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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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evacuate thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore that fire napa county is almost out at this hour it didn't damage any homes or businesses. but just the threat of more fires is going to continue this week we have team coverage on the fire threats tonight chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking rising temperatures but first we go to kron four's 10 of us acting for the latest on that fire in napa county taylor. >>well can things are looking much better here tonight, we're no longer seeing those large flames where that heavy smoke, but still a road closure here behind me at state road one 28 near monticello road. earlier today though things got a little too close for comfort for 9 families in homes that were evacuated. >>flames smoke and families evacuated as nearly 200 firefighters battled this scene in napa county you're steve irwin 28 in red canyon road the graffiti and thick brush. >>the winds just that the
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winds were very strong but with the graffiti. this was a tough slog roughy driven fire in it makes her with the thick brush made the effort to little a little different. >>9 homes were evacuated in saint in addition to the 6 brush. cal fire says the steep terrain made firefighting efforts challenging on monday. they called and 15 engines and 6 screws along with air tankers helicopters and water tankers to tackle the area known as the canyon fire with the aircraft and the and a. >>fire crews on the ground they did really good aggressive work to save those structures when they initially got here at the latest check the fire now sits at 55 acres. >>it's 60% containment. firefighters say it's a wake-up call to be prepared when fire season hits full force to do their defensible space at home. the roof off the gutters and so forth is all it really makes a difference keeping the lawn cut this reduced in the fields between y-ur home in the forced.
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>>cal fire says they still don't know the cause of this fire yet and those homes that were evacuated those families aren't allowed back yet either they say that this road closure of i mean will also remain into tuesday morning reporting live in napa county taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>and what they don't want is the winds to kick up overnight tonight sending some of those embers and spreading that around and possibly starting more fires so that if we're going to watch that tonight and the good news is the winds have started to calm down a pretty typical for this time of year to see those winds calming down overnight. we did have some was lying 1214 miles per hour in the afternoon. but now just dropping off they go 5 miles per hour. so the winds begin to subside somewhat likely going to see that throughout the night tonight but then going to pick up again by the afternoon. tomorrow morning we have starting out with some of those winds about 7 miles per hour or so but then as we head through the day those winds are going to begin to pick up and by the afternoon tomorrow again you start to see the colors beginning to fill in those winds 14, even 60 miles
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per hour that sea breeze kicking in and that's the good news is coming from the west. so it's going to up higher moisture content as those winds do begin to kick in. but certainly and those winds can cause some problems with fires anywhere around the bay area, not just in the north bay but at sea breeze a could kick up to be pretty strong in spots. humidity will also be dropping off into tomorrow afternoon 20, maybe 30% so not as dry as it can be you get some offshore wind is sometimes you see that in the single digits, but tomorrow, 20 to 30% in the afternoon, so dry but not as bad as it could be looking out toward the golden gate bridge right now we did have some patchy fog that has backed off just a bit. they we've got less fog in the forecast in the foreseeable future temperatures were hot spots in the mid 90's into livermore and 60's in the san francisco upper 70's in oakland today mid 80's in the san jose and 87 degrees in santa rosa certainly hop away from the coastline but we're going to see still enough of a sea breeze to keep the temperatures down near the coastal areas watch out for thunderstorms over the sierra
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nevada, especially about lake tahoe on southward that will be a factor in the coming days if you had the high country. outside right now very comfortable inside the bay 71 degrees right now in redwood city, 69 in fremont 68 in san jose at temperatures in the 50's along the coastline of the patchy fog 77 still warm in concord at this hour 61. in the napa valley, 59 degrees in santa rosa, 57 in petaluma tonight. we are going to see some that fog make its way back in the bay but can be very patchy early on tomorrow but mostly sunny skies and a much warmer huhne likely get very hot lot of part of the week look at this huge dome of high pressure sitting just to the east of us got a couple of week weather systems that will be moving to the gulf of alaska that would keep that a big ridge from building in but once those 2 systems move by we're going to see high pressure really begin to strengthen and that is going to bring that dry desert air back into the bay area and much of california will be sweltering out of the heat, those hot temperatures going to be soaring into the afternoon. the numbers moving up into the triple digits as those temperatures going to soar all around the bay area but right along the coastline.
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you're likely to have enough of the sea breeze so this could be one of those times where you see those temperatures that big contrast, maybe 40 maybe 50 degrees cooler out toward the beaches. but you're in livermore so you're sweltering in the thanks launches and a reminder for people living in santa rosa you're asked to complete a survey before october 1st. >>and how e city can better prevent wildfires. there are also 2 more public workshops on the development of a community wildfire protection plan. they are set for this thursday and again on august 14th from 6 to 08:00pm at the finley community center that's at 2060 west college avenue in santa rosa. >>breaking news out of oakland all lanes of northbound aid 80 are now back open after a freeway shooting the shooting was just south of 98 street about 00:30pm tonight, we're told a man in a dark colored sedan started shooting at another car that had 2 guys inside it. police say the driver was hit both he and his
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passenger were hospitalized. the injuries do not appear to be life threatening the shooter tonight. still on the loose. >>a deadly day long bay area railroad tracks has investigators looking for answers 3 people were killed in 3 separate accidents involving trains said the first happening this morning in livermore when a car collided with a strained the other 2 involve people being hit and killed by caltrain scott for stand or live tonight in burlingame where one of those deadly accidents happened. dan what can you tell us. >>well grande, it's been a busy day for investigators that are looking into these 3 deadly accidents crews just wrapped up here a short while ago where a man was struck and killed by a caltrain earlier this afternoon. and just before 8 o'clock tonight, another person was struck and killed by another caltrain this time in mountain view, it's still unclear. what led up to all of these deadly accidents, but it bringing up awareness about safety along the tracks.
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>>investigators are looking into 3 deadly crashes involving trains monday. caltrain spokesperson says 2 people were struck and killed by trains will trust passing on the tracks. the first happened in burlingame around 4 45 in the afternoon. investigators in crews responded to the scene near california drive and north point people living nearby were worried to hear about what happened. >>oh horrifying this is really horrified. >>jamie rodriguez lives a few blocks from the burlingame train line. he says most people know you're not going to beat the train when crossing but others ignore the clearly marked signs. >>every time you have cross a you have to look both ways because sometimes learn it's they're not saying that change come in. >>they're just not here here now. >>the second deadly count train accident happened just a few hours later in mountain view. officials say the person
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was on the tracks near castro street when a train with more than a 100 people on board struck and killed him. just before 08:00am another man was killed when his car was struck by an a strain in livermore video from a passenger on board shows the car wrapped around a power pole near junction avenue and old for street. the service between the stockton and san jose line was delayed for hours. passengers were later transferred from that train to another train. >>the identities of the victims have not been released at this time caltrain is dealing with delays throughout the night tonight and as for this mountain view crash that is now cal trains 9th deadly accident of 2019 reporting live in burlingame dan thorn kron 4 news dan thank you a developing story tonight. investigators identified the woman who was found dead last week in san jose.
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>>as 44 year-old maria gorton of san jose police say they found her thursday morning near the guadalupe river trail less than a half mile from the us, a peace center they call her death suspicious. the medical examiner's office is still working on the cause of death. if you have any information about the case you're asked to call san jose police. >>and these pay one person is dead and others injured after a shooting in oakland this morning that shooting happened just before 1030 on 66th avenue near bancroft not far from the easement town center police say they found 2 men who had been shot both taken to the hospital. one of the victims died right now nobody is in custody and there is no suspect information. in oakland police are looking for a driver who they say nearly hit officers and pedestrians near lake merritt last night around 6.15 police say they pulled over a 2019 camaro that had racing stripes on the couldn't roof also a temporary plates. but the driver took off narrowly missing officers and other people who are out
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there walking around investigators later found the car in fremont the driver is described only as man in his 20's. >>cocker police are looking for the driver who hit him and kept on going surveillance video shows the moment a motorcyclist was hit by a toyota prius sunday morning and then run over by a pickup truck, the motorcyclist was speeding and trying to pass a pre s when they crash eastbound on conquer boulevard has won a pickup truck driving westbound hit the man's body in the street. the pickup truck did not stop and left the scene the motorcyclist was pronounced dead. the driver of the previous stayed and is cooperating with police. milpitas police are looking for anyone who witnessed a hit and run from july a's. police say a 31 year-old man was walking westbound on the south side of east calaveras boulevard just before 9 o'clock at night. when a dark colored sedan hit him at a high rate of speed and drove away. the man suffered major injuries. police say the car involved maybe a 1990's model for tours for mercury sable it
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may have damage to the right front fender area. >>equifax is set to pay up to million in a nationwide settlement for a massive data breach that exposed the private information of millions of americans kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. how this settlement affects california. >>state officials say many californians are likely eligible for compensation in the equifax data breach that compromised sensitive information nationwide companies have a legal responsibility to secure it and to protect the 2017 data breach exposed names, social security numbers birth dates addresses and in some cases drivers license numbers of about 15 million californians nationally the company will pay out about million in civil penalties and million total in restitution for those who had to pay out of pocket for any related costs from the breach. >>you'll also be able to request reimbursement for your time and money spent trying to avoid or to recover from identity theft. such as money
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you paid out to freeze freeze your credit report. so i highly encourage everyone who may have been impacted by the equifax breach to sign up for the alert and to get the relief you're entitled to have you ever said i was one of dozens of state attorneys general who sued the company the sea will get million from equifax. >>money that will go toward fighting future cases like this money we receive in penalties gives us the opportunity to get ready to do with future violators so this way it's not just on taxpayers dime that we do the work protecting consumers, it's on the dime of those who violate the law california is entitled to compensation can visit equifax breach settlement dot com or call 1, 8, 3, 3, 7, 5, 9, 2, 9, 8, 2 in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the bay area city at the center of the sanctuary movement now finds itself possibly in conflict with its own policies. this after
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information that immigration authorities have used oakland's airport for years to deport thousands of immigrants kron four's dan kerman explains new research from the university of washington center for human rights shows from 2010 to 2018. ice chartered flights out of oakland airport to deport nearly 27,000 people and transfer another 16,000 2 other detention centers almost 1000 flights. >>which through condo international airport according to the ny senate race oakland is one of 9 airports in california that have been used by federal immigration authorities. ice says it decided to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland in october of 2018. as for the port of oakland which runs oakland airport. they say they knew nothing about this until a week ago for the port of open to not know that this is happening is an issue of transparency, it's an issue that the city of oakland it specifically mare island libby shaft should look
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into edwin carmona cruises with benji legal services. >>which provides representation to immigrant communities. he says many of those on these flights have been given no access to legal counsel the mayor libby shaft should request that all individuals who are in the part of a local oakland are in this property have the right to due process and have the right to counsel. oakland is a sanctuary city. so much so that oakland mayor libby shaft there's even warn residents of pending ice raids. the mayor was unavailable for comment. but a spokesman for mayor sheriff says the mayor's office is reviewing this matter as it is of great interest to the mayor and our oakland values. we need to understand if this violated oakland sanctuary city policy before we can address it. an ice spokesman says they never chartered flights out of san jose airport for san francisco airport. but they indicate they also use commercial flights which the university of washington says are impossible to track. in oakland dan kerman kron 4
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news. police say a santa rosa priest was caught stealing almost a $100,000 the diocese of santa rosa says this all came to light. >>after father oscar diaz scott caught it got into a car crash rather last month. here's his picture police say first responders found bags of money in his car more than $18,000. the bishop says that money came from the resurrection stony point road in santa rosa. her father dia served as a pastor. the bishop says that discovery prompted investigation that uncovered additional cash totaling more than $95,000. there is evidence that the us was sending at least some of the money to family and friends in mexico. parishioners say the us was a popular priest. >>it's upsetting yet you come to church thinking the money's going to go to what's most of and so for this to happen it kind of you know. >>it makes you think you know have second thoughts and whether you want give money or not because you know where the
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money's going. >>the bishop says diaz has admitted to taking money and had been doing so for some time diocese has since suspended the is drivers on the richmond sandra fell bridge might be noticing a smoother ride this week the monthslong repair work is wrapping up caltrans crews have been replacing the falling concrete from the bridge's upper deck but as kron four's know well below reports now. >>the road work is actually far from over. >>we're trying to get as much life out of the structure as we can there's still many years left that caltrans spokesman bart ney says after months of working to replace 31 expansion joints on the richmond center fell bridge is upper deck. motorists can relax. >>there's no more steel plates on on the upper deck, they won't feel any any bumps when they're when they're going over the top of it between february and april of this year a failed to join was blamed for causing several pieces of concrete to fall some cases on top of cars may says now that all the upper deck joints have been replaced bill start looking.
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>>at the joints on the bottom deck. >>at the end of the year will put out another contract for richmond center fell bridge will replace the bottom 30 joints and out. perry car. >>even with the recent replacement state assemblyman marc levine says he knows it is a strong this bridge in the day. >>levine's request caltrans and the metropolitan transportation commission have designated billions of dollars to figuring out how much longer the 65 year-old bridge can last from from an engineering standpoint you can keep maintaining a bridge like that. >>and right now we're doing is evaluating what type of maintenance we need to do he can't go.
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>>as for those joint replacement on the upper deck, the joints are in however, crews still need to go and put in the seals to the joints that's going to take the next couple of weeks so drivers can expect some nighttime lane closures at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza noel bellow kron 4 news. >>to san francisco supervisors want to ban natural gas from all new municipal construction and major renovations. sally brown and raphael man-to-man pran to introduce the legislation in september hoping to get it signed by the new year the supervisors say the proposal would reduce emissions a new city buildings to 0 and demonstrate the city's commitment to leading the transition to an all electric future. berkeley recently became the first city to ban natural gas in new buildings. meanwhile san francisco's office of housing and community development needs a new leader mayor breed today announcing that kate hartley is leaving her role as the office's director to work
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in affordable housing finance. hartley was appointed to the position 2 years ago by then mayor ed lee, current deputy director dan adams will serve as acting director during a search for a replacement. >>a tour guide is using a boat and fly fishing reels to help police officers who may have seen a little too much on the job julie avery took a trip with him to the sacramento river to learn about the new program. >>in a sense that your guide to fly fishing through officer-involved shootings. a couple of them. the day in day
10:20 pm
out stressors that occur on patrol from death little children too. suicide everything you can imagine in between. >>he's a medically retired deputy sheriff and says time on the water helped him. >>with the law enforcement academy is there's a focus on being tough and not talking about things and get the job done move on that takes a toll on people. >>what do i describe it basically is you have a backpack on when you start this job and as you start going through your job, but you got a call maybe you got a crash or something like that you rock and backpack. the kerry that rock with you the rest your career. you go to the death of a child put another rock and a backpack and it just keeps building and building and building and building he calls the blue line >>a pending nonprofit he's hoping to expand being able to help other people sometimes is expression when you've gone
10:21 pm
through things and you're able to help others that are going through the same thing so that maybe they don't go down a path for a way that. >>an angle that you and that is a. >>payment enough, one >>i'm not making any money but i'm getting a lot out of but i've been the able meet some amazing people. a steady line of heroes in my boat has been unbelievable. >>i was julie avery reporting, thatcher also does charter fishing trips for widows friends and family members and the program further. feeding tesla it's a couple killing the husband. tonight new video of the deadly crash that's now prompting organizations to demand more safety for pedestrians plus play video games for hours and make a lot of money sounds like a dream
10:22 pm
job right coming up we're going to introduce you to a squad of young men who are living that dream and celebrating a young life and her hero how a community came together. >>to recognize the cal fire dispatcher who helped her dad save his little girl. pretty it was just a little it is. >>kron four's award-winning original documentary and people haven't if you're going to worry about earthquakes live in this area a must-see week special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all these polls. felt good. >>they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at 9 on right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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emotional meeting between a cal fire dispatcher and the 2 last talked on a 911 call in may when the man's daughter stopped breathing and the fire dispatcher walked him through infant cpr saw her there in the video did even nurses at that hospital though where that little girl was taken didn't think she would survive. >>remarkable story here lonnie wong takes us to the emotional reunion. >>most people believe the rent certainly wouldn't be here that work for the extraordinary set of circumstances it was hit and miss for the next 10 2 months
10:26 pm
later those who had a hand in a recovery got a treat to resuscitate and have her come that's a rare day you work for all of your career it all began with that 911 call john has taken a cpr course is the first time had use it was my own daughter. >>i didn't do anything so when i was told follow directions after her daughter's long recovery john had time to reflect time of my only daughter. >>i just kept i want to be that guy i want to back you got that chance today with both got a heart association award given to those who save a life with cpr it was an emotional moment, for chris who almost never hears from the people he helps very rewarding mom also credits prayers and hospital workers or daughter's recovery, we'll just never forget them and. will be forever thankful as for chris he doesn't wear the heroes mental very well it itself. anybody else in the
10:27 pm
within the same exact job, but it's chris who has the gratitude of ran and her peers, you know auburn. >>lonnie wong. >>frankly it's getting harder for me to want to make a deal with iran because they behaved very badly. >>the relationship between the united states and iran seems to be gettinworse tonight as iran claims it arrested us how the conflict is now threatening one of our nation's closest allies plus enough is enough how the deadly crash over the weekend, the san francisco is prompting a new call for action. >>and temperatures going to be heating up as we wind
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>>the year the impacts and today we're seeing a video of that tesla that crashed and killed a pedestrian over the weekend in san francisco. the crash was yesterday in the city's tenderloin district police say a 21 year-old woman ran that red light and struck a husband and wife, killing the husband kron four's michelle kingston has the story. >>absolutely devastated. i need. >>these occurrences of pedestrian fatalities from traffic violence are occurring way to austin jodi midair says the executive director for walk, san francisco demanding increased enforcement of traffic citations by police speed safety cameras in the lower speed limits. but the
10:31 pm
city seeing 2 deadly pedestrian accidents in just 4 days every time. just heartbreaking to know that these are people whose lives are destroyed on sunday afternoon police say 21 year-old kelsey mariah cambridge of ran a red light in a tesla striking a mini cooper, causing both cars to lose control cambridge hit 2 pedestrians at the intersection of taylor and will farrell streets a husband and wife from clovis who were in san francisco celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary of according to the wife's facebook the husband 39 year-old benjamin dean was killed his wife was sent to the hospital in critical condition. cambridge was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and running a red light right now we can say that at this point alcohol or drugs or any type of impairment does not seem to be a part of the. >>collision right now. based on witness statements ah it sounds like the suspect was speeding prior to the
10:32 pm
collision but doesn't the 2 things we can confirm right now everything else is going to be under investigation officers are investigating whether the tesla which was rented through that peer to peer car rental service get a read >>was operating in autopilot when the crash occurred. a spokeswoman for get around and said the company is cooperating with authorities and couldn't comment further out of respect for the families involved and the investigation underway on tuesday morning walk sf will be in front of city hall demanding that city leaders to clear a state of emergency the public is welcome to attend. >>it begins at 09:00am in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>san francisco's mayor london
10:33 pm
cia spies arrested in iran all of them iranian citizens, iran claims all of them have confessed and that some suspects will be executed, according to iran's ministry of intelligence said the suspects were operating in key organizations as to shuns many in the private sector. >>he said the us central intelligence agency had used the cyberspace to recruit individuals president trump is calling iran's bluff. >>tweeting in response quote 0 truth just more lies and propaganda like they're shot down drone put out by religious regime that is badly failing and has no idea what to do tensions between iran and longtime american ally great britain also heating up with the lack of progress on iran seizure of the british
10:34 pm
oil tanker and its crew in their custody. >>iran continues on this dangerous they must accept the prize be a launch a western military presses in the waters along the coastlines frankly it's getting harder for me to want to make a deal with iran because they behaved very badly. they're saying bad things and i'll tell you it could go either way very easily very easily. and i'm ok i the way it goes. >>meredith wood kron 4 news. >>what may be the most anticipated congressional hearing in decades is set for this week, former special counsel robert mueller will testify publicly before congress on wednesday, moral speak before 2 house committees his spokesperson says he's been preparing with some of the aides who worked with him on the investigation. he's expected to mostly stick to his report during the testimony we'll be streaming mueller's testimony live you can catch it all at kron 4 dot com and continuing coverage of
10:35 pm
the hearing will follow on the kron 4 morning news. first the heat and then the heavy rain tonight parts of the midwest and the east coast are dealing with flooding here looking at video from eureka missouri that's on the top right corner of the screen. >>penn hills, pennsylvania, bottom left and worcester ohio. bottom right flooding, closed down roads damaged homes businesses as well as countless cars, turning out of the weather was lawrence karnow to keep us posted on what's going on across the country get those hot temperatures. those give rise to some big time storms now we've got a cold front dropping in on the back side of that ridge that really. >>he did things up and there you go you see all that rain making its way through the ohio valley stretching now along the eastern seaboard. brace more big time thunderstorms in their direction. we on the other hand kind of quiet outside the sea breeze blowing but we're going to see some of that hot weather come our way to some fog. you see there are right out along the coastline right now some of that slipping inside the bay, but very very patchy long-range forecasts
10:36 pm
show some changes coming our way we've had a couple of systems here here comes one rotating on and bring some showers and more activity more wet weather up in the pacific northwest behind that yet another one's going to come in these 2 really helping to serve to really keep that ridge of high pressure from building up very strongly just yet in the bay area but that is going to change. this one comes through as we head in toward friday. and then after that that big dome of high pressure really just kind of settles into the bay area. you see some of that wrap around moisture around that some of that monsoonal moisture kind of getting caught up in that making his way through arizona back across the sierra nevada as well that's something we have to watch out for in the coming days, but that ridge is going to build an overhead that is going to send temperatures soaring around the bay area's you kind of put the end. relieve of the statement of some hot weather as we get to the end of july so here we go whether on the way we'll see those temperatures warming up as we get into wednesday probably some mid 90's in the hot spots inland. then we're going to crank up the heat after those 2 systems move i think specially on saturday and sunday likely going to see some triple digit heat showing up in some of the interior
10:37 pm
valleys, medical and rahm will kick in starting on monday that much cooler weather expected. as we head toward the middle of next week. arts to the north bay sheriff's deputies are looking for a man involved in a theft at a hardware store in petaluma last night. >>we'll show you a picture of 20 year-old elliot, i'm alone police say he's one of 2 men who broke into friedman's home improvement and stole some power tools officers say they caught up to the men shortly later, but malone was able to get away they're still looking for him tonight. police say they did arrest the driver of the getaway car and he is identified as 70 year-old john silva police in fairfield are searching for someone who they say hit a bicyclists and drove away, here's a picture of the car, they're looking for. police say a 58 year-old woman was riding her bike in the bike lane on sunset avenue, not far from east travis boulevard last night that's when they say that red 2003 saturn suv ran her over the victim is in critical condition. what started as a
10:38 pm
day of barbecuing for one family lake merritt in oakland has now turned into what some are calling a movement another woman who recorded that video showing the now famous bbq becky. >>tells khan forces seeking she would love to talk to the woman who called oakland police that day. >>the second barbecue while black event happened this past weekend at lake merritt in oakland close to 2500 people showed up to celebrate the food, the music, the community and culture of that out. >>i think it's a wonderful movement when i came this last sunday to barbecue my black the vibe and energy was just everybody was just enjoying tether and the and the environment, it's a beautiful thing and michelle snyder. >>the woman recorded the now viral cellphone video seen all over the world says that she's happy that something positive. this happened in the wake of what was a really stressful event for her it became very
10:39 pm
personal because i was so worried about the police coming in getting the wrong impression and thinking that they were being violent towards her and it turning into one of those videos where they were. >>and getting shot by the police that i had this scene so that my and my heart was racing through the whole thing i was trying to just stay calm. >>if you had to go back and do it all over again would you are >>yeah of course i definitely i would do it today tomorrow any day. i feel like it's important to speak up for other people i don't really get recognize. i put sunglasses recorded >>it was snyder's video that put jennifer shell to blast now the time is fast. she says given the opportunity she would love to speak >>to that i mean i don't have any hatred or anger or i would love to know what she thinks nowadays you know has she changed has she changed her perspective a little bit does she know that a lot of people have also brought awareness of taking care of the lake as well and the environment.
10:40 pm
>>in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>still to come an arrest on a beach with a wh le lot of spectators will show you what police are calling something. it's a chase it could have been right out of a comic book. >>plus more than just video games. how these students are turning their hobby to get to school on debt free. >>and the giants reaching a milestone for the first time in almost a year. another thriller at oracle how they win again. kate has all the highlights coming up kron four's now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better >>if you've never told your kids to turn off their ex-boxer playstatn do their homework. the story just might be for you. young adults now getting paid to compete in video games. yeah, this is really means your kid could now. >>i have a nice comeback with the say get off the video games, hey, i'm practicing i'm working here. i got a job growth for j r stone his here with this pretty interesting jay. i mean these these kids are obviously like. >>the most skilled basketball
10:44 pm
video game where you yet or a party was going to say they're more professional than all v i mean i'm still on the x box 3.60 which is an old system and the playstation 2 and they look at me like what i was 8 years ago, these are professionals young video game professionals they're playing on nba, 2 k and nba video game. >>that recently i met up with the golden state warriors squad. the staff and clay portion of that squad wasn't there because they're not on this gaming squad. but charlie and jen they are on this team. >>that actually if they do to play the game so. >>yes you heard that correct. charlie bostwick gets paid to play video games with the golden state warriors gaming squat he's known online as cb 13 were all from different places from new type is from indiana. >>these moves from portland like we're all from different parts of the world will came here to play so it's actually a full-time well sort of you
10:45 pm
see these players are under 6 month contracts with the nba team that they're gaming squad is owned by in this case the warriors they make anywhere from 32 to 35 grand during those 6 months and can earn more money during tournaments that may not sound like a lot of money to keep in mind their housing costs are covered food, covered tournaments covered medical insurance and retirement plans are also yes covered. >>of the misconceptions is that these guys are just play the video game all day die like their grandparents basements are in their parents basements very good that no there so we have a lot of players that are also going to call. part-time during all seasons. these young young people becoming adults 5 of the 6 players on the warriors gaming squad are actually enrolled in college. >>the 6 has already finished college to participate in the gaming squad. those 5 took off
10:46 pm
the semester. and initially their parents were a bit hesitant about the move suffers when i told my mom, i'm happy to be a job out of college for this mess. there like the spring semester and pursue this. >>she's kind of like what are you talking about isn't it was like you know you're never going to get anywhere playing the game and now that this is an opportunity for me you know. >>she's nothing but being supportive now, but it's not so easy to get here. >>it's the best nba, 2 k gamers against the bass players choose to play on either acts box one or playstation 4. they have headsets and speakers and can talk to their teammates during the game. there are 21 teams was 6 players making up each team 126 players. hundreds of thousands who competed on line to get here. it's the new age sports version of the hollywood 1980's movie called the wizard one focused around super mario brothers >>it's headed for video
10:47 pm
championship. the sky and just like in the movies the competition is he did. earlier this year players from the boston celtics and atlanta hawks squads bomb shoulders after their video game match of the tournament in new york, a caught on video the warriors squad was actually there and played immediately afterwards jen chau says his team is not full of just game earners birds. he himself sometimes smack talks with opposing players. >>play at plate or like going to the moment i get up and they got or say something to the team. last s i s s on the light. there's a plan that this as i say as of the fence. just like my tennis had a little bit. >>so is it a long-term gig for these players that's still up in the air but charlie says he's taking the extended college drought, not for the party benefits with the financial ones that will
10:48 pm
hopefully come with some video game ways. >>and whether a taking 6 very like you said i'll probably end up finishing college in the positive rather than negative with that so that's the main point on this. >>so there you have it your kids can have a video game career or at least start one as for the warriors gaming squad. they start on wednesday. they are the ac they take on the blazers gaming squad who is the number one seed all these games are on youtube and twitch and they are streamed live. >>tonight's sports report. >>giants were in last place in their division and we all but written off this season that sure feels like a distant memory now because has the best record in the majors since the that's right. it's the san francisco giants. bruce bocce in company taking on the national league central leading chicago cubs tonight.
10:49 pm
>>it's a good topic for 2 nothing comes of it all more junior with a bloop into right field for us. anthony rizzo coming home later makes a good throw. in safely under the tag, it's a 3 nothing. for 3 companies now slater, his revenge driving won't even it triples alley in over that. ford's on rbi double its of for fort. the giants lead. 2 outs and 2 on sam dyson in for resting will smith gets the dangers, kyle schwarber. to end the game and the giants win it. and a 5150 there above 5 100 for the first time since august 14th of last steer they've also won 16 of 19 games, their last 5 winds at
10:50 pm
oracle park. it's been they just one. meanwhile the a's were in houston where they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this only they can about of the second score list yordan alvarez. 4 nothing astros yuli gurriel takes bailey deep, the facade left field the 2 run homer 6 nothing houston. bailey who gave up 9 one and in just 2 innings a disastrous second start the oakland for him, final score with the 11 1 asked out stays still lead by game from second wild-card spot. no they're sure hoping for when soon. >>well here in the bay area. we know you can't prput ae some of the golden state warriors have meant to fans in recent years, but. >>forbes magazine went ahead, it cited to do it anyway in
10:51 pm
their list of the 50 most valuable sports franchises at least today. golden state came in number 9 worth a whopping billion. 13% from last year. now those 3 nba titles certainly don't hurt the team's value and so with a new arena set to open here in san francisco this season. warriors are in a good position to hang on to their in the top 10. let's take a look at how some of the other bay area teams fared the 40 niners check in at 16 a value of 3.5 3 point o 5 make that billion dollars. the giants currently worth a value of billion their 18th and the raiders whose value should be going up because of their new las vegas stadium come in at 34th 2.4 2 billion dollars as for the is sharks didn't make the top 50 better luck next time. an nba legend is returning to the franchise that helped him become one. tim duncan will be the new assistant coach for the san antonio in 19 years with the
10:52 pm
team. >>duncan won 5 nba championships, he retired in 2016 and today head coach gregg popovich poke some fun at his new assistant saying quote. >>for 19 years as tim duncan's assistant, but he returns the favor. the spurs also promoted staffer will hardy to an assistant coaching role after the team lost longtime assistants ettore messina and him a earlier this offseason and finally i want to be stuck. and a 7 foot tall guy at a concert. well that's exactly what happened fans who showed up to e tomorrow land music festival in belgium this weekend because none other than shaquille o'neal. >>this time just enjoying the music like any other fan. and later he got in ship it action. now we know shack. knows how to take charge so now what about him getting her down there. looks like he's having the time of his life that i don't think i'd want to be in the mosh pit, no deal
10:53 pm
and might she like a bug all
10:54 pm
♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter?
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yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. get your yes for less at the new stores in west livermore and in union city. >>a police chase in southern california today could have been right out of a comic book, yeah officers say they went after a man who is dress dc comics joker and here's the pretty good. hard to miss you a guy in the greenway clown mask writing poking out the
10:56 pm
sunroof of the car the chase ended on venice beach where the guy took a stroll. and even helped bury a guy in the sand. like you do. he eventually surrendered. surrounded by a lot of police officers also says. >>something is still missing and that's i can't figure it out there just way. page fact is we've got some fog. there is trying to creep in along the coastline right now just patched up and illegal gate now it was covered in fog a little early on this evening, but has backed off just a bit we'll see more fog on the way but just inside the bay temperatures out there still were warm and spot 74 degrees in concord look at antioch still 80 right now 70 and live more 67 degrees in san jose that along the coastline of course got the cool sea breeze and the fog and 53 in half moon bay now tomorrow. i think we wake up with some patchy fog but it's going to be very patchy early on 50's and some 60's then toward the middle the day we're running up in the 60's inside the bay couple 70's, santa clara valley. and some 80's in the valleys keeping it cool on the
10:57 pm
coastline. and then we'll start to see some hot stuff so maybe some low 90's. well inland tomorrow afternoon, some 70's 80's around the bay and then some 50's 60's along the coastline. temperatures tomorrow should be comfortable inside the bay you'll see a lot of sunshine there 77 in fremont 79 to redwood city 76 in mill valley and then cooler weather along the coastline hot the valleys with some 90's there but and the next couple of days here we go we're going to see temperatures warm up a bit. high pressure taken over some looks like that big ridge is going to build up the desert southwest. expect some thunderstorms over the sierra nevada we're going to see some scorching temperatures publishing triple digit heat as we look toward next weekend following week. we go. >>thank we planned.
10:58 pm
it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack.
10:59 pm
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