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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 23, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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morning news, i'm robin winston filling in for darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and we've got to josh able here talking about the big story this week we had the weather and the heat high it and very warm out there temperatures well up into the 90's in the days to come today a lot like yesterday we've got a few spots in the 90's but for the most part we're still going to be sale and in the 80's for this one last day before we do see temperatures rise into tomorrow, this is your look outside at the golden gate bridge clear than it was yesterday, you have some low clouds right along the coastline. >>besides that though it is actually a much clearer start to the day than what we had for your monday that's the big change when you line up today to yesterday because temperatures those are going to be much different we're kicking off the morning again in the 50's and 60's by noon today, still very comfortable by the afternoon, staying comfortable at the coast and right along the bay while our inland areas getting on the warm side up near 90 degrees for a few spots into the 90's for others and for the rest of our forecast a lot more of us
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are about to be in the 90's i'm talking that forecast still to come. >>robert all right, thank you john we're checking in on a trouble spot. that's wrapping up in south san jose an early morning crash still active on south on one oh one at bailey we have fire crews on scene they're still working with a vehicle that ran off the road flipped over in the grass there on the shoulder just got word that all lanes are open now, but at one point we have to 2 right lanes blocked on south one on one at bailey traffic is already recovering in looking much much better. it's the northbound side the commute direction. that's much heavier and that's going to be slow leaving morgan hill for right around cochran, up to the crash scene at bailey which is on the southbound side northbound you're clocking in at 24 minutes for morgan hill to 85. a quick peek at the bay bridge traffic. there's a long line waiting for you if you need to squeeze into san francisco. it's still stacked up from the bottom of the maze with pretty decent on the suspension to the skyway we'll check more bridges some more drive times coming up james.
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>>deadly day along barry train tracks has investigators now looking for answers. 2 people were struck and killed by trains while trespassing on track to yesterday. the first incident happened in burlingame investigators there say crews responded to the scene near cafornia drive and north lane. every time you have to cross who you have to look both ways because sometimes. either it's they're not saying that changed come in. >>oh they're just not here. >>here now. >>the second deadly caltrain accident happened just a few hours later in mountain view in that case. the victim was on the tracks near castro street when a train with more than a 100 people on board hit and killed him and then a man was also killed when his car was hit by a strain in livermore video from a passenger on that train shows as you can see here the car wrapped around a power pole right near junction avenue and all for street. passengers were later transferred to another train. story that we're following this morning all lanes of northbound 8.80 are back open after a freeway
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shooting that shooting was south of just after 6 30 last night. police say a man in a dark colored sedan began firing at another car with 2 men inside. the driver was hit. both he and the passenger were taken to the hospital at this point the injuries don't appear to be life threatening. the shooter is still on the loose. >>breaking overnight fire crews have finally contained a grass fire and dana rock park in south san jose that fire broke out at around 2 30 this morning. the park is located near valley christian high school in crews have the fire contained in about an hour and no one was injured. happening now says is still on the scene of a brush fire and napa county that fire forced families out of their home. the fire broke out near highway one 28 and rock canyon road, 9 homes were evacuated, but fire crews were able to save those homes. firefighters say that this fire is a wake-up call for homeowners to be prepared. when fire season hits full force. >>they do their defensible space at home. clean in the
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roof off the gutters and so forth is all really makes a difference keeping the lawn cut this reduced in the fields between your home in the force. >>last update that fire has burned about 55 acres and is 60% contained. >>happening today, the mayor of richmond plans to introduce a new city ordinance that would limit the sale of the cigarettes, the products would have to be reviewed by the fda before they can be sold in the city. the fda review is meant to determine if the cigarettes are dangerous to the general population, even people who don't use them. most vaping products have not gone through this review process if the ordinance is approved the cigarettes could still be sold, but there would be stricter age restrictions. happening today, the new terminal honoring san francisco's iconic former mayor harvey milk will open at sfo. >>this is a pretty big deal kron 4 sarah stinson joining us live from the airport they have new restaurants, a new hotel on side there's a lot going on there.
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>>we're still waiting on that hotel to be built but for now we have terminal one phase one of the project done you can see here people are flooding in here. fe% flights of taking off from terminal, one some to new york others to vegas but take a look these cultures appear there this hay from the ceiling. there's a different tree hanging from each one very unique very cool. that's what this new terminals all about but it's actually mainly about harvey milk. that's why it's named that to the lengthy tribute if you walk down the steps i mean you walk down the terminal. you can just see it's a lengthy tribute to the late san francisco supervisor. and you know and activists for civil rights in the lgbtq community. this billion project to redevelop this terminal is broken down into 3 phases as i said the first phase is the one you're looking at and that is complete when the first this is the first of not 9 of 25 gates open in the boarding
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area. and there's pressure on us. the new security checkpoint, everything's looking shiny and new the remainder of the terminal fully be open by 2023. though this airport always seems to have some type of construction. this specific project broke ground in 2016 now we caught up with mayor london breed to hear more about this tribute to harvey milk. for over 40 years has been give help to so many people. >>just members of our lgbt community but people from around the world who sometimes felt as if they didn't have a voice and i really hope that his message of hope. >>resonates with them long after their visit here. >>and you know and hopefully people when they're on their way to their flight or getting off of their flight they can take a look at that and learn more about harvey milk and what he did for civil rights and for the lgbtq community.
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now the work isn't over as i said you can see right now this is a live look of the construction that continues to go on because there are still 2 more phases to the project and that will be done hopefully by 2023. and lastly they are getting ready to take reservations at the grand hyatt that's the new. hotel here at the airport that is over by the international terminal and they expect to re to open by september so a lot going on here a new terminal, new hotel. before we know it. for now live at sfo sarah stinson back to you. >>all right, thank you sarah. >>time now is 7 oh 7 happening tomorrow, former service special counsel robert mueller's set to testify publicly in front of congress. it will happen in the morning. but the d o j has already sent him a letter saying that his testimony must quote remain within the boundaries of his public report mueller is set to speak before 2 house committees, he'll testify
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about his investigation into a possible obstruction of justice by president trump and possible collusion with russia and here to talk more about what we can expect is political analyst michael yaki good morning. mister yaki good morning james, so we've already had the special counsel say that his comments before congress testify won't stray beyond that was already in the report the d o j sent him a letter saying anything outside is protected by executive privilege, so what really are we going to get out of tomorrow. >>well, you know the pre game winners are always find fun for all of us are junkies out there but by this time tomorrow or either continue to be on the edge her seat to a hit the snooze button because it starts at 05:30am our time. i think this is something where. it's really going to depend on what happens after the hearing in terms of the media coverage and how people look at this. the question is when you look at the 4 corners of the document and i've read that moral of mueller report there's a lot that you can talk about there's a lot that the american people don't know about and there's also a lot of question you would ask that artfully fall within those 4
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quarter so you can bet there's a lot of preparation there's been some are questioning going on. this is going to be very early interesting tv for a lot of people but it's going to be how it's characterized afterwards, there make a big difference. >>and for the democrats who are going to be really leading the questioning here is their goal really just to have robert mueller read out loud on tv. what the findings of the mueller report are because quite frankly most people probably don't have the time to read it like you did. >>i think it's i think that's a good thing at the very least that's what's going to happen yard mueller restate the most important parts of the report, the american people don't know about especially regarding obstruction and the right and the russian hacking of our election last year. but then the big question by that's that's where the drama for the series is all about is within that there are questions that could be asked that can go toward issues of you know what you really mean by i can't exonerate him and those are the those are the those are the big drama points that
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people are going to be looking for at the very least you'll get mueller live talking about a lot of these and that a lot of the information the report. and certain restoring. what the reality a reality the report was versus worth barr try to do in the days before the report was released. >>yeah and going back to that point where he said the mueller said he couldn't exonerate the president i'm sure republicans will probably take that act who are you to exonerate the president is that part of your mandate, yes or no, and most probably going to say no correct. >>probably say no because of that reason that i can't indict a sitting president. the denver democrats are going to ask. well, you know if you could have indicted the president. if this deal with policy was not there. we have come to a different conclusion that that's the driver point that people are going to be pushing. i don't know if mueller is going to go in there. but i think that's going to be tough to say. but the report exonerated him afterward mueller will say about the 11 counts of obstruction, better in the
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report. >>may have both democrats and republicans on that committee are going to want. they're on sound bites to play after its like you said it's going to be the coverage at the aftermath it really will tell you know how people are going to perceive the mueller report's will have to wait and see and if you're willing would love to pick your brain about it too in the wake of happening tomorrow for all right with that sleet a okay with you and and i couldn't of history i could thank you once again for joining us. and a reminder we will have complete coverage of the mueller testimony right here on the kron 00:04am morning news that begins at 05:00am as mr. x said it is an early one so stay tuned for that will also be streaming it live on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>kron 4 morning news crews are making big progress repairing the richmond center fell bridge. but that work is far from over. plus a bay area priest is accused of stealing 10's of thousands of dollars from the collection plate. also after the break ice tries to tended to hainan undocumented immigrant until the man's
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>>back at 7 15 at the quarter hour want to check in with john find out about the forecast for the week ahead which. >>i was going to be giving up some really warm weather that's to come actually there's really only one thing to be talking about this time. >>that is how hot it is about to get 90's even some triple digits. the central valley today spending its 3rd day in the triple digits. it was just the start for them and you
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know we're only warming up or sell this is going to like a pro long sort of heat spell exactly tomorrow, especially and then all the way through the weekend. so as you make your weekend plans. you do want to account for that he that is going to be building in likely going to be making a few adjustments, especially if your plans do involve spending time outside during the afternoon hour y want to be finding a spot with a little lecture shade maybe a little closer to the coast as our inland areas will be very warm at that point. this is your look at san francisco this morning, there's some low cloud cover hanging out over the city for san jose you can see the skies at least what is wanting to load of the city and that is some clear skies out from berkeley clear skies as you've seen all morning long looking towards san francisco. there's that cloudy blank that bank that you just saw a minute ago, us monsoonal moisture firing up a few areas of rainfall just east of 99 and i 5 out there in the central valley do see making their way to the north and heading towards the sierra
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nevada, back here at home are a little bit too far west to be tapping into this monsoonal moisture that's being seen especially in the deserts, this low pressure is keeping the heat at least out of our region, the brunt of it for one more day we're warm certainly but not quite as hot as we are about to see just around the corner. temperatures today, 60's and 70's for san francisco, you're going to notice a lot of these temperatures looking almost identical to what we saw yesterday 70's from south san francisco down through foster city and n mateo 80's saying carlos southward on into the south bay where your daytime highs like yesterday will be in the mid to upper 80's, 70's and hayward in union city and as well up into oakland berkeley and richmond while low 90's continue in the same spots as yesterday like conquered pittsburgh fairfield vacaville and yacht bill nearing 90 in santa rosa, but like yesterday not quite getting there at 87. here's your next 7 days the hottest of them being tomorrow
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thursday friday saturday into sunday after which point you'll find some relief into next week but not before these hot next few days. rob, thank you john want to head back to our trouble spot which is pretty much out of the way but we're still dealing with some residual delays. >>it was 1, one south at bailey that's where we had an overturned accident blocking 2 lanes of traffic. >>traffic has already cleared up and this is a photo that we got from the san jose fire department. it shows you that vehicle right there that ran off the road flipped over in the grass. it was just of one car involved we also had injuries reported so all lanes are open now, but what a mess for the northbound side, the looking winds are still jammed up some of that is commute traffic. some of it is residual delays from the southbound activity but they've canceled a traffic alert. they've cleared the crash southbound traffic has pretty much recovered. but the northbound side it's going to be packed up all the way out to 10 it as you leave morgan hill approaching south san jose so that's going to put you at 23 minutes to make it
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for morgan hill to 85 that split in san jose. we're checking in on the bridges and here's the bay bridge a long line here in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes it's stacked up from the bottom of the maze, but we like it at least when the carpool lanes then out their wide open 60 minutes to make it into san francisco, here's another busy bridge the san mateo bridge in this slowing starts on the nimitz so it starts at 8 80 in hayward from the south 80 connector on to 92 all the way over to the high rise. you got to be sitting in traffic 24 minutes for your drive time. another busy bridge but quiet the richmond sandra fell still stacked up from richmond parkway right through the toll span itself looks great at 14 minutes. no other big problems or traffic alerts these drive times look normal for the e sure 24 5 8060 minutes from castor valley to downtown oakland. well in national news, an undocumented immigrant and his son they were forced to sit in a van for several hours as ice
7:19 am
agents waited for them to get out so that they could be detained. but eventually a group of neighbors say stepped in they came together they formed a human chain to help the man and his son get into his home just enough sun has that story. >>these are a couple of ice officers for 4 hours a man and his son sat inside of this car is to immigration and customs enforcement agents trying to get them to surrender. the father is reportedly in the country illegally. so the ice agents were tasked with bringing him into custody. but when neighbors heard what was going on. they came to assist their neighbor, a war and food put gas back in the vehicle when they're again low. >>is to make sure that they're ok these folks in hermitage say they don't care how someone got here it's how they act when they are here the family don't bother nobody. they work every day i come home the jump on trampoline as just a community stacy farley help create a human chain to help the family get from the car safely into their home and she did not think twice about
7:20 am
supporting her neighbors accuracy of these people or. and criminals. they're just trying to provide for their the standoff from metro police to the scene to keep the peace council members as well as lawyers to evaluate the situation there are 2 immigration officials sort of bullying a family inside their own vehicle telling them that they had administrative warrant which isn't the same thing as a judicial warrant. >>and trying to harass them and fear them into coming out at the end of the day the ice agents left in the family ended up leaving to and search of a safer place. all right time now 7.24 your money this morning, san francisco apparently a top city to make a quick road trip we've got jane king live the nasdaq with that story and more a j. >>hi guys good morning, san francisco great place to get away for the weekend a little road trip now to rate the top cities. hotwire analyze data taken from expedia which owns hot wires. several other travel web sites. each city scored in 3 categories value
7:21 am
convenience and leisure by the way let's take this number one on that list. well gnc and vitamin store can close up to 900 stores and slash its mall location in half as of the retail apocalypse roars on other ceos has given current mall trends store closings will likely be on high and 10 those stores will close by the end of next year facebook messenger kids app had one job prevent kids from chatting with people who are to prove other parents, but the verge reports facebook has now alert and thousands of parents about a design flaw in the app that did allow kids to communicate with not just their friends. but with friends of friends, including adults who their own parents have not vetted facebook confirmed the bug to berge and to the affected chats have been turned off and the parents of users notified. well macy's shanked a series of dishes that featured arbitrary portion control circles after social media, so they were fat shaming now the dinner plate have 3 ratings. the largest was mom jeans. the median one was favor jeez there's little tiny portion that was skinny jeans. a
7:22 am
shopper posted a picture of the plates on twitter the negative comments flooded. the social media site and macy's pulled the plates live from the nasdaq market site i'm jane king back to james. thank you jane. next on the kron 4 morning news bay area, civil rights groups are outraged. >>after learning that ice agents may have used the oakland airport to deport thousands immigrants. crime is on the rise in one san francisco community. now police say they're stepping up lowe's knows you do an update right.
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following at least 8 violent attacks in san francisco's chinatown this year. >>police say that they are working to improve safety. the police department and city officials they held a public meeting in chinatown to talk about the department's crime prevention efforts. so police told the crowd that more officers are patrolling chinatown and they're working too improve response times as well he also reminded the public about surveillance cameras that they've installed up and down stockton street and they aim to help deter crime and also catch criminals. >>in the east bay, one person is dead and another is injured after a shooting in oakland, the shooting happened on 66 avenue right near bancroft avenue. not far from the spa town center actually police say they found 2 men shot both were taken to the hospital one of the victims died. the shooter. still on the loose this morning. these are also lookiny for a driver who they say nearly hit one of their officers and pedestrians nearby was right near lake merritt police pulled over a
7:26 am
22,019 chevy camaro with racing stripes along with temporary plates but the driver at the last second sped away merrily hitting the officer and some of the other pedestrians nearby. investigators later fou that car abandoned in fremont they don't have a detail description yet of the driver. >>well 2 of san francisco supervisors want to ban natural gas from all new municipal construction in major renovations. so the supervisors plan to introduce the legislation and september and this isn't hopes to get signed by the new year. the supervisors say that the proposal would reduce emissions in new city buildings, 2, 0, and also demonstrate the city's commitment to leading the transition to an all electric future berkeley recently became the first city to ban natural gas and its new buildings. >>after another pedestrian was hit and killed by a car in san francisco. a local organization is demanding the police department and the mayor declare a state of
7:27 am
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>>7 30's. the time if you're just joining us here at the half hour welcome, i'm james fletcher and i'm robin winston filling in for darya folsom, and i hope you're ready for the heat here, it is definitely here what a nice weekend yesterday we kind of how the and then the main us
7:30 am
yeah it's going to be a very hot forecast an extended round of heat to not just a couple of days of it now you have some time to get the seas crank back up file lot ice cream and just enjoy it. he is that is a good excuse to eat unhealthy that's what i do looking outside of mount am right here conditions foggy below the mountain you do see that fog streaming out along the coast, including up and down the peninsula over san francisco. you don't have to have that high up to get above it though making for a nice little view about the fog you air that is hanging out right at the coast. and if you head inland, you' looking at clear skies as well so not as foggy as yesterday was you're going to continue to see some gray skies just right along the coastline, even into the afternoon while the rest of the bay area sits under abundantly sunny conditions now 50's and 60's is where we're at this morning, we'll be in the 60's 70's, 80's and even a few 90's for the afternoon ahead. again a warm one like yesterday, but even warmer come tomorrow which will talk more about still ahead robin off to the golden
7:31 am
gate looks like the fog. it's back this morning. i didn't see this heavy fog across the span so. >>be careful driving here into and out of san francisco, you may be the headlights and wipers but the traffic is light and quiet. 26 minutes nevado to the toll plaza quick peek at the bay bridge traffic, the approach to the toll plaza, it's stacked up its heavy from the bottom of the maze of a pretty decent across the upper deck, here's a peak and one on one if you plan on heading into san francisco. >>it's a little crowded from light around 3rd heading north to cesar chavez southbound the same. >>2.80 no major issues a very quick 13 minute trip from daly city to downtown san francisco will look at some more freeways and drive times coming up. >>happening today, a local organization is planning to gather following the recent deaths involving pedestrians in san francisco. >>and it comes as we learn new details of the crash that killed a pedestrian in the tenderloin district kron four's will tran joining us live with more will. >>and in front of the san francisco police department but all the activity will
7:32 am
happen in 90 minutes from now in front of city hall with a group walk san francisco will hold a rally hoping that mayor london breed declares a state of emergency that would force the police department they hope would crack down on speeding drivers and implement red red light cameras to enforce traffic citations they say enough is enough especially what happened on sunday, let's show you dash cam footage that we got our hands on on sunday afternoon. i woman in a charcoal gray tesla on the left side of your screen comes flying out of nowhere and according to investigators, she runs a red light slams into a mini cooper bounces off the mini cooper in slams into 2 people from clovis in town to celebrate their anniversary. a 39 year-old man was killed his wife life threatening injuries and the driver of the tesla did not suffer any major injuries and she was arrested.
7:33 am
this fatality comes just 4 days after another fatality that happened in san francisco that one involved a big rig that slammed into a man in the tenderloin but instead of immediately stopping the driver drags the victim for 2 more blocks and ultimately keeps going where the driver was rrested pretty much near the embarcadero by front and broadway we've got particular area in fact kron 4 we raced out there from our station just to cover it so so far this year 21 people have died either pedestrians or bicyclists involving vehicles and that's why this group is demanding that state of emergency in the meantime the san francisco police department they are continuing with their investigation. on this latest fatality. right now we can say at this point alcohol or drugs or any type of impairment does not seem to >>part of the collision right now. based on witness it sounds like the suspect was speeding prior to the
7:34 am
collision. but there's only 2 things we can confirm right now everything else is going to be under investigation. >>as far as the driver she's been identified as a 21 year-old woman from the her name is kelsey cambridge she was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter as well as running a red light once that rally starts at 9 o'clock i will be there and i'll bring that to you live when it happens and of course bring you reaction back to you. >>okay we'll see how that plays out thank you will. >>we'll head over to the east, we know nice a city at the center of the sanctuary movement now finds itself possibly in cars conflict with its own policies. so new research from the university of washington center for human rights shows that chartered flights out of the oakland airport to deport nearly 27,000 people and transfer another 16,000 to detention centers. now this happened from 2010 to 2018 oakland is one of 9 cities in california that has been used by federal
7:35 am
immigration authorities. i says it decided to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oakland. in october of 2018. now as for the port of oakland which runs oakland airport. they say they knew nothing about this until a week ago. >>for the port of open to not know that this is happening is an issue of transparency, it's an issue that the city of oakland specifically mayor shaft should look into. >>well a spokesperson for mayor libby schaaf says that they are reviewing the matter and will address it if the city's policy was violated. >>drivers on the richmond center fell bridge might be noticing a smoother ride this week, 3 months ago repair work began to fix some of the cracked expansion joints and on the bridge itself caltrans has been working around the clock on the upper deck, 31 of those expansion joints needed to be replaced between february and april of this year failed joint was blamed for causing several pieces of concrete to fall on the traffic below well now all that upper deck work is don the joints have been replaced.
7:36 am
crews will start looking now at those joints on the bottom deck. >>at the end of the year will put out another contract for richmond center fell bridge will replace the bottom 30 joints and out just take it. at age. >>officially completed get because crew still need to put the seals on the joints in the upper deck and that will require some nighttime lane closures but is expected to be fully wrapped up in the next couple of weeks. >>well to the north pinellas santa rosa priest was caught stealing nearly a $100,000 first responders found more than $18,000. and fither oscar de is his car following a crash. ashley month. so the bishop says of that money came from the resurrection parish just off a stony point road where the us service faster. the discovery prompted an investigation and that uncovered additional cash totaling totaling in excess of
7:37 am
$95,000. so there is evidence that the us was sending tnat money to sadly some of it to his family and friends in mexico. >>it's upsetting yet because i mean you come to church thinking the money's going to go to what supposed to so for this to happen any kind of you know. >>it's it makes you think you know have second thoughts of whether you want to. >>give money or not because you know where the money's going. >>the bishop says that ds has admitted to taking the money and the diocese has since suspended diaz. >>all the of the offices will close for a half day tomorrow that so that employees can be trained on processing, real id requests. all offices will open at 01:00pm the dmv says it's already seeing an unprecedented demand for real i d applications and as the october 20 20 deadline gets closer they say the man will only get higher and higher. we'll take a break time now 7.37 that coming up at 8 o'clock we'll tell you what police say a man was doing moments before a church van caught fire. >>and after the break the san
7:38 am
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>>and the crowd goes wild. well this had videos the giants do it again. they rally from behind beating the chicago cubs last night with joe panik get that game winning hit. the giants walk away with this 1, 5 to 4. they've now won 16 of their last 19 games. they're really exciting to watch now the 2 teams will face off again tonight first pitch set for 6 45 at oracle park. >>as for the a's, well they didn't do houston taking on a good day for oakland. astros took the lead pretty early on and they just never looked back. houston be fazed by a final of 11 to one out the 2 teams will play again tonight first pitch at 5.10. justice. >>it is going to be a warm game out there too, but we are looking at temperatures this afternoon along the coast a little bit cooler 60's and 70's if you need an escape. some of those 90's we have in land conquered you're going to be one of our spots back in
7:42 am
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finally, an eggo thick and fluffy waffle all to myself, whoa. karen, karen you've got to try this. breakfast in bed? major. husband. points. would you l'eggo your eggo? >>we are back at 7.45 talk and whether traffic here and boy. we want hot spots it was over over here you haven't had one yet this morning have you. >>i want to warn spot of the nothing compared to earlier, you said we're expecting triple digits across the state we have day of triple digits for the central valley, and we managed to avoid here in the day so far in. but the rest of
7:45 am
the week probably not to be so the other he is definitely building guys we're going to have plenty of hot spots, not just today but really as we move into tomorrow on through the weekend. that's when the heat really kicks into gear. this morning, it's been a touch foggy mostly just at the coast. this is your look across the bay, san francisco pretty shrouded in that fog that stripped ing in in the foreground you got sausalito right here and you can see actually a little sunshine making its way down into the north bay on those houses there. clear skies over the south bay, nice and beautiful day and looking now you can see the foggy bank out in the distance from berkeley which is currently sitting into the sunshine. there is some monsoonal moisture firing up some areas of rain and even an isolated thunderstorm look unlikely and they're just east of 99 if you're traveling towards the sierra nevada today, we're not tapping into this monsoonal moisture because a high pressure is being kept to the east by this low which is also keeping us out of the corps of some of
7:46 am
the hottest of whether that is already building in for the central valley and the south eastern deserts of the state. so what we're going to enjoy today is another warm day for sure but temperatures moderated by that low to our north. so 60's out along the coast, some 60's and 70's elsewhere on the peninsula along one oh one and 80's from san carlos south eventually through the south bay now will be a warm day today but today is going to be a lot cooler then the days ahead of us so do enjoy it. union city and hayward at 77 each livermore 88 while in the mid 70's for oakland at 74. concord on up through pittsburgh vacaville a fairfield in ville all back in the 90's are same exact spots that were in the 90's yesterday. so today we're really peeling repeating. yesterday's weather before tomorrow we start this heat and it doesn't go away anytime soon. thursday friday saturday and sunday all looking at daytime highs in the 90's was some spots likely to be in the
7:47 am
triple digits. bayside areas also getting more with average daytime highs on wednesday and then again into the weekend nearing the 80 degree mark if not getting their for bayside areas out along the coast to expect some foggy conditions at times but a nice escape from the heat with highs only in the 60's. robert alright checking in on your commute which is still pretty heavy especially on the bridges were checking out the bay bridge. >>we have 80 west into san francisco and it's still backed up to the bottom. the maze so it has not been out yet right now you're clocking in at 60 minutes to fremont street. here's 92 the traffic heading west out of hayward just barely moving its core falling here, west of the toll plaza on the flat section nothing reported no crashes nil stalls at least not get so 24 minutes to make it off to one o one, here's the richmond center fell bridge, another busy one will at least behind the toll plaza, it's stacked up from richmond park way through the tolls and then across the span. it's a good commute connecting to one on one traffic tracker does not have any hot spots just some moderate drive times highway 4
7:48 am
31 minutes antioch to concord and one oh one pretty much busy as usual from san jose to menlo park clocking in at 53 minutes. >>time for some entertainment news and guys, yes, i just got back from comic con as you know there thursday friday saturday and sunday was incredible i took a ton of pictures of your as i like if you don't know comic con is the annual gathered in san diego right where they have everybody who loves everything from superhero movies to that us fantasy movie science fiction fiction any thing this in pop culture that come out, and they come out a 100% the whole town goes into it the people showed the cops too. so share some of the costumes that i saw when i was out about allow people i mean full-on head to toe with the motorcycle captain america you saw batman you saw tons of people. i could tell you these costumes guys. i mean they were detail these people spent like months and months put
7:49 am
them together and there's my son jack home thor's hammer. we saw this group of people walk by and we just had to jump in thing is a girl hold you you had a bunch of dead pools and i can't even express how many people were there in stunning costumes and they were all thrilled to be there are thrilled to have their picture taken i just walked by connecticut picture totally go ahead may pose and it was a ton of fun and this was all just outside. and then you go inside and i got another picture here to show you where it's just rows and rows of comics com ice on ap and reuters is also a bright start is a celebration of comics of people of comics but of course grown over the decades to much more that it was the 50th anniversary of the comic con convention to you guys collect you and your son could does yet you know so stand by watching him from for all these comics he knew all the characters, you know the story line is pretty impressive. but it is crowded so crowded, i couldn't i can explain in words, so i shot some video of us walking. looks like
7:50 am
francisco fast as we move just trying to shuffle from one end of the convention hall to the other. it was absolutely packed shoulder to shoulder. it was in credible. you guys slept outside. >>the reason we went down was we wanted to be part of 's called the hall h. >>panel discussions on saturday 2 ballrooms and halls that have all these different events going on the holly just the big one and if you want to get into the big one you have to show up early on friday october the saturday penalties that's we're going saturday panel so we showed up at 5 in the morning on friday again this was for for saturday evening panel that we wanted to get my kid and so here's the next shot. walking around waiting for where the line was going to pop up to start the line for the next day. we came across a little more i no joke or this as a billionaire's yacht he showed up for comic con there's a helicopter on the back we actually looked it
7:51 am
up. there was an article is written up in the local that we discovered saying that the million yacht from the billionaire of thinking like south carolina brought his whole family over everything does not my jack was close we're going to get get up there but take a picture where each side credit he's eventually got into the line and as luck would have it we were like 4. oh goodness, this was the line behind us it looks like it goes on for my you know think it is your campaign this line on a safe to put it in perspective, it's like a the the law nixon from let's say the ferry building all the way past yeah, 29 and out to fisherman's wharf that's how long that line would be if it was here in san francisco. it was not but that's we camped out in all friday. and this was saturday morning. the big moved us to this area where there were tense and overhead times we had some cover from the sun. but that's us eating breakfast, sitting down on the ground but if you stand up like i did in a moment later neck took a picture passed away while we were sitting and just queues of people snaking back and forth back and forth.
7:52 am
this is what it took to get into a home and eventually we did and that's a sitting area old 6,500 people and it was packed and there was a line to continue taking outside for people hoping to get in at some point as people left. but look how close you are to the front wheel spin the camera around that us and that's absolutely worth it who is on the panel where they're like the biggest names up there every started to imagine the first one who's a superhero to me is kevin fighting to get his picture next. people want try president yeah and the mastermind behind all the marvel movies and all that stuff so he was the one introducing all the movies that they were going to going 4 for the next couple of years and then they brought out the stars of each moving i saw people like next picture please angelina jolie yeah she was there she is in the new terminals movie so she's there. some hike was also on stage with her 2 cars, she's also in that movie and we also have a benedict cumberbatch she was on stage at another doctor strange movie comingp
7:53 am
out. it was crazy. commercial while he was on stage we saw natalie portman on stage was incredible and i came real in a set of this next video clip we've got run the runner. >>screening you can probably hear to see through the it went on electricity in that room was out of control. >>and it is here on the >>his own movie coming out he does call talk i thought so yeah. >>it was incredibly i had never seen so many stars on stage in that way to the very end. i think the next that we have all the stars were on stage and that's only half of them. >>and then there's the slate of nato is taking show that they are there's like 10 movies or tv projects going on on that screen right now it was pretty incredible what i got to say to him our our position in line are proximity to the to the stage would not impossible unless we had met
7:54 am
the great people in line. yeah that work with us just want to quick shout out to jewelry map we had to charles as we head to melanie as we head on her husband why a bill shift camping in line so that everybody can have a time at some point in an experience making new friends series of rename love whole long run, i can't wait to get back out there next year and see them all again, so if you if you ever have a chance to go to comic con. it's a blast may newscast live from a fact.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>>coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news, new harvey milk terminal opening at sfo. we're live there with a preview. plus firefighters working to contain a brush fire that just when you thought you were done painting...
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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston filling in for darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and if you haven't heard yet it's going to be hot. oh yeah for week it had that kind of what we want to hit right at the gate here at 08:00am i've been repeating it all morning long is not a whole lot else to say about the forecast other than just that there to be ready to sweat exactly it is so wet, don't feel bad about getting the extra pint of ice cream ready to go it is hate. i can really we are seeing about am in the distance we actually do have warmer temperatures at the top of mt am this morning than we do down below and it's not just because there's fog sitting below it's actually quite the inversion going on right now keeping areas are right and that fog, nice and cool that's that marine layer well, there's actually much warmer air trapp


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