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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>breaking news out of the east bay 2 children missing in the chaco boulevard area in martinez have been found safe. >>in contrast county sheriff's office just announced that 9 year-old james and 6 year-old justin james relocated within the past 15 minutes in concord and they have now been reunited with their family. the 2 were last seen around noon in martinez and that prompted the contra costa county sheriff's department to issue an alert again within the past 15 minutes, authorities tell us that these 2 children have been found they're just tired. and are now back with home with their family is very good newst the lanes are about ready to be back open on southbound interstate 80 in oakland after big pothole. >>created a big traffic nightmare. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne, i'm justine waldman in for pam moore tonight this pothole created a traffic nightmare for hundreds of drivers who are just trying to get home after her long friday at work. caltrans has now been working to patch up the whole may tweeted this picture in the
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last 10 minutes saying that the repairs. the concrete is in the final curing phase. in oakland with the latest effort to fix the whole gales. >>and cal trans just told me that it should be about 15 more minutes when those lanes will reopen so that is good news is anyone coming the maze out over by san francisco. now that pot hole today was about 3 feet long and 3 feet wide. >>photos show a large pothole in oakland a friday afternoon. it's in the center of a busy freeway 8.80 south. near jackson street caltrans was notified around one of the afternoon. >>our maintenance crews got out there right of way to assess the situation into that the structure was safe. isolated incident. it is an older bridge deck. this is one of our like much of our infrastructure here in the bay area. >>caltrans crews began work around 03:00pm but at the
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close 3 of 5 lanes the afternoon commute was at a standstill from the bay bridge exit to oakland of lanes. >>number 1, 2, 3, closed down with a hard closure which means there's a ton of cones you'll see caltrans vehicles may be some. those ellie be lights out there are signs out there. >>some might have to make a trip to the mechanic chp says about a dozen cars had its tires slashed from driving over the pa, whole vehicle owners should know that they can file a claim with caltrans for reimbursement of damages to their tires. >>now we did post link to for those people who need has that claim with caltrans now again should be open within the hour was told about 15 minutes from now so that's good news and behind this is right before repair, it's so it is moving on what way we're live in oakland gail logged rod for news. >>thank you gayle, a stretch of highway 84 and san mateo county is back open tonight after a deadly motorcycle crash this happened around 5 i've just west of park toll
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road in woodside investigators say that a motorcyclist crashed into a tow truck and that led to a major back up in the area, but again all lanes of highway 84 are back open tonight. the name of the victim has not been released just yet. >>a scary moment for a police officer in benicia police say that a suspected drunk driver crashed into a patrol car early yesterday morning and then got away the cruiser that was hit was parked along the curb on military west at about to 15 in the morning when a car rear ended that officers patrol car police later arrested the driver 48 year-old peter white of antioch that patrol car sustained major damage is but the officer was not severely injured. tonight a well known local skate boarder is fighting for her life after a
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really nasty accidents. kiko was skating in the popular door street hill bob last week when. >>she took a fall from or skateboard and fractured her skull now she's in critical condition at sf general hospital and friends and family are praying for her recovery kron four's dan thorn spoke with the skater sister he joins us now live in the newsroom. dan what is there hope for her tonight. >>well her sister tells me that the recovery is locally likely going to be long and tough for this 21 year-old skater tomoko is well known within the skating community as the creator of a san francisco grip tape company and her sister says her designs or as a vibrant as her personality. >>when you see videos of san francisco's dolores street hill bomb you quickly realize it's filled with fearless skater. many of whom are not wearing helmets as they zip down the street at blazing fast speeds. the 21 year-old tomoko a week howell was one
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of those skaters. but now she's fighting for her life at sf general she was going downhill. >>several times on last ride she fell and care. and fractured the back of her school. >>she's ywca a week fung is the well known skaters sister this picture captured by brandon davis shows tomoko just before she fell i was thinking about. >>the things we can again focus on that. >>oco known as in the skating community is the creator of a san francisco based grip tape company to mow skate co offer skaters a way to ride in style with vibrant grip tape designs like this rose or these purple flames expenses and she paints every single one of them by hand. >>so everything's made lovingly by >>currently all proceeds from the online store will help with tell most medical bills to tell most sister says she's not just well known for her skills in the skating community. is passionate about
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giving back these pictures show tomo posing with kids in the philippines after giving them skate boards featuring her designs. the halfpipe they're standing on was also donated with help from friends and family. ca says it's that humbleness and willingness to care that she's looking forward to seeing again from tel mo he is so sweet loving hines. >>and we're just raided takers i know it's going to minds from now before that happens but that optimistic. and thank everyone again for all the light and prayers. >>friends and family have set up a go fund me page with a goal of raising $50,000 to help of metal medical expenses. last check more than $17,000 has been raised, reporting live the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>other big story we're following tonight. investigators now say that the shooting at san bruno stand for and mall was gang related.
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>>the new information comes after police arrested 2 more teams yesterday and one of them made his first court appearance today. kron four's grant lotus joins us now with the charges that that suspect faces can just see we remember this so scary to know if it was a random person to shooting up everybody there was a shooting inside the mall. >>police say this is the man responsible 18 year-old diandra again of san francisco. police in martinez so arrested him in connection to a car theft. >>and they say that is how they got him into custody. the mall shooting was back. >>on july second guen is charged with 2 counts of attempted murder. several counts of assault with a deadly weapon and a variety of other weapons charges and gang enhancements. investigators say he's the one who shot and wounded a 14 year-old and a 16 year-old. >>this is about as serious as a crime can get again we have. people who are opening fire in a crowded mall in the middle of the day. and that's
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something that is very serious. >>all visitors literally running for their lives as the shots rang out. it's still not clear whether the shooting was planned in advance. prosecutors say if convicted get could face a life sentence will keep you posted there can just see him back to hugh grant thank you in the east bay, the careers of 5 oakland police officers are on the line tonight. >>after a review of a deadly police shooting the oakland police commission recommended yesterday that the officers involved the fire to kron four's haaziq when you spoke with a civil rights attorney representing the family of the man killed and he says he finds the recommendation to fire the officers, highly unusual. >>at oakland police commission to review of this deadly police shooting is with a recommendation to fire 4 oakland police officers as the vote. what lieutenant commander, this is their first major test and to review any police shooting case the
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police commission passed that test according to civil rights attorney john burris who is representing the family of joshua pollack the bad killed in the shooting investigation by a federal court appointed monitor oversee the police department reached the same conclusion it happened back on 3/11/2018 police were responding to a report of a man armed with a gun lying the ground between 2 houses of 42th street the video shows that he was responsive to multiple police commit. according to the report opd officers believe pollack to be sleeping or coaches or under the influence of alcohol it goes on to say as he became coach is lifting his head attempting to set up the 4 officers fired up a little. investigation by the alameda county district attorney's office exonerated the officers finding they acted reasonable under the circumstances similar conclusions were reached by opd these internal affairs division, the police department's executive force review board. the chief of police and the citizens police review agency they want to bridge the green.
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>>for other investigations taking place what somewhat of the poce and for them to make an independent decision based upon evidence i thought was quite remarkable the president of the union that represents oakland police officers takes a different view in a statement that reads in part quote. >>this utrages 5 different reviews of the shooting including by the alameda county district attorney's office and the police commission's own investigative exonerated these officers. these police officers responded to a citizen's call for help concerning an armed suspect in their neighborhood been quote even in light of the recommendations to terminate their employment at opd there doubt the officers flow lose their jobs may be all to get away to an arbitration. >>and the very least we now know there's a public entity in oakland said no. >>in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>in the north bay tonight, the cleanup of the sausalito mudslide has been delayed again city leaders found out
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this week that city staff are skipped a step required by fema when putting the project out to bid that means the city has to reopen the job, pushing back clean up until at least mid september. the mayor says they're taking great pains to make sure they meet fema's requirements to ensure the city gets reimbursed the million dollars that's expected to cost to clear up the debris. >>we're on the same page is our residents. it's hard for us to accept this set back. but seen the big picture and knowing what we need to protect overall both financially environmentally and for the good of our community. we're we're thankful that our staff has done what they've done what they've been able to catch and where we're going. >>city crews will know the true extent of the damage done to the road in the storm drains until most of the debris has been cleared away. the mudslide happened on valentine's day it destroyed 2 homes and left a woman injured. california firefighters have a new weapon to battle wildfires. c one 30
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air tankers second carry thousands of gallons of fire retardant cal fire's the first agency in the world with his own tanker fleet and branding cummings takes a look now at how it will help in the future. >>priest our checklist. >>the 0, 7, indicated. >>it's going to be seen worldwide of what we're doing here will possibly be modeled throughout the world. >>it's being called ground breaking a new chapter in cal fire aviation. >>gives us another tool in the tool box to really protect lives and property is what it boils down to cal fire now the only fire department aviation fleet in the world with its own. >>fleet of large air tankers. we've got an exclusive look at flight working on one of them. these planes carry up to 4,000 gallons of fire retardant the older smaller ones currently in the fleet only carry up to 1200 the improvement means these wings will stop wildfires faster. retardant is
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dropped in front of the fire. >>the fire burns up to the retardant and it slows it down although cal fire acquired them from the federal government a year ago there modifications to be done high. it's a trend now large aircraft a lot to be done in a very time consuming process. >>once the modifications are complete the c one 30's will be captain hangar spread all across california. >>all right, let's step outside on a friday night and see how things are shaping up for the weekend as we show you the bay bridge, let's check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to find out what kind of weather are going to have this weekend is it a beach day. >>pool day. yeah, mean we're going a little bit of both i mean i think actually see a little sunshine glimmering along the coastline but only for a couple of hours if you too. >>and then that fog and starts to roll back in at the cloudy again and we are seeing some of those clouds moving on shore right now, bouncing up against the feels and looks like we'll see more that stretching into the bay and some local valleys to maybe leaving little drizzle along
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the coastline. temperatures see other one up just a tad today 2 to 4 degrees warmer in some parts of the areas. high pressure getting ready to settle in for the weekend. well that's some good news if you get some weekend plans will it's going to be very very nice. highs today by one up to 71 degrees in san francisco. that's a nice day at this time of year 76 some sunshine in oakland today to 4 in san jose lot 80's in the interior valleys today, 87 degrees in livermore 86 in concord but just briefly in that cool air begin the shootin and those temperatures cool down in a hurry, 79 degrees in santa rosa, and all around the bay area some very nice weather now looks like this weekend we're going to see some low clouds and fog were seen right now along the coastline that will be in place but it's going to get to get compressed that because high pressure building over head that means less fog to sunshine coming your way so warmer temperatures on tap, not a big keyed up for the bay area, not yet. but we'll see some warmer temperatures around the bay area as well we're starting to see that sea breeze continuing right now to attend about 15 miles per hour around the bay area that would carry with it. some low clouds and the fog numbers, not bad
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at all in fact 66 degrees very comfortable walking around san jose right now 66 also in redwood city 63 in oakland cooler 57 in pacifica 59 in san anselmo 61 degrees in the napa valley and 59 degrees and lael but we are going to see low clouds and fog stretching on shore. they giving way to mostly sunny skies for tomorrow, a little bit warmer as we get to sunday to as high pressure begins to strengthen somewhat air quality so far looking good, although i think next week we may start to some poor air quality developing around the bay area that is high pressure going to kind of compress that air trap all those pollutants right down near the surface. high pressure finally showing signs of building in the better part of july we've had this trough kind of camped out along the west coast. that can keep our temperatures from getting all that hot. that's about to change this ridge will slowly build in this weekend that could allow the temperatures begin to warm up a little bit but then as we get in toward a the middle of next week that ridge really going to build in across the west coast and as it does is temperatures going
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to soar probably some numbers and some of the valley's easily in the 90's we might even start to talk about triple digits as we get toward the latter part of the week tonight low clouds and fog will surge back on shore some drizzle out along the coastline and tomorrow looking like a good a lot of sunshine coming our way even along the coastline, a little sunshine and temperatures there in the 60's. >>thank you lawrence take a look at this santa clara county sheriff's deputies say this is more than $5,000 worth of merchandise, stolen from various stores around the south bay and this is only about half the total because a large amount of it was already returned to one of the targeted stores. investigators arrested 2 women yesterday they say both suspects were already on probation for burglary and saft related offenses. >>about this off duty corrections officer who drowned in lake tahoe this weekend. he was working for the san mateo county sheriff's office and was also a beloved husband and a father of 2 children kron 4 sleep at all spoke to his co-workers about
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this loss. >>34 year-old adrian ortiz a known as a j to friends and family was pronounced dead tuesday afternoon at a hospital in lake tahoe. douglas county sheriff's deputies perform cpr on him after he was pulled from the water at zephyr cove on top of those southeast shore but he never regain consciousness. our case that was off duty visiting with friends at the lake since april 2017. he worked as a correctional officer for the san mateo county sheriff's office it's been very difficult. >>absolutely for his family. he was a beloved father of 2 and a very valued husband as well and we're doing everything that we can to provide them all the resources necessary to help support them during this difficult time that's the voice of sheriff's detective rosemary blank swayed. >>who says our was a us army veteran having served in iraq. he also worked for the santa clara county sheriff's office before making his way to san mateo county we're definitely feeling it. >>within the office it's a
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very different and ands sad emotion that i think everybody is feeling the san mateo county code 30 foundation collects money for and provides financial assistance. >>2 orphans widows and widowers of fallen county law enforcement often not covered by insurance following off-duty deaths donations can be sent in the mail to the san mateo county code 30 foundation. >>at 2421 broadway street in redwood city california. you can also make a contribution online at 2.30 dot org back slash donate. dash now services for our k's are tentatively scheduled for next week, the viewing wednesday and thursday, the funeral on friday. times in a location have not yet been announced the lead to call kron 4 news. >>in national news tonight, lawmakers are cramming for next week's questioning a former special counsel robert mueller man she tells us how they're getting ready.
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>>and tonight lawmakers are intensely preparing for the most anticipated hearing in decades with special counsel robert mueller testifies but the findings of his 2 year investigation democrats and republicans both sharpening their questions and their strategy as they hold mock hearings with top aides sitting in his mueller tonight, cnn has learned that democrats in the house judiciary committee will focus on 5 areas of potential obstruction of justice laid out in the mueller report, including trump's order to defend white house counsel don mcgahn to fire mueller his efforts to have mcgahn deny that the president had ordered him to have the special counsel removed also trump's order to former campaign manager corey lewandowski to tell the then attorney general jeff sessions to limit the investigation to exclude the president and later threatening to fire sessions if he did not meet with the wind out ski. there are also episodes in the mueller report of alleged witness tampering including trump encouraging
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former campaign chairman paul manafort and trump's former attorney michael cohen not to cooperate with federal prosecutors just that he says what was in the report. >>and says it to the american people say here at that will be very very important democrats on the house intelligence committee plan to press mueller about the extent of russian interference in the 2016 election and contacts between russians and the trump campaign and will ask mueller about his findings. >>the trump publicly expressed skepticism that russia was responsible for the hacks at the same time they he and other campaign officials privately sought information about any further planned wikileaks releases of clinton campaign emails. with the stakes. enormous democrats say they're pparing carefully rereading the entire 448 page report this is not going to be a whole bunch numbers freelancing this will be organized republicans meanwhile plan to press a special counsel about whether his team was bias as well as anti trump texts sent by fbi
10:21 pm
agent, peter strzok and fbi attorney lisa page and then we got a lot of questions about how robert mueller's team was assembled and they plan to raise questions of all why the investigation started in the first place as the basic questions of understanding of you've got is and where it started but mueller has already indicated he won't go beyond the 4 corners of his report. >>director mueller will be impeccably prepared. he's not a verbose in dramatic witness. but he knows it starts in mourning. that was my know raj you reporting mueller is scheduled to testify in front of 2 house committees on wednesday. >>maybe in the clear but dangerous heat continues to scorch most of the country the problems it created for millions of people today. how long the heat wave is supposed to last lus this is a spot that some of you like to spend your weekends, how one company is turning lake tahoe into a training area for astronauts and a plea from these bay area
10:22 pm
women to save serenity house shelter in west oakland. it will create it was just a little it is. >>kron four's award-winning original documentary people haven't if you going to worry about earthquakes don't live in this area, a must-see earthquake special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls to fail. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies sarday july 27th at
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>>anywhere else on this block. that we provide food and resources. >>of love to west oakland shelters at risk of shutting down because of the rising housing costs in the bay area for 20 years serenity house has been home for homeless women who have survived addiction incarceration trauma. but as kron four's michelle kingston explains. they could be forced to shut down if they don't come up with their rent by tomorrow. >>my life out there was just. in a dark place and paula cook is just one of many women to have walked into serenity house in need of help from 2009. 2 have 10 years clean.
10:26 pm
she now volunteers her time at the organization helping to change the lives of other women, women who were living in tents, dealing with addiction in violence for 20 years now serenity house has been a staple in the west oakland community but last year their rent increased 75% and right now there are 4 months late on their payments they need to raise $14,000 by saturday in order to keep the house in their programs up and running. >>to help support and he'll women in need. >>yes, the ready house what they hear where are they what are they do where they go for just that hope you know the executive director wants to keep serenity house in oakland where it has been since it started. >>where she says it belongs but his serenity house is. >>taken out of this community then it becomes a problem. so we need to definitely keep serenity house in west oakland, where they are so
10:27 pm
they can. the right where it's needed it where the polls is you know the heart of the problem is right here outside our door and so i'm just acts team. >>in west oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. and if you'd like to help out with serenity houses issue right now they do have a go fund me page set up they need to raise thousands of dollars by tomorrow in order to pay when rent. >>we have this information and links on our website kron you know when you're at ross
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>>now sunday and saturday almost exactly the same almost equally bad. so on and so i say to everyone this is a very a difficult situation. everyone's got to take it seriously. >>that's a warning from new york city's mayor as a potentially deadly heat wave continues most people living in the lower 48 states are dealing with temperatures in the 90's and the heat index readings or even how the forecast for the weekend could potentially break records polo sandoval reports. >>it's incredible how this. >>tonight much of the united states is sweltering. >>this it's really high. it's like burning high. >>about 195 million people under heat watches and warnings part of a potentially record breaking heat wave sent to scorch the country through sunday, we'll 1, 2, 3, 4, and our teachers over there. a
10:31 pm
major cities have opened cooling centers for those without air conditioning and officials from new mexico to new hampshire warning people to stay indoors. stay hydrated. and check on their neighbors look out for the elderly look out for young people they are the most vulnerable. >>today in new york city mayor bill de blasio declared a heat emergency cautioning residents to reduce electricity use and ordering high rise office building sue razor thermostats to avoid power outages and we keep emphasizing. >>said it's 78 degrees unless you have a specific condition where you need it to be a cooler 78 degrees will keep you safe will keep you cool enough, we'll keep you healthy. and again we want to always be careful not to use more electricity and we need to major events also been canceled from the ozzie musical fes ival in new york to horse races in saratoga and in illinois zoo workers are doing their best to help the animals beat the heat.
10:32 pm
sunday's new york city triathlon has been canceled that means of 4,000 athletes have been training for it. >>have to wait for another event to attend organizers say it just would have been safe to have the race this weekend. all of the runners will get their money back. >>now imagine being stuck underground for a barter muni train in extreme heat will that's what thousands of new yorkers had to deal today after 7 new york subway lines shut down. commuters were trapped in tunnels for more than an hour. new york city's mayor blasting the city's transit agency, the mta he tweeted this this kind of meltdown during our during a heat wave is unacceptable. the mt owes every single new yorker an explanation. we've known about this dangerous weather for days. there's no excuse for why they are prepared. the mta said the lines were suspended. citing a quote network communication issue. in philadelphia, a dangerous heat wave force nearly 300 people at a senior
10:33 pm
center to evacuate. firefighters say the power went out this evening. >>leaving part of the center without air conditioning fire crews had to help residents get on buses. so they could stay cool at a nearby community center. the assistant fire chief said the conditions inside the facility were dire. >>heat indexes by brown 101 outside to inside. >>crews expect to have the power back up some time overnight. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking those extreme temperatures across the country particularly on the east coast. >>alright, how long says heat wave going to stick around. well, it's going to stick around at least through the weekend as those hot just going to be boiling in spots in fact. >>the heat going up in the triple digits in the middle part of the country and look at dca 106 degrees that's what it's going to feel like the heat index, a combination. i'm not only the temperature but
10:34 pm
the humidity outside so yeah, making for some very hot conditions actual temperatures a little cooler than that but boyd says lynn through the country's midsection toward the eastern seaboard that likely last right through the weekend too. and then it looks like things will begin to change it will start to cool down for them while may be heating up back out west, but they're not going to see much heat relief even 70's 80's for the overnight and that means the temperatures so not cool enough their bodies to recover so the heat is on even through sunday very hot temperatures say in that part of the country we are getting the fog and that is that nice see breeze to keep us nice and cool see that bouncing up against the east bay hills now and filling in the bay, so we'll see more that overnight tonight and it looks like to the weekend going to be on off of the high pressure goine start to nudge its way near see little swirl in the gulf of alaska again it's been the systems have been developing here even bring some rain up in the pacific northwest but enough to keep that ridge of high pressure from building in here that likely begin to change we start to see some of the circulation around that region you see that and the
10:35 pm
former some the monsoonal moisture gun wrapped around a possibly moving some showers and thunderstorms up in the sierra nevada, but eventually that ridge is going to start to build back toward the west coast. and that is going to make for some hot weather. here's your 10 a 10 as we get into the weekend should be a nice weekend then we're into the 90's as we head into tuesday in the hot spots inland threatening get near triple digits by wednesday we may get that as we head toward the following weekend. thank governor gavin, newsome will be back in office next week for after vacation and when he does return he asked to either sign or veto, several bills. >>capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us some of the legislation that still needs his signature. >>when governor newsome comes back to the office next week, several bills await his approval, one of those is s p 27 which would require presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release their tax returns in order to get their name on the california ballot. the governor suggested he may support the bill right before leaving for vacation.
10:36 pm
>>waving >>his signature ab 3.92 change the language in the law requiring police to use deadly force only when necessary instead of one reasonable the governor earlier this year expressed support for the bill once civil liberties and police groups finally came to an agreement on the proposal. another less controversial measure. the governor has already signaled he'd sign is the safe and affordable drinking water fund it would put one billion toward clean drinking water projects for a million californians who don't have it so far this legislative session. the governor has passed dozens of bills in vetoed 2. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>in san francisco. rideshare drivers continue to demand higher pay better workplace, environments and the right to unionize the held this rally today outside of uber's
10:37 pm
headquarters. the protest as part of an ongoing debate in california the state senate is considering a bill that would require a rideshare companies to treat drivers as employees and give them all the benefits of that title rideshare companies say they oppose this proposal lyft did issue this statement today on the protest, it reads lyft is advocating for the approach in line with the interests of our driver community by modernizing a century old labor laws that make it difficult to provide both flexibility and benefits. that's why we've been working with lawmakers and labor leaders on a different solution so drivers can continue to control where when and how long they drive. national news tensions with iran are intensifying sources say president trump is taking a more aggressive tone with iran. >>this after iran seized 2 british ships in allegedly targeted operations that were preplanned reporter merits of meredith wood has the latest.
10:38 pm
>>this only goes to show what i'm saying about. nothing but trouble president trump is reacting to iran announcing that their military seized a british operated tanker. >>this after president trump says the crew on board a us navy ship destroyed an iranian drone. >>threatening the safety of the ship. and the ship's crew. the drone was immediately destroyed. >>iran is calling the president's claims of destroying their drone ally. they say this footage and they've released disproves his claims and that the drone was intact and operational after president trump says it was destroyed there and is in big trouble right now. >>economy is crashing lot of bad things happening to them and it's very easy to straighten out or it's very easy for us to make it a lot worse one of the tankers has already confirmed and has been released. >>and when it comes to the tension between britain and iran. president trump says
10:39 pm
america has their allies back and he's authorized senator rand paul to speak with iranian officials. >>we'll be working with the uk but we have no written agreement, but i think we have an agreement which is longstanding meredith wood kron 4 news. >>the uk's foreign secretary jeremy hunt says the uk will look at diplomatic ways to try to resolve the situation quickly. but is making it clear that it must be resolved to the trump administration is changing the test immigrants must pass to become us citizens us citizenship and immigration services announced the changes today but did not get into the >>specifics. the agency said the changes would focus on the civics part of the task with possible updates to the english section. the citizenship test was last revised in 2009 and features 100 civics questions. the new test sixes is expected to be implemented in december of 2020 early 2021. >>police are searching for a
10:40 pm
woman who was linked. it was stolen. >>ice cream truck party sounds a little strange. the woman was able to get away because at first police thought she was a victim kron 4 grant lotus is here to break it down for us and this is sounds like this is going to be awed. >>i i don't know i don't know this this case a but sometimes ice cream trucks have more than ice cream on them ok i don't know who knows the carjacking have been yesterday in rancho cordova just west of sacramento. police say this guy right here 32 year-old lorin l. >>flora noi stolan ice cream truck. ok take a look at the video pops into the truck through the passenger side window and drives off. he eventually crashes into a ditch. ok after that police say he steals that black bmw the woman who had been driving the bmw gets out. and then it gets with deputies and they try to track down the guy he takes off again. officers eventually arrested the suspect after he crashed the
10:41 pm
bmw. >>witnesses describe seeing him with a black handgun as he was running through the field. >>now originally deputies thought that woman was the victim but now they're saying 31 year-old christina, but who's a may have been in on this the whole time they are now calling her a person of interest and they would like to now track her down. can justin back to you all right. >>ke a look at this a mountain lion just wandering through a neighborhood in san bruno rather casually kron 4 viewer sent us a surveillance video from and drive. this is serving as a reminder to stay alert and keep a close eye on small children when hiking or traveling in wooded areas also keeping up. alert on your little pets. 50 years since is historic moment now our nation
10:42 pm
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>>a moment that changed the course of history forever, 50 years ago the apollo 11 mission successfully put the first man on the moon neil armstrong's historic steps. officially ended the space race tomorrow is the exact date of the anniversary of nasa has scheduled. >>special events all weekend today, president trump honored the astronauts from the historic mission. at the white house and the us postal service issued to commemorative forever stamps one is the iconic image of buzz aldrin standing on the moon's surface. the photo was taken by armstrong the other stamp as a 2010 image of the moon showing a white dot where the lunar module touched down in the sea of tranquility. >>and take a look at this google is paying tribute to the woman who created the software that put man on the moon. watch this is a is unveiled its really amazing the company and build a nearly one and a half square mile portrait of market margaret hamilton this is in the mojave
10:46 pm
desert. it's all part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the apollo 11 moon landing. the massive porter was created by positioning more than a 107,000 mirror hers to reflect the light of the moon. hamilton led the team that developed the on board flight software for all of nasa's manned apollo missions, including apollo 11 says stuart mean landing. she coined the phrase software engineering which wasn't even a thing yet. >>a northern california company is on a mission now to train people to become astronauts and they're using a familiar place. lake tahoe pager riviere explains. >>when lake tahoe comes to mind you might think of the beautiful landscape voting in paddle boarding. but the crystal clear water is also perfect for something out of this world. >>this is a simulated 0 gravity environment when you're a neutral buoyancy. >>doctor eduardo diaz is the c e o of advancing acts based
10:47 pm
company that is on a mission to train everyday people to become without actually going into space is hard to know exactly what it feels like to train with 0 gravity. so the best way to train here on earth is by doing it in the water. >>you are weightlessness that the neutral buoyancy i want to get under water, same thing as nasa trains on these have a the very large pool that they train in texas so this is a call into that the company uses a space vehicle mockup called somersault backs worse, it's 30 feet below the surface. >>currently they're using the vehicle to train dive teams like the placer county sheriff's office. ultimate lee they will train future ash under water you get a death some people can stress course if if you're going sow under water. >>we definitely want to show some space right now they're taking applications for their career astronaut program, thousands of space seekers from 48 countries have applied so far but only a select few will be chosen for the mission, we'll send of one
10:48 pm
team of 4 in 2023 to someone a slight like nasa you do need a bachelor's degree in sight, stem to apply. but unlike the space agency advancing acts as an art degree will also work. as we remember the lunar landing which took place 50 years ago this week without question the moon is a goal for ds when i asked him what it will be like to see one of his advancing x graduates on the moon. he kept his answer simple that would be. >>coverage of the apollo 11 anniversary continues online on our website. we have a 30 minute special called apollo 11 t plus 50 years. it talks about the space program and how cities across the country contributed to the mission. it's all on our website kron 4t dot com.
10:49 pm
>>well just when you think things can't get any more goofy wild crazy knots with the giants here we go again. yeah, it's a pleasant surprise if you asked me a month ago, i don't think we'd be leading off our show with giants highlights. i thought they were toast but their shocking us all in what may be the most shocking sports development of this summer as we just mentioned the giants they're playing meaningful baseball in mid july they came into tonight's match up with the mets just 2 and a half games back of the second wild-card spot. today they look for their 7th straight win with the new york mets in town it took to dine 16 innings last night could be the next met. tonight they their pitcher tyler beatty was locked in top of the 6th. one offered a match to be the strikes out the home run derby winner, pete alonso wood pitched 8 strong innings allowing just 3 hits and striking out 5 giants would head into extra scoreless. bottom of the 10th.
10:50 pm
one offered a giant pablo sandoval pops one out in the left field the left fielder coming in he drops it they're going to waive in alex dickerson he scores that shows you why you always run out the base of the giants, they beat the mets in the 10 ending one nothing your final game 3 is tomorrow. now on today's some a super fan showed up in minnesota got to love it. top of the first no score markets simians sends one to left field no doubt about that when the a's taken early one nothing lead simeon with 3 for 4 with that rbi bottom of the 3rd a's up one nothing but the twins get it back marwin gonzalez, the driver in the right field and just like that the twins taking 3 to 2 lead top of the 6 chris davis one into left field fear comes lori he will sue for age go out in front, 43 and they go
10:51 pm
on to was this one-sided 3 your final game 3 of this four-game series. it is tomorrow. it's the final major of the golf season, the british open pan and we found out one royal portrush golf club shows no mercy on golfers, it's one of the toughest courses on the planet and humbles many let's go to day 2 of the action in northern ireland. rory mcilroy he's going to get in the car here on the 18th the worry misses the cut the finish is round 2, 2, over the 65 to it would be shane lowry showing up he comes in from second place finishing 8 under shooting a 67. you know co leave with jb holmes after around 2 who had those 2 as the top 2 front runners, tiger woods on the 18th bad day for him, no good tiger misses the cut. he finishes 6 over shot a 70 tigers thoughts. all missing the cut after 2 lackluster out. it's just a
10:52 pm
matter of if a been consistent that us one the hardest thing said to to accept does. >>as a as an owner. as an older athlete. there's that you're not going to discuss this issue or a 23. that is things are different. have my how weeks. i'm i'm going to be there in contention with the chance to win and i will winter months but there are times when i'm just not going to be there. >>switching to basketball the gus's settled and we've had a few weeks to digest all that went down with the golden state warriors the biggest one obviously was kevin duran moving to brooklyn katie spent 3 years here in the bay won 2 titles 2 finals mvp yet still see what he was never truly happy here warriors official dj dj the sharp had his own take on katie fleeing tibet. >>is it so fortunate man that they you know. they go with the narrative that. notices steps team in it would never
10:53 pm
be katie's team and that right there i feel like is what tore us apart. >>better luck next year. that's all i have for sports and it's just an ongoing drama. but hey we have giants baseball we can focus on now that's right a basketball is a little bit later, yeah, all role of a car company?
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
some heads it features some interesting yard art, a lot a lot of dinosaurs check this out the creatures our whole side eyes and they're placed all over the property, the hall and this in the town of bellevue that's just outside of nashville on its own and by the founder of the crocs shoe company he has for dinosaurs on display. but he says that more on the way their life size. they like the flintstones house in hillsborough and they wearing crocs the times first could be where they invented when the dinosaurs were. >>and coming up next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on it is commercial free catherine keenan is standing by him. >>our newsroom right now. at 11 capture a key justine then thank you can you're coming up at 11. >>the latest on that pot hole that made life just miserable for so many drivers on 8.80 and oakland today after a long frustrating day for hundreds of drivers. finally those repairs have been completed and we will have an update on the lanes being reopened back
10:57 pm
to you all right, thanks catherine. >>that you're not for fun thing, some ideas for this weekend about this the niles dog show if you're headed out there in fremont starts at 10:00am should be a great time mostly sunny skies. how about the enemy and cause play festival. he will see play those beautiful costumes that's in japan down in san francisco. and this one not to be missed either walnut creek the family theater festival can have indoor and outdoor festivals as well, and of course if you like a lot of food you like music. why not head to menlo park, the middle summer fest. >>great time there too as the corn on the cob for fun things for you go you've got a mall in just as
10:58 pm
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eric, uh, it's h. i'm going to, uh... i'm gonna be of commission for a few hours. i'd appreciate if you'd cover me. i need to go say hello. okay. thank you, brother. hey! hey! hey! stop! stop! (panting) what's going on? there's a lady. she's hurt. where is she? she's down the hill. want to show me? yeah. okay. where?


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