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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 22, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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better. but it is monday back to the old grinds let's check the weather we're looking at a warm up. >>sorry yes, which for many of to look for too, i know a lot of people like robin have been one to get out there enjoy some of this warmer weather so that is going to be nice or coastal areas are going to stay pretty moderate it through the week though, so if you need that escape that's a place to go. this morning we've seen a touch of fog but that's already been burning off just a bit of it hanging out across the bay berkeley and oakland looking really good and sunny at this point and temperatures have really been rising over the past few minutes berkeley now in the low 60's oakland here in the mid 60's with 70's now in concord pittsburgh double in livermore it was not long ago that we were all in the 60's. so these temperatures are starting to rise and rise pretty fast. they're going to continue to do so into the afternoon eventually taking many of us back into the low 90's later today as for san
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jose it will be close to that market to 87 while oakland and san francisco. each in the 70's today, i'm talking the warm weather and what that means for fire danger coming up here in just a bit. back to you all right, thank you john the drive into san francisco is improving. >>i like what i see here at the bay bridge toll plaza there is a minor weights in your cash lanes a little crowded on the upper deck, but it has thinned out at least for now 17 minutes to fremont street, 92 still a crowded commute across the san mateo bridge and from hayward over to the peninsula but quiet at 18 minutes and the hot spot free across the golden gate just not fall and for you does dance taking over the towers be careful driving across the menu the headlights and the wipers 24 minutes here nevado to san francisco will check more coming up starting thanks bithis morning cr near livermore. >>it's out now, but it is sparking concerns about fires in the bay area's a weather is going to warm up kron 4 sarah
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stinson has more. got to the gr fire on 5.80 west right near the grant line road exit. they said they didn't already burned one to 2 acres and it was going to >>this is the the wind is through here. pretty significantly basically the way the drainage is were lined up they did help us with our us russian activities. >>cal fire crews and california highway patrol drive to the fire just after 5 in the morning. chp assistant with traffic and periodically and shut down lanes on 5.80 west and east as crews work to fight the flames burning in the center divide this caused a major back up in the westbound lanes from tracy all the way to livermore crews were able to knock the fire down and contain it at 5 acres. the next 2 hours crews mop to the scene. beginning of fire season so crews are gearing up for a busy end of the summer.
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>>the fire season is here you know it's a good rating in august. wave coming through right now everybody's training keeping up our hydration it's to make it 70 safe. >>crews have successfully mopped up the fire here and they've created a fire line with the dozer they feel good about leaving the scene but they're still investigating the stinson kron 4 news. >>there was a grass fire as well that are up to this morning in concord firefighters put it out quickly but kron four's will tran takes a look at just how dry it is there. >>it's hot now but will get even hotter by the end of the week with some parts of the bay area possibly in triple digits. and that is not good news for fire season. look at how dry the conditions are this is off at 2 40 in 6.80. in the concord area where this morning during the height of the morning commute. we saw fire right next to the freeway
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that cause bumper to bumper traffic as the firefighters raced out to the scene housten the fire but they had to shut down a couple of lanes just to make sure that people were safe. fortunately they jumped on it where he did not jump the freeway damage any of the nearby stories, our homes. this is a great reminder to. >>we make defensible space around your house to make sure that your equipment doesn't cause any sparks because not only were firefighters busy here. there are also busy in the east bay near livermore in the altamont pass what we saw fire at that location as well so the conditions are just right for a huge fire and firefighters are warning people just be careful. they don't even believe in fire season anymore because they say fire season. last all year long. >>thanks a lot. well let's take a look at the dry conditions and how hot it's going to be i seen all my neighbors have been cut and
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unshaven and clear not all that brush, now's the time to do so because it's only getting hotter during the week ahead and as you can see we've already had fires we have plenty of dry grass out there. >>and with temperatures warming up breezy conditions at times and not no more rain in the forecast ahead of us what we can expect for the week ahead is that rising temperatures you do see those blue skies over head over towards mount diablo one of those areas further inland that is prone to wildfires we actually the wildfires in the east bay over the weekend and as you saw this morning along some of our roadways so this afternoon. we're already going back up to the 90's for some tomorrow, we're easing off a fire danger a little bit it's going to be slightly cooler we still have plenty of sun and it's going to be dry though, but it's wednesday onward to the rest of the forecast a high pressure is really going to start working its way back into gear and for inland areas, daytime highs well up into the 90's we're going to be seeing some breezy conditions on some high slopes and then the high pressure going to be keeping us very dry with humidity very low so
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towards the coast you're not going to be seeing that firgoin out at the coast as the heat builds inland. but for those inland areas that will be near triple digits at times. that's where you're going to have to be watching out today already daytime highs are expected to be in the triple digits for fresno and bakersfield back here at home. our inland spots peaking in the 90's which is still warm enough firefighters and other officials are warning people now is the time to get prepared, especially as we move into the weekend a lot of people heading back outside. it's only going to stay hot and it's only going to stay dry too. daria. new this morning, a woman has been arrested for a deadly accident in san francisco's tenderloin one person was killed. >>when they were hit by a driver who ran a red light that car that ran the red light crashed into another car, the intersection of taylor know farrell and in a man and a woman in a crosswalk and the man died. the driver
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was arrested. police in the east bay are investigating a deadly hit and run that happened in concord convoys. christina tape cho has the details here at the scene you can still see the aftermath of the crash now right behind me where this broken gate is actually where a motorcycle landed in the middle of the incident and we actually have surveillance video of how it all happened. >>it was here at the intersection of conquered a busy road in the city and the daughter of residential street. police tell us a motorcyclist was driving at a high speed behind a priest eastbound on concord you see it here in the video the motorcyclist trying to pass the previous but crashing into it instead the man driving the motorcycle flying into the opposite lane of traffic on concord that's when a pickup truck driving westbound hit the man's body lying in the street, the pickup truck not stopping leaving the scene you can see the man originally driving the prius get out of his car and immediately go and try to help the motorcyclists that man the motorcyclist died on scene. we spoke with a nearby neighbor who saw it all e didn't want e early hours of
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to be on camera but this is what she said. >>anderson and like that in my life that and i don't ever want to see unlikely to get out it was crazy. i'm probably never forget that honestly. >>members of the concord police department are still searching for the pickup truck involved in this case if you have any information please give them a call. reporting in concord christina tetreault. >>right now sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who was involved in a theft at a hardware store in petaluma 2 men last night's told power tools from the freeman's home improvement boulevard after they drove away from the scene police ended up pulling over the car just northwest of petaluma and one of the thieves ran away. but the driver 70 year-old john silva was arrested. and now let's show you the man who police say got away, they're looking for 20 year-old elliott malone. also of petaluma they recovered the stolen items and give back to the store on the peninsula deputies arrested 20 year-old jacob garibaldi for
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trying to break into several cars in half moon bay, all in the 800 block of 3rd avenue. he faces suspicion of attempted vehicle burglary and vehicle tampering charges. in the south bay, the ashes of a 3 year-old girl that were stolen from the san jose cemetery have been returned to the family. the family discovered the urn was missing last thursday from the calvary catholic center a cemetery. and the thief also took not just the urn that you see there, but a golden cylinder containing the little girls locks of hair. she died 4 years ago after a battle with cancer. >>we are really really gloves. again in is rea said this happened. >>an anonymous person return to the earned to the family yesterday. police in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood arrested a man for robbing a cell phone from a tourists. police chased the man for 2 blocks and then caught up with him and
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arrested him, but actually they say robberies overall and san francisco are down 25% and they say it's partly due to increase police patrols. san francisco's presidio is back open but look at what happened there yesterday. a fire a car fire closed down the tunnel. it was filled with smoke in the firefighters responded they evacuated, everybody and shut down traffic for about an hour. while they put out that fire and nobody was hurt. 9.10 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a man is arrested for trying to kidnap and rape a woman on the peninsula. we're going to tell you how she was able to get away. and after the break the trump administration has a new plan to help fight wildfires in california. but some argue it could also harm the
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>>well he does in tough for people just people it's animals to these animals in zoos across the country had to deal with a lot of extreme temperatures. you can see the zoo keepers what they did they gave him plenty of water and ice cold showers. >>it's been days especially the east coast in the midwest too has have really hot temperatures. so it affects people and animals. >>look at the have to you know times you think all they can from warm climates minute they're not used to the heat they're also susceptible to just like us. yeah and the too big to bring into the bedroom if you got that air conditioned. no no he was in
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the that's my role exactly yet just just one animal certified. yeah, at least the heat on the east coast is starting to back off now. and the west coast, though just the opposite from 90 is hotter than our 90 i would that a 100% yeah they were having heat index is well above a 110 degrees well for us we are going to be looking at highs in the 90's even verging on the triple digits. >>we don't have that humidity though so that helps us as far as the feels like temperature goes. unfortunately without the humidity there comes your fire dangers see a win some you lose some there with or without the humidity as for san francisco, clear skies overhead right now it was very foggy earlier on today definitely not the case anymore. as for san jose, it's been crystal clear it stays it staying that way there's will touch your fog sitting right across the bay looking out from berkeley overall conditions over berkeley cleared out about an hour ago very quickly and they're going to stay that way the rest of the day, plenty of sunshine for your day and looking at the week ahead we're going to
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keep that sunshine. we do have this week trough that's going to steer just north of us into the pacific northwest. now what this does for us for the week ahead is it delays or warm up tomorrow, we're actually going to ease off the heat just a little bit tomorrow is going to be our coolest a not by much. but after that wednesday on through the remainder of the week that he'd have been talking about that's when it really starts to kick into gear as for today already warmer than today where yesterday was we're seeing that warm up feeling it already you're going to continue to see that this afternoon and or sunshine. foggo be seen out the coast tomorrow, but we shouldn't see it in treating too far inland. temperatures tomorrow as i mentioned at the coolest of the forecast after that into wednesday. temperatures start to climb will be back up into the 90's for inland areas as high pressure builds back in and after that that we're going to stay in the 90's for those inland areas all the way through the weekend ahead of us 60's and 70's for our coastaan today the peninsula is going to be a good place to be brisbane at 68 millbrae at 74.
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further south you get start you start to see those warming temperatures with the woodside 86 and then the south bay today looking at numbers near 90 degrees saratoga campbell los gatos in morgan hill all 88 degrees for daytime highs near 90 in pleasanton and livermore upper 70's and hayward union city while 70's continue in castro valley as well as san leandro in the upper 70's in these 2 spots while oakland in the mid 70's today. concord at 90 degrees for your high with 90's continuing in pittsburgh fairfield vacaville and yacht bill back in the 90's after what was a pretty comfortable weekend for these areas, and temperatures after tomorrow are going to be in the 90's all across the inland bay from wednesday thursday friday on through saturday and sunday on average are inland spots will be in the low 90's while alongside the band, the coast relief will continue to be seen in the 60's and 70's. so if you don't like the 90's just take a drive over to the bay areas like oakland will be quite comfortable. robin start
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off with a strained of late excuse me a strain of her 5, 7 late after a medical emergency over an hour late so. >>make sure you plan ahead as they deal with that those trains are really off schedule this morning, the bridges are clearing out the richmond sandra fell bridge looks really good with no problems or delays here leading up to the toll plaza, a very easy 9 minutes from the pay gates out a one on one and then we have a improving bay bridge commuted then doubt about 30 minutes ago, so i like what i see for 80 use it now we're looking at 60 minutes very quick and right on time from the bottom of the mace to fremont street that doesn't happen that often one was quiet 12 minutes from brisbane to 80 in san francisco to troubles that's an easy 13. it's from daly city to the bottom of the 2.80 extension, i'll check more coming up. thanks a lot 17 in the east bay and deli owner in clayton is facing backlash after making a controversial comment on facebook kron four's know al bello has the story. >>meatballs made with beef
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today in case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters writes john knesset on his facebook page friday. the post continues quote a free side when you say send her back. >>is very hurtful and and races to be honest anybody's entire to say whatever they want to you they want i don't know why somebody would say something like that. >>the deli owners post comes just days after president donald trump suggested for congresswoman of color, go back where they came from. her back was enchanted at a rally for the president in north carolina. >>i doubt it ideologies that have come about through some one that professes to be a leader. but in the same breath. doing quite the opposite says brooklyn heroes facebook page now has a stream of new comments. >>some in support telling visitors not to believe the
9:19 am
bad reviews. others are hoping the backlash will be a wake-up call for the business. >>the millions will you've been hurt somebody they just they were from. >>you know the business owners is only hurting yourself, you know if a business standpoint because now he's taking away money that he could have had from other americans you know and he's limiting himself. >>clayton's mayer trio posted on her facebook page that she was saddened by can assist post and while we all we'll have a right to political and religious opinions quote when hateful comments are being promoted as part of a local business. they reflect on our communities reputation. >>no racism rally was being planned by the east bay human rights advocate. however according to their facebook page they have been receiving threats and decided to postpone at that rally in
9:20 am
clayton noel fellow kron 4 news. >>police on the peninsula arrested a man for trying to rape a woman at a park, but she managed to fight off her attacker happened friday night at the creekside park in mountain view. police think it was 30 year-old sergio martinez they arrested him and say that he's the one who snuck up on the woman she was listening to a podcast and the attacker put his hand over her mouth lifted off the ground trying to carry away but she fought back kicked and screamed and caught the attention of people nearby and her attacker ran off. martinez was arrested the next morning at the park. >>i hope it doesn't cast a bad light and all the people out there know there's a lot of transients are just down on their luck and i think are pretty benign and this is very safe trail. to see community and most people out here including the transients you know they're they're good people down there i doubt that hurt anybody. >>the 29 year-old woman who was attacked is expected to be okay. there was a fire burning
9:21 am
in contra costa county yesterday but today it is 100% contained it started near the top of mount diablo and a crown for viewer sought and sent us pictures of the smoke here this was burning about a thought for acres big near the summit road area, nobody was hurt as you can see it's just dry brush. no homes were threatened. the trump administration is proposing slowing wildfires by bulldozing in clearing out large areas of land. so they can create fuel breaks in these fuel breaks would run along 11,000 miles in parts of 6 states including here in california. wildfire experts say that that could help to slow down the movement of fires, but it won't do anything to stop the most extreme fires and some are concerned that would actually jeopardize wildlife by tearing up natural habitats. and still ahead we're going to take a look at at the terminal at sfo that is honoring san francisco's harvey milk. plus
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back 9.24 clear skies for sfo this morning. we only saw touch of fog out there and it wasn't enough to cause any weather-related delays so we've been pretty consistently delay free out of sfo oakland and san jose. despite the fact we did have just a touch of the marine layer resulting in that cloud cover earlier today 50's in
9:25 am
isco, but elsewhere in and 70's currently with livermore at 71 conquered an 7273 degrees as for temperatures compared to yesterday we're seeing some big warmups already napa santa rosa in fairfield most noticeably rising from where we're at 24 hours ago, 8 to 9 degrees warmer than this is only going to continue this afternoon don't be surprised by that heat with some temperatures well into the 90's robin thank you john a very busy commute on the 70 oh bridge but i've noticed that your drive time has decreased so that's good even it's it's it's a little better right. >>so we're looking at some heavy traffic, your web some 92 from right around the tolls across the span to the high rise at the high rise, you get a break your averaging 17 minutes. we are checking in on a stranger's a major delay on 5, 7 both over an hour late because of an earlier medical emergency so keep that in mind and then your drive times are winding down for highway for 6.81 on one, but still busy from the south bay leaving san
9:26 am
jose to menlo park area. 9.25 governor gavin office capitol b ashley zavala shows us some of the legislation that he still needs to sign. >>governor newsome comes back to the office next week, several bills await his approval, one of those is s p 27 which would require presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release their tax returns in order to get their name on the california ballot. the governor suggested he may support the bill right before leaving for vacation. >>is 3.92 change the language in the law requiring police to use deadly force only when necessary instead of one reasonable the governor earlier this year
9:27 am
expressed support for the bill once civil liberties and police groups finally came to an agreement on the proposal. another less controversial measure. the governor has already signaled he'd sign is the safe and affordable drinking water fund it would put one billion toward clean drinking water projects for a million californians who don't have it so far this legislative session. the governor has passed dozens of bills in vetoed 2. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>coming up on documented criminals placed in custody, we ride along with ice agents just when you thought you were done painting...
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>>9.29 taking a look at the weather on this july 22th. i never know the day but i know it today my sister's birthday. >>yeah and we are looking at some good weather for your sister's birthday darya really nice conditions out there for sure while the exception of the golden gate bridge which is our usual suspect when it comes to the fog. how they've been able to see the bridge all morning long as that fog has been very dense out there. so if you're crossing the golden gate bridge driving up and down the coast to be watching out in these areas. pacifica and san francisco, some of our cooler spots in the 50's while elsewhere where we've got abundant sunshine it 60's and 70's currently dublin in concord in the mid to low 70's pittsburgh at 76 oakland. and i 64 degrees right now and temperatures only continuing to rise into the afternoon for san francisco, that means low 70's with some afternoon
9:31 am
sunshine. oakland in the mid 70's while san jose one of our spots closer to 90 degrees. and we do have some areas in the 90's today, i'll tell you where still to come robin. >>alright checking in on a strain we now know why the trains are so late this morning there's been a major accident in livermore a spy this holding in livermore after a train collided with a car. we're hearing that this is indeed fatal 7 will combine with ace 5 in. that's still going cause major delays at least an hour or longer. they are working on a getting that train moving the one that was involved in the crash but we're still waiting for more details right now but do expect major a strain delays and possibly consider an alternate source of transportation the bay bridge traffic is filling in once again, although it's not bad. we're getting a break this morning a little sluggish for 8.80 and that in pockets across the upper deck but we're down to 15 minutes into san francisco. that's good. we'll check more bridges coming up. thanks robin happening tomorrow, a redeveloped terminal will open
9:32 am
at sfo named after san francisco icon harvey milk. >>over the weekend thousands of people were there to take a look at a conference believed to call was also there. >>a few steps in the harvey milk san francisco international airport. the lengthy tribute to the late san francisco supervisor. and stalwart of civil rights some really impressed by the billion project to redevelop this terminal is broken down into 3 phases. tuesday when the first 9 of 25 gates open in the boarding area and the restaurants and security checkpoint are operational the first phase will be complete the remainder of the terminal will fully open by 2023. brendan smith appreciate how the airport is honoring note and his contributions to the lgbtq community it's impressive. it's a huge amount of real estate they devoted to him. >>and i feel like the airport is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to.
9:33 am
>>airport is seemingly always under construction this specific project broke ground in 2016 the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously voted to remain the terminal after midnight when plans to rename the entire. >>for over 40 years has been given help to so many people. and just members of our lgbt community but people from around the world who sometimes felt as if they didn't have a voice and i really hope that his message of hope resonates with them. >>long after their visit here is kind of the rights pioneer in this country and services to set the tone for the rest of the country. and so i feel like you need to be impacts the airport is also getting ready for its on site hotel the grand hyatt to start booking reservations it's located next to the international terminal. at san francisco international airport fleet of all kron 4
9:34 am
news. >>9 33 on the peninsu avenue. a witness described as a man who turned out they think is 20 year-old jake of garibaldi he lives in half moon bay, and police arrested him. in the north bay police in fairfield are looking for the person who hit a bicyclist and then drove off. police say that 58 year off 50 year-old woman was riding her bike and she was in the bicycle lane on sunset avenue there daniel street when a red 2003 saturn suv hit her she's in critical condition. but stable condition and here's a picture of the vehicle, they're looking for the license plate number is 5 c g a o 8 one. big story this morning protesters took to the streets of san francisco to call for changes to the treatment of migrant families and children. they want the government first to improve the conditions for those being held in detention centers and then they would
9:35 am
actually like the facility is shut down for good. >>i think it's really become a in the numbers of. of people coming across the border that the numbers of children the way that we treat them. and just it's actually stuffing them, i'm bars. >>the protests were led by churches around the city, 9.35 and big-scale ice raids threatened by president trump never did happen. but ice agents are still arresting undocumented immigrants on a smaller scale. paul vercammen went on a ride along with ice agents in southern california. >>the ice field director in the sector emphasizing to us again and again this is a routine operation not connected to any threatened raids and they said they did not do anything special for the cnn camera. they had ets th them due to time and distance but they arrested all 3 of the other ones and 2 of them sort of had a sense of resignation, one of them had reportedly then removed she has 3
9:36 am
children. but they said that ic for drug charges. she was extremely sad. we caught up with her inside a downtown detention facility. >>i have 3 kids born >>they go to school and the word. >>in light of your separation from your family. >>that i mean my kids and i got provide for them. >>david marin he is that ice field director he explain why they arrested this mother of 3 children. >>she's been convicted of not
9:37 am
caulk or nco trafficking crimes that make are subject to removal she's in tears. she has 3 children. what is it like for y divided separated. so that's where the human element comes right our officers, they're human beiwe have a job to do and we do it professionally we do it with compassion maren says a huge reason why people are seeing more ice agents on the streets making arrests in california is. >>throughout california. many local authorities do not a low ice agents to go into jails to arrest criminal suspects. paul vercammen reporting from los angeles. now back to you. >>9.37. at a school district letters to a fan 1000 parents say if you don't pay up for your kid's school lunch, they could be taken away from you. and a live look here at the san mateo bridge lots of cars to keep you company to think
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news still tracking major a strain delays this morning out of livermore after a spot 5 was involved in an accident with a car and we're hearing that it resulted in a fatality so ace 5 has stopped in livermore they hope to get it moving soon and 7 will combine with that rain to try and make up for some of the time lost but do expect major delays on a strain this morning because of this fatal
9:41 am
accident. no other details just yet, but we'll give them to us they become available to last. we'll check in on some bay area bridges coming up in a bit darya thanks a lot of 9 40 in a school district in pennsylvania is telling parents they better pay up for their kids are all still end up in foster care the district wants to collect money for the lunch debt that they have so they sent out this letter 2 1000 parents and it says your child could be removed from your home and placed in foster care. if you don't pay their lunch bill. and apparently if you look at it overall they're owed about $22,000 in lunch debt which is serious although the letter was maybe a little too serious. the foster care system said it's not meant to scare families and paying their lunch bill. the school district um it's maybe they went too far what this letter. in national news former special counsel robert mueller's going to testify before 2 house committees this week about his findings from his 2 year investigation. the
9:42 am
democrats will focus on 5 areas of potential obstruction of justice laid out in the mueller report and exnt of russ interference in the 20 16 elections, the republicans are expected to ask him whether his team was biased and raise questions about why the investigation started in the first place, the testimony is supposed to start on wednesday. so you're saying there's a chance the closer we get to last. the giants for the a's look and soon you won't have to look to see if your baby has a wet diaper
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15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >>and 44 is the time and we're taking a look at the forecast things are warming up and clear now. >>already they are yeah we saw that fog there out pretty quickly that her a minute and we're seeing clear at this moment and it is warming up. 90's later on today, so if you need to get outside get some work done i'd recommend doing it sooner rather than later as temperatures later today won't be feeling so great to be doing too much out there for inland spots. this is san francisco looking nice and clear sunny skies continue down in the south bay as well and sky's of gradually just cleared out more and more out in the east bay just see that thin line of fog or right there in the middle of the bay, san francisco berkeley and oakland all now sitting under sunshine. just as our the inland areas have all morning long and warming up some upper 70's in a few areas like can further out to the
9:46 am
east bay. high pressure sits to our southeast. it's going to build back in later in the forecast, but this low right here is helping to delay the a big warm up in temperatures just around the corner it's going to be sweeping in to our north helping to moderate temperatures as we move into tomorrow in fact tomorrow, we're just actually going to drop a little bit as far as daytime highs go skies remain clear for the day tomorrow. so if you need to get outside get some yard work done tomorrow, she was comfortable day to do it now after that high pressure is going to push back in and come wednerday thursday friday and into the weekend we're going to have one of the most persistently warm forecast we've had so far this year as for today temperatures, nice and comfortable along the coast and up and down the peninsula with 60's and 70's in daly city, san francisco dow beautiful conditions 80's from san carlos southward. mount view today you'll be a 84 degrees south bay today feel in the warm-up saratoga campbell is gatos in morgan hill almost 10 degrees warmer than you were on friday just
9:47 am
days ago livermore and pleasanton in the upper 80's while unioci holding on to and richmond. one of our spots in the low 90's today, same for pittsburgh fairfield vacaville and yacht bill all in the low to mid 90's for daytime highs. santa rosa up to 87 while petaluma at 85, definitely on the warm side today, not as warm as it's about to be though wednesday a 100 and to the rest of the forecast we're talking 90's to take us through the finish of the weekend into the weekend. bayside and coastal areas will be year escapes not a big difference in temperature there with 60's and 70's remaining closer to the water. robin all right, thank you. we are checking back in on a strain ace. >>is reporting major delays this morning after colliding with a east of livermore and it is still under investigation. the exact crossings on available right now, but this is causing major a of train delays as they work to get ace 5 on the move in
9:48 am
looks like they plan on combining it with ace 7. they are reporting delays of over one our because of that accident that still under investigation and live or work. checking in on on the 70 oh bridge is going to be busy commute for you leave the hayward heading over to the peninsula. we haven't had you know big problems or anything like that, but it is packed and still moving in slow motion. so we'll put it at 17 minutes off to one o one checking in on 80 and this looks pretty good. there is a minor way mostly in the cash lanes it's been off and on this is a huge improvement compared to what was out there a few hours ago, 17 minutes for the drive off to fremont street. we're also checking in on 6.80 was looks fantastic back up the limit but a coded and barton bridge winding down but still crowded at 19 minutes to the peninsula. and we do have a new accident 5.80 west at santa rita that's blocking one lane watch out for that little slow through the scene that will put us 15 minutes from vasco to the dublin interchange not bad at all. the giants puts the mets
9:49 am
to bad the giants have gone from wake me up when it's over to so you're saying there's a chance, san francisco fans who stuck it out til the 12th inning saw the giants 3rd. the giants with by a final of 3 to 2. they have now won 5th dean of their last 18 games and are just 2 and a half games back in the wild card race. >>with a bunch of other teams now so their playoff hopes improve. probable so yes lloyd i am saying there's a chance. the oakland a's already out there handle on a wild card. if you'll see in a second a picture with high handlebar mustache. us this game to the
9:50 am
twins 76, but split the series and now have a the lead in the second wild-card spot. irish golfer shane lowry weather this storm. >>to win the british open. maybe that's because the irish cause severe weather weather in ireland, but the rest of what they say well i can barely make it out. >>not going to sing in a couple of just incredible that we sat there with a trophy of on edge of the names and it's just a. yeah i just come companies like i said the ball and then it and i just couldn't believe that those that was me and all of them believe it was happening and they. i thought about it all day, but didn't really let myself think about and liam i teach on 17 and the san jose at that age i knew really does evolved from there life of so. >>you just have to really pay attention and i know he said because i listen to his press conference 5 times to let me tell you the first thing is going to do the first drink will be out of the cleric drug
9:51 am
is a guinness beer and then the first person he's going to show it off to his granny. >>sometimes things are just meant to be like this 7.11 poster child born in louis, not only is her birth date 7.11. she was born at 07:11pm and wade, 7 pounds 11 ounces. a coincidence. yes and convenience for the store. they pledge $7,111 to the baby's college fund, not enough for the mom to make slurpees are gems middle name jam is french for i love get it. slurpies gem slurpies you know what jane m pa changing diapers nobody likes changing diapers but it's going to get easier to know when you have to do it. pampers is coming out with a smart diaper it has a sensor connected to an app so you g a 10 next when the diaper is wet. you know we had when my kids were little i.
9:52 am
here's the alert. we said honey she's got a swinger your turn. now you'll know before the diapers actually hanging down by their knees plus the sensor tracks. the baby tleep as it will not send you a pope alert but then you can smell that a mile away though huggies does have a duty sensing diaper it's only available right now in korea and seriously. that most babies will give you that put g enjoy your breakfast that's the buzz. >>we're pretty it was just a little it is kron four's award-winning original documentary people haven't >>if you're going to worry about earthquakes to live in this area, a must-see >>the hayward fault definitely makes me the most nervous or everyone living in the bay area all these falls to fail because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday
9:53 am
july 27th at 9 on
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9:55 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>there's a new kg king made million in its opening weekend. >>yesterday state in 5th place to the tune of million crawl
9:56 am
fell to 4th place biting off million toy story 4 is up to 376 million domestic after a 3rd place weekend worth million. >>asked me to come up here and share your do and he just he felt bad about snapping spiderman far from home healed at the top spot, but $21 million gave the web slinger a domestic total of 320 million. >>the lion king made quite a roar. >>$185 million the best debut ever for an animated feature. it's also the biggest july opening weekend ever and tops beauty and the beast as the best debut for a disney remake in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>a great white ofof a boat in massachusetts. her kid jumped away just in time the family caught this close encounter whether on a fishing
9:57 am
trip on saturday. they were reeling in a fish and the great white watch jumps out. takes a bite out the fish bites it right now jumps right back into the water. that or even the fish and the kids, let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast we've been talking about a warm-up in there you see it gradually as we head towards the 90's by thursday and friday and into the weekend. >>that's it for now if you're watching us on the kron on app barr live news continues commercial free. all you have to do is go on to kron on dot tv to sign up have a great day. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon >> announcer: today on "dr. phil." they are engaged to be married. the beautiful blond tying the knot with her military vet. two weeks after the engagement, instead of fighting for our country, he decided to fight crime as batman. >> i'm not crazy. i'm not delusional. i'm batman. >> dr. phil: he went to bed as giovanni and woke up as batman? >> this is not something that normal people do. >> dr. phil: are you uncomfortable to not have your mask on? >> i don't feel like i'm me right now. >> dr. phil: you're saying i'm the real batman. there's no batman. it's a cartoon character. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, >> dr. phil: today will be a changing day in your life. >> five, four --


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