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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>an update on breaking news, we first brought you at 8 o'clock tonight, the chevron refinery in richmond was experiencing some flaring activity because of what is described as an upset at a process unit. yeah, the flurry started about 07:30pm tonight, a chevron spokesperson saying recently that the flaring. >>stopped after employees were able to address the problem we just got some new video from a viewer showing what people were seeing a big plume of black smoke there. chevron officials say the flaring did not pose any environmental or health risk to the community. we're told the contra costa county fire department has issued what they're calling a community notification because the flaring was visible flaring by the wealth tech,
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the technically helps keep the refinery running safely by relieving pressure in the refining process during certain times when pressure builds up, we'll certainly keep you posted on situation there in the suspect. you can hear chance of send her back a strong response from his supporters as. >>president trump continues his attacks on 4 democratic congresswomen who have been critical of his administration. >>on sunday president trump tweeted what many people call a racist messages to for congresswoman alexandria, ocasio-cortez i had a presley rashida to leave and million omar at a campaign rally tonight in north carolina, the president called the for congresswoman. filled extremists.
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>>and the suggestion for the hate filled the tree ms. >>who are constantly trying to tear our country down than ever to the good to say. that's why say hey if they don't like it a little believes let >>democratic presidential candidate and california senator kamala harris reacting to the president's remarks she tweeted it's vile it's cowardly it's bicketts racist id defies the office of the president and i will share it here it's time to get trump out of office and unite the country. the president's tweets led some congress. congressional democrats to call for president trump's impeachment, but that effort went nowhere tonight reid binion has the latest. >>and with the one answering present. the motion is adopted. >>the house voting overwhelmingly to kill democratic representative al
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green's so little bit to impeach president trump green defended his efforts saying quote in my opinion it didn't fail we have to make a statement to the american people that there are some among those who believe that president trump is unfit and should be impeached. greens impeachment attempts spawn from his belief that the president needs to be punished for his controversial tweets why would we. >>not saying the president a powerful message that this country will not tolerate bigotry racism hate not for house speaker nancy pelosi gave her reasoning why democrats want so eager to follow greens leader. >>we have 6 committees are working one. following the facts in terms any abuse of power. obstruction of justice and the rest that the current president meeting gauged in president trump weighed in on the vote on his way to a campaign rally in north carolina, the most ridiculous project i've ever been involved in that same end of it. >>let the democrats now go back to work. i'm reid binion
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reporting. >>bay area billionaire and activist tom stier is among those who advocated for president trump's impeachment. he made his first campaign stop in san francisco today as an official democratic presidential candidates have been seeing him on commercials for many years now he spoke in the mission district tonight meeting with voters and answering questions kron 4 sailors sackey was there she joins us now live with more details taylor. >>so you've had a late start to the race tighter says he's not worried about it. he says much of his campaigning started right here. this hometown of san francisco. many years ago and a grassroots effort. >>with a weak start to the 2020 presidential race in january. >>i said i wasn't going to run for president then because i felt like i needed to continue the need to impeach campaign. >>san francisco billionaire and no impeachment advocate tom stier says had a lot to do with president trump we were still a voice in the
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wilderness saying that this is the most corrupt president in american history. and these dangerous to the american people the constitution in the country stier made his first campaign stop in the mission district on wednesday discussing his decision to run for president his campaign goals and his vision to fix what he calls a broken political system at the top of his list, corporate takeovers especially in the american healthcare system what i really object to is this postell. >>corporate takeover of the democracy. i understand the difference between the mock receive and capitalism and i know they have to coexist i just don't want th. i don't want capitalism to take over the democracy and i the democracy is supposed to write the rules to control couples and that's the distinction and addressing the climate emergency. this is an emergency. let's act like it's an emergency. this is just one of them in 19 policy issues. we need check the box and have a plan that somebody wrote forces and that's a completely different question. this is life or death, let's feel
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>>they're also addressed issues specific to san francisco like homelessness and more. he says he promises to always speak the truth and he hopes that that message. the resident with voters as the race continues, reporting live in san francisco taylor bus at the time for news. >>taylor. thank you, san francisco may be viewed by outsiders as one of the most democratic cities in the nation but that doesn't mean they're republicans are extinct in the city tonight philanthropist and socialite dt will see hosted a fundraiser for president trump's reelection campaign. details have been extremely hard to come by, but kron four's noel bellow shares which she found out. >>in this day and age keeping a secret is certainly difficult. but the organizers of wednesday's event definipely did a good job in keeping it a mystery and for good reason back in 2016 you might remember a trump fundraiser held in san jose ended with a bit of a clash beeen protesters and supporters of the in fact they
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did keep it a secret but again eventually we were able to find out that it was being held here at this apartment across from the fairmont hotel off of california, donald trump junior and his girlfriend, kimberly guilfoyle were in attendance. >>triple local republican donors who don't have much to donate to here in the bay or something to get excited about and donate they will with tickets reportedly starting at a $1000 a pop. >>wednesday night's reelection fundraiser for president donald trump hosted by san francisco, social adt we'll see we'll bring in some cash ash the democratic party is certainly animated. >>and whoever is running is going to well provisioned and well funded and the president needs to have the bill does bigger platform as possible make sure that his message this delivered everywhere and that starts with raising money. >>chairman of the san francisco republican party john dennis as having a high and fundraiser like this reminds the bay area that republicans are in fact here
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think we're about 35,000 republicans in san francisco in we're in itecause there are so many people here is actually one of the larger republican parties in the state of california. i think republicans feel underrepresented. >>specifically and in general in california it's very specifically and in san francisco. you know it gives them a voice on national stage where a lot of big things are happening secret service was swarming outside the fairmont hotel wednesday evening as donald trump junior. >>and girlfriend, kimberly guilfoyle made their way to the private event, the couple will represent the president for the evening. tickets to snap a picture with them were reportedly selling for between 15 and $35,000 in san francisco. noel bellow kron 4 news. >>and on the roads battling traffic when you're trying to go anywhere almost every day in the bay area's quite a challenge, especially tough the during rush hour but maybe there's some help a flying taxi startup is trying to cut down the hours of commuting. >>into just minutes. kron four's gayle ong took a ride along with blade. today and
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she joins us live with i can't wait to see this story. gayle, this is something different. >>yeah ken and grant traffic is getting so bad that is why people are trying to get around it at all. around the same time we took this flight drivers on the ground snarled in traffic are going the same distance. >>journey more than an hour it takes just 10 minutes or so to get from palo alto to oakland and vice versa. >>$195 each way we have a lot of people that use it one to 2 times per week. >>and it generally folks to what that extra time at home with their family played a start-up based in new york saw the commuting nightmare as a business opportunity with traffic at a standstill in many parts of the bay area, the flying taxi company started daily helicopter flights across the region in march, you actually have during rush hour drives it can take between one and a half 2 hours. given the constraints on the bridges and we can
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replace that with a 7 minute helicopter flight. it actually costs almost the same as an uber we checked uber ride from palo alto airport where he took off from oakland international airport where we landed. >>cost about $38 to almost $70 one way. we asked people if they would pay almost $200 to avoid gridlock. a helicopter. you know, pay $2. that's just too much money. >>i mean the commute is bad what is of dollars that they find. >>the money may be i would do it yes out think about it let's say maybe with a discount at the beginning. now our flight from palau oakland took about 15 minutes. >>if you want to try this how the blade does offer flights weekdays throughout the bay area, san francisco oakland of
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palau does he saw and on weekends they go to an apple and half moon bay. reporting live in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle the marin county sheriff's office needs your help trying to identify a man who they say stole $25,000 worth of bicycles from a sausalito bike shop over the weekend to say this guy broke into the shop early saturday morning and then took off in a car with several bikes that were from that store kron four's michelle kingston reports. >>i know the bike that's to happen often i have not heard of at a bicycle store locally recently. but that is always rampant in a very important. >>spikes is a bicycle shop in sausalito just 6 road. >>deputies say this man pictured in these surveillance photos broke into her front window and stole $25,000 worth of bikes inside. >>the subject made entry into a business and proceed is
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still multiple bicycles detectives are following up on leads and reviewing surveillance footage now trying to identify this man seen wearing a gray sweater that has a pretty distinct logo on the back. >>and we're asking that anybody sea-ice photographs to take a look at that logo on the back of this white churches are trying to identify and it's tough to see in these photos but deputies believe it's a custom logo on the back of the sweatshirt. >>it may be the one description they need in order to crack the case we asked for the store manager d not want to go on camera he is hopeful, though that the man who broke into the store is identified and caught in sausalito michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>a public health crisis as what smart train officials are calling deadly train crashes along the sonoma marin rail corridor since last month at least 5 people have been hit and killed by smart trains in the north bay. some of them at the golf course drive crossing in rohnert park. at a meeting today, smart general manager
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said in all of the cases of people were either not paying attention or they intentionally were taking their own lie. announced a task force with more than 30 suicide prevention law enforcement and county mental health agencies to determine what can be done to deal with the issue. we need to get the professionals involved. >>when when's somebody decides to jump out of the bush in front of the train, it's too late, we got to figure out how to prevent them before they get to that point. >>for those simply not paying attention smart is in the process of installing 17 with the causey gates and another 13 of those are on the way code enforcement officers will also monitor that tracks periodically. all right time now to check on that 4 zone forecast this. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us been a busy what week and a half now. >>i mean boy these earthquakes just continuing not only here locally but again down the south there continue to see the shaking there, that's the very latest earthquake map, the lives earthquakes in red and the past hour here. but
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boy we've had numerous shakers there this one near casa junction a little further to the north on a 3.95 and that major quake of 7.1 that happened. just over a week ago we had a 4.6 in a 59 and followed by another 3.4 9, 1, right behind that another 3.4 at 9 oh 2 all located right in this area right here so the fall still very in southern california. and between there were some 8 earthquakes 92 1 to about 2 of those just continue every few the ground really just kind of settling in along that fault, so all right to the bay area we've got some patchy fog that is now moving in a sum that stretching into the bay, no delays reported at sfo or the other reports locally at oakland or san jose temperatures today, they there something else a nice numbers outside just above the average in the san francisco, 69 79 warm in oakland today to 5 in san jose get hot a little more. back in the low 90's there and also in the cochrane cooling down a little bit
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though in santa rosa 87 degrees. still the fog cloud cover starting to move back in it begin before with the coastline into the evening hours that kind of backed off a little bit that you see off the coast now starting to see a some reinforcements here that will begin plowing on shore as we head through the evening that sea breeze blowing but not as strong as it's been so those 2030 mile an hour winds now back down to 10 some 20 mile an hour winds around the bay area but the sea be strong enough that is likely going to be a fog inside the bay. still a very comfortable summer the evening in san jose at 7370 also in fremont 60 degrees in mount view 73 in redwood city 50's along the coastline with that patchy fog, i'm still warm well inland, 77 degrees in concord 80 degrees right now in pittsburgh still and 72 degrees saint helene a but yeah we've got some changes coming our way some cooler air going to begin to move on shore and i think over the next couple days watches temperatures coming down, at least a few degrees so stead of some hot 90's republic talking upper 80's and some of the warmest spots but then things are going to begin to change high pressure though
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bree some major heat in the desert southwest, they're going to see some triple digit heat getting your triple digits in the central part of the country to the work and save got a cold front that it's actually diving in the pacific northwest maybe bringing them a few more scattered showers for us is going to keep that ridge for building into stronger means some more fog and some low clouds the sea breeze in the afternoon and some cooler temperatures over the next couple days. but there is so much hotter weather on the way in fact to your 1010 is going to show that chance of some of those temperatures soaring possibly a into the triple digits locally will try him 10 point that let you know we expect that to happen. coming up in a few minutes and that's a look at a little hot, i mean around the country were talking about some significant heat, not only that they've got the humidity in the deep south so that combined some dangerous you have for the us like miserable time. thanks a lot. good news out of yesterday's earthquake that shook parts of the east bay and early earthquake warning system is working seems to be the shakealert still in the test phase here in the bay area along the west coast.
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but. >>as crow forcefully to go reports now the system tipped off researchers at u c berkeley before they actually felt the shaking. >>this is the alert that popped up on jennifer strauss's desktop tuesday afternoon when a 4.3 magnitude earthquake rumbled 7 and a half miles east of black hawk i got 4 seconds of warning before the shake so this was a great example of how the shakealert system can provide earthquake early warning for bay area residents even when the earthquake originates in the bay area strauss received the alert from her office at the u c berkeley seismological lab. >>she's a regional coordinator for shakealert northern california 4 seconds gives you a couple of things first it gives you the knowledge that what you're feeling are about to feel is indeed an earthquake and not just a big truck going by. it also would give you enough time to drop cover and hold on which is generally the recommended advice for what you should do when you feel taking the shake alert system is a pilot
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program sponsored by the united states geological survey, u c berkeley is one of several universitieon the west coast involved in the testing. >>right now the system isn't fully funded and therefore can't share warnings yet with the public. but strauss says ultimately that's the goal. the quake system that we have right now she color. >>is actively monitoring earthquakesyusually above magnitude 3.5. >>that doesn't mean that all communication methods are going to push out information for an earthquake of that magnitude she adds the length of the warning is not fixed it changes depending on how far you are from the epicenter of the earthquake and the fault that shakes in berkeley fleet of all kron 4 news. >>by the way cross for as a special earthquake section on our website under the earthquake tab you'll find an interactive map and other stories about recent quakes you can also find info on what you should have in your first quake hit at home. all that's on kron 4 dot com. >>a bittersweet announcement
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from a long time police chief in the bay area san mateo police chief says an mannheimer announced today she will retire at the end of the year. mannheimer served more than 19 years as the san mateo police chief and 35 years as a police officer, she tells us she joins law enforcement because she loves serving the public. >>we're on the front row seat of life and we see it those in trouble those in need those at that highest and lowest points in life and every day there's something else that i know i'm aware of where that my officers encounter that it is truly impact so i don't know how many other professions you can say that about but for us every day and for me has been rewarding in different. and for you to be able to say that after a 35 year career that is this for warning. i can't that are many that would have satisfied it for me like this one. >>the speed for serving as sam entails police chief for susan mannheimer was a police captain for the san francisco police department we wish her
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well. >>this is a disgusting crime. there's no reason for that is no rhyme or reason for it was very brutal very violent and very heinous. >>arrest tonight in the death of this pawnshop owner in calais whoa what we're now learning about the suspects accused of murder. there is a moratorium on the death penalty in california. but that's not stopping some prosecutors from seeking it. >>how the state's supreme court could now get involved and so people are fed up with tourists going to big sur out there now using vandalism to try to get their point across. pretty it was just a little >>kron four's award-winning original documentary and people haven't if you're going to worry about earthquakes don't live in this area a must-see week special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these the failed. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at 9 on
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you got your homework?
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yeah. yeah? hey, give me a kiss. nouncer: what's the role of a car company? [ kisses ] announcer: to take your kids to and from school? don't forget your science project. announcer: we think it can be something bigger. everybody take your seats. announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. announcer: now during the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jetta, tiguan, and select atlas models. >>maybe a bunch of people fed up with torists flooding into the big sur area are taking pretty extreme measures to try to get their point across investigators say the unknown vandal put an anti tourists message on display that caused a bit of a stir reporter kyle, a lynn bill has the story. >>over tourism is killing big sur. these are the words painted in big bold letters on a parking turnout right next
10:26 pm
to bixby bridge. this comes days after a large banner was hung over the famous spot with the same message. i think that people. >>have the right to make their voice heard but there's a right way to go about that and i think is not the correct way to go about that. >>others it doesn't bother as vice is going to from that. terrorism does really room places are shown a skies. a and we understand but coming from a bind. same time you know you probably have a lot businesses along here has been a lot of tears and the message also caught the attention of california highway patrol. >>who says the cost of labor and materials to clean up everything is around $1700 and says whoever did this is facing felony charges mckayla hawkins comes to the area often she says this is the spot to be shared. it is. >>for everyone here tourists turn on. you should e able to come and nobody's doing them a charm to it so it is understandable, but they want
10:27 pm
you know placed a thriving businesses to thrive they do need to have the worst to come. >>this all started when that hbo series big little went on the air and got so popular anyway that was. kyle reporting the group that and that sign across the banks. bixby bridge last week says they're not the ones behind the recent case of vandalism the chp says it is now investigating. >>coming up it's the new reality preparing for the worst will take you to an ad active shooter drill today at an outdoor venue in california for concerts. he went to work one day and never came home to his family how investigators finally
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>>a break tonight in a murder case is more than 2 years old police arrested 3 men in connection to the death of a shop owner in vallejo investigators say the suspects storm that store and then just started shooting kron four's justine waltman explains how police finally we're able to find the people who they say are responsible. >>solving the murder of 49, year-old timothy pope was always a priority for police in valais hope this is a disgusting crime. there's no reason for that is no rhyme or reason for it was a very brutal very violent and very heinous and we're happy that these suspects are behind in december of 2016 masked men holding guns and shouting demands stormed inside of the pond advantage shop on springs road. police say the suspects
10:31 pm
shot and killed polled and killed his dog, a chocolate lab. and they also shot a store employee who was in a wheelchair, who is still suffering from his injuries. it was around the clock police for captain willie horton tells me that made all the difference. there is no statute of limitations on a murder so. >>we continued working very that we've got some information i can't really discuss the information because i want to jeopardize the integrity investigation of the prosecution. >>that we got some some breaks in the case that led us to the apprehension of the suspect. >>now 3 men from full a whole are under arrest for murder, an armed robbery caught just last week, 24, i'm a nice summer rise, 21 year old eliza summarize and 24 year-old caches nelson who is already serving time in prison for a robbery in yolo county. while % it took 2 and a half years to make these arrests. police want the community to know paul to murder case never grew cold. it. >>we'll hopefully deter other
10:32 pm
suspects from thinking that they can come to the land on and get away with crimes, they can't. >>as for the pawnshop it now operates under a new name and there is a security guard inside in valais whoa i'm justine waltman kron 4 news. >>a developing story tonight on our state's criminal justice system the state supreme court could possibly weigh in on whether or not prosecutors should keep pursuing capital punishment cases. this despite the governor's current moratorium on the death penalty kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what could prompts the court to decide. >>regardless of governor newsom moratorium on the death penalty prosecutors from across the state continue to seek new capital punishment cases as cleaning johnson faces the death penalty his lawyers are appealing to the state supreme court to block capital murder trials while the moratorium is in place
10:33 pm
johnson's lead attorney robert sanger says jurors have to believe their choice is a life or death decision but with no one executed in california and more than a decade and with gavin newsome in office he says it's not. the a's pursuing capital punishment have said it's their right to do so sanger says it's a waste of resources. course toll takers. in sacramento several da's announced in april they would seek the death penalty against the suspected golden state killer joseph de angelo sacramento county da anne marie schubert has been a leader in the golden state killer investigation and a vocal critic of the governor's moratorium. we reach out to her for comment wednesday, but she was not available. reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>>east bay, this man accused of stabbing and killing nia wilson here at the macarthur bart station can stand trial today judge ruling 28 year-old john lee cal is competent to go through the criminal proceedings, cal facing murder and attempted murder charges in connection to the stabbing. death of wilson and the stabbing of her sister last july the judge in the case initially suspended the criminal proceedings because he said there was enough evidence the cow was not mentally competent. cal is scheduled to enter a plea on august 2nd. police in newark are still looking for the people seen here in this video. 2 guys wearing masks broke into a family owned jewelry store last sunday morning. they smashed open the display cases and ransacked all that jewelry. >>plus a something many of us want to think about that active shooter situations can pretty much happen anywhere. any time and today there were more than a dozen yuba county area law enforcement agencies you also had.
10:35 pm
>>fire other first responders all teaming up to train for a worst case scenario. karma dickerson reports. it was just a drill. but in elaborate plan. >>involving about 400 people. trying to get first responders their best chance at preparing for the more than a dozen yuba county area law enforcement fire and other emergency response agencies teamed up for this training led by the yuma county sheriff's department that no other details but that they would be responding to an active shooter simulation at the toyota and the theater in yuba county. the concert goers are 200 volunteers from the area pretty crazy and honestly think it's kind of scary to think about us it's in a situation like this that could actually happen. >>including former fox 40 employee out and has a marysville native and an actor we're going to be barricaded in a room, my dad it has been
10:36 pm
shot going into today, she wants to use her performance skills to help the situation seems authentic as possible. i'm just going to get into character and try to help the police out and make it as real for them as possible. training is geared towards first responders yuba county undersheriff nic moore isn't ski says he hopes the volunteers are able to take away some tips for dealing with law enforcement in an emergency situation law enforcement personnel are coming in with very limited information on this. >>they may not be able to differentiate you between the suspect that is causing us harm. >>so in that matter listen everything they say keep your hands in plain view let them know that you're complying. >>it's the kind of information you hope you never have to know under sheriff morrison ski says that doesn't mean you can ignore reality. it's the world we live in as much as i would like to say that this could never happen in our community are at a venue like that it can so the best that man is preparation karma dickerson. >>but some are tragedy for a family in loomis just
10:37 pm
northeast of sacramento. their 9 year-old daughter was electrocuted in a swimming pool having a sleep over this past weekend marley martina shares now our friends are remembering her. >>going to leave a hole in everybody's heart family friends recall the last time they saw mckenzie kenley i kissed them both good night. and i told them i love them. a ray of sunshine the 9 year-old is having sleep over with jeannie producers granddaughter, just 3 days before she was electrocuted in her family's pool in citrus heights. i just fell to my knees i mean it was just as bad. if it would have been my own granddaughter, a spitfire as family friends called her that little girl was so special. i mean she had long red hair down to her little she loved everybody to watch or she liked her she she would always put on a show for you serena krueger as her mom's best friend, according to sack metro fire mckenzie died sunday afternoon after she was
10:38 pm
electrocuted by a wire attached to one of the underwater pull light under repair i'm air moment, the hospital hoping because you never think it's going to happen. the i i i still don't think it happened. it's that's so tragic. the cheerleaders soccer player and talent show and see. mckenzie was looking for to 5th grade at loomis grammar school all because they don't have friends have lost their only friend. and she was a person that she can make somebody smile she would like her friend aaron hernandez have there's no i would have got a i didn't have a so confident to go up to her because i just anshe came up to me and i and i knew that we would. >>through tears the 12 year-old says he wants to make sure his friend mckenzie is remembered for her kindness fish know hopefully to match an ice shop. in lewis morley martinez. >>special news now the trump administration is preparing to send hundreds of us troops to saudi arabia to defense
10:39 pm
officials say 500 troops are expected to go to the prince sultan air base so prince sultan air base located in a desert area east of the saudi capital congress has not been formally notified of that deployment, a small number of troops and support personnel are already at the base handling initial preparations for a patriot missile defense battery as well as runway and air field improvements. the us has wanted to place more troops at that base for some time now because of concerns about iran. last month the trump administration said it would be sending 1000 additional troops to the middle east. but at that point didn't specify which countries they be headed to the forces that will be heading to saudi arabia are part of that deployment. >>turning now to the weather it's hump day and we're starting to look ahead toward the weekend and beyond chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with that lloris what we have looks like really cool and at least for a couple days weekends, looking good though we are seeing some patchy fog and the evenflo the fog
10:40 pm
tonight see moving back in the bay now just a thin layer going to thicken up overnight tonight just a bit but yeah i think we're going to see some nice weather had the temperatures are going to cool down just a little bit though city northwest they've got a cold front moving in their direction they've been seen some rain that will move on through given the temperatures a little bit cooler little bit unsettled too bay area as we head into friday still some patchy fog along the coastline early on but some sunshine in the afternoon, the temperatures going to be down just a bit but then over the weekend you see another swirl in the atmosphere that's another low that approaches the coastline that bring in at least a chance some more 7 northwest to keep things dry year and then next week things begin to change a big ridge of high pressure ashwin to build out of the desert southwest, maybe cranking up some of the monsoonal moisture up in the sierra nevada, maybe some showers and some thunderstorms up there. temperatures for us will come down a few degrees over the next few days that will start to warm up again as we head into saturday and sunday next week ever going to crank up the heat toward the middle of the weekend after watch those temperatures closely easily in the 90's maybe some upper 90's, maybe
10:41 pm
some triple digits, headed toward the bay area by next friday. berkeley is the first city in the and natural gas pipelines in new buildings that means gas flame stove tops and gas powered heat. >>will not be permitted in residential buildings. the ordinance would begin with new low-rise residential buildings and single family homes. it will eventually expand to all buildings it won't affect existing. buildings. the price of bags at retail stores in san francisco is going up the board of supervisors approved an ordinance that will raise the price by $0.15 meaning it will now cost $0.25 every time you don't bring your own bag while you're shopping. the ordinance also requires produce bags to be composed trouble were made from recycled paper. this is all an effort to try to reduce waste if it's approved by mayor london breed the price increase will go into effect on july first of next year. >>an animal rescue group is now asking for help caring for nearly 100 birth words that
10:42 pm
were rescued last week from downtown oakland more than 50 nests we're in this tree that split in half and partially fell last week. it was home to 50 snowy eager. it's 22, black crown night herons and 17 eggs that needed intensive care and around the clock support international bird rescue says they were already taking care of more than 200 bay area water birds at their fairfield hospital so now they're asking for donations to help cover the costs as well as volunteers. still ahead amazon prime day set a record that top deals that millions of shoppers snatched up during the 2 day event. >>and we're celebrating national hot dog day vicki liviakis takes us to the home of the hot dog world champs in tonight's dine and dish goes with hot dogs, baseball, the red hot days keep rolling along while the equally hot giants do something they haven't of savings and service.
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. >>you know this until tonight did you know this earlier it's hard to keep up with the national everything days today is national hot dog day a summertime right after the 4th of july so when is the right time of year. and in the bay area we've got some folks who can really put him away joey chestnut of course the hot dog champion in that tape is hot dog eating contest in san jose's matt stonie is no slouch either always fun to watch that so tonight on dine and dish vicki liviakis takes us to the hometown of the hot
10:46 pm
dog world champs, san jose. >>chance of hot dog eating both from the south bay. and that's exactly where in these cases this week every day is national hot dog day serving up hot dog since the 1930's a hot dog eating champ in the hot dog eating champ. and no not today, we have one each 3 of them. hedges down a ways in los gatos is happy county another long time. right up hot they're big or they're
10:47 pm
just a moment mayor >>aficionados swear by their labor. i got a chilly she's now. she's on you and remind me that outside the doggy dogg competitive world of my dog eating it is after all they would be one and never has and will be oc is kron 4 news. >>well as you just saw there are many different ways to enjoy hot dogs and we always have the big debate ketchup or no catch. well i used to it i feel shame now you see have catch up then i did it in chicago wants and i just got shane ruined by all of these guys i was with so no more and it's hard to keep catch-up away from my kids now, you know kids love catch up, but i'm trying to raise him right yet mustard no catch there it is by the way if you have an
10:48 pm
idea for vicki and she's always looking if you that a bar a cafe even a food truck or the restaurant, whatever for dine and dish. good shooter an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can go to the dine and dish facebook page. well move over black friday and cyber monday. this is interesting amazon says there is a new king of a sales day out there the online retailer says this year's prime day was bigger than the business and was on did on both of those unofficial. >>discount holidays combined in fact amazon says prime day 20 19 was the largest shopping event in its history. amazon reports has sold more than a 175 million items during the 2 day shopping event instant pots and dna kids were the top-selling items in the u s prime members also bought more than a 100,000 laptops 200,000 tv's and a million toys. time now for.
10:49 pm
>>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>buying things a lot of people thought the giants to be selling all their could about this time of year, but others said they started with it. >>and now the front office's left thinking like okay, what do we do you're just seeing have have we have seen a july there are watching the standings this closely for both the giants and the a's, the wild card is crazy right now what a start to the summer for the a's and giants oakland is undefeated since the break and has had the league's top record since mid-june for the giants their offense is first in the majors through july and today a historic feat at coors field, let's go to colorado. the giants have been rolling 29 runs in the last 3 games. 3rd batter the de pablo sandoval months to get things started by rake in one down the right field line into the corner brandon bell in austin slater score. 2 zip giants, how the rocks talk back to tie up 5, 5, 6, and donovan solano
10:50 pm
goes deep to left center on a solo home brought 6, 5, giants, a rare day for 4 for 5 with a couple of r b i it's off the 8th giants of 3 kevin paul r lions want to center field stephen vogt scores, what was the eventual winning run 9, 5, giants, san francisco winds, 11 8 for their first four-game sweep in colorado in 8 years. they'll go to the oakland coliseum a's and mariners bottom second to nothing seattle jurickson profar a blast to right center says to ron tater the first of a to jack today. game not of that too. then we go to the 6 mark hanna gave the a's a 3, 2 lead on a solo homer this one a shot to straightaway center gone for another solo job for the former cal star for to oakland. then still in the 6th chad pindar well, it's one deep to the opposite field, it carries out of the yard for a
10:51 pm
three-run home runs 7 to a's blow it open a's win 10 to they hit 6 home runs to give homer bailey some amazing support the new a's pitcher gave up 2 runs through 5. oakland has won 12 of its last 14 amazing now to some basketball talk the offseason work doesn't stop in the nba. some warriors out in the community jacob emmitt surprising. some young golden statn fans this afternoon at an event in san mateo one of the organizations, many basketball camps which take place all summer long now since the warriors roster has changed so much evidence. looked on bring some real strength in numbers next year the second year player had a solid summer league even played some point guard. wookey season that saw limited playing time for him is eager for the chance to make an impact. >>no they're not on the actual things you know his i'm in a gym every day gunshots a a is is will be they're going to have ration of john of the. sali nba player. with the year
10:52 pm
was up and down for me, but i feel light they shoot >>we'll see how this season plays out finally we are near the final major of the year the first round of the open championship just a few hours away at royal, russian northern ireland tiger woods who notched his 15th career major title earlier this year when he won the masters is taking this tourney 3 times comes in at 18 to one on to win the claret jug that places him 5th in the field, the favorite at 8 to one is rory mcilroy one in 20 14 at royal liverpool, the northern ireland native is favored in his own backyard. overbrook skepta and dustin johnson who come in at 10 to one on so can grant so here's the plan here right, i if you take a quick nap and then you get up at 02:00am to watch on the actual live action right that's how to work or we stay out. >>we are going to stay awake see boy that's the
10:53 pm
- hey, mike.
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>>it is that time of year when children often sell lemonade cupcakes and even lawns for a little extra summertime cash. >>and you saw that this is pretty and it is an 11 year olds getting the attention of the police department with his clever marketing scheme at first they were like what but then they looked closely at brigham city police posted these photos. this is seth parker sign advertising. ice cold beer right. well police say they got reports about the business a little shady they went to check it out discovered the small print all
10:56 pm
the boys sign. yeah, this guy was actually selling ice cold root beer. the word group is written on top of the word beer in tiny little green letters. police say a pretty ingenious marketing idea yet figured out all right coming up next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on it is commercial free. >>katharine hamnett standing by right now in the newsroom with we're working on katharine graham high camel coming up at 11 o'clock we'll have more on the facebook spoof. >>calling for public invasion of the area 51 military base. >>didn't begin as a joke or if it even if it did people are getting way too involved some fear that might actually try something we're going to have an in-depth interview with the person who started that whole thing back to you all right, thank you catherine. >>and make sure you download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free. local news coverage lords, hey guys we are looking some fog moving in along the coastline right now more that on the way overnight
10:57 pm
tonight filling in the bay, so yeah. >>little gray early on tomorrow morning to start out your day get some patchy fog 50's 60's by noon mostly sunny skies. the fog likely to linger along the coast time i was a nice day out toward the beaches today. but i think more fog going to continue along the coast keeping those numbers in the 50's and the 60's little cooler everywhere you go in fact some of these numbers the high we're done the 90's tomorrow, we're talking about some 80's though in the warmer spots so your tent we're going to cool down the temperatures a little bit but heating back up getting very hot, it looks like possibly late next week. thank you sir thank you for joining us year.
10:58 pm
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i'm natalie morales. and i'm craig melvin. and this is dateline on mynetworktv. r: i just dropped off the children and he wouldn't let me in the door. man: it was horrible. we're normal people, and the person you're dealing with is a psychopath. natalie morales: it's the story that haunted the country, the case of susan powell. woman: i was like, this can't be real. and he professed to love them. natalie morales: could it have been prevented? social worker: he exploded the house. as you listen to it now, what does it do to you? it's excruciating. natalie morales: the 911 dispatcher shares his story about that day. i wish i had recognized the urgency of the situation. natalie morales: also, the startling details of a plot unfolding.


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