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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 24, 2019 8:00am-8:59am PDT

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before the house judiciary committee. and then he's going to talk to lawmakers on the house intelligence committee. >>about the mueller report says been long anticipated even though he said he'll say nothing new. >>right and in this panel, the judiciary committee they're really focusing on whether any laws were broken that is the purview of their panel and then the house intelligence committee later on is really going to drill down on to what mueller's findings were with regard to russian interference. in the 2016 presidential elections, a lot of ground covered a lot of hours of testimony today and we have team coverage its live streaming on kron 4 dot com right now we are also covering i3 live here on the morning news and. >>on capitol hill with karen caifa who's outside good morning. carol. >>our special counsel has been taking questions from members of the house judiciary committee for about 2 and a half hours now and not surprisingly the democrats and republicans have 2 very different strategies democrats seeking to hire the fortunes of mueller's investigation and
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report that deal with president trump and possible obstruction of justice where as republicans are seeking ways to undercut mueller's investigation and his investigators. >>judiciary committee will come to order. >>congress now getting its long-awaited chance to question former special counsel robert mueller. >>as i said on may 29th. the report is my testimony and i will stay within that. >>democrats on the house judiciary committee zeroing in on episodes related to obstruction involving the president of the report did not. >>conclude he did not commit obstruction of justice zachary that is correct and what about total exam gration did you actually totally exonerate the president now. >>republicans honing in on the investigators and the origins of the pope. >>a 448 pages the the owner fusion gps they did the steele dossier that started all this is not mentioned in there. >>president trump told reporters maybe he'd see a little of the testimony but wouldn't be watching mocking democrats for continued digging, you can take all
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those bites at the apple. >>we had that no collusion. no obstruction. we had no nothing. >>but despite what the president says mueller didn't actually render a conclusion on obstruction, something democrats are pressing him on as they consider impeachment proceedings. here's a live look inside the hearing room as members of the house judiciary committee continue their questioning is they're going to wrap this session up a little bit later on this hour, we'll take a short break. >>and then mueller will come back to face questions from members of the house intelligence committee live on capitol hill this morning. i'm karin caifa now back to you. >>thanks karen at of course if you want to watch the entire testimony and in iraq to just head over to our website at kron 4 dot com we're streaming it live right now. >>8 o 2 is the time right now and right now we want to get you set for weather and traffic as well as and if you haven't had an outlet to there any hot spots. well yeah, how about 3 hot spots to talk about let's start off with a big problem in fremont i'm
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looking at a crash on southbound 6 80 at washington, this involves a big rig. gravel hauler with 2 trailers, several other several lanes are blocked, it looks like all, but the right lane, so only one lane open southbound 6 80 in washington. it is crawling out of sanaa was already pretty busy from dublin in to sell so now we're looking at 61 minutes because of this major crash. here's another one a motorcycle accident in san francisco. this is north one on one right after 2.80 this one is blocking your 3 left lanes so that's putting more pressure on the commute traffic and now you are backed up all along the peninsula through brisbane almost into south san francisco once again north one on one after 2.80 motorcycle accident blocking 3 lanes and i'll give you one more than nimitz in hayward 80 south at a street multi-car crash still active here also blocking the 3 left lanes it is backed up heavily into san leandro on to the 2.38 fly over. and it's going to say slow and trouble
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spot, where you need to leave extra early if you're going to be sitting on one oh 1, 6, 80 or 8.80, i'll keep my eyes on these problems will take another look at traffic coming up in a bit john, thanks robin. >>we're also looking at hot spots in your forecast to those hot spots really kicking into gear today. something that's going to take us all the way into the weekend and in some cases only getting hotter for the weekend ahead of us look outside of san francisco that eventually moran and. the north bay out there in the distance you do see conditions looking nice and clear this morning we've had very minimal cloud cover may very minimal fog too, and temperatures are now startine to show signs of rising morgan hill just shy of 70 santa rosa, rather san jose at 67 right now santa rosa is also starting to see temperatures boosting the holding on to the each at 66 degrees. so temperatures still very comfortable, they're not going to say that way necessarily into the afternoon look at that 90 down in san jose a hot
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afternoon ahead just one of many 90's across the bay area couple triple digits, possible and even more triple digits looking likely as we make our way into next weekend which i'll get to in your full forecast still ahead back to you. thanks a lot. >>8 oh 5 breaking news overnight a train caught fire and that caused a grass fire in contra costa county which with this dries it's been could have really spell disaster luckily, it was contained kron four's will tran joining us live from a day with more on what happened. >>will. and this whole hillside. >>could have theoretically been on fire this morning because you talked james looking out dry. the conditions are will zoom in and you can see there are crews out here trying to clear all all of that just a vegetation because it can catch on fire which is exactly what happened last night let's get right to the video. this train was going through contra costa county was bnsf train a cargo train. not a commuter train, but he was carrying
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hazardous materials, including petroleum gas. during the kim used to train catches on fire people stopped the train the ju out to try to put out the flames before it can reach some of those materials saw they didn't go up in flames, the train itself the entire train, but it did catch. the nearby a vegetation to catch on fire. so that's when they called the fire department they rushed out here. the fire department fortunately stop the fire on the train. but they had their hands full for a little bit because it spread to the dry vegetation. the surrounding hillside that it burned about an acre fortunately they were able to put out the fire completely soft that's done it didn't jump from ridge to ridge courage which we've covered fire expire season. so extensively ache it happened just like that. so they did a great job on that as far as to train you can see it behind me. this is not the one. we don't believe this is the one but that rain that did catch
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on fire, it's disabled, it's still sitting on the tracks. but fortunately, it is not blocking other tracks. specifically amtrak which a lot of people commute back and forth between the bay area and sacramento. that track is still open to the commuting public. back to you. all right, thank you very much we'll 8 oh 07:00am. >>and breaking news from overnight oakland police have arrested 2 people and recovered firearms after a long standoff that started at 3 in the afternoon. yesterday on stanford avenue and lasted into the evening. the 2 people who were arrested were part of they say an active criminal investigation, but they haven't given us any other details. richmond police are now offering a $10,000 reward for information that solves the death of 56 year-old miguel ramirez he was shot and killed by a stray bullet in may while he was just outside grabbing his mail from outside of his home in the 1600 block
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of chancellor avenue and there was a gun battle about a block away. one of the bullets hit him. police did make one arrest shortly after the shooting. but then they let that person go because of lack of evidence. >>the person is still free. you know. prisoners to living their life and who has to suffer the pain. i i still need it, im pretty sure their voices to still needed to scientists hope that people willie hope of cell. if you saw were it. you know anyone the pointed it please. >>come forward. >>they're focusing on the people in a dodge durango was captured on surveillance video and they're looking for anybody who might have seen the passengers are knows who the passengers of that car were. >>well police are also asking for your help this morning regarding this case, they're looking for this man who apparently entered the home while people were sleeping inside. this was at the point
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richmond area apparently came into the home through an unlocked sliding glass door stole some clothes and other items and then. disappeared into the night at this point they don't have a detail description of them they just have these images so if you think you recognize who this person is investigators definitely need your help. the show a major increase in the homeless population in alameda county specifically in oakland. there are 43% more homeless people in the county today than there were just 2 years ago in oakland that number's gone up 47%. the city has done things like community cabin sites safe rv parks and leaders are working to add 700 new beds to shelters by the end of the year and with the help from countless volunteers and organizations, the city is still falling short of the number of people in need. these new numbers come from a one night count that was done back in january but only released 2 officials this week in 2017 oakland had 2,761 homeless people. now that number's over 4,000. >>it's 8 oh 09:00am and today
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at least this morning you can that go to the dmv all of the offices across thetathe 1st hal >>shut down they want open till reopen to 1 o'clock this afternoon. we've got kron 4 sarah stinson standing by to explain. >>why they're shutting their doors, sarah. >>about 5,000 dmv employees they're doing some training to make sure that they are up today on how to process those real id applications we've been talking about them for a while now and they have training on that today until 1 o'clock standing here at the dmv i've seen a lot of people trying to go up to the dmv just walking up and i have to break the bread the bad news to them saying, you know the the dam is close a lot of people saying this is a huge inconvenience. i some really even said she took off the day from work because you want to get this done to any of the real id done and then another man i talked to he said you know i have to go to the airport today. i stupidly forgot my id is expired in my
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path passport expired so this is a huge impact for people but at the same time. these employees need to get some training done and it's all to make sure that they can do this officially on time. they wpnt to make sure that it's done before you know. october first 2020 this will be required for all passengers flying in the country to have that real id driver's license or id card. now at as this day approaches quickly the dmv says i experience a surge of customers trying to get done. this summer the hope is that this training, teachers all employees get the right information needed to complete the application. yesterday governor gavin newsome spoke out about the many issues people encounter at the dmv and announced changes that will be made to ease those for the future customers take a look at your screen there looking at you know making sure wait times. it get better and making sure that they up more key also that way you can kind of do a self-help thing you can get all your stuff you need to do done with the kiosk
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and then they're also going to be hiring more employees mostly temporary just so that they can get all these customers their real id these. plus the dea me recently had another outage the newsome says in good time they will get a new system. the fix team. these issues will not happen overnight. now again a lot of people coming here right now literally the parking lot people are sitting in their car. we have to go up to them and tell them, you know they're not opening until 1 o'clock but i spoke to one man who says he got there. 3 hours before opening time just to get in line only to find out that they weren't going to open at the regular time. >>there's a long line and i waited night. 4 to 5 hours waiting in line. so now i'm we already have experience so i said ok let's go let's go so early so i wake her up for no reason to an end. no fees many. >>yeah, well, at least they
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can go 1 o'clock you know if you have an urgent matter and you need to talk to someone at the dmv their call centers are still open. so you can do that and they have kiosk at select grocery stores you look into that and maybe you can use one of those get we need to done. but in till then people are just going to wait until 1 o'clock says employees can get their training done. i'm live at the dam deal send it back to you ok dmv or the dentist, what was when he what's the difference i all right. >>i both as people i think get it done to really well yeah will could just start still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. we'll tell you what we're learning about a couple that was involved in a tragic crash here in the bay area will have the very latest in that story and also after the break how ttheir lease we're going to be staying right there at their staying right there at their battery street location. they say at a certain age you just stop caring. i wonder what age that is. simply ageless with hyaluronic complex.
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>>okay we're back at 8.15 we got a chance robin because she's been she's been spending most points in the air here on the traffic front of you have for a lot i don't know if i can squeeze report it's like all of a sudden all these problems started happening all start off in fremont another accident involving a big rig. there's only one lane open line 6.80 south at washington, yeah. >>so it's a tough squeeze only one lane open we have a big rig involved here southbound 6 80 at washington chp issued a
8:17 am
traffic alert. they are working with this trying to get out of the way, but what a mess out of sun all it is backed up all the way over to 84 the big rig cast to gravel trailer, so they're moving it out of the way right now pushing it off to the side. that's why you're at a whopping 61 minutes to make it from dublin to fremont because of that crash in washington. but at least they're clearing it and then northbound traffic the opposite side. that's backing up a little bit to the lucky loser slowing down traffic. the nimitz we have an accident 80 south and a street creating a little bit of a gap in your slow down and was blocking 3 lanes now it's just the 2 left lanes solid from to 38 and then after that little pockets, leaving union city inter fremont it's going to put you at 34 minutes, so things are getting better for the southbound nimitz we have a problem in san francisco. i told you about a motorcycle accident. northbound one oh one right between 2.80 and alamein e this one is blocking the 3 left lanes so it's going to be a very slow commute in babo up off and on along
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the peninsula so out of brisbane's south san francisco. you are going to be riding the brakes all the way up to the crash scene there near alamein e southbound slow cesar chavez to 3rd and then even to 80 is passed northbound from daly city to want to once all of your freeways pretty crowded checking the bay bridge 80 west at least it's pretty quiet here. but you are still stacked up from the maze don't forget. we have a giants game. today so that means baseball traffic 81 on one to 80. it's going to be pretty sluggish are around the ball parts of keep that in mind. we'll have another check of traffic coming up in a bit chop should be a nice day to head out to the giants game to robin, especially for those of you that are on the east bay looking to escape the heat because. >>san francisco is not going to be a bad place to be at all plenty of sunshine overhead and temperatures in the 60's and 70's, but breezy at times though so forget the jacket south bay also under some clear skies as you have been all morning long and for the east bay more of the same lots of sunshine that sunshine will
8:19 am
certainly be nice to step outside and enjoy and less you're getting outside in the heat of the afternoon because as high pressure expands over the region today, temperatures are going to be noticeably warmer and they're going to stay this way through the remainder of the week only getting warmer into the weekend ahead of us so it's time to get the water bottles ready. the sunscreen ready to go and maybe plan your outdoor activities during your morning hours instead of the afternoons, 60's and 70's for san francisco as i mentioned half moon bay up to 70 degrees today really nice day out along the coast while 70's and 80's along one o one from brisbane down through foster city san carlos in redwood city woodside near 90 degrees today and in the 90's for a few spots in the south bay like san jose cupertino in saratoga each right at 90 degrees. a mix of 80's and 90's from hayward on over to livermore and some 70's holding on in oakland berkeley and richmond, your best spots in the east bay to be hanging out this afternoon like danville walnut tree can
8:20 am
conquered, or you may want to plan those plans a little later in the evening. once he does get cooler vacaville are best chance of hitting 100 degrees today. i have yet 99 wouldn't be surprised to see a century mark reached today, we are going to be seeing some temperatures in the triple digits. come the weekend that's because even though today is going to be a hot one. the hottest of temperatures won't come until saturday and sunday. that's when on average are inland highs will be in the upper 90's bayside highs in the low 80's on average. so we'll all be warming on up into the weekend ahead. this is followed by a cool down finally come monday and tuesday of next week. james start. >>less than 2 weeks before the punchline comedy club was set to lose its home a new lease agreement ensures that the last will continue on battery street. >>just in the nick of time we have kron four's will bellow i no health insurance banding together to save a large corporation from an even larger corpor
8:21 am
>>and it worked out a big win for the comedy community. this week in the form of a lease agreement since may comedian nato green has been spearheading the campaign to save punchline comedy club and monday night his efforts paid off keeping it really sort of. >>has been a huge shot of hope. 2, 2, comedians in san francisco and across the country that census will continue to be replaced comes. displacement is not a laughing matter. >>and the punchline is that the punch lines going to stay supervisor. aaron peskin has been working closely with green and google to help save the comedic institution from being displaced even passing legislation to incentivize a new deal for the longtime tenant i am very pleased that the punch line and. >>the new major tenant of that building google. work it out and so hats off to both of them granted they had a little bit of pressure because we passed urgent piece of legislation that would have made a little rough on him,
8:22 am
that is now a thing of the past in a statement google has said we're excited. >>the punch line will remain our neighbor and a vibrant part of the bay area community for years to come the 40 year-old venue has been the incubator for comedians like robin williams dave chappelle and w kamau bell. green says after losing several venue and performance spaces over the years maintaining this institution in the city. what's critical you know you can't just. >>like pick it up and just on a cookie cutter model and the punchline has this magic to lives in the walls. >>the details of this new lease agreement have not yet been released publicly however it is no joke punchline is here to stay on battery street in san francisco noel bellow kron 4 news. >>it's a 22 and still ahead bay man faces charges
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, one of our trouble spots out of the way now that 6.80 but it's a mass rolling through fremont so we had a major accident on southbound 6 80 at washington involving a big rig and several other vehicles have 3 lanes o so it cleared it off to the on 84. all the way out to koopman so well over an hour just to get from dublin to fremont as traffic is struggling to recover and we have this major crash left over from the early morning
8:26 am
hours. the money you expressway on ramp to northbound 8.80 is still close after a big rig loaded with scrap metal flipped over at 5 52 this morning so that on ramp is closed that is a putting more pressure on 8.80, it's stacked up from 2.80. you may want to use the auto mall ramp instead of the money who express way ramp checking the bay bridge traffic crawling from the maze and busy on the upper deck. john. >>plenty of sunshine all the way out of the golden gate bridge robin just a touch of cloud cover hanging out or right around that first tower right there really nice day along the coast for us. the further inland to get the the not so comfortable as temperatures become although we're free of any advisories concerning the heat here in the bay area out into the central valley, there is an excessive heat advisory, as temperatures climb to the triple digits for the 4th day in a row from bakersfield up their fresno sacramento in reading in the triple digits, too here in the bay of vacaville may see a 100 degrees right now i have you at 99. most of us today in the
8:27 am
90's inland, but temperatures will continue to climb into the weekend. so get ready to see more numbers looking just like this daria. >>thanks a lot john new changes are coming to facebook and instagram today that will restrict some cars content for users who are younger than 18 kids and teenagers will now be able to see. anything will not sorry he will not be able to see a thing about alcohol tobacco cigarettes. that's on facebook or instagram a spokesperson says there cannot be any private sales trades transfers or giving alcohol and tobacco products as gifts only people who are over 18, we'll be able to see that content and that also applies to any facebook groups created to sell alcohol or tobacco. it's a 27 and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. department is making and one bay area city following the taser
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>welcome back it is 8.30 right now we're looking at weather and traffic and you had a lot of hot thank goodness. they are clearing but you know that goes we have several lanes blocked. it leaves a long backup behind so i still tracking major delays on 6.80 from sun all all the way into fremont thanks to that crash involving a big rig that was blocking the 3 left lanes at washington so they finally got it out of the way
8:31 am
but traffic is barely moving it's backed up be on 84 beyond koopman 87 minutes for you this morning to get from dublin to fremont and the northbound a slow to northbound traffic, everyone was slowing down too look at the southbound actions would cause some delays there too we're checking in on the bay bridge traffic you are solid from the maze 5.80 backed up to 24. the e sure out of emeryville berkeley and albany and then north one oh one is recovering from a crash and 2.80 so it's jammed up from brisbane to the 80 split in san francisco. on top of that don't forget about the giants game they take on the cups today. i believe it's at 12 45. that's the first pitch, but the for the fans they had an early so that's going to impact your morning commute 81 on one to 80 city streets around oracle park. i keep saying att park oracle park will be jammed up and then for the afternoon commute get out of san francisco early because those baseball fans will be heading home john well, good weather for all san francisco. maybe not so much for those of
8:32 am
you thinking out the east bay today. >>san francisco's already enjoying plenty of sunshine as our other coastal areas. this is your day to head out to the water enjoy some sunshine and enjoy temperatures that will be staying nice and mild inland. we're already feeling temperatures on the rise. morgan hill in the 70's now with pittsburgh in dublin at 67 fairfield just below the 70 degree mark while berkeley and oakland comfortably cool in the low to mid 60's. we're not going to stay this way though while nice in san francisco and oakland in the 70's. most of the bay is working their way up into either the upper 80's or the low to mid 90's today, san jose is one of those spots up to egrees making for a hot afternoon ahead of us and even hotter weather is to come which i'll get to still ahead daria. >>32 and now we know the name of the person who died in a train and car crash ash in pleasanton he was driving a car 20 year-old men sock blue of pleasanton look at where the car ended up
8:33 am
after hitting that rain wrapped around that poll yesterday morning he died at the scene there of the a strain crash which happened at junction avenue near old for street. he was the only one in the car and nobody on the train was hurt. and oakland man is now facing charges for a shooting that happened outside of the 6 flags hurricane harbor water park in concord 28 year-old donald sims police say is the person who shot a man on july 13th. he and the other man got into an argument when they were parking their cars in the parking lot us marshals in sacramento arrested sam's last thursday any it already had a warrant issued for his arrest out of oakland for an assault that happened several weeks before the shooting. >>the san mateo county sheriff's department now is making changes following a taser related death of a 36 year-old father should nato koby was unarmed at the time when he died at the scene after being uased 4 times by deputies. this was in october of 2018 and according to an
8:34 am
investigation by the san mateo da's office. the police were justified in using those tasers but his death prompted public outcry. and now changes are being made to the sheriff's office tasers will now only be used when a suspect is armed with a weapon other than a firearm and is causing immediate physical injury or is violently resisting arrest. the department will also get new training for dealing with the mentally ill. the attorney representing a colby's mother says these changes are long overdue. >>are first going through. does that tell you you know what losing someone in a situation that could have easily been avoided. officers would have issues a chance ever strike. >>the changes to the department's use of force policy still need to go before the union that represents the sheriff's deputies. we're also learning more about the victims in this weekend's deadly crash 39 year-old benjamin dean and his wife kelly were visiting san francisco from clovis when a
8:35 am
speeding tesla ran into them. benjamin died at the hospital condition. ill in critical we're told the couple was in the city over the weekend perhaps celebrating their wedding anniversary they'd only been married just a few years. >>heartbreaking i mean my heart and silly drops knowing that it was somebody in that are so close to home. and that its people we know and people that are just from here it's very unfortunate that they're up there trying to celebrate a good time. >>friends say benjamin has 3 teenage boys. kelly is their stepmother. the boys actually lost their birth mother about a year ago she died from a stroke. both benjamin and kelly worked for fresno county's department, a social services. >>we're creating great keeping an eye out for years. the recovery of his life. >>the crash happened on sunday the couple was walking around union square when the driver of a tesla just ran through a red light getting both of them. police arrested that
8:36 am
driver now identified as 21 year-old kelsey mariah cambridge investigators are looking at the car's computer system now to see if it was in self-driving mode at the time of the crash. >>time now is 8.36 happening today, a san francisco judge is going to hold a hearing on president trump's new rule that restricts asylum applications protesters also expected to be there at a rally outside the courtroom this morning for more on this. let's go to kron four's christina tate roche is live there with the latest christina. >>yes, so the rule was issued by president trump's administration just last weekend after it was announced multiple local bay area, activists organizations filed a lawsuit against the ruling actually as you can see here behind me we have multiple groups and protesters right behind me in front of the federal court system here in san francisco and right now s of the media and talking to members of the community chatting about what they believe is unconstitutional as well as what they're saying is maybe a racist ruling that's really not people to go ahead
8:37 am
and seek asylum should we have some information for you about what was passed. now the rule would not allow asylum applications at the southern border from people who pass through another country unless they sought and were refused asylum in the transit country. next a us district judge tiger will hear the lawsuit filed by east bay sanctuary covenant which is berkeley face and other groups as well they're asking for a temporary order to block the rule. the activist group members say the rule excludes almost all asylum. seekers leaving persecution in many countries like alsop a dork rob, what amal and honduras now they say the measure violates the us immigration and nationality act as well as the federal administrative law that's more that they were touching on this morning as they're out here speaking. justice department lawyers now they're defending the rule a policy deci helping address the quote overwhelming crush on our silence system at the southern border, and though this morning the hearing starts at 9.30 here at the court system as you can tell behind me as i had mentioned, we've got
8:38 am
protesters already out here this morning go ahead and rallying and there getting the troops together and those 4 organizations quite a few members out here making sure that their voices are heard leading into the hearing and they did say that they're going to try to quote the program this morning for now reporting live here in san francisco christina teatro kron 4 news. i thank you very much. christine a 8.38 right now coming up a shooting on a bay area freeway sparks concerns for drivers we have some reaction in the east bay. >>and the possible changes to the food stamp program that could. out a lot of people from the system. and after years of fighting 9.11 1st responders and don't have to worry about health care coverage anymore. how the bill finally passed the senate and who voted against it. at the richmond center fell idge lots of sunshine and a pretty
8:39 am
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finally, an eggo thick and fluffy waffle all to myself, whoa. karen, karen you've got to try this. would you l'eggo your eggo?
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>>back in a 41 happening now mccabe beach near cannery row in monterrey is closed after sewage spilled into the water. the beach is going to stay closed until testing shows the levels are back to safe levels in the water. so this comes after a new report found thousands of beaches across the us had unsafe levels of pollution last year 2 nonprofits were behind the report and they looked at more than 4500 beaches and discovered bacteria levels on at least one day. so
8:42 am
sources of the pollution include runoff from cities sewage overflow as disgusting. officials say contaminated water can cause stomach flu and other waterborne illnweesse about that coming up here in just a minute, but it's back open that's this that's the preview for you and also still ahead. >>and people in the east they're concerned about another freeway shooting will tell you where. 45 and
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8:45 am
looking outside lots of sunshine already across the bay. it is going to be a beautiful day to be out at the coast. >>that's the plus side of this forecast if you are hanging out san francisco. had winds up and down the peninsula you've got the sun and you've got the 60's and 70's. today in san jose, it's all about the 90's has been crystal clear all morning long and it's the hottest temperature we felt so far this month out to the east bay we're talking 90's as wel mount diablo and the surrounding areas like concord walnut creek. all the way down into the tri valley well into the 90's today, so temperatures are warming up high pressure building back into the region yesterday or temperatures moderated by and advancing low to our north today, the high pressure has nothing to stop it from building in. and that's why temperatures are really kicking into gear today just the way the going to stay for the rest of the forecast on the warmer side of things, 60's and 70's for your daytime
8:46 am
highs in san francisco as well as elsewhere on the peninsula, half moon bay done i 70 degrees san bruno at 71 today, you're looking at 80's solidly from foster city southward with woodside nearing 90's 88, south bay in the 90's like i mentioned san jose right at 90 degrees. morgan hill even warmer than that at 92 tri valley in the 90's with livermore at 94 efrom freeman through hayward up to castro valley and san leandro do expect a tease. oakland berkeley and richmond, your best spots in the east bay to be out and about this afternoon only in the 70's while conquered up to 95 and are close to spot a triple digits wouldn't be surprised if we got there will be vacaville at 99 youngsville at 94 out towards the coast. some nice conditions in stinson beach in point raise near 70 degree highs, great data head out there if you have the time d tomorrow and friday are all going to be very udtomorrow, mostly sunny skies on friday. but saturday and sunday are going to be the hottest ones, upper 90's on average for inland
8:47 am
areas, triple digit temperatures looking likely for a few spots come this weekend and even by the bay it's going to be warmer with low 80's on average for areas right along the water on the bay, so definitely anticipate hot weather not just today but through the rest of this forecast. robin thank you john we're checking in on the bay bridge, a very slow commute here on a t. >>it is still stacked up and it goes back through through the maze 5.80 from 24 the e sure out of virtually in albany busy across the upper deck off to fremont street at 15 minute, here's 92. the trip across the san mateo bridge leaving hayward still creeping along and it's going to stay like this for the remainder of hours so no real surprises here we'll put it at 20 minutes to make it off to one on one richmond center fell bridge. this commute is winding down your backup not as long it's only to about castro or just about to castro and that's a huge imement. 13 minutes to make it into north bay. we're checking in on to the east bay freeways because we've had some problems out there. the nimitz
8:48 am
recovering from an accident 37 minutes to 38 to milpitas we had a nasty little crash in hayward 17 recovering from an accident. alright at 2.80 so busy on the san jose cupertino side 24 minutes from santa cruz until a status for you northbound commute and then one oh one is recovering from a motorcycle accident and san francisco, it's jammed from brisbane 17 minutes from brisbane to the 80 split daria thanks a lot robin 08:40am and happening. now police are searching for the gunman in a freeway shooting that happened in east oakland freeway shootings have become a major concern for drivers in that area kron four's haaziq madyun has more. >>it's shocking and scary, you know at this point you would think you know the violence are going down, it's just it's scary to drive oncerns followin monday's freeway shootin freeway in oakland. it
8:49 am
happened around 06:30pm near the 98th avenue exit that is where according to investigators with the california highway patrol, a gun that driving a dark colored the good shooting that the right front passenger door and a green toyota rav 4 we'll dig the adult male behind the wheel, another adult male in the vehicle escaped without injury the chp shut down the freeway at 98 avenue to investigate the shooting, however, the shooter got away. officials with the california highway with the california highway patrol say between november 20 were 185 car to car shooting some of the bay area freeways police have made some arrests id identified motives in other cases but most of these by the june it remained unsolved, it enables us to do it. >>they see that people are doing it and getting free we're not being caught after. you know the actions, you know we just kind of a lot of the people to do it there should be more proud. deadly was all hours a day they should. >>but i'm not sure how how
8:50 am
they come you know really go about it. so random. you can stop everybody night. >>it's horrible for the feel for the families for the people. but at the end of the day trying not to live in fear that way we just need solutions we need solutions to some big time. >>fortunately the victim in this shooting did notcalifornia asking for the public's help the shooter. before he strikes again. >>time now is 8.50 national headlines, 9.11 first responders injured after the 2001 terrorist attacks are one step closer now to permanent compensation. yesterday the us senate passed a bill that would pay for the 9.11 victim compensation fund through the year 2090. this will help individuals who are injured while rescuing people and removing debris under hazardous conditions. some of the rescuers were with comedian and activist jon stewart in the senate gallery yesterday as lawmakers pass the bill. >>we can never repay. all that
8:51 am
the 9.11 community has done for our country. but we can stop penalizing them. today is that day. >>the house passed the bill earlier this month and d trump is on expected to sign a. >>station is proposing a rule that would cut more than 3 million people from the food stamp program. the move is said to save taxpayers. billion a year. according to department of agriculture residents in 43 states including california who receive help from the temporary assistance for needy families program or and automatically enrolled in the supplemental nutritional assistance program or snap. the trump administration wants to require more people to work for snap benefits and it is looking to change the way the poverty threshold is calculated. >>if you are eligible for a
8:52 am
certain ce circumstances then you're also eligible for this and so. that means that we're not running paperwork through again and again and again to check your eligibility if you qualify for x the new qualify for easy. >>but that's what they're sacramento county department of human assistance as the people who rolled currently in the program should not worry until all of the revisions to this rule are made this is still in the works right. >>a 52 coming up in the 9 o'clock hour a big scare in yellowstone and a big charge by a bison and a 9 year-old girl that got left
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we are checking in on the bay bridge commute, it's still tough. it is stacked up in heavily through the mail these 5.80 from 24 the east shore freeway and then we have a giants game. today 2 at oracle park that's not until 1245, but you know the fans get in early. so that's going to interrupt your morning commute on 81 on one to 80 city streets around the ballpark in the same thing for your afternoon commute. so you may just want to pack up and leave san francisco, early before the game lets out 15 minutes right now to make it off to fremont street and 6.80 is recoverinfra opping 57 minutes residual delays here from dublin to fremont james all right, thank you very much robin. >>check this out texas police officer called the undecided
8:56 am
didn't joined in on the fun, he's could you have ever tried yeah it's it's really a fan. this is actually it started out as a noise complaint, why added to it and then fine. and the book actually manage the upper 30 seconds before falling or not. later you see how we did the beginning let know. like he knew what he was and cs logos of first and then you're like this isn't hard and then they kind of the dials just when you you've got was a good sport now on his why out he said just right keep the volume 95. >>time now is a 56 we've got more coming up in the 9 o'clock hour. the dmv is all around the state are not open right now they're close for most of the day today, we'll tell you why. >>in just a few minutes and we'll also have the latest on that brush fire that was sparked by a train. >>we'll have a live report
8:57 am
with what's going on there will also continue our live coverage of special counsel robert mueller's testimony before congress you're looking at live pictures right now. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. lowe's knows you do and save the best for last.
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we do it right, too. with the latest samsung family hub™ refrigerator featuring family board. so, what you bring home brings home together.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>and are your pulse and i'm james fletcher lots to talk about this hour, firstly we want to get to capitol hill right now former special
9:00 am
counsel robert mueller is still answering questions before congress has got to panels will be appearing before all related to his 2 year investigation into russian interference during the 2016 presidential election. if you've been monitoring all morning long. >>on the question and answer session that started a couple hours ago were also carrying it live streaming on kron 4 dot com. and we have karen k foxx has been monitoring it from capitol hill telling us about the questions in if they're going to be any new answers where he promised that he really said the report spoke for itself and it was not short on details 448 page and snow and this could be a long day of testimony before 2 house panels hours and hours. >>karen caifa now with the latest. robert m session of the day before the house judiciary committee has seen a former special counsel give a lot of terse answers and in some cases refer lawmakers back to his written report. >>the democrats did get mueller to say that his investigation did not exonerate president trump in the way the president says that


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