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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 19, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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traffic for a heading into a friday, no no hot spots yet so no hot spots yet we don't want any it's looking good so far just filling and quickly on the bridge is so we'll update some numbers had barbecue whether i'd invite. >>days really anything whether barbecue weather you've got your windbreaker hopeful side whether between 2 to 04:00pm. got to play it right. yes, definitely free weekends. we do have some cooler temperatures this morning and this is your view from seminole a conditions out there in the distance you do have a touch of fog and low lying cloud cover sitting right across the bay. >>but about an all you can actually see that a line of the moon right there which was full and now starting to wane as we make our way through the day less and less of that patchy fog more and more of the sunshine that you will enjoy a bbq for so a nice friday ahead of us some of the cool stuff temperatures of the week 50's and 60's this morning, 60's and 70's by noontime and by the afternoon just a few spots in the low
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80's really comfortable day to kick off the weekend not got the rest of the weekend forecast. still ahead, robin, you know it's friday when it's 6 o'clock in the morning and you do not have a big backup at the beirut sell father. that's exactly what's happening. the longest lines in the carpool lanes and usually during the week, >>opposite right carpool lanes are great cash lanes and fast track lanes on fridays you are getting a break. it's a great time to come on in 13 minutes to make it off to fremont street it's not going to stay like this all morning on fridays we just get a later start so it's going to be packed and feel im just not right now we're checking in on some drive times looking at the south bay because we do have a crash northbound one on one at mckee in san jose so no major issues right now 31 minutes from san jose to menlo park that's good and you're still moving well on the nimitz and 2.80 out of san jose will check more coming up well. robin breaking news from overnight a fire broke out at a parking garage in sandra fell crews are on the scene until about 2 hours
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ago, you can see them racing to the garage, they managed to put it out and so far. >>it's still too early to tell what caused this fire. today drivers for uber and lyft are expected to protest for better wages. >>kron four's christina teacher was live this mornin, and hoover headquarters in downtown san francisco with the very latest christiane. >>so in just a few hours you can expect to see a a ton of people standing right where i am here in front of the uber headquarters protesting just that they've been doing over the past few months we actually have some video here of the last time uber lyft drivers protested the big point right there is are wanting better wages for anyone who who work for these right your systems they also say that they want basic workplace protections, and a voice for the jobs through a union now they're asking companies and state leaders to come together to help them find a path forward and they want to do that through some legislation they're truly working on an action called ab 5 and it right now making its
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way through the state senate and would it would basically provide them, basic protection for workers would go through the california supreme court. so that is something they are working on here and they're really trying to love let these companies know basically the conditions they tend to working each and every day. so again it's going to be happening right here at headquarters on market street. so you can expect today to see hundreds of people out here right in the same location that i am it's going to start at 10 30 this morning for now reporting live here in downtown san francisco. christina tetreault kron 4 news okay. thank you so much casino for that report. it is 6 oh 3 right now in san bruno police have arrested 2 more people for that shooting that happened inside that hand for and mall. >>earlier this month, 18 year-old d andrej live john gant was arrested in martinez police say he was driving a stolen car and they took him into custody after a brief chase. they think that he was involved in this shooting on july 2nd where 2 people were injured and as you can see
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shoppers went running for cover when the shots rang out gantt was booked into san mateo county jail on attempted murder and conspiracy charges. police also arrested a 14 year-old boy in connection with the shooting and he faces charges now as well. in the south bay police found a woman's body near guadalupe river park near the essay peace center investigators are calling the death suspicious conference taylor's sacking has more. san jose police say. >>they found a woman's body around 10 30 thursday morning while walking along the river trail near guadalupe river park now they're calling her death suspicious yeah that's pretty that. >>unless it was somebody that just died while they were the sleeping or something you know police spent nearly 10 hours combing through the crime scene at the park. >>and under the bridge and julian street david get segars lives nearby and says he's he's homeless people there often living so close to the park here. there's just so many homeless.
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>>it's not surprising that a crime. the place gets eggers walks his dog dempsey in the park daily. >>the says he will come through at night, there's just so much. >>stuff going on along this riverside park here. i don't know whether it be somebody getting hurt or somebody overdosing that yeah it's pretty much a daily. >>in san jose taylor bus aqi kron 4 news. >>part of their immunity station is back open this morning for writers after flooding forced it to close for most of the day yesterday. we first brought you this story is breaking news on the kron 00:04am morning news, a leaky pipe caused the flooding which also impacted the bart station below the bart station reopened early but the mini station was shut down until crews repair the pipe in time for the afternoon commute. the driver involved in a deadly hit and run in san francisco has been arrested we first brought you the story yesterday also we had so much breaking news yesterday. it
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happened in the city's tenderloin district police say the big rig hit 54 year-old michael levenson dragged him for several blocks. investigators found the truck a short time later along the embarcadero the driver 65 year-old oscar matus was charged with one count. a vehicular manslaughter and one count of failure to yield to a pedestrian and the north bay police are looking for this man seen robbing a gas station it happened on july 14th at the shell station on corby avenue in santa rosa. and you can see the suspect calmly walked into the station pull out what appears to be a shotgun before robbing someone. police say the man got away with an undisclosed amount of cash a $2500 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. >>an army veteran from the bay area drowned at lake tahoe it happened earlier this week andre j arc arc has has served in iraq and he worked as a correctional officer for the san mateo county sheriff's
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office. investigators say that bystanders pulled him from the water at zephyr cove on the south shore. deputies tried to save him, but he died at the hospital. years, the woman who gave rise >>is accused of stealing their credit cards. those people that was trying to help at this retirement home in san mateo and spending all that money on herself so in some cases even after the elderly people had died. she's accused of using their cards she gave rides to them at the sunrise senior care home. and officers say she used a credit cards from 11 different seniors, charging more than $3,000 for things like uber and lyft in food delivery. in the east bay contra costa county chp found this amazon trucking else but there was only one package inside an originally it was carrying 71 packages so a lot of people are going to get there prime day deals and this man was arrested for stealing
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the van say his name is steve than he's been k taken into custody. it's a 7 is the time will take a look at this police in southern california sees nearly 15 tons of marijuana. >>in several raise in paris the riverside county. sheriff's department served nearly 50 search warrants on illegal growing operations. in addition to the pot, the seas, 37 guns as evidence and also to 27 people into custody. they also found dogs and took them to the department of animal services where they are being taken care of this morning. a warning about treats you might be giving your dogs they could be hazardous to your health. the cdc and fda are investigating an outbreak of salmonella infections linked to contact with pig ear dog treats. the cdc say i skews me the cdc says there are now a total of 93 people infected in 27 states, including right here in california. 20 people have
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been hospitalized, but no one has died. now some of the streets are being recalled the fda says some manila discovered in pig ear treats ca people either handily the treats or directly from a dog once that dog becomes ill for more information on this recall visit our website at kron 4 dot com. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, the search is on for a group of women who are robbing all to duty stores in the south bay. and then the president this morning still trying to distance himself from the send her back to chant that broke out at a rally 2 days ago. and after the break the dangers of leaving kids in a hot car now lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that could potentially save lives. and this morning temperatures back in the 50's and 60's a lot like they were yesterday at this time the big question is though what does the weekend have in store for us, i've got your breakdown of what ou the bay area checking out the bay bridge
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>>6.12 and more than a dozen children have died in hot cars. so far this year their parents just forgot that they were in the car and now lawmakers are thinking maybe car companies can do something to prevent these tragedies, there's a bill that's being
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proposed that would require all parents when they've left a child in the backseat you know so if you turn off the car. just the same way you know maybe it tells you that your lights are left on door or you know when the airbag goes on and off there's a sensor in the seat in the front. well why can't they do that in the back seat. they tried this legislation a couple years ago, but it failed. some manufacturers nonetheless it actually built in this technology. others though haven't because it's not required. one father a lawmaker says that his son would be alive today if it weren't for his tragic mistake. i had killed my son. >>course we know more. i still have not forgiven myself. and don't know if i have the capacity to do so. >>the auto alliance, which represents the auto industry is reviewing this plan they say that the better approach however is public awareness and education. if youcan't
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hurtesn't cost a lot just do it i'm sure is child's play with technology that we have these days, it's no big deal but in the meantime they are they say put your purse in or to get i m you have to get your purse your cell phone your briefcase cited people briefed cases but in the back because that thing is a lot of parents are sleep deprived, especially if it's a little baby and you know they just even know what their sleepwalking through life because they're so yeah, the always heartbreaking when you hear the stories and let's going to be real hot to as were where we are still going to get hot again our way later in the forecast. so this weekend we're good. yes we do have a warm-up and going to be heading our way leader ie the forecast late next week into next weekend. >>so that is something that you do want to think about with hot weather around the corner for sure and if you are traveling to the midsection of the country where it is going to be hot today here the bay area were dodging the heat we are actually on one of our
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coolest of days and it is going to be a beautiful one out there there's some fog and low cloud cover sitting out in the distance this is looking right over the golden gate. you can see san francisco for the most part of this morning is sitting under some relatively clear skies. san jose cameras loading very well, but it is nice and clear down there for you and also looking at the east bay here foggy conditions just piled up right there in the east e bay, it's very poor patchy this morning where you're seeing it. some work our way into the afternoon less and less fog more and more sunshine and temperatures will be quite nice temperatures in the 6070's and 80's today, touch of fog tonight just like this morning, it's really just a touch of it that we work our way on into saturday are sorry into sunday, the latter part of the weekend and they're still looking at that trend of foggy conditions during the mornings and thence those clear skies into the afternoon. so we're just keeping on a really nice trend of whether these next couple of days, especially 50's 60's 4 daytime highs in san millbrae
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south bay today, the coolest a that you've seen in a while san jose morgan hill in santa clara, saying hello to 70's for daytime highs, it's been a while since i've said that 70's from hayward and fremont low 80's in the tri valley and some low 80's continue in concord walnut creek and danville low 70's in the meantime for oakland as well as the upper 70's and map of the nation antioch no 90's up here. santa rosa novato and center fell mall at 76 today. so yeah today tomorrow and sunday, not looking bad for the weekend in fact looking really nice lots of sunshine. each of these days, especially during your afternoons. monday and tuesday, we're right around seasonal averages before wednesday and thursday, there's your heat temperatures on the warm up in next weekend looking, especially hot. daytime highs at that point getting back to the 90's. robin. >>alright checking in on 92, there was a minor crash opera watching the san mateo bridge
6:17 am
toll plaza on westbound 92 involving a truck that's been pushed off to the side, but you see that little backup that it created westbound almost back from the nimitz freeway so your approach to the tolls is a little slow the flat section itself is just a tad bit crowded here right after the pay gates which are averaging 18 minutes and at least that issue is out of the way so that's considered a pretty good commute. if you take the nimitz to get to 92 or if you have to roll through the east bay freemont union city milpitas it's looking really good. we'll put it at 23 minutes right now to 38 to 37. they were traffic not much. it's friday so you're getting a break it's going to feel and later on just not right now carpool lanes from the connector ramp that stacking up at the cash lanes and fast track lanes look great. this is a really good commute at 14 minutes to fremont street. i'll take you down to san jose because we have a new crew asked north one oh one at mckee said backing up your commute just beyond that to 8680 split. so be prepared for that a little hiccup in your morning drive,
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but the rest of the commute continuing on north one oh one looks good 32 minutes here, san jose working away to menlo park. if you're on the morgan hill side or the gilroy side, it's looking good 10 minutes. morgan hill to 85 in san jose will. >>robin in the east bay livermore police just released these new pictures of the shooting suspect police say 21 year-old jorge to last shot and killed 15 year-old emanuel knows be earlier this month near taco bell restaurant on stan lee boulevard mo's be was a student at livermore high school police say the teen got into an argument to lez before he was fatally shot. in the east bay, a gang member has been charged with sex-trafficking a minor 34 year-old michael dwayne nelson there's his picture right there is from richmond. he was arrested for using using social media to recruit a 16 year-old for sec's he's also accused of using a minor for sec, sachs. prosecutors say he was also charged with burglarizing a home in hercules. nelson has prior
6:19 am
felony convictions for attempted murder as well as being in a. on the peninsula man is behind bars this morning accused of lewd acts with a minor move authorities believe there may be other victims out there the san mateo sheriff's office says on july 17th officers question this man their 24 year-old our one of the negatives after he was found in a car with a girl on past kundera creek road. authorities determined that megan is committed lewd acts with a 13 year-old girl. they also say he gave her a marijuana and was in possession of meth he was arrested and booked into the county jail. >>in national headlines after facing backlash for his racist tweets and chance by a crowd at his rally president trump claimed on thursday that he was unhappy with how the crowd was chanting send her back. he said that he started talking quickly trying to stop it.
6:20 am
>>she talked about the evil is real. >>and then when he went on he started talking about or a and that he wanted nothing to do with the chant, however, senator lindsey graham defended the crowd this week implying that if representative omar was a trump supporter she wouldn't have been told to leave. >>well i don't think it's racist to say was it racist to say love it or leave it. i don't think a somali refugee embracing trump would not have been asked to go back. >>meanwhile, congresswoman omar is back in her state of minnesota for a town hall and she was greeted by dozens of supporters who welcomed her home. and she addressed the supporters about the attacks.
6:21 am
a beautiful conversation about what. her town hall meeting was intended to focus on the medicare for all pledge. she got a standing ovation at the start of me. >>the morning news new video of a fatal police shooting in the state we'll have the very latest on the investigation. and then millions of people across the country they are bracing for a dangerous heat wave, that's hitting them this weekend.
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6:25 am
fortunately, nobody was certain this happen on 1000 rife. take a look at this a man. >>climbed high rise building ave himself from a fire. this happened last night he was 14 stories up. and had to is way down from it looks like balcony to balcony and then over this construction scaffolding to safety. those come some kind of a trash compactor fire that happened so the trash chute had flooded. the floors was all kinds of smoke and everything and people had to get out and he got himself out. coming up next what oakland police are now offering for information on a man's unsolved murder. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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thyou just stop i wonder what age that is. new simply ageless with hyaluronic complex. plumps and hydrates for your best skin at any age. from covergirl. >>the 6.28 we're looking at weather and traffic will hit the roads in medicine is good all right first let's talk about the weather going into a weekend really nice weather this weekend guys sunshine and comfortable temperatures little windbreaker weather during the evening keep have to put that in there just in case just bought great weather, but all in all next week though gets testy to get to enjoy this while it lasts this is your look outside at the golden gate bridge, partly cloudy conditions right now not a whole lot of fog to be talking about you know when you've got a clear morning at the golden gate much of the rest of the bay area's going to be set up pretty nicely too over the bay itself there's not a lot of fog to be talking about just a touch of it lining up against the east bay
6:29 am
hills and then right along the coastline, that's what we're looking at this morning with clearing skies, not going to take long to be seeing those clouds parting ways this morning. so 50's and 60's is where we're at right now cool enough for that light jacket with that patchy fog mostly sunny already by noon 60's and 70's and lots of sunshine come the afternoon 60's 70's and 80's a range of temperatures just where we more your forecast is still ahead, robin all right, thank you john now we have some heavier traffic leading up to the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza the last time we checked in. >>it will delay free now are checking in again and there's a backup that's why we check the bridge is so on and because they change quicklywe'r from richmond parkway to the pay gates, here's the bay bridge and you have a long line in the carpool lanes but the cash lanes of the fast track lanes look really good. we had a stall on the skyway. clear but it backed up traffic on to the suspension. so a little busy and crowded from treasure island to fremont street because of that earlier stall and the san mateo bridge
6:30 am
recovering from a crash approaching the toll plaza 92 is heavy from 82. the pay gates but moving well across the span daria thanks a lot robin 6.30 the oakland police commission and. >>and the police officers union are clashing over a fatal officer-involved shooting that happened last year, we're a homeless man with mental issues died and now the police commission is calling for the officers involved to be fired. take a look at the body cam footage from the shooting that happened in march of last year officers responding to a report of an armed unconscious man lying between 2 homes. they ended up 5 officers shot a combined 12 times. the police commission said the officers violated the department's use of force policy and has recommended they be fired. but the union says that's ignoring the findings of 5 previous investigations that exonerated the officers, the union says the 5 officers involved were quote protecting the residents from an armed suspect. in the
6:31 am
east bay we're seeing new video of another fatal police shooting this one happened in san leandro last month. this was on martin drive police responding to a call of a man threatening his neighbors with a machete they tried to negotiate with him but then things escalated and they ended up fatally shooting him. so we felt that to getting this information out to the public. >>and as soon as we could. to provide a factual details too what occurred would. the questions of the public may have as to what took place during this incident. at rest. >>turns out it was not a machete was a 6 inch long painted piece of wood that the man was holding. >>we have new information this morning about a deadly shooting investigation going on in richmond police tell us the man killed on tuesday with 61 year-old brian scales they
6:32 am
also say he was a registered sex-offender police found him shot near 18th street and chancellor avenue on tuesday night. they rushed into the hospital but unfortunately died at the hospital. police have not released any information about the shooter. a shootout in the streets of la send bullets flying towards a group of children hitting a 7 year-old boy and the whole thing was caught on security video the shooter still on the loose this morning still on the run this morning should say the boy was playing with several friends in a courtyard when a stray bullet hit him in the leg. and you can see the suspects light colored car poll right to the top in come across the street there and they need them crossing the street before one of them and turns around and fires a rifle towards the boy's house, the boy's sister describes the chaos. >>i see one that i pulled up and i seen the rifle. so when one citing the rifle. think that i'm a good i can cite everybody get inside and that's when shots were fired
6:33 am
mother we didn't even know he was hit to he went upstairs. >>police did find the rightful they think was used in the shooting police say they're not sure who the intended targets of the shooting were or what might have been the motive behind it, but they're investigating whether or not this was gang related. >>a man found dead in calistoga of police think he may have been hit by a car. the body was found next to a bicycle and they think the crash happened near homes around foothill boulevard in silver street. they're still trying to find any witnesses. 6 33 in oakland police are looking for help to solve a murder that happened this year 25 year-old quam a bell was shot and killed on february 11th on clara street and now there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. morgan hill police are investigating this morning a robbery cases at the same ulta beauty store that happened in the past 6 months. >>as kron four's michelle kingston reports police believe the same people are behind all of the crimes.
6:34 am
>>property crimes of this the most recent happened on tuesday 5 women entered the store stole $4,000 worth of merchandise in left in less than a minute but not before being caught on camera. >>these are folks that are very familiar with what they're doing this not the first time. >>police say they believe these women may be responsible for other all tough that's happening all over the bay area from monterrey to san francisco and into the central valley. >>they have unfortunately a retail store is vulnerable right now. and uh you know they're they're just taking advantage of it. >>police have identified 2 of these 5 women, but arrests have been made they say of the 8 incidents that have taken place at this morgan hill all to 3 to 5 $1000 worth of makeup and perfume has been stolen each time i it's easy
6:35 am
a large quantity of that's worth a lot of money and sell that >>fairly easy also released a statement to kron 4 that says we are aware of. actively investigating this incident in cooperation with the local authorities all to beauties primary concern is always the safety of our so see it's in guests. >>like other retailers we have policies and protocols in place to ensure safe and welcoming guest experience. in morgan hill, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>a burglar died when his car hit a tree he was being chased by the police in antioch in a car crash near the intersection of buchanan road and contra loma boulevard. this is video of the scene from a kron 4 of you are. a police were chasing him because he was riding in a stolen car and they ended in this crash and they hanew this morning police in palo alto are looking for a robber who
6:36 am
stole from a man at gunpoint after a road rage argument when they pulled over a parking lot so started on arboretum road near the stanford shopping center. 2 guys yelling each other and then the thief. >>got mad and he ended up. >>throwing a cup of hot coffee into the victims car that who pulled over in a parking lot and then the thief went over to the other guy flashed a gun took the other guys cell phone and drove off. as california braces for another challenging fire season. there's an agreement on the money owed to our state fire departments for fighting wildfires on federal land. >>kron four's ashley zavala has the details. >>2 months into fire season and the us for service in california emergency management officials this week agreed to move forward with the california fire assistance agreement, the contract has been in effect for decades and requires the federal government to reimburse california fire departments when they fight fire on us property. the agreement was in question earlier this year as
6:37 am
the us forest service wanted to change the ing california wa charging for services state officials have said the department owed california about million for the 2018 fire season moving forward into this fire season, the 2 agreed to keep building the same us forest service administrator will be imbedded with cal oh yes to help with initial review of some invoices in a letter to the california fire service, the directors of cal oh, yes, and cal fire wrote in part we look forward to our one team one for governor gavin newsome said in a statement quote we think our federal colleagues for continuing to productively partner with california to maintain a robust mutual aid system to protect life and property against the growing threat of wildfires and other natural disasters state emergency management officials say they're grateful to have this sorted out as they enter what looks to be another challenging fire season, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>in national news, the house passed a bill to raise the minimum wage for the first time in a decade. the federal
6:38 am
mi an hour by the year 2025 house speaker nancy pelo sut time. th tease that equality getting nearly 20 million working women. >>that is nearly one 3rd of all working women, a raise and it helps narrow the gender wage gap that, disproportionately targets women of color, putting more money in the pockets of more than one 3rd of working women of color and more money in the pockets of about 30 million americans that this would apply to states are already able to raise the wage. >>beyond the federal on minimum and lots have like california to $12 an hour here and a lot of bay area cities, it's 15 bucks an hour. it's 6.38 still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, how one little boy managed from the people who were breaking into his home. th country are bracing for
6:39 am
dangerous heat and while the rest of the country looks at a hotter forecast for the weekend. we're actually in for a touch of a cooler one 50's and 60's right now your forecast account. >>and i'm tracking your friday morning commute, not much of a commute at least not for now you're looking really good at the bay bridge toll plaza if the bay bridge toll plaza if you need to get oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>fans air conditioners and swimming all
6:42 am
required for about 30 states this weekend that's because a major heat wave is set to slam them with nearly some kind of advisories some kind of warning there's a heat emergency actually declared for new york city with a large office buildings directed to conserve energy as best as they can. among the other major cities dealing with the exact cause excessive heat this weekend, baltimore, cleveland, pittsburgh, and chicago, altogether forecasters say by 85% of the country's population. wolf will feel tense rise above 90 degrees. officials remind people this type of heat can be deadly. >>common sense know your own body know your own symptoms. >>no when you're not feeling. well. >>but there is an end in sight meteorologists say a cold front is expected to bring temperatures down sunday night into next week and we don't have to deal with tha his post c
6:43 am
using that freeze but his postcard weather yeah we really do have a nice weekend on tap for us daytime highs are going to top out in the 80's which is kind of a nice range of warm weather to be and i like the 80's, yeah 80's, a good 6070's, not bad either that's what we got so i'm not complaining about it. i don't think you will be there looking outside this is golden gate park richmond districts the sunset district there in san francisco. conditions actually brighten up pretty good you've got some sunlight making its way down into the richmond district this morning making for a nice day for a morning jog and plenty of sunlight making its way down all morning long so far out of mount diablo just a touch of some low clouds hanging out over the mountain this morning skies are going to remain clear and dry throughout the day today today is obviously already off to a clear start than yesterday was and we're going to keep with that even into the afternoon so do enjoy this friday, nothing too much to worry about tonight another touch of fog kind of like we're seeing
6:44 am
ghs going to be then tomorrow around the same going to see a plenty more sunshine. sunday temperatures start to rise just a little bit we're still going to stay on par with seasonal averages and still we're going to dodge the 90's for the most part inland which will be very nice because we do have some heat around the corner that won't come until the end of next week though so in the meantime we're enjoying some 60's and san francisco today mon tara, a 61 burlingame in millbrae in the low 70's, only one 80 left on the peninsula and that will be in woodside palo alto at 76 south facing some numbers cooler than i've seen them in a while now santa clara san jose in morgan hill only in the upper 70's today, how nice is that 70 search from fremont to hayward to with low 80's from san ramon on up to concord oakland at 71 degrees today. 70's in the late how napa benicia and antioch with mid to low 80's elsewhere in the north bay with the exception of the coast which
6:45 am
will be in the 60's. here's your next 7 days temperatures on the rise as i mentioned today and tomorrow are your most comfortable days than come sunday monday and tuesday. we're still comfortable, but a little warmer. wednesday and thursday getting close to 90 degrees on average and by next weekend looking likely to get there robert all right, thank you john want to check in on the san mateo bridge will head back to 92. >>earlier we had a crash near the toll plaza now and just got word of a new accident right around mid span of the highrise portion of the bridge there it is right there one lane blocked so that's putting more pressure on the flat section and continuing to back up traffic being on the tolls and over to bay and then it's freeway all looks like there's an ambulance i s chp earlier and now we have emergency crews rolling out so we may have injuries reported once again left lane blocked at the high rise because of this new crash. i'll keep my eyes on right now you're at 17 minutes to make it over and that's really not too bad of a drive time checking the drive in on 80 there it is looking good
6:46 am
for friday, you know it's friday when it looks like this and we like it, there's a line in the carpool lanes coming from that connector, but that's about it. it is wide open here at the tolls a little busy coming off a suspension to the skyway because of an earlier accident on the skyway but the bridge just not bad at all we're checking in on some more numbers and freeways to see what it's looking like out in the east bay we're checking on highway 4 20 minutes. antioch to concord that's fantastic. 6.80 looks good punch. a co 2 danville and no troubles for the nimitz will robin an ordinary morning. >>it turned into a nightmare for a little boy from real linda. >>a stranger came into his home and started looking around and bridget barlow has 4. >>it was a morning that felt more like a nightmare for 1, 9, year-old boy in real linda kind is hate china to crack a stranger and during his home through an unlocked garage door and wandering into the bedroom where he had been sleeping he just went inside the room.
6:47 am
>>i saw him a little bit and not he saw me in 92 under the blanket krista spent the morning hiding beneath the covers in the fear for his life. >>as an unknown man wandered around inside his home and they want to cry because i knew he would be able to hear me and that doesn't think that was the child was quick thinking and immediately alerted his older siblings about the mystery intruder. it's scary. it was just a scary feeling, you know not you know. >>knowing what could happen his sister 32 year-old sanya silva who asked not to be on camera instantly dial 911 and tried to calm a situation that she says could have easily escalated we pretty much asked him if he was ok i didn't want to you know scare him either to where he felt threatened and could do something to us sonja says sacramento county sheriff's deputies arrived within minutes, they have since identified the intruder as 38 year-old kayla of young
6:48 am
who had a felony warrant out for his arrest, it's scary because you don't know what kind intentions. they have i mean thankfully. he was very calm and you know co-operative. >>he did seem like he was just you know very confused didn't know where he you know what was going on. >>thankfully no one was harmed and the suspect is in custody, he still those are holding each other a little tighter after surviving what could have been a very dangerous encounter. they have angels, i'm watching over us. because the situation could have been completely different. >>and that was bridgette barlow reporting for us police say this should serve as a warning to everyone to make sure your doors and garage or a walk so nobody can wander in. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news at 7 o'clock, the first woman to land on the moon could be someone right here from the bay area there are about 3 of them were considered for the job. they need to go back to their country. why it's even legal. and then a convenience
6:49 am
store clerk is fired after
6:50 am
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new nicorette ice mint. way through the morning on a pretty fog free day for a lot of the bay area. >>the sfo is one of those delay 42 minute one we're staying below that our mark at least but still for a weekend ahead of us whea to expect possib the
6:52 am
airport. now temperatures are in the 50's 60's this morning, this is familiar territory, we've been starting our mornings off right around this all week long, oakland you're at 64 right now conquered at 62 well berkeley in dublin, 59 san francisco and san mateo bridge at 58 really nice kickoff to this weekend for you a little closer to the coast in the bay itself temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday while sober inland spots are actually a little bit cooler partly because it's a much clearer out there, i'm talking the remainder of your forecast. still ahead so make sure to stay with us robert. >>a couple of trouble spots on the 70 oh bridge this morning earlier accident at the tolls cleared. now there's a new one near the high rise. i saw chp and other emergency crews heading out so there is one lane blocked westbound near the high rise and that's the left lane. you can see that sign has been activated warning you that there's a crash ahead overall it's not bad it's friday so it's it's ok. the crash is adding to the backup, but it's only 18 minutes here
6:53 am
on it the carpoolers but on lanes look great carpool lanes are stacking up, but overall this is still good at 15 minutes to fremont street and i'll give you one more the richmond sandra fell, you're riding the brakes from castro to the toll plaza starting will thanks a lot rob and take a look at this new video showing the progress being made on the new chase center in san francisco. you believe it was like a year and a half ago when they started but it's on track right now. >>to be ready for his first event this september look at that jury is going to cost you a pretty penny to get in there. i was just going to say this isn't close as we're ever going to get definitely look around the inside. look taketa look there it is. but the real photo shop us in there. yeah, basketball is not going to be the first to tip off actually the words that has to be a concert in there with metallica ou know where the plane together. this just in the uk are going to play together. ok, that's an interesting duet one trying to downplay the other. the
6:54 am
warrigoing to play until october and we don't know the schedule yet for the home games in case you're even in the market to buy a ticket. >>the san francisco giants come from behind to win in 16 innings the giants fell behind in the top half of the inning and then came back and scored 2 runs. the bottom half of the inning to win by final of 3 to 2. the game lasted more than 4 and a half hours mad been pitched 9 innings and only gave up one run, the giants have now won 13 of their last 15 games that he does play again tonight. first pitch the there in minnesota and this was a close game until the end when the twins they pulled ahead in the 7th, inning the twins win by a final of 6 to 3. loss snapped a six-game winning streak for a's, the 2
6:55 am
teams playing in this afternoon. first pitch in minnesota at 5.10. our time. >>coming up in the next hour. the search is on for a group of women who have been robbing ulta beauty stores in the south bay. we just told you about the chase center. so you know the progress there plus a mountain lion spotted in the bay area will tell you where before we get to all all those stories, let's head outside and show you a quick a traffic shot of san mateo bridge you can see traffic light on the left side of the screen. >>those are cars coming from the peninsula to the east bay on the right side that's the commute directions looks really good at this hour. here's the golden gate bridge a little bit of fog. their base should lift for a wonderful afternoon john sure able 11 all another full, whether check when we come right back a bridge. look at that very light.
6:56 am
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>>thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom will tran in for james fletcher who is missing out all the fun we're having he is he's having some you what just a second he's in san diego.
6:59 am
>>you know the he's a comic like the comic con 2 and he's camping out i should ask you for the weather, yeah, because yes to camp out to get into arena say yes and he's a nerd says this is i know. really nice for him and that is about to sleep in san diego overnight if you that it's never really bad and if you're driving this movie is not about to change doesn't have to worry about traffic if you're camping out right, but it looks great out there picking up on the bridges but not bad at all. >>yeah i think it's been a blanket same same lows because like a low of 50 or 60 all you need is the blanket that maybe a little pad to put a this is a good. i hear the day you might have needed to break its last night because you know we get a little cooler at night 50's and 60's. >>but it has been a pretty nice morning. so far there is a touch of fog sitting or or across the bay as you look out from snow otherwise it is crystal clear skies if you're not directly under some of the patchy fog that is hanging out along the coast. a areas in
7:00 am
the north bay as well as right along to be a foot hills of the hilly east bay now as we work our way into the afternoon less and less of that fog to be seen just a lot more sunshine and actually really nice start to the weekend. 50's 60's is currently 60's 70's by noontime and by the afternoon ahead we are anticipating the coolest day of the week really not by much but slightly cooler than yesterday was mid 60's at the coast, a bayside areas in the 70's with inland areas in the low 80's today really nice range of numbers to be enjoying. i'm talking more on your forecast still to come probably checking out the san mateo bridge. there is an accident that still active westbound 92 at the height. >>rise. we can see it from the side because we're looking at the hayward side from the camera here but it's blocking the left lane. i saw emergency crews rolling out not a


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