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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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robin and i would like to see you here in our studio audience. go to and click on "get tickets." we'll see you next time. >>anticipate we're going to have more wildland fires this season yet each and every one of them have the potential to be devastating wildfires. >>a dire warning tonight coming from the contra costa county fire protection district. like last year the fire season has jumped off to a quick start and it's expected to last longer than in the past good evening, everybody on vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the fire protection district says most of contra costa county is at risk for wildfires kron forcefully to go reports. >>every wildland fire we dispatch on is another kit
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opportunity have a devastating disaster us and deadly wildfires. steve deal not mincing words he speaks for the contra costa county fire protection district an agency he says has already fought. >>at least 125 vegetation fires this fire season. last year the fire season lasted 192 days and 390 fires broke out our projections are that we will probably exceed last year's. >>wildland fires by about 25% using this fire from a few weeks ago off the highway before in which a coal as an example there was no. >>no space for us to get in and fight the fire still reinforces the importance of clearing your properties of tall and dry vegetation. a lack of defensible space resulted in this storage facility catching fire. we have >>150 to 200% of the fuel today that we had on this day last year. in contrast the county unfortunately of precautions are taken.
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>>hill says the deadly and destructive fires that have ravaged the north bay in the recent past could happen here. 2 thirds of the county is considered high-risk fire zones because most neighborhoods are densely populated and surrounded by trees and brush develop evacuation plans. >>where's that they practice those evacuation plans we asked that they create go bags for the for and the event of an evacuation think immediately grab it and leave he also recommends downloading a copy of the fire protection district residents guide to wildfire preparedness and evacuation. >>from their web site before it's too late. in contra costa county felipe took all kron 4 news. >>and we're tracking several brush fires in the bay area as we speak they're burning in santa clara solano and napa counties on the far left a fire in the hills east of san jose and milpitas that started last night so far it's burned 80 acres. containment there is 65% and the 183 acre fire is a
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lot of county is now 80% contained tonight that fire started yesterday morning. a long 6.80 near fairfield and the fire in napa county is nearly contained tonight that started just south of lake berryessa on monday. they funded from the air and the ground with fervor that day it's burned 64 acres and is now 95% contained investigators. we're still trying to figure out what caused these 3 fires, you know while these fires broke out over the past couple of days, it is it just going to get hotter out there increasing the fire danger poisoned chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look at the forecast lawrence, the conditions are not going to be in our favor. >>no i don't think so i think we're looking at the hottest temperatures of the month coming our way that's going to set itself up for the weekend. >>this is a look to saturday as we're going to start to see that heat really bear down on the bay area triple digits in spots inland. a 103 forecast 4 live more a 100 to one and conquer one oh 4 in antioch 92 in san jose 95 in santa rosa you get the idea that there's going to be a huge contrast in
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temperatures as you make your way back toward the coastline that being said you have these hot temperatures they're going to stick around to make things very hot throughout the weekend. in fact i think it's going to be even a little bit hotter on sunday. an excessive heat watch has been posted now in much of the east bay that includes livermore danville conquered antioch hercules yet the idea very hot temperatures not only here but around much of the state has this very strong ridge of high pressure will be building overhead that is going to crank up these temperatures as we head throughout the weekend in fact in the central valley, some of these temperatures may be approaching about a 110 degrees the one good thing though regarding fires we're not going have a whole lot of wind over the weekend. thank you lord see contract. the weather by the way in your neighborhood anytime and get alerts when breaking news happens. >>so the kron 4 mobile app you can download that today. other big story. we're tracking tonight. police in san mateo county are looking for more victims potentially after a man been arrested for sexually assaulting boys, 47 year-old randy handle men worked as a
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photographer for a swim team. at the love dare rec center in portola valley police say he's accused of several sexual-assault over several years at that rec center at the time of the incidents, the victims were between 8.13 years old had a man was arrested at his home in menlo park this afternoon. the sheriff's office believes there are more victims and they're encouraging anyone who had contact with him to come forward. >>looks like the days are numbered for san francisco's juvenile hall and now san mateo county is considering a similar action. our first day in kerman live for says m tailor night with more dan what's what's going on. >>well juvenile justice commission has recommended that the board of supervisors form a task force in san mateo county. they say that the juvenile hall might have been a great concept 3040 50 years ago, but now there are new studies and new beliefs of how to deal with kids this age who get into trouble in juvenile hall is not the best answer.
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in june, san francisco supervisors voted to shut down juvenile hall. now san mateo county's juvenile hall could be the next on the chopping block. the county's juvenile justice and delinquency prevention commission. >>sent this letter to the board of supervisors asking them to form a task force to look at alternatives. >>how do we create spaces for them to stumble and loan was a stumble in be locked up. and the data shows that and they stumbled we lock them out that isn't the right answer becomes balding door, he checks all kinds of options for them and it impacts others in their family as well. >>it also may no longer be cost effective to keep the doors open because the population for the 178 that facility often sits at 50 or 60 average cost for june now. it's $320,000. a year. for the cat that's the that's the a
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county cost. commissioners believe that money can be better spent been seized asia around. >>prevention one seized a turnaround wrap around services onesies de charonne better mental health. >>services. and explore the whole thing holistically buses and silent. we discovered them. >>san mateo county supervisors will likely officially form this task force in the fall. it's unknown if it will take weeks or months or years before they make a decision about what to do with this facility and with juveniles who get into trouble going forward. live in san mateo dan kerman kron 4 news. thanks dan happening. now police are searching for a driver after this crash in san francisco early this morning you see all the water. learned that 3 girls ages, 11, 1417 were in the car at the time along with a 19 year-old man that according to police. investigators say those folks are not cooperating with the
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investigation kron 4 sarah stinson reports. >>the pd headquarters where they're still investigating the cause of this crash. but in the meantime 4 people are recovering from their injuries. we're hearing that their non life threatening but very surprising after you see this video dramatic video from the crash scene this happened around one 30 in the morning in the bayview area of the city on 3rd street in carroll avenue. you can see the car involved a silver mazda split into pieces after mulling over a fire hydrant you can see each person being treated by paramedics on scene and then russian an ambulance to the hospital water is spewing about 40 feet in the air and just continue to flood the streets several inches. eventually they got the hydrant to stop releasing water. we're waiting to see if police have figured out of alcohol or drugs are also factors in this crash and if they're going to file any charges against the driver. in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news.
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>>police in san francisco are also searching for 2, 8, week old puppies after a man stole them. the owner advertise them for sale online. investigators say yesterday afternoon the 56 year-old woman who is trying to sell them. met with this man data for shopping center and that is when police say he took the 2 black multi prove pups police have not released a detailed description of that suspect. >>the bart board voted to spend millions of dollars to continue and expand programs that are meant to improve the quality of life for folks on the transit system's kron four's maureen kelly reports that some of those are addressing issues related to homelessness. >>they'll be more smiling faces like this one seen inside bartella vader's at their busiest downtown san francisco stations. that's because the bart board voted to continue the elevator attendant program put into place last year at full. the civic center and how street stations and starting in the
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fall attendants will also be minding the elevators at the montgomery embarcadero stops. >>that means clean drug free. no abuse elevators for our riders. >>it's just one of a package of quality of life initiatives approved by the board who green-lighted the spending of close to million over 3 years. some of that money will also go to help pay for pit stops public bathrooms with attendance outside 3 city stations other dollars will be dedicated to help deal with the homeless on the system. the transit agency, currently funds homeless outreach teams dedicated to the bart trains and stops in the city and contra costa county now they'll also help pay for hot teams in alameda and san mateo counties, including sfo. ask the homeless individuals can i take you to a warming center do you need something to eat can i take you to a shelter. >>what services you need when was the last time you saw doctor. >>one woman who says she's been homeless since the spring
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thinks it's a good idea because a great idea to some of that. >>barr says the idea is to connect the homeless with resources to keep them from using the transit system as a shelter maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>initiative to fight homelessness in san francisco have the giants are involved in what leaders say people who have homes can do to help. >>plus kids are starting to vape at an alarming rate, what lawmakers in dc say today and how that locally cigarette company being blamed is defending itself. >>and sections of one local city are known for a crime problem, but not this quiet section of that the warning from police tonight and who might be breaking and all these homes. >>skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you
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>>there's been a spike good home burglaries in a quiet east bay neighborhood. >>kron four's haaziq that you spoke to police investigators say that the break ins just might be related. >>burglars are targeting homes at richmond's may valley neighborhood. it is a quiet part of town that borders else abroad, a 3rd bid for break the last 30 days was buck word way to separate break stored in street. the most recent incident happened tuesday at a whole but fascination way richmond police investigators say there are signs that these burglaries are related. yes,
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we do think that the crimes are connected simply because the point of entry is a scene that time of day is the same in that property that's taken us. >>pretty some or all of them have been around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. >>they're breaking in through the back sliding glass windows or doors and they're taking laptops electronics. >>and other valuables surveillance cameras captured images of 2 hooded mid leaving the buck word street burglary july 18th police say they have limited descriptions of the to be it other than what you see here we do have a vehicle that are looking for it's a four-door silver ford the california play in the last to just start 0, 6, 6, >>anyone with information is asked to contact with with police in richmond has it led you kron 4 news. >>16 marines have been arrested and are accused of being involved in drug related offenses in human smuggling among other crimes, the arrest happening during a battalion formation this morning at camp pendleton near san diego officials say the arrests were the result of information gained after 2 marines were arrested on human smuggling
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charges earlier this summer. 8 other marines are also being questioned about their involvement. the military says none of the marines implicated was involved in helping to enforce border security. another big story tonight, the la county health department says people may have been exposed to the measles at more than 6 locations this month. they say somebody with the highly contagious disease was in the area after traveling abroad. they say this exposure is not linked to the nationwide outbreaks. the person visited coffee shops restaurants, a bank. a gym earlier this month. so far this year there have been 16 measles cases reported in la county. a number of cases has also been reported in the bay area. but there hasn't been any new measles activity for the past few months. >>a recent survey of homeless in san francisco is found at the population is going up and now business and community leaders are teaming up to do something about it. our first charles clifford has details. >>well a recent survey of san
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francisco's homeless found that more than 8,000 people are living on city streets. it is a big problem. today in san francisco and dubose park where i'm standing right now a new effort was launched to try to deal with the issue. it is called all in it is a coalition of faith based groups sports teams businesses tech companies and nonprofits that have come together to try to address homelessness the coalition in crew includes businesses like atnt google air bnb amongst others and their focus is going to be on public engagement trying to get people deal with this issue and also they really want to focus on finding homes for these people believing that if they can find a someone a home than those folks can start rebuilding their lives that we. >>police together the community. starts with a safe a place to live.
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>>now all ins first big project is to try to find homes for 1100 people all across san francisco's 11 districts. in the most part charles clifford kron 4 news. >>now taking a live look outside from our sutro cam there is downtown san francisco the with some fog, a supporter the saying hello and we're saying hello to our chief meteorologist lawrence, karnow good time to dust off the ac right because need everything get the cooler out stock that thing up as an ice cold breezy ready, we've got a heat wave coming and yeah. i mean we're talking about the hottest temperatures of the month. so far this big dome. >>of high pressure building in other desert southwest rolls on in to really kind of fascinating to see we've been seeing some of that monsoonal moisture. he kind of wrapped around in the circulation around that high pressure system so we've seen the thunderstorms popping up over the sierra nevada and they really been erupting in the afternoon hours but even today now you may have noticed if you looked up some of the monsoonal clouds moving across our skies. there's not much moisture. there's a slight chance we could see some dry
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lightning record see any raindrops i don't think there's slight chance some lightning overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. then the kind of moves lou out a little bit otherwise we're going to see some hot temperatures no getting around that tomorrow we're still in the 90's were on the triple digits but will be in the 90's mid 90's inland. you see a lot of 70's 80's inside the bay and then you've got the huge extremists on live that patchy fog we're going to see more that fall on the coastline again so these temperatures, yeah, i have maybe 61 in half moon bay across the bridge and had the concord yes, big difference in temperatures around the bay area, the central valley it is going to remain hot their heat advisories say are going up of course as those temperatures expected to soar not only to a 105 but over the weekend maybe near a 110 degrees in spots so it is going to be smoking hot the central valley and some of our too but yeah, right along the coastline we're going to see this we're going to see some patchy fog right out toward the beaches. so if you're looking to beat the heat. definitely the coastline is where you want to be that's where you see those cool temperatures and a little bit of a sea breeze but that
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monsoon continues very neat watching these thunderstorms just popping up out there you see the showers making their way across as well some of that moving in the central valley. and then you've got some of the clouds actually moving around the bay area see him right there, here's the monsoon kind of sliding on through now some of them making his way to the north bay. another round of that just off the coastline here no. lightning showing up just yet but there's a chance you get the monsoon boy makes for some unusual weather, partly cloudy skies overnight tonight slight chance of some of those thunderstorms tomorrow, mostly sunny. and then looks like another warm to hot afternoon. this weekend. some blazing heat in the valleys back in the hundreds. and is under way for the person police say killed a teenager in livermore the new reward. but police department is now offering and the search is on for 2 teenagers accused of 3 murders in c3nada. >>by the father of one o ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price?
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>>omo child travel across. >>very serious pain dollars. >>this man's son is one of 2 canadian teenagers targeted in a nationwide manhunt. the pair are suspects in the murders of 3 people in british columbia that search is now zeroed in on a bug infested swamp land. more than 2000 miles away. >>and it is mounted police deployed a swat truck to the only road in or out of gil, a manitoba who's 1500 residents
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and then warned the suspects are armed and dangerous travel within the in pairs or groups. >>if you see any way it's the latest chapter in a tale of death and violence that began 10 days ago, half a continent away. it's a love story that ended tragically. >>it really is still worst ever. >>love story china diess was from north carolina. her boyfriend lucas fowler from australia. their bodies were found july 15 through the border between british columbia and the yukon 4 days later another discovery, a burned out pickup truck and the body of a botanist from vancouver. the truck was traced to 18 year-old bryer schmegelsky and 19 year-old can the cloud if you spot. >>fryer or cam consider them dangerous do not approach on sunday. the pair was spotted in saskatchewan, driving a stolen gray 2011 toyota rav 4 it's crucial for anyone that
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has knows anything that sees anything to call us immediately 2 days ago the toyota was found set on fire not far from hudson bay. there was no sign of the 2 boys. >>eventually they're going to have to come to a realization that can't live out there forever. police are not going to go away in fact there are only going to grow in numbers bryer schmegelsky is father does not foresee a good outcome. >>modi's. we're going to first ask we need a leader it's going to be dead today or tomorrow. >>there have been 2 confirmed sightings of the boys near the manitoba town. so far no word on a motive grant. >>kron four's now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called kron on you can get caught up with the latest breaking news and weather any time of day visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. 30 frustration continues on capitol hill over the border crisis, we'll tell youaabout the new round of
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hearings that focuses on family separation. >>woman says she was humiliated after her encounter with tsa agents. why she says they went too far when trying to inspect her wheelchair and lawmakers are looking into san francisco, the cigarette companies jewel and why some say those vapes are so attrac right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee.
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to apply, visit >>our top story tonight at 5.30 the surgeon general is declaring use the cigarette
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use an epidemic and lawmakers are blaming the teenage paving surge on the san francisco e cigarette company juul labs today company executives and health experts testified before congress kron four's washington correspondent and we're lucky reports. >>illinois democrat roger krishnamurthy says under-age beeping is an epidemic 3.6 million high school in a middle school students use e cigarettes in 2018 that's nearly doublo the number of teenagers vaping than the previous year as a parent of 3 young children myself including a teenager. the statistics are alarming krista more thi says he blames the e cigarette industry's leading brand jewel i agree with you that we should be concerned james monsees the founder of jewel bad says he never intended for the product to be such a hit with teenagers are clear in our goal to help improve the lives of adult smokers months, he says g devices are made for adult
5:30 pm
smokers who are trying to quit smoking but lawmakers say the company is actually targeting children. >>no one wants kids using tobacco. and no one wants kids vaping kentucky republican james colmer says julie beeping a cultural phenomenon by using social media influencers teens follow to build their brand but monsees says that's not true soap remaining under age usage is a priority for jill. >>there is no higher priority for this company months he says the company actually pulled its flavored products off the store shelves hoping to deter and reach kids from buying it flavors hook kids. >>and though you say that you took all the flavors out of the stores you left the mint flavor might krishnamurthy says the company still needs to do more in washington, i'm in a war nikki. >>or is always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now the state police in livermore stepping up efforts to try to track down a murder suspect there now offering a $2500.


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