet the newest member of the stockton family, it's 2 to 3 weeks old. >>she's just starting to get beds in your mouth her little teeth are coming ms. they coming in the morning. i
8:54 pm
didn't sleep. now she's even like a champ. >>stock and family didn't find this little kid and that the they found her in the midst of this controlled burn yesterday along for delia road solano county deputies for there to help sassoon firefighters as the burned several acres of dry tall grass and shrubs then all of a sudden price all the mother cat with 2 navies in the going towards the bush is in the back fire area >>now in the bushes. >>so we all kind of looked at each other like oh you know we started breaking on the bush is in. >>listen for the catan car around trying to find and hopefully there wasn't any other was there. >>fortunately there weren't, but mama cat left this little one behind so the deputies contacted animal control who told him that kittens this
8:55 pm
young would have to be fostered because they need to have frequent bottle feedings i've always known in my life has always been a big cat lover and so i called in kind of a honeydew and his wife shawna and their 12 year-old son ty responded immediately to take the little one home had a feeling that one says cag got to the house that. it wasn't going to go anywhere and he's bright she's now with her forever family but now what should she be named. >>so yeah i be in the certainly this kid in the band in in kind of the worst of circumstances. you know it's nice to be able to see drive you know in and have saw the be a part of our family. >>smokey panda right there was this special senator wants mean this talking about found i'm sure it's going to be very happy. kitty yeah exactly well that wraps up kron 4 news today that our prime time coverage just getting started on this wednesday night grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at
8:56 pm
night. >>gentlemen, thank you next and 9 we know the bay area can be tough right. but there's a new option check this out how much it would cost you to hop on a helicopter from the east bay and then get right down to the peninsula details next in a live report plus tragedy hits in northern california family, a 9 year-old little girl. >>electrocuted while she was swimming. what authorities think is the cause and reaction from grieving loved ones and we're tracking breaking news as we speak there's flaring happening at the chevron refinery in richmond we have details there straight ahead, keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break. - hey, mike.
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check out this time-space wormhole i created. - how's it work? - let me see your togo, and i'll show you. - burt! you have my lunch. - introducing togo's new hot chicken trio. the new brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, bacon, and fresh avocado. the hot buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. and the tangy barbecue. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? >>well we have to tell you battling bay area traffic
9:00 pm
trying to get anywhere is a chore in the bay area specially though during rush hour right i'm grant lotus. >>and good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis one flying taxi start up those trying to cut down hours of commuting into just minutes conference gayle on took a ride along with boyd today she joins us now live. with the story so there's hope >>yeah that vicky in grand a traffic is getting so bad and that's why people are trying to get around it at all costs literally. >>around the same time we took this flight drivers on the ground snarled in traffic are going the same distance journey more than and our it takes just 10 minutes or so to get from palo alto to oakland and vice versa. >>$195 each way we have a lot of people that use it one to 2 times per week. >>and it generally folks to what that extra time at home with their family. >>blade a star b


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