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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 22, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>the canyon fire is burning in the north bay, the fast-moving brush fire sending plumes of smoke into the air and has forced evacuations. good evening, i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine for pam moore. this is happening in napa county where crews have been scrambling to keep the flames from spreading and we want to get right to kron four's seconds she is in that pond. >>taylor house the same looking now. >>much better than earlier now
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a couple of close calls for some families here. cal fire says that 9 homes were evacuated, but thankfully all of them were saved and nobody was hurt as you can see behind me here though road closures are still in effect at state road one 28 near monticello road and firefighters are still fighting this fire cal fire says the steep terrain and thick brush of this area may to these firefighting efforts more difficult. the call came in around 1 o'clock in the fire continuedo spread right now the fire sits at 55 acres but firefighters have a pretty good grasp on it it's at 60% containment as of the latest update less than an hour ago and cal fire says that they had 15 engines 6 different cruise along with air tankers, helicopters and water tankers on scene earlier that makes a total of nearly 200 people fighting this fire. and while it's early for these fires cal fire says it's a wakeup call for people to be prepared for fire season. >>they do their defensible space at home. the roof off the gutters and so forth
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dissolved, it really makes a difference even the lawn cut this reduced in the fields between your home and forced. >>now cal fire says that they don't know what caused this fire yet, but they said again it's an important reminder to be safe. and those who were evacuated aren't allowed back home quite yet. cal fire says that they're going to stay here overnight and into the morning hours to monitor this fire make sure it stays under control reporting live in napa county taylor the sackey kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor and we have a team coverage of the fire for you tonight i want to go now to our chief meteorologist orange car knows telling us how the weather played a factor in all of this orange absolutely it was nice actually to see taylor out there the when a flowing 2 heavily right now but yet wins the biggest concern i get those sea breeze is going in the afternoon and certainly that can kick around these fires are really spread them rapidly today, not a huge sea breeze, the dew see that westerly wind as we take into like various there near the fire. some of those winds to
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12 miles per hour right now but certainly in some of the canyons in and around the fire you can see some stronger gusts than that but overall we're see more of a westerly wind that is more of a moist when to sometimes this time of year and a little bit later in the season we can get. >>those offshore winds which are extremely dry. but the winds will picking up again overnight tonight though some side as they usually do tomorrow morning pretty calm out there just some 6 maybe 7 mile an hour winds. then we're going to watch things change again by tomorrow evening, those winds will once again pick up and of course fire started those kind of conditions they spread rapidly. >>thank you. lawrence and we first told you about this fire and the evacuations through a push alert you can make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app and get updates on the weather and news in your neighborhood. >>we have some breaking news to tell you about out of oakland all northbound lanes of interstate 8.80 the nimitz freeway are closed right now due to police activity. this is happening just south of 98 street that's one of the exes for the oakland airport. details are still coming in,
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but it's believed that the highway patrol is investigating a possible freeway shooting right now there's no word if anyone is hurt. there's also no estimated time for when the freeway might reopen we'll continue to keep an eye on this story and bring you updates as they come in. we want this is dash cam video of a fatal crash in san franciscom you can hear the moment the tesla ran a red light and crashed into a gray mini cooper. >>now walk san francisco at a local advocacy organization. it's calling on the city to declare state of emergency for traffic safety after sunday's deadly accident in the tenderloin neighborhood. >>a 21 year-old woman hit a husband and wife after running a red light police saying killed the husband kron four's michelle kingston is live with an update on the investigation. michelle.
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>>well this is the second deadly pedestrian accident in san francisco in just 4 days and that organization walk sf says urgent action is needed. >>absolutely devastated. i need these occurrences of pedestrian fatalities from traffic violence are occurring way too often jodi midair, us is the executive director for a walk san francisco demanding increased enforcement of traffic citations by police speed safety cameras in the lower speed limits every time. >>just heartbreaking to know that these are people whose lives are destroyed on sunday afternoon police say 21 year-old kelsey mariah cambridge of ran a red light in a tesla striking a mini cooper, causing both cars to lose control cambridge hit 2 pedestrians at the intersection of taylor and will farrell streets a husband and wife from clovis who were in san francisco celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary of according to the wife's facebook the husband 39 year-old benjamin dean was
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killed his wife was sent to the hospital in critical condition. cambridge was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and running a red light right now we can say that at this point alcohol or drugs or any type of impairment does not seem to be a part of the. >>collision right now. based on witness statements ah it speeding prior to the t was collision but doesn't the 2 things we can confirm right now everything else is going to be under investigation officers are investigating whether the tesla which was rented through that peer to peer car rental service get a read was operating in autopilot when the crash occurred. >>a spokeswoman for get around and said the company is cooperating with authorities and couldn't comment further out of respect for the families involved and the investigation under way. >>now walk sf tells me that they're going to be at city hall tomorrow morning they're asking city officials to declare a state of emergency that will take place at
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09:00am and the public is welcome to attend live in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>thank you michelle in the ealt bay, one person was killed another injured during a shooting in oakland this morning it happened just before 10:30am 6 to 6 avenue near bancroft's not too far from the east month town center. police arrived to find 2 men had been shot, one of them later died. there is no one in custody. police do not have any suspect information. >>oakland is known to be a city at the center of this sanctuary movement and now the city finds itself possibly in conflict with its own policies. there is a new report that says immigration authorities have used oakland's airport to deport thousands of immigrants kron four's dan kerman went to the oakland airport to get details. city of oakland and its mayor libby shaft been at the forefront of the sanctuary movement. >>with the mayor even warning residents that ice raids were to come that lies in stark contrast to new research from
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the university of washington's center for human rights which shows from 2010 to 2018. i started nearly a 1000 flights out of oakland airport to deport people the total number >>people directly get 40 the oakland airport. i'm trying to percent 2010 is 26,000. 800 see she said according to no clear what the data shows another 16,000 were transferred other detention centers. >>i says it decided to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. as for the port of oakland which runs oakland airport. they say they knew nothing about this until a week ago a part of and which should know what is in their property edwin to cruz's with pen she a legal services which provides representation to immigrant communities. he says many of those on these flights have been given no access to
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legal counsel often times ice will just flow will flow of 5 people out of the country as fast as possible. >>i'm in violate these rights the city of oakland should request that there's a proper procedure and protocol that is being followed that sanctuary process is being held as well as due process oakland's mayor was unavailable for comment. but a spokesman for mayor sheriff says the mayor's office is reviewing this matter as it is of great interest to the mayor and our oakland values. we need to understand if this violated oakland sanctuary city policy before we can address it. an ice spokesman says they never chartered flights out of san jose airport for san francisco airport but they indicate they also use commercial flights. >>which the university of washington indicates are impossible to track. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>now leading to big repairs on the richmond sandra fell bridge. a suspect is still on the loose as men take a police investigate a deadly shooting at a playground why officers
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>>the center is a priest has been suspended by the diocese for allegedly stealing almost a $100,000 according to the diocese of santa rosa. this all came to light after father oscar de us got into a car wreck back on june 19th first
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responders found bags of money in his car more than $18,000. a bishop says that money came from that resurrection stony point road in santa rosa. her father dia served as pastor. bishop says that discovery prompted prompted an investigation. there are uncovered additional cast totaling more than $95,000. there is evidence diaz was sending at least some of that money to family and friends in mexico. parishioners say the us was a popular priest and they find the allegation that he was stealing donations from the collection plate shocking. >>it's upsetting yet you come to church thinking the money's going to go to exposed to and so for this to happen it kind of you know. it makes you think you know have second thoughts and whether you want get money or not because you know where the money's going. >>the bishop says diaz has admitted to taking money and had been doing so for some time. despite at the bishop says the police have told him because of the protocol surrounding the collection. it
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would be hard to get the proof needed to pursue a criminal prosecution. >>oakland police are looking for a driver they say nearly hit officers and pedestrians near lake merritt police pulled over a man and a 2019 chevy camaro along lakeshore avenue near sunset cove, this was sunday night. the car has racing stripes on the hood and the roof, temporary plates. police say the driver suddenly took off narrowly missing police and other pedestrians. the car was later found in fremont the driver is missing. he is described only as a man in his 20's. following at least 8 violent attacks in san francisco's chinatown this year. police say they're working to improve safety. the police and city officials they held a public meeting in china town today to talk about crime prevention efforts. police captain robert hicks says that more officers are now patrolling chinatown and he says they're working to improve their response times and he reminded the public
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about surveillance cameras that have been installed along stockton street in the hopes of course of deterring crime and catching criminals. >>drivers on the richmond center fell bridge might be noticing a smoother ride this week caltrans crews are now wrapping up the monthslong emergency repairs to replace the falling concrete from the bridge's upper deck but as kron four's noel bella tells us there's still a lot of work to be done. >>we're trying to get as much life out of the structure as we can there's still many years left caltrans spokesman bart ney says after months of working to replace 31 expansion joints on the richmond center fell bridge is upper deck. motorists can relax. >>there's no more steel plates on on the upper deck, they won't feel any any bumps when they're when they're going over the top of that between february and april of this year a failed to join was blamed for causing several pieces of concrete to fall some cases on top of cars may says now that all the upper deck joints have been replaced
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bill start looking at the joints on the bottom deck. >>at the end of the year will put out another contract for richmond center fell bridge will replace the bottom 30 joints and out. perry car. >>even with the recent replacement state assemblyman marc levine says he knows it is a strong this bridge in the day. >>levine's request caltrans and the metropolitan transportation commission have designated billions of dollars to figuring out how much longer the 65 year-old bridge can last from from an engineering standpoint you can keep maintaining a bridge like that. >>and right now we're doing is evaluating what type of maintenance we need to do he can't go.
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>>now levine is hoping to receive those reports from the ntc and caltrans by early next year as for the joint replacements the joints or end, however, crews still need to go in and put the seals into the joints that is going to take the next couple of weeks and will require some nighttime lane closures at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza noel bellow kron 4 news. >>and time for a check on the weather as we look live outside of the embarcadero. >>very nice on this monday night and lawrence he said you're sticking your neck out a little bit on the forecast tonight. i like to go bold yes ago bull tonight with my forecast yet why not that's right. but i think we're looking at some triple digits ahead so yeah we've got some hot weather head. you see the fog right there just a thin deck outside. love or looking parts of san francisco looking toward the golden gate bridge right now but that just going to be a thin layer overnight tonight, most that along the coastline inside the bay today. it was hot enough
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already inland yet. 96 degrees in livermore 96 in concord temperatures in the 60's and san francisco, beautiful 70's and sunny in oakland 86 degrees for a high in san jose to 87 in santa rosa. i think the temperatures getting much hotter. as we head toward lot of part of the week. here's that fog though kind of diminishing right now as it begins to dissipate somewhat of high pressure kind of taken over with more of a northerly component to the wind temperature wise still very nice outside 80 degrees in fremont 80 in livermore 78 degrees in dublin, 71. and now the 69 degrees in san mateo much cooler the coastline only 53 with that patchy fog pacifica 58 in san francisco right now and 64 degrees in petaluma so yet working on a nice evening, the low clouds and fog beginning to return mainly along the coastline and just inside the bay. a lot of part of the week i think we get hot in some of the valleys air quality looking good, though that's the good news. so far i'm not of the sea breeze to keep things mixed in the atmosphere. i think we may see some air quality problems a lot of part of the week, but this the reason why i think we'll see some hot temperatures got a couple of systems out here in the
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pacific they're going to kind of suppress this ridge over the next couple days probably through wednesday that ridge is going to start to build in a the desert southwest and that is bringing some very dry desert air right back in the california tomorrow, even in the central valley likely to see some triple digits by the weekend. i think we're looking at some of the valleys in the bay area possibly toward livermore concord maybe an antioch probably talking about some triple digit heat at least there guys back to you. thank you lawrence. >>2 people were shot at a children's playground in man t co one of them was killed the other injured reporter christy girls talk to police about the suspect is still on the loose. >>shots fired in broad daylight near the playground at this man to go park on sunday, turning a place where kids play in families gather into a crime scene officers arrived on scene located 2 individuals who are victims of gunshot wounds. >>both were transported to local area hospitals were unfortunately succumbed to his injuries and the best way meant because police sergeant joel who nicholson days double shooting bold it happened at one 19 in the afternoon at southside park.
8:20 pm
>>less than a mile from the police station in the middle of the in such a public area obviously is is an additional concern for us police responded within minutes, the t away we don't currently o have anybody under arrest for detained at this the detectives are still working the case to san joaquin county coroner's office identified the victim as 19 year-old brandon escobar police say the second victim a 30 year-old man was shot in the hand investigators tell fox 40 this was a targeted attack and one make sure the public understands this does not appear to be random act escobar's murder, it is the second of the year 20 got we're fortunate man take a is a fairly safe community we don't have the homicide rates of of other communities. however. many homicides is one too many, so we treat all homicides with top priority. we don't want anything like this to occur. >>in the city at all so we're there only working to solve the case. >>in mantega christy grosz. still ahead 150 million
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8:24 pm
recorded that famous bbq becky video tells kron four's haaziq madyun she would love to talk to the woman who called oakland police that day. >>the second annual barbecue while black event happened this past weekend at lake merritt in oakland close to 2500 people showed up to celebrate the food, the music, the community and culture of the town. >>i think it's a wonderful movement when i came this last sunday to barbecue my black the vibe energy was just everybody was just enjoying tether and in the environment, it's a beautiful thing and michelle snyder. >>the woman recorded the now viral cellphone video seen all over the world says that she's happy that something positive. this happened in the wake of what was a really stressful event for it became very personal because i was so worried about the police coming in getting the wrong impression and thinkinthat they were being violent towards her and it turning into one of those videos where they were. >>and getting shot by the
8:25 pm
police that i had this scene so that my and my heart was racing through the whole thing i was trying to just stay calm. >>if you had to go back and do it all over again would you are >>yeah of course i definitely i would do it today tomorrow and the at i feel like it's important to speak up for other people i don't really get recognize. i put sunglasses recorded >>it was snyder's video that put jennifer shell to blast now the time is fast. she says given the opportunity she would love to speak >>to that i mean i don't have any hatred or anger or anything and i would love to know what she thinks nowadays you know has she changed has she changed her perspective a little bit does she know that a lot of people have also brought awareness of taking care of the lake as well and the environment. >>in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>i really thought we sent around here that we would never see her again. >>the nurses and the
8:26 pm
dispatcher who helped save a little girl's life come together to celebrate recovery. >>also after the break millions of californians are affected by the epa fact facts i have settlement i don't know look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners,
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well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. learn how homeowners are strategically using a reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, pay for healthcare, protect investments, and so much more. look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better >>it was the biggest data breach involving social security numbers in american history. so now the california attorney general is filing the largest ever settlement of its kind in response olivier de janeiro reports on the equifax
8:29 pm
data break from sacramento. >>personal information of more than 147 million americans and some 15 million of those americans here in california. had been revealed. >>to hackers the equifax breach happened back in 20 17 when the credit reporting agency failed to apply critical software to protect customers data hackers exposed names, social security numbers birthdays addresses and even driver's license numbers when companies collect a personal information. >>especially our social security numbers, those companies have a legal responsibility to secure it and to protect it. it's not just a breach of security. it's a breach of public trust the attorney general announcing today equifax will pay up to million in a settlement over the breach. >>about 425 million of that will be available in a restitution fund for victims
8:30 pm
that includes money to cover things like the out of pocket expenses and payment for time spent dealing with the data breach they'll also provide the people affected with free credit monitoring for up to 10 years equifax is one of just 3 agencies in america with permission to access the scope of information that was leaked. but the attorney general hopes this case will set the president for other businesses to better protect our personal information as well. we need to put confidence back into the work on financial in sacramento, olivia de janeiro. the city of santa rosa held the first of 3 public workshops today on the development of a community wildfire protection plan. >>the workshops were aims to identify and address the threat of a wildfire in the city's wild land urban interface in today's workshop residents are asked to complete a survey before october 1st on how the city can become more resilient to wildfire one part of the plan could include during the education along major roadways
8:31 pm
to provide safe evacuation routes. other community workshops in the plan are set for this thursday and also on august 14th in santa rosa. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look well looks like the fund is mostly burned a bridge that was savvy just a short time was so heavy earlier yet looks pretty good. >>kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow soon you're talking about considerably hotter >>you're very hot weather some of those temperatures maybe 40 to 50 degrees cooler along the coastline of for the valleys you're going to see that heat cranking up outside certainly high pressure building in now it's going to stick around. i think that ridge going to really strengthen as we get into thursday and friday in the coming weekend. that's what we're talking about some of the hottest temperatures of the week ahead, but yeah early on we had that fog of moved in through the golden gate come that evan flow here now the backed up and broken up somewhat so i think that will be the trend here little less fog in the coming days as high pressure is going to take over so we've got 60's in the san francisco, mostly sunny tomorrow come check in with a
8:32 pm
sunny 71, but 81 degrees in san jose sunny and bright all day long. fog low clouds as high pressure builds overhead really going to be compressed mainly just near the coastline will have enough of the sea breeze keep the fog moving in toward the beaches but won't be able to crawl very far inland. that means i'm going to get pretty hot away from the immediate coastline in the coming days in fact next couple days some to watch out for 2. some of the monsoonal moisture getting wrapped around the ridge of high pressure that's going to be building back in the california for camping, especially a lake tahoe on southward. i watch out for the possibility, some thunderstorms that could affect travel plans. if you head up in the high country. speaking a hot tomorrow is going to be hot already in the fresno 105 degrees expected there. a 104 in bakersfield 98. in the sacramento valley kind of a preview of some things to come possibly the bay area later on in the week. temperatures in the mid 60's in the san francisco 58 on the sunset with a patchy fog 59 am pacific inside the bay of find some 60's there along the peninsula warming up those 77 redwood city 75 woodside 83 in
8:33 pm
cupertino 84. in campbell about 79 in milpitas temperatures sneaking up in the 80's the low 90's well inland even by tomorrow afternoon. so kind of a down day tomorrow but not for long as these temperatures going to soar we have that much in the way of heat the better part of july but that i think is about to change as we round out the month. temperatures warming up quite a bit as we head into thursday and friday and by saturday. we're talking about the possibility some triple digit heat that continuing on sunday. but you look along the coastline. there. those numbers on the bottom temperatures almost 40 degrees cooler out toward the beaches. the cal fire dispatchers says he was shocked when a man named john flynn reached out to him. >>the 2 last talked on the 911 call in may when john's daughter ran has stopped breathing and the dispatcher walked him through infant cpr and even the nurses at the hospital where and was taken they didn't think a little girl would survive. >>reporter lonnie wong takes us to the emotional reunion.
8:34 pm
>>most people believe the rent certainly wouldn't be here that work for the extraordinary set of circumstances it was hit and miss for the next 10 2 months later those who had a hand in a recovery got a treat to resuscitate and have her come that's a rare day you work for all of your career it all began with that 911 call john has taken a cpr course is the first time had use it was my own daughter. >>i didn't do anything so when i was told follow directions after her daughter's long recovery john had time to reflect time of my only daughter. >>i just kept i want to be that guy i want to be back you got that chance today with both got a heart association award given to those who save a life with cpr it was an emotional moment, for chris who almost never hears from the people he helps very rewarding friends mom also credits prayers and hospital workers or daughter's
8:35 pm
recovery, we'll just never forget them and. will be forever thankful as for chris he doesn't wear the heroes mental very well it itself. anybody else in the within the same exact job, but it's chris who has the gratitude of ran and her peers, you know auburn. >>lonnie wong. >>new findings of the medical community may lead to a new approach in the way anorexia is treated reporter britt conway explained to the newest connection to the eating disorder. >>when a person suffers from anorexia nervosa most of their treatment is built on the psychiatric aspects of the eating disorder. but new research could change that approach. the study published in the journal nature genetics
8:36 pm
found a correlation between anorexia and metabolic traits researchers studied the dna of nearly 17,000 people with anorexia along with 55,000 healthy people. those with anorexia had many of the same genetic markers as other subjects who are found to be at risk for psychiatric disorders like ocd and depression. but they also had markers for high physical activity and certain metabolic traits like low body mass index. researchers say identifying certain genetic precursors can help build a more complex treatment schedule for enter or exit patients. one that not only treats the mental health portion of the disease. but the metabolic one as well before that happens though more research on the role metabolism plays in the disease, we'll need to be completed. for today's health minute. i'm britt conway. >>i had a student straight out of high school decide to take a semester off
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!?
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they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. >>the tour guide in northern california is using a boat on a fly fishing reel to help police officers who maybe have seen a little too much on the job and to learn more reporter avery took a trip with some of the officers on the sacramento river.
8:40 pm
>>mason stature guides fly-fishing worst. because he's been married. >>been through officer-involved shootings. a couple of them. the day in day out stressors that occur on patrol from the death little children too. suicide everything you can imagine in between. >>he's a medically retired deputy sheriff and says time on the water helped him. >>with the law enforcement academy is there's a focus on being tough and not talking about things and get the job done move on that takes a toll on people. >>what do i describe it basically is you have a backpack on when you start
8:41 pm
this job and as you start going through your job but you got a call maybe you got a crash or something like that you rock and backpack. the kerry that rock with you the rest your career. you go to the death of a child put another rock and a backpack and it just keeps building and building and building and building he calls the blue line >>a pending nonprofit he's hoping to expand being able to help other people sometimes is expression when you've gone through things and you're able to help others that are going through the same thing so that maybe they don't go down a path for a way that. >>an angle that you and that >>enough one fish. >>i'm not making any money but i'm getting a lot out of but i've been the able meet some amazing people. a steady line of heroes in my boat has been unbelievable. >>next today playing for big
8:42 pm
money would you let your kids to like college to play video games. the students say will help them eventually get to school debt free is force the a's march in houston, one of the hottest teams in baseball,
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>>if you've never told your kids to turn off their ex-boxer playstation and do their homework. this next story might be for you young adults are now getting paid to compete in video games, whole
8:45 pm
new world meaning that your child could now counter your argument with i'm practicing to be part of the golden state warrio gaming squad. kron four's j r stone following the story joins us now with more on this i guess he served their professionals right to get paid to play video games say are and i think that would be accurate to >>they're using acts boxes and playstations and competing playing on nba 2 k you can see i've got my ex bob playstation controllers. so maybe i'm good to go in that direction this is an nba video game. now recently i met up with the golden state warriors squad. steph and klay weren't there. and aren't even on the team, but charge early and jen all. >>that actually if they do to play the game so. >>yes you heard that correct. charlie bostwick gets paid to play video games with the golden state warriors gaming squat he's known online as cb 13 were all from different places from new type is from
8:46 pm
india. >>these moves from portland like we're all from different parts of the world will came here to play so it's actually a full-time well sort of you see these players are under 6 month contracts with the nba team that they're gaming squad is owned by in this case the warriors they make anywhere from 32 to 35 grand during those 6 months. >>and can earn more money during tournaments that may not sound like a lot of money to keep in mind their housing costs are covered food, covered transportation of tournaments covered medical insurance and retirement plans are also yes covered. >>of the misconceptions is that these guys are just play the video game all day die like their grandparents basements are in their parents basements very good that no there so we have a lot of players that are also going to call it. part-time during all seasons. these young young people becoming adults 5 of
8:47 pm
the 6 players on the warriors gaming squad are actually enrolled in college. >>the 6 has already finished college to participate in the gaming squad. those 5 took off the semester. and initially their parents were a bit hesitant about the move suffers when i told my mom, i'm happy to be a job out of college for this mess. there like the spring semester and pursue this. >>she's kind of like what are you talking about was it was like you know you're never going to get anywhere playing the game and now that this is an opportunity for me you know. >>she's nothing but being supportive now, but it's not so easy to get here. >>it's the best nba, 2 k gamers against the bass players choose to play on either acts box one or playstation 4. they have headsets and speakers and can talk to their teammates during the game. there are 21 teams was 6 players making up each team. 126 players. hundreds of thousands who competed on line to get here. it's the new age sports version of the
8:48 pm
hollywood 1980's movie called the wizard one focused around super mario brothers it's headed for video championship. the sky and just like in the movies, the competition is he did. earlier this year players from the boston celtics and atlanta hawks squads bomb shoulders after their video game match of the tournament in new york, a caught on video the warriors squad was actually there and play immediately afterwards jen chau says his team is not full of just game earners birds. he himself sometimes smack talks with opposing players. >>play it on plate or like going to the moment i get up and guess i say something to the team. so the a chestnut that says something like that there's a plan that this as i say has led the just like my tennis had a little bit.
8:49 pm
>>so as a long-term gig for these players that's still up in the air but charlie says he's taking the extended college drought, not for the party benefits with the financial ones that will hopefully come with some video game ways. >>and whether a taking 6 very like you said i'll probably end up finishing college in the positive rather than negative with that so that's the main point on this. >>so there you have it your kids can have a video game career or at least are one as for the warriors gaming squad playoff start on wednesday. they are the a seed and they take on the blazers gaming squad who is the number one seed all these games are on youtube and they are streamed live. j r stone kron 4 news. >>been enjoying the best stretch of bay area baseball. all year these last couple weeks but after starting the 2nd half of the season at 72. they is are facing a big test in the houston astro's red hot oakland came into today with
8:50 pm
14 wins in their last 18 games and a one-game lead for the final play. a little bit tonight, houston celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this week. and bottom of the second. takes bailey davis that the saudis left field 2 run homer says nothing. hits a three-run home run off bailey, they gave up 9 runs in only 2 innings how to disastrous second start with oakland for him and this was pretty much indicative of a night french litter. the first is that the inning is over. so they're 101st easily advance to an uncovered 3rd base.
8:51 pm
>>so can still leads by game though. >>well here in the bay area we know you can't put a price on what the golden state warriors have meant to fans in recent years, but forbes magazine decided to do it anyway in their list of the 50 most valuable sports franchises released today, golden state came in at number 9 worth a whopping billion up 13% for last year, those 3 nba titles certainly didn't hurt the team's value and with a read set to open here in san francisco's this season. the warriors are in a good position is hang on to their spot in the top 10. here's how some of their bay area teams fared as mention orders or 9th. the 40 niners check in at 16 a value of 3 point o billion. the giants are 18 the value of $3 million and the raiders whose value should be going up because of their new las vegas stadium. at 34th at
8:52 pm
a value. 2.4 2 billion of the a's and the sharks did not not me the top 50 better luck to them. next year. isn't it nice when you can keep things simple? well, now you can switch to sprint and get both an unlimited plan and the all new samsung galaxy s10 included for just $35 a month. see what i mean? simple. for people with hearing loss, visit
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>>the mayor of honolulu signed a short term vacation rental bill into law yesterday goes into effect on august first anyone operating a bed and breakfast after that without a permit could be fined. this is
8:55 pm
being described as a landmark legislation. >>the law lines harsh fines and the use of online advertising as keys to enforcement reporter jen bunnies a follows up. >>this august marks the end of the era of short-term vacation, rentals running rampant in our neighborhoods. mayor kirk caldwell signed a bill into law to get a handle on the problem. >>you know i believe that bill 89 is a perfect i would like to see a little bit more balance. but as i remind myself and many of the shoe heard me said to let the perfect get in the way the good this is a good deal. >>he says it's about balance the existing 770 nonconforming you certificate rentals are allowed along with vacation rentals posted and on hosted in resort areas like waikiki colina and turtle bay. the law will allow 1700 being bees to apply for permits across the island with the exception of the north shore registration for permits will not begin until august first 2020 in
8:56 pm
force making changes on the dpp conducting digital stings based on short-term rental advertisements. hosting platforms are required to submit monthly reports to the dpp regarding rental listings. and all advertisements must include a permit number from the dpp without a permit. a $1000 fine will be imposed on the first date jumping to $5,000 for each additional day. if the rental does not comply after a month. face a reoccurring fine. >>and a reoccurring find means it's $10,000 a day. so people want to ignore the notice that they can or c from the permanent planning and permitting we want to continue to do this reoccurring finds jump from 5,000 the 10,000. it's really pretty tough and we're hoping bring people into compliance. >>complaints from neighbors will also continue to be investigated by the dpp real.
8:57 pm
>>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock, yes, it does. but our primetime coverage just getting started on this monday night grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at night. >>thanks very much coming up next tonight. we have new dash cam video showing a tesla speeding moments before crashing killing a tourist in san francisco that suspected driver. now behind bars facing several charges plus 2 deadly train accident are under investigation tonight this after a car collided with strain in the east bay and a person was struck by caltrain on the peninsula details next in a live report also fire burning in the north bay closing parts of highway one 28 how the fire fight is going as we speak in with the latest on the evacuations near kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
8:58 pm
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
9:00 pm
>>good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis the cann fire burning in the north bay that fast-moving brush fire sending plumes of smoke into the air and is now forcing evacuations good evening, everyone it's happening in napa county crews scrambling to keep the flames from spreading. we start force taylor the second tonight who is live in napa taylor, how are things looking.


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