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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 25, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>now at 8. it's insane. we can really keep up pg e's plans for fire season blackouts triggering a run on generators. a swim team photographer arrested on suspicion of lewd acts with children as young as 8. tonight police say there may be more victims and they are urging them to come forward and the quiet east bay community that has been plagued by burglary eventually is a scene that time of day is the same in that property that's taken us pretty similar. and you've been
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working 15 hour days to keep up it's just crazy. >>the power could be going out for days is wildfire season, we've told you how pg e has warned blackouts are likely coming during high fire danger. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore now people are preparing not to have electricity for days and they are rushing to buy generators. >>because of that kron four's justine waltman tells us one family business is booming selling generator so fast. it's hard to keep up. >>do not stop at leeds generators in the past 3 months sales at this santa rosa shop have skyrocketed. >>then speech in the has sent out their announcements in the last say 3 months, 200% increase. hardly keep up with concerns pgd could cut off power. >>or for days during fire season. customers all have reasons they want a new generator and want it now.
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>>every other call is since i go t a generator, i'm either a medical equipment, my pump won't work. i have children i can't make it 5 days we had a customer that had a million dollars in coy fish. so they have to keep the area some pumps running the majority of these yes are already sold. >>generator sales will ask this in high demand right before y 2 k prices for new generator range from a $200 to a few $1000. the ramseys. 100 year-old shop consists of an 18 person crew now working 15 hour days. fire safety and helping people prepare for an emergency, it means more to them. they lost their home in the 2017 tubbs fire we evacuated in 15 minutes, there was no warning there's no. >>time to go rent anything. everybody was on their own. so i think this concept of renting equipment we have all this time to do it that's over. >>well that's the pga is a no to yes. >>with a warehouse full all of
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generators waiting for delivery. this booming business is coming before a planned power safety shut off. leeds is also gearing up for what business will be like. really goes out. >>then it's going to be all the reactive people. and it's going to be stupid busy for us. >>pg any advice is if you do purchase a generator just make sure you know how to use it safely. in santa rosa justine waltman on for news. >>with a high heat and dry conditions we are already seeing fires across the bay area fire napa county is almost contained tonight. the canyon fire broke out near lake various on monday. it's burned 64 acres right now it's 95% contained. >>and in solano county the marsh view fire is 80% contained tonight, this is in the area of marche few road and highway 6.80 that fire has burned at least 183 acres. investigators still trying to figure out the exact cause
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both fires. >>we fully anticipate we're going to have more wildland fires this season yet each and every one of them have the potential to be devastating wildfires. >>a dire warning tonight coming from the contra costa county fire protection district. just like last year the fire season has jumped off to a quick start and it's expected to last longer than in the past not news we particularly like the fire protection district says most of contra costa county is at risk for wildfires. well forced to leave to go has that story tonight. >>every wildland fire we dispatch on ig another kit opportunity have a devastating disaster us and deadly wildfires. steve deal not mincing words he speaks for the contra costa county fire protection district. >>an agency he says has already fought at least 125 vegetation fires this n. last y season lasted 192 days and 390 fires broke out our
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projections are that we will probably exceed last year's. >>wildland fires by about 25% using this fire from a few weeks ago off the highway before in which a coal as an example there was no. >>no space for us to get in and fight the fire still reinforces the importance of clearing your properties of tall and dry vegetation. a lack of defensible space resulted in this storage facility catching fire. we have >>150 to 200%. the fuel today that we had on this day last year. contra costa county unfortunately of precautions are taken. >>hill says the deadly and destructive fires that have ravaged the north bay and the recent past could happen here. 2 thirds of the county is considered high-risk fire zones because most neighborhoods are densely populated and surrounded by trees and brush develop evacuation plans. >>we asked that they practices evacuation plans. we asked that they create go bags for the for and the event of an
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evacuation think immediately grab it and leave also recommends downloading a copy of the fire protection district residents guide to wildfire preparedness and evacuation. >>from their web site before it's too late. in contra costa county felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>take a live look outside of this hour looking across the bay at mount diablo in the distance there. but a nice layer of cooling fog in the foreground. >>probably not going to stick around. according to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow it's getting warmer out be as high pressure builds overhead really in a squash that marine air and then it can filter into the valleys but we're going to see a little bit that as we head in toward tomorrow. but this huge dome of high pressure really just setting itself up still track to bring us the hottest temperatures of the month coming our way as we look at the weekend. so we've do a couple things going on though not only are we seeing that heat but we're going to see more the monsoon roll around this we're seeing some of those clouds out there in the bay aroa right now making for need sunset and more thunderstorms expected over the sierra nevada, but temperatures egoing to be the big story and let's
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roll forward to saturday afternoon. we're looking at about a 103 degrees in livermore want to one in concord 85 degrees in fremont 92 in san jose but along the coastline with that much much cooler. the many spots and then almost 40 degrees cooler out toward the coast. so that's how it's going to play out with this heat wave. see that real hot weather in the valley as well along the coastline, there's enough of the sea breeze and maybe even a couple patches of fog in the morning to keep it cool. excessive heat watches have been posted now for a good part of the east bay conquer danville pleasanton livermore dublin you name it you're in the heat as we get into saturday and sunday is probably going to be the peak heat, but they're not the only ones around much of the state expecting some very hot temperatures in fact in the central valley, some of those numbers may get near a 110 degrees. thank you. lawrence. on the peninsula. this man works with children and now police say he is facing charges of sexually abusing children, they say the crime happened over the course of several years. >>kron 4 grant lodes joins us now with the allegations as a
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peninsula man is facing some serious charges here to serve the allegations and you can see. why his proximity to children was close and police say. >>he took advantage of that situation 47 year-old randolph hold a man is facing 2 counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under age 14. and police say there could be additional victims out there. this started back in january, according to investigators police got reports of. sex-assault set the love dare rec center. the alleged crimes happening over several years, according to police. investigators say halderman worked there as a swim team photographer. at the time of the incidents, the victims were between 8.13 years old all the man was arrested at his home in menlo park this afternoon. the sheriff's office is encouraging anyone who had contact with him to come forward. and investigators say they understand this can be a difficult conversation to have with children. but they want
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you to do so nonetheless halderman is a menlo park resident tonight. he is in the san mateo county jail. we'll hear more from the sheriff's office during a live report tonight. well kron 4 news at 9 ken pam back to hugh grant. thank you san francisco police are looking for the driver involved in a violent walked away from the scene it happened early this morning in the bayview district in san francisco. >>the crash was so bad it ripped the car in half and sheared off a fire hydrant which sent water shooting into the air. we're told there were 4 other people in that car 2 of them were minors. police say 3 of the passengers were hurt. all of them are expect just to survive. we're told the driver was gone when police arrived. passengers are not cooperating with the investigation. live report on this story coming up on kron 4 news at night. >>people who work in the rray bill are now making more money than most servers in the country that city increase its minimum wage to $15 an hour, the $16.30 is puts more money
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in the pockets of staff, but also a increase how much you pay for a burger and fries kron four's michelle kingston. >>why first tonight outside cafe rudy's can't fail cafe but how they're handling that increase michelle. >>well the owner of this restaurant says his employees live all over the bay area but he has one employee who lives in lodi and drives all the way here to every bill every day to work most likely because of that paycheck. >>it's a busy popular restaurant in emeryville. these can fail cafe is just one of many restaurants in emeryville now paying their staff at least $16.30 an hour after a city council vote on tuesday just another. great
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food here in my music are what makes movie so great, but they're also open 18 hours a day and have up to 20 5 staff members working day in and day out that gets expensive for the owner douglas smith. right now many prices are going to stay the same in smith is not looking at reducing its staffers but says he has to the numbers look at the end of the month before really knowing how much of an impact this minimum wage increase will feel like on his business, >>now we reached out to every city council member in emeryville today and did not hear back from any of them live in emeryville michelle kingston kron 4 news. thank you. >>the reason another bay area
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juvenile hall may be closing its doors. >>and the bay area community
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>>quiet east bay community is on alert tonight after hziq ma explains investigators inbe rel >>burglars are targeting homes at richmond's may valley neighborhood. it is a quiet
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part of town that borders else abroad, a 3rd bid for break the last 30 days was buck word way to separate break stored in street. the most recent incident happened tuesday at a whole but fascination way richmond police investigators say there are signs that these burglaries are related. yes, we do think that the crimes are connected simply because the point of entry is a scene that time of day is the same in property that's taken us. >>pretty some or all of them have been around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. >>they're breaking in through the back sliding glass windows or doors and they're taking laptops electronics. >>other valuables surveillance cameras captured images of 2 hooded mid leaving the buck word street burglary july 18th police say they have limited descriptions of the to be it other than what you see here we do have a vehicle that are looking for it's a four-door silver ford the california play in the last to just start 0, 6, 6, anyone with information is asked to contact with with police in 4
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news. >>one of 2 men wanted in connection with a homicide in concord has been arrested in south dakota. us marshals captured 32 year-old adam renfro yesterday morning, he's a suspect in the deadly shooting of daniel schrader on july 12 said motel 6 in concord 40 year-old robert brown is also a suspect in the case, but he still on the loose. police say detectives are currently in south dakota working to arrange rent froze extradition back to contra costa county. if you happen to have any information on robert brown's whereabouts you're asked to contact concord police. >>police in pittsburgh are searching for a teenager who they say shot his friend in the neck. it happened yesterday about 3 30 in the afternoon at a home on chesapeake drive. police say the teen who does not live at the home brought a gun there to show his friends that it then went off after they handling it hitting the other team in the neck. authorities say the boy who brought the gun over took off and has not been found since detectives
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are trying to determine whether the shooting was accidental or intentional. >>santa rosa police say they arrested the suspect in this frightening armed robbery happened on july 14th at a shell gas station on corby avenue in santa rosa. as you can see the surveillance video captured the suspect calmly walking in pulling out a gun police say he robbed the cashier and a customer. this morning police arrested 28 year-old lewis thomas homes, we're told a replica fire was recovered along with other items believed to be related to the robbery. holmes was booked into the sonoma county jail. the days are numbered for san francisco's juvenile hall and now. >>san mateo county is considering similar action the county's juvenile justice and delinquency prevention commission sent a letter to the board of supervisors asking the members to form a task force to look at alternatives. >>how do we create spaces for them to stumble and loan was a stumble in be locked up. and the data shows that and they stumbled we lock them out that
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isn't the right becomes overwhelming door he checks all kinds of options for them and it impacts others in their family as well. >>and they say it may also no longer be cost effective to keep the doors open because the population for the 178 that facility often sits at 50 or 60 official formation of the task force will likely happen in the fall, right now it's unclear if the final decision will take weeks months or longer. >>our 4 zone forecast as we give you live look at dinner being served tonight right now in richmond for rosie and richmond the osprey in keeping an eye on than the last couple of days and boy lawrence they seem to be enjoying the sunset along with their meal i understand on the menu tonight was fresh so what's wrong with that rise as she me i think and you can be that uses your here with >>a good night out indeed we've got that fog out there and certainly nice to see because we're not going to see much of that as we look at the
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weekend temperatures today a little bit cooler, but boy it's still hot inland. 98 degrees that's down from a 102 yesterday 97 in livermore 86 degrees in san jose 90 in fremont 79 degrees in hayward then you get a cool 60's not much change in no heat wave along the coastline but everybody is going to be feeling that heat so let's enjoy the fog while we have it not going to see much of this seeing that a move in tonight that will be in the bay early tomorrow morning. that's going to be gone and i think this thing set themselves up i think as we get to saturday that marine layer really going to press, and we'll see a whole lot more sunshine also of interest for that mom soon get going again look of right through 70 folks up there again quite the light display today with that lightning striking in the afternoon that going all the way up into the tahoe area and we're certainly to see that again tomorrow so be prepared if your head in that direction. monsoon, some of those clouds actually make their way through the bay area to make it for need sunset tonight. the lightning be reported around the bay area but certainly with we have to watch out overnight tonight. temperatures still very comfortable in the san jose at
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73 degrees right now it is warm in livermore 8484 also conquered and pittsburgh. a cool 56 though the fog now mpving in the san francisco still 78 say the lima 64 degrees in santa rosa. there's a fog outside right now partly cloudy skies overnight side of the patchy fog and some of the monsoon tomorrow, mostly sunny though after the morning clouds then get ready for a very hot weekend ahead, not going to see much in the way of cloud cover as we head in toward a saturday and sunday but tomorrow morning will start out some patchy fog think giving way to sunshine and some warm temperatures in the afternoon. >>and mr. drafted the dragon spacecraft as you said the 50th anniversary of that panel evans return to the as saying since man is headed to the international space station. >>astronaut on board the international space station will soon have a couple of new things to play with. thanks to
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this new space next shipment heading their way the space x dragon capsule vaulted into orbit cape canaveral today. a unique cargo of supplies is now headed to the iss the and that includes an adidas soccer ball and a pouch full of nickelodeon's green slime they're also 5500 pounds of other experiments supplies and food for the 6 astronauts on board. those astronauts should receive their shipment on friday. almost as fast. >>some good news for those who want to get more runs into their skiing boarding days the new project trying to connect lake tahoe ski resorts and a fire rips through a central valley family home with 2
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>>wow heartwarming rescue caught on camera stand sauce county family says. this is the moment when firefighters were able to carry out one of their dogsthey say this reunion happened just hours before a fire had torn through the second story tuesday afternoon on sperry wrote the order came see talk to the family and explains how a determined neighbor helped to reunite the beloved pets with their owners. >>handsome boy. you've had a crazy couple of days. family don salmon trip are now safe
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things neighbor bobby karnes polite persistence and i just tell them we need to find him tonight the homeowner spoke to fox 40 and asked us to protect his family's privacy be heard the. >>we know some kind of noise we didn't know what it he says he along with his wife and her 90 year-old mother were home around 3 tuesday afternoon. >>when flames tore through the second floor that we had to get her on the house, she's. >>a wh elchair-bound that we got her him. call 911. >>well the near fire crews were on their way to spare erode car and was also on the move i don't know them i don't know these people but i wanted to come over because i know a lot of people have dogs here told corn about their missing dog 6 year-old tripp and 16 year-old sam wants a tone here was wind pretty much blind and just kept being persistent firefighters fought the flames for hours car and was by their side pays. >>kelly go like now, i'm really worried. he's old what if you had a heart attack or a dogged determination paid off.
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i have thing is a little bit of bribery to get trip. 2 come me the owners say all it took from them was a for them to call out her name trip came out from under the house from our colder. >>that sample was a 112 in dog years was still missing until a firefighter crawled under the house and carried him out. record is happy moment tapped to host glenn survived. >>it's 60 overwhelming like or leave to know that some he was alive and he was okay the family may have lost their home the assurances, taking swift action. >>it's just going to be a convenient living in a rental until they rebuild the house but. >>but the gain some new friends friends forever. he received. >>coming up california is a stall the high speed rail project from la to san francisco's try to make a just received today.
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>>the new additions being made to barter trying to red
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>>millions of dollars to continue and expand programs which are meant to improve the quali o of the 10's of thousands of people who use the transit system ksome of those changes are addressing homelessness. >>they'll be more smiling faces like this one seen inside bartella vader's at
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their busiest downtown san francisco stations. that's because the bart board voted to continue the elevator attendant program put into place last year at full. the civic center and how street stations and starting in the fall attendants will also be minding the elevators at the montgomery embarcadero stops. >>that means clean drug free. no abuse elevators for our riders. >>it's just one of a package of quality of life initiatives approved by the board who green-lighted the spending of close to $10 million over 3 years. some of that money will also go to help pay for pit stops public bathrooms with attendance outside 3 city stations other dollars will be dedicated to help deal with the homeless on the system. the transit agency, currently funds homeless outreach teams dedicated to the bart trains and stops in the city and contra costa county now they'll also help pay for hot teams in alameda and san mateo counties, including sfo may
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ask the homeless individuals can i take you to a warming center. do you need something to eat can i take you to a shelter. what services you need when was the last time you saw doctor. one woman who says she's been homeless since the spring thinks it's a good idea because a great idea for some of barr says the idea is to connect the homeless with resources to keep them from using the transit system as a shelter maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>we are getting a better idea about where the extra money from rising bridge tolls is going the metropolitan transportation commission is setting aside 9.3 million dollars from the bridge tolls to build commuter parking lot in alameda county. one new parking garage will go near the dublin pleasanton bart station construction on the garage is expected to begin next spring with the opening scheduled for mid 2021. 3 other parking lots will be built in oakland and albany
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for alameda contra costa transit buses. those are scheduled to open by the end of the year. agency officials say this should all help reduce congestion on the freeways and make it more convenient for people to take public transit or major automakers have reac ed a deal with california to increase gas mileage in greenhouse, gas emissions standards. >>ford bmw honda and volkswagen signed the deal with california air resources board. the steel bypasses the trump administration's push to freeze requirements at 2021 levels of about 30 miles a gallon. under the new deal fuel economy and corresponding greenhouse gas standards would rise 3.7% per year from 2020 to 2026. that means new cars would have to average around 36 miles per gallon by the year. 2026. >>the california high speed rail project is taking another step forward the trump administration has given california commission to oversee federal environmental reviews for its high speed rail project. there has been
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some back and forth with the administration trying to cancel the project delaying the environmental neviews for about a year and a half. but today, the california high speed rail authority announced that it has won approval. the designation will speed up california's process for completing environmental reviews along the rail line. >>you may be able to soon enjoy to ski resorts was a quick trip to the tahoe national forest, a proposal to connects lake tahoe ski resorts squaw valley and alpine meadows with a gondola is moving closer to final approval, even talk about this for a long time. the trip would be 2 miles long it could move up to 1400 people an hour. the a passenger gondola with to base terminals and to mid stations is considered the most environmental in a environmentally favorable of the 4 options have been proposed right now the project is still waiting for final app forest service. let's take a look at a time lapse from lake tahoe to give you idea of the weather is there in the sierra
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was nice and sunny and the beginning and then the clouds started rolling across the lake and the clouds a still rolling in we've been talking about the possibility maybe some thunderstorms and yes as a matter of fact i was just going to ask lawrence about that he's here talk about thunder center and see and also possibly here. >>yeah, there's a slight chance we could have a lightning strike here to not be much. but boy this year i mean it's been rumbling up their big time in fact. >>you see that again that you have to get away forecast head of the monterey bay, not too much to worry about there. nice and cool the fog tomorrow 66 downtown monterrey 63 in carmel about 60 degrees just to get a little sunshine into santa cruz, southern california are looking at 80's and some 90's pretty toasty there but i'm very nice weather lots of sunshine, but the high country watch out. thunderstorms are in the forecast again in the lake tahoe area. it will be quiet in the morning and then you see those cumulus clouds building in throughout the afternoon and then the thunderstorms erupting late in the day, 79 degrees south lake tahoe about 80 in reno on 80 degrees also in carson c
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temperatures going to be the 60's in the san francisco 70's very comfortable in oakland 84 degrees in san jose, but i think we're some changes tomorrow starting out some patchy fog 50's 60's by the afternoon still cool along the coastline. there's not going to be heat wave up toward the beaches even this weekend may warm up a little bit but well enough compared like the valleys 60's and december about 69 of burning game down the plant seeds got some 70's and some 80's in the south they should be comfortable tomorrow, let's 80's into the afternoon. east bay still going to be on the hot side you're talking mid 90's into pleasanton livermore about 93 in dublin 94 in danville about 94 also walnut creek 88 moraga 72 in san leandro and then you look 70's 80's p it cool with ' that heat es we head toward the weekend in fact, hot temperatures going up or heat inland. temperatures soaring into the triple digits. >>thank you lawrence, 16 marines were arrested and accused of being involved in drug related offenses and
8:36 pm
human smuggling among other crimes. the arrests happened during a battalion formation this morning at camp pendleton which is near san diego. officials say the arrests were a result of information gained after 2 other marines were arrested on human smuggling charges earlier this summer. 8 other marines are also being questioned about their possible involvement. the military says none of the marines was involved in helping to enforce border security. >>as a rough thing, it's a celebration of puerto. rico's governor announces his resignation when he is set to officially step down and who will be his replacement an experienced hiker from the bay area has to this year with his 2 dogs and then the trip takes a turn for the worse. >>the story of his rescue coming up. israeli street food with the california twists, how that sounded in eyesight how that sounded in eyesight and particular via this takes
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>>one going on in the city's mission district uh it's a food lover's paradise now. >>there is yet another reason to dine out in the mission tonight on dine and dish our vicki liviakis takes us to the new al's deli. >>with the new kid on the block 1000 delhi to casual spinoff of the high style how's place in san francisco's mission who's out. >>airline and is.
8:40 pm
>>this is the chef aaron london busy at work. it is james beard rated restaurant known for fine dining with the veggie focus al's deli is just up the street so its daily food, but also much more. >>it's unique spin on jewish deli and israeli street food with the california twist we do awesome lock as hot pockets of lacazette are awesome this is the lucky the hot >>salmon and capers and cream cheese. >>from pull off hot bites to fresh mediterranean salads has got little something for everybody. warm a thin always pop a bottle. >>last wednesday or percent as
8:41 pm
having pita or you might use it to wash down your bowl of homemade time and and francisco vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>pretty yummy you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe eatery or food truck to dine and dish send an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com where you can go to our dine and dish facebook page. >>search is on for 2 teenagers accused of 3 murders in canada. why the father of one of the suspects says he does not think this is going to end well is forcefully they're not the raiders and the 49 ers training camps begin tomorrow. jason will give us a sneak peek of the
8:42 pm
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>>very serious pain dollars. >>this man's son is one of 2 canadian teenager is the father of one of 2 canadian teenagers targeted in a nationwide manhunt. >>the pair are suspects in the killings of 3 people in british columbia and as kron four's vicki liviakis shows us the search is now zeroed in on a bug infested swamp. more than 2000 miles away. >>and it is mounted police deployed a swat truck to the only road in or out of gil, a manitoba who's 1500 residents
8:45 pm
and then warned the suspects are armed and dangerous travel within the in pairs or groups. >>if you see any way it's the latest chapter in a tale of death and violence that began 10 days ago, half a continent away. it's a love story that ended tragically. >>it really is still worst ever. >>love story china diess was from north carolina her boyfriend lucas fowler from australia. their bodies were found july 15 through the border between british columbia and the yukon 4 days later another discovery, a burned out pickup truck and dhe body of a botanist from vancouver. the truck was traced to 18 year-old bryer schmegelsky and 19 year-old can the cloud if you spot. >>fryer or cam consider them dangerous do not approach on sunday. the pair was spotted in saskatchewan, driving a stolen gray 2011 toyota rav 4
8:46 pm
it's crucial for anyone that has knows anything that sees anything to call us immediately 2 days ago the toyota was found set on fire not far from hudson bay. there was no sign of the 2 boys. >>eventually they're going to have to come to it a realization they can't live out there forever. police are not going to go away in fact there are only going to grow in numbers bryer schmegelsky is father does not foresee a good outcome. >>modi's. we're going to first ask we need a leader it's going to be dead today or tomorrow. >>vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>cheers erupted as puerto rico's governor ricardo sale announced he is resigning after more than a week of protests. the sale said that he officially will step down onu the evening. thousands of people calling for his resignation have jammed the streets of san
8:47 pm
juan puerto rico for days. the protests began at the puerto rican journalist published the group messages between the governor and his inner circle, including homophobic and the size mystic language along with jokes about the victims of hurricane maria. >>i am very very happy that this is happening because this is what puerto rico needs we need someone to govern as someone that is not doing things that is bad people of puerto rico. it was just a joyous occasion of people all coming together to protest what's best for puerto rico to stand up for the puerto rican people. >>justice secretary wanda vazquez will likely take for sales place as governor. >>one person is dead another hurt after a shootout in a virginia convenience store today. police a customer was inside a 7 11 in virginia beach when 2 people injured and tried to rob the store according to witnesses a customer had a gun and opened fire on the suspects. one of them was shot and killed the other suspect was injured. >>this was standing there
8:48 pm
watching and put the money in his pocket. and then i heard a gunshot. he's a hero. is the euro. thank god, he wasn't here thank god. he was holding a gun and. to save your life. >>the injured person was taken to the hospital that person's condition has not been released police say the man who shot the robbers had a concealed carry permit on him. they say they believe the 2 suspects may have been involved in other armed robberies in that area. >>let's check on some baseball highlights right out of the top we start off with the a's, they are still up for that second wild-card spot back hosting the texas rangers. here is an update from the coliseum rangers now lead 5 to 3 in the 6 ending texas scored 5 times in the 5th ending. now let's stay on the gridiron 5 time all-star infielder and
8:49 pm
sonny bill native troy tulowitzki is retiring from ll after 19 seasons to which he played in only 5 games for the yankees this season after missing all of 2018 due to injury upon announcing his retirement he immediately took a college assistant coaching job with the texas longhorn he played most of his career with the colorado rockies was a five-time all-star in a 2 time gold glove. >>as shortstop at the time silver slugger winner as well and get this he's only one of 15 players in major league history to turn an unassisted triple play. in addition to the rockies to play for the yankees and the toronto blue jays both the 49 ers and raiders full squad report to training camp tomorrow. >>the raiders rookies and quarterbacks including derek carr reported to napa yesterday. there are some were they could return to wine country next year, although they're moving to most los vegas next season. last season was a disappointment for the silver and black and just 4 12
8:50 pm
in jon gruden's first year at the helm, just 2 seasons removed from a 12 4 season. gruden made some waves away sta and amari cooper for multiple first-round draft picks we'll have to step in immediately as contributors. yesterday we had some thoughts from cow football coach justin wilcox on the bears upcoming season. today it is all about the stanford cardinal head coach, david shaw in company finished 9, 4, last season and beat pittsburgh in the sun bowl, a little bit of a down year after 3 rose bowl appearances in 4 seasons, the trademark of the cardinal under shaw has been the play in the trenches yesterday's pac, 12 media day. the head coach said this season will be no different the focal point our offense. >>for years has been the guys w great. we it has to start there so for us we have to run the ball better we have to protect the passer better. we had some injuries last year who flew a lot of guys that are completed. i'm
8:51 pm
ready to play their best football course. >>pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>lexus ultimate highlight involves big football players on tiny bites it's a tradition for the green bay packers. kids bring bikes for the players to write to the team's first day of training camp. thursday's practice was the first to 15 which are open to the public this year. and that is our lexus ultimate highlight. god is always funny to see that when you see some guys backs and their fancy cars over in green bay, they they come on their bikes. coming up al all to man and his dog stranded on a hike in
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>>are recovering after a hiking mishap led to a mountain rescue a 10,000 feet just imagine hiker matthew scott is a retired stanford professor from palo alto you see him here he's made hundreds of hikes all over the world died yesterday afternoon an injury left him almost unable to walk he was stranded with his 2 pups here and a thunderstorm was on the way pretty scary reporter megan ru pays tells us the chp did not know if they would be able to fly the dogs out. an engine roaring to life. as helicopter pilot brian walker and tactical flight officer tim
8:55 pm
jacobson take off on every rescue call in fresno sheriff's eagle one know day here is the same tuesday, what should have been a routine three-day hike in the lower lake area for retired stand for biology, professor matthew scott. >>took a turn. >>my jaw use scott almost unable to walk put out a call for help on his emergency satellite communicator. crews didn't know if one helicopter would be an a for scott and the dogs you would want to leave the dogs overnight they we attacked by wild animals eagle one called to assist so the crew decided to take the dogs and put them in the back seat, heavy thunderstorms put time against the rescuers lightning frightening natasha who sprinted away she was a kenyan but i didn't know where jacobson going to search i had to hike to some rocks to get some, but we got him and loaded them up then one more test it the dogs work. >>okay with the helicopter is very possible that we might
8:56 pm
not been able to take a but natasha and maya had the joy ride of their lives. one actually took a nap. >>the other one kind of just they're out the window like he was right in his dad's car scott says the team went above and beyond for the rescuers another day on the job except. >>scott did tell us he's probably going to have to have surgery to reattach that achilles tendon by the way it's the same injury. kevin duran had if you're wondering he also says his son recommended that emergency communicators so now he has enough i told you sos to last a lifetime. >>that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8 our primetime coverage is just getting started on this thursday night grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at >>and again, thanks very much. a heads up tonight for parents on the peninsula, a long time. >>swim photographer is behind bars tonight, accused of sexually assaulting young boys for years and now police are saying they think there could be more victims. the
8:57 pm
disturbing evidence police are releasing that's next in a live report. >>and it's been one year since a bay area man vanished without a trace, leaving behind a pregnant wife tonight we speak with his family. that is holding out hope that he will return home safe and sound a live report coming up. >>and get ready for scorching temperatures by the end of the week here in the bay our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has details on the hot weekend headed our way to keep it
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>we start tonight with disturbing news on the peninsula, san mateo county deputies have arrested a man accused of sexually abusing boys in a rec center. thanks for being with us everybody i'm grant lodes and vicki liviakis a sheriff's office spokeswoman says that the man. >>was a photographer for a swim team, harvard's dan thorn live for us in portola valley tonight, he joins us now with more on this disturbing story. dan. >>well vicki we're told these accusations date back to the late 19 80's in the alleged abuse happened here at the love dare rec center in portola valley and also at the photographers menlo park home but now that the man is behind bars the sheriff's office is hoping that more victims come forward.


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