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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 25, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, it's thursday july 25th 2019 i'm robin winston we want to start with a check of your forecast of course. >>we have john triple standing by its been very hot. so it's going to stay hot is going to cool down is going to warm up. we have so many questions found yet today we're stay in steady, which is hot remember yesterday, yes. >>getting hotter into the you know that's going to be the hottest couple of days saturday and sunday may be cut plan to take it all easier that feel it. find yourself
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some air conditioning to send lot of us i don't have a see here in the bay and temperatures are going to be rising across the bay area but especially noteworthy for our inland areas where that heat. well at times be dangerous with highs in the triple digits come this weekend as for this morning, we're pretty nice and comfortable we do have just a touch of fog hanging out across the bay area berkeley. look i'm not too bad at all a fog is really the densest in areas on the peninsula right around half moon bay and out along the coastline, not really see it run treating too far inland this morning. and that's the way it's going to stay seeing i foggy bank write their offshore kind of like we did yesterday so not really having much of an impact skies as you can see that just a second ago, nice and dry this morning 50's 60's and even some 70's to kick off. this thursday pits for your at 70 degrees right now double that 67 livermore at 69 shy of the 70
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degree mark while valais how in berkeley holding on to the 60's overnight. a san francisco and timber on in the meantime in the upper 50's these numbers warmer than they were yesterday at this time. this afternoon to get to see these numbers leveling out we're not going to see daytime highs really rising today compared to where we were at yesterday what we will see though are excessive heat watches now stretching through the entirety of our interior valleys, not necessarily here in the bay area just yet and no fire weather warnings just yet, but this does indicate that he that is building immediately to our east it's going to be the 5th day in the row for triple digits out in the central valley, and although we're dodging the triple digits today for the most part. we do have some upper 90's a play in a few areas inland. bayside areas in the 60's later on while the coast comfortable in base. i should say in the 70's while the coast comfortable in the 60's. i'm talking what's next in especially what's going on this weekend with that heat still the cob robin all right,
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thank you john now, let's check in on traffic and see how it's moving this morning pretty early. >>with no major problems here on 80 heading into san francisco wide open. at the bay bridge toll plaza a great time to go ahead and use it you're looking at 8 minutes to make that drive into san francisco. here's 92, this is your trip across the san mateo bridge and it's looking good leaving hayward heading into foster city and san matteo we've had no reports of any big trouble spots. so 13 minutes that is quick to make it over to one on one. checking in on the richmond sandra fell bridge all is well accident install free for your commute on 5 any westbound from the tolls over to one on one want to take you over to highway 4 because the eastbound in bay point we do have a crash right at san marco looks like a car flipped over several times it happened early this morning that there's some activity in the right lane, i'm looking at the sensors i do not see a backup so far just keep your eyes open for that east for at san marco west 4 looks fantastic.
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through pittsburgh bay point all the way over to the concord side it's going to be 14 minutes to maye it off to 2.42. and no reports of any problems on to 42 are 6.81 more bridge, the golden gate smooth and that the limit your at 19 minutes at his quick novato to san francisco will check more coming up in just a bit. breaking from overnight breaking news from overnight sevhral people were injured when a car crash in san francisco look at this video you can see a car hit a fire hydrant and was split in half. now this is in the area of 3rd and carol street and in this video you can see the people there are being loaded into an ambulance. there's water just pouring out into the street. and right now it's not clear how serious those injuries are even what led up to the crash. but witnesses tell kron 4 that the car was going between 80 and a 100 miles per hour. when it spun out. following for you this morning as well 2 people arrested for a violent robbery at a bowling alley and concord and now police say the robbery
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was an inside job, so robbery actually happened earlier this entertainment viddy venue at sun valley mall. so after months of investigating concord police arrested the security guard. gary delahanty police ve twe leat that security guard help the 2 other men get into that bowling alley through employee entrance. >>at gunpoint push the 2 victims inside and the zip tied their arms behind their backs to better control them and sat him down while they took all the money with the help of the san francisco police department and the us marshals fugitive task force we were able to take both subjects into custody. >>police say that security guard used a fake identity to even get the job it turns out that he was on parole for an assault with a deadly weapon. police are still looking for the 3rd person involved in that robbery. police in daly city have arrested 2 people for carjacking that took place in san francisco. the
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carjacking actually happened to say a man and his wife they were attacked at gunpoint and then yesterday the car was spotted in brought more. that is the video that you see right here on your screen there's a shelter in place or shelter in place was issued while police search for those carjackers both were arrested and the shelter in place was lifted. well the city of oakland is starting to clean up ali right next to the home depot after the business threatened to leave the city city councilmember noel gallo says the home depot in the city's fruitvale neighborhood is surrounded by people living in homeless camps during drug son still in from the store. so home depot gave the city of the ultimatum either clean up that area or the national chain will take away its oakland store as well as its emeryville storm so to keep the home depot gala says that the city started cleaning up the problem at 37th avenue yesterday. >>but the city of opelousas extremely important. the 300 jobs they're creating here and
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then there are there when their taxes are paying the city 5 to $8 million per year. that we can use for services 32 days now clean. so here we're going to create offense at home people spain for everything. >>well gala says that the city is meeting with home people today to discuss plans about clearing others streets in that area moving forward right now the city is looking for new places to relocate the homeless people in those areas. well the threat of wildfires means that pgd could turn off power for several days and now water districts are preparing to keep the water from shutting off. so the east bay municipal utility district now has a backup plan that includes filling water tanks to capacity during red flag warnings and also making sure that there's electricity to move water up to people who live in the hills. >>we about 30 portable backup generators that were staging a critical poppy plant facilities throughout our service area we're not saying
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that they're not can have water but we are saying that they need to be conscious of their water use so that we make sure we have. >>well the generators were going cities like berkeley castro valley and san ramon starting august 1st other bay area water agencies also have plans in place and santa clara valley water has backup power at all of its drinking water treatment plants and in north where and north korean water district just purchased and rented additional backup generators that can be deployed during power shut offs. the big story that we're following for you this morning, a federal judge in san francisco blocked president trump's new asylum rule from taking effect nationwide. so the real issue last week prohibits almost all migrants at the southern border from applying for asylum. the judge said that the rule is likely invalid because it's inconsistent with the existing asylum laws alyssa decision is overturned on appeal the judge's order will remain in effect until there's a full trial on a
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lawsuit filed by the groups including one based in berkeley. well if tesla that hit 2 pedestrians in san francisco over the weekend was not an auto pilot. so investigators are now preparing search warrants and working with just low to try and get evidence from that car. police say the 22 year-old kelsey cambridge from the late show she ran a red light she crashed into that couple visiting from clovis the husband, he died the wife is stilln critical condition. well there are new questions this morning about who will be running pga. once it comes out of bankruptcy. the utility of space with an estimated $30 billion and wildfire liabilities now that live pg e to file for bankruptcy in january but they have not yet come up with a reconstruction plan. now federal bankruptcy judge is considering allowing other proposals one is from a group of bondholders and the latest it's from a group of insurers who say that pg owes them more than billion. now that
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proposal will also give the insurers a stake in running the company. >>someone is going to come up with money to basically get the victims paid and when they do that. >>they're going to take that for that money the'rng to take back equity that is it going to take back shares and they will if not completely control the company. the a major player, a major stakeholder in pg e going forward. >>well a federal judge has post off pushed off any decision for 2 weeks to allow state officials to come up with a way to evaluate the competing proposals to restructure the company. the peninsula now a san carlos man is charged with distribution of child pornographer e so detectives with the san mateo county sheriff's office. they say they received a tip and they arrested 45 year-old richard hartmann after he was found with pornographic images. well also in san carlos sheriff's deputies are investigating cases of a faff and strong arm robbery so investigators say that both
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incidents happened in this area of el camino real take a look at the map on your screen there. there was a woman who got her purse stolen at trader joe's after leaving it in the shopping cart and then just minutes later another woman she was walking down the alley between trader joe's and walgreens when a man grabbed her wallet from her purse. now it's not clear if these 2 incidents are related. well to the east bay now a teenage boy is recovering in the hospital this morning after he was shot in the neck. this happened yesterday afternoon at a home on chesapeake drive in pittsburgh, the teen and were handling a gun inside of a home when it went off that teen is in stable condition. one of this morning, a san francisco judge is allowing the rideshare rapist case to proceed with dna evidence, 38 year-old orlando ville czeslaw so is accused of posing as a rideshare driver in order to target and sexually assault women leaving downtown nightclubs. so prosecutors say he is linked by dna evidence to 4 separate sexual-assault
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in the city, one in 2013 3 in 2018. was defense attorney is filing a motion to suppress dna evidence in court. a preliminary hearing for the case has been set for next wednesday. the morning news, the warriors want to help you get to their games next season for free. we'll tell you how coming up in just a bit and in east bay home catches fire and a man and a 14 year-old girl. they rescued 2 people inside. also after the break one bay area community takes a unique approach to helping prevent wildfires. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>back to the kron 00:04am morning news and thank you for waking up with us we want to take a look at your forecast which has been very hot by the way. john schauble standing by with a look at what we can expect today. john another hot one rob again. moos one or 2 degrees cooler but that's not really much difference and started to feel hot stepped outside and then hotter come police were sort of used to it by now we should be i mean it's the end of july we had some pretty our weather at times as summer. that's is also got spoiled at other times and that's really good weather to always got to focus on the good times even when we are in the midst of a new way of looking outside at san francisco. you do see. >>skies clear enough that you can see across the bay just a touch of fog hanging out across the bay area this
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morning. condions overall dry they are certainly very clear and high pressure that is that playmaking both of these things are very much so present in the forecast in addition to the hot weather that is stacked up across the bay now tonight watch out for some isolated thunderstorms 6 possible across the band and that's the last thing you expect me to talk about. but we do have some monsoonal moisture that has been seen the past couple of days you remember out the central valley in the sierra nevada i was talking about those especially on monday and now that we work our way into this high pressure area we're tapping into that monsoonal moisture potential, so we could even see an isolated thunderstorm tonight during your overnight hours other than that though it's abundantly sunny and it's going to be one of those days that you're getting outside along the coast and really enjoying yourselves 60's and 70's in our coastal areas. these are the places to be if you're not a big fan of the hotter weather that we're about to experience yet again today elsewhere in the bay area woodside 88 degrees palo alto 83 for your high mountain
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view 86 today, south bay numbers in the low 90's again for los gatos in morgan hill yesterday after being at 90 degrees, san jose is now 89 for your daytime highs today pleasanton and livermore in the 90's again double and actually falling out of the 90's into the upper 80 same for you in san ramon while conquered in danville hold on to 92 stanley injure through oakland up to rich spend will be in the 70's. sonoma youngsville vacaville fairfield in pittsburgh again among are areas that are in the 90's today, vacaville close to triple digits. novato and center fell each 84. so today similar to yesterday and similar to what tomorrow will be seen as too but then come saturday an% sunday and that's the core of our heat wave. daytime highs on average in the upper 90's or triple digits on both of these days with bayside areas in the low 80's and even the coast getting in the mix with some low 70's after that though finally some relief temperatures will slide back down seasonal averages by monday tuesday and wednesday a
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much cooler and more comfortable next week to anticipate than what we have to see this weekend. rob all right. thank you john now, let's check in on traffic. >>we don't have any hot spots on the road right now in fact, it's looking good, it's it's quiet right now heading into san francisco, you know that means it's a great time to use it always say get out there are really if you can you can beat the rush at least the 5 o'clock rush 8 minutes here from the bottom of the maze off to fremont street 92 getting a little busy. we have more brake lights leaving hayward on the flat section just west of the toll plaza but all is well in hayward coming from the nimitz i d't see any problems in foster city or send the tale that will slow you down so 12 minutes for that connection. what's 5 any to the richmond sandra fell bridge. we don't have any problems on the 80's side or the one on one side so you're in good shape. so far 7 minutes to make that connection. we're taking a peek at traffic tracker we're looking at more freeways more drive times highway 4 west still smooth and at the limit leaving any outfits for of a
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point conquered, there's an accident wrapping up eastbound the force and marco on the bay point side main way maybe blocking one lane, but it's not backing up traffic that's good news, 6.80 is in fantastic shape as you head south. i don't see any problems coming across the benicia bridge. martinez conquered pleasant hill wanted creek alamo. it's just too. all the way out to danville the nimitz is in pretty good shape and so as one on one and easy 28 minutes from san jose to menlo park. well an effort to make san francisco streets safer muni plans to add 20 miles of protected bike lanes in the city over the next 2 years we have a map for you, here's a map showing the protected bike lanes in the city and there are currently 25 miles of protected bike lanes so by 2021. many plans to expand that with 20 more miles of safer lanes for bicycle riders you can see the proposed bike lanes and blue right there on the map and san francisco also make efforts educate the public about safe driving and street safety for
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cyclists city records show that there have been 10 deaths involving cyclists since 2016. well the city of san francisco also wants to add a fee to disposable food containers, an effort to reduce waste and litter throughout the city. so san francisco supervisor aaron peskin he introduced a proposal. it will require food vendors in the city to charge $0.25 for disposable cups and food containers. now the $0.25 charge does not apply to purchases made with food stamps. it would also require all restaurants to provide customers who dine in with reusable food where now if passed the new rule will take effect at the start of next year. we'll see what happens. well new this morning police in livermore are stepping up efforts to track down a murder suspect they're now offering a 25 $100 reward for information leading to the arrest of jorge to less. police say that a last shot and killed 15 year-old emanuel most be that happened earlier this month.
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you're a taco bell restaurant along stan lee boulevard. most me was a student at livermore high school police say the teen got into an argument with to last before he was shot. crews are close to containing a brush fire that's burning in santa clara county check out this video cal fire says that the fire is burning just east of milpitas it's burned about 50 acres so far we're told that the fire came dangerously close to some homes but crews managed to save those buildings. well to the north bay now another fire the marsh few fire is burning near interstate 6.80 this is it's a county. this is happening just southwest of fairfield near lopez and marshy roads. i'm sure you've seen the smoke if you live in the area. so far it has burned about a 183 acres and it is 60% contained as of this morning. also the north bay fire crews continue to get the upper hand on the canyon fire that's burning in napa county. it broke out monday and right now it's 95% contained so they are pretty close to having this out it
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burned about 64 acres just south of lake berryessa no structures were damaged and no one was injured. there they are they're hard at work to prevent wildfires and moran county if you've seen them, you know that the animals they're eating up the grass and the weeds right along the hillside, that's hard for you know crews to reach with their tools and their lawn morris. so the goats are set by a fire safety council called fire safe moran. the council's executive coordinator says that the goats are here for a specific reason. >>it has a long history of wildfires in fact what some of the locations where the grazing zachary right now are intended. 2 separate areas that have historically seen major wildfires of 50,000 acre fire and burned from nevada to fairfax almost 80 years ago in dissipate that that fire will happen again. so this this goes grazing is specifically intended to create a fuel break that would interrupt the path of another fire like that. >>go to work your heart out there getting fires a parade
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is made up of fire departments, local government agencies and also private individuals who were to reduce fire danger. well still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a violent arrest caught on camera. and now there's a lawsuit against the bay area police department.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news assigned to check
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in on your entertainment headlines today in a family favored it's returning to theaters david daniel has that story and more and the hollywood minute. >>the muppet movie is 40 years old and to celebrate it's coming back all you lovers of dreamers can reconnect with kermit and company at nearly 700 us theaters on thursday july 25th and tuesday july 30th, hop on over to fathom events dot com for details. jennifer lawrence is joining the mafia, she's set to produce and star in mob girl based on a true story geelong will play a mob girlfriend who decides she wants to be part of the business and eventually becomes a police informant. >>and every moment you feel that people are really supporting what they do. and that's really nice. >>rutger hauer has passed away
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his agent confirmed to variety the actor best known as roy batty and blade runner died at home in the netherlands after a short illness. hours filmography included lady hawk, the hitch or sin city and batman begins his activism included founding the aids awareness nonprofit the starfish foundation rutger hauer was 75 in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>and before we go just a little peek outside of the bay little peek outside of the bay bridge at stacking up i oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news we are in store for more hot weather is so i hope you're used to it i hope you're prepared, i guess for shaving off just a few degrees couple degrees. what's going to be hot again. yeah pretty hot is so slight you probably won't notice much of a difference today compared to yesterday's very warm again. very little difference. this weekend is when you actually see temperatures going up overnight will the core of the heat ahead of us she's had enough i can take any more he just head to the coast had to have it was a. or said to movie theater and head indoors, simple one of those 2 options for the again great outside this morning. we do have some cool temperatures some fairly free fog conditions just a touch of it hanging out across a few spots in the bay, mostly just a little bit further out towards the coast where you are seeing visibility in half moon bay, falling just below a mile on into the later part of


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