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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>>until things get so bad that we more knew that we regret that we hadn't acted sooner. >>today san francisco church members took to the streets to protest for changes on the treatment of migrant families and children. thank you for joining us tonight at 10 i'm j r stone and i'm just evolved and they're calling on the government to improve conditions for the people being held. >>and also to shut down the ice detention centers. kron four's taylor sackey has our story. members at first unitarian universalist and other san francisco churches.
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>>took to the streets on sunday to share the same message children were dying and the conditions we now know just being you know just how willing they are and how many kids are crowded that they don't have people adults to take care of >>there still is spreading that the food care is inadequate time to stand up as a nation and say this isn't who we are calling for change in the border and across the country i think it's really become a in the numbers of. >>of people coming across the border that the numbers of children the way that we treat them. and just the house is actually stuffing them. >>bars church members say they're frustrated and angered by the government's treatment of migrant families and children and ice detention centers. >>we can't wait until things get so bad that we more knew that we regret that we hadn't acted sooner. so and now is the time and there is no better time than now and to begin to raise our voices express our determination that this has got to stop during
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its demonstration. the church remember children who died g ile in ice custody. they'll continue demonstrations and so change happens at the detention centers, nobody wants to see children suffer. once we rise up together i think. >>and the sea change will and wash over this nation will be able to overturn some of the rules pass legislation that's more protective and san francisco taylor was sacked the kron 4 news old. >>now to another big story we're watching tonight a car crash in san francisco that killed a person who was just crossing the street. this happened this afternoon in the tenderloin neighborhood. according to police 2 cars collided at o farrell and taylor streets and then those cars hit 2 people who are in the crosswalk one the pedestrians has now died the other badly hurt. the drivers were not hurt. and we understand are cooperating with police. the macarthur tunnel in san francisco's presidio was back open tonight after a car caught on fire inside the tunnel, filling it with black smoke. the fire
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department evacuated, everyone in closed to traffic for about an hour. the fire department said no crash actually happened and no one was hurt. it did cause a major traffic backup sending cars all the way back to the golden gate bridge and into the north bay. >>police in the east bay are investigating a deadly hit and run that happened overnight kron four's christina tate row has the story from concord where authorities are still looking for the driver. >>hours later here at the scene you can still see the aftermath of the crash now right behind me where this broken gate is actually where a motorcycle landed in the middle of the incident and we actually have surveillance video of how it al morning here at the intersection of conquered a busy road in the city and the daughter of residential street. police tell us a motorcyclist was driving at a high speed behind a priest eastbound on concord you see it here in the video the motorcyclist trying to pass the previous crashing into it instead the man driving the
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motorcycle flying into the opposite lane of traffic on concord that's when a pickup truck driving westbound hit the man's body lying in the street, the pickup truck not stopping leaving the scene you can see the man originally driving the prius get out of his car and immediately going try to help the motorcyclists and a motorcyclist died on scene. we spoke with a nearby neighbor who saw it all happened in the early hours of the morning. she didn't want to be on camera but this is what she said. >>anderson and like that in my life that's and i don't ever want to see like that you know it was crazy. probably never forget that honestly. >>members of the concord police department are still searching for the pickup truck involved in this case if you have any information please give them a call. reporting in concord christina tetreault >>we still do not know the identity of a woman who was found dead in the south bay, san jose police found the woman near the guadalupe river park less than a half mile from the essay peace center police are calling the death suspicious. and the santa
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clara county medical examiner's office will now conduct an autopsy. also in the south bay an unthinkable crime. the ashes of a 3 year-old girl that were stolen. well they have been returned now kron four's dan thorn is live in san jose with more from the family dam i bet they are relieved. but today have any idea who still these ashes in the first place. >>i'm not aware whether or not they know who did however the mother was very confused on this didn't understand why someone we do something like this but as you mentioned the urn has been safely returned tonight along with another the crisis item. >>calvary cath miccello lopez went to visit the ashes of her 3 year-old daughter. she found out they were missing when i >>and they learned is not there. i any good i think what happened why it waited people
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believe >>the maria saldana is lopez's best friend she says they discovered on thursday the urn holding the remains of lopez's daughter kelly had been stolen the thief also took a golden cylinder containing locks of the girl's hair for days th coma cemetery, looking for clues. >>it'll come lopez says she just want to be earned back because it's the only thing she has left of kelly. >>the little girl died 4 years ago after a battle with cancer we are really really. >>his face head it happened. >>family got some relief sunday afternoon when an anonymous person returned to be earned to the lopez family. they tell kron 4 news they were grateful to have it back in their possession. san jose police have been handling this investigation, but the family tells me they are not planning on pressing any charges. >>they're just grateful and they are happy that everything
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is back. reporting live in san jose dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan police in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood say robberies are down 25% from last year due to proactive police strategy that includes more police on patrol robbery suspect wj mckenney is in jail tonight after police said he robbed the taurus for their iphone the chase the suspect 2 blocks to the corner of ter can mason street after responding immediately to the m was not injured. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast, here's a live look from the east bay over berkeley beautiful shot this be are noticing though the low clouds and fog not a sticker as widespread as it was just 24 hours ago right now the ports visibility remains at half moon bay at or near 0, but fortunately see more of that high cloud cover starting to stream through the bay area
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this evening. temperatures out there right now in the 50's and 60's with the exception of the tribe valleys conquer livermore and antioch in the mid to upper 70's but we're all going to cool down into the 50's so widespread mid to upper 50's for most of the bay area tonight wake-up planner forecast is going to show warmer temperatures not just along the coast, but even our interior valleys will be a few degrees above average and that warming trend is going to continue and peak for the middle of this upcoming weekend storm tracker 4 right now tracking very dry calm conditions right now for the bay area. but just to our south there is some monsoonal moisture that is going to try to make its way into northern california find out if it will impact the bay area in the next couple of days in my full forecast in just a few minutes, jeff back to you. >>thank you so much mabrisa and east bay delhi shop owner has been receiving backlash this weekend after making a controversial post on facebook it included the term send her
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back and offered free food to any customer who said it kron four's new all bello has the story from clayton. >>meatballs made with beef today in case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters writes john knesset on his facebook page friday. the post continues quote a free side when you say send her back. >>is very hurtful and and races to be on us in the buzz say whatever they want to you the one i don't know why somebody would say something. >>the deli owners post comes just days after president r congresswoman of color go back where they came from. and her back was enchanted at a rally for the president in north carolina. >>these i doubt of ideologies that have come about. some one that professes to be a leader. what i'm saying breath. the
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one quite the opposite says now has a stream of book page new comments. >>some in support telling visitors not to believe the bad reviews. others are hoping the backlash will be a wake-up call for the business. >>the millions will you somebody they just they were from. >>you know the business owners is only hurting yourself, you know if a business standpoint because now he's taking away money that he could have had from other americans you know and he's limiting himself. >>clayton's mayer trio catalano posted on her facebook page that she was saddened by can assist post and while we all we'll have a right to political and religious opinions quote when hateful comments are being promoted as part of a local business. they reflect on our communities reputation. >>no racism rally was being planned by the east bay human
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rights however according to their facebook page they have been receiving threats and decided to postpone it not rally in clayton noel fellow kron 4 news. >>will justin bieber now speaking out against ice detention centers. what he said to the president and more coming up. >>house democrats are preparing to question former special counsel robert mueller details on the high stakes and the te
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 this week, former special counsel robert mueller will testify on capitol hill house democrats are now in high intensity preparations. reporter jessica schneider tells us they hope that his testimony will shift public perception about president trump's alleged criminal activity. >>tonight democrats are undergoing intense prep, flooding pointed lines of questioning for former special counsel robert mueller for the few hours they'll be able to grill him. person appearance hoping to shift public perception and hammer home, the stark conclusions of the special counsel's 448 page report that most americans haven't read. >>i would not provide information beyond that which is already public. in any appearance before congress. >>mueller has indicated he will let the report speak for itself, but democrats are deterred. we sources tell cnn
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congressional democrats have been holding mock hearings with senior aides playing mueller to sharpen their questions ahead of the back to back grillings lawmakers are also rereading the report. >>the attorney general's the boss absolutely i would discuss with the attorney general and staffers are studying mueller's past congressional appearances. >>the judiciary committee plans to focus on obstruction of justice will house intelligence will follow with questions on russian election interference. judiciary democrats will connect the dots of what mueller's laid out on obstruction focusing on 5 key episodes. trump's direction to white house counsel don mcgahn to fire the special counsel trump's then telling again to publicly deny that account trump's directige corey lewandowski to tell former attorney general jeff sessions to limit the investigation to exclude trump and focus only on future campaigns. trump's follow-up to endow ski to tell sessions trump would fire him if he didn't meet with lewandowski and trump's alleged witness tampering of paul manafort michael cohen and others,
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encouraging them not to cooperate dangling pardons and congratulating manafort for not flipping if you just. >>list those off 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, you can essentially make it clear to the public and to congress that mueller found substantial evidence to charge obstruction of republicans plan to press the special counsel about whether his team was biased or but we got a lot of questions about how robert mueller's team was assembled and probe why the investigation even started in the first place as the basic questions of unrs released about mueller is preparing. >>though is past his pro long he's more than ready. >>director mueller will be impeccably prepared that is part of his strength as a i remember those sessions are kind of legendary the hallway that led to his office on the 7th floor will be lined on both sides of the briefing teams. he is very studious he's not a verbose in dramatic witness. but he knows his stuff. >>and mueller did stress when he spoke at the end of may that the report itself should
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serve as his testimony. >>wildfire coverage time now in the mitchell fire that was burning in contra costa county is now 100% contained. it started burning near the top of mount diablo it a crime for a viewer. sent us this video of the fire you can see the smoke there an airplane dropping that read were charted. it was burning near summit road. no injuries or damage to the structures has been reported. >>the trump administration is proposing a plan to slow wildfires by bulldozing or otherwise clearing out large areas of land act as fuel breaks. phil breaks would run along 11,000 miles in parts of 6 states, including california. cause of the project range is between 55 million $292 million. also another 107 million a year for maintenance while fire experts say the program could help slow fires. but it won't do anything to stop the most
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extreme fires which can jump large strips of land. they say the brakes also jeopardize wildlife by destroying their natural habitats. >>time now to get a check of our 4 zone forecast with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez looking forward to a a warm week yet warming up this week not just along the coast, but our interior valleys with the threat of some possible monsoonal moisture trying to make its way into the bay area but it looks like we're going to be all clear for us in the bay area. >>as you can see plenty of storms overhead in not only parts of mexico, but also the states of arizona and also new mexico going to stream through southern california and even to our east in the sierra but we're going to stay dry and clear for the next couple of days could get a little bit of relative humidity out there we'll have that muggy tropical feel at times. but overall no threats of dry lightning or thunder storms like what's expected in the coming days in southern california and also for parts of this year up
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today's daytime highs, a warming up very nicely, especially for interior valleys, we're either at or slightly above average with that warming trend continuing to start your workweek monday. here's a live look outside the from downtown san francisco. you can see city hall out in the distance starting to notice that marine layer stream through the bay area. but fortunately wind speed to noticeably. calmer than a few hours ago, very light winds with the exception of downtown san francisco in fairfield seeing sustained winds at 17 miles per hour pushing in that fog bank out there. but not really doing much to cool down the tri valley still in the mid to upper 70's. everyone else though in the 50's and 60's and tonight we're all going to cool down into the mid to upper 50's for overnight lows. and tomorrow's daytime highs, warming up slightly along the coasts like the above average temperatures are downtown san francisco at 69 degree-. oakland in the mid 70's and san jose warming up into the mid 80's and also tracking some widespread 90's for interior valleys, specifically, the tribe
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valleys low to mid 90's antioch 95 degrees wouldn't be surprised if he had that triple digit mark in the next couple of days is that warming trend continues. but 60's throughout the san francisco peninsula and widespread mid 70's for the east bay shoreline. santa rosa, 91 degrees in napa 85 degrees for your afternoon highs and let's take a look ahead at our 10 at 10 outlook because we are going to notice that warming trend continuing peaking on wednesday where most of our interior valleys will actually warm up into the mid 90's, maybe even triple digit heat as well and then we are still going to remain above average even 7 days from now, but then cooling down nearly 10 days from now to write about where we should be so very typical summer like pattern very hot inland. but mild along the coast with widespread 60's and 70's for the next couple of days a little change for the bay and coastlines of the bay area. >>that was a term i hadn't heard monsoonal moisture very concerning term, but it sounds like to the south.
10:21 pm
>>yet mainly to our south and it is concerning because it does have that threat of dry lightning. but if they do see any thunderstorms that threat will diminish significantly. so let's hope remains to our south and well to our east and parts of this year as well. thank you, thanks. lots more ahead tonight, including president trump who is sending his support for rapper asap rocky who was in a suite in jail. >>details on those efforts and the response from other celebrities. >>and west nile virus was detected in parts of california details on where how to protect yourself.
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>>carrying the west nile virus have now been discovered in fresno sunnyside tells us about the precautions that you should take in the summer months. >>the consolidated mosquito abatement district has found at least 43 mosquitoes carrying the virus. no one in the area has been affected yet, but it can also be hard to tell. that's according to anthony found she head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases that 80% of the people who get. >>us now. infection. don't have any symptoms at all. >>doctor found she says noticeable symptoms are more serious cases are seen largely in the elderly people with chronic conditions. >>whether you get infected and not is on related to the condition of your health. it's how you respond to the
10:25 pm
infection. whether you get serious disease or not. >>to protect yourself. the california department of public health says prof predict the number one make sure you mosquito repellent has it the number to dawn and dusk, the extra careful during these times of day and 3 train. that's qaeda's be on water what they can do on something as small as a bottle cap. >>symptoms to watch out for the 20% to one of the 5 who get it will generally get what we call a flu-like syndrome. they'll get the va usually low grade not really very high spiking fever. they'll get joint aches, they'll get muscle aches. they may get a rash. >>health officials advise you see a healthcare provider right away if you have symptoms are worried about. >>now for your health a recall on ragu pasta sauces has now been issued in the us this after concerns that fragments of plastic could be in the pasta sauce according to the fda know consumers have made complaints are been injured.
10:26 pm
and there are several different types of sauces that have been recalled and they're all listed on our website kron 4 dot com. >>well up next truck drivers will now face federal consequences if they participate and human trafficking details on the new law affecting drivers across the country. >>also sweltering heat being felt across most of the country how the heat is causing a lot more problems for drivers in one city. and coming the full check on your bay area microclimate forecast to start your workweek monday of savings and service.
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>>welcome back truck drivers caught engaging in human trafficking will soon be banned for life from operating a commercial motor vehicle. >>the new rules were announced this week by the federal auto safety regulators and they reflect updates on the no human trafficking on our roads act which president donald trump signed into law just last year west wrap up or shows us how that influences drivers. >>texas has thousands of miles of roads and soon the truck drivers who traffic people on those roads will face steeper penalties including losing their commercial driver licenses. it's a continuation of work that started more than a decade ago. texas governor rick harry of the time. to try to address the situation by by increasing the penalties for drivers at work.
10:30 pm
>>knowingly involved. >>we're engaged in human trafficking the association's president and c e o john as far as that tells me he hopes these new guidelines will cut down on trafficking in texas, the state has the second highest number of calls to the national human trafficking hotline each year behind california. the state also hopes law abiding truck drivers will help our partnerships critically important krista melt in the head of the human trafficking arm of the texas attorney general's office told me last year a truck drivers are a crucial part of the effort to identify people at risk these individuals. >>might have access to or run into individuals her traffic they need to know where traffic person looks like they need to recognize them as such and they need to be willing to report today, she says drivers who are involved in trafficking the should worry more about prison time president. >>and so. cdl license is the least of your concerns if you're going to prison. >>absolutely there's not a
10:31 pm
tolerance for that. >>well the new punishment for truckers goes into effect in 2 months. states have 3 years to get in compliance with the new federal requirements report from the city of san francisco stated the national human trafficking hotline received 270 cases a sex-trafficking in 2016. according to a report the bay area thrives in sex-trafficking because of the diverse transportation options like i suppose airport another local airports such as oakland international they allow victims to be easily moved, especially those who are arriving from other countries. >>the heat wave continued through much of the weekend throughout much of the country but in states like iowa. the sweltering heat is causing new issues like roads cracking and so one city is now asking for help from the federal government to fix the problem the city's mayor says it's out of money to do it on its own. these same problems led to
10:32 pm
4 million dollars in emergencies last year and city crews are working to repair everything as quickly as they can. >>to get ahead of the costs of infrastructure. >>recent floods have eroded soil around underground pipes, causing them to float to the surface and leave a hole in its place altogether the city would need million to fix all of the faulty roads. >>a look outside tonight along san francisco's embarcadero embarcadero writ lit up the bay bridge lit up. >>air-conditioners are going turn it up because it's about to get hot. yeah, especially for interior valleys going to see some widespread 90's there but let's take a look at what's happening in the midwest and east coast. >>starting to notice some relief from the heat, especially those of you in chicago, currently in the 60's right now you haven't seen
10:33 pm
those numbers in quite a while so enjoy that natural air conditioning there. still in the 70's though for detroit in new york and widespread 80's all the way from washington d c and boston, but relief is in sight for you the heat wave, starting to come to an end in 5 by early this upcoming week. we are going to notice daytime highs in the 80's and widespread 60's for your overnight low, so just one more night of unbearable weather but for us here in the bay area, nothing to really complain about tracking some low and high cloud cover very dry calm conditions and even as we take a look at this year forecast right now noticeably, calmer conditions there were some thunderstorms earlier today but now we are starting to dry out from that and your sierra forecast for the next 3 days as you can see still well above average temperatures contributing to that snow melt from our sierra snowpack widespread low to mid 80's with plenty of sunshine for monday. all the way through wednesday in this upcoming weekend. here's a live. look right now golden gate bridge starting to notice that high cloud cover becoming more
10:34 pm
widespread cooling down temperatures throughout the bay area coastline in the upper 50's widespread 60's for most of the bay area's shoreline and still in the 70's for the tri valley, so 20 degree difference right now between half moon bay, an antioch still in the upper 70's for you but believe is in sight cooling down into the mid 60's, everyone else in the mid to upper 50's for our overnight lows. and you're microclimate forecast to start your workweek monday, warming up along the coast and interior valleys as well downtown san francisco 40 was 70's that 69 degrees for your monday afternoon highs starting out with partly cloudy skies, but then plenty of sunshine for everyone in the bay area by the afternoon. half moon bay 66 degrees burlingame in the mid 70's as is millbrae notice light and variable wind sed see gusts by monday afternoon and evening around 20 miles per hour well below advisory level and 80's all the way from foster city, san carlos and even redwood city now and you also in the mid 80's for you and mid to
10:35 pm
upper 80's for most of the south bay, san jose 86 degrees with plenty of sunshine there. a mix of sun and clouds for those of you in the east bay livermore once again warming up into the low 90's but milder along the bay area's shoreline hayward 76 degrees. berkeley 72 degrees. walnut creek in the upper 80's and conquered 92 degrees for your monday afternoon highs napa and sonoma both in the mid 80's. but santa rosa another day of scorching heat actually warming up into the low 90's for your monday let's take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 outlook because we're going to continue with the low 90's for interior valleys but relief from the heat as you make your way along the coast and beaches, widespread 60's and 70's and then we're all going to cool down to near average 10 days from now. >>well up next we take a trip to the city of fresno as we explore some of fresno's hidden gems and our summer road
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forget there's a great big state out there was so many places to explore say so for tonight's installment of our summer road trip series. we take you on a relatively short trip to central california are right in there. >>for the region's culture and agriculture. fresno the state's 5th largest city with the metro population of around a million. >>the easy to spot from the city streets of the towering
10:39 pm
sierra nevada mountains place outdoor enthusiast's michael paradise now you find the iconic half dome and instagram or the water falls in yosemite national park. the tallest trees in the world in sequoia national park and breathtaking views over in kings canyon national park. all these national parks are just about an hour from fresno hope that if people come here they want to see all 3 because you can really do all 3 in less than a week. christie johnson is the president county tourism manager. she says people flying to fresno yosemite international airport or drive through to get you some money that park alone attracts 4 million people years in the foot hills below yosemite you can find the town of oakhurst travel back to the gold rush era on highway 49 named after the 49 ers stop in mining town and you can pan for gold in some locations like they did back in 1800 below the hills and mountains you'll find a whole lot of agriculture in to central san joaquin now we we think we're the best agricultural county in the nation in fresno county you can tour the field to learn more about where your food comes from tweet where we're
10:40 pm
home to the fresno county for trail. the president county blossom trail. you can also taste local wines from dozens of wineries on them and error and president wine trails from the field just outside the city to the downtown streets. there's even plenty to do right here in fresno you can see the force year underground gardens a sicilian immigrant and citrus grower turned uses farmland into a vast network of underground tunnels and gardens to grow crops. fresno is also known for the chaffee zoo, you can see some amazing animals from all over wondering african adventure is our local produce is as fresh as can be so as you can imagine that makes it pretty easy to find the places deed around also what is better than a baseball or soccer game at church and park located next to president's rowing brewery district downtown. it attracts people from all over the ballot. the next time you think of the road trip in fresno in fresno i'm john mueller report. >>long if you're looking for some wheels for a summer road trip general motors has unveiled the 8th generation of the chevy corvette. 2020 edition of the car as an
10:41 pm
engine place behind the seats, one of the largest changes for the car since its debut in 1953. the base version of the corvette sting ray will have a 6.2 liter v 8 engine, an 8 speed automatic transmission. corvettes equipped with a special performance package. they can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds price tag for the sting ray begins near $60,000. >>lion king is taking over the box office after its release on friday details on how much money the movie made. >>and it was a big day in sports. the giants game came down to the wire.
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
>>welcome back all of you saw the lion king this weekend or plan to you're far from alone. >>that is the remake made an estimated 78 and a half million dollars in its opening day david daniel has a look at the new king at the box office. >>all the animals gathered at pride rock to the strains of that iconic song. 25 years later the lion king roars back into theaters with traditional animation replaced by photorealistic cgi people have such an emotional connection to the original. >>that you have to evaluate
10:45 pm
what you want to change in what you want to stay the same and how this new medium could allow it one day when he's big and strong. >>we'll be on our side i've what if he's on our side here out seth rogan and billy eichner got a chance to show off their silliness and they're people don't know, but i started out wanting to be on broadway. i thought that was going to be my track. >>i love musicals i say a lot as a kid i say in college and i just never did professionally everything you see. this is story that has so many deep residences and that i. >>feel completely in our spy when i mean just watching it the other day and just to i mean that's still that same sense of these themes being so resonant important to me. >>president trump says he is
10:46 pm
working with the swedish prime minister to resolve us rapper asap rocky's arrest that comes after celebrities, politicians and fans of called his ongoing detention, a human rights violation. swedish authorities detained the grammy-nominated artist. a sav rocca whose real name is ricky mayors on suspicion of assault in connection with a brawl on june 30th. he is being held without bail as prosecutors are saying he is a flight risk. additional edited videos uploaded on to a sap instagrams paints a different story. >>just for the cameras. i personally don't rocking but i can tell you that his tremendous support from the african american community in this country. >>president trump tweeting saturday that he called sweden's prime minister and told them that a said quote
10:47 pm
was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail despite the scandinavian country doesn't have a bail system reports say a sap is being held. >>in inhumane conditions, justin bieber supports president trump's decision to help rapper asap rocky but things the singer. well the singer things that others could benefit from the president's attention as well bieber posted on twitter saying quote i want my friend out i appreciate you trying to help and that while you're at it. can you also let those kids out of cages beaver was a rough referencing the ongoing situation at the u s mexico border where some migrant children are being kept in detention centers. reports described the detainees being kept in crowded conditions without access to basic necessities like blankets toothbrushes and soap and talk about star power presidential candidate kamala harris was joined by pop stars katy perry ariana grande a demi lovato for this picture. this happened at a fund raising
10:48 pm
event saturday in los angeles the fundraiser, the fundraiser was hosted by scooter braun. the entrepreneur has been feuding with taylor swift over her master recordings harris's has been tweeted this star-studded photo from his personal account. predicted that the 2nd half of the baseball season would be so kind as to our bay area teams but somehow. >>we find ourselves with an embarrassment of riches on the diamond these days, the giants are rolling, having won 15 of their last 18 games and today trying to t 4 games from the new york mets this game today couple newcomers were introduced with excellent results. the parents of giants pitcher connor making his major league debut. did not start out well for the youngster. the top of the second michael conforto. him to the right field corner. and
10:49 pm
this one to left. and here he is home run derby champion pete alonso swinging. another giant making his major league debuts at green. driving in the proposing that the game tying run to chase scored his hair. like it you we've asked for to the boom his teammates giant do 3 of 4 from the met. 3 to san
10:50 pm
francisco. also in action there got or for today the trip to the twin cities. as they look for the split second run 4 nothing twins top senate. robbie grossman scores on the rbi double i sighed time i a's we'll take the lead on a sack lies about 9, 6, 5, 8, un has. adrianza the former giant. the first run hundreds has given up in 20 into thursday getting into batters later on 3rd. 7, 6, winds but
10:51 pm
days are still some came up for the second wild-card playoff spot. it was a big day for golf as well now the last time a golfer blew a four-shot lead to lose a major. >>to shane lowry at the 2016 us open. he'd get another chance today at the open championship. hey the british open up 4 strokes going into the final round. and today it was a windy and rainy one a royal portrush the worst weather of the tournaments go to the e ap. fox nice chip with 3 feet of the hole. he saves par. all to maintain a 4 stroke. lead now his closest competitor, tommy fleetwood just couldn't take advantage when lowry had a couple of stumbles throughout the afternoon. the shot a good example into the rough for a double bogey fleetwood the 3 over 74 today, some lowry an insurmountable lead walks the
10:52 pm
18th green irishman getting huge cheers from the home crowd tapping in to win the open championship. and lifting that clear doug which will stay in the emerald isle a stick day. >>and dish we will head to the place in the bay. strain supreme.
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
>>welcome back when it comes to hot dogs, the bay area reign supreme joey chestnut is the top dog in a things, hot dog eating contest. and san jose's matt stonie is no slouch either. so tonight conference vicki liviakis takes us to the home of the hot dog world champs, which is the south bay. >>chance of hot dog eating both from the south bay. and that's exactly where and in these cases this week way and every day is national hot dog day serving up hot dog since the 1930's a hot dog eating the champ in the hot dog eating champ. 3 of them. hedges
10:56 pm
ways in los gatos is happy now another long time. >>this right up hot they're big or they're just a moment mayor >>aficionados swear by their labor. i got a chilly she's out. she's on you and remind me that outside the doggy dogg competitive world of my dog eating it is after all what they would be one ner has and >>and if you want to submit a restaurant bar cafe to dine and dish you can nominate them by sending an e-mail to dine and dish at kron try high and can you do. how many hot dogs can i do to 3 probably 5. i
10:57 pm
got to and that's all i got to check with memories of for weather quickly now i have an important question. >>let's take a look at your 4 zone forecast we are going to notice so nice warming trend to start your workweek monday along the coast and interior valleys seeing some widespread 90's as you make your way inland. but milder along the coast in the 60's and 70's with a c turning up by the middle of this week. >>so catch of a mustard on a hot dog. all of the above all of the above a great all the above. yes mustered only have a great. who's dog is this?
10:58 pm
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