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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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before he strikes again. our first jail on live for us in santa rosa tonight with more gayle. >>grab the robbery happening at a gas station as shell gas station in santa rosa. it happened is sunday july 14th around one 30 in the morning, a man armed with a gun. >>surveillance cameras were rolling when this robber comes inside the shell gas station store on corby avenue he brandished a weapon before stealing money and property and fleeing northbound on corby avenue santa rosa police say the suspect fled on foot the 2 victims were a customer and the workers. >>i think i heard the sirens on sunday out to rio him and has worked and lived nearby i remember thinking like what's going on. and the odds are the wreck is and i was and it's pretty quiet here for the most part i just work here i i live like a i just like 10 minutes away, so you don't really hear that kind of stuff going news
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of the armed robbery was alarming i come here pretty often like just to get snacks or whatever. pretty crazy to you that that happened. police are hoping this close-up image would lead to a quick arrest, the suspect is described as a black male in his 20's approximately 6 foot tall police say the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of money and items from the store. >>police are anxious to catch the suspect they're offering a reward up to $2500 for information leading to an arrest. reporting live in santa rosa gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>gayle. thank you to the south bay, a suspicious death investigation is underway after a woman's body was found in san jose homicide detectives have been on scene all day this happened just before 10 30 near the guadalupe river less than a mile from the essay peace center that's where the body was found and that general areas where kron four's tailored to secchi is live tonight with the very latest on this investigation. taylor what do we know.
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>>well after nearly 10 hours police finally packed up took down the police tape in left. >>as you can see this is the area. >>they were searching we're now able to get a closer look neighbors nearby tell me a lot of homeless people lived in this area and you can see some of the things left behind right there. >>a disturbing discovery along the guadalupe river trail in san jose on thursday. san jose police say they found a woman's body around 00:30am in the morning while on foot patrol by the river trail. majority of the crime scene stretches under the bridge and julian street for neighbors say they see a lot of homeless people living so close to the park here. >>and there's just so many homeless. it's not surprising that a crime. >>david get segars walks his dog dempsey in this park every day but says he avoids the park at night, there's just so much. >>stuff going on along this riverside park here. i dtn't
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know whether these somebody getting hurt or somebody overdosing that yes it's pretty much a daily. >>now police haven't identified the woman or release her age if you have any information about this crime scene contact the police reporting live in san jose killer sackey kron 4 news taylor. thank you will i hope police are investigating that l% city's 7th homicide of the year. it happened around 9 o'clock last night at the intersection of baylor drive in corcoran avenue. >>officers arrived to find a 36 year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead his killer is still on the loose the victim's identity has not been released. 24 year-old man is behind bars tonight accused of lewd acts with a minor. and authorities believe there may be more victims. the san mateo sheriff's office says on july 17th officers questioned one then i guess after he was found in a car with a 13
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year-old girl on pass coderre oak creek road. authorities say that they determined that have been committed lewd acts with the girl. they also say that he gave her marijuana and was in possession of meth he was arrested and booked into the county jail again. authorities believe that there may be more victims. so if you have any information you're asked to contact the san mateo county sheriff's office. >>the man hit and killed by a large truck this morning in san francisco has been identified the crash was around 5 30 this morning in the city's tenderloin district around 15 market. michael evans so 54 year-old from san francisco was dragged for several blocks he was rushed to the hospital where he died. people who work in that area say crashes happen almost daily there. >>walked up the street right here i knew right away it when i saw the walker in the closing the street. this is a daily thing really a daily thing.
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>>police immediately started looking for the truck they eventually found a you see here a short time later along the embarcadero the driver says he did not know he had hit someone. he is cooperating with police she was on scene all morning answering their questions. eventually they took him away in a police cruiser though he was not handcuffed and didn't appear to be under arrest, it's unclear right now if that driver will be facing any charges. antioch police say a man died crashing into a tree during a police chase suspect allegedly stole a car while burglarizing a home from 1 o'clock this morning police say they saw a car that appeared to be stolen police say they tried to pull that driver over but the suspect took off. the suspect crossed the median in the middle of buchanan road and crashed into the tree near contra little boulevard just off highway 4 officials have not released that suspect's name. >>police have identified a 34 year-old the bay area man who drowned at lake tahoe on tuesday. andre ages i ha rather our was an army veteran
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and he worked as a correctional officer for the san mateo county sheriff's office. officials say the people pulled him from the water andnzephyr cove on the south shore. the deputies tried to save our ksat but he was pronounced dead at the hospital, he served in iraq and also previously worked for the santa clara county sheriff's office. it's not clear what caused him to drown. >>checking on the 4 zone forecast right now as we take a live look outside at the embarcadero and a little bit of cloud over out there a fog should probably say it's a it's been like that pretty much all goes told a really typical summer pattern. meteorologist lawrence karnow here to tell us all about it is going to clear up at all tomorrow. yeah i think actually we see a little more sunshine, least by the actually warm up out toward the beaches but in the valleys may cool down just a bit but yeah. >>we're kind of lucky right now much of the country. a sweltering a hot conditions but we're looking at a trough just carve out along the west coast. that's enough to keep those temperatures from getting too hot around the bay area but things they are
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likely going to change but in the meantime yet we are seeing some that patchy fog outside right now. it's a little thick in spots out there, especially near the coastline been looking at some drizzle too but more that fog on the way as we head throughout the night tonight in fact you see that toward the sfo right now the clouds moved in no delays at sfo or oakland or san jose for tonight. but the temperatures really kind of taking a hit today that sea breeze kicking in and cooling off you some sunshine today inland those numbers dropping a good 10 even 13 degrees around the bay area and you can see all that cool air working its way inland too. highs today of 65 degrees in san francisco that's slightly below the average 74 above normal in oakland 84 degrees in san jose in the 80's in livermore and conquer pretty comfortable there for this time of year 80 degrees in also santa rosa. low clouds and fog the coastline begin to move inside the bay right now we're going to see more that and early tomorrow morning and then it looks like we're going to see some changes coming our way as a high pressure will start to build in over the weekend but the sea breeze going to care the clouds and
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that's what's happening right now it's moving on shore temperatures right now around the bay area you're looking 66 degrees in san jose 64 in livermore 70 in pittsburgh along the coastline to get the patchy fog 50's their 50's in the san francisco, some patchy fog and 59 degrees patchy fog also into still holding on the saint helene a to 70 degrees 60 in the napa valley and 59 in petaluma tonight, a low clouds and fog want to work their way well on shore and into the bay in some of the local valleys to tomorrow morning, starting out some patchy fog then as we head through the day, more sunshine on the way good news so far air quality is not been a big problem this summer all in fact we've seen enough of a sea breeze and mix in the atmosphere keep the air quality looking good but that big dome of high pressure the east that is still waiting but it's eventually going to start to move its way back into the bay area but not for tomorrow will cool things down least a couple degrees. a lot of hard weekend that ridge starts a nudge its way back in here how will it affect your weather and the rest the week and next week we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes all right lawrence muni trains are
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up and running again at the embarcadero station being closed down for much of the day because of a flood. >>yeah, the leak also impacted bart trains for a short time as well kron four's dan kerman explains what happened. >>this is not your imagination it's actually water pouring out of the ceiling and on to the bar tracks in a market or a station and that water is coming from uni which is one level above overnight we're testing the fire suppression system as we're doing that. >>the drainage system malfunctioned causing flooding and the track weigh in on the platform area many shut off the flow of water but it continued to drain into the muni station in the bart station below. >>eastbound bart trains didn't stop him barkett arrow for 30 minutes. but resumed at 06:30am but the embarcadero station was closed to muni riders all morning and into the afternoon. we're able to continue to run trains through the station but we're not stopping there. >>the lead pastors on or off have that's because the platform area as well as well we want people slept. >>that meant riders had to
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transfer to bart at montgomery or exit and take a streetcar a regular bus or walk. >>that's par for the course and these are really good days when it works really well. >>and part of that business where we do without is so it's not a big deal for me and took it in stride other meaty riders were not amused one person tweeting only took 45 minutes to go from church to montgomery. >>congrats on being the worst option for getting around a self love to pay more money for unreliable service. we apologize for inconvenience muni located 2 leaks in a single pipe, the leaks were then repair the system was retested and by 3.30 the muni metro was stopping again that abarca darrow station just in time for the afternoon commute. >>so for now you need is back in business. so is the embarcadero station in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>developments tonight in that
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shooting at san bruno's 10 friend mall police have arrested 2 more teenagers in connection with the july second shooting. people running 18 year-old the andre get was arrested early this morning in martinez police say he was driving a stolen car and was taken into custody after a short chase kron four's dan thorn live tonight in san bruno dan we understand that the other person arrested is a minor here. >>that's right grant the other person who was arrested is a a 14 year-old and they're accused of being an accomplice in the shooting that brings the total number to 4 people now facing charges. police say this all happened a couple of weeks ago when 2 groups of teens started arguing with each other and then they opened fire. >>the manhunt for a mall shooting suspect spending more than 2 weeks and as with police getting the suspected gunman. police arrested 18 year-old the on drug and early thursday morning. police say the san francisco resident was found in martinez driving a stolen vehicle. get was later
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caught after leading police on a short car pursuit and then a foot chase. again and 3 others are accused of sending the 10 for and mall into a panic when they opened fire on each other during an apparent argument. surveillance video from july second shows shoppers running for cover as one of the 2 teenage shooting victims is seen struggling on the floor. >>was like a movie a slow month that they're all running in the back and that jobs in the end a lump of 4. >>the blood and everything on july 6th police arrested a 16 year-old and a 15 year-old fulton, san francisco in connection to the shooting the 16 year-old is accused of being one of the shooters with good and being the other the 15 year-old was arrested for being an accomplice. police also arrested another teen on thursday, a 14 year-old who they say acted in concert with one of the suspected shooters.
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>>san bruno police say all 4 of the suspects are facing charges related to attempted murder. they're still looking for more information on this. so you're encouraged to give them a call. reporting live in san bruno dan thorn. on for news all right and not to the south bay now morgan hill police are on the hunt for these women, they say stole. >>thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from an ulta beauty store and this isn't the first time that it's happened. in fact this is the 8th robbery at the store in the past 6 months and police think the crew is linked to more robberies is stores across the bay area kron reports. >>a property crimes of this morgan hill all to in the past 6 months the most recent happened on tuesday 5 women entered the store stole $4,000 worth of merchandise in left in less than a minute but not before being caught on camera. >>these are folks that are very familiar with what
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they're doing this not the first time. >>police say they believe these women may be reiponsible for other all to thats happening all over the bay area from monterrey to san francisco and into the central valley. >>they have unfortunately a retail store is vulnerable right and uh you know they're they're just taking advantage of it. >>police have identified 2 of these 5 women but arrests have been made they say of the 8 incidents that have taken place at this morgan hill all to 3 to 5 $1000 worth of makeup and her field has been stolen each time i it's easy to get in get out they can get a large quantity of that's worth a lot of money and sell that >>fairly easy also released a statement to kron 4 that says we are aware of. actively investigating this incident in cooperation with the local authorities all to beauties
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primary concern is always the safety of our so see it's an guess. >>like other retailers we have policies and protocols in place to ensure safe and welcoming guest experience. in morgan hill, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>national news tonight and facing an onslaught of anger and concern president trump today claiming he is unhappy with his crowd from last night's rally when they broke into chants of send her back as he criticized representative no more. >>and this chance came just days after the president tweeted that 4 democratic congresswomen should go back to the countries. they came from cnn's pamela brown has the latest now from the nation's capital. >>today president donald trump claiming he disavows that chant at last night's rally. >>the aimed at somali born and now us citizen congresswoman ilhan omar. >>i was not happy with. i disagree with that.
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>>the president pointing the finger at the crowd. i didn't say that they did and insisting his tweets and comments this week against omar and 3 other democratic congresswoman of color had nothing to do with it, but they were when you >>well i don't think if you examine and i don't think you'll find that trump also claiming he didn't let the champ last long video shows the president pozzi for 13 seconds as the chance grew louder and louder reacting today. congresswoman omar was words for the president said this president is racist. >>we have condemned taken from us way system works. i believe use this is not about me this is about us fighting for what this country truly should be and what it deserves to be lindsey graham a trump supporter defended the crowd against claims the chant was racist and klein of omar were a trump supporter she wouldn't be told to no i don't think
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it's racist to say was it racist to say love it or leave it. >>i don't think a somali refugee embracing trump would not have been asked to go back let me be clear my the with policy not purse personality. all of these congressman won their election their american citizens, this is their home as much as mind believe their policies will change america for the worse and that's the debate for mitt that talking point an apparent attempt to paint the progressive for some. >>known as the squad as the face of the democratic party. a possible window into trump's 2020 strategy will never has. >>a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the american dream frankly, the destruction of our country.
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>>and president trump has also tapped gene scalia, he's the son of late supreme court justice antonin scalia to be the new labor secretary scalia will replace labor secretary alex acosta costa resigned last week amid fallout from the lenient plea deal that he negotiated in 2008 for sex-offender jeffrey epstein acosta was a us attorney at the time. politico first reported trump was likely to nominate scalia. he previously served in government roles, including as the labor department's top lawyer in 2002. >>the chief of homeland security testified today about migrant family separations and poor conditions in detention centers. democrats became very angry after they believed he failed to adequately address their concerns motions really ran high in the house oversight and reform committee hearing today. the acting secretary of homeland security said his department is doing all it can to manage the problem of children detained at the border. >>we're doing our level best in a very what does that mean
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what does it mean when a child all it's sitting in own feces this is familiar to you. >>seeing families the mothers and children, caged with mylar blanket. >>lawmakers schedule this hearing to follow the release of a new report on child separation. one lawmaker said ultimately congress is responsible for the problems that stem from broken immigration and asylum laws. >>everybody sees be talking about this stuff asap the app that allows you to add it pictures from that your phone make people look younger or older are happier. but when you agree to terms why using that app and to read the fine print as tom foreman explains tonight, some major red flags are being raised about who is using your data and what they're doing with it. >>this is getting old fast from lebron james to actress busy philipps to musical superstar drake to the jonas brothers. they all appear to
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be using face app to digitally aged themselves. it is an online sensation and no wonder i love everybody okay to get that just look comedian kevin hart now and in 30 or 40 years. country star carrie underwood now and in a few decades. actress mindy kaling now and then. it's spooky fascinating and hilarious we did with caramel and that's what carol. >>exiled south american dictator. the russian connections it turns out the company that released the app 2 years ago wireless labs is based in petersburg in surrey how much detail data apps like this can collect about users their contacts interest political views and some of the small print in face apps user agreement, some authorities are concerned we need to know more about what
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the heck is going on here wireless lab says nothing nefarious is underway images and info or uploaded with users can sense just for fun and basic business, none of it is transferred russia and internet security pros say the kind of data harvesting on face app is not new if anybody is using facebook twitter instagram snapchat or any other social media platforms out there. >>you've given them substantially more data and you are the products for these individual folks that's how they make money so for users does that mean all this is just good old fashion fun. maybe but security experts say any time you are sharing your data with a private company you are taking a risk and when that company is tied to a foreign government. >>there may be even more reason for potential worry. so that's another way to get some wrinkles tom foreman, cnn, washington. >>the house passed a bill to raise the minimum wage for the first time in a decade the raise the wage act would bring
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the federal minimum wage up gradually from 7.25 an hour to 15 bucks an hour by the year 2025. after that the rate would be indexed to the median hourly wage of all workers. the vote was 231 to one 99. earlier today, house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about the importance of passing that bill. >>this still a tease that equality getting nearly 20 million working women. that is nearly one 3rd of all working women, a raise and it helps narrow the gender wage gap that, disproportionately targets women of color, putting more. >>the rays will give nearly 30 million americans so raise states are already able to raise the wage be on the federal minimum many have done so including california where it is 12 bucks an hour. still to come with local police are now offering for info on a man's unsolved murder. >>there may be a lot of discounts that are missing out
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on. we have that coming up and we're less than a month awayit' sneak peek of what to expect there. >>pretty it was just a little kron four's award-winning original documentary and people have been killed. if yof're going to worry about earthquakes to live in this area, a must-see special. >>the hayward fault definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls. the failed. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at 9 on
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>>is san leandro police released body cam video of a deadly officer-involved shooting dead the department says the shooting was justified but as kron 4 suzie but you reports now a person living next door says they saw and they didn't have to happen. >>it is the first deadly
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police shooting in santee and role recent years. and now police video from that shooting has been released to the public. >>it happened back june 11th 2019 year old martin drive at san leandro police were responding to a 911 call regarding 56 year-old anthony gold as the armed with a machete threatening his neighbors. about 5 weeks later san diego police are releasing what they call a community briefing video focus to the incident it is a video production that includes statements from the chief of police. >>audio from night dispatch negotiations and tactical discussions by responding officers. narrated by lieutenant eyes admitted to who explains what police are hoping to gain by releasing this video to the public. >>so we felt that to getting this information out to the
9:31 pm
public and as soon as we could. to provide factual details too what occurred would. the questions of the public may have as to what took place during this incident. now with the value and the power of the body cameras that public can see first hand and their own eyes. how situations can unfold so quickly. >>in san leandro haaziq met you kron 4 news and in nearby oakland police are asking for help solving a murder and happened earlier this year police say 25 year-old. >>callie bell was shot and killed on february 11th on clarence street officers arrived on scene and found him suffering from fatal gunshot wounds investigators are now asking for help from anyone who may be able to provide any information about the case crime stoppers in oakland now offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information
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leading to an arrest in this case. terrifying morning for a little boy sacramento county after a man came into his whole can only imagine yeah that strangers started looking around with a boy just hid under his bed sheets. >>bridget b or low has more on how he got help. >>it was a morning that felt more like a nightmare for 1, 9, year-old boy in real linda trying to in china to crack a stranger and during his home through an unlocked garage door and wandering into the bedroom where he had been sleeping he just went inside the room. >>something a little bit and not he saw me in 92 under the blanket chris's spent the morning hiding beneath the covers in the fear for his life. >>as an unknown man wandered around inside his home and they want to cry because i knew he would be able to hear me that doesn't think that was the child was quick thinking and immediately alerted his older siblings about the
9:33 pm
mystery intruder. it's scary. it was just a scary feeling, you know not you know. >>knowing what could happen his sister 32 year-old sanya silva who asked not to be on camera instantly dial 911 and tried to calm a situation that she says could have easily escalated we pretty much after mitt few with ok i didn't want to you know scare him either to where he felt threatened and could do something to us sonja says sacramento county sheriff's deputies arrived within minutes they have since identified the intruder as 38 year-old kayla of young who had a felony warrant out his arrest, it's scary because you don't know what kind intentions. they have i mean thankfully. he was very calm and you know co-operative he did seem like he was just you know very confused didn't know where he you know what was going on. thankfully no one was harmed and the suspect is in custody, he still those are holding each other a little tighter.
9:34 pm
>>after surviving what could have been a very dangerous encounter. they have angels watching over us. because the situation could have been completely different. >>that was bridgette your low reporting police say this should serve as a warning for everybody to make sure you keep those doors and garages locked. well we stay in sacramento county and a man there who lost both of his legs in the service is now getting his home restored with the help of his community. olivia de janeiro shows us how several nonprofits are teaming up to give the marine corps veteran. >>a new lease on life. >>heading down walls. and clearing space to build a better life for a local disabled veteran be really think would feel we want report enough you agree and that's saying a lot for a man who just got out of the hospital 4 days ago she too had a man the way to the low
9:35 pm
cleo schuller has lived in this house for 30 years since it was brand new when everything basically to we couldn't do anything and more recent health complications have made it nearly impossible for cleo to get around his own home. so his family reached out to habitat for humanity for some help. >>when we receive the cry for help from cleo we realized it was a pretty heavy lift in right now with the current housing crisis the need is just. >>so they contacted other local housing nonprofits to see if they were willing to collaborate and said interested if we are. >>all kind of treating this like a pot luck and we each brought our resources or expertise to the table to make the list not so happy for one of us but together to make this possible and we were just so overwhelmed at the response and this morning nearly 40 volunteers from the home depot and habitat for humanity began the demolition process. d with
9:36 pm
clears home you probably won't be able to recognize it. volunteers are installing new flooring remodeling the kitchen and bathroom and giving the exterior and backyard, a complete to make over when they finish with school be beautiful and not just beautiful, but functional to soak leo can be mobile in his own home again independent so important him just be an independent paso high olivia de janeiro. >>we've got fog and low clouds moving on shore right now some warmer temperatures are ahead. up. >>speaking to warm the a's trying to stay right here minnesota tonight can they keep it going. tiger woods across the pond.
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>>and will open today with the a's who couldn't have asked for a better start to the 2nd half of the year winners of 6 in a row and 12 of their last 14. but now the green and gold on the road to meet a pair of playoff teams for seniors or josh phegley. marwin gonzalez goes back makes a great least the catch of the law but that defense robs fatally of extra bases in the 60's. still tied.
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jurickson profar skies one to left field that one is gone. 2 run home. 3, 1, a's profar story homer in 2 games. bottom of the 7th mike fires basis in the 3rd stellar innings pulled within couple of runners on and on the first pitch from his mouth and teeth. pinch hitter eddie rosario they have deep to right for a three-run jack for 3 twins they would have a couple in the 9th as well fires can only watch minnesota win 6, 3, tampa bay though lost both games of doubleheader so the a's. a half game up for the second wild-card spot. giants currently hosting the mets will have those highlights later on but in the meantime we go overseas for the open championship taking place if you want royal portrush in northern ireland, there are 2 to 4 but somewhat windy day now in greil doubt his tee shot on 13. is online. we have see how this plays out nice on and starts rolling. it keeps
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rolling start, keeps rolling. finish with that too for 73 now conversely a bad round for tiger woods, rough chip here in the 6th with double bogey he bogeyed 6 other holes, tiger should his worst first round ever at the open championship finishing 7 overtime for 144. the leader after round one j b holmes shot 5 under 6 birdies only one bogey lead to strokes. coming up on kron 4 sports attend will head to oracle park free gem of an outing from madison bumgarner.
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>>more than a dozen children have died in hot cars. so far this year following a record breaking 52 deaths in 2018. lawmakers believe car companies must do something to help prevent these tragedies. the hot cars act it would require all new vehicles to alert parents when someone is still in the back seat after they turn off the car. the legislation though it failed 2 years ago, some manufacturers have since built in the technology. but others continue to resist it. one father says his son would be alive today if he hadn't made that tragic mistake. i had killed my son. >>my por sweet little boy. i still have not forgiven myself. and don't know if i have the capacity to do so.
9:45 pm
>>absolutely heartbreaking the auto alliance, which represents the auto industry is carefully reviewing the proposal but says that the better approach is public awareness and education, lawmakers argue it would only cost about a 100 dollars more per vehicle. >>happening now from oklahoma city up to boston minneapolis stand a little rock cities all over bracing for extreme heat over the next couple days karin caifa has the latest now as california is actually being spared from the extreme temperatures. >>already feeling the heat in the still hot. >>the rate here is very warm. but the worst and most dangerous is yet to come for americans from washington to chicago. >>these are life threatening temperatures and conditions and we all have to work together to remain safe. >>millions from the midwest to the northeast are under heat watches warnings or guess own peak heat is expected friday and saturday with the heat
9:46 pm
index climbing to 115 degrees in some places. >>people think well i'm not going to be affected by this or it's not that bad it is. >>new york city keeping cooling centers open through the weekend if you don't need to be outside for work or you for travel. stay indoors, the more time you're out in the extreme heat more time out the sun more challenges you face. >>the american red cross warning of the potential dangers of extreme heat exposure. >>heat stroke can be deadly. so if you in any way think that somebody is suffering from heat stroke, get them to a cooler place and call 911. >>there's also the potential for travel concerns like this buckled roadway near shawnee oklahoma demonstrated as asphalt and vehicles generate and trap the heat. on the tracks amtrak we'll monitor rail temperatures from michigan to massachusetts for 4 news. >>speaking of the heat as we check on the kron 4, 4, zone
9:47 pm
forecast it couldn't really be more polar opposite than what we're seeing across much of the country than what we see right here you see that low layer of fog basically air conditioning, especially if you're right around the water here in the bay area is pretty cool. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about and that really hot weather i'm kind scared it's going to get a very toasty out there fact look at these temperatures these the forecasted highs from are of course the deserts that's not unusual to see those temperatures soaring into the triple digits, but then he had the country's midsection tomorrow, almost a 100 degrees at lincoln 98 in wichita 96 in norman and then the east coast, those temperatures very hot 95 degrees and then you throw in the humidity going to feel like we're like a 110 degrees along the eastern seaboard in washington dc and it gets hotter. look at saturday. these temperatures this he told kind of stretching all the way across the eastern seaboard 90 degrees. the expected high in washington d c with the high humidity that's a big concern you just cannot get relief. no right lows only drop off into the 70's and the 80's now that big ridge is going to start to
9:48 pm
build its way back toward the bay area as we head into next week, but right now we've got that nice e cool fog. that is that keeps the temperatures much cooler see the fog there nice deck of that making its way inside the bay right now tomorrow going to come mostly sunny though 60's in the san francisco very comfortable oakland checking in at 73 degrees 81 in san jose and the fog at kind of fill in overnight tonight and tomorrow morning you see it early on them by the afternoon. you know we're going to get a little bit of a break along the coastline of thing tomorrow we're going to see some clearing their temperatures may actually warm up near the coastline while cooling down inside the bay and some of the valleys as high pressure one we can but we're start the weekend with some fog as well but it could become more patchy as high pressure is the bill over has going for breast that marine air that means less fog more sunshine all the way about 66 downtown san francisco for tomorrow 63 little warmer in the pacific a little more sunshine there by the afternoon 66 in millbrae and also the burning in 71 in foster city 75 in palo out to the south bay looking very nice little hazy but 70's and
9:49 pm
some 80's near quality looking all right we're talking about the good conditions all the way from land to the sea. 86 degrees in livermore tomorrow, maybe slightly below the average but still comfortable 85 degrees, warmer walnut creek. 83 in rent in braga 73 in oakland, 70 in san leandro and about 75 degrees and that he should that breeze blowing in the afternoon carry some fog and along the coastline to looking out over the next couple days we start to warm things up a little bit come sunday and then getting hot toward the middle of next week. thank you lawrence for your help tonight. a warning about treats you might be given your dogs and dogs love these things the cdc and fda are investigating a multistate outbreak of salmonella infections. >>linked to contact with those pig's ears that dogs go crazy for the cdc says there now a total of 93 peop this across 27 states including california, 20 folks have gone to the hospital because of it. no deaths were reported though. the fda says salmonella discovered in the pig ear treats can infect people either from actually touching the treats directly
9:50 pm
or from their dogs if their dog become sick because of it. the streets are stocked in open bins at pet stores. they've all been recalled for more info on the recall you can head to our web site kron 4 dot com. police in west, virginia say they're seeing a dangerous trend. they could make its way around the country eventually some drug abusers returning to wasp spray as an alternative form of meth the challenge is how to treat the symptoms and prevent the use of this legal she product for heart one store and west virginia reported selling nearly 30 cans of that's for a recently that's way more than normal in the practice may have contributed to several overdoses. drugs are. >>in my opinion. they're so bad around here. it's bad night will move to pay for any and all the time trying things that we wouldn't even think about for more we're being told the. >>if you use it you know are
9:51 pm
used to want watch can be found in the 3rd time in your body, it's an allergic reaction that can kill you. >>law enforcement officials are working with medical and poison control authorities to determine an appropriate treatment for people who do experience health roblems after using wasp spray has a drug. we are less than a month >>yap in palm springs and the restaurant is teasing some new details about a limited time property, it's called the bell not too surprisingly focus great deal on food. talk about promises. many fan favorite foods are going to be available for you as well as yet to be released menu items. guests will also be able to order from an exclusive menu. more taco bell twists of hotels can have a gift shop where guests can purchase items like bathing suits that are inspired by sohus pack it. >>imagine 5 elton 125 degree
9:52 pm
weather. >>next you know national hot dog day isn't your thing what about national caviar day. yeah we're going to take you to the caviar shop in san fra [beeping]
9:53 pm
[woman on pa] introducing togo's new hot chicken trio. the new brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, bacon, and fresh avocado. the hot buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. and the tangy barbecue. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? [woman on pa] i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
9:54 pm
>>with us last night, you know vicki did dine and dish on national hot dog day. yeah, so to be totally different today is national. say it kathy, how they all day after you know
9:55 pm
that means time for dining to dine and dish caviar. >>hard to believe these are the tiny fish eggs from a prehistoric fish called such a posh delicacy and still like here and you know being a little in eggs are i feel like you're spending a lot of people crave caviar especially these days when it's more affordable. >>and when they do here's where they can find it. >>that's why we're here to have caviar is in something that people come in on tuesday and his pickup caviar to take home. >>petra bergstein study marine biology she is co-founder of the caviar company in san francisco along with her sister. it's a place of all of course. >>california y sturgeons and this is our local product is one of our top sellers, this top middle product. it's a very nice and creamy caviar a really good price planes there's the russian of a more reasonable but equally
9:56 pm
delicious california caviar time the visually this isn't caviar and smoked trout eggs, but a great pop of the labor in each prepared with a bit of cream, fresh on a small billy knee washed down by champagne if you prefer or vodka. >>you can marry to each other in a champagne and caviar and vodka kind of depends what kind of evening you're going of course is a way to do caviar it's called the bomb he just put on the back of your hand. well a cool kids are doing it. >>caviar is one way to make any occasion special games. it's i just wanted to stay. >>talking about again never mind. education, straight talk all kron 4 news at night some for everybody here our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. can weigh justine waltman are here. >>thanks very much vicki and grant next to 10 new developments in that shooting at that and friend mall is
9:57 pm
sent people scrambling for cover. police have arrested 2 more suspects, including one man considered armed and dangerous at makes 4 people now arrested for that shooting earlier this month. details on how he was captured next in a live report plus a disturbing discovery along the guadalupe river in san jose, the body of a woman police believe died. >>under suspicious circumstances now homicide detectives are investigating we have a live report from the scene that is just minutes away and the family of a northern california girl who was electrocuted in a swimming pool, they're speaking out they have a message to other parents to not go away our 3 of kron 4 n
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>the big break tonight in the case of that mall shooting in san bruno police arrested 2 more people, including the prime suspect who is considered armed and dangerous thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm justine waltman in for pam moore tonight, these arrests are in connection to the july second shooting at the tanforan mall where 2 people were injured. >>and several others were sent running. kron four's dan thorn is live right now in san bruno with more on this latest arrest. >>with justine police arrested the 18 year-old suspected gunman early this morning and martinez


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