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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>local news station. >>and that breaking news is in the north bay where a fast-moving brush fire is forcing evacuations right now. thanks for joining us. everybody on vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus we're looking at live aerials as crews are battling this from the air and the ground this is in napa county the fire is burning in. >>crews are right now working to keep the flames from spreading it's happening on rag canyon road and highway one 28 just south of lake berryessa it's a east of saint
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alina course they are still tracking developments from our newsroom share what's the latest. >>well grande i can tell you this fire was upgraded to 55 acres within the last 30 minutes. there have been no reports of any injuries or any structures burning but this is still an active fire and evacuations have been ordered as i talk about this i want to go to the video this is a live picture that we are seeing that is coming into our newsroom as i speak flames can be seen in some areas, smoke in other areas and the shot, it's very smoky shot as that now has to those evacuations. people living in between the 6507,000 block of rag canyon road in napa county have been told to leave their homes. officials tell us this is being called the canyon fire. it is located a highway one 28 and rag canyon road as they talked about there. that's where those evacuations are it is also 16 miles east of
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saying holy not in napa county. now first reports talked about 45 acres burning but as i said before we've just learned that 55 acres have now burned this is a very rural area of napa county and it is located and in that rural area in located south of lake berryessa lots of smoke in the area. but in many of the shots that now appears. the fire is limited to certain areas and you can see the red surrounds a lot of that smoke. they have been dumping different material on that fire to try to get control of that, but we certainly are not seeing the flames right now that we saw earlier but still a lot of smoke out there still in order at this place again 55 acres as has burned and as we get new information on this fire. we will bring it to you and update you. in this newscast. grant vicki. now back to you.
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>>all right here so live for us in the newsroom. thank you j r and joining us on the phone is robert foxworthy from cal fire to give us some some more information and some nervous residents out there. jeff. >>what can you tell us. >>that your reporter up. worker. 55 acres. i am i have a little difficulty with the phone here. >>that's okay. yeah we can hear you go ahead. >>well, yeah, 55 acres. like we're reporting there are. evacuation of the caucus. i won 28 from of mark leeco in the phone. as you could from your footage and they are starting to make headway on the fire and our starting you again a little bit of control and you can see 5 a the lack of a plane that we're on and
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uh compared to earlier when the fire was earlier in the day. >>i know this is a pretty sparsely populated area you can see the rugged terrain which obviously makes this a tough fight from the ground how many people are we talking a in terms of these evacuations any idea. >>you know specific saw i'm not a i'm not a 100% sure on quiet doubt be a question but probably better answer by the county sheriff that more specific numbers on fact only to close. >>well robert we are looking at some live pictures right aerial dumps that are going on are you able to address this fire from the ground at all it does look like rugged terrain. >>uh yeah like it, but we will get that in there and they are may access. army engine, no 13 he in crews are all in there, i'm making good so of the retardant drops do help low the progress of the fire. all
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to be extinguished. we need the food on the ground and we are getting cruising boat area. >>any initial idea how this fire may have started in what's the prognosis going through this evening again it looks like you're ng progress but do you expect this to be. long fight into the night and perhaps overnight. >>a you know a specific sauna what caused the firing up to that yet i want to get done. if you're out of here trying to figure that out and we will have crews he's on the fire overnight. they will be there tomorrow. no pp sources find a day tomorrow and so the fire completely extinguished. >>his fading anymore evacuations do you feel that you few contained enough to uh to to just let you know at this point i can't really can really take a guess on will be from now i we have currently. >>and sure seemed making good progress on the ground and really hoping there are no documents.
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>>robert foxworthy with calfire appreciate your time tonight and we'll be checking back with you throughout the night if this situation warrants want to turn our attention now to be. thank you robert sua what the weather's like there. >>inside the weather is heating up sos for a lot of people on edge during you know it's wildfire season a lock. yeah it's going to get very hot. i think especially as we head through the week of course, this is a really dangerous time for fire to get started. yeah the afternoon sea breeze is going and that's generally what we see the gusty winds that the very latest in and around the fire right now you can see lake berryessa there winds are not all that strong 1011 mile an hour winds or what we're looking at right now in and around that area, but you can see taking in for a closer look. you see a highway one 28. you see rags road that leads kind of almost right near where the fires at right now so certainly an area that can burn quickly can see all the grass is brown in and around the bay area and you start to get some winds kicking up in the afternoon and that could be a concern now it looks like tonight.
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they're going to get a little bit of a break watch what happens with the future wind gust as we take you through the night tonight. those winds begin to subside which is pretty typical for this time of year. and then as we head through the day tomorrow and guess what those winds start to pick up again in the afternoon you start to see some color showing up some yellows on the screen. those winds gusting of maybe a 20 miles per hour in and around near that fire. so certainly going to want to be aware hopefully they can get a handle on that fire before those winds start to kick up again of course this evening, those winds are blowing pretty good in around that fire right now that can spread the sparks in her guys back to you. thank you lawrence we first told you about this fire in the evacuations through a push alert make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app to always get the latest breaking news, happening in your neighborhood. our other top story tonight, a bay area city at the center of the sanctuary movement now finding itself possibly in conflict with its own policies. yeah this after the discovery that immigration authorities have used oakland airport. >>to deport thousands of immigrants kron four's dan kerman live for us at airport with more dan. forte of
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oakland which runs oakland airport says they didn't know about this until a week ago the policy was stopped about a year ago. >>in addition to that port of oakland saying they don't believe they violated the city's sanctuary policy in terms of what they did this is happening on chartered flights at this airport but a lot of questions remain at a many questions remain for the mayor of oakland. the city of oakland and its mayor libby shaft been at the forefront of the sanctuary movement. >>with the mayor even warning residents that ice raids were to come that lies in stark contrast to new research from the university of washington's center for human rights which shows from 2010 to 2018. i started nearly a 1000 flights out of oakland airport to deport people the total number >>people directly get 40 the oakland airport. i'm trying to percent 2010 is 26,000. 800 see she said according to no
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clear what the data shows another 16,000 were transferred other detention centers. >>i says it decided to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. as for the port of oakland which runs oakland airport. they say they knew nothing about this until a week ago a part of and which should know what is in their property edwin to cruz's with pen she a legal services which provides representation to immigrant communities. he says many of those on these flights have been given no access to legal counsel often times ice will just flow will flow of 5 people out of the country as fast as possible. >>i'm in violate these rights the city of oakland should request that there's a proper procedure and protocol that is being followed that sanctuary process is being held as well as due process oakland's mayor was unavailable for comment. but a spokesman for mayor sheriff says the mayor's office is reviewing this
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matter as it is of great interest to the mayor and our oakland values. we need to understand if this violated oakland sanctuary city policy before we can address it. ice spokesman says that these chartered flights were never used out of san jose airport for san francisco airport of course the question that remains. >>is if these flights are not happening out of y of the 3 airports now are people being taken by car somewhere else or are they using commercial flights live in oakland airport. dan kerman kron 4 news all right and other big story tonight, a santa rosa priest has been suspended by the diocese for allegedly stealing. >>nearly $100,000 kron four's maureen kelly reports that at this point it's unclear if the priest will face any criminal charges. >>according to the diocese of santa rosa this all came to light after father oscar diaz got into a car wreck back on june 19th. it was then first responders found bags of money in his car. more than $18,000
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in cash. the bishop says that money came from the resurrection parish office stony point road in santa rosa where father diaz served as pastor. >>the bishop says that discovery prompted an investigation that uncovered additional cash totaling in excess of $95,000 which apparently was taken from several other parishes diaz has served in during his 25 year career, including saint josephs in qatar d but the bishops as the full extent of the theft may never be known. the bishop says there is evidence that diaz was sending at least some of the money to family and friends in his native mexico. parishioners here say diaz was a popular priest and find the allegation that he was pocketing donations from the collection plate shocking. >>upsetting yet you come to church thinking the money's going to go to where it's supposed to and so for this to
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happen it kind of you know. >>it makes you think you know have second thoughts and whether you want give money or not because you know where the money's going. >>the bishop says the us has admitted to taking money and had been doing so for some time despite that the bishop says the police have told him that the protocols surrounding the collection accounting are such that it would be hard to come up with the proof needed to pursue a criminal prosecution. >>but late monday afternoon, the santa rosa police department issued a statement saying based on new information released by the diocese. they will be in touch with the diocese to take another look at the case, reporting from santa resign morning kelly kron 4 news. the scene some are describing is on. >>precedent had thousands of puerto ricans marching in the streets demanding their governor's resignation will explain why. plus spent talking about brush fires and the weather sure warming up raising wildfire concerns across the bay we'll show you
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20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. big story tonight equifax is set to pay up to million in a nationwide settlement for a massive data breaches the fallout exposed the private information that data breach did of millions of americans can force capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala now
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explains how the settlement effects california. >>state officials say many californians are likely eligible for compensation in the equifax data breach that compromised sensitive information nationwide companies have a legal responsibility to secure it and to protect the 2017 data breach exposed names, social security numbers birth dates addresses and in some cases drivers license numbers of about 15 million californians nationally the company will pay out about million in civil penalties and million total in restitution for those who had to pay out of pocket for any related costs from the breach. >>you'll also be able to request reimbursement for your time and money spent trying to avoid or to recover from identity theft. such as money you paid out to freeze freeze your credit report. so i highly encourage everyone who may have been impacted by the equifax breach to sign up for the alert and to get the relief you're entitled to have
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you ever said i was one of dozens of state attorneys general who sued the company the sea will get million from equifax. >>money that will go toward fighting future cases like this money we receive in penalties gives us the opportunity to get ready to deal with future violators so this way it's not just on taxpayers dime that we do the work. protecting consumers, it's on the dime of those who violate the law california is entitled to compensation can visit equifax breach settlement dot com or call 1, 8, 3, 3, 7, 5, 9, 2, 9, 8, 2 in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the department of justice is not get a heads up about what former special counsel robert mueller will say in his opening statement to congressional lawmakers that is from mueller's spokesman who says no one at the d o j has seen the statement that mueller will make when he testifies wednesday mueller's set to speak before 2 house committees in what's shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated congressional hearings in decades. his spokesman says
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mueller's been preparing with some aides who worked with him on the investigation mainly stick to his report when he testifies mueller will be talking about his investigation into possible obstruction of justice by president trump and possible collusion with russia. the president says he's not going to watch much of the testimony if any democrats are expected to press mueller on 5 areas where they believe the president obstructed justice. they'll also be trying to dig into details about contacts between russia and wikileaks and we will be streaming mueller's testimony live. you can catch it all on kron 4 dot com and continuing coverage of the hearing we'll follow on the kron 00:04am morning news. >>thousands of puerto ricans filled the streets today even shutting down a highway in san juan for another day of protests against puerto rico governor. ricardo row protesters are demanding his resignation after a series of offensive messages between the governor and some members of his inner circle were published omar jimenez has the very latest.
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>>it's a scene some are describing as unprecedented thousands of puerto ricans marching in the streets and demanding their governor's resignation. at the heart of these demonstrations are leaked messages between governor ricardo for sale and his inner circle, many of them profanity-laced homophobic and misogynistic in nature at one point her sale responded to a message that threatened to shoot san juan mayor carmen yulin cruz by saying quote you'd be doing me a grand favor. >>the crimes committed by the governor or so and and us that it cannot wait intention to is just it is a sale isn't backing down he's apologized and says he won't run for reelection next year. >>but has also said he plans to continue serving as governor. >>i need to work beyond so that we can address some of the longstanding problems of corruption here put the recall
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and fix that problem. >>this protestor close to entering a second week. >>rewind. >>and calls sales impeachment grow, he may not get that opportunity. >>all right back here in the bay area, let's take a live look outside right now from our sutro camera overlooking downtown san francisco. >>yeah just a little itty bitty bit of fog you can see there in that live shot as our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here get a good weekend come to get a get pop by the end of the weekend and i think we're going to see one of those weeks where they're going to ve be maybe triple digits in some of the valleys and 50's at the coast. i mean there's going to be a 50 degree temperature between where to go so here you go you can expect where that's going to be that's going to be on the cool side right there near the golden gate. we've got the sea breeze blowing. >>and that is carry with it some low clouds and some fog in the bay right now from timber on looking cut me tell you see the clouds kind of a roller right over the marin headlands right now more the
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fog going to spread in the bay, but all the way to the interior valleys overnight tonight you can stay nice and clear inland of course we have had the fires to be concerned about i think by the end of the week fire danger is going to be elevated not going to see those strong offshore winds that could be very dangerous the fires but it's going to be very very hot of course the dry grass around into the sea breeze in the afternoon that can start the fire is moving along pretty well but the fog is moving in along the coastline right now we'll see more that overnight tonight and then maybe just inside the bay. i don't think it's going to penetrate all the way to the interior valleys. high pressure just trying to build in here that's going to change everything but the winds will be kicking up in the afternoon hours some 15 even 20 mile an hour be showing up in the next couple days in the afternoon. so certainly enough to blow around around some of the fires that they do get started temperature of 85 degrees right now in san jose to 88 and sunny in fremont still hot 93 in livermore 94 degrees in concord a cool 56 are right on the coastline of pacifica and 63 degrees in san francisco. overnight tonight we will see
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some low clouds and fog make return tomorrow clouds early on and then lots of sunshine in the afternoon. i think much warmer as we head toward lot of part of the week in fact you see the big area read here. this going to slowly build in toward the bay area that a couple of systems that are going to kind of keep it to marginalize little bit further to the east over the next couple days but eventually that big dome of high pressure going to start to build in bringing that dry desert air back up in california in the bay area affected by tomorrow ternoon. i think we may see some temperatures in the central valley and about a 105 degrees or so so given the idea somehow whether had guys all right. still ahead intimidation by a school district after hundreds of families own lunch money to their schools. >>the district is now threatening parents who might not be able to afford school lunches for their kids. >>also a vicious prank by 2 men now little boys in the hospital after losing his hand
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what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better >>just a vicious prank pulled by 2 grown men leaves a little boy seriously injured it happened earlier this month in compton, re chambers with the details. >>the 10 year old aaron curry toe fights back tears and this consoled by his father. july 6 his birthday his life was changed forever. well outside his family's home in compton, 2 adult neighbors approached it. the blast blew off all of
5:26 pm
his fingers on his left hand and bird is right as well as his face and stomach. >>like i don't believe in adrian uh is one of aaron's older sisters and turned to accept the fact. >>and he needs me anything in those it is a big sister to come. >>and she says that aaron has already had 4 surgeries in just 12 days. this mangled left hand now is attach to his abdomen to help with blood flow and nerve damage. 3 weeks from now doctors will detach and free up what's left of erin left hand and send him home. the youngster though worries about acceptance staples center. >>that people are going to judge him once he goes home, we sat there he's strong and
5:27 pm
he's going into mess for those adults who had the fireworks to begin with. >>and tossed a lit explosive at air and. >>it's going get want to take. could on the scene in the world i pretty steady could be into. >>that was rick chambers reporting family members say one of the men suspected of be involved has been arrested investigators are looking at a second man. aaron will have to endure at least 2 more surgeries. >>the new terminal is getting ready to open at sfo tomorrow and it's honoring san francisco's, harvey milk we'll show you what to expect as you get ready for your flight. >>and he's make daily owner encourages customers to say send her back. >>to get a deal on their food order. the backlash and the support the owners getting tonight. plus we continue our breaking news coverage out of the north bay, a brush fire is burning in napa county near
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>>we're tracking breaking news in the north bay tonight where a fast-moving brush fire is forcing evacuations. the fires burning in that county. you see video of the battle here crews are working to try to keep those flames from spreading it's happening on reg canyon road that's at highway one 28 just south of lake berryessa and only about 60 miles east of saint helene a people living between the 6507,000 block of red canyon road in napa county they have been told. >>to leave their homes, lots of smoke in the area but many


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