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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 19, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>help us in west oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. and if you would like to help keep the serenity house open they do have a go fund me page. >>they still need to raise thousands of dollars again by tomorrow in order to pay rent. we have information and links on our website kron 4 dot com. >>a big pot hole caused a big traffic mess in oakland during the evening commute, it's on southbound 8.80 near jackson
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street. >>caltrans has been working to get this fixed kron four's gayle ong she is live in oakland with the latest gayle. >>the 3 lanes are still closed on 8.80 south. they hope to get this all fixed within the next hour. the pothole is about 3 feet long and 3 feet wide. >>photos show a large pothole in oakland a friday afternoon. it's in the center of a busy freeway 8.80 south. near jackson street caltrans was notified around one of the afternoon our maintenance crews got out there right of way to assess the situation. >>into that the structure was safe. isolated incident. it is an older bridge deck. this is one of our that like much of our infrastructure here in the bay area. caltrans crews began work around 03:00pm but at the close 3 of 5 lanes the afternoon commute was at a standstill from the bay bridge exit to oakland of lanes. >>number 1, 2, 3, closed down with a hard closure which means there's a ton of cones you'll see caltrans vehicles
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may be some. those ellie be lights out there are signs out there. >>some might have to make a trip to the mechanic chp says about a dozen cars had its tires slashed from driving over the pothole i first i know this is a i a pretty typical possible. sometimes larger potholes and that can develop this may start of the smaller one and develop into a larger possible from. >>kind of wear and tear, especially with all the larger trucks that may be moving through the area. >>now for those folks who had their car damaged because of that possible caltrans says you can make a claim. online we have that link up on our website kron 4 dot com we're live in oakland gayle on. >>scales thank you and we first told you about this pot holes through a push alert see when the road opens up and get all breaking news straight to your phone by downloading the app today. >>the careers of 5 oakland police officers they are now on the line after a review of a deadly police shooting a civil rights attorney representing the family of the
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man killed finds that the recommendation to terminate the officers is highly unusual kron four's haaziq has the story. >>at oakland police commission to review of t is deadly police shooting is with a recommendation to fire 4 oakland police officers as the vote. what lieutenant commander, this is their first major test internal review and a police shooting case, the police commission passed that test according to civil rights attorney john burris who is represting the family of joshua pollack the bad killed in the shooting investigation by a federal court appointed monitor oversee the police department reached the same conclusion it happened back on 3/11/2018 police were responding to a report of a man armed with a gun lying the ground between 2 houses of 42th street the video shows that he was responsive to multiple police commit. according to the report opd officers believe pollack to be sleeping or cajas or under the influence of alcohol it goes on to say as he became coach
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is lifting his head attempting to set up the 4 officers fired up a little. investigation by the alameda county district attorney's office exonerated the officers finding they acted reasonable under the circumstances similar conclusions were reached by opd these internal affairs division, the police department's executive force review board. the chief of police and the citizens police review agency they want to bridge the green. >>for other investigations taking place what somewhat of the police and for them to make an independent decision based upon evidence i thought was quite remarkable the president of the union that represents oakland police officers takes a different view of the statement that reads in part quote. >>this is outrageous 5 different reviews of the shooting including by the alameda county district attorney's office and the police commission's own investigative exonerated these officers. these police officers responded to a citizen's call for help concerning an armed suspect in
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their neighborhood been quote even in light of the recommendations to terminate their employment at opd there doubt the officers flow lose their jobs may be all to get away to an arbitration. >>and the very least we now know there's a public entity in oakland said no. >>in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>time for a look at whether we're looking live at the cemetery bridges were approaching that kind of golden hour twilight, let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow on a friday night looking toward the weekend. >>yeah, it looks like a really nice weekend weather wise. we'll see some sunshine little bit of fog out there we're seeing some that right through the golden gate bridge right now but there's not going to be a ton of fog this weekend. i think may be confined to the coastline. even there i think we'll still get a little sunshine. the door right now to 63 degrees holding steady in san francisco 66 now in oakland 71 degrees in san jose 69 in livermore going off to 67 in concord now they're feeling the effects of the sea breeze and 61 degrees in santa
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rosa. low clouds and fog are pulled away from the coastline for a while today and now you have this little edie circulation. this little a spiral. low pressure and going to bring the fog low clouds back on shore for tonight as the sea breeze kind of picks up outside so if you're going out tonight plan is low clouds and some fog kind of thing coming up through the night, some that making its way in the bay maybe locally inland to temperatures cooling off bilal bmi in the 50's and the 60's. they as we look toward tomorrow patchy fog to begin with and here comes the sun shine even along the coastline think by noon we're talking about mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the afternoon should be a little bit warmer in the warm spots inland in the upper 80's. >>today the 18 year-old accused of opening fire that and friend mall in san bruno earlier this month made his first court appearance prosecutors are now shedding new light on the circumstances surrounding that shooting. kron four's dan kerman has the details 18 year-old the on drug and made his first court appearance friday. >>authorities say he is one of those seen in the surveillance video shooting a semiautomatic
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handgun inside the tent friend mall on july 2nd. >>we do believe that this someone who is very dangerous camped has now been charged with attempted murder. >>and a variety of weapons charges with gang enhancements. prosecutors say he is the one who shot and wounded a 16 year-old and a 14 year-old and now we're learning more about what led up to the shooting. >>we do believe that this is in fact getting motivated crime that the. >>individuals who are involved on both sides are affiliated with gangs out of san francisco county. we're still trying to sort out whether or not this was a planned to meet up or if it was a spontaneous event where. 2 groups recognize each other and felt that they had to do what they did at the mall. get did not enter a plea he's due back in court on august 5th for his arraignment. >>the da and argued no bail should be set the judge has set bail at million. at the
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tanforan mall in san bruno dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the world was watching 50 years ago as man took his first steps on the moon. how the moment is being celebrated all these years later. >>we're hearing now from the creator of the facebook page storm area 51. but the bakersfield car student now plans to do on september 20 years. >>and we will hear from coworkers who are rememberin
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>>the big story an off-duty cosrections officer for the san mateo county. a sheriff's office he drowned this past week it happened in lake tahoe. kron forcefully to call has more on the beloved husband and father of 2. >>34 year-old adrian ortiz a known as a j to friends and family was pronounced dead tuesday afternoon at a hospital in lake tahoe. douglas county sheriff's deputies perform cpr on him after he was pulled from the water at zephyr cove on top of those southeast shore but he never regain consciousness. our kaser was off duty visiting with friends at the lake since april 2017. he worked as a correctional officer for the san mateo county sheriff's office it's been very difficult. >>absolutely for his family. he was a beloved father of 2 and a very valued husband as
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well and we're doing everything that we can to provide them all the resources necessary to help support them during this difficult time that's the voice of sheriff's detective rosemary blank swayed. >>who says our was a us army veteran having served in iraq. he also worked for the santa clara county sheriff's office before making his way to san mateo county we're definitely feeling it. >>within the office it's a very different and ands sad emotion that i think everybody is feeling the san mateo county code 30 foundation collects money for and provides financial assistance. >>2 orphans widows and widowers of fallen county law enforcement often not covered by insurance following off-duty deaths donations can be sent in the mail to the san mateo county code 30 foundation. >>at 2421 broadway street in redwood city california. you can also make a contribution online at 2.30 dot org back slash donate. dash now.
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>>services for our k's are tentatively scheduled for next week, the viewing wednesday and thursday, the funeral on friday. times in a location have not yet been announced the lead to call kron 4 news in the north bay tonight a much needed cleanup of the sausalito mudslide is delayed again city leaders say they found out this week said. >>city staffers had skipped a step required by fema when putting the project out to bid that means they have to reopen the job pushing back to clean up until at least mid september. mayor says are taking great pains to make sure they go all let's go through all of fema's requirements to ensure they get reimbursed the million dollars it's expected to cost to clear the debris. >>we're on the same page is our residents. it's hard for us to accept this set back. but seen the big picture and knowing what we need to protect overall both financially environmentally and for the good of our community. we're we're thankful that our staff has done what they've done what
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they've been able to catch and where we're going. >>crews will know the true extent of the damage to the road in the storm drains until most of the debris has been cleared away. the mudslide on valentine's day destroyed 2 homes and left a woman injured. >>4 zone forecast we're looking live over the embarcadero on this friday night. look so blustery out their arrest warrants were going on a little breezy out there right now we've got some nice summer weather coming our way though this weekend will start one most temperatures up around the bay area. >>that maybe get a little hot. i think as we get into next week is some of the temperatures start get near triple digits at least in some of the valleys. the right now we're looking at a full use a couple clouds there in the distance and just partly cloudy skies. no delays reported at sfo oakland or san jose at this hour temperatures today. yeah, they came up a few degrees a 2 to 4 degrees warmer in some parts of the bay area as high pressure tries to nudge its way in here so temperatures running a little bit above the average in san francisco very pleasant 71 degrees today, 76 in
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oakland 84 degrees in san jose 87 and warm in livermore 86 degrees in concord is 79 degrees in santa rosa. low clouds and fog that's really been the story here this little edie circulation that's when you get that nice little bit of a normally composers the win it starts to run as some of the topography and then you get a little spin in the atmosphere little rotation that's how we get these eddies generated here in on we're going to see that again for tomorrow's w fog back along the coastline certainly start to see some of the fall of the sea breeze out there right now some those winds kicking up around the bay area this time to 15 in amount due. i don't think that 129 is correct in palo alto just a clean bill, but it is a little bit gusty in spots so yeah, the winds haven't blown around just a bit the temperatures not bad right now 71 degrees in san jose nice evening, 60 degrees in dublin 66. in concord 62 degrees and flail and 66 degrees in nevada 65 right now in the napa valley changes coming our way though for the weekend we're going to see warmer temperatures high pressure beginning to build in. so it looks like more sunshine on
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the way and then temperatures getting triple digits possibly late next week. thank you lawrence google is paying tribute to the woman who created the software that helped put man on the moon the company unveiled a. >>nearly one and a half square mile portrait of margaret hamilton look at this this is in the mojave desert. it was created by positioning more than 107,000 mirrors to reflect the light of the moon. hamilton led the team that to develop the on board flight software for all of nasa's manned apollo missions, including apollo moon landing on that's incredible and it's beautiful. it is a part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the apollo 11 mission in 1969 and became the first manned spacecraft of course too land on the moon the event remains one of the most iconic in modern american history. >>omar jimenez is in cape canaveral florida as a nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of that ground breaking mission.
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>>how do you commemorate one of the greatest moments in human history will that is exactly what nasa is going to be doing over the course of this weekend, especially saturday that is the day that 50 years ago neil armstrong first stepped foot on the moon and in doing so changed the course of history. 50 years ago. >>july 20th 1969 the apollo 11 mission successfully put the first man on the moon. of neil armstrong's historic steps taken 6 hours after the initial lunar landing. officially ended the space race apollo 11 was about setting an ambitious goal. >>before the world. an estimated 650 million people worldwide tuned into the space walk and a lot of those people still remember exactly what they were doing when those
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iconic steps were taken. >>nobody could believe that it was even happening we look up at the moon it seems so far away. >>the host of events are planned for the week leading up to the mission's 50 year commemoration starting july 16th the anniversary of the apollo 11 launch, an image of the saturn 5 rocket was projected on to the east face of the washington monument. you armstrong's spacesuit was unveiled at the national air and space museum. president trump on are the astronauts from the historic mission at the white house friday that space to me is very important. the us postal service issued to commemorative forever stamps it honors the accomplishments of apollo 11, but also they'll be around forever and can be used for ever. >>50 years later the nation still celebrating the pride. >>the excitement and the wonder that historic day. and we're the biggest legacies in his left behind it is achieving what many thought was impossible at the time which begs the question. what
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is next. well. nasa says it starts 20 so by 24 to bring the first woman and the next man. >>to the surface of the moon it is a mission they hope to use as a conceptual launching pad to the next big frontier that one the mars reporting from cape canaveral florida. >>and we have continuing coverage of the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission at 8.45 will take you to a facility in lake tahoe, where everyday people are trying to become astronauts. also how the uss hornet play to big role in the mission. you can also go to our website to learn about the 3 bay area astronauts who are eligible to be the first woman to walk on the moon that's on kron 4 dot com. >>or maybe a bit breezy, but if you plan on leaving the bay area most of the countries dealing with a dangerous heat wave, we'll take a look at how long it's supposed to last. >>and a mountain lion spotted
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roaming free in a peninsula neighborhood where that big cat was spotted overnight. >>little printer was just a little it is kron four's award-winning original documentary people haven't if you're going to worry about earthquakes don't live in this area, a must-see earthquake special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls after failed. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at [beeping] [woman on pa] introducing togo's new hot chicken trio. the new brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, bacon, and fresh avocado. the hot buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. and the tangy barbecue. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? [woman on pa]
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>>on the peninsula, a mountain lion spotted calmly working throughout walking through a neighborhood. this san bruno this was in the middle of the night. a viewer who lives along and drive sent us this video showing the mountain lion. just calmly walking around in front of his house wildlife experts say it's another reminder. if you do see a big cat don't run try to make a lot of noise make yourself look bigger the usual advice. and of course if you live in a neighborhood outlines do tend to show up be particularly careful about children and pets. the controversy continues today with president trump's latest comments on 4 congresswoman. >>every time find rose might feel dangers before wait until you see the james bonds like addition now being added to some of them. >>also governor newsome getting ready to either veto or sign a big stack of new
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or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. >>just a day after president trump said he was not happy with the fact some supporters were chanting send her back a reference to a congresswoman, the president says he is not going to take back the words that prompted that controversy. he says he is still upset about comments the for congresswoman in question known as the squad made about the u s. >>our country garbage, i don't
8:29 pm
care about politics and it gave its good or bad about politics. many people say it's good i don't know if it's good or bad. i can tell you this you can talk that way about our country. >>now what i'm the president. >>the president's defiance caps a week of controversy that began sunday, the president helena the for congresswoman in a tweet but if they did not like america. they should go back to the places from which they came. when congresswoman omar did go back to her home state of minnesota and the president accused her of staging the event. i was in minnesota for a town hall meeting thursday on universal health care members of the audience gave her a standing ovation.
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>>the heat wave baking a vast majority of the country's about to reach its peak. >>kron four's grant lotus is here now with what people can expect in the coming days. >>catherine can people in most of the lower 48 states will feel temperatures above 90 degrees in some cases well above you're talking about overhead half the population in this country will get readings over 95 degrees making it feel like when you talk about the heat index with the humidity and everything triple digits officially nearly 200 million people are now under a heat watch warning or advisory. in arizona a repair man was found dead. in an avondale whole this was last night fire crews say the man had been working in the attic of a home and it appears. the death is heat related a medical examiner will confirm the official cause now major cities along the east coast. you're talking boston, new york baltimore d c the big ones, philly they're all under an excessive heat
8:31 pm
warning. and you see these pictures here from the brookfield zoo in illinois. at hole sir struggle in there. given i streets to try to stay cool during this extreme heat even has awesome spraying machine just to keep the animals is what in cool as possible. meanwhile new york city's mayor has already declared a local emergency. >>so on and so i say to everyone this is a very a difficult situation. everyone's got to take it seriously this is a potentially dangerous weather situation for a number of new yorkers. >>drinking plenty of water certainly reducing time outside remain the best ways to try to beat the heat. now last month was the hottest june ever recorded on earth. the national oceanic and atmospheric association or says the average global temperature was 1.7 degrees fahrenheit warmer. then the 20th century average the heat also brought the antarctic sea
8:32 pm
ice coverage to record low levels that also according to noaa and now we move over to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who has been tracking. it is big. he blasts for several days we knew it was coming here, it is and it looks like it might stick around a little bit longer than some of these forecasters initially thought yes go stick around least through the weekend and i think it's going to redevelop a little bit closer to us and. >>finally can affect the bay area but here's the heat index that's the combination that temperature the humidity this what it's going to feel like in lincoln tomorrow about a 105 degrees check out washington d c it's going feel like a 106 degrees a 104 in kansas city get the idea he's a very hot temperatures now these the actual forecast and temperatures in these areas, those numbers getting near triple digits. as you move in the central part of the country and really to the east, but they're not going to cover much as younhead through the night these are the overnight lows forecast of only 70's and 80's so people living in these locations are bodies really not able to recover from those hot temperatures during the day because even at night. it is
8:33 pm
going to stay very warm and then we get into sunday and here you go again almost a 100 degrees in a washington dc 90's in the dallas in norman and also the wichita and then finally maybe a little bit of a break but then that heat is going to shift out west and that could affect the bay area. low clouds and fog started to move on shore right now in each shot, as you've got that patchy fog that has made its way inside the bay over alcatraz right now looks like that will be the case as we head toward tomorrow, we've got some sunshine though in the afternoon temperatures in the 60's in the san francisco mid 70's oakland and some 80 showing up as you make your way the san jose so some nice weather ahead, it looks like for the bay area. but you notice things begin to change here and the 7 day we're going to warm things up a little bit over the weekend. but as we get to tuesday. yeah we start to talk about some 90's in london by wednesday. we're looking at those temperatures getting near triple digit heat and that may very well hang on right into next weekend. thank you lawrence, it's all fun and games until you accidentally inside a mom to rate a top secret military base. >>the internet has been buzzing about a facebook event
8:34 pm
called storm area 51 they can stop all of us or can they this was supposed to be a joke but now some people apparently are really considering visiting area, 51 and southern nevada reporter leslee good and talk to the creator of the facebook group. >>this is 20 year-old mattie robert the creator of the viral facebook group called storm area 51 they can't stop all of a sudden he says he has a message to everyone who may be taking storming the military base too seriously. >>uh i don't want anybody to actually get hurt with this it was has started out as just from appear struck imagination is just meant to be funny i want to do something cool out there now we have a bunch of people but i don't want anybody to get hurt. >>the bakersfield college student who is majoring in petroleum engineering says the face the group was created on june 27 by day 3 it had over a million people interested in finding out what mysteries lie inside the base or not people people kind of want to know what's in there. i think a lot of people are going to show up
8:35 pm
just because it's kind of a meme now the event has close to 3 million people who say they will attend more than a 0.9 people have viewed it robert says he has friends will now morphed and at this world experience for their followers want to make it like a festival of source i want to have a bunch of different music artists, everybody from the world of the navy, some indy rock maybe some smaller guys that are up and coming from lot of people d in the page city one of their bans on a play there were to be super cool. robert says he's been in contact with local is near area 51 to tell them they're already booked for the scheduled expiration of the air force facility in nevada on september 20th with a twist like his outfit as nothing to the story because in a description of the events is between our 2 run. we can run faster than their bullets. so this is from bartow second secret cloak and then this is the had been fort. >>robert says for the most part everyone is enjoying the parity storming of area 51 but says he's gotten a few extremists that he had to tell it's just for fun people are really serious i'm kind of worried about that about a couple people d in the page where they're like.
8:36 pm
>>willing to die for the government, let's do this i'm just like oh my god they're all like hard core strength in numbers that kind of thing but if there's only like 2 those guys out there i think we'll be ok he hopes that this event will be educational have our installations me new friends like i figured that the fbi be knocking on my door right about now but nobody has shown up nobody try to contact, you know these messes the page it's it's interesting for sure. >>social media is an amazing thing that was less get a good reporting and we do want to remind people it is illegal to trespass or try to enter area 51. >>a new study reveals the new popular dream job for children for the toy maker lego wants to change their minds about that. >>continuing our coverage of the apollo 11 50th anniversary where in the bay area you can get a close-up look
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>>the company named proclaim is selling a flame thrower for drones it's called the atf 19 watched, and holds a gallon of fuel and shoots flames as far as 25 feet the attachment cost about $1500 ad in the drone in it comes out out to about $3,000. the cleveland company says it's already sold 2000 of these flame throwing drones te'o flame says flame stores are actually legal in the us says quote federally unregulated tools a proposal to change how airplane seats
8:40 pm
are designed could make the were seen on the plane a lot more comfortable. this is a design of a colorado may start up that it's pitching to airlines instead of being side by side. the 3 economy seats are staggered that would put the middle seat slightly behind the aisle and window seats and make them a little bit lower. the company says moving the middle seat back allows for more space for everyone in the road. >>today he tahoe facility where everyday people are being trained to be astronauts coming up in sports. we have
8:41 pm
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>>we mentioned earlier tomorrow marks 50 years since the apollo 11 astronauts, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin set foot on the moon and not everybody knows that the uss hornet was the aircraft carrier that. >>picked up the astronaut at the astronauts after they splash landed in the pacific that was 19 60 tonight. >>well, the hornet is now a museum of course talked in alameda and reporter karma dickerson takes us there. >>apollo 11 changed the world understanding of what was possible. but the mission wasn't just about land. the person on the moon. it was bringing the team back safely. and that's where the uss hornet, this bay area bay ship and aircraft carrier turned museum comes in. >>the ship was commissioned 1943 served in every major battle and lower to south pacific. i'm certain vietnam, us last 2 missions to the united states navy was recover apollo 11 and apollo 12 the
8:44 pm
first 2 manned missions of the month july 24th 1969 apollo 11 returned to earth. >>splashing down in the pacific union 2 of your close and you're going to strap new we cooked up that for 8 days on a on this mission is missions are longer. as it comes back to the earth. all the other equipment says it basically just in from the aircraft the c on the remains has to go through the atmosphere and then the parish is someone out lands in the open ocean water with the uss hornet was waiting for this helicopter was painted to be a replica of the one that dropped divers into the water to retrieve the astronaut. >>and bring them aboard the morning. museum visitors may not be able to take the small step for mankind. but they can follow in the footsteps of neil armstrong aldrin and michael coins follow his footsteps up the stairs. >>into airstream trailer which is the mobile quarantine quarantine facility and this is where the spend the rest of time go back to pearl harbor the quarantine moker was used for apollo 14, the identical apollo 11 bangor is at the smithsonian. the astronauts,
8:45 pm
what's been 3 of their 21 days in quarantine in that bunker. many were alive at this are watching these moments unfold on tv. those who didn't can see those moments recreated in the 1959 psi living room and the uss hornet museum right next to it. moon landing memorabilia, the space race in general starts on the spot making project mercury. we different exhibits to show survival gear the rog conceptual designs of space miles above the lunar models his mate. >>and then we have a great a model here shows the whole makeup of the saturn 5 in the hope hollow mission and what they did how they how they put it all together piece by piece and piece by piece visitors will be able to understand what went into one of the world's most significant accomplishments. >>though this museum is always open to the public curator lore thesis saturday 50th anniversary celebration of the moon landing. it's not to be missed. not just have special
8:46 pm
exhibitions but also special guest who help recover apollo 11 the time experience of that. >>and we'll have really pretty guess are the engineer who was in to act with the astronauts poland has not as well as the flight surgeon firsthand accounts of the key part of human history. >>a northern california company is on a mission to train people to become astronauts and they're using a familiar location. lake tahoe. pedro rivera explains. >>when lake tahoe comes to mind you might think of the beautiful landscape voting in paddle boarding. but the crystal clear water is also perfect for something out of this world, this is a environment when you're a neutral buoyancy doctor eduardo diaz is the c e o of advancing acts a rock and based company that is on a mission to train everyday people to become without actually going into space is hard to know exactly what it feels like to train with 0 gravity. so the best way to
8:47 pm
train here on earth is by doing it in the water. >>you are weightless nus that the neutral buoyancy i want to get under water. same the is nasa trains on these have a the very large pool that they train in texas, so this is a cool into that the company uses a space vehicle mockup called somersault next worse, it's 30 feet below the surface. >>currently they're using the vehicle to train dive teams like the placer county sheriff's office. ultimately they will train future ash under water you get a death some people can stress course if if you're going sell under water. >>we definitely want to stress on space right now they're taking applications for their career astronaut program, thousands of space seekers from 48 countries have applied so far but only a select few will be chosen for the mission, we'll send of one team of 4 in 2023 to someone a slight like nasa you do need a bachelor's degree in sight, technology in mathematics or stem to apply. but unlike the
8:48 pm
space agency advancing acts as an art degree will also work. as we remember the lunar landing which took place 50 years ago this week without question the moon is a goal for ds when i asked him what it will be like to see one of his advantage x graduates on the moon. he kept his answer simple that would be. >>car maker lego they find out that us children were 3 times more likely to want to be youtube stars then the astronauts being an astronaut used to be a really popular choice. but now only 11% want to become an astronaut compared with 29%. the want to be social media stars. one consolation the study also found that 86% of our kids are interested in space and 90% want to learn more about it to inspire the next generation of space explorers lego as part of a new program to send 50
8:49 pm
children to space camp in 2020. and our coverage of the apollo 11 anniversary continues online on our website. we have a 30 minute special called apollo 11 t plus 50 years talks about the space program how cities across the country contributed to the mission that's all on kron 4 dot com. >>the gun is headed for extinction. a surprise guest at this year's comic con in you got your homework? yeah. yeah? hey, give me a kiss. announcer: what's the role of a car company? [ kisses ] announcer: to take your kids to and from school? don't forget your science project. announcer: we think it can be something bigger. everybody take your seats. announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. announcer: now during the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jetta, tiguan,
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how far would you go for a togo? >>the a's are one of the hottest teams in baseball, they've won 12 of their last 15 games and are hanging on to the final wild-card spot in the a l but we will find out a lot about this oakland team in the next few weeks. they have the twins the astros and the brewers all coming up on the schedule all playoff teams tonight they look to bounce back after a series opening loss in minneapolis to show some super a's fans out in minnesota got to love it, let's go to the top of the first no score second marcus semien he sends one to left field. no doubt r a's take an early one nothing lead. he went 3 for 4 with an rbi bottom of the 30's up 2 to one. when gonzalez drive one to right field in that one is gone and just like that the twins take the lead. now let's
8:53 pm
go to the top of the 6 chris davis, rich one into left field he said to let fear own lori he will score a goal our front 4 to 3. they go on to beat between 5 to 3 your final game 3 of this four-game series tomorrow. it's the final major of the golf season, the british open and as we found out monday one royal portrush golf club shows no mercy on golfers, it's one of the toughest courses on the planet and it humbles many let's go to day 2 of the action in northern ireland. rory mcilroy. he misses the cut he finishes round 2. too old the but it will be shane lowry coming in from second place once 60 cheese finishes 8 under and with a 67 he now co-leads with jb holmes after around to what a beautiful approach right there. >>now we're going to go to tiger woods. he's on the 18th
8:54 pm
go in for par. >>no good for hand he misses the cut he finishes 6 over tigers thoughts on missing the cut after 2 lackluster out this just a matter of if a been consistent that us one the hardest thing said to to accept does. >>as a as an older as an older athlete. there's that you're not going to discuss this issue or a 23. that is things are different. have my how weeks. i'm i'm going to be there in contention with the chance to win and i will winter months. but there are times when i'm just not going to be there. >>switching to basketball the dust is now settled and we've got a few weeks to digest all the roster moves with the golden state warriors the biggest one obviously was a kevin durant move to the brooklyn nets katie spent 3 years here in the bay winning 2 titles in 2 finals mvp yet it still seems as if he was never truly happy. tonight we will hear from the warriors
8:55 pm
official dj dj d sharp on his take on katie fleeing the bay we'll hear from him at 9 but still has been a couple weeks and everyone is still talking about katie leaving the warriors in this new love warriors team next year to get some insight into the players because i know he talked to him about the music that they want to hear while they are doing practice and stuff like that again. >>he kind of got into their heads a little bit right we'll hear from the has some pretty strong words about it ok all right, thank you. jason, thanks jason. there is maverick tom cruise surprise in sandy's of the 2019 comic con in san diego is there to unveil the first look at the official trailer for top gun. maverick the long-awaited sequel to the hit movie in 1986 check it out. >>plus years of service.
8:56 pm
combat medals. citations. you can get a promotion will retire despite your best efforts. it's one of life's mysteries, sir. >>the sequel was also filmed in san diego which took place back in october the new film seems to embrace the originals fondness for shirtless beach outings singing karaoke probably and motorcycle rides in a bomber jacket and aviator glasses hey if it works do it again and also welcome some new cast members. john hammond miles teller. top gun maverick hits the theaters in june of 2020. and tom cruise is aging really really well 57 usual looks pretty good for that.
8:57 pm
that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. but our primetime coverage just getting started on this friday night grant lotus justine waltman are here as kron 4 news at 9 catherine ken thanks very much next tonight, a popular bay area skater. >>now fighting for her life said story here she suffered a severe head injury during the dolores street hill bomb a car that was last week tonight, friends and family are praying for recovery will hear from loved ones next in a live report. >>plus a traffic nightmare in the east bay, a huge pothole shuts down lanes on southbound 8 80 in oakland, and we just found out that it could be hours more before this stretch of road reopens we're live on the scene. >>but the very latest thought it might be 7 o'clock turns out it is going to be way later we also your weekend forecast say it is friday chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here look forward to that
8:58 pm
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plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit >>they'll potholes causing a traffic mess in oakland it was horrific during the evening commute. it is still bad good evening and thanks for being with us tonight, everybody i'm grant lotus i'm justine waltman. >>and 80 near jackson caltrans has been working for hours to get this fixed they thought it would be open by 7 and now we're hearing it's going to be hours more before this stretch


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