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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 25, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>6 he worked with children and is now facing charges that he sexually abused a number of victims, thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne police say the crimes happened over the course of years kron 4 grant lodes joins us now with the allegations that peninsula peninsula man is now facing serious allegations pam and ken this is the man police have arrested 47 year-old. >>randolph haldeman he's facing 2 counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old and police say there could be more victims out there. they say this started back in january when officers got reports of sex-assault set the love dare rec center. the alleged crimes happening over the span of several years investigators say autumn in work there as a swim team photographer at the time of the incidents, the victims were between 8.13
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years old. all the men was arrested at his home in menlo park this afternoon. the sheriff's office believes there are more victims and they're encouraging anyone who had contact with him to come forward. but police say they understand that this is a difficult conversation to have with the child. >>important have conversations with. what age they are it's never too soon and you want to make sure that they have open communication with you or another adult that they trust that can help them report this if necessary. >>good advice there haldeman is in menlo park resident tonight though he remains in the san mateo county jail ken pam back to you. >>thank you grant turning now to our 4 zone forecast temperatures heating up again today and now there is a heat watch in effect for the weekend. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the very latest and we want to find out what these high temperatures and i mean in terms of fire danger certainly going to cause a more was fuel to dry out quickly more the brush is going to dry out we're not
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going to see those big wins that's probably the biggest concern with the fires. >>we're not have those certainly get some brush fires going it is going to be blazing hot, here's a look at some of the temperatures as we head into saturday look at the triple digit heat showing up into livermore you can soe that in dublin pleasanton ca occurred and the oc very hot temperatures away from the media coastline. so that's why. he watches are going up as those hot temperatures going to be settling in over the bay area and that will be the hottest part of the weekend is a saturday and sunday we're going to see the temperatures soaring and these numbers are really going to be oppressive away from the coastline, but it's going to be a huge break down up toward the beaches. you have enough of the sea breeze only 60's out toward the coast, but look at the central valley, hot temperatures expected up and down the san joaquin in fact some of these temperatures approaching a 110 degrees. it's going to be blazing hot throughout the weekend big dome of high pressure settling in overhead you can see some of the monsoonal clouds moving across our skies today as some of that moisture moving in our direction and also down below otice that patchy fog that has begun to move in fact a little more fog around the bay area today that helped to
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drop the temperatures just a little bit outside right now it is still hot livermore 90 degrees 92 degrees in hot in concord 72. much cooler in the sand rosen, 63 degrees some patchy fog in san francisco 67 in oakland and 80 degrees in san jose now but tomorrow morning we're going to wake up some patchy fog early on then as we head through the middle a lot of sunshine coming our way and then the afternoon plenty of sunshine again it's going to stay hot in the valleys. we'll see temperatures up in the mid-nineties but we've got a way to the weekend to we see that triple digit heat returns. and i think that'll be the hottest days not only for the week probably for the entire month guys back to you. we fully anticipate we're going to have more wildland fires this season, each and every one of them have the potential. >>to be devastating wildfires. >>every fire again has that disastrous potential and that is the dire warning coming from the contra costa county fire protection district. like last year the fire season has jumped off to a quick start and it's expected to last longer than in the past kron
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forcefully to god tells us to fire protection district says most of the county is at risk. >>most communities in contra costa county are densely populated with lots of trees and grass which is why the fire protection district says some 67% of the county is considered a potential fire hazard every wildland fire. we dispatch on is another kit. >>opportunity have a devastating disaster us and deadly wildfire fire protection district spokesperson. steve hill says the winter rains really caused the problem. he says over growth has resulted in about double the amount of fuel to burn compared to last year. it's also more dry and the wind is expected to pick up by the time summer turns to fall we're seeing the fires we think early in the season. that wasn't the case in the last couple of years we tended to be fighting fires this time of year. >>up on the ridge lines on the hillsides. >>that sort of thing he adds that people are responsible
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for starting the majority of fires which means most fires are preventable. the fire protection district has already thought at least 125 vegetation fires this fire season. last year the fire season lasted 192 days and 390 fires broke out at so important for property owners to fulfill their responsibilities to abate leads. >>create defensible space around their structure. so we have time to get in there and save them for the past 3 years hill says the fire seasons have been starting earlier and lasting longer. he says this year likely won't be any different. the fire protection district projects, the county will exceed last year's number of wild land fires by 25%. in contra costa county felipe should all kron 4 news and firefighters are working to put out the hot spots on a fire in santa clara county this wired fires burning in the spring valley community it is now 65% contained and has burned. >>80 acres solano county the
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marsh you fire is 80% contained. this is the area of marche few road and highway 6.80 that fire has burned 183 acres. and another fire in napa county is nearly contained tonight, you might remember this one broke out near lake berryessa on monday. it has burned 64 acres it is 95% contained tonight. investigators are still trying to figure out the exact calls in all 3 of these fires and you can always track the weather conditions at kron 4 dot com. there we have a special section on fire danger and you can stay connected when breaking news happens by downloading our mobile app today. >>the days are numbered for san francisco's juvenile hall and now san mateo county is considering similar action from four's dan kerman is live in san mateo tonight with more on this dan. uvat juvenile hall might have been the proper. >>place for juveniles who get into trouble 3040 years ago, but now they want to look at
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other alternatives and they want the board of supervisors to form a task force to take a look at replacing juvan all. san mateo county's juvenile hall could be on its way out stats have shown. >>that's better to be outside of the hall that inside the hall. >>the county's juvenile justice and delinquency prevention commission. the sent this letter to the board of supervisors, asking them to form a task force to look at alternatives what does it take to to make sense to have 2 inspections. 2 engage them in space is like my children do everything from kitchen tables to other resources to figure out. >>from their mistakes what they've done and how to learn and grow from them which is being locked up and getting a lifetime of fewer opportunities. >>it may also no longer be cost effective to keep the doors open because the population that the 178 that facility often sits at 50 or 60. >>in counties costing us above $220,000 for you put round of
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incarceration. this a lot of opportunity for prevention and that amount of money and prevention may just be part of the answer. >>it's all about social services and making sure that they get the right care right so whether it's a group home setting whatever it is it's all about diversion programs and making sure they get the best services. >>official formation of a task force will likely take place from the board of supervisors in the fall. we don't know if it will take weeks or months or years to make a final decision about what to do with this facility. live in san mateo dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan. in the east bay there's been us i can residential burglaries in a normally quiet neighborhood kron four's haaziq madyun talk to police investigators say the break ins might be related. >>burglars are targeting homes at richmond's may valley neighborhood. it is a quiet part of town that borders else abroad, a 3rd bid for break the last 30 days was buck word
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way to separate break stored in street. the most recent incident happened tuesday at a whole but fascination way richmond police investigators say there are signs that these burglaries are related. yes, we do think that the crimes are connected simply because the point of entry is a scene that time of day is the same in that property that's taken us. >>pretty some or all of them have been around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. >>they're breaking in through the back sliding glass windows or doors and they're taking laptops electronics. >>other valuables surveillance cameras captured images of 2 hooded mid leaving the buck word street burglary july 18th police say they have limited descriptions of the to be it other than what you see here we do have a vehicle that are looking for it's a four-door silver ford that california play in the last to just start 0, 6, 6, anyone with information is asked to contact with with police in richmond has it led you kron 4 news. >>a violent crash that tore a car after san francisco as you
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see in this video sent for young people to the hospital kron 4 sarah stinson shows us the dramatic scene and explains what police will do next. >>as apd headquarters where they're still investigating the cause of this crash. but in the meantime 4 people are recovering from their injuries. we're hearing that their non life threatening but very surprising after you see this video dramatic video from the crash scene this happened around one 30 in the morning in the bayview area of the city on 3rd street in carroll avenue. you can see the car involved a silver mazda split into pieces after mulling over a fire hydrant you can see each person being treated by paramedics on scene and then russian an ambulance to the hospital water was feeling about 40 feet in the air and just continue to flood the streets several inches. eventually they got the hydrant to stop releasing water. waiting to see if police have figured out of alcohol or drugs are also
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factors in this crash and if they're going to file any charges against the driver. in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>coming up at 6.60 marines to show up for formation at camp pendleton and then they are all arrested. details on the crimes are accused of. >>plus they're suspected of killing 3 people and tonight. they're on the run the manhunt in canada for 2 teenagers. >>next bart officials vote to spend millions of dollars to improve the trances system including some of the i
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>>watchful eyes are coming they'll be inside the elevators at barts busiest stations of our board voted to expand the elevator attendant program to 2 more stops today. >>it is just one of several initiatives pass that are meant to improve the quality of life for those on the transit system kron four's maureen kelly tells us that also includes expanding homeless outreach. >>here's one of the smiling faces bart riders getting on board the elevators at civic center and how stations will be seen granted. it's her first day on the job that you want to hayes says she's already getting a lot of positive feedback on her new role as an elevator ton of mothers say oh i feel so much better mean able to haveomeone writers who rely on the elevators like parents with strollers feel safer. the presence of these 35 new employees is expected to deter people from coming in here to
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use drugs or use the elevators as a toilet. so we'll stay cleaner and not break down is often everyone who rides these elevators has a story that does not end well, i've seen. >>i'm not sure if his dog food, but probably human. but yes that's the worst ashley i hope my press when i call in and out of these this. his >>roland way is on the accessibility advisory committees for both new and far he hopes the 6 month pilot project gets expanded to other stations. he seems similar problems that like oakland coliseum station and downtown berkeley. but just staffing the 2 stations from open to close every day for 6 months is costing $600,000 the bar project manager for the elevator attended program says it's in the proposed 2019 budget to extend the pilot project another 6 months. but as a rolling it out to other locations obviously around budgeting is always a
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tradeoff. >>we spend more money on elevator tendons it means there's something else that we don't do. so we have to have those tough conversations. >>part of the tenants job is to track if elevator usage increases well there along for the ride. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>60 marines showed up for formation this morning and ended up in handcuffs are accused of being involved in drug related offenses and human smuggling among other crimes. the arrest happened at camp pendleton in southern california. an investigation into the troops smuggling immigrants into the us illegally led to the arrests. it comes weeks after 2 other marines were taken into custody near the border on suspicion of >>the white house is emng an or federal judge based in san francisco which blocks the president's latest restrictions on asylum. the administration's new rule keeps almost all migrants at the southern border from applying for asylum. the judge said the rule is likely invalid and a lawsuit is challenging it. well today, white house press secretary
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stephanie grisham responded saying that those behind the lawsuit found a judge to quote dictate immigration policy to the entire nation. she called the system dysfunctional. the ruling came hours after another federal judge left the policy stance. the preliminary injunction stops a policy while that lawsuit plays out in court. >>a recent survey of the homeless in san francisco has found that the population is increasing now business and community leaders are teaming up to try and do something about it. well for charles clifford has details. >>well a recent survey of san francisco's homeless found that more than 8,000 people are living on city streets. it is a big problem. today in san francisco and dubose park where i'm standing right now a new effort was launched to try to deal with the issue. it is called all in it is a coalition of faith based groups sports teams businesses tech companies and nonprofits that have come together to try to address homelessness the coalition in crew includes businesses like 18 t google air bnb eir focus is going to b
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public engagement trying to get people deal with this issue and also they really want to focus on finding homes for these people believing that if they can find a someone a home than those folks can start rebuilding their lives that we. >>police together the community. starts with a safe a place to live. >>now all ins first big project is to try to find homes for 1100 people all across san francisco's 11 districts. in the most part charles clifford kron 4 news. >>on this thursy just a little there, but still lovely get ready to try to find some shade here pretty soon now wants karl joins us with the 4 zone forecast. yeah, i think it's time to pack the coolers get ready to go. i mean we've got a very hot weekend ahead, lot of things going on around
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the bay area to but today temperatures actually kind of backed off a little bit still running above the average about 5 to 10 degrees. >>above normal still hot 90's upper 90's in the live more 98 in concord no triple digits today 68 into san francisco, 74 in oakland, the official high 86 in san jose and 89 degrees in santa rosa, but yet numbers all around the bay area just kind of backing off a little bit we have more of a sea breeze today, the fog redeveloped out along the coastline that kept the temperatures down here and just inside the bay was much more comfortable that's going to change though as we get into saturday and sunday that ridge of high pressure strengthen overhead and that is really going to cap the marine they're not allowed to move further inland so as that ridge begins to build in not only we could see the hot temperatures we're seeing a little bit of the mom soon you may have noticed some of those clouds up above today if you looked up, there are some of those clouds still floating around the bay area right now some the monsoon sliding on by and there's a slight chance thatf just right. i got a little service coming through our atmosphere for tonight we could see a lightning strike out there as well but numerous lightning strikes over the sierra nevada and that fog is forming once
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again we're going to see that early tomorrow morning. enjoy it while we have over the weekend we're going to be wishon we had a lot of fog and low clouds. the thunder storms though really are up to get over this year that you can see working the way all the way up and that all area that's certainly something we want to watch for if your head in that direction. the bay area see some of the monsoon moving overhead look at the clouds moving up above this is the monsoonal moisture sliding on through making its way into the north bay riiht now, but there's still more off the coastline that's going to be pushing through throughout the night tonight. temperatures still toasty inland. you've got 92 in concord is 90 in livermore right now 87 in fremont 75 in mount 75 degrees and hayward and the really cool down now to san francisco with a bit of a sea breeze at 57 degrees overnight tonight, we'll see partly cloudy skies. a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow, mostly sunny after some morning fog and then sunny and blazing hot spots inland. i think over the weekend anywhere away from the coastline is temperatures going to get pretty toasty but tomorrow morning. we start out with some patchy fog early on should give way to a lot of sunshine in the afternoon
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s and some see a big contrast patchy fog out toward the coast. you're talking hot 90's though in the concord and live morning antioch once again and inside the bay 70's and some 80's and then we crank up the heat saturday and sunday not much in the way of fog. temperatures soaring into the triple digits. coming up at 6 a presidential seal with the phrase. >>45 is a puppet and that's not all the fake seal. the president stood right in front of without even knowing it. >>coming up next for the first time in decades drug overdose deaths are falling. what officials are crediting for the decline. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved
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>>time in 3 decades drug overdose deaths are fall and that is the good news out of the centers for disease control today, the data show a 5% drop in the number of deaths between 2017 2018. our washington dc correspondent trevor shirley said down for an exclusive interview with the nation's drug czar to talk about the success as well as the challenges which is still ahead. >>new data from the cdc shows about 3500 fewer americans died from drug overdoses in 2018 than they did in 2017. but the number is still staggering. last year about 68,500 people died down from 72,000 in 2017.
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>>we can't take our foot off the accelerator have to go as hard as we come up, but we have to at least recognize there were on the right direction. >>jim carroll is the director of the office of national drug control policy also known as the nation's drug czar, he attributes the drop to education drug interdiction and treatment and those 3 effort to finally showing results and that more americans are being saved he says one strategy that seems to be paying off is letting local relief agencies decide how to spend their federal dollars we give them the money they tell us how they're going to spend and what tools they're going to use to reach out and reach kids 18 and under and we let them do it. and one of the most successful states was florida were overdose deaths dropped more than 9%. >>that's a positive news, but is too many. >>senator rick scott says efforts continue to keep the trend going we've got to take it seriously. >>we have to understand that uh on drug abuse is a problem it took us years to get here
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and it's going to take a sadly a few years to get out of it. but we're doing all the right things and while the numbers show that opioid s an abuse or down. >>other drugs like meth and chcaine continue to be a problem, reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >>and a top executive for jewel goes before members of congress to defend his products. we will show you the moment, a bay area representative delivered a scathing critique of him and the cigarettes plus presidential candidate, joe biden taking a more aggressive tone with his democratic opponent sunday suggesting it's intentional and next at 6.32 canadian teenager suspected of murder on the run and the father of one of the suspects says he thinks this will not end well. a lot of sunshine around the bay area but look at all the thunderstorms over the sierra nevada will talk about that.
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>>very serious pain dollars. >>this man's son is one of 2 canadian teenagers targeted in a nationwide manhunt for the pair are suspects in the killings of 3 people in british columbia and as kron four's vicki liviakis shows us. the search is now zeroed in on a bug infested swamp area more than 2000 miles away. >>and it is mounted police
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deployed a swat truck to the only road in or out of gil, a manitoba who's 1500 residents and then warned the suspects are armed and dangerous travel within the in pairs or groups. >>you see anyway. it's the latest chapter in a tale of death and violence that began 10 days ago, half a continent away. it's a love story that ended tragically. >>it really is still worst ever. >>love story china diess was from north carolina her boyfriend lucas fowler from australia. their bodies were found july 15 through the border between british columbia and the yukon 4 days later another discovery, a burned out pickup truck and the body of a botanist from vancouver. the truck was traced to 18 year-old bryer schmegelsky and 19 year-old can the cloud if you spot. >>fryer or cam consider th


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