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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 18, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>the big break tonight in the case of that mall shooting in san bruno police arrested 2 more people, including the prime suspect who is considered armed and dangerous thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm justine waltman in for pam moore tonight, these arrests are in connection to the july second shooting at the tanforan mall where 2 people were injured. >>and several others were sent running. kron four's dan thorn is live right now in san bruno with more on this latest arrest. >>with justine police arrested the 18 year-old suspected gunman early this morning and
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martinez that brings the total up to 4 suspects now facing charges in relation to the shooting and police say it all started when 2 groups of teens, began arguing here at the mall and then opened fire on each other. >>a manhunt for a prime suspect in a mall shooting ends with the gunman arrested 18 year-old deonte rate get was caught by police early thursday morning. police say the san francisco resident was found in martinez driving a stolen vehicle. he was later arrested after leading police on a short car pursued and then a foot chase. again and 3 others are accused of sending the 10 for and mall into a panic when they opened fire on each other during an apparent argument. surveillance video from july second shows shoppers running for cover as one of the 2 teenage shooting victims is seen struggling on the floor. >>was like a movie a slow month that they're all running in the back of the jobs in the end a lump of 4 the blood and
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everything. >>on july 6th police arrested a 16 year-old and a 15 year-old fulton san francisco in connection to the shooting the 16 year-old is accused of being one of the shooters with good and being the other the 15 year-old was arrested for being an accomplice. police also arrested another teen on thursday, a 14 year-old who they say acted in concert with one of the suspected shooters. >>police say all of the suspects are facing on charges related to attempted murder. this investigation is still ongoing so anyone who has any information about what happened they are being encouraged to contact police reporting live in san bruno dan thorn. >>thank you dan, a disturbing discovery in the south bay where police say they found a woman's body this morning in san jose investigators say they found the body near the guadalupe river in the park less than half a mile from the us, a peace center in tonight.
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they're calling her death suspicious kron four's 10 of us actually live in san jose for us taylor. what do you know. >>well police spent nearly 10 hours investigating the senior today well, and now bonds are able to get a closer look and they were going in and out and this area under the bridge wearing waders collecting evidence and neighbors tell me nearby that homeless people actually lived under the bridge are there and you can see some of those things left behind. >>san jose police say they saw the woman's body around 10 30 thursday morning while walking along the river trail near guadalupe river park now they're calling her death suspicious yeah that's pretty that. >>unless it was somebody that just died while they were the sleeping or something you know police spent nearly 10 hours combing through the crime scene at the park. >>and under the bridge and julian street david get segars lives nearby and says he's he's homeless people there often living so close to the park here. there's just so many homeless.
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>>it's not surprising that a crime. >>gets eggers walks his dog dempsey in the park daily. the says he will come through at night, there's just so much. >>it's tough going on along this riverside park here. i don't know whether the somebody getting hurt or somebody overdosing. yeah it's pretty much a daily. >>a police haven't released the identity or age of that woman if you have any information contact. the police reporting live in san jose taylor sackey and for news. >>taylor. thank you a big story. we're following tonight livermore police just released these new pictures of a shooting suspect. police say 21 year-old jorge to last shot and killed a 15 year-old on july 8th near a taco bell restaurant on stan lee boulevard the teen who was killed was a manual most p he was a student at livermore high school. police say the
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teen got into an argument with the suspect before he was shot. >>we have new information about a deadly shooting investigation in richmond police tell us the man killed on tuesday was 61 year-old byron scales they also say he was a registered sex-offender police found him shot near 18th street and chancellor avenue on tuesday night and he died at the hospital. police have not released any information about a suspect and if your pet package from amazon prime day never showed up this may be why contra costa county chp says a man stole this amazon trucking also brought a was carrying 71 packages and police say they only found one of those packages. officers arrested and charged eve been in connection to the stolen packages, they're still looking for another suspect charles farmer he is believed to be somewhere in west contra costa county. and take a look at this police in southern california sees nearly 15 tons of marijuana in several raids in paris today, the riverside county sheriff's department served nearly 50 search
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warrants. any legal growing operations in addition to the pot they seized 37 guns as evidence and arrested they als and put them in the custody of the department of animal services. >>caught on camera man pulls out a shotgun and robs 2 people at a bay area gas station and now police are hoping surveillance video will help put that man behind bars that suspect took off with an undisclosed amount of cash fashion police want to catch him before he strikes again kron four's gayle ong has the story now from santa rosa. >>the robbery happened at a shell gas station on sunday july 14 around one 30 in the morning, a man armed with a gun surveillance cameras were rolling when this robber comes inside the shell gas station store on corby avenue he brandished a weapon for stealing money and property and fleeing northbound on corby avenue santa rosa police say the suspect fled on foot. >>the 2 victims were a customer and the workers. >>i think i heard the sirens
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on sunday out to rio him and has worked and lived nearby, remember thinking like what's going on. and the odds are the wreck is and i was and it's pretty quiet here for the most part i just work here i i would like a i just like 10 minutes away, so you don't really hear that kind of stuff going news of the armed robbery was alarming i come here pretty often like just to get snacks or whatever. pretty crazy to you that that happened. police are hoping this close-up image would lead to a quick arrest, the suspect is described as a black male in his 20's approximately 6 foot tall police say the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of money and items from the store. >>police are anxious to catch the suspect an award at 2 $2500 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. reporting in santa rosa gayle, ong kron 4 news. and run this morning in san
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francisco has been arrested the crash happened around 5 30 this morning in the tenderloin district in the city. police say the big rig hit 54 year-old michael evans and dragged him for several blocks. investigators found that truck a short time later along the embarcadero the driver has been identified as 65 year-old oscar matus he's been charged with one count of vehicular manslaughter and one count of failure to yield to a pedestrian as soon as we get more information on this suspect we will pass it along. >>now we go to the east bay where the oakland police commission and the oakland police officers union are class washington i'd over an officer involved shooting the shooting happened last year and that left a homeless man dead and homeless man who had some mental issues. tonight, the police commission is calling for the officers involved to be fired. kron 4 grant lodes joins us now with the arguments from both agencies grant i can just seen livelihoods are on the line after one life was taken the shooting happened last year
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and killed. r-old joshua pollack investigators say they later learned pollack was a homeless man who had mental issues. this is body camera footage from the 3/11/2018 incident that's when officers responded to a report of an armed unconscious man who is flying between 2 homes 5 of the officers there fired a combined 12 shots at pollack and today, the police commission said the officers violated the department's use of force policy and recommended they be fired. the union says the recommendation ignores findings of 5 previous investigations that exonerated officers. the union claims the 5 officers involved were quote protecting the residents from an armed suspect in city spokesperson, karen boyd has released a statement on behalf of the police department it reads the findings of the police commission's discipline committee are the next step in
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the discipline process under state law the officers will be afforded their due process rights rncluding the opportunity to attend a skelly hearing prior to the final imposition of discipline. the city of oakland supports the due process rights of all employees now skelly hearing ensures that public sector employees are informed of the allegations against them and have a chance to refute or mitigate them if they choose, we'll certainly keep you posted as this story continues to play out. we are seeing new video tonight police shooting in the east bay, this one happened in san leandro last month. >>police were responding to a call about a man threatening his neighbors with a machete kron four's haaziq madyun explains why the police department decided to release the video. >>it is the first deadly police shooting in santee and role recent years. and now
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police video from that shooting has been released to the public. >>it happened back june 11th 2019 year old martin drive in san leandro police were responding to a 911 call regarding 56 year-old anthony gold as the armed with a machete threatening his neighbors. about 5 weeks later san diego police are releasing what they call a community briefing video focus to the incident it is a video production thmt includes statements from the chief of police. >>audio from night little a dispatch negotiations and tactical discussions by responding officers. >>we have do it. are aided by lieutenant eyes admitted to who explains what police are hoping to gain by releasing this video to the public. >>so we felt that to getting this information out to the public and as soon as we
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could. to provide a factual details too what occurred the questions of the public may have as to what took place during this incident. and now with the value in the power of the body cameras that public can see first hand and their own eyes. how situations can unfold so quickly. >>in san leandro haaziq kron 4 news. >>police chased a burglary suspect this morning in antioch then police say the suspect died when his car hit a tree this crash happened around one this morning near the intersection of the cannon road and contra loma boulevard police say they were responding to a report of a stolen car from a neighboring city. investigators have not released. the suspect's name. >>time now to step outside and get a live look at what's happening at we can see some
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fog up there. but that kind of looks a little bit clear clear enough for the planes are out there saying out there. >>no delays no delays at sfo. no delays are saying to the other thank you very much like good answer to but the fog yes kind of get thick out there tonight. we'll see that role in the bay. we're seeing some of that now already more that going to be pushing on shore little drizzle out along the coastline as well but yeah they were enjoying the cooler weather much of the country just under sweltering heat of high pressure you can see there toward the sfo. no delays the airports but the clouds are thickening up out there tonight. temperatures taken a hit a stronger on shore breeze in the numbers dropping all across the board just about as much as 10 to 30 degrees. cooler in many spots in let's all that cool marine air finally filtering in to some of the valleys and y inging those temperature down so numbers today, not bad, 6, 5, 3, slightly below the average in the san francisco, 74 beautiful day in oakland, lots of sunshine 84 degrees in san jose, but then you start to look at some of the values they were up in the 90's earlier this week. 87 degrees today still walerm doff
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quite a bit in the concord in 80 injuries much cooler in the santa rosa member just a couple of days ago they were 96 degrees so temperatures coming down now around the bay area's we got a trough just kind of camped out on the west coast are to get away forecast to get some travel plans the ahead of the monterey bay 50's and some 60's for highs there tomorrow with some patchy fog southern california. you'll find some sunshine a really reasonable temperatures mid 70's in los angeles, 78 pasadena and 77 in anaheim in the high country that holler at looking good sunny skies, 79 degrees. beautiful south lake tahoe 75 in truckee about 85 warm in reno low clouds and fog how to the coastline you see it pushing inside the bay tonight, it's going to be touching tomorrow. i think the faa going to break up a little bit earlier tomorrow and even along the coastline going start to clear out the breeze still continuing out there care the fog all the way over 20 plus mph byron so you're seeing a pretty good push for tonight. temperature wise not bad, you're looking to 63 degrees in san jose 62 still
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in livermore 50's along the coastline but that patchy fog 58 into san francisco little breezy there with the fog moving in 59 foggy skies in the berkeley and 63 degrees in oakland tonight, the clouds going to thicken up just a bit tomorrow morning starting out with some morning fog. and then lot of sunshine by the afternoon along the coastline. a cool down just a little bit tomorrow, but otherwise you're going to see a temperatures overall warming up over the weekend air quality looking good across the board as high pressure. still trying to build in here can't quite get here so that ridge will start to build in as we head toward lot of part of the weekend. but right now the most part of july we've had this trough sitting along the west coast. that has been keeping the temperatures running a little bit cooler than the average. i think that will soon change as we get into this next week, some of these temperatures i think flirting with triple digits in some of the valleys around the bay area will have more on that you're tenet and coming up a few minutes. thank you as california braces for another challenging fire season. there's an agreement on the money owed to state fire departments for fighting wildfires on federal land.
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>>the us forest service and california emergency management officials agreed this week to move forward with the california fire assistance agreement, the contract requires the federal government to reimburse california fire departments when they fight fire on federal ground it's been in effect for decades, but earlier this year the us forest service proposed to change the billing process claiming california was over charging for services. the new agreement keeps the billing. the same and the us forest service administrator will now work with the state fire agency on the initial review of some invoices. state officials have said the department owed california about million for the 2018 fire season. happening now morgan hill police are investigating 8 robbery cases at the same ulta beauty store and they all happened within the past 6 months the most recent one half. >>and when 5 5 women stole $4,000 worth of makeup as kron four's michelle kingston reports police believe that the same people are responsible for all of the
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crimes. >>a property crimes of this morgan hill all to in the past 6 months the most recent happened on tuesday 5 women entered the store stole $4,000 worth of merchandise in left in less than a minute but not before being caught on camera. >>these are folks that are very familiar with what they're doing this not the first time. >>police say they believe these women may be responsible for other all tough that's happening all over the bay area from monterrey to san francisco and into the central valley. >>they have unfortunately a retail store is vulnerable right and uh you know they're they're just taking advantage of it. >>police have identified 2 of these 5 women but arrests have been made they say of the 8 incidents that have taken place at this morgan hill all to 3 to 5 $1000 worth of makeup and perfume has been stolen each time i it's easy
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to get in and get out they can get a large quantity of that's worth a lot of money and sell that >>a fairly easy also released a statement to kron 4 that says we are aware of. actively investigating this incident in cooperation with the local authorities all to beauties primary concern is always the safety of our so see it's in guests. >>like other retailers we have policies and protocols in place to ensure safe and welcoming guest experience. in morgan hill, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>a watery mess inside the embarcadero station this morning and see the waters pouring down from top to bottom the flooding. force the station to close for most of the day for muni riders as kron four's dan kerman explains. he tells us now what led up to this commute nightmare. >>this is not your imagination it's actually water pouring out of the ceiling and on to the bar tracks at a market or a station and that water is coming from uni which is one
10:19 pm
level above overnight we're testing the fire suppression system as we're doing that. >>the drainage system malfunctioned causing flooding and the track weigh in on the platform area many shut off the flow of water but it continued to drain into the muni station in the bart station below. >>eastbound bart trains didn't stop him barkett arrow for 30 minutes. but resumed at 06:30am but the embarcadero station was closed to muni riders all morning and into the afternoon. we're able to continue to run trains through the station but we're not stopping there. >>the lead pastors on or off have that's because the platform area as well as well we want people slept. >>that meant riders had to transfer to bart at montgomery or exit in take a streetcar a regular bus or walk. >>par for the course and these are really good days, what works really well. >>and part of that business where we do without is so it's not a big deal for me and took it in stride other meaty riders were not amused one
10:20 pm
person tweeting only took 45 minutes to go from church to montgomery congrats on being the worst option for getting around sf love to pay more money for unreliable service. we apologize for inconvenience muni located 2 leaks in a single pipe, the leaks were then repair the system was retested and by 3.30 the muni metro was stopping again that abarca darrow station just in time for the afternoon commute. so for now you need is back in business. >>so is the embarcadero station in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the senate under pressure lawmakers next step to pass a funding bill for 9.11 1st responders after the measure was blocked today plus the first women to land and the moon could be coming from someone here in the bay area here about the 3 of them. >>already in the space program and how a group of strangers are coming together to give a veteran a home sweet home. pretty it was just a little it
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>>the sacramento man lost both of his legs in the service, he says it's been getting harder harder for him to get around in his own home, a group of strangers are now coming together to give a veteran a new lease on life libya de janeiro. >>has the story. >>heading down walls. and clearing space to build a better life for a local disabled veteran really deal we want report rebuild enough you agree and that's saying a lot for a man who just got out of the hospital 4 days ago she too had him and the way to the low cleo schuller has lived in this house for 30 years since it was brand new when everything basically to go we couldn't do need and more
10:25 pm
recent health complications have made it nearly impossible for cleo to get around his own home. so his family reached out to habitat for humanity for some help. >>when we received the cry for help from cleo we realized it was a pretty heavy lift in t now with the current housing crisis the need is just. >>so they contacted other local housing nonprofits to see if they were willing to collaborate and said interested if we are. >>all kind of treating this like a pot luck and we each expertise to the table to make the list not too heavy for one of us put together to make this possible and we were just so overwhelmed at the response and this morning nearly 40 volunteers from the home depot and habitat for humanity began the demolition process. >>when they're finished with clears home you probably won't be able to recognize it. volunteers are installing new flooring remodeling the kitchen and bathroom and
10:26 pm
giving the exterior and backyard, a complete to make over when they finish would be beautiful and not just beautiful, but functional to soak leo can be mobile in his own home again independent so important him just be an independent the paso high olivia de janeiro. habitat for humanity says it will take about 200 volunteers to remodel the house over the course of about. >>2 months. >>coming up a 9 year-old girl was electrocuted in a swimming pool, her parents 7 emotional plea tonight to try to help others. >>and the chance that spring a new controversy for the president. what the president is saying tonight about the call and reaction from the congresswoman who was targeted and the cool fog rolling in
10:27 pm
now, but we've got some serious heat headed our way
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>>not about me this is about us fighting for what this country to the should be. >>a somali born congresswoman political debate. representative from minnesota along omar was the target of the send her back to chant ing carolina last the incident drew widespread criticism and tonight the president is
10:30 pm
reflecting on what had. >>happened to grant lotus reports. >>it was quite a chant. i felt a little bit there be about but i will say i did and i started speaking of a question of video of the speech tells a different story. >>omar. >>has a history of launching this year's anti semitic. >>the president paused for nearly 15 seconds says the crowd took up the chant. even some republicans recoiled from the spectacle there is no place for that kind that kind of talk i don't agree with that. a gop congressman from new york tweeted that the chanting was enough to send chills down the spines of our founding fathers, his democratic colleague fr
10:31 pm
put millions of people in peril, not just about. >>that's to individual members of congress but got >>the president says he did not like the chant, but he refused to condemn those who voiced it. well, these are people that love our country. >>i want them to keep a loving our country and i think the congresswoman by the way should be more positive than they are. >>tonight cbs news is reporting that president trump took a lot of heat even from some of his own family members over those races chance that criticism reportedly coming from first lady melania trump as well as his daughter ivanka the first lady is a naturalized us citizen born in the eastern european nation of slovenia. vice president mike pence is also said to have expressed his chanting concerns to the president justine ken back to you
10:32 pm
meantime thank you. grant. congresswoman omar is back in her home state of minnesota tonight, she went to a town hall. >>before that dozens of supporters greeted her at the airport and she addressed them with a bullhorn. >>a beautiful conversation about what. >>omar's town hall was intended to focus on advocacy for medicare for all she got a standing ovation at the start of that town hall meeting. >>president trump is nominating the son of a former supreme court justice to be his new labor secretary he tweeted the announcement tonight writing, gene scalia has led a life of great success and the legal and labor field. and it's highly respected not only as a lawyer, but as a lawyer with
10:33 pm
great experience working with labor and everyone else scalia's currently a lawyer practicing in washington dc is also the son of the late supreme court justice. antonin scalia, former labor secretary alexander acosta resign last week he is facing criticisms for his handling about 2008 secret plea deal with jeffrey epstein who is accused of sexually abusing under age girls. >>absolutely outrageous. those words tonight to republican senator rand paul from 9.11 1st responder advocate jon stewart. this after the senator from kentucky blocked a unanimous vote to extend the 9.11 victims compensation fund. now it's pressure on the t. >>it's like gut punc know it completely unnecessary 9.11 first responder rob sarah reacting to kentucky senator rand paul blocking unanimous crucial vote to extend funds on the 9.11 victims
10:34 pm
compensation fund through the year 2019 by adding another amendment to the bill senator paul tweeting quote not blocking the 9.11 bill simply asking for a vote on an amendment to offset the cost in the grand scheme of our budget we're not really talking about that much money blasted paul's proposed amendment as needless. >>cuts every every other government program one is that we certainly need like head start and affordable housing. aides. >>a majority of the senate so far has vowed to pass the bill into law without the proposed amendments. >>they ran into harm's way to save lives. and even after the towers collapse, stay look for survivors and then they had the horrible job of finding remains. >>for weeks and months thereafter breathing in toxins are killing them. now is our chance. eyes of the nation are on us they want us to stand by our heroes and truly mean what
10:35 pm
we say when we say never forget. >>reid binion kron 4 news. >>senator mike lee of utah also stopped the unanimous vote by proposing an amendment that would only fund the program for the next 10 years. the senate is expected to vote on the bill next tuesday. at least 200 new york firefighters have died from world trade center linked to illnesses. >>with our chief meteorologist lawrence carter. and we're talking about some heat possibly headed our way we're talking about the rest the country basking in some sweltering temperatures right now are kitchen up the sea breeze and got the fog out there right now bumping up against the berkeley hills looking out over the bay some the clouds filtering in some drizzle as you approach the coastline to but things will be changing here in the not too distant future right now been fairly fortunate so far no major he waives it's at the very beginning of summer and now we've had a trough of low pressure along the west coast. you can see kind of the spiral here. these are these lows they've been developing the gulf of alaska and moving in
10:36 pm
along the west coast actually bring some rain up in the pacific northwest, nothing here has been helping keep the temperature down that will be the case looks like a as we head in toward the weekend maybe just slightly warmer. but then as we get to next week things begin to change another see start to see a little swirl amassed this is some moisture rotating that ridge of high pressure over the 4 corners to monsoonal moisture kind of get wrapped up possibly pushing, you know the sierra nevada and looks like some hotter temperatures coming our way as that ridge starts to build back into the bay area so your tent and looking like this we're going to have a nice weekend ahead, mostly sunny skies and then we start to crank up the temperatures. i think mid 90's as we get into wednesday and thursday temperatures flirting with triple digits for the following weekend. >>on the peninsula, 29 year-old woman now faces charges in san mateo queues of stealing money from people who are living at a retired and home at the sunrise senior care home in san mateo police say the woman gave rides at the sunrise senior home and officers say she used the
10:37 pm
credit cards from 11 different victims charging more than $3,000 for uber left and food delivery. some of the charges were made after the victims had died. >>an army veteran from the bay area drowned at lake tahoe on tuesday andrea a jr case as served in iraq. any worked as a correctional officer for the san mateo county sheriff's department. the skaters say bystanders pulled him from the water for cove on the south shore. deputies tried to save our case it. but he died at a local hospital. sacramento area parents are speaking out tonight after losing their daughter over the weekend to first brought you the story last night at 10 o'clock 9 year-old mckenzie killing was electrocuted in a swimming pool. >>brady coming shares, the parents emotional plea to others. police are investigating w the rising 5th grader was electrocuted and drowned in the family pool on sunday. >>today for the first time
10:38 pm
we're hearing from her parents about how it happened. >>i know they were racing from one into the pool to the other. she got to the other side of the pool and grab hold of the court of the light. the next thing you know i got the worst phone call you can ever have. >>the family says the light was under repair and to their knowledge it wasn't connected to a power source. they have this warning for other families. everybody take you want to a tragic story from phoenix. happened to me that was brandi cummings reporting police are looking into whether any other work being
10:39 pm
done at the home had proper permits and inspections experts say anytime electrical work is done on a swimming pool there should be a permits and inspection. >>before anyone goes into the water. 2 horses have died in a training accident and another california racetrack the horses were training at the del mar thoroughbred club when according to the tracks e o one of the horses threw his rider before colliding with another horse is is near san diego. one of the jockeys was taken to hospital after the collision, 22 horses died at training in santa and needed near la this past season. we're going to have to learn a new term. so if you want to get around berkeley. the city council voted to replace gendered terms with gender neutral words into the city's code. >>but it goes beyond replacing just she and he with a day. and holes will now be referred to as maintenance holes man power will be replaced with human effort or workforce. references to pregnant women
10:40 pm
will now change to pregnant employees and sororities and fraternities will now be known as collegiate greek system residences city officials also listed dozens of similar terms that will be replaced if you want to see the full list, you can find it on our website kron 4 dot com. >>the search is on for the first woman who will walk on the moon nasa says that woman is already in the space program as doug johnson tells us 3 of the candidates are from right here in the bay area of the 38 active astronauts in nasa's astronaut corps, 12 or when. >>any of these do an amazing job. >>janet id is on the board of governors for the national space society. she says several the potential candidates have northern california ties and i went to stanford university to get a master's in mechanical engineering ago man was born in petaluma it has been in the astronaut program since 2013 he was a lieutenant colonel in the marine corps, he served as a test pilots in sa, 18 hornet
10:41 pm
and super hornet has been deported twice were aircraft carriers and support. >>for in afghanistan trained as an engineer may have helped develop nasa's orion spacecraft. >>this is nasa's next generation human space capsule. >>space agency plans to use. >>for the litter mission they've titled artemis a greek goddess who is the twin sister of apollo. >>i'm kate rubins i'm an astronaut in the molecular biologist, and the ribbons grew up in napa. >>her mother currently lives in davis she has a very different kind back she actually gradually 8 a degree in molecular by a g and she is chemistry and my career she was selected for nasa's astronaut corps in 2009. >>as law to 115 days in space aboard the international space station in 2016. >>unfortunately in the sciences and engineering you often times are one of the only women doing the kinds of jobs that we do in order to get to nasa and becoming an
10:42 pm
astronaut megan mcarthur grew up in san jose point as an astronaut since 2000 the she not. >>says she's had looked at the by and she sent thing behind her. >>carter served as the mission specialist aboard the final space shuttle journey to the hubble telescope in 2009. >>she's even for years, providing support for training. the international space station he's already 13 days in space and to see a scene now 6 boot prints on them be quite exciting in sacramento, doug johnson. >>and since the deadly plane crash in ethiopia, boeing 7.37 max jets remains grounded. now there's a massive financial loss that boeing is facing. >>today is national caviar day tonight on dine and dish the best place in the bay area to end all each in sports, the red hot a's and giants are trying to keep that winning streak going. >>mark has highlights of both
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>>national hot dog day is here and gone that was yesterday today is national caviar days this case keep tabs. >>and when it's hot dogs and kathy are tonight and dine and dish. vicki liviakis gives us a taste caviar. >>hard to believe tiny fish eggs from a prehistoric fish called such a posh delicacy still like here and you know
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being a little in mugs are i feel like you're spending a lot of people crave caviar especially these days when it's more affordable and when they do here's where they can find it that's why we're here to have caviar is in something that people come in on tuesday and his pickup caviar to petra bergstein study marine biology she is co-founder of the caviar company in san francisco along with her sister. it's a place of all things caviar sustainably farmed of course a california y sturgeons and this is our local product is one of our top sellers, this top middle product. >>it's a very nice and creamy caviar a really good price there's the russian of a more reasonable but equally delicious california cabin are trying actually this isn't caviar and smoked trout eggs, but a great with top of the labor in each prepared with a bit of cream fresh on a small billy knee washed down by champagne if you prefer or vodka.
10:47 pm
>>they can marry to each other in a champagne and caviar and vodka kind of depends what kind of evening you're going >>of course is a way to do caviar it's called the bomb he just put on the back of your hand. cool kids are doing it. >>caviar is one way to make any occasion special one in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>and you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery or food truck to dine and dish send an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can go to war. dine and dish facebook page. for your money tonight boeing is taking almost $5 billion in a hit from the grounding of its 7.37 max jets, the company's best-selling jet has been grounded since march after one of the planes crashed in ethiopia, killing everybody on board it was the second deadly crash involving that type of plane in just a few months. >>volkswagen is ending production on 2 more cars cars the automaker says this year will be the last model year
10:48 pm
for the vw golf all track and vw golf sports wagon volkswagen stop making the iconic vw beetle earlier this month, it plans to release 3 new suv models and the next 2 years electric cars will be the norm by 2040 that's according to analysts at bloomberg new energy finance. they expect in 20 years. more than half of new cars that are sold will be electric, but there is a catch. if electric cars are really going to go toe to toe against cars that run on gasoline. a few things need to happen first electric cars are knowing going to have to be able to go farther and just one charge. they're also have to charge a lot faster and we're going to need more charging stations. >>want to buy making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>electricity. we have
10:49 pm
electricity in the air the ballpark all the giants it is in this entire run bringing back since great memories of when they were winning championships in tonight, a vintage performance from so let's get to it now the giants turn inched closer to that wild card spot. they've won 12 of their last 14 games. coming off a 71 road trip in tonight making their 2nd half debut at oracle park hosted the mets madison bumgarner every time he takes the mound, you have to wonder if this is his final game in a giants uniform and bomb on top of his game tonight, 9 innings. >>one run 6 strikeouts including todd frazier there in the 4th noah syndergaard though just as good works out of a seal jam with runners on second and 3rd year in the 7th. brandon belt flies out syndergaard gave up one run it through 7 punched out a top 10, one all bases loaded for will smith. big spot right here he strikes out jeff mcneil swinging to end the inning smith, huge in the clutch but again still going on right now in the 14th
10:50 pm
inning game tied at one now to taking their six-game win streak to minnesota the start of the 7 game road trip top of the 4th tied at one. drives one to left field marwin gonzalez goes back makes a great leaping catch into the wall. >>spectacular defense right they're robbing frankly of extra bases on the 6 still tied at one jurickson profar dish skies want to left field one is gone 2 run homer through one a's profar's 3rd a run in 2 games. a's offense stepping off bottom 7th, mike fires pitch to 6 in the 3rd stellar innings pulled scott the couple of runners on and on the first pitch from use merrill 15th. the pensioner a was ariel take some deep to right for a three-run jack 4, 3, 2, they would add on a couple in the 9th fires can only watch minnesota winds to 6, 3 tampa bay lost both games of a double header so oakland. for the second wild card spa
10:51 pm
coast and we'll keep moving the running back tomorrow. now to the final major of the year the open championship, taking place at royal portrush in northern ireland, a beautiful but. somewhat windy day check out this play it merely greil his tee shot on 13 is online. great canary gallery going to drop like in the back. it's rolling it's going to get rolling. it's going to keep rolling. let's enjoy this. finished with a 2 over 73 now conversely a baton round for tiger woods and the rough chip here on the 6th hole would double bogey bogey and 6 other holes. tiger shoot his jet was the worst first round ever at the open championship finishing 7 overtime for 144 the leader after round one jb holmes shopify mother had 6 birdies only a bogey lead by a stroke. let's hear from woods. 43 years old reflecting on how difficult it's become to physically. handle least earnings.
10:52 pm
>>if i am a school pick-up and soccer handle soccer practices, some a lot more sore than i am now. but a supply of this level this a complete different deal mean i you know the spot on communities. kaiser are too good. there are too many guys are. playing well and i'm giselle unknown. >>so can justine we'll see what happens this weekend also want to mention the giants going to 15 innings at oracle park, a good one. alright late night, van. >>hey guys we're get ready. we're that close to the weekend. now we've got some fall on the way but warmer temperatures to we'll talk role of a car company? announcer: to take your kids to and from school? announcer: we think it can be something bigger. so we have the essays from the last three parts. announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers.
10:53 pm
announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. announcer: now during the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jetta, tiguan, and select atlas models.
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>>a chinese company may have found a way to encourage recycling it invented a chaos that gives out prizes the machine called smart boxes set up in beijing right now comes equipped artificial intelligence that tracks participation and rewards those who recycle never say each smart box can handle trash and recycling firm about a 1000 households. coming up next the news continues with our 24 hour streaming service called kron on. >>and it is commercial free pass and he is standing by in the newsroom was what we're working ere. >>thank you can adjust in coming up at 11 san francisco police they have made an
10:56 pm
arrest to the driver being blamed for a deadly hit and run accident that happened this morning we are learning more about the victim and we'll have the latest on that investigation at 11 back to you. >>all right catherine, thank you be sure to download the kron on app get 24 7 commercial free, local news coverage. lawrence. >>i won my last look at the weather we've got that fog out there right now again the and the east bay hills now we'll see more of that throughout the night side, some drizzle out there as well so maybe a little damp early on tomorrow morning but then sort of a patchy fog early on then as head toward the middle of the day we'll see a lot of sunshine. i think especially along the coastline becoming mostly sunny. there was very gray along the coast today. temperatures going actually warm up near the beaches cooling slightly inside the bay and the valley still up in the 80's inland, so it could be warm. many spots away from the coastline to see those toasty temperatures a lot of 60's and 70's inside the bay 73 degrees in oakland 77 redwood city and about 81 degrees in san jose to 6 mid 80's, warmer spots, inland
10:57 pm
tomorrow, and 60's little sunshine out toward the coast. next couple of days or 10 a 10 as we get ready for the weekend ahead. temperatures will start to warm up as high pressure starts to build in just a bit lots of sunshine on the way for the weekend too as we get toward the middle of next week we start to talk about that big dome of high pressure over the us now it's going back toward the bay area that could bring temperatures in the 90's maybe we start talking about triple digits as we head toward next weekend little. >>cool mount a little hotly enjoy the cool. we haven't got toasty temperatures got. >>and thanks for watching. we'll see tomorrow.
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