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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  July 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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disappointed newsome appointed steven gordon dmv director he has a background in tact and apply for the job online during the quarter really nicely to get and getting to work the andes across the state will be closed wednesday morning and opened up at 01:00pm for improved staff training. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>also tonight over is always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now will start the north bay tonight where a man was killed after being hit by 2 cars while riding his bike near santa rosa. it happened just after midnight last night on petaluma hill road near hobby trail police say the man was not in a designated bike lane when he was hit the first car hit him and he was tossed off his bike and then another car right over him both driver stayed at the scene and are cooperating with the investigation. the man was wearing dark clothing and inveigators are looking into whether he may have been impaired in the south bay milpitas police are looking for anyone who witnessed a hit
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and run. >>it happened back on july 8th, when police say a 31 year-old man was walking on east calaveras boulevard when a car hit him and then just drove off. the man suffered major injuries, the car involved is described as a dark colored 90's model ford taurus or mercury sable it might have damage to the front right fender area. what a a train has rather a. a deadly day along bay area train tracks as investigators looking for answers. trains hit and killed 2 people who said were said to be trespassing on tracks yesterday. the first incident happened in burlingame investigators in crews responded to the senior california drive and north lane. every time you have to cross who you have to look both ways because sometimes. >>either it's they're not saying that changed come in. >>oh they're just not here. now.
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>>the second deadly count train accident happened just a few hours later in mountain view, the victim was on the tracks there castro street when you train with more than 100 people on board hit and killed him. >>in a space chp officer in oakland rescued a kitten from interstate 80 see the picture here pretty cute the chp posted. this photo on social media, it was the officers first day on the job. how about that officer carroll and his training officer stopped traffic in surrounded the kitten when they salo is in trouble the kid and by the way is now up for adoption. >>right time for a check on your weather we had looking on and i stated a lot of sunshine outside little haze inside the bay is the fog trying to reform but high pressure starting to build in and we've got some much warmer weather headed our way going to see some triple digits. i think as we head into the weekend. 80's and 90's still in the valleys right now 81 degrees in fremont 77 in san jose 81 now in redwood city 62 much cooler along the coastline, happen basics to now in san
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francisco. so yeah that sea breeze is blowing again and we are going to see that big contrast in temperatures coming our way as it looks like those winds. we'll continue near the coastline, keeping you cool right at the water's edge, but you get inland. high pressure taking over head. these temperatures are going to soar into the next few days so that being said the air quality is also going to begin to suffer as early as tomorrow we'll start to see the plumes building up in the atmosphere so plan on a moderate amounts in the east bay in the south of the air quality still good along the coastline and in the north bay. well it could be interesting though not always going to be hot we're going to see thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada as the monsoonal moisture will be quiet in the morning hours. if you head up in the high country watch out the afternoon and here they come the in the boil up into the afternoon you see numerous thunderstorms plan on that continuing right into the weekend to eventually few high clouds come across the bay area skies as well as we get to thursday and more that monsoonal thunderstorms over the sierra nevada temperatures will be a fairly mild into san francisco, mid 60's, there
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along the coastline. we've got some 50's and some 60's but a little more sunshine by the afternoon little breezy. then inside the bay start to feel the warm up 75 in millbrae 78 in burlingame 83 in san clos 87 in woodside the south bay 80's and some 90's begin to pop up in the campbell los gatos about 97 degrees a little more tomorrow 95 in pleasanton 94 in dublin 96 in danville 80 degrees in castro valley, 88 to rent a 98 possibly in the concord you get the idea of these temperatures starting warm up quite a bit and getting hot well inland breezy along the coastline that would keep a little bit cooler there but looking out over the next few days here we go those temperatures staying hot inland. number going start to cook saturday and sunday triple digits in the valleys. thank you large world news tonight, the united kingdom is said to have a new prime minister as of tomorrow boris johnson here will. >>60 theresa may and as omar jimenez reports johnson begins his new role facing a series of international and domestic issues that will require a
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special relationship with the u s. >>across the pond to the united kingdom has a new prime minister begin to get breaks it down okay with that because of course johnson is set to replace current pm theresa may he played a decisive role in making breaks it happened in 2016 by breaking ranks in backing the movement last minute and his reputation is one that's popular with another world leader. britain, trump. many comparisons have been made between the 2 in some cases regarding their tendencies at times to operate on their own agendas. but there are major policy differences between the 2 on many fronts at the end of the day both of them will have to work with each other on significant issues, including trade and what has become an increasingly tense relationship. if you're on what he can do to persuade president trump to look again at the conditions in which he might a sign a deal was on is
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in oy view very important it's a working relationship that will also come during a deadlock junction for the u k. >>leaving the european union with an agreed upon deal to live a good night and defeat was not the perfect acronym for the election campaign. since all portion its bills >>but they forgot the final even my friends even and i say i say to all the doctors we are going to energize the country. >>time for a novice. >>happening now police in british columbia are looking for 2 teens in connection with 3 murders. this is the wanted a poster showing 19 year-old cam a cloud and 18 year-old briar shrug else key. last week, a young couple was found shot dead along the side of a highway the 24 year-old woman was from north carolina, the 23 year-old man was from australia. days later the body of an unidentified man was located not far from a camper that had been burned out this is the picture of the car. the
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teens were last seen driving their families initially both reported the missing. but police have just announced that they are not now wanted in connection to the murders. officials say that they have left british columbia and are on the move police say mcleod and gales key are considered dangerous and they should not be approached. >>3 people got fighting at disneyland earlier this month could get some serious jail time you may have seen the video going viral on social media, 35 year-old avery robinson is accused of attacking his sister his brother-in-law and girlfriend and endangering 4 children including one of his own authorities also say that he tried to hit a park employee with his vehicle after he was escorted out to the parking lot. he could be sentenced to more than 7 years in prison 2 other people are also facing charges related to that fight by the way if you'd like to watch the video we have it posted on our website kron 4 dot com. >>drivers on the richmond sandra fell bridge might be noticing a smoother ride this week. the monthslong repair
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work is finally wrapping up caltrans crews. they've been replacing fallen concrete from the bridge's upper deck, 31 expansion joints needed to be replaced between february and april of this year a failed joint was blamed for causing several pieces of concrete to fall in some cases on top of cars. now that all the upper deck joints have been replaced crews will start looking at the joints on the bottom deck. >>at the end of the year will put out another contract for richmond center fell bridge will replace the bottom 30 joints and out just at age k r. >>now crews still need to put the seals to the joints on the upper deck that will require some nighttime lane closures but is expected to be fully wrapped up in the next couple of weeks. >>still to come facebook is under fire once again, the security flaw that allowed kids to talk to strangers. the returns home to find
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immigration officials at his home waiting to deport him. >>how neighbors literally banded together to prevent ice from arresting the man. >>and police chase is not unusual in la, but have you seen this one the guys dressed as the joker we'll show you what happened there. ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price?
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that's the joker police were after this guy complete with the greenway clown mask police say he was driving recklessly around orange county. he's also seen riding on the sunroof of a car while a passenger was steering. the chase ended here on venice beach with the guy just kind of strolling along. a few people came to check it out police threatened to tase him if he didn't cooperate. he eventually surrendered taking off his shirt getting down on his knees he was arrested without incident and of course there we're a whole lot of folks there to document it on their phones unclear why he chose to wear that to work yesterday. it is l a. still. >>democratic senators are taking immigration matters into their own hands after they say republicans will work
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>>be sure we're tracking tonight. a group of democratic senators is holding its own hearing on the conditions of migrant children at the southern border. >>it typically hearings are held by committee is chaired by the majority party but in this case, it's the republicans who control the senate but as kron four's washington correspondent anna werner key reports democrats, a senate republicans. >>will not cooperate. this is a. >>a serious serious. >>crisis packed into a makeshift hearing room in the capitol visitor center senate democrats recalled their recent trips to the southern border, i've seen. bad
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conditions inhumane conditions i've seen children separated from families children very new mexico, senator tom udall and fellow democratic colleagues heard from hope fry who works directly with the migrant children, the children we saw were filthy. >>wearing the same wet and muddy came close in which they traveled ending the nsa it necessary detention of children. >>misty congresses. >>highest priority, but noticeably absent in the room were republicans typically hearings are held by committee is chaired by the majority republican party, democrats say the asked for a hearing on this topic and republicans were fused but texas republican senator john cornyn blamed democrats for congressional inaction i can only hope that this trip. >>that our democratic colleagues took. convince them it was time to quit playing games. >>and get serious and oklahoma republican jim inhofe says congress should work to stop migrants from coming into the
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us in the first place we don't have the. >>the resources to take care of unlimited people in the country president trump extended an olive branch over the weekend he tweeted that he's willing to meet with democrats to discuss what they witnessed at the border. >>in washington, i'm anna warning keep. >>9.11 survivors are one step closer to securing their compensation for decades to come. the us senate passed a bill today extending their compensation claims fund. the bill cleared the house earlier this month and president trump is expected to sign it. the move will extend the fund that's compensating first responders and others who were injured. during the 2001 terrorist attacks and their aftermath rescuing people in removing debris under hazardous conditions. the original fund was running out of money. it was set to expire in december next year. now the final cover costs without any financial limits. its case suspected cost about $10 billion over the next decade. a flaw. >>facebook's messaging app for kids still out thousands of
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users to enter group chats with strangers said according to consumer reports messenger kids city ables children between 6.12 years old chat with family members in a list of friends that have been preapproved by their parents but uh technical error in the app meant that it was possible for a child to enter a group chat with folks who had not been approved by parents facebook says it has now fixed the flaw it alerted parents of the problem and says it has not received any reports of suspicious activity because of that issue when it comes to shopping malls are struggling, but apparently airport stores are thriving. >>big brands are opting to invest in airports, hoping that travelers will give in to impulse buys new research found that on average travelers have nearly in our free time in an before their flight. researchers say that translates to about 30 minutes of shopping time. they also say airport shoppers are attracted to unique are exclusive products and tend to indulge in luxury goods trend is expected to continue as air
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travel increases macy's is point a line of porcelain plates that advocates for smaller portion sizes the plates jokingly suggest portion sizes for skinny jeans favor jeans and mom jeans but writer and tv host kelli ward found them tasteless she tweeted a picture of them lead to outrage online many pointing out that the plates body shame women and singled out people with eating disorders within hours macy's says it missed the mark on the product in the plates would be removed from its stores. the company behind the plate design says the products for men is a quote light hearted take an important issue of portion control. >>5, 4, zone forecast time time to talk about the weather we look live out here at the embarcadero in san francisco, not too much fog or cloud cover beautiful day beautiful day here but i chief meteorologist lawrence karnow the heat is on inland. it is very hot and around that ridge of high pressure again these
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thunderstorms popping up there travel up in the sierra nevada. >>the next few days right the weekend you to watch out for this a lot of people going camping at this time of year numerous thunderstorms going to be fired up in the afternoons of the quiet in the morning. then you see those cumulonimbus clouds build throughout the day and then the afternoon they are going to light up just like we're seeing now look at all the lightning strikes popping up over the sierra nevada in you 70 you're seeing some of those thunderstorms near bishop so. yeah certainly will see that i think on offer right into the weekend to before things push a little bit eastward. outside right now mostly clear skies. we do have a couple patches of fog along the coast and you can see room right here but not much and i think tonight oing to stay mostly clear highs today. yeah, pretty toasty inland again today up to 95 degrees in concord 90 in livermore 64 degrees very comfortable in the san francisco 72. in oakland 81 degrees and warm and san jose 86 in santa rosa temperatures though we're going to get hot these numbers a pretty toasty outside right now 80's, 90's still in the valley 70's 80's inside the bay 60's much more comfortable along the
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coastline, but. tonight should stay mostly clear just some patchy fog right out toward the beaches tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. now we crank up the temperatures tomorrow afternoon, especially inland, not at the coast. and then very hot, i think as we look toward the weekend as high pressure really takes over couple systems rotating a just to our north now and we'll see another one too but the same time high pressure will now start to build into california. you can see that hot air really just making its way into the state in the central valley first in the interior valleys, but enough a sea breeze along the coastline to keep those temperatures cooler, but we're going to be cranking up the fans i think head into the weekend of those temperatures. well the be the hottest of july so far so with that in mind. these numbers soaring in the afternoon and the many spots inland up in the 90's their 98 degrees and conquer maybe a antioch tomorrow next couple days though, yeah temperatures staying hot but really get hot. this weekend. >>next at 5 we'll show you how some
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immigration and customs enforcement agent trying to bring a man in nashville into custody, but they had a hurdle to get over first there quite a sight here came out of every which corner of the neighborhood and started forming a human chain to. >>help this man and his son get into their whole jesse cuts in reports. >>these are a couple of ice officers for 4 hours a man and his son sat inside of this car is to immigration and customs
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enforcement agents trying to get them to surrender. the father is reportedly in the country illegally. so the ice agents were tasked with bringing him into custody. but when neighbors heard what was going on. they came to assist their neighbor, a war and food put gas back in the vehicle when they're again low. >>is to make sure that they're ok these folks in hermitage say they don't care how someone got here it's how they act when they are here the family don't bother nobody. they work every day i come home the jump on a trampoline as just a community stacy farley help create a human chain to help the family get from the car safely into their home and she did not think twice about supporting her neighbors accuracy of these people or. and criminals. they're just trying to provide for their kids the standoff from metro police to the scene to keep the peace council members as well as lawyers to evaluate the situation there are 2 immigration officials sort of bullying a family
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inside their own vehicle telling them that they had administrative warrant which isn't the same thing as a judicial warrant. >>and trying to harass them and fear them into coming out at the end of the day the ice agents left in the family ended up leaving to and search of a safer place. >>yeah i just reading here that the neighbors say the device comes back they're going also a support their neighbor to the same thing area that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 thanks for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time in the meantime it's time for kron 4 news at 6 with ken wayne and welcome back to more alright grant vicki, thanks to you both coming up next on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock it is the night before what is possibly the most anticipated congressional hearing in decades. >>we look ahead to what robert mueller could reveal the congress is deaths from to public outcry after a peninsula man died after being tased 4 times the changes being introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>which i'm just going talk about percent. the russian witch hunt. >>no collusion, no obstruction. those words from the president many times before the question tonight will we hear anything new from robert mueller. >>when he delivers his long-awaited testimony to congress tomorrow. good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm
6:00 pm
pam moore, thank you for joining us. well the nation's capital is poised for high drama this week while bs graham lotus is here to tell us what we might expect grant. >>hard to know exactly pam and ken democrats are certainly hoping that this will be a visual medium for americans who haven't really read through the mueller report actually here some of it almost like it in read the book well you can watch the movie the former special prosecutor bob mueller has already said that his written report would be his last word on the investigation into russian interference in the last presidential election. and the report is my testimony. i would not provide information beyond that which is already public. in any appearance before congress in every court mueller stated he was unable to declare the president innocent saying if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice. we would so state. so you have no collusion, no obstruction and yet it goes on.


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