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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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motivated crime. >>tonight at 6 arrests have been made in the shooting of 2 teenagers at a crowded bay area mall and today the 18 year-old accused in the case made his first court appearance. thanks for joining us. i'm can way and i'm catherine heene and for pam moore. >>prosecutors now shedding new light on the circumstances surrounding that july second shooting kron four's dan kerman he is at the scene of the shooting. he joins us live from the can for a mall in san bruno dan. >>we're getting catherine new information tonight from prosecutors they are confirming tonight that it was 2 rival games. what is unclear was whether they plan to meet at the smaller was just a chance meeting they also are looking into the possibility there was some sort of retaliation involved in the shooting. >>authorities are now saying the july second shooting at san bruno's 10 for and mall was gang-related we do believe that this incident 2 rival
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>>are based out of the san francisco area. >>all visitors were literally running for their lives and what remains unclear is whether the shooting was planned in advance. >>we're definitely looking into the fact that day it may or may well have been some sort of retaliation. component to this but again it's a lot of investigation that still needs to be done and we are not certain. whether it was planned for a spontaneous thursday police arrested the 3rd and 4th suspects wanted in connection with the shooting. >>one of them is this man, 18 year-old the and recant authorities say he's the one who shot and wounded a 14 year-old and a 16 year-old gant has been charged with 2 counts of attempted murder. several counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a variety of weapons charges and gang enhancements wild. fortunately, no one died. >>this is about as serious as a crimcan get again we have. people who are opening fire in a crowded mall in the middle
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of the day. and that's something that is very serious. >>he had his first court appearance on friday and prosecutors say if convicted he could be facing a life sentence. again to not enter a plea today is due back in court on august 5th prosecutors had argued for no bail. but the judge set bail at million live at the tanforan mall in san bruno dan kerman kron 4 news stand. thank you happening now a pothole creating a big traffic mess in oakland, here's a whole right now it's happening during the evening commute. >>it's on southbound 8.80 near jackson street in oakland, 3 lanes of traffic are close the pothole is about 4 feet wide officials tell us about a dozen cars of the damage because of it. and authorities are still trying to fix that hole right now, here's a look at traffic in the area you can see this is right in downtown oakland, the southbound traffic. coming out of the
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macarthur maze is all backed up and it's a big mess right now the number 1, 2, 3 lanes of the first 3 lanes on the left. they're going to be closed until at least 7 o'clock tonight, the highway patrol is recommending the use 5.80 as an alternate to get around this mess there downtown and crime first gayle ong she's on the scene a right now, i'm gayle what's the situation tonight. >>catherine can right behind me is a we're right at the embarcadero exit traffic here though is moving quite nicely. that's because this is the right app or the repairs on 8.80 over by a 9.80 that interchange there caltrans still on the scene they're working to make that possible and we're told it that 3 feet wide and 4 feet wide and something are out there. but it we did drive by and we weren't allowed to take pictures just because traffic was moving but we do we did see the bottle it was quite the back and this is going to impact people coming out of san francisco to the east bay,
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so you'll find yourself at a standstill. i did speak to caltrans earlier and they were notified around 1 o'clock. our maintenance crews got out there right of way to assess the situation into that the structure was safe. isolated incident. it is an older bridge deck. this is one of our like much of our infrastructure here in the bay area. look at the maps here. i'm a good checkup and the gps earlier how we would look from san francisco to the east bay that is so quite a standstill when you exit the bay bridge. all the way up into 5th street on 8 80's out. and some cars were actually damage with this pothole caltrans tells me that some tires were slashed. as a result of that. has gotten their cars damaged. caltrans says you can make a claim with them online we're live in oakland gayle ong kron 4 news all right gail thanks very much. we first told you about the pot hole through a breaking news push alert. >>make sure you download the
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kron 4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news in your neighborhood. >>a big story we're following a san francisco judge has declared void a search warrant used to monitor the phone of a freelance journalist bryan carmody he was under investigation by san francisco police that was in connection to a stolen police report on the death a public defender, jeff adachi an attorney for carmody'says the warrant was used to spy on carmody's movements and the phone calls ahead of a may 10th raid at his home and he says since carmody is a journalist, the state's shield law does apply to him. the judge also unseal the warrant that means that police will have to show whether they had informed the judge of carmody status as a journalist, when initially asking for that search warrant. >>bystanders the responding deputies did what they could to save his life but in the end while off duty and spending time at lake tahoe, a 34 year-old correction officer for the san mateo county
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sheriff's department died earlier this week. forcefully chagall shares more about the husband and father of 2. >>service was in his dna first 34 year-old adrian mark hayes a served his country on the ground for the us army in iraq. then a stint with the santa clara county sheriff's office. before eventually settling down with the san mateo county sheriff's office in april 2017 where he worked as a correctional officer ever since a as it was definitely come into community and our nation as a whole darqueze a known as a j to friends and family was pronounced dead tuesday afternoon at a hospital in lake tahoe. >>douglas county sheriff's deputies perform cpr on him after he was pulled from the water at zephyr cove on tacos southeast sure but he never regained consciousness. our kaser was off duty visiting with friends at the lake officer our case is survived by his wife terri of 7 years and their 2 young children
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ages 3, 5, the san mateo county code 30 foundation collects money for and provides financial assistance. >>2 orphans widows and widowers of fallen county law enforcement often not covered by insurance following off-duty deaths donations can be sent in the mail to the san mateo county code 30 foundation at 2421 broadway street in redwood city california. you can also make a contribution online at 2.30 dot org back slash donate. dash now. >>all of the money that's raised lob salute lee help his family and provide support for them for all of the number of unexpected issues that come up falling someone's. an unexpected death services for our case are tentatively scheduled for next week. >>felipe should all kron 4 news. there's new information tonight on a police chase through los angeles is morning 3 burglary suspects are in custody. >>after a high speed chase at times reached speeds well over a 100 miles an hour including
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driving on the road weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway. we're learning as the suspects are from the bay area part of a burglary crew from oakland to police say went to the la area in order to break into cars, a 4th suspect remains at large tonight. la police issued a warning to the bay area crews saying they are aware of them and they will make more arrests when they find anyone else who was involved with the break ins. >>the careers of 5 oakland police officers are on the line after a review of a deadly police shooting a civil rights attorney representing the family of the man killed says that he finds the recommendation to fire the officers, highly unusual kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >>at oakland police commission to review of this deadly police shooting is with a recommendation to fire 4 oakland police officers as vote. what lieutenant this is their first major test internal review and a police shooting case, the police
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commission passed that test according to civil rights attorney john burris who is representing the family of joshua pollack the bad killed in the shooting investigation by a federal court appointed monitor oversee the police department reached the same conclusion it happened back on 3/11/2018 police were responding to a report of a man armed with a gun lying the ground between 2 houses of 42th street the video shows that he was responsive to multiple police commit. according to the report opd officers believe pollack to be sleeping or cajas or under the influence of alcohol it goes on to say as he became coach is lifting his head attempting to set up the 4 officers fired up a little. >>they want to the green. for other investigations taking place with them. >>one of the police and for them to make an independent decision based upon evidence i thought was quite remarkable the president of the union that represents oakland police officers takes a different view in a statement that reads in part quote this is
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outrageous. >>5 different reviews of the shooting including by the alameda county district attorney's office and the police commission's own investigative exonerated these officers. these police officers responded to a citizen's call for help concerning an armed suspect in their neighborhood unquote even in light of the recommendations to terminate their employment at opd there doubt the officers flow lose their jobs may be all to get away to an arbitration. >>and the very least we now know there's a public entity in oakland said no. >>in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>the trump administration is proposing a plan to slow wildfires by bulldozing or otherwise clearing out large tracts of land to act as few breaks the few breaks would run along 11,000 miles in parts of 6 states including california. the cost of that project range is between 55 million to million also another 107 million a year for
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maintenance wildfire experts say the program could help slow fires but won't do anything to stop the most extreme fires which can jump large strips of land and they say the brakes would also jeopardize while life by tearing up their natural habitats a step outside as talk about a friday. >>afternoon evening. and the weekend ahead, and your skin tell us what's happening as we show you downtown san francisco. or it's just remind us it's friday again that's what i want to hear is a friday. oh yeah, you know i have this week has been so much fun but you know we're over the weekend allen. >>it should be a great weekend to weather wise, we'll see a lot of sunshine, couple patches of fog not going to get rid of that entirely but more sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way out the door right now you can see some patchy fog looking back toward a alcatraz see i can make it out there soon well now the fog kind of moving through but we're going to see more that gray overnight into early tomorrow morning temperatures cooling down in san francisco, 63 degrees right now 71 very pleasant in oakland. still 81 degrees in
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san jose. the one also in livermore very cool 74 degrees in concord and 60 degrees right now in santa rosa. alright, that fog kind moving in along the coastline, you see the swirl just off the coast as well as the low pressure center little edie kind of spinning off the coastline to so tonight if you're headed out the door plan o some low clouds and some fog that will continue to creep inside the bay as we head through the evening hours temperatures generally in the 60's by about 9 o'clock and the more fog on the way but a nice weekend to of more that up in a bit. >>thank you aren't so coming up sausalito residents say they are fed up with the mess 7 months after a huge mudslide. why there have been so many delays. >>a mountain lion roaming in a peninsula neighborhood where the animal was spotted overnight. also governor newsome will be coming back from vacation to sign or veto a big stack
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>>waiting >>his signature ab 3.92 change the language in the law requiring police to use deadly force only when necessary instead of one reasonable the governor earlier this year expressed support for the bill once civil liberties and police groups finally came to an agreement on the proposal. another less controversial measure. the governor has already signaled he'd sign is the safe and affordable drinking water fund it would put one billion toward clean drinking water projects for a million californians who don't have it. >>so far this legislative session, the governor has passed dozens of bills in vetoed 2. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the mountain lion was spotted in a san overnight this is viewer video from a long phasma and drive you can see in the cat casually
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strolling down the sidewalk. officials don't know if it's a male or a female they also say if you encounter a mountain line in the wild or in your neighborhood, the best thing to do is not to run, make yourself look bigger make a lot of noise to try to scare away going hiking, you're advised to go with the partner and if you live in an area where mount lines tend to rome. you should keep a special close eye on pets and small children. >>developing news tonight, people living near the us oscillate a mudslide that destroyed 2 homes this was back in february. frustrated the cleanup has been delayed yet again kron four's maureen kelly talk to the mayor about why it's taking so long. >>it's been more than 5 months since the valentine's day mudslide wiped out 2 homes and left a woman trapped inside injured students were already voicing frustration about the time it was taking to get this mess cleaned up when it was revealed at a city council meeting this week that city staffers skip the step required by fema when putting
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this project out to bid that means they have to reopen the job tub is again which pushes the cleanup back in till at least mid september. >>you know it's it's a frustrating situation. the city's mayor says they're taking great pains to make sure they follow all of fema's requirements to ensure they get reimbursed the million bucks it's expected to cost to clear that debris. >>we're on the same page is our residents. it's hard for us to accept this set back. but seen the big picture and knowing what we need to protect overall both financially environmentally and for the good of our community. we're we're thankful that our staff has done what they've done what they've been able to catch and where we're going. >>a woman living next door to the slide says she's worried about was underneath that debris pile that there's a lot of cars there with gas inside. and this is a you know fire season. so we a look budget us
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neighbors. we really worry about it because of an inning happens bush. it's like it blows up and it just got to be cut. there is still no timeline for when this will all be back to anything close to normal says they won't know the true extent of the damage done to the road. >>and the storm drains until most of the debris has been cleared away. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>time for a check on weather, let's look live at the golden gate bridge it was a beautiful day, although it's looking a little foggy right now. >>and if you want to go lawrence a source saying have a picnic tomorrow afternoon where should you go i think you should well if you if you like the cool stuff you head out the coast early and find some sunshine there i think along the beaches for about 2 hours writing about uh 2 our wind on the nepal has become racing on shore. >>11 part of the afternoon elsewhere inside the bay and the valleys are looking great the fog beginning to creep back on shore right now just some patchy stuff out the side but we'll see more that thinking up throughout the night tonight, maybe some drizzle along the coastline
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temperatures not bad today, they warmed up a little bit in some spots as much as 3 to 4 degrees warmer in some spots inland but yeah, these numbers today comfortable how about 71 in san francisco. we talk about a woman up as you approach the coastline there you go 76 in oakland 84 degrees in san jose 7 the high. just below the average into livermore 86 in concord and 79 degrees in santa rosa. little obvious were along the coastline. these here are right there you get some winds out of the north and you start to see that to run into some of that a part of the neck is little spin in the atmosphere that's where these in a is generated from as that begins to move back on shore law up on the coastline. also your fog in pretty good then looks like they'll be the case early e on tomorrow morning. but as we head toward the afternoon skies start to clear out even along the coast around the bay area right now you can see we're seeing a bit of a sea breeze kicking in and that will be the case right through the evening nothing too strong little gusty and some of the can use a coastal areas but otherwise, not too bad 81 degrees in san jose, a 63 and couple in half moon bay, 64
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pacifica 63 in san francisco, 70 in san mateo 71 oakland right now 74 conquered, and 60 degrees in the napa valley so i think we're looking pretty good tonight the patchy fog going to make return tomorrow some morning clouds and then some sunshine to start warm things up as high pressure begins to take over back. we've seen this trough almost the better part of july now looks like high pressure is going to start to build back in ever so slowly for the weekend that's going start to compress that marine air means a little less fog for a little more sunshine is warmer temperatures and then as we get toward the middle this next week the concerts get a little hot spots, especially and i think get near triple digits would be surprised we go over that overnight to receive the low clouds and fog surge back on shore philly in the bay early on tomorrow morning, but again it just could be there early in the morning and then by the afternoon most that clears out even a little coloring along the coastline for about 2 hours and then the fog comes back to your picnic thank you lawrence coming up next more and more lawmakers they're making trips to the mexican border to inspect conditions. they're white one lawmaker says the trip should be
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mandatory for everybody in congress. role of a car company?
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announcer: to take your kids to and from school? announcer: we think it can be something bigger. so we have the essays from the last three parts. announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. announcer: now during the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jetta, tiguan, and select atlas models. >>it's been a very difficult day to see these people particularly the children treated in such inhumane conditions just it tears at your heart strings and. >>that senator chuck schumer he was talking about visiting the u s mexico border today
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and he says he is very upset with the conditions that he saw in the detention centers there. >>fact if you happen to take a plane from washington dc to the border on a weekend you're likely to be on a plane full of lawmakers. that's because members of congress want to see for themselves what's going on at those detention centers that are full of migrants capitol bureau. >>reporter and our war nikki reports that a one lawmaker says a trip to the border should be mandatory. lawmakers bwfore they debate immigration legislation in washington. >>more people that see the border. >>better texas republican congressman will hurd says he insany lawmaker to visit his district which includes 820 miles of the u s mexico border. i wish i could make a law that says you can't talk about. >>and she's been to the border, a certain number of times over the past 3 weeks dozens of lawmakers hopped on a plane to the southern border toward migrant detention facilities and met with border patrol officers. >>this weekend, it's new york republican congressman tom reid's church to see
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firsthand. >>and the crisis though i think we all now recognize exist there reid is visiting mcallen texas on friday with 15 other members of the house problem solvers caucus and see what what is it that we can maybe do together to help solve this problem and that's the heart of the mission and at the same time senate minority leader chuck schumer is leading a delegation of at least a dozen senate democrats we hope. >>desperately hoped. >>that the conditions have improved over the last several weeks. >>but traveling to the border doesn't solve the problem on its own lawmakers keep trying to find a solution here in washington. but can't agree on what it should be and we need border security rublicans are pushing to overhaul asylum laws and allow migrant children to stay in us custody for more than 20 days. >>but democrats say the focus needs to be on keeping migrant families together and in good conditions. no one should want to see these kids treated so inhumanely schumer says it's time to put aside political differences and come together
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and address this crisis immediately in washington, i'm anna warning key. >>still ahead tear gas on the streets of puerto rico as protesters demand the governor's resignation will have the latest from san juan, just ahead. and what children want to be when they grow changing and not terribly encouraging. but why we shouldn't give up hope on the younger generation just can next to 6.30 a killer heat wave sweeping the nation this who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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>>last month was the hottest june ever recorded on earth first the national oceanic and atmospheric association, noaa says the average global temperature was 1.7 degrees warmer. then the 20th century average record temperatures affected europe, asia, africa, canada and south america. the heat also reduced to an arctic sea ice coverage to a record low. the report was released as several cities in the northeast are northeastern us prepare for a dangerous heat wave and graham lotus he joins us now with the latest on this grant. >>catherine can lot of reasons to like living in the bay area and we're lucky on this one so many of us though have friends and family who are. >>sweltering right now as this heat wave is affecting the vast majority of the country and it's about to peak over the next couple days. forecasters say over the course of the weekend people in most of the lower 48 states will feel temperatures above 90 degrees over half


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