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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 22, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis the cann fire burning in the north bay that fast-moving brush fire sending plumes of smoke into the air and is now forcing evacuations good evening, everyone it's happening in napa county crews scrambling to keep the flames from spreading. we start force taylor the second tonight who is live in napa taylor, how are things looking.
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>>well things are looking much much better than earlier today, i'm no longer seeing those large flames and that heavy smoke but as you can see there's still some road closures here behind me near state road one 28 here monticello road again they're not letting those people who were evacuated on through and again as i said things are much worse earlier today. >>flames smoke and families evacuated as nearly 200 firefighters battled this scene in napa county you're steve irwin 28 in red canyon road the graffiti and thick brush. >>the winds just that the winds were very strong but with the graffiti. this was a tough slog roughy driven fire in it makes her with the thick brush made the effort to little a little different. >>9 homes were evacuated in saint in addition to the 6 brush. cal fire says the steep terrain made firefighting efforts challenging on monday. they called and 15 engines and
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6 screws along with air tankers helicopters and water tankers to tackle the area known as the canyon fire with the aircraft and the and a. >>fire crews on the ground they did really good aggressive work to save those structures when they initially got here at the latest check the fire now sits at 55 acres. >>that 60% containment firefighters say it's a wake-up call to be prepared when fire season hits full force to do their defensible space at home. the roof off the gutters and so forth is all it really makes a difference keeping the lawn cut this reduced in the fields between your home and forced. >>cal fire says they still don't know the cause of this fire yet and they will remain they will keep this road closed here throughout the morning also be here tonight and into the morning to continue to monitor this fire reporting live in napa county taylor sackey kron 4 news taylor. thank you and crews were busy with another grass fire earlier this morning off
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the ultimate past their livermore cal fire crews in california highway patrol arrived to the fire just after 5 in the morning. >>chp assisted with traffic and periodically shut down lanes of 5.80 westgound and then that east as well as crews work to fight get those the from burning in the center divide this caused a major back up in the westbound lanes from tracy all the way to livermore crews were able to knock the fire down and contain it at about 5 acres. >>by season's here you know it's a good rating in august. the wave coming through right now, everybody's training even of our hydration >>and as we said the good news there crews successfully mock-up the fire they created a fire line with the dozer before they were able to leave they're still investigating the cause though. >>joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow obviously the weather a factor in all of this is this is a live picture outside over san
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francisco and this week figures to get hot, especially in see i think fire danger definitely be on the rise. we a lot of part of the week some these temperatures going to very toasty high pressure now building in out of the desert southwest, it's going take a few days really to get set up here, but i think as we get into thursday and friday and next weekend we're talking about some triple digit heat courtesy of ridge coming out the desert southwest at the pump in that dry desert air so yeah, it was certainly the winds are concerned you got the seabreeze around today most of that just a westerly wind now you generally get a westerly wind you're talking about more moisture associate with that coming out of the pacific but the winds kind of kicking up around a the fire there you can see to 10 even 12 miles per hour. that's what we're seeing right now certainly that's a concern but we can see much stronger sea breezes some 20 some 30 mile an hour sea breezes this time of year of course that a school fire along pretty well now overnight tonight we want to watch winds begin to the decrease in tomorrow morning's you're talking 5 maybe 7 miles per hour. but again by the afternoon, those winds will
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once again start to pick up and of course we get a fire started or put that entirely out of course that could be concerned humidity also going to be on the decrease as we take through tomorrow as we're going to see that sunshine and the dry conditions 2030% so not the drives that we've seen again we've got more of a westerly component to the wind and that means that that will keep things a little bit more moist in the atmosphere and that certainly hold down the fire danger fog that had been moving in early on is moved away some what we've just got some patchy fog along the coastline. highs today still hot inland. we have some 90's showing up in the interior valleys, 96 and live more 96 in conquer 67 degrees in san francisco, 77. in oakland's 86 degrees in san jose 87 degrees in santa rosa. but i think much hotter weather is on the way as we've got fog building in along the coastline. that fog is going to bring with it some cooler temperatures toward the beaches. but in the valleys guys this is where it gets really interesting at this time of year we're going to see huge contrast in temperatures by the end of the
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week we're talking maybe some triple digit temperatures 30 plus miles per hour in the may be down into pleasanton and livermore concord but you get out toward the coastline. those temperatures as much as 40 to 50 re schoolers guys back to you. our large now to 3 deadly train accidents that are being investigated this evening, the first was this morning in livermore when a car collided with strain. >>the other to involve people who were hit and killed by cal traits from prison dorn is live along the tracks and burlingame tonight with more. >>on these crashes than. >>o vic investigators have been busy with these 3 deadly crashes crews just wrapped up the scene here in burlingame where a man was struck and killed by a caltrain earlier today but then just before 8 o'clock tonight, a second accident involving a caltrain another person struck and killed this time in mountain view, it's still unclear. what led up to all of these accidents, but it is raising awareness about safety along the tracks. >>absolutely devastated. i
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need these occurrences of pedestrian fatalities from traffic violence are occurring way too often jodi midair is that the executive director for walk, san francisco demanding increased enforcement of traffic citations by police. >>speed safety cameras in the lower speed limits. but the city. >>investigators are looking into 3 deadly crashes involving trains monday. caltrain spokesperson says 2 people were struck and killed by trains will trust passing on the tracks. the first happened in burlingame around 4 45 in the afternoon. investigators in crews responded to the scene near california drive and north point people living nearby were worried to hear about what happened. >>oh horrifying this is really horrified. >>jamie rodriguez lives a few blocks from the burlingame train line. he says most people know you're not going to beat the train when crossing but others ignore the clearly marked signs.
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>>every time you have you have to look both ways because sometimes learn it's they're not saying that change come in. >>they're just not here here now. >>the second deadly count train accident happened just a few hours later in mountain view officials say the person was on the tracks near castro street. when a train with more than a 100 people on board struck and killed him and just before 08:00am another man was killed when his car was struck by an a strain in livermore video from a passenger on board shows the car wrapped around a power pole near junction avenue and old for street people looking on to see if the man is okay the service between the stockton and san jose line was delayed for hours. passengers were later transferred from that train to another train. >>the identities of the victims in all of these crashes have not been released at this caltrans service continues to be affected by
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some delays and the mountain view incident is now the 9th deadly accident to happen involving a caltrain in 2019 reporting live in burlingame dan thorn kron 4 news and thank you we have breaking news out of oakland right now all lanes of northbound 8.80 their back open now. >>after a freeway shooting there this was happening just south of 98 street according to chp it happened after 00:30pm tonight. we're told that a man in a dark colored sedan began firing at another vehicle was 2 men inside. authorities say the driver was hit both he and the passenger were taken to the hospital. the injuries do not appear to be life threatening. that's according to police the shooter. still on the loose tonight. >>the chilling sound this is new video and you can here the tesla crashing into they badly that tesla badly injured a
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woman and they killed his wife they were in town in san francisco from the central valley celebrating their anniversary that crash. it was just terrible is yesterday in the tenderloin yeah police say a 21 year-old woman. she struck a husband and wife after running a red light killing the husband. >>offers michelle kingston has an update on the investigation. >>absolutely devastated. i need these occurrences of pedestrian fatalities from traffic violence are occurring way to austin jodi midair is that the executive director for walk, san francisco demanding increased enforcement of traffic citations by police. >>speed safety cameras in the lower speed limits. but the city seeing 2 deadly pedestrian accidents in just 4 days every time. just heartbreaking to know that these are people whose lives are destroyed on sunday afternoon police say 21 year-old kelsey mariah cambridge of ran a red light in a tesla striking a mini cooper, causing both cars to lose control cambridge hit 2
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pedestrians at the intersection of taylor and will farrell streets a husband and wife from clovis who were in san francisco celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary of according to the wife's facebook the husband 39 year-old benjamin dean was killed his wife was sent to the hospital in critical condition. cambridge was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and running a red light right now we can say that the at this point alcohol or drugs or any type of impairment does not seem to be a part of the. >>collision right now. based on witness statements ah it sounds like the suspect was speeding prior to the collision but doesn't lead to things we can confirm right now everything else is going to be under investigation officers are investigating whether the tests low which was rented through that peer to peer car rental service get a read was operating in autopilot when the crash occurred. >>a spokeswoman for get around and said the company is cooperating with authorities and couldn't comment further out of respect for the families involved and the
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investigation underway on tuesday morning walk sf will be in front of city hall demanding that city leaders to clear a state of emergency the public is welcome to attend. >>it begins at 09:00am in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news in the east bay concord police are looking for the driver who hit a man and kept going surveillance video here shows a motorcyclist. >>who was hit by a toyota prius sunday morning. the biker was then run over by a pickup truck. the motorcyclist was speeding and trying to pass the previous according to police when the biker crashed with the previous this is eastbound all conquered boulevard. a pickup truck though driving westbound then hit the biker who was lying on the road. the driver of the pickup did not stop the motorcycle is pronounced dead at the scene. the prius driver is cooperating with police. also in the east bay, one person is injured and another is dead after a shooting in oakland this morning. it happened just before 1030 on 66th avenue near bancroft not
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far from the eastman town center right now nobody is in custody. and there is no suspect information. a developing story tonight. investigators identified the woman found dead last week in san jose has 44 year-old maria gordon. >>of san jose police found her thursday morning near the guadalupe river trail, less than half a mile from this as a peace center they called her death suspicious. the medical examiner's office is still working on the cause of death if you have any information about the case here of being asked to call san jose police. the big story tonight, a santa rosa priest has been suspended by the diocese for allegedly stealing nearly $100,000 kron four's maureen kelly reports that at this point it's not clear if the priest will face any criminal charges. >>according to the diocese of santa rosa this all came to light after fo the oscar diaz got into a car wreck back on june 19th. it was then first responders found bags of money in his car. more than $18,000
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in cash. the bishop says that money came from the resurrection parish all stony point road in santa rosa where father diaz served as pastor. >>the bishop says that discovery prompted an investigation that uncovered additional cash totally and excess of $95,000 which apparently was taken from several other parishes diaz has served in during his 25 year career, including saint josephs in qatar d but the bishops as the full extent of the theft may never be known. the bishop says there is evidence that diaz was sending at least some of the money to family and friends in his native mexico. parishioners here say diaz was a popular priest and find the allegation that he was pocketing donations from the collection plate shocking. >>it's upsetting yet because i mean you come to church thinking the money's going to go to where it's supposed to and so for this to happen it
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kind of you know. it makes you think you know have second thoughts and whether you want give money or not because you know where the money's going. >>the bishop says the us has admitted to taking money and had been doing so for some time despite that the bishop says the police have told him that the protocols surrounding the collection accounting are such that it would be hard to come up with the proof needed to pursue a criminal prosecution. >>but late monday afternoon, the santa rosa police department issued a statement saying based on new information released by the diocese. they will be in touch with the diocese to take another look at the case, reporting from santa resign morning kelly kron 4 news in san francisco, a public meeting was held in chinatown for people who are worried about violent crime in their neighborhood. >>community leaders and city officials and the police department held a public meeting to talk about what is being done. the police department says it has beefed
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up foot patrols and working to improve response times. authorities also say that they do need the public's help since the beginning of the year there have been at least 8 violent. attacks in the chinese community, including one week ago, where 2 men were attacked and robbed during the day in chinatown. >>please reach out to us. so we can establish those lines of communications. >>the police department also talked about surveillance cameras that have been installed along stockton street they of those new cameras will help deter crime and catch criminals. >>well it started in the east bay is a day of barbecuing for a family at lake merritt in oakland has now turned into what some people are calling something of a movement. now the woman who recorded the famous bbq becky video tells kron 4 says it did you. she loved to talk to the woman who called oakland police that day. >>the second annual barbecue while black event happened this past weekend at lake
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merritt in oakland close to 2500 people showed up to celebrate the food, the music, the community and culture of the town. >>i think it's a wonderful movement when i came this last sunday to barbecue my black the vibe and energy was just everybody was just enjoying tether and the and the environment, it's a beautiful thing and michelle snyder. >>the woman recorded the now viral cellphone video seen all over the world says that she's happy that something positive. this happened in the wake of what was a really stressful event for her it became very personal because i was so worried about the police coming in getting the wrong impression and thinking that they were being violent towards her and it turning into one of those videos where they were. >>and getting shot by the police that i had this scene so that my and my heart was racing through the whole thing i was trying to just stay calm. >>if you had to go back and do it all over again would you are >>ye o course i definitely i would do it today tomorrow
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any day. i feel like it's important to speak up for other people to i don't really get recognize. i put sunglasses recorded >>it was snyder's video that put jennifer shell to blast now the time is fast. she says given the opportunity she would love to speak >>to that i mean i don't have any hatred or anger or anything and i would love to know what she thinks nowadays you know has she changed has she changed her perspective a little bit does she know that a lot of people have also brought awareness of taking care of the lake as well and the environment. >>in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>also in the east bay and oakland police are looking for a suspect who they say nearly hit officers and pedestrians that was right near lake merritt that happened on lakeshore avenue around 6 15 last night police say guy driving a 2019 camaro with racing stripes was pulled over and when officers tried to get the man out of the car. they say he recklessly sped off narrowly missing officers and
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other pedestrians the suspect's car was found in fremont a few hours later, but they're still looking for that man tonight and police in walnut creek are looking for the 2 men who you see there on the screen officers say they used a stolen credit card and made purchases at a cvs in walnut creek. police are asking anybody you might recognize either of these 2 men to give them a call. >>on the peninsula police arrested a man who they say tried to assault a woman at a park, but she managed to fight him off it happened friday night at creekside park in mountain view police say 30 year-old sergio martinez approached the victim while she was listening to a podcast they say that he put his hand over her mouth lifted her off the ground and tried to carry her away. the woman's kicking and screaming caught the attention of people nearby and martinez allegedly ran off. he was found in the park the next morning and arrested the 29 year-old victim is expected to be ok. drivers on the richmond
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sandra fell bridge might be noticing a little smoother ride this week. the monthslong rair isinally wrapping up caltrans crews have been replacing falling concrete member those pieces of concrete that fell on cars. >>that was on the bridge's upper deck but as kron four's reports the road work is actually far from over. >>we're trying to get as much life out of the structure as we can there's still many years left caltrans spokesman bart ney says after months of working to replace 31 expansion joints on the richmond center fell bridge is upper deck. motorists can relax. >>there's no more steel plates on on the upper deck, they won't feel any any bumps when they're when they're going over the top of that between february and april of this year a failed to join was blamed for causing several pieces of concrete to fall some cases on top of cars may says now that all the upper deck joins have been replaced bill start looking. >>at the joints on the bottom deck. >>at the end of the year will put out another contract for richmond center fell bridge will replace the bottom 30 joints and out just take it.
9:21 pm
perry car. >>even with the recent replacement state assemblyman marc levine says he knows it is a strong this bridge in the day. >>levine's request caltrans and the metropolitan transportation commission have designated billions of dollars to figuring out how much longer the 65 year-old bridge can last from from an engineering standpoint you can keep maintaining a bridge like that. >>and right now we're doing is evaluating what type of maintenance we need to do he can't go. >>as for those joint replacement on the upper deck, the joints are in however, crews still need to go and put
9:22 pm
in the seals to the joints that's going to take the next couple of weeks so drivers can expect some nighttime lane closures at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza noel bellow kron 4 news. >>still to come would various civil rights groups are saying after learning ice agents may have used the oakland airport to deport thousands of immigrants plus playing for big money would you let your kids delay college to play video games. how the students say it will help them eventually get to school debt free and 150 million americans including 15 million californians all hit with that equifax data breach now the company is settled
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>>for your money tonight credit reporting agency equifax is paying a massive fine for the largest data breach in us history, the 2017 equifax hack, jack exposed the personal information. >>of nearly a 150 million people so what do you do if you're affected. and how do you protect your data from getting stolen yet again. mary maloney has a closer look in today's consumer watch. we need to put confidence back into the word confidential. >>a hefty fine for massive head. equifax is expected to pay as much as million for the 2017 data breach that exposed the private information of nearly 150 million people. >>lee vigorously encouraged.
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every person who was impacted by the equifax data breach to apply for the relief they are entitled to if you think you were affected. officials say go to equifax breach settlement dot com to find out if you could file a claim as part of the deal the credit reporting agencies also required to change. >>how it handles private user data. but how do you keep your data safe. cyber security experts at lifelock say you should consider these options. one get a cdit freeze which keeps potential creditors from accessing your credit report. also sign up for fraud alert and credit monitoring. so that you'll get notified any time someone applies for credit in your name. get identity theft protection. this monitors, your credit and one or all of the 3 reporting agencies and the tech suspicious activity. these days you can't be too safe. these 3 credit bureau reporting companies collect that information but if they
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collect it. they must protected. for consumer watch i'm mary moloney. >>up next a new report suggests ice use the oakland airport to deport thousands of immigrants now civil who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too.
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be a city at the center of the sanctuary movement now the city finds itself possibly in conflict with its own
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policies. a new report says immigration authorities have used oakland airport to deport thousands of immigrants kron four's dan kerman reports. >>new research from the university of washington center for human rights shows from 2010 to 2018. ice chartered flights out of oakland airport to deport nearly 27,000 people and transfer another 16,000 2 other detention centers almost 1000 flights. >>went through condo international airport according to the ny senate race oakland is one of 9 airports in california that have been used by federal immigration authorities. ice says it decided to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. as for the port of oakland which runs oakland airport. they say they knew nothing about this until a week ago for the port of open to not know that this is happening is an issue of transparency, it's an issue that the city of oakland specifically mare island libby shaft should look into edwin carmona cruises
9:31 pm
with benji legal services. >>which provides representation to immigrant communities. he says many of those on these flights have been given no access to legal counsel the mayor libby shaft should request that all individuals who are in the part of a local oakland are in this property have the right to due process and have the right to counsel. oakland is a sanctuary city. so much so that oakland mayor libby shaft there's even warned residents of pending ice raids. the mayor was unavailable for comment. but a spokesman for mayor sheriff says the mayor's office is reviewing this matter as it is of great interest to the mayor and our oakland values. we need to understand if this violated oakland sanctuary city policy before we can address it. an ice spokesman says they never chartered flights out of san jose airport for san francisco airport. but they indicate they also use commercial flights which the university of washington says are impossible to track. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news
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in east bay delhi shop was not open for business today after its owner received backlash over the weekend for making a controversial post on facebook. >>john can s a is the owner of saysrooklyn heroes who made a post that included the term center back and offered free food to any customer who said it. his post comes just days after president trump suggested for congress women of color to go back to where they came from send her back was enchanted at the rally for the president in north carolina. >>and he was to say whatever they want to you they want i don't know why somebody would say something like that. >>i know the business owners is only hurting yourself, you know if a business standpoint because now he's taking away money that he could have had from other americans you know and he's limiting him so. >>the restaurant is expected to reopen tomorrow. well in the south bay now the ashes of a 3 year-old girl that were
9:33 pm
stolen from a san jose cemetery. >>have been returned to the family discovered that was missing last thursday from the calvary catholic cemetery. the thief also took a golden cylinder containing locks of the girl's hair. the little girl died 4 years ago after a battle with cancer. an anonymous person return the urn to the family yesterday. and in the north bay sheriff's deputy say they're looking for a man involved the theft at a hardware store in petaluma it happened last night. this is a picture of a vehicle that police are investigating 28 year-old elliott malone is also a person who police want to find police say he's one of 2 men who broke into friedman's home improvement, stealing power tools officers say they caught up to them and a short time later but malone was able to get away they're still looking for him tonight, police say they arrested the driver of that getaway vehicle and identified him as 70 year-old john silva. >>police in fairfield are searching for someone who they
9:34 pm
say hit a bicyclist and drove away. this is a picture of the car, they're looking for police say a 58 year-old woman was riding her bike in the bike lane on sunset avenue not far from east travis boulevard last week and that's what they say a red 2003 saturn suv ran her over the victim is in critical, but stable condition. >>massive protests shut down the streets of puerto rico today as thousands of people demand the governor's resignation comes after the governor announced sunday that he would not seek another term in office buddy refuses to step down after the release said offensive chat messages. cnn's leyla santiago report. >>hundreds of very the elements the filling the streets of san juan. >>demanding governor he got to the step aside or be impeached after hundreds of this kind of messages for published some suggesting systematic corruption and abuses of power.
9:35 pm
>>and just are safe to say is out of touch with the people of puerto rico and the league chance we're merely the tipping point i am fed up with us even government i >>option. i am that a planned the lack of she'll visit to announce sunday that he would not seek reelection in would step down as president of the new progressive party on the island my contention is that i need to work. >>beyond so that we can address some of the longstanding problems of corruption here put the recall and fix that problem. >>not it now says his opponents that are now home for him to leave office the crimes committed by the governor or so her and us. >>that it cannot. puerto rico's center for investigative journalism published nearly 900 pages leave it chance showing a sense it and miss some messages between the governor
9:36 pm
and his inner circle that includes using homophobic slurs and suggesting violence against political opponents >>the people puerto rico and to see if the governor's seat will >>in the looking to the legislature in puerto rico to see if he'll take up impeachment. this is an attack it and people think that people in general. >>and with the tracks revealed is basically the breaking point. >>even president donald trump today is calling for the governor's resignation. >>saying he will say jewel mishandled the recovery from hurricane rita he's a terrible governor from the best thing that ever happened to puerto rico. >>the streets of and some demonstrations since last week sent peaceful, some turning point the many forecasters say today. it was like a new day. >>why is this today, different
9:37 pm
>>skies are mostly clear right now much hotter weather maybe some triple digits ahead we'll tell you when coming up next plus they're making big money but would you let your kids delay college to play video games so the students say. >>it will help them eventually get through school debt free. >>the red hot days ran into a buzz saw on
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>>we've been writing a baseball high. >>here in the bay area for the last couple of weeks both teams starting off a 2nd half of the season strong in fact entering today the a's had lost back to back games since june 8 opens been red hot with 14 wins in their last 18 games and a one-game lead for the final playoff spot but they were cooled off today and then the roof minute maid park in houston against the division-leading astro's beefing up in the bottom of the second scoreless. >>you're not over. run second inning for the stros on to the bottom of the 3rd 4 nothing astros yuli gurriel takes bailey deep off the facade in left field to run. 3 batters later 11 the d a hits a three-run home run off bailey, they gave up 9 runs in just.
9:41 pm
ouch the master second start with oakland. and now this here was indicative of a night bryant's litter gets the comeback or leave really talk to suffer says of the inning is over. it's too an uncovered 3rd base. a sad night for the a's in the final score says it all 11 1 castro's openings those still leave by a game. for the second wild-card spot. now here in the bay area we know you can't put a price on what the golden state warriors have meant to fans in recent years, but. >>forbes magazine decided to do it anyway and their list of the 50 most valuable sports franchises released today, golden state came in at. >>number 9 worth a whopping billion. don't leak of bought the team for just 450 million back in 2010. it's not about turn on that investment and with a new arena set to open here in san francisco this season. the warriors are in a good position to hang on to their spot. in the top 10. so
9:42 pm
here's a look at how some of the other bay area teams fared warriors in that 9th spot the 40 niners check in at 16 a value of 3 point o billion. the giants are 18th currently worth $3 million. and the raiders whose value should be going not because of their new las vegas stadium. they come in at 34th value of 2.4 2 billion as for the a's in the sharks. well they didn't make the top 50, better luck next
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>>time now to get a check on our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside this monday night the embarcadero in san francisco joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow we've been talking a lot about the hot weather and the unions and the fired in the fire danger all the concerns i think we're getting some very hot weather ahead here as we close out july. >>which pretty cool around the bay area but now we're starting to see some changes as high pressure really going to dominate our weather i think specially last part of the week a little haze out there couple patches of fog around the bay area kind of backed off a little bit with the fog now, but tomorrow we've got a lot of sunshine coming our way again 60's in the san francisco 70's in oakland beautiful, sunny and bright and in the san jose about 82 degrees sunny warm in the afternoon. low clouds and fog will see some patchy stuff out along the coastline early on tomorrow morning. high pressure builds overhead start to the press that marine air and just can stretch all the way inland. so we'll see that tomorrow morning at least near the coastline and that begins to break up a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. and then
9:46 pm
you'll notice over the sierra nevada as high pressure begins to build back in our direction. some of the moisture some of the monsoonal moisture starts to wrap around the circulation. around that region eventually start to see some of those thunderstorms popping up so be careful if you're traveling anywhere south. lake tahoe for the south across the sierra nevada be prepared you run some thunderstorms or plan to do some camping out there. hot temperatures to the central valley tomorrow, how about a 105 in fresno one oh 6 even hotter to bakersfield about 98 degrees in the sacramento, giving you a taste possibly of some things to come locally. the bay area toward lot of part of the week, 64 though much cooler to san francisco 58 in the sunset along the coastline, nice cool fall. look at those numbers down mainly in the 50's in the sea breeze there too. 65 degrees in millbrae abo 6 to 7 in burlingame in the 70's begin to pop up as you head further south 72 in san mateo 75 woodside 78 in mount view 70's 80's in the south a little haze in the afternoon, but air quality also still looking pretty good 80's and 90's as you head inland tomorrow,
9:47 pm
publish some low 90's tomorrow and then we're going to notice some changes as high pressure starts to build back in the next few days it will take a while to get going. but once that ridge builds in these temperatures really going to soar. i think a lot of part of the week 89 degrees expected high in santa rosa tomorrow, 81 the petaluma about 75 in and 79 degrees in sandra fell and then here we go then as we start to wrap up july the temperatures going to begin to heat up 3 of the wednesday and thursday the temperatures warming up back in the mid-nineties i think the hot spots in them. then the possibility some triple digits on saturday and sunday. but you notice that huge contrast in temperatures numbers almost 40 degrees cooler out toward the coast. i lawrence. we're told your kids to turn off their x box a station do their homework. >>the story might be for you young adults are actually now getting paid to compete in video games pain meaning your kid could doubt counter with in argument that has been legitimate hey i'm working here practice and to be part of the worriers gaming squad which is a think rob ford jr
9:48 pm
so following this story so we can call them professionals, technically i think you could and that would be accurate now i have my. >>x box and playstation controllers. these are little, although yes okay, well, although the new system that we're talking about nba to cain nba video game. now recently i met up with the golden state warriors squad. steph and klay weren't there and aren't even on the team, but charlie and jen are. >>i actually if they do to play the game so. >>yes you heard that correct. charlie bostwick gets paid to play video games with the golden state warriors gaming squat he's known online as cb 13 were all from different places from new type is from indiana. >>these moves from portland like we're all from different parts of the world will came here to play so it's actually a full-time well sort of you see these players are under 6 month contracts with the nba team that they're gaming squad is owned by in this case the
9:49 pm
warriors they make anywhere from 32 to 35 grand during those 6 months and can earn more money during tournaments that may not sound like a lot of money to keep in mind their housing costs are covered food, covered tournaments covered medical insurance and retirement plans are also yes covered. >>of the misconceptions is that these guys are just play the video game all day die like their grandparents basements are in their parents basements very good that no there so we have a lot of players that are also going to a part-time during all seasons. these young young people becoming adults 5 of the 6 players on the warriors gaming squad are actually enrolled in college. >>the 6 has already finished college to participate in the gaming squad. those 5 took off the semester. and initially their parents were a bit
9:50 pm
hesitant about the move suffers when i told my mom, i'm happy to be a job out of college for this mess. there like the spring semester and pursue this. >>she's kind of like what are you talking about isn't it was like you know you're never going to get anywhere playing the ge and now that this is an opportunity for me you know she's nothing but being supportive now, but it's not so easy to get here. >>it's the best nba, 2 k gamers against the bass players choose to play on either acts pox one or playstation 4. they have headsets and speakers and can talk to their teammates during the game. there are 21 teams was 6 players making up each team 126 players. hundreds of thousands who competed on line to get here. it's the new age sports version of the hollywood 1980's movie called the wizard one focused around super mario brothers >>it's headed for video championship. the sky and just like in the movies the
9:51 pm
competition is he did. earlier this year players from the boston celtics and atlanta hawks squads bomb shoulders after their video game match of the tournament in new york, a caught on video the warriors squad was actually there and played immediately afterwards jen chau says his team is not full of just game earners birds. he himself sometimes smack talks with opposing players. >>play at plate or like going to the moment i get up and they got or say something to the team. so the lesson much s i s s on the light. there's a plan that this as i say has led the just like my tennis had a little bit. >>so is it a long-term gig for these players that's still up in the air but charlie says he's taking the extended college drought, not for the party benefits with the financial ones that will hopefully come with some video game ways.
9:52 pm
>>and whether a taking 6 very like you said i'll probably end up finishing college in the positive rather than negative with that so that's the main point on this. >>so there you have your kids can have a video game career or at least start one as for the warriors gaming squad playoff start on wednesday. they are the 8th seed they take on the blazers gaming squad who is the number one seed all the games are on youtube and they are streamed live grant vicki. now back to you all right jr you might want to. >>update your playstation. a new terminal is getting ready to open at sfo tomorrow and it's honoring san francisco's harvey milk
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>happening tomorrow, the new terminal honoring san francisco icon harvey milk will open at sfo. >>the first phase of the billion redevelopment project will be completed tomorrow that's when the first 9 of 25 gates will open in the boarding area along with restaurants and a security checkpoint. the terminal was harvey milk terminal one after plans to rename the entire airport after him fell through. >>for over 40 years has been given help to so many people not just members of our lgbt community t pple from around the world who sometimes felt as if they didn't have a voice and i really hope that his message of hope resonates
9:56 pm
with them. >>and long after their visit here. >>the airport is also getting ready for its on-site hotel, it's the grand hyatt and scheduled to open at the end of september kind of check that out no doubt lot of changes there to sefo and that wraps up kron 4 news at night for prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne is standing by with kron 4 news at 10. thank you thank you grant next it and reminder that fire season hasn't peaked yet in the bay area crews have their hands full today. >>battling a fast-moving brush fire that threatened several homes in the north bay so far firefighters have managed to keep the flames from spreading. a live report coming up in just a few minutes plus disturbing new video showing a tesla speeding through an intersection just moments before crashing and killing a pedestrian. now we've learned the identity of the driver the charges she now faces and all lanes of northbound 8 80 in oakland are back open after a freeway shooting that sent 2 people to the hospital. the shooter is still on the loose don't go away hours free of kron 4 news
9:57 pm
in primetime starts right after the break.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
>>new at 10 a brush fire spreading in the north bay
10:00 pm
forcing several families to evacuate thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore that fire napa county is almost out at this hour it didn't damage any homes or businesses. but just the threat of more fires is going to continue this week we have team coverage on the fire threats tonight chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking rising temperatures but first we go to kron four's 10 of us acting for the latest on that fire in napa county taylor. >>well can things are looking much better here tonight, we're no longer seeing those large flames where that heavy smoke, but still a road closure here behind me at state road one 28 near monticello road. earlier today though things got a little too close for comfort for 9 families in homes that were evacuated. >>flames smoke and families evacuated as nearly 200 firefighters battled this scene in napa county you're steve irwin 28 in red canyon road the graffiti and thick brush.


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