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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 17, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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trying to get anywhere is a chore in the bay area specially though during rush hour right i'm grant lotus. >>and good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis one flying taxi start up those trying to cut down hours of commuting into just minutes conference gayle on took a ride along with boyd today she joins us now live. with the story so there's hope >>yeah that vicky in grand a traffic is getting so bad and that's why people are trying to get around it at all costs literally. >>around the same time we took this flight drivers on the ground snarled in traffic are going the same distance journey more than and our it takes just 10 minutes or so to get from palo alto to oakland and vice versa. >>$195 each way we have a lot of people that use it one to 2 times per week. >>and it generally folks to what that extra time at home with their family. >>blade a start-up based in
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new york saw the commuting nightmare as a business opportunity with traffic at a standstill in many parts of the bay area the flying taxi company started daily helicopter flights across the region in march, you actually have during rush hour drives it can take between one and a half and 2 hours. >>given the constraints on the bridges and we can replace that with a 7 minute helicopter flight. it actually costs almost the same as an uber. >>we checked uber ride from palo alto airport when he took off oakland i ternational airport where we landed cost about $38 to almost $70 one way. we asked people if they d pay almost $200 to avoid gridlock. a helicopter. >>you know paid $2 that's just too much money. i mean the commute is bad what is of dollars that they find. >>the money. i would do it yes out think about it let's say maybe with a discount at the beginning. now we are up in
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the air for about 15 minutes from palo alto to oakland if you want to try it out it they do offer flights on weekdays across the bay area and napa on weekends reporting live in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news all right gail some breaking news right now in the east bay, several people are reporting a plume of black smoke in richmond we're told. >>there is flaring going on at the chevron refinery we're still working to get details. but what we know so far is that the firing started about 00:30pm tonight. all right now there's no word just how long the flooring will last we are told contra costa county fire is issuing a community notification we will continue to keep an eye on this story and bring you the very latest grant. >>presidential candidate tom stier made his first campaign stop in san francisco today since announcing his run for the democratic presidential nomination. he's a well-known bay area billionaire and
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activist who's been all over tv advocating for president trump's impeachment. and today spoke of folks in the mission kron four's taylor sackey was there. she joins us now live so taylor was there a sense from folks who attended that stier has an actual shot in this race. >>as you mentioned while it had a late start to the race. he says he's not worried about it because much of his campaigning started many years ago right here in his hometown of san francisco, a grassroots effort now today discussed his decision to run for president his campaign and his vision to reform what he calls a broken political system it a lot has to be done. he says the 2 most important things to get done our degree the best health care system for americans, not corporations and address our time emergency. >>2 things we're talking about. retaking the democracy from the corporations. and we need to act on climate right now they want is an emergency.
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let's act like it's an emergency. this is just one of them in 19 policy issues we need to check the box and have a plan that somebody wrote forces, one that's a completely different question. this is life or death, let's feel >>now during that entire one our sit-down conversation star kept hammering his point that he's going to promise to speak the truth that he hopes that that will resonate with voters, especially with his late start reporting live in san francisco tailored to sack the problem. >>new thank you 3 men have been arrested in connection with the murder and armed robbery at a valero shop. it happened back in december of 2016 on advantage on springs road that is when police say the armed men wearing masks as you can see there stormed in and gave orders to employees the store owner timothy polls was shot and killed a man in a wheelchair in a dog. we're also shot, but they survive to the man will be arraigned in court next week. well it
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worked. >>to shake alert earthquake early warning system is still in a test phase here in the bay area and along the west coast. but the early returns are promising yet every second to helps yesterday when a magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck. near black hawk researchers at u c berkeley seismological lab say that they were tipped off before they felt the shaking. our first live chat on report. >>this is the alert that popped up on jennifer strauss's desktop tuesday afternoon when a 4.3 magnitude earthquake rumbled 7 and a half miles east of black hawk i got 4 seconds of warning before the shake so this was a great example of how the shakealert system can provide. >>earthquake early warning for bay area residents even when the earthquake originates in the bay area strauss receiving the alert from her office at the u c berkeley seismological lab, she's a regional coordinator for shakealert northern california 4 seconds gives you a couple of things first it gives you the knowledge that what you're
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feeling are about to feel is indeed an earthquake and not just a big truck going by. it also would give you enough time to drop c ver and hold on which is generally the recommended advice for what you should do when you feel taking the shake alert system is a pilot program sponsored by the united states geological survey. >>u c berkeley is one of several universities on the west coast involved in the testing. right now the system isn't fully funded and therefore can't share warnings yet with the public. but strauss says ultimately that's the goal. the quake system that we have right now she color. >>is actively monitoring earthquakes usually above magnitude 3.5. >>that doesn't mean that all communication methods are going to push out information for an earthquake of that magnitude she adds the length of the warning is not fixed it changes depending on how far you are from the epicenter of the earthquake and the fault that shakes in berkeley fleet of all kron 4 news. >>where do you live civil
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grand jury report released today found that some san francisco neighborhoods may be more vulnerable to fire damage in the event of a major quake. the city's seismically safe high pressure hillary water system supply doesn't reach all parts of the city neighborhoods like the outer richmond outer sunset. bayview in hunters point among others are especially vulnerable. the report says city leaders have known about this deficiency for decades mud. a safe high pressure system is not set for completion for the next 35 years or more. the civil grand jury is now recommending that the city come up with a plan by the end of 2020 to extend all protections to all neighborhoods. >>a new report says the size of wildfires here in california have increased dramatically over the last 50 years due to climate change that study published in the journal earth's future says that the annual burned area in the state has increased 5 100% since the 1970's and that human-caused warming is the culprit are the problem is that more water is evaporating from the atmosphere and that
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effect is expected to double by the year 2060. in 2017 2018 california spent over one and a half billion dollars on wildfires. more than any previous 2 year period. the study notes that while fires will continue to grow in size in the coming decades. well it was have worry sunny beautiful day all across the bay as we take this a shot here of san francisco hiding out in a blanket of. fog lasts till little bit of daylight here at 9 oh 8 that flaw that fog is just. >>gorgeous as it cascades through the bay across the bridge chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is no worries with fires tonight as many cool and a little bit of humidity out there so we're in good shape correct and not as windy as it was yesterday remember yesterday we had some 30 mile an hour gusts tonight we're not seen that in fact work it's a little bit of a break a high pressure to the east of us now we've got kind of trouble on the west coast. so that's going to usher in some cooler air temperatures.
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>>are going to be coming down, but yeah, boy beautiful evening out there look at the fog. she's kind of magical as it slips its way inside the golden gate bridge once again it was here in the afternoon a pullback again and now sort of move back on shore as the fog makes its way through the golden gate over the headlands as well so that is going to thicken up this evening and well it's going make club start tomorrow morning across parts of the bay area but still looking at some a changes ahead as the cooler air is on the way looking to temper on now you see some of the clouds are gathering along the marin headlands and pushing inside the bay right now more than on the way overnight tonight as we had a band the fog moved in in the afternoon it kind of broke up and now we've got another strong band that is moving on shore and that'll bring with it some more clouds on the way the winds. yep we've got that onshore breeze blowing right now to 20 miles per hour. the strongest. i can find right now but other than that it's looking pretty good just a gentle breeze on shore right now. it's a very comfortable temperatures 73 degrees right now in san jose. there's also 73 in livermore still warm 82 in concord 55 in contrast in
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pacifica 59 degrees in san francisco, 58 temper on 68 in nevada still 70 very nice in san anselmo right now. still overnight tonight, we'll see plenty of low clouds and fog begin to fill in looks like a tomorrow will see mostly sunny skies but cooler temperatures in the afternoon. i think that cooling trend going to last over the next couple days but then we're going to start to warm things back up again as we look toward the weekend guys that lets forecast back to you. take you live another big story tonight the man accused of stabbing and killing nia wilson at macarthur bart station. >>has been found competent to stand trial. the crime was in july of last year 20 year-old john lee cal is facing murder and attempted murder charges. the wilson sister was also stabbed that day but survived the judge in the case initially suspended the criminal proceedings because he said there was evidence the cow was not mentally competent to stand trial. but today the judge ruled that cal is in fact a competent to stand trial. cal scheduled to enter a plea on august 2nd.
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>>2 window washers had to be rescued from the millennium tower in safrancisco this afternoon. they had been trapped on a platform some 10 floors above the ground. firefighters used their ladders to rescue the pair about 3 45 this afternoon. good news here, nobody was hurt. >>the noose was found on the stanford university campus near a building where summer school students are staying. you see it there disturbing no doubt as kron 4 sarah stinson reports now officials are trying to figure out who put it there. >>i'm standing here in the residential area of the stanford campus where a noose was found here from this bush in front of the cullum they have house take a look at this picture this is what deputies found when they responded to the report over the weekend and they saw this white rope approximately 3 feet long with a loop at the end suspended from a tall bush, i'm just.
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>>i'm so disheartened by that i mean i think i just think that's horrible. i don't think that that reflects the values of this community. at least that's my sense having lived on campus said live on campus for about 8 years though stanford has released a statement to us saying we feel it's important right now to say. >>at a news is recognized as a symbol of violence and racism directed against african american people's such a symbol has no place on our campus. >>they went on to say our community values affirm the dignity of all peoples and they have no room for discrimination and hate. >>my sense is that we have we really do have a loving community here and i'm just devastated about what happened here. >>currently there are high school students living in the colombo house are part of a surgical program we spoke to a few them who said they were not aware of the news and i was hanging in front of the house are living in now, but usually during the school year. this is a vegetarian house. a group of students
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who. support human rights and they hold lots of events of that sort but they're not living there at this time we're still waiting to hear back from stanford to get an update on their investigation that stanford sarah stinson back to you. >>but active shooter situation is becoming more and more and sadly more than a dozen yuba county area law enforcement fire and other emergency response agencies are teaming up to train for the worst case scenario trying to be ready come and take your son reports now from the toyota at the theater. it was just a drill. but an elaborate plan. >>involving about 400 people. and trying to get first responders their best chance at preparing for the more than a dozen yuba county area law enforcement fire and other emergency response agencies teamed up for this training led by the yuma county sheriff's department that no other details but that they
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would be responding to an active shooter simulation at the toyota and the theater in yuba county. the concert goers are 200 volunteers from the area pretty crazy and honestly think is kind of scary to think about us a situation like this that could actually happen. >>including former fox 40 employee out and has a marysville native and an actor we're going to be barricaded in a room, my dad it has been shot going into today, she wants to use for performance skills to help the situation seems authentic as possible. just going to get into character and try to help the police out and make it as real for them as possible. training is geared towards first responders yuba county undersheriff residents. he says he hopes the volunteers are able to take away some tips for dealing with law enforcement in an emergency situation law enforcement personnel are coming in with very limited information on this. >>they may not be able to differentiate you between the suspect that is causing us harm. >>so for that matter listen everything they say keep your hands in plain view let them know that you're complying.
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>>it's the kind of information you hope you never have to know, but under sheriff morrison ski says that doesn't mean you can ignore reality. it's the world we live in as much as i would like to say that this could never happen in our community are at a venue like this. unfortunate fact is is that it can so the best that man is preparation. >>more now on that breaking ws out of richmond we were telling you about chevron has just released new information about the flaring at the refinery officials say that flaring occurred at the refinery there in richmond starting at about 7.30 it has now stopped, that's the update. chevron says the flaring didn't pose any environmental or health risk to the community. again the company chevron says the flaring at the richmond facility has now ceased we'll continue to keep an eye on this for sure bring you the latest here on kron 4 in kron 4 dot com. meanwhile, alleged carjacker has been arrested after a high speed chase with the chp from san francisco to oakland police say a couple was just parking their car near o farrell street around to this morning in the city
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when they were approached by a gunman police say the thief demanded there car keys and then took off chp officers chased the car across the bay bridge into oakland, they say the crook crashed a stolen car on seminary avenue and was that arrested suicide by train is a growing problem, especially along the peninsula in recent years and now suicides are becoming a problem for the smart rain along the sonoma rain rail line kron 4 said kermit reports since june 5 people have been struck and killed by smart trains along the sonoma marin rail corridor. >>several at the golf course tried crossing in rohnert park. officials say none have been the result of train operator error instead they were the result of people not paying attention. >>4 suicide. he says not a trained prices, the seas health and public health crisis. and now we're dealing with. >>that wednesday's meeting of the smart board of directors, the general manager announced the creation of a task force
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that will bring together more than 30 suicide prevention law enforcement and county mental health agencies to determine what can be done to deal with the issue. we need to get the professionals involved. >>when when's somebody decides to jump out of the bush in front of the train, it's too late, we got to figure out how to prevent them before they get to that point for those simply not paying attention. smart is in the process of installing 17 of the z gates with another 13 on the way. >>well for the first time congress today heard from the family members of people lost in those 2 deadly boeing 7.37 max 8 crash. you know. >>one who told his heart wrenching stories urging lawmakers to ground the plane indefinitely as the investigation into the crash is continues trevor shirley has more. >>the boeing 7, 3, 7, marks crashes killed my wife. my 3 children. my mommy, no and 341
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others it's sitting in front of the house aviation committee who called europa wanted lawmakers to know his story i wanted him to be late. >>to all paid i wanted them to know that it is a global trying to he lost his entire family in the ethiopian air crash last march, one of 2 crashes leading to the worldwide grounding of the 7.37 max 8 plane. it made for >>and uh i think it's and it was important for us to hear that. >>congressman ross panel says he doesn't think congress has gotten the full story as to what may have caused those crashes. we still haven't heard from. >>the experts as it relates to. the the the folks that actually built the airlines the computer systems. it's widely believed faulty sensors from an anti stall system were responsible. >>on wednesday boeing announced $50 million would go to the victims families. >>to me nice to and i want
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everybody to know and nobody has received any money he doesn't want the planes to fly again, but we'll leave that decision to the experts. >>i do believe job to make when they go back out, yes it. wants to sign this means. >>a question travelers not congress may ultimately decide on their own. reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>still to come we've heard that eating less beef will help save the planet now. how many burgers per week people are being asked to give up. the house has derailed in effort to impeach president trump because of his racial insults against 4 of the party's congresswoman. and why some experts say should stop listening to them. it's that people have heard about how to save money on hotels. temperatures cooling down here but heating up elsewhere around the us, surprisingly warm we'll talk about
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>>for your money tonight seems bank america didn't really struggle in its 2nd quarter know that bank has plenty of money to the hay bank of america announced it made record profits, thanks in part to americans spending habits, bank of america announcing it made nearly 7 and a half billion dollars that's a jump in profits of 8% and if you think that's good for the bank. it also share that so far in the first 6 months of this year. it's taken in
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billion that also a new record for b of a. travel experts say that there are 3 hotel booking miss you should consider number one your arrival date doesn't matter according to travel comparison website hopper. >>the least expensive day of the week is sunday with tuesday being the most expensive myth number 2 you should always look at the last minute the pro se, not necessarily because it depends on the destination and date of your travel myth number 3. if you comparison shop you'll find the best price. this is. well this one is actually very true, but you've got to be careful because as soon as you see the deal book and then monitor the price when she see something better to sri mark and make sure that the hotel has friendly cancellation policies. the price of bags and retail stores in san francisco is getting more expensive. the board of supervisors approved an ordinance that will raise the price by $0.15 weaning it's now been a cost $0.25. every time you don't bring your own
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bag. well you go out shopping the ordinance also requires produce bags to be composed double are made from recycled paper this is all in an effort to reduce waste if approved by mayor london breed the price would increase is going to go into effect on july first of next year. >>it is celebrating 50 years in san diego, this weekend. how people planned to honor marvel icon stan lee. >>a new report says stay at home mom us risk memory loss, the findings coming up. >>and that groping case against actor kevin spacey has now been thrown out what happened to the accuser's phone and why charges are no longer being filed. >>and the president was just a little kron four's award-winning original documentary and people haven't if you're going to worry about earthquakes don't live in this area a must-see week special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls. the failed. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies
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saturday july 27th at 9 on kron
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>>so capital punishment now in the state supreme court could possibly weigh in on whether prosecutors should keep pursuing death penalty cases this despite the governor's current moratorium kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what could prompt the court to decide. >>regardless of governor
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newsom moratorium on the death penalty prosecutors from across the state continue to seek new capital punishment cases as cleaning johnson faces the death penalty his lawyers are appealing to the state supreme court to block a capital murder trials while the moratorium is in place, says. johnson's lead attorney robert sanger says jurors have to believe their choice is a life or death decision but with no one executed in california and more than a decade and with gavin newsome in office he says it's not. the a's pursuing capital punishment have said it's their right to do so sanger says it's a waste of resources. course toll takers.
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in sacramento several da's announced in april they would seek the death penalty against the suspected golden state killer joseph de angelo sacramento county da anne marie schubert has been a leader in the golden state killer investigation and a vocal critic of the governor's moratorium we reach out to her for comment wednesday, but she was not available. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>berkeley is the first city in the state to ban natural gas pipelines in new buildings to reduce climate change that means that gas flame. a stop to tow a stows and gas powered heat will not be permitted in residential buildings. the ordinance would begin with new low-rise residential buildings and single family homes will eventually expand all new buildings. it won't affect existing buildings though. now to a tragic story in sacramento county where a 9 year-old girl has died. she was electrocuted while. >>swimming in the family's pool marley martinez has reaction now from loved ones who are grieving. >>going to leave a hole in
9:30 pm
everybody's heart family friends recall the last time they saw mckenzie kenley i kissed them both good night. and i told them i love them. a ray of sunshine the 9 year-old is having sleep over with jeannie producers granddaughter, just 3 days before she was electrocuted in her family's pool in citrus heights. i just fell to my knees i mean it was just as bad. if it would have been my own granddaughter, a spitfire as family friends called her that little girl was so special. i mean she had long red hair down to her little she loved everybody to watch or she liked her she she would always put on a show for you serena krueger as her mom's best friend, according to sec metro fire mckenzie died sunday afternoon after e was electrocuted by a wire attached to one of the underwater pull light under repair i'm air moment, the hospital hoping because you never think it's going to happen. the i i i still don't think it happened. it's that's
9:31 pm
so tragic. the cheerleaders soccer player and talent show and see. mckenzie was looking for to 5th grade at loomis grammar school all because they don't have friends have lost their only friend. and she was a person that she can make somebody smile she would like her friend aaron hernandez have there's no i would have got a i didn't have a so confident to go up to her because i just and she came up to me and i and i knew that we would. >>through tears the 12 year-old says he wants to make sure his friend mckenzie is remembered for her kindness fish know hopefully to match an ice shop. >>meanwhile tonight in san francisco, there is a proposal to temper early turn the parking lot into a safe place for homeless folks who are living in vehicles covers maureen kelly has reaction to the plan from the neighborhood. >>people living in our v's and other vehicles are becoming a larger part of san francisco's
9:32 pm
growing homeless population 17% rise in homelessness citywide. >>what 68% of that increase these people living in vehicles. >>supervisor cautious a fight he says he's been hearing complaints from his district residents for the past 2 years. >>see more trash we're seeing more illegal dumping. >>so he's proposing to turn in old parking lot across from the bout boulevard station into a place for about 30 homeless vehicles, what's being called the vehicle tree arts center, we'll have security guards bathrooms and on site staff to help coordinate social services for the people staying here those allowed in will first be screened and then able to park here for 90 days as they wait to be transition. >>into permanent housing, this is not going to be a navigation center. >>this is not going to be a magnet for people to come from all over you were only be able to come here if you are referred in a vehicle. >>do this i knew my found jose mud rondo living out of his truck parked up the street,
9:33 pm
it's been his home for 2 years. he says he'd love a safe place to park with the ability to wash up and cold having the opportunity of having someone helped him find permanent housing. the answer to his prayers. but this is just a temporary solution as this law is slated to become. >>affordable housing breaking ground in the fall of next year still neighbors have mixed feelings. >>i mean nobody really wants this new that they really are going to monitor the waist and a i think that takes away a lot of the the concern of people dumping things on the street. >>neighbors will be given a chance to take a look at that proposed plan to turn this parking lot into a vehicle tree oz center. at a community meeting scheduled for this saturday at the elbow a high school maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>national news now the house as the effort by a maverick democrat to impeach president trump because of the
9:34 pm
presidents racial insult against 4 of the party's congress women of color. the vote today to kill the proposal by texas congressman al green was defeated 332 to 95 democrats oppose the effort by a 3 to 2 margin. while all republicans voted to kill the effort. earlier today, house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about the impeachment effort and why she does not support it. >>we have 6 committees are working one of following the facts in terms any abuse of power. a section of justice and the rest that the current president meeting gauged in that is a serious path that we're not that mister green is not serious. the deal with that on the floor. >>it was the 3rd time green has forced the house to vote on removing president trump but the first time since democrats took control of the chamber earlier this year as you heard pelosi says she prefers a go slow approach to developing a stronger case.
9:35 pm
they could be more acceptable to the public. >>hop online. >>has a history of launching this year's anti semitic. >>a rally in north carolina and the crowd behind him started chanting send her back referring to one of the 4 congresswomen of color that the president has targeted the so-called squad he's been tweeting about them and the at the rally tonight president trump did not hold back in continuing that narrative and he did not stop the crowd from chanting send her back either. >>another story we're covering for you tonight 130,000 people are expected at this year's comic con and san diego, but the event's 50th year will also mark the first convention. >>since the death of stanley 3 panels at the event starting thursday will honor the marvel
9:36 pm
comics patriarch lee the head writer and copy editor at the comic giant since the 1960's is widely loved the is also known for his many cameos in marvel's superhero films. >>a criminal case against actor kevin spacey has been dismissed by a da in massachusetts, according to a court filing the da cited the unavailability of the complaining witness as the reason for dropping the charges against spacey spacey has been accused of groping an 18 year-old in july of 2016 at a nantucket bar where the teen work the case changed last week after the accuser pleaded the 5th, and refuse to testify the defense team claimed the text messages on the teen cell phone had been deleted and that the cell phone itself was missing. >>we've got low clouds and fog now moving into the bay cooler temperatures on the way to will talk about that coming up. one big topic among presidenti candidates his health care coming up we're
9:37 pm
going to take a look at how. >>each democratic candidate plans to improve health care and in sports, the red knot giant sunday's keep on rolling in for the giants they did something they haven't done in
9:38 pm
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>>oh yes, another stellar afternoon for the giant today's 2 squads that have been among the league's best through the early part of the
9:40 pm
summer will begin with bruce bocce club looking for a rare four-game sweep at coors field. let's go to colorado. the giants have been on a roll ruin this mascot today, 3rd batter the game pablo sandoval gets things started breaks one down the right-field line into the corner, brandon belt austin slater come home to zip joints the rockies would fight back tied at 5, 5, in the 6th donovan solano those deep to left center gone for a solo home run 6 to 5 giants career day for so 4 for 5 with a couple of r b i top of the 8th gian up 3 kevin paul r. well our power lines want to center field stephen vogt scores, what was the eventual winning run, 95 giants the san francisco winds, 11 aids for their first four-game sweep in colorado in 8 years, let's go out to the oakland coliseum for another red hot the area team, the a's bottom second to nothing mariners jurickson profar blast to right center to run tater for profar the
9:41 pm
first of the 2 jack today, game and not at 2. then we go to the 6th mark gave the a's a 3, 2, lead on a solo homer this one a shot to straightaway center breaking out the home runs today, gone for another solo job for the former cal star for to oakland. still in the 6th chad pindar let's one deep to the opposite field carries out of the yard for a three-run bomb 7, 2, days blow, it open a's win 10 to the hit 6 home runs give homer bailey, some good run support the a's. the started keep 2 runs over 5 innings oakland has won 12 of its last 14 coming up on kron 4 sports attend. we'll check in with one of the young warriors expected to see some increased playing time next season and also a preview of golf's final major of
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>>is the latest democratic presidential candidate to propose a plan to lower drug prices said idea. she announced her plan on tuesday a day after joe biden rolled out his health care policy proposal, cnn's ryan nobles is keeping track. once again front and center on the 2020 campaign trail. >>we can't afford right now that the pharmaceutical companies have been jacking up prices over and over and over again and we have got to restructure the health care system of america kamel harris
9:45 pm
unveiling a plan to lower the costs of prescription drugs calling for the federal government to set a fair price for prescription sold a cheaper prices in economically comparable countries. >>and a tax of 100% on profits the drugmakers collect from selling prescriptions above that fair price to harris plane comes just one day after joe biden released his comprehensive health care plan that includes a provision to lower drug costs biden is calling for an independent panel to review the cost of drugs that have no competition in the market and a tax on increase prices that exceed the rate of inflation former vice president is seeking to draw a contrast with others in the democratic field. i forcefully defending the affordable care act passed during the obama biden administration and warning about what he sees as the flaws with medicare for all but the transition of dropping 300 million people on a new plan. >>a totally new and he says i think kind of a a little risky at this point. bernie sanders
9:46 pm
returning fire this morning. i like joe and i hope we. >>we'll have this debate. you know, but when joe says to the effect that medicare for seniors, what he's able end. i mean that just an obvious lee absurd situation as the candidates work to one up each other on the policy front. the view of the money raised is coming into sharper focus this campaign's finish reporting their second-quarter fundraising numbers south bend, mayor people to judge led the field in the 2nd quarter raising nearly million. >>the midwest may are also emerging as a hollywood favorite medical cashing checks from stars like jennifer aniston kevin in star trek star george takei has for the most cash on hand it is sanders who still refuses to hold fund-raisers but currently leads with more than $27 million while beto o'rourke who raise million in just 3 weeks in the 1st
9:47 pm
quarter brought in only million over the past 3 months. >>the new study pretty interesting it says a woman's paid job could have positive long-term benefits on her health, even when that this hard and stressful researchers at ucl found that having a paying job could protect women from memory loss later in life the results showing memory decline was consistently. fast among women who never had a job outside the home. stay at home mom saw their memory decline 61% faster over a 10 year period compared to women who had paying jobs outside the home and the decline was 83% faster for single moms who are not in the workforce, what researchers saw as the most beneficial to working outside the home, social engagement. the researchers say those jobs allowed women to better build a social network that prevented them from losing their memory is fast. cdc says drug overdose deaths here in
9:48 pm
the us actually declined 5.1% in 2018. it's the first time in 25 years that overdose deaths will not have increased and have come down just a little bit national center for health statistics estimates there were 68,000 557 drug overdose side deaths in 2018 an estimated 47,590 involved. >>opioids that want to help save the planet you might want to think about cutting back on the amount of and if you eat how much well according to the latest research from the world resources institute eating about burger and a half less per week by 2050. yeah, they're expected to be some 10 billion people on the planet then in order to feed everybody americans will need to cut back about 40 percent. the reason is the cows require about 20 times more land and make more than 20 times more greenhouse gas like methane and a growing plant scout also grow and reproduce lower and pigs and chickens so they need more food and walk.
9:49 pm
>>the world health organization says the deadly ebola outbreak in congo is now an international health emergency that's after the virus spread this week to a city of 2 million people congo's ministry of health says there's been a confirmed case in goma that's more than 200 miles south of butembo where the world's second largest ebola outbreak started last year that outbreak has killed more than 1600 people when is unfolding in a region now described as a war zone. >>according to some health experts fans really are 2 friends and extreme temperatures if you live in an area with high humidity. health experts warn that won't be enough to keep you cool fans move air of your skin evaporating moisture more quickly than usual. these health officials say when looking into heat related deaths, they see that people are more likely to die with a fan on and then without interesting. health department says that fans aren't all that bad, but they have to be combined with other ways of staying cool like cool showers cool drinks and cool calm. it
9:50 pm
says. >>all right time to talk weather hot weather throughout the country. lawyers to do that that's interesting story right the more likely to die that said with a fan on and off yet that's a it depends on your right depends on the humidity or your body just cannot remove that moisture from your it's so humid outside right i just can't get the most from it, but yeah. >>wondering something cool. we got a crank up that he'd in fact across the u s how about this a lot of fans in the running across the united states and temperatures like this. this the beginning of some much hotter weather he wave across the united states 99 in lincoln for tomorrow 97 wichita, 96 very humid as you see some of that moisture coming up from the south in the dallas, new orleans checking and 88, you know it can be muggy there hot temperature triple digits, not a surprise into the desert these temperatures going to crank up not only here but around the united states are some the big story for the remainder of the may be well into next week as well and some of that he finally works its way in our direction outside right mostly a hazy
9:51 pm
conditions but some patchy fog into backing along the coastline. and we'll see more of this evening, some of that started out early on then faded away and now beginning to move back on shore again so more fog on the way as we get into tomorrow morning temperatures going to be in the 60's and the san francisco should be mostly sunny by the afternoon with some patchy fog lingering toward the sunset 72 degrees and mostly sunny skies and open about 82. in san jose low clouds and fog going to fill in overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so that will be inside the bay by the afternoon almost a pulled back toward the coastline. but by friday things change a little bit probably a little less cloud cover as we get into friday morning a little bit patchy and by the afternoon a lvttle more sunshine but temperatures going to coming down across the board tomorrow you see numbers, 50's 60's into san francisco along the coastline was book about 61 degrees patchy fog in the pacific about 66 in millbrae 67 in burlingame you'll see 70's along the peninsula about 80 degrees in mount view by tomorrow afternoon lot 80 showing up in the south bay and the places that have the 90's probably upper 80's
9:52 pm
tomorrow. so we'll watch those numbers cooling down just a little bit over the next couple of days numbers about 70 degrees berkeley, 67 degrees enrichment 82 in pittsburgh about 73 degrees in the napa valley along the coastline to see some cooler numbers with that patchy fog so plenty of sunshine in the pet loo in the afternoon about 80 degrees and 70 in sandra fell next couple days watch those temperatures begin to cool down just a tad and then warm back up on saturday and sunday and then we're talking about that heat well things getting hot by the middle of next week. you are use instagram facebook twitter whatever you price him is all over the place is pictures of what. >>people look like when they get significantly older it's this a cool one bassett is resurfacing. >>it's a cold face app but there's a warning tonight about privacy concerns and security concerns researchers say that your photos can be accessed by the developers there from russia. in order to use the artificial intelligence to age or picture. it is first uploaded to icloud giving developers access to all your pictures
9:53 pm
face ap says it is the leading most of those photos quickly but it's a little unclear just how many it is keeping and what they're being used for democratic national committee sent out a warning to 2020 presidential campaigns. not to use this app this after the dnc of course was hacked by russia prior to the 2016 election. it's national hot dog day station in know and so tonight on dine and dish will
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9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>>breaking news into our newsroom, a 4.6 earthquake has hit in hern california. it is northeast of bakersfield. >>right there along a highway. >>30 3.95. >>and that near the casa junction area there's a map showing us where happened just a few well just about 9 o'clock. >>it is again near cars junction in southern california bouts 170 miles just north of la we'll bring you more information as it comes and that's where they had that big 7.1 of week and a half ago and of course with the one near livermore yesterday so seismic lee active time here will continue to follow that meanwhile. >>when it comes to hot dogs at least folks who eat them at a ridiculous rate the perry, a reign supreme joey chestnut of course the nathan's hot dog eating champion, and we also san jose's that's tony no
9:57 pm
slouch either no sunday night on national hot dog day in case you didn't know. i'm taking you to the home with a hot dog. world champs, the south bay. >>chance of hot dog eating both from the south bay. and that's exactly where and in these cases this week way and every day is national hot dog day serving up hot dog since the 1930's a hot dog eating inspiration. the champ in the hot dog eating champ. us today, the company many years. and no not today, we have one each 3 of them. hedges down a ways in los gatos is happy now another long time. >>this right up hot they're
9:58 pm
big or they're just a moment here. >>aficionados swear by their labor. i got a chilly she's out. she's and remind me that outside the doggy dogg competitive world of my dog eating it is after all what they would be 20 and never has 3. >>3 or 4 different up so there's still time to not die. all right and on national hot dog day it's a way that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 dec up more hours but stick around our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour can weigh standing by with what we're working on for kron 4 news that at grant and vicki thank you very much exit and president trump intensified his attacks on 4 democratic congresswomen of color at a rally tonit in
9:59 pm
north carolina chance of send her home could be heard from the crowd. it's the latest in a war of words, the same day the house voted to kill a resolution to impeach the president. how bay area lawmakers are responding tonight and here's a video of a brand video of a flaring at the chevron refinery in richmond. it has since stopped, but we'll tell you what the company says happens there tonight and we're going to show you how one company is helping people dogs bay area traffic. but it's going to cost you details next in a live re
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