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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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evacuations. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine for pam moore, this fire is burning in napa county crews have been. >>scrambling to keep the flames from spreading kron four's j r stone is tracking the fire he joins us live from the newsroom. jr crews making any progress. >>well catherine this fire is now at 55 acres in that certainly may not sound like good news, but keep one thing in mind when we came to at 5. it was 55 acres as well so that means it has not increased in size in the last hour or not to the point where officials have felt it necessary to update us on that. officials tell us that this is being called the canyon fire. it is located at highway one 28 and rag county road is 16 miles east of saint alina in napa county as i talk about this i want to go to the video that has come into our newsroom within the last 2 hours at this point it doesn't appear as though there have
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been any injuries, it doesn't appear as though any structures have burned either flames can be seen in some of the areas and smoke in other areas as to those evacuatio people living in between the 6507,000 block of rag canyon road in napa county have been told to leave their homes. this is a very rural area of napa county is located south of lake berryessa lots of smoke in the area but in many of the shots it now appears. the fire is limited to certain areas. you can see trees that are read due to the fire retardant that has been dropped the air attacks appeared to be doing the job here the us forest service is providing the aircraft's for this fire fight again, 55 acres have burned as we get new information on this fire. we will update you here during the newscast canned catherine now back to you. >>all right jerry, thank you and a pair of grass fires snarled traffic during the
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height of the morning commute first-time interstate 5 80 near the grant line road exit that of course on ultimate path as word does get pretty windy. firefighters put out the small fire quickly, but it did cause a major backup for several hours and on highway 2.42 near concord bumper to bumper traffic in the 07:00am hour after a grass fire broke out there. alongside the freeway in the commute direction toward interstate 6.80 you can see the dry brush on the side of the road there. >>and let's take a look at weather and what the firefighters are up against right now with the string of fires and it's been dry out there very dry out there we've got more of a westerly component the when usually we really worry about the severe fire danger we start to get that offshore wind. >>we're heading into those months were going start to see that right now more of a westerly component the winds in around the fire. so certainly that blowing fairly strong in the afternoon some the sea breeze around the bay area below we're 2030 miles per hour right now we're looking at 10 to 12 miles per hour right there near the fire
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lake berryessa so certainly that the blow that fire out a little bit but not the strongest winds that we've seen but otherwise we are going to notice some changes the next couple days here we go those winds tonight, yeah kind of breezy out there right now not real strong, but still breezy overnight tonight, those winds begin to calm down as well as different when pressure between the coast and many spots inland kind nullifies himself but then we're going to see things change again and we'll see things heat up in the central valley that will cause that strong sea breeze to kick in once again some of these winds by tomorrow afternoon would be blessed going to see that in spots as those winds going to be picking up on and off over the next couple of days, humidity is going to be dropping off to we're going to see a humidity getting near single digits in some parts of the north bay down about 29% as we head in toward tuesday afternoon to get the idea pretty dry there moist along the coastline of course with the sea breeze but look at this over the next 2 days things are changing. high pressure is going to be building in over the next few those temperatures going to be soaring in the 90's. maybe some triple digits as we head into the weekend of course
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that that he and you're going to talk about a rise in fire danger. thank you darren see contract. the weather in your neighborhood and get alerts when breaking news happens with the kron 4 mobile app download it. >>today. >>a big story we're following a bay area city at the center of the sanctuary movement now finds itself possibly in conflict with its own policy exists after the city became aware that immigration authorities have been using oakland's airport to deport thousands of immigrants kron four's dan kerman. >>live at the airport was more than. while the port of oakland which runs oakland airport says they didn't know about this until a week ago this a procedure stopped according to ice. >>in october of last year port of oakland says they just found out about it last week and they say they did nothing to violate the city's sanctuary policy. >>new research from the university of washington center for human rights shows from 2010 to 2018. ice chartered flights out of oakland airport to deport nearly 27,000 people and
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transfer another 16,000 2 other detention centers almost 1000 flights. >>went through a measure on international airport, according oakland is one of 9 airports in california that have been used by federal immigration authorities. i says it decided to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. as for the port of oakland which runs oakland airport. they say they knew nothing about this until a week ago for the port of open to not know that this is happening is an issue of transparency, it's an issue that the city of oakland specifically mare island libby shaft should look into edwin carmona cruises with benji legal services. >>which provides representation to immigrant communities. he says many of those on these flights have been given no access to legal counsel the mayor libby shaft should request that all individuals who are in the part of a local oakland are in this property have the right to due process and have the right to counsel. oakland is a
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sanctuary city. so much so that oakland mayor libby shaft there's even warn residents of pending ice raids. the mayor was unavailable for comment. but a spokesman for mayor sheriff says the mayor's office is reviewing this matter as it is of great interest to the mayor and our oakland values. we need to understand if this violated oakland sanctuary city policy before we can address it. >>ice officials say that they stop these charter flights out of oakland airport in october of last year they also say they never use these charter flights out of san francisco or san jose. they do admit they do this kind of a thing using commercial flights. the university of washington, researchers tell us those are impossible to track oakland airport. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dan investigators are trying to determine of a tesla was operating on self-driving mode during a fatal car crash. this was in san francisco yesterday 22
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year old ally whole resident kelsey cambridge was arrested after police say shran a red light she was in a rented tesla a tourist from clovis was killed his wife is in critical condition. police say cambridge was driving at least 45 miles an hour on taylor and o farrell, the posted speed limit is 25 miles an hour. cambridge was arrested on one count of vehicular manslaughter. one count of running a red light in the east bay concord police they're looking for the driver driver who hit a man and kept going motorcyclist being hit by a toyota prius sunday morning then run over by a pickup truck. the motorcyclist was speeding apparently trying to pass the press when they crashed eastbound on concord boulevard that's when a pickup truck driver, headed westbound hit them and the man was lying on the road at the time. the driver of the pickup did not stop police say the motorcyclist pronounced dead at the scene the prius driver has been cooperating with
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police. >>a santa rosa priest has been suspended by the diocese for allegedly stealing almost a $100,000 from force maureen kelly reports that at this point it's not clear yet if the priest will face any criminal charges. >>according to the diocese of santa rosa this all came to light after father oscar diaz got into a car wreck back on june 19th. it was then first responders found bags of money in his car. more than $18,000 in cash. the bishop says that money came from the resurrection parish of stony point road in santa rosa where father diaz served as pastor. >>the bishop says that discovery prompted an investigation that uncovered additional cash totally and excess of $95,000 which apparently was taken from several other parishes diaz has served in during his 25 year career, including saint josephs in qatar d but the
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bishops as the full extent of the theft may never be known. the bishop says there is evidence that diaz was sending at least some of the money to family and friends in his native mexico. parishioners here say diaz was a popular priest and find the allegation that he was pocketing donations from the collection plate shocking. >>it's upsetting yet you come to church thinking the money's going to go to where it's supposed to and so for this to happen it kind of you know. >>it's it makes you think you know have second thoughts and whether you want >>give money or not because you know where the money's going. >>the bishop says the us has admitted to taking money and had been doing so for some time despite that the bishop says the police have told him that the protocols suounding the collection accounting are such that it would be hard to come up with the proof needed to pursue a criminal prosecution. >>but late monday afternoon, the santa rosa police department issued a statement saying based on new
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information released by the diocese. they will be in touch with the diocese to take another look at the case, reporting from santa resign morning kelly kron 4 news. >>a man was killed when a strained hit his car that was this morning it happened near the intersection of junction and land avenues in livermore the man the only person in the car at the time. it's not clear yet what led up to the crash. a service on the train was delayed for about an hour and a half while authorities investigated. >>a woman has been arrested in connection with a 2017 fatal hit and run that killed a popular grocer us marshals arrested 20 year-old alicia phrase of san francisco last tuesday in stockton. she's now facing 6 felony charges. the man who was killed was gusts. maracas tannous a the 56 eur a popular san francisco grocer he was kicked hit and killed in the early hours of september 20th 22th rather at toland street and jeroen avenue near the bayview
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district in san francisco today, a public meeting was held in chinatown for neighbors who are worried about violent crime kron 4 charles clifford was there and has the details. >>well right now i'm standing in san francisco's chinatown this is a bustling part of the city full of tourists and locals pretty much every day of the year unfortunately they also see their share of crime here and sometimes it's violent crime since the beginning of the year there have been at least 8 high-profile violent attacks in the chinese community here in san francisco, including an attack just last week were 2 men were robbed and beaten in broad daylight here in chinatown and neighbors here want to do something about it today community leaders city officials and the police department held a public meeting, the talk about what's being done and answer questions. the police department said they have beefed up foot patrols in the area and also working on improving our response times they also say they need the public's help basically if you see something say something please reach out to us. >>so we can establish those lines of communications for the police department also talked about surveillance
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cameras have been installed along stockton street and that they hope. >>i will deter crime and catch those who are responsible and san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>candidate and california senator kamala harris. she's proposing a new bill to tackle water contamination that would be atnthe top of the list to get help plus an inside look at how isis operates during a ride along here in california. >>any spare resident calls how some video she shot at lake merritt has become. >>famous how she say
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>>started as a day of fun of barbecuing for family and oakland's lake merritt has become what some describe as a movement now the woman who recorded the famous bbq becky video tells kron four's haaziq madyun she'd like to talk to the woman who called police that day. >>the second annual barbecue while black event happened this past weekend at lake merritt in oakland close to 2500 people showed up to celebrate the food, the music, the community and culture of the town. >>i think it's a wonderful movement when i came this last sunday to barbecue my black the by energy was just everybody was just enjoying tether and the and the environment, it's a beautiful thing and michelle snyder. >>the woman recorded the now viral cellphone video seen all over the world says that she's happy that something positive. this happened in the wake of
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what was a really stressful event for her it became very personal because i was so worried about the police coming in getting the wrong impression and thinking that they were being violent towards her and it turning into one of those videos where they were. >>and getting shot by the police that i had this scene so that my and my heart was racing through the whole thing i was trying to just stay calm. >>if you had to go back and do it all over again would you are >>yeah of course i definitely i would do it today tomorrow any day. i feel like it's important to speak up for other people to i don't really get recognize. i put sunglasses recorded >>it was snyder's video that put jennifer shell to blast now the time fast. she says given the opportunity she would love to speak >>to that i mean i don't have any hatred or anger or i would love to know what she thinks nowadays you know has she changed has she changed her perspective a little bit does
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she know that a lot of people have also brought awareness of taking care of the lake as well and the environment. >>in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. caltrans another milestone in their repairs to the richmond sandra fell bridge, the upper deck concrete repairs are now done all 31 joined said now been replaced by a new country joints. >>work for the rest of the upper deck involve sealing those joints next year 30 joints on the lower deck will be replaced in the bridge is set to be repainted. >>all dmv offices will close for a half day this coming one stay this is so employees can be trained on processing real id requests. the officers will open at 01:00pm on wednesday. that's after roughly a 5,000 staff members are trained. the dmv says it's already saying an unprecedented demand for real i d applications and as the october 2020 deadline gets closer. they say that demand will only increase california senator and presidential
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candidate kamala harris is introducing a bill to tackle water problems across the country it is called the water justice act it would invest nearly $220 billion in claims safe drinking water programs. there will be a focus on high-risk communities and schools. harris wants to devote about $50 billion of the money to communities and schools where the water is already contaminated. >>all right, let's step outside on this monday afternoon slash evening with a beautiful view of downtown san francisco. >>and lawrence karnow is here it really was beautiful, but them pretty dry and warm. >>yeah, and i think we're get really hot by the end of the week we're going to you know spared much of july from any real he put that is all going to change is high pressure going start to build back in right now we're seeing some relief from the heat and that's because we have that sea breeze and that carries the low clouds and the fog you see that over the marin headlands now more that fog on the way tonight kind of spill into the bay and you see looking toward alcatraz right now. the city of san francisco has gone out the trash has
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gone the fog as that moving in over the bay temperatures today, it was hot in some spots, inland mid 90's in a little more in concord today to 7 degrees in santa rosa just a little bit above the average in san francisco, 67, 77 in ice in oakland and 86 degrees warm in san jose, but i think these headed upwards as we have specially toward the latter part of the week that some high pressure really begins to build in. so we are seeing that marine layer along the coastline and well we're going even see that later in the week ran a big contrast in temperatures maybe as much as 40 almost 50 degrees from the coastal areas to many of the valley's i think by friday and saturday of the end of the week. temperature wise right now it is 82 degrees in san jose 75 in mount cool 54 though in pacifica with that fog 78 just over the hill and sunny in san mateo 87 still warm and double in 91 caught in concord 90 degrees in st. louis in a and 77 degrees in the napa valley tonight low ouds and fog want to move back on shore most that just inside the bay along the coast. tomorrow clouds early on then here comes the sun shine in looks like some
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warmer weather back getting hot in many spots away from the coast. this week. and this is the reason why we've got a couple of systems here we've got one right here and then t% another one just off the coastline. in the gulf of alaska these 2 will help kind of suress this ridge just a little bit over the next couple days after that begins to change high pressure starts to build in and all that dry desert air that's been sitting on the 4 corner states that begins work its way back into california make these very hot away from the immediate coastline looks like they'll be enough of the sea breeze keep the temperatures cool right along the water's edge but other than that it is going to get hot in spots, maybe some triple digit heat overnight tonight, we'll see that patchy fog developing out there some of that pushing inside the bay and then early tomorrow morning that is going to give way to mostly sunny skies. the temperatures not bad tomorrow, you'll still find some 90's in the hot spots inland back toward the beaches you'll find patchy fog of the nation's highest suicide rates. >>now students air will have mental health days. what
6:21 pm
inspired young activists to pursue the change and up next you're not imagining it. summers really are getting hotter and fact june was the hottest on record for that month. >>but according to scientists, the effects of rising temperatures will be felt you're right. pretty it was just a little it is. >>kron four's award-nning original documentary and people have been killed. if you're going to worry about earthquakes to live in this area, a must-see special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these falls. the failed. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at 9 on
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>>in the evening, it seems hotter than ever outside you're right. in fact, scientists at noaa say last month was the hottest june at least a 140 years washington correspondent alexander lemon she reports that the extreme temperatures. we'll have extreme consequences. >>scientists at noaa's national centers for environmental information are constantly measuring and monitoring the earth's temperature to sanchez lugo is a climatologist there. >>and the way that i like to describe ourselves it's like at the ritz doctors she says the data is like the planet's vitals and there checkup in june wasn't good. >>because june with the hottest june on record he have
6:25 pm
chips goalies in the oceans to come out collect the data for us but as we and other countries that cement their monthly data last month's temperatures were measured against information. scientists have made collecting since the 18 70's if the conditions continued this will have implications for us scientists say climate change is already causing more severe storms and wildfires. sea level rise and food shortages around the world noaa says it collects the data so policy makers can make informed decisions but environmental organizations like the sierra club say there's no time to wait for the federal government to act. >>but the great news is that the states are still at the un climate california, new york state have passed really ambitious climate goals percent corporations sticking with the renewable energy targets and they said that's indeed, good news for the planet which needs all the help it can get. >>as noah says 2019 is likely to become one of the hottest 5 years ever on record. it's
6:26 pm
virtually certain here percent in washington alexander lee mount. >>seen a lot of people say they've never seen before thousands of puerto ricans marching in the streets, they're demanding their governor resigned. >>a 150 million americans including 15 million californians. all hit by the equifax data breach now the company is settled. how you can get some of the $700 million payout. >>and next at 6.30 the trump administration is making another move on the immigration front. how officials can now fast track. pr people being deported. it's been hot other parts of the country now we're talking about maybe some deep coming our way we'll let you know how hot next. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever
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>>the trump administration is expanding the fast tracking of deportations across the country immigration officers. we'll have more authority to deport migrants without requiring them to first appear before a judge the fast-track deportations well apply to anybody who's been in the country illegally less than 2 years until now expedited removal say only apply to people caught crossing the us border by land and not entering by boat or plane. the announcement came a week after the administration adopted a major policy shift to limit asylum we've heard a lot about the ice immigration raids ordered by president trump, there's still no evidence those raids materialize at least not yet.
6:30 pm
>>but ice agents. they have been a very busy nonetheless. cns paulvercammen rode along with ice agents and southern california to see what a typical day looks like for those officers. >>the ice field director in the sector emphasizing to us again and again this is a routine operation not connected to any threatened raids and they said they did not do anything special for the cnn camera. they had 4 targets they abandoned one of them due to time and distance but they arrested all 3 of the other ones and 2 of them sort of had a sense of resignation, one of them had reportedly then removed 6 times before they also brought in a woman who is a legal resident had a green card, she has 3 children. but they said that she had a criminal conviction for drug charges. she was extremely sad. we caught up with her inside a downtown detention facility. >>i have 3 kids born


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