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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 18, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>now today what we're learning about the woman whose body was discovered under an overpass in san jose. police in morgan hill looking for a brazen crew a beauty store bandits police say they made off with more than $4,000 worth of cosmetics and perfumes. police in the east bay released body cam video of a deadly encounter in san leandro anthony. serving discovery in san jose along the guadalupe river trail police say they found a
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woman's body and they're calling her death suspicious. good evening. i'm can wait. >>i'm justine waldman in for pam moore tonight now this happened near the guadalupe river park less than a half a mile from the sapd center. kron 4 cylinder sackey is live. >>will san jose police may that they found the body around 10 30 this morning while on foot but rail by the river trail. as you can see though now almost 10 hours later, they're finally wrapping up they just removed that crime scene tape in a bunch of san jose, san jose police cars have left but i did walk the perimeter of this taped off seen earlier. i saw the crime scene unit walking in and out of the river area wearing waders and carrying boxes which are probably used for collecting evidence part of the crime scene is located at the guadalupe river park jul you can see what looks like a homeless camping site is also a popular park that has many people walking or biking
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through it. one man who lives nearby says he sees a lot of homeless people. there's just so much. >>it's tough going on along this riverside park here. i don't know whether these somebody getting hurt or somebody overdosing. >>yeah it's pretty much a daily. >>police have not identified the age or identity of that woman yet if you have any information contact. police reporting live in san jose taylor sackey and for news. >>thank you taylor, san bruno police announced that they made 2 additional arrests in the shooting at the 10 friend mall earlier this month. a 2 year-old and really john gant was arrested earlier this morning in martinez. police say that he was driving a stolen car and was taken into custody after a brief chase, he was wanted in connection with the july second shooting which injured 2 people that and friend mall. this is surveillance video of the incident and you can see people in the mall running
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after 2 people started shooting at each other gantt was booked into the san mateo county jail on attempted murder and conspiracy charges. police also announced they arrested a 14 year-old male in connection with the shooting. he also faces attempted murder and conspiracy charges. and we will have a live report on the story coming up on kron 4 news at 9 in the meantime eep up to date with this developing story in all breaking news by downloading our kron 4 news app. >>new at a to a 24 year-old man is behind bars accused of lewd acts with a minor and authorities believe there may be more victims. the san mateo county sheriff's department says on july 17th. officers question this man want an egg us after he was found in a car with a 13 year-old girl on pesky barrow creek road. authorities say they determine been a gust committed lewd acts with that girl. they also say he gave a marijuana and was in possession of meth he was arrested and booked into the county jail but again authorities believe there may be more victims out there. if
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you have any information you're asked to contact san mateo county sheriff's department. $4,000 worth of makeup stolen from an ulta beauty store in morgan hill and police say this is not the first time this has happened in fact this is the 8th robbery at the store in the past 6 months. >>as kron four's michelle kingston reports police believe that the same people are responsible for all all of the crimes. >>these are folks that are very familiar with what they're doing this not the first time a property crimes of this morgan hill all to in the past 6 months the most recent happened on tuesday 5 women entered the store stole $4,000 worth of merchandise in left in less than a minute but not before being caught on camera think uh they have unfortunately a retail store is vulnerable right and uh you know they're they're just taking advantage of it. >>police say they believe these women may be responsible for other all tough that's
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happening all over the bay area from monterrey to san francisco and into the central valley. >>i it's easy to get in and get out they can get a large quantity of that's worth a lot of money and sell that >>police have identified 2 of these 5 women, but arrests have been made they say of the 8 incidents that have taken place at this morgan hill all to 3 to 5 $1000 worth of makeup and her field has been stolen each time also released a statement to kron 4 that says we are aware of. actively investigating this incident in cooperation with the local authorities all to beauties primary concern is always the safety of our so see it's in guests like other retailers we have policies and protocols in place to ensure safe and welcoming guest experience. in morgan hill, michelle kingston kron 4 news.
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>>new video tonight of a deadly police shooting in the east bay, the san leandro police department says they are releasing the video in an effort to be transparent with the community. whenever an officer draws their weapon kron four's haaziq but you'd has our story. >>it is the first deadly police shooting in santee and role recent years. and now police video from that shooting has been released to the public. >>it happened back june 11th 2019 year old martin drive in san leandro police were responding to a 911 call regarding 56 year-old anthony gold as the armed with a machete threatening his neighbors. about 5 weeks later san diego police are releasing what they call a community briefing video focus to the incident it is a video production that includes statements from the chief of
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police. >>audio from night little a dispatch negotiations and tactical discussions by responding officers. >>we have do it. are aided by lieutenant eyes admitted to who explains what police are hoping to gain by releasing this video to the public. >>so we felt that to getting this information out to the public and as soon as we could. to provide factual details too what occurred would. the questions of the public may have as to what took place during this incident. and now with the value in the power of the body cameras that public can see first hand and their own eyes. how situations can unfold so quickly. >>in san leandro has it made you. >>muni trains are stopping once again at the embarcadero station san francisco and it
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happened just in time for the evening commute to this after a full day of commuter chaos kron four's dan kerman went to the embarcadero station in san francisco to shows what happened. and overnight s to be a nice fire sprinkler system in timber cutter a station wreaked havoc on the morning commute. when you knees drainage system sprung a leak flooding meanies tracks and platform and the bar tracks below what we did was turn the water off. >>they continue to drain into the station to the marc >>the eastbound bart trains didn't stop him barkhad era station for 30 minutes but resumed by 6 30 in the morning. but the muni metro did not stop at embarcadero all morning and through the early afternoon, forcing riders to walk from montgomery to the embarcadero taken f car or regular bus. so i called the bus. >>and are getting off at civic center what happened was it was also hit and run that was reported from the s and p d so as a right now markets we've been diverted on a mission
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street, the asset law kids went back to market street and that continue along this route. >>while some took it in stride other many riders were not amused. one person tweeting 25 minutes now from do boson church to civic center and we still haven't left civic center. the response from another writer par for the course we apologize for inconvenience. >>working as hard as we can to fix this problem and get service back up and running in a park station. >>many located 2 leaks in a single pipe, the leaks were then repaired the system was retested and by 3.30 the muni metro was stopping again. barca darrow station just in time for the afternoon commute and much to the delight of many riders. >>so for now you need is back in business and so is the embarcadero station in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>demolition day the reason a veteran says tearing down his home of 30 years is
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bittersweet. >>and police are not releasing the name of the man who died in southlake town moscow this weekend. his ties to the bay area and local law enforcement. >>plus police looking for this man he walks into a store in the north bay and pulls out a gun and it's all caught on camera. >>and here comes the fog roll in right now how that will affect your f who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer!
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>>to the north bay where police are on the hunt for a at the shell station on corby avenue you can see the suspect calmly walking to the station plow it appears to be a shotgun before robbing someone police say the suspect got away with the undisclosed amount of money. it's described as a black man in his 20's about 6 feet tall a $2500 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. >>new tonight at 8 there's currently an investigation into a man found dead in calistoga police found the body around 4 o'clock this morning in the road next to a bicycle according to the police chief the inj ries on the victim suggest that a vehicle hit him or the victim. the collision happened near homes around foothill boulevard in silver street calistoga police are working with napa county and the major crimes task force to see if they can find any witnesses just into our newsroom. we have an man who was hit and killed by a big rig in san francisco where now joined by kron four's graham lotus and police have now
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identified the victim just now set story here just seen and can we're learning more this evening police say 54 year-old michael evans of san francisco is the victim in this hit and run. >>scary scene at its spanned several blocks in the city's tenderloin district at about 5 30 this morning. the victim was hit and dragged to the driver reportedly did not know that he had hit the purse and and kept going. this starled near 5th and market evans was rushed to the hospital where he died. police and people who work in the area say crashes like this. not maybe quite to this extent but crashes involving pedestrians seem to happen almost every day. >>walked up the street knew rig i saw the walker in the closing the street. this is a daily thing really a daily thing. >>police started looking for the truck you see it here they did find it a short time later along the embarcadero the
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driver who has not yet been named is cooperating with police was on scene all morning, answering questions he was eventually taken away in a police cruiser though it's not clear if she is going to be arrested. he was not handcuffed it's unknown if that driver we'll be facing any charges will keep you posted there can just in back to you thank you grant new tonight at 8 antioch police say a man died crashing into a tree during a police chase the suspect allegedly stole the car. >>robber law rising a home around 1 o'clock this morning police saw the car matching the description of the stolen wanted. chase to 2 at antioch that is when the suspect allegedly took off. the suspect crossed the median the middle buchanan road and crashed into a tree near country loma boulevard just off highway 4. first responders say the driver died at the scene and officials are not releasing the suspect's name right now. >>today a woman has been arrested for stealing money from residents of the sunrise senior care home in san mateo
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abigail severe dreher g worked as a care provider at the home on el camino reale police say the 29 year-old used credit cards from 11 different victims of the retirement home. there are more than $3,000 worth of charges use for uber lyft and food delivery services, some of the charges from age after the victims had died. when police arrested her she had to stolen bank cards on her. she has pleaded not guilty in her initial court appearance and she will return to court. on july 25th. >>police have now identified a 34 year-old bay area man who drowned at lake tahoe on tuesday. and ray j r k is a was an army veteran and worked as a correctional officer for the san mateo county sheriff's office. officials say people had to pull him out of the water and zephyr cove on the south shore. deputies tried to save him, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital, he also served in iraq and previously worked for the santa clara county sheriff's office. it's not clear what caused him to drown
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out your 4 zone forecast as we show the embarcadero which no doubt covered in some fog on this thursday night joining us now is our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow an. >>that fog is really keeping us. chile. you know for that definitely not hot. yes, especially in some parts of the area, nice and cool that fog kind of hugging the coastline. keeping those temperatures down get some of the inland valleys, warm things up and there it is looking out toward the fog looking out toward a contrast right now you see that cloud deck really get thick out there right now toward the sfo got some clouds moving in a row right the mountains there and pushing inside the bay and the only on the way throughout the night tonight with some drizzle along the coastline already no lays we reported the san francisco oakland or san jose to the clouds in fact today yeah we saw pretty good hit with the cooler numbers dropping as much as 10 13 degrees from yesterday as we saw a nice on shore breeze and that get the clouds and along the coastline but also brought some cooler air to some of the valley so yeah, well running a little bit below the average in some spots inland in fact,
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a 83 topped out in concord that is moving below the average now 87 just slightly below normal in livermore 65 degrees in san jose 74. in oakland today, 84 degrees in san jose at 80 degrees and santa rosa, so these numbers staying down now probably going to be a little bit cooler as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. courtesy of that sea breeze and that on shore flow that will likely continue you're seeing some that fog fill in a row right there inside the bay bumped up against parts of the east bay hills right now the sea breeze has been kicked in and out of a westerly direction just to 20 plus miles per hour. in the sfo other places seeing that breeze also so everybody even all the way through the delta seeing that you're going feel that nice cool air working its way well on shore temperatures right now 70 degrees in san jose, the 69 in fremt little br were 71 in concord 63 degrees in the napa valley, 61 in santa rosa and 67 degrees in san anselmo at this hour tonight. well clouds going stretch inside the bay tomorrow morning clouds giving way to some sunshine and then mostly sunny and some warmer weather expected for the
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weekend. and then we start to get ready for maybe a little heat wave coming our way we'll have more on that in a few minutes. and who lost both of his legs in the service is now getting his home restored with the help of his community. olivia de janeiro shows us how some nonprofits are teaming up to give the marine corps veteran, a new lease on life. >>heading down walls. and clearing space to build a better life for a local disabled veteran really deal we want report enough you agree and that's saying a lot for a man who just got out of the hospital 4 days ago she too had a man the way to the low cleo schuller has lived in this house for 30 years since it was brand new when everything basically to go we
8:20 pm
couldn't do anything and more recent health complications have made it nearly impossible for cleo to get around his own home. so his family reached out to habitat for humanity for some help. >>when we receive the cry for help from cleo we realized it was a pretty heavy lift in right now with the current housing prices know they need is just. >>so they contacted other local housing nonprofits to see if they were willing to collaborate and said interested if we are. >>all kind of treating this like a pot luck and we each brought our resources or expertise to the table to make the list not so happy for one of us put together to make this possible and we were just so overwhelmed at the response and this morning nearly 40 volunteers from the home depot and habitat for humanity began the demolition process. >>when they're finished with clears home you probably won't be able to recognize it. volunteers are installing new
8:21 pm
flooring remodeling the kitchen and bathroom and giving the exterior and backyard, a complete to make over when they finish with school be beautiful and not just beautiful, but functional to soak leo can be mobile in his own home again independent so important him just be an independent paso high olivia de janeiro. >>habitat for humanity says it will take about 200 volunteers to remodeled house over the course of about 2 months and they're always looking for some helping hands. >>americans are getting behind the fact that there is a s of the american mexico border now people are trying to step up and do their part. >>pretty it was just a little kron four's award-winning original documentary and people have been killed. if you're going to worry about earthquakes to live in this area a must-see week special. >>the hayward fault definitely
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makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls to fail. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at
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>>almost 75% of americans say the situation at the southern border with mexico is a crisis and while not everyone agrees on the route that congress and the trump adminiso address the
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issue many people believe that more needs to be done is not will shows us some even are taking mat ers into their own hands. >>standing at over 18 feet above ground this half-mile steel barrier was built without the help from congress and we have to build the wall with al president trump with thousands pitching in to organization we've built the wall says he's raised millions of dollars to build its own stretch of border wall in new mexico. it all started with brian a military veteran who was tired of what he calls in action from congress. >>promised and border security and that's something that i i is close now i want to more security. >>just a few miles away in el paso texas still be approved the first an attorney is also taking matters into her own hands. but she's taking a very different approach. she seekers in the early assisting migrant f their immigration advocacy center.
8:26 pm
>>i was lucky enough to get a law degree and felt like it was time to get back if i could in any way to help. and this crisis situation, the family separation stuff was really what made me feel like this is not america under these people need help for it says she first held at a local shelter, but later decided that what she was doing wasn't enough and even though i didn't have any training in immigration law i was looking for a way to try to. >>to help to get in the system and help them. neither see their work is the ultimate solution. this is a band into the problem, the problem is you know the cartels across the board. >>and we're not doing what we need to do as a country to address that problem that both are tired of waiting until we get border security. there's never this is never going to be solved eventually. >>we'll have to have immigration reform in el paso texas. i'm camila bernal reporting. >>plan on traveling around the country this weekend there is a warning of a major heat wave expected to hit much of the u
8:27 pm
s were life threatening temperatures are expected. >>controversy for donald trump yesterday you heard the chance of send her back at a rally and now today we hear - hey, mike. check out this time-space wormhole i created. - how's it work? - let me see your togo, and i'll show you. - burt! you have my lunch. - introducing togo's new hot chicken trio. the new brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, bacon, and fresh avocado. the hot buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. and the tangy barbecue. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo?
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>>not about me this is about us fighting for what this country to the should be. >>a somali born congresswoman accusing president trump of corrupting political debate.
8:30 pm
representative from minnesota you want omar was the target of the center back chanting at a trump rally in north carolina last night from 4 grant lotus is here with the fallout there's been a lot of reaction to this indeed ken just seen if you're a critic of the president you're deeply pained by this and even some of his supporters are not backing him on this one the incident drawing widespread criticism tonight even from some members of the president's own family, including his daughter and today, mister trump appeared to be trying to downplay his role in that chanting. it was quite a chant. i felt a little bit there be about but i will say i did and i started speaking of a question of video of the speech tells a different story. >>omar. >>has a history of launching this year's anti semitic. >>the president paused for nearly 15 seconds says the crowd took up the chant. even
8:31 pm
some republicans recoiled from the spectacle there is no place for that kind that kind of talk i don't agree with a gop congressman from new york tweeted that the chanting was enough to send chills down the spines of our founding fathers, his democratic colleague from queens says the president has put millions of people in peril just about. >>that's to individual members of congress but got >>the president says he did not like the chant, but he refused to condemn those who voiced it. well, these are people that love our country. >>i want them to keep a loving our country and i think the congresswoman by the way should be more positive than they are. >>today cbs news is reporting that first lady melania trump was not happy with the crowd chanting send her back lottie
8:32 pm
is a naturalized us citizen born in the nation of slovenia justine ken back to you thank you so much the new york fire department is attributing another firefighter death to a 9.11 related illness that brings the total to 200. >>mayor bill de blasio side of the number to tweet calling for the senate to fund the 9.11 victim compensation fund. majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to bring it up before a vote before the senate recesses in 2 weeks if that happens. it is likely to pass. 2 women accused of cutting an infant from his mother's womb are now facing charges in chicago. clarissa figaro and her daughter deseret are now being charged with murder of baby ochoa the infant died in june only months after his mother. marlene ochoa lopez was brutally attacked. the 19 year-old was strangled before her baby boy was violently removed from her. officials have already charged to grow to add and her daughter with first-degree murder in the
8:33 pm
mother's death. trigger rose boyfriend was off of it also indicted in the case but has not been charged in the infant's death. happening now from oklahoma city up to boston minneapolis down to little rock cities are bracing for and preparing for some extreme heat. >>karen caifa has the latest with california being spared from the extreme temperatures. >>already feeling the heat in the still hot. >>the rate here is very warm. but the worst and most dangerous is yet to come for americans from washington to chicago. >>these are life threatening temperatures and conditions and we all have to work together to remain safe. >>millions from the midwest to the northeast are under heat watches warnings or guess own peak heat is expected friday and saturday with the heat index climbing to 115 degrees in some plesit is. >>new york city keeping cooling
8:34 pm
the weekend if you don't need to be outside for work or you for travel. stay indoors, the more time you're out in the extreme heat more time out the sun more challenges you face. >>the american red cross warning of the potential dangers of extreme heat exposure. >>heat stroke can be deadly. so if you in any way think that somebody is suffering from heat stroke, get them to a cooler place and call 911. >>there's also the potential for travel concerns like this buckled roadway near shawnee oklahoma demonstrated as asphalt and vehicles generate and trap the heat. on the tracks amtrak we'll monitor rail temperatures from michigan to massachusetts for possable heat restrictions in washington karen caifa kron 4 news. >>checking out the temperatures right now in washington dc in the 11 o'clock hour. it is 85 degrees and it's dark and yet that's how. >>yeah that's the big problem is a lot of these temperatures at night are not going to cool down so people that live there. their bodies are could have a chance to really kind
8:35 pm
of taken to get a rest from all the hot weather and it's going to be very very hot across the country over the next few days may be well into next week, big dome of high pressure building in across the united states you can see right there. these are the forecasted temperatures for tomorrow of course is that there's not a surprise up in the hundreds but look at the central party united states 99 lincoln tomorrow 97 in wichita about 94 degrees. in washington dc and that's go along with that humidity to let's roll forward as we head into saturday, almost a 100 degrees in washington dc and then you throw in the humidity. but we're talking about a heat index of maybe about a 110 it's going to feel like maybe 115 degrees. very hot weather across the country's midsection stretching to the east coast and then i think that ridge of high pressure will start to build in out toward the 4 corners and that we may actually start to talk about some heat as we get into next week. outside right now we're catching a break that we've got the low clouds and fog moving in over san francisco, more that tomorrow morning then becoming mostly sunny temperatures in the 60's, very comfortable in the san francisco tomorrow mid 70's in
8:36 pm
oakland and 80's in the san jose fog low clouds certainly creeping on shore now some of that early tomorrow morning and then i think by the afternoon tomorrow we're going to clear skies and you look at a lot of sunshine even out toward the beaches. but the faa will likely return for the first part of the weekend and then looks like we'll see a little less cloud cover as we get into sunday as high pressure starts to take over. but yeah they've been talking about the heat here sore catch a little bit of a break our temperatures actually make cool slightly for tomorrow and then by saturday we begin to warm up just a little bit and then toward the middle of next week that big dome of high pressure comes our way then we start talking about some 90's maybe triple digits by the end of next week. >>thank you so much we will introduce you to the 3 women from the bay area who but chance to be the first women to walk on the moon for a man shot. fire and police get reports of a woman kidnaps neighbors react to the shooting. so close to their homes. and dine and dish is next for nation
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>>we're going from one extreme to the other national hot dog day was yesterday today is caviar day if you're keeping tabs on this kind of day i think we are keeping tag say you know what that means it's time for dine and dish vicki liviakis gives us a taste. >>caviar. >>hard to believe these for tiny fish eggs from a prehistoric fish called such a posh delicacy and feel like
8:40 pm
here and you know being a little in eggs are i feel like you're spending a lot of people crave caviar especially these days when it's more affordable and when they do here's where they can find it that's why we're here to have caviar is in something that people come in on tuesday and his pickup caviar to petra bergstein study marine biology she is co-founder of the caviar company in san francisco along with her sister. it's a place of all things caviar sustainably farmed of course california y sturgeons and this is our local product is one of our top sellers, this top middle product. >>it's a very nice and creamy caviar a really good price planes there's the russian of a more reasonable but equally delicious california cabin are trying actually this isn't caviar and smoked trout eggs, but a great with top of the labor in each prepared with a bit of cream, fresh on a small billy knee washed down by champagne if you prefer or
8:41 pm
vodka. >>they can marry to each other in a champagne and caviar and vodka kind of depends what kind of evening you're going >>of course is a way to do caviar it's called the bomb he just put on the back of your hand. well a cool kids are doing it. >>caviar is one way to make any occasion a special one in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>by the way tonight is caviar night at the white rabbit in san francisco where the proceeds are going to charity you can go to our website at kron 4 dot com for more information. if you want to make your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery or food truck to dine and dish you can nominate them by sending an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can go to war. dine and dish facebook page. this describes that term fine moments, a deputy opened fire on a kidnapping suspect police in the are with the gun. now police say that weapon was a fake will have details next. >>and in sports, the red hot a's are in the twin cities mark has highlights coming up.
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>>tonight a witness is speaking out about a deadly officer-involved shooting in the central valley just an assault county sheriff's deputy opened fire on a man believed to be an armed kidnapping suspect turns out. the gun was fake. they received reports. the police lights and yellow tape, the aftermath of what happened here neighbors say this is the scene there used to here on the desk. those vine street
8:45 pm
and we see the aftermath shootings never see some of the action shot. >>so these fish in that, but what happened here wednesday night caught some families off guard and police came out of nowhere a during a kathleen upper as as it all began with a woman scream from her who's ever does i mean it was a man who was driving. and they pull the rug car, she's gets my god. oh my god, oh my god in this cell phone video you can see the minivan peres says the victim was and peugeot to get away and she wasn't like she was going to die she was in there trying to go to him she was running this we let officers arrest a police department report stephen murray kidnapped a woman in appear to be armed. detectives say stanislaus county sheriff's deputies were trying to take murray into custody took an end to gun down investigators say that gun turned out to be a fake for a man shot, i'm shot a man shot worry was pronounced dead at the scene investigators say the deputy involved is now on paid suspension perez says she did not recognize murray nor the victim has neighbors who
8:46 pm
package from amazon prime day never showed up the contra costa counties chp. >>has possibly has found the culprit an amazon truck was stolen while delivering packages and else abroad day, 71 packages were stolen. police arrested steve at the in connection to the stolen packages he has now been charged with possession of stolen property and cargo theft. the chp was only able to find one of the packages and they're still looking for another suspect, they're calling him charles farr he is believed to be somewhere in west contra costa county. >>nasa says the first woman to walk on the moon is already in the space program reporter doug johnson tells us there are 3 candidates and their from right here in the bay area of the 38 active astronauts in nasa's astronaut corps, 12 or when. >>any of these do an amazing job. >>janet id is on the board of governors for the national
8:47 pm
space society. she says several the potential candidates have northern california ties and i went to stanford university to get a master's in mechanical engineering ago man was born in petaluma it has been in the astronaut program since 2013 he was a lieutenant colonel in the marine corps he served as a test pilots in sa, 18 hornet and super hornet has been deported twice more aircraft carriers and support. >>for in afghanistan trained as an engineer may have helped develop nasa's orion spacecraft. >>this is nasa's next generation human space capsule. >>the space agency plans to use for the litter mission they've titled artemis a greek goddess who is the twin sister of apollo. >>i'm kate rubins i'm an astronaut in the molecular
8:48 pm
station in 2016 unfortunately in the sciences and engineering you often times are one of the only women. >>doing the kinds of jobs that we do in order to get to nasa and become an astronaut megan mcarthur grew up in san jose point as an astronaut since 2000 he say oh she not. >>says she's had looked at the by and she sent thing behind her. >>served as the mission specialist aboard the final space shuttle journey to the hubble telescope in 2009. >>she's even for years, providing support for training. aboard the international space station every she's already sent 13 days in space and to see a scene now 6 blueprints on them be quite exciting in sacramento, doug johnson. >>well the start of the 2nd half has been sensational for
8:49 pm
last 14 but now the green and gold on the road to be a pair of playoff teams first 14 said with the ale central leading minnesota before a go to houston atop 4th tied at one josh phegley drives one to left field marwin gonzalez goes back makes a great leaping catch into the wall being phegley of extra bases. beef is right there now and 6 still tied 1, one jurickson profar gets a hold of its skies, one the left feel that one is gone a 2 run homer 3, 1, a's. it is profar's 3rd home run in 2 games. palm 7. mike fires who pitched 6 in the 3rd stellar innings as cold with a couple of runners on and on the first pitch from arafat seat pinch hitter eddie rosario take some deep to right for a three-run jack for 3 twins they would add a couple of the night fires could only watch. minnesota wins bay though lost both games of doubleheader so the a's. a half game up for the second
8:50 pm
wild-card spot, a giant >>pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>and we'll go overseas for the lexus ultimate highlight the open championship taking place at royal portrush in northern ireland early greil his tee shot on 13 is online and watch when it drops its going to be roll in it rolling court is asked you to nice on we're not done here. it is really on for us hole in one finished with a 2 over 73. conversely a bad round for tiger woods, rough chip you're on the 6th hole would double bogey bogey to 6 other holes, tiger. she was his worst first round ever at the open championship. initially the 7 overtime for 100 44th cheerleader after around one jb holmes. he shot 5 under had 6 birdies a bogey the lead by a stroke. let's hear from woods reflecting on a brutal out. father time and. >>and some procedures i've had over the it just was going to
8:51 pm
be. as i said and what others why imply unless term its ishares i can hopefully prolong my career and a better for a little longer. you know if i am school pick-up and soccer handle soccer practices, i'm a lot more sore than i am now. but a supply of this level this a complete different deal mean i you know the spot on communities. kaiser are too good. there are too many guys are. playing well and i'm giselle unknown. >>can justine difficult to imagine he'll be in the mix of this weekend. however we want to mention that brooks kept he is tied for 3rd right now what a start for him again my car for director at a good point you don't often hear from the 100 44th place person. you know comment up, but if your name's tiger woods just about to say that's tiger we're going to hear thank you mark.
8:52 pm
>>the circle of life gets a new look as disney opens a live action version of its 90's award-winning classic but what are the chanc
8:53 pm
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8:55 pm
>>one movie is opening in wide release this weekend david daniel gives a preview of the new disney live action that is expected to be the king of the box office. >>the lion king is ready to be crowned disney's photorealistic cgi take on its 25 year-old animated classic roars into theaters with no competition for the weekend title box office watchers say it will debut with at least million and possibly as much as 180 million that would surpass the biggest previous opening for a disney remake beauty and the beast which debuted in 2017 woth million. hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>well that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. can't wait to see
8:56 pm
that one right now it does look pretty good does look pretty good all right. our prime time coverage just getting started on this. busy thursday night grant lotus to make a living who was kron 4 news at 9. you can adjust in thanks very much next said 9 chilling moments really the bay area gas station after a guy just calmly walks in. >>pulls out a shotgun and robs the place the whole thing caught on camera now police are hoping this video will help them catch the guy we're live in the north bay with that story. >>and a brig break in the case that shooting at this hand friend mall in san bruno police have made 2 more arrests, including the prime suspect who is considered armed and dangerous where he was captured next in a live report and everybody talk fing allows way younger. some of us don't love it, but is your privacy at risk that's a lot of people are talking abot ter the break. of savings and service.
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. >>on camera, a man pulls out a shotgun and robs 2 people in a very a gas station and now police are hoping this surveillance video will help them catch this guy. thanks for joining us tonight, everybody i'm grant lotus and i think you would kiss the suspect took off with an undisclosed amount of cash and police want to catch him
9:00 pm
before he strikes again. our first jail on live for us in santa rosa tonight with more gayle. >>grab the robbery happening at a gas station as shell gas station in santa rosa. it happened is sunday july 14th around one 30 in the morning, a man armed with a gun. >>surveillance cameras were rolling when this robber comes inside the shell gas station store on corby avenue he brandished a weapon before stealing money and property and fleeing northbound on corby avenue santa rosa police say the suspect fled on foot the 2 victims were a customer and the workers. >>i think i heard the sirens on sunday out to rio him and has worked and lived nearby i remember thinking like what's going on. and the odds are the wreck is and i was and it's pretty quiet here for the most part i just work here i i live like a i just like 10 minutes away, so you don't really hear that kind of stuff going


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