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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 25, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>we start tonight with disturbing news on the peninsula, san mateo county deputies have arrested a man accused of sexually abusing boys in a rec center. thanks for being with us everybody i'm grant lodes and vicki liviakis a sheriff's office spokeswoman says that the man. >>was a photographer for a swim team, harvard's dan thorn live for us in portola valley tonight, he joins us now with more on this disturbing story. dan. >>well vicki we're told these accusations date back to the late 19 80's in the alleged abuse happened here at the love dare rec center in portola valley and also at the photographers menlo park home but now that the man is behind bars the sheriff's office is hoping that more victims come forward.
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>>47 year-old randy, how the man is in jail after he's accused of sexually abusing young boys bill adair rec center swim team photographer was arrested thursday morning at his home in unincorporated menlo park. >>right now we have 3 victims spammy know her about 30 years worth of victimization and we believe that there's more victims out there the san mateo county sheriff's office says detectives first launched their investigation in january. >>they found several boys between the ages of 8.13 were victims of how the men. the arrest was disturbing news for regulars at the rec center pool in portola valley. i mean it's crazy that. >>it's up here in and coming up here since i was a little kid, but yeah. >>the sheriff's office says child-sex predators target jobs where they can have access to children. then they look to take advantage of the trust of other staff and parents and men the predators eventually groom the kids into inappropriate behavior. the sheriff's office says this
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arrest is a good reminder to speak with your children about possible sexually predators important thing is to have those safety talks with your children and. >>trust them when they do say that somebody made them feel uncomfortable and do something about it it's our job to protect the children and the youth of our community and we need to make sure that we give them all the tools that they can to come forwa d and be honest with us. >>the sheriff's office added that despite how the men being a photographer this investigation does not involve child-pornography at this time. however this investigation is ongoing, reporting live in portola valley dan thorn kron 4 news ride and tonight, a man is in custody wanted in connection to a murder. >>in concord and motel 6 that man was one of 2 men wanted for the shooting. he was arrested in south dakota. us marshals arrested 32 year-old adam renfro on a murder warrant. conquer detectives our in south dakota tonight to arrange ran froze extradition
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to california. police believe that renfro and robert ground shot and killed a man at motel 6 on clayton road. earlier this month officers are still searching for brown. >>tonight the family of a missing ferry, a man is asking for the public's help luis garcia disappeared last july after making a routine trip to see his wife. yeah, it's been a mystery his car was recovered a candlestick and his phone was found covered in blood in foster city. our first gayle ong a spoke to his family on the latest efforts to find him gayle what do we know. >>making grant the last time anybody saw him was at his home last july he told his wife on the phone. he was on his way to see her. >>surveillance video shows luis garcia walking out of his mission district apartment building on 7/12/2018 it was part of his routine every day he was on his way to see his wife mager selma, and her home to do his laundry he was going to come had talked to him maybe in our before i didn't hear from him again.
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>>she's like i'm on my way i love you that little my love for more. >>we spoke to me he last year when she was 3 months pregnant with their first child. today their baby boy louise named after his father is 6 months old he has his eyes. >>and that is for sure. >>and the pain is still raw. very difficult. especially because he wasn't there. official interest and up. i was alone when i was giving birth. we reached out to san francisco police who says the case remains unsolved. the only clues garcia's black suv found that candlestick point and his cell phone was found covered in blood in foster city, the family hopes coasters in the mission district and candlestick point area will help find him he had just received the rays working in construction on the chase center in san francisco his wife tells us garcia would see her every day after were is
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just the mystery like we don't know what happened where he went no one knows anything we just want him home. >>garcia is described as approximately 5 foot 11 weighing 210 pounds, brown eyes and brown hair he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans. >>garcia's family is offering a $10,000 reward. anyone with information is asked to call police live in the newsroom and gayle ong kron 4 news. >>gayle. thank you a new details on violent crash that sliced a car in half as you can see there. it happened in san francisco's bayview neighborhood earlier this morning near 3rd street and carroll avenue for people were sent to the hospital and happily police want your help in this investigation. our first taylor psaki joins us now live from a the san francisco police department who is in charge of this investigation. taylor we're now learning. there was a 5th person in that car. what do we know that. >>that's right 4 passengers 2 of them just kids were sent to
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the hospital as for that person that was the driver, we're unsure of what happened to him because they just up and left after crashing a car into a fire hydrant now police are investigating what led up to that crash in how it all unfolded. a car split into pieces after slamming into this fire hydrant early thursday morning in san francisco police arrived on scene your 3rd street in carroll avenue. >>they say the driver was missing. >>the fact that there were a couple juveniles in the car as a somewhat outraged the community here because how could this happen you know, and we're all trying to strive towards you know traffic safety and so forth. but one of the main things is the driver of the vehicle left the scene. so we don't know exactly what happened. don't know the relationship between everyone yet a single car crash in for passengers. >>2 of them just kids to the hospital police say all of them suffered non life threatening injuries. the worst being broken bones after one person was ejected from
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the car one still in the hospital. >>a summer home but they're heavily medicated to 2 the pain that they're experiencing but thankfully there we're going to recover. >>police say they're unsure what caused the crash. but speed appears to be a factor. now they're asking that the driver come forward to explain what happened we all got to start looking out for each other. >>and you've got young people in a car. you're an adult you have the responsibility looking out from people this in your car that's all of this whereas in your car that you're responsible. so take on the responsibility be an adult and tell >>now police say they're still waiting to talk to the passengers because all of them are still heavily medicated because of those injuries that's why they're asking that the driver come forward who they also have not id that driver yet and they want the driver to tell o ller sackey kron 4 news. >>we fully anticipate we're going to have more wildland fires this season yet each and every one of them have the
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potential to be devastating wildfires. >>not what you want to hear an alarming warning tonight coming from the contra costa county fire protection district. they say the fire season is off to a quick start and it's expected to last longer than in previous years, the district says most of contra costa county is at risk for wildfires kron forcefully to call reports. >>every wildland fire we dispatch on is another kit opportunity have a devastating disaster isn't deadly wildfire. steve deal not mincing words he speaks for the contra costa county fire protection district an agency he says has already fought. >>at least 125 vegetation fires this fire season. last year the fire season lasted 192 days and 390 fires broke out our projections are that we will probably exceed last year's. >>wildland fires by about 25% using this fire from a few weeks ago off the highway before in which a coal as an example there was no.
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>>no space for us to get in and fight the fire still reinforces the importance of clearing your properties of tall and dry vegetation. a lack of defensible space resulted in this storage facility catching fire. we have >>150 to 200% of the fuel today that we had on this day last year. in contrast the county unfortunately of precautions are taken. >>hill says the deadly and destructive fires that have ravaged the north bay in the recent past could happen here. 2 thirds of the county is considered high-risk fire zones because most neighborhoods are densely populated and surrounded by trees and brush develop sk that for the for and the event of an fire protection district residents guide to web site before it's too late. in contra costa
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county felipe took all kron 4 news. >>firefighters have managed to stop a grass fire burning in santa clara county. the swaggart fire started yesterday in the spring valley community. we just got word tonight that that fire is 100% contained. flames it did though burned 80 acres and fire napa counties also fully contained tonight you see here burning monday it started near lake berryessa. >>on monday burned 64 acres but again right now it's 100% contained investigators are still trying to figure out the exact cause of all these fires. >>yeah and fire is on our mind as we head this week even though we're looking out right now it's called keep bridge. it's fog been cool here but. words is warning about heat when we could use more of that throughout the rest of this week lawrence karnow here with us we know it's going to be how do we look at it windy conditions to this bill. that's that's probably the best thing is we're not going see the real strong winds but
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it's going to be so hot, i mean the fuels boy are these just going to dry out. >>and certainly get those hot conditions like that you see fire start in her this big ridge of high pressure going to build in other desert southwest, so that's bringing in that desert air into the bay area and we're going to see some temperatures in the central valley probably getting triple digits, maybe near a 110 degrees so very hot weather there were roll this forward to the forecast by for a saturday afternoon. these are the forecasted temperatures in this why we're concerned about the fires to these temperatures going to be rolling on and specially the east bay, a 103 in livermore one oh one in concord a 103 in antioch beat the idea very hot weather away from the coastline. toward the beaches voyages could remain fairly cool. but you get anywhere in london. it's going to be hot and probably even hotter on sunday, excessive heat watch has been posted now across a good part of the east bay, including copper dam bill, pleasant them a little more dublin antioch tracy and advisories continuing not only there but around much of the state is the hot weather really going to settle in the air on saturday and sunday that will be the peak of the
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heat and then looks like finally going to see things cooling down as we get into next week but tomorrow we're going to see how whether the central valley, a 105 in fresno one oh 3 in bakersfield to see you get the idea temperatures like this already we get that big dome of high pressure building in and taking over could be a lot hotter over the weekend. outside right now lou, this gorgeous shot in that great you've got some patchy fog down below yet in the peak and some reds up above and some of that monsoonal moisture a little bit of everything going on in the atmosphere right now, but we're going straight things out as we get into the weekend as will see just a whole lot of sunshine a very little in the way of cloud cover thunderstorms the monsoon continuing over the sierra nevada we've got a couple months clouds moving across our skies. no lightning strikes are shipped, there's a slight chance. we could see a lightning bolt out there tonight it will be dry lightning. so certainly if we do get some of that over 80 the bay area that could certainly start some fires temperatures in the 60's and the 70's outside right now still very nice 77 in livermore along the coastline. boyce a whole lot cooler you see the fog there temperatures
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in the 50's right now we start out with patchy fog tomorrow by the afternoon here come the sunshine get ready. we're waiting for a hot weekend very how and probably the hottest of the month. ahead this weekend guys all right lawrence normally quiet east bay community is on alert tonight after a spike in residential burglaries. >>and as kron four's haaziq madyun explains. investigators think those crimes may be related. >>burglars are targeting homes at richmond's may valley neighborhood. it is a quiet part of town that borders else abroad, a 3rd bid for break the last 30 days was buck word way to separate break stored in street. the most recent incident happened tuesday at a whole but fascination way richmond police investigators say there are signs that these burglaries are related. yes, we do think that the crimes are connected simply because the point of entry is a scene that time of day is the same in that property that's taken us. >>pretty some or all of them have been around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. >>they're breaking in through the back sliding glass windows or doors and they're taking
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laptops electronics. >>and other valuables surveillance cameras captured images of 2 hooded mid leaving the buck word street burglary july 18th police say they have limited descriptions of the to be it other than what you see here we do have a vehicle that are looking for it's a four-door silver ford that california play in the last to just start 0, 6, 6, >>anyone with information is asked to contact with with police in richmond has it led you kron 4 news. >>police in santa rosa have arrested a suspect in a frightening armed robbery. you see the suspect here this is back on july 14th at the shell gas station on corby avenue. the surveillance video captures him calmly walking and then pulling a gun. police % say he robbed the cashier and a customer. this morning. police say they arrested 28 year-old luis thomas homes, investigators say a replica gun was recovered along with other items believed to be related to the robbery. he was booked into the sonoma county
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jail. a recent survey of homeless people in san francisco has found that the population is increasing and as kron four's charles clifford reports now business and community leaders are now teaming up to try to help the situation. >>well a recent survey of san francisco's homeless found that more than 8,000 people are living on city streets. it is a big problem. today in san francisco and dubose park where i'm standing right now a new effort was launched to try to deal with the issue. it is called all in it is a coalition of faith based groups sports teams businesses tech companies and nonprofits that have come together to try to address homelessness of the coalition in crew includes businesses like atnt google air bnb amongst others and their focus is going to be on public engagement trying to get people deal with this issue and also they really want to focus on finding homes for these people believing that if they can find a someone a home than those folks can start rebuilding their lives that we. >>police together the community. starts with a safe
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a place to live. >>now all ins first big project is to try to find homes for 1100 people all across san francisco's 11 districts. in the most part charles clifford kron 4 news. >>the delay, a police department is back open tonight following a carbon monoxide leak a little earlier in the day police personnel noticed a rotten egg smell in the building then they called fire department. crews determined the smell came from backup batteries are used to maintain electric power. a byproduct of the release was a low level of carbon monoxide 5 people in the building had low levels of carbon monoxide in their systems but quickly recovered. police dispatch services were located to relocated rather to the slaughter county sheriff's office communication center to handle 911 calls. the bart
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board of directors voted to spend millions of dollars to continue to expand programs which are meant to improve the quality of life for 10's of thousands of people who use that transit system covers maureen kelly reports that some of those are addressing issues related to homelessness. >>they'll be more smiling faces like this one seen inside bartella vader's at their busiest downtown san francisco stations. that's because the bart board voted to continue the elevator attendant program put into place last year at full. the civic center and how street stations and starting in the fall attendants will also be minding the elevators at the montgomery embarcadero stops. >>that means clean drug free. no abuse elevators for our writers. >>it's just one of a package of quality l the board who green-lighted the spending of close to million over some of that money will also go to help pay for pit stops public bathrooms with attendance outside 3 city
9:18 pm
stations other dollars will be dedicated to help deal with the homeless on the system. the transit agency, currently funds homeless outreach teams dedicated to the bart trains and stops in the city and contra costa county now they'll also help pay for hot teams in alameda and san mateo counties, including sfo. ask the homeless individuals can i take you to a warming center do you need something to eat can i take you to a shelter. >>what services you need when was the last time he saw doctor. >>one woman who says she's been homeless since the spring thinks it's a good idea because a great idea because some of >>barr says the idea is to connect the homeless with resources to keep them from using the transit system as a shelter maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>a federal judge has handed down conflicting rulings in cases challenging a new trump administration asylum rule, the rule bans people from seeking asylum protections in the u s if the people passed
9:19 pm
through another country first and did not seek asylum there yesterday a federal judge in d c allow the rule to stand but later in the day. a second judge this one in san francisco. heard a separate challenge and decided to block the rule. the white house's responded strongly objecting to that ruling a san francisco high school student was among the hundreds of students from around the country protesting the ruling in washington. >>the voice for the boys left immigrants are most vulnerable population in this country. and the trump administration had demonized them. >>and in another story, the federal death penalty in america is set to be reinstated after 16 years without the execution. a federal inmate meredith wood has the latest. >>attorney general william barr has directed the federal government to resume capital punishment after nearly 2 decades ordering the bureau of prisons to resume executions,
9:20 pm
beginning with 5 death row inmates that the justice department says are quote convicted of murdering and in some cases torturing and raping the most vulnerable in our society children and the elderly the order was quickly met with opposition that all the countries that continue. impose the death penalty on the population are flying in the face of what the un believes is the principal position. >>to end this democrats slammed the execution orders california senator kamala harris said in a statement quote, there must be swift and serious consequences for those who murder another human being. but the death penalty will not make our country safer. former vice president joe biden tweeted quote since 1973 over 160 individuals in this country have been sentenced to death and were later exonerated with the white house signaling trump's full support for the change and all the president made very clear he wants tougher penalties for high level john
9:21 pm
traffickers actually hopeful that some legislation can be introduced and passed on a bipartisan basis, i'm meredith wood reporting. >>at least 18. >>hospitalized recently was severe lung damage after using e cigarettes the warning doctors are now sending to parents a minimum wage increase in one east bay city means more money for workers and tighter budgets for small business owners out they say everyone. >>can help them not have to raise prices on customers hundreds of people who are blind or risk of losing their jobs, small businesses owned by veterans argue that work should go to them will have more on that coming up and are rolling in right now, but a bottle it up you're not going to see much for the weekend and it's going to be hot we're going hear travel forecast come back.
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visit your local chase branch.
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>>for your money tonight, ruling requires the department of veterans affairs to prioritize contracts that help veterans so over people with disabilities. >>that means the current contracts benefiting blind workers could be stripped from the nonprofits dedicated to hiring them. >>kron four's washington correspondent jesse to know reports now these employers met with lawmakers today hoping to save hundreds of jobs. ups that are hanging in the balance. >>make sure that congress does the right thing i of the solutions is the nation's largest employer of blind and visually impaired workers most of them the first time we ever had a job in the 70%
9:25 pm
unemployment rate. losing a job is devastating for contracts with the department of veterans affairs, the nonprofit employs nearly 400 people who are blind in arkansas, north carolina and tennessee, making everything from combat gear to notebooks tie glasses are boys who won take so much crime. >>what they do for the military. >>but by next week 50 of them will lose their jobs if something is not done that continues. >>by october you're looking another time. >>this is all a result of court mandated policy changes at the v a giving preference for via contracts to veteran owned small businesses over competing nonprofits like i've the solutions pitting one group against another i do not think is the right thing to do a lawsuit from a small business owned by a disabled veteran prompted the change. >>but i've be solutions came to washington thursday in hopes of convincing lawmakers that there are ways for everyone to have to jobs. they need time work at un going to be a so far dozens of lawmakers agree earlier this month they sent this letter to be a secretary robert wilkie
9:26 pm
urging him to keep all current contracts with nonprofits that employ people who are blind or severely disabled in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>juvenile hall could be closing soon the alternatives officials are now looking into. just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
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>>the days are numbered for san francisco's juvenile hall. >>and now san mateo county is considering similar action. our present kerman live for us in san mateo tonight with
9:29 pm
more. >>san mateo county's juvenile hall could be on its way out stats have shown that's better to be outside of the hall that inside the hall. the county's juvenile justice and delinquency prevention commission. the sent this letter to the board of supervisors, asking them to form a task force to look at alternatives what does it take to to make sense to have transgressions. 2 engage them in space is like my children do everything from kitchen tables to other resources to figure out. >>from their mistakes what they've done and how to learn and grow from them which is being locked up and getting a lifetime of fewer opportunities. >>it may also no longer be cost effective to keep the doors open because the population that the 178 that facility. often sits at 50 or 60. >>in 72 counties costing us above $220,000 for you put round of incarceration. this a lot of opportunity for prevention and that amount of money and prevention may just be part of the answer. it's
9:30 pm
all about social services and making sure that they get the right care right so whether it's a group home setting whatever it is it's all about diversion programs and making sure they get the best services. the official forming of this task force will likely take place in the fall. >>it's unknown if a final decision will take weeks months or years. in san mateo dau kerman kron 4 news. >>the surgeon general has declared to use a cigarette use as an epidemic and the lawmakers blame the teenage vaping search on the san francisco. he company juul labs today. company executives and health experts testified before congress. roger krishnamurthy says under-age beeping is an epidemic 3.6 million high school in a middle school students use e cigarettes in 2018 that's nearly double the number of teenagers vaping than the previous year as a parent of 3 young children myself including a teenager. these
9:31 pm
statistics are alarming krista more thi says he blames the e cigarette industry's leading brand jewel i agree with you that we should be concerned james monsees the founder of jewel dad says he never intended for the product to be such a hit with teenagers clear in our goal to help improve the lives of adult smokers months, he says g devices are made for adult smokers who are trying to quit smoking but lawmakers say the company is actually targeting children. >>no one wants kids using tobacco. and no one wants kids vaping kentucky republican james colmer says julie beeping a cultural phenomenon by using social media influencers teens follow to build their brand but monsees says that's not true so preventing under-age usage is a priority for dual. there is no higher priority for this company monsees says the company actually pulled its flavored products off the store shelves hoping to deter and reach kids from buying it flavors hook kids and though
9:32 pm
you say that you took all the flavors out of the stores he left the mint flavor might krishnamurthy says the company still needs to do more in washington, i'm in a war nikki children's hospital of his wisconsin is reporting a series of cases of hospitalized teens with. >>seriously damage. long's this month. a hospital spokesman says that they all have one thing in common vaping the hospital says one of the 18 to still hospitalized there. they are still trying to determine an exact cause. >>the patients have had a variety of illnesses of some of which have been hospitalized in our intensive care unit required significant therapy to help them breathe. we don't understand all the implications of there right now, but they all had a fairly severe lung damage. >>american lung association is warning teens to avoid the cigarettes all together because their lungs are still developing. >>california has reached a fuel economy deal with for
9:33 pm
automakers it bypasses the trump administration's plan to freeze fuel mileage standards at 2021 levels. ford bmw honda and volkswagen have all signed on the white house is denouncing the deal and the pios spokesperson calls this a pr stunt. california says the tougher standards are essential to cutting exhaust and slowing climate change about a dozen other states follow california's standards. the trump administration is giving california permission to oversee federal reviews for its high speed rail. this comes as the white house is simultaneously trying to cancel nearly billion in funding for that project. the administration had delayed giving the state authority to oversee environmental reviews for about a year and a half. they finally got the green light today, rail officials say that will help speed up the process for getting those reviews completed. >>if you work in the restaurant industry in emeryville you're making more money than most servers around
9:34 pm
the country. the city increased its minimum wage from $15 an hour up to $16 and $0.30 and that puts more money in the pockets of staff may also increase just how much you pay for a burger and fries yeah, if the owners start kron four's michelle kingston spoke with an owner of in emeryville restaurant about. >>how they plan to handle the increase. >>they're not shutting their doors are raising their prices just yet but the owner of this restaurant did say that there are other restaurants in this city. already had to left. >>these can fail cafe is just one of many restaurants in emeryville now paying their staff at least $16 and $0.30 an hour after a city council vote on tuesday just another.
9:35 pm
great food here in my music are what makes movie so great that they're also open 18 hours a day and have up to 20 5 staff members working day in and day out that gets expensive for the owner douglas smith. right now many prices are going to stay the same in smith is not looking at reducing its staff for hours, but says he has to the numbers look at the end of the month before really knowing how much of an impact this minimum wage increase will feel like on his business, we reached out to all city council members for comment but did not hear back and every bill michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>got a couple of clouds moving in right now, but there's a whole lot of sunshine headed your way or get away forecast coming up
9:36 pm
next. >>also with pg threatening to shut down the power for days on end this summer with wildfires threatening the bay area. one store in the north bay says they just can't keep generators on the shelves that story coming up.
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>>time now for schools. >>both the 49 ers and raiders
9:39 pm
full squad report for training camp tomorrow and both teams will look to make major turnaround asked for the raiders the rookies and quarterbacks reported to napa yesterday there is some word that they could return to wine country next year even though they're moving los vegas. last season was a disappointing point man for the silver and black they would just 4 12 in jon gruden's first year at the helm, just 2 seasons removed from a 12 4 campaign gruden made some waves as he traded away stars cleo mack and amari cooper for multiple first-round picks have to step in and immediately contribute. yesterday we had some thoughts from cal football coach justin wilcox on the bears upcoming stat. >>season. today, it's all about the stanford car head coach david company finished 9, 4, last season and beat pittsburgh and the sun was which was a little bit of a down year after 3 world whole appearing seen in 4 seasons. >>the trademark of the cardinal 100 show have been
9:40 pm
the play in the trenches yesterday's pack of media day, the head coach said that this season will be no different. >>the focal point our offense. for years has been the guys up front. our guys know this is where football begins and this is where we need to be great. we want to when conference championships get to the plan a national championship. it has to start there so for us we have to run the ball better we have to protect the passer better. we had some injuries last year who flew a lot of guys that are completed. i'm ready to play their best football course. >>and finally 5 time all-star infielder and sonny bill native troy tulowitzki is retiring from major league baseball after 19 seasons. tulowitzki played in only 5 games for the yankees this season after missing. all of 2018 due to injury upon announcing his retirement the immediately to the college assistant job for the university of texas. >>teen played most of his career with the colorado rockies with a 5 time all-star a 2 time gold glover ash or
9:41 pm
stopped and to time silver slugger winner and is one of only 15 players in major league baseball history, that turned an unassisted triple play in addition to the rockies and the yankees see also played for the toronto blue jays. >>and coming up at 10 we'll also have final highlights for the oakland athletics. that's at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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>>generators are in high demand these days that's
9:44 pm
because people are preparing to not have electricity for days of pg shuts off power due to extreme fire danger they follow through with that this summer things could get ugly quickly because of that fear kron four's justine waltman renorts tonight. >>one family business is booming selling generator so fast. they can't keep them on the shelves. >>do not stop at leeds generators in the past 3 months sales at this santa rosa shop have skyrocketed old dance pg e has sent out their announcements in the last say 3 months, 200% increase. it's insane. we can hardly keep up with concerns pgd could cost power for days during fire season. customers all have reasons they want a new generator and want it now every other call is since i got the peach in the announcement. i need to get a generator, i'm either a medical equipment, my pump
9:45 pm
won't work. i have children i can't make it 5 days we had a customer that had a million dollars in coy fish. >>so they have to keep the erisa pumps, running the majority of these yes are already sold. >>generator sales will ask this in high demand right before y 2 k prices for new generator range from a $200 to a few $1000. the ramseys. 100 year-old shop consists of an 18 person crew now working 15 hour days. fire safety and helping people prepare for an emergency, it means more to them. they lost their home in the 2017 tubbs fire. >>we evacuated in 15 minutes, there was no warning there's no time to go rent anything. everybody was on their own. so i think this concept of renting equipment we have all this time to do it that's over. >>well that's the pga is an old team yes. >>with a warehouse full all of generators waiting for delivery. this booming business is coming before a planned power safety shut off.
9:46 pm
leeds is also gearing up for what business will be like. really goes out. >>then it's going to be all the reactive people. and it's going to be stupid busy for us. >>pg any advice is if you do purchase a generator just make sure you know how to use it safely. in santa rosa justine waltman on for news. >>let's talk about food now services because mission district is a for the first paradise now there's even more reason to dine out in the mission. tonight on dine and dish we're going to check out the new al's deli. >>meet the new kid on the block 1000 delhi to casual spinoff of the high style house place in san francisco's mission who's out. >>airline then is. >>this is the chef aaron london busy at work. it is james beard rated restaurant known for fine dining with the veggie focus al's deli is just up the street so its daily food, but also much more. >>it's unique spin on jewish
9:47 pm
deli and israeli street food with the california twist we do awesome lock as hot pockets of lacazette are awesome this is the lucky the hot >>salmon and capers and cream cheese. >>from pull off hot bites to fresh mediterranean salads has got little something for everybody. can always pop a bottle. >>glass enclosed a or percent as a country you say your risk of having pita or you might use it to wash down your bowl of homemade time and
9:48 pm
>>you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe truck rating rio and balding food or drink to dine and dish sent an e-mail to dine and dish kron 4 dot com or you can go to our dine and dish facebook page how to get outs. >>here taking of 4 zone forecast let's go outside right now this is the embarcadero in san francisco pretty calm night. yeah joining us to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow talking about things to do places to go now still looked really good. but yeah, you know you travel around of the state here you go you get away forecast for it. >>into the monterey bay we go we've got some patchy fog along the coastline, otherwise, those temperatures are going to be warming up in the afternoon you'll see about 70 degrees in salinas about 68 in santa cruz 66 degrees the monterey bay. and then those temperatures warming up in the southland numbers heating up and toward los angeles 88 degrees there, 91 pasadena, 90 in anaheim. >>and then get really in spots to the central valley in the
9:49 pm
high country not as hot, but you have to watch out for some thunderstorms about 77 degrees in truckee for tomorrow, 79 in lake tahoe likely going to see those thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon after a very quiet morning. but wants so some storms get going they're going to kind of war right through the evening hours before dying down again. outside right now you can see a couple of patches of this from the berkeley hills but she is very low and that then they're being compressed by high pressure up above and that ridge going to build in over the next couple of for the weekend just not going to see much in the way of fog and what we do see mainly along the coastline that's going to burn off in a tomorrow we've got some nice very comfortable 66. in san francisco in a mostly sunny skies to see 73 sunny nice in oakland, san jose 85 degrees, sunny and warm. the hot stuff is going to still be confined to the valleys but air quality going to start to suffer just a little a little haze developing parts of the east and the south bay still looking good up toward the north and also on the coast. we are expecting that fog along the coastline early tomorrow morning and then giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon still some cool
9:50 pm
temperatures toward the beaches 50's and some 60's there, but inside the bay, warming up to 70 degrees a beautiful day of 71 in burlingame 65 degrees in south san francisco. and 68 degrees as you make your way into san bruno 80 degrees palo alto 80 amount do 81 in redwood city, the south bay looking temperatures moving well of these almost 90 degrees in campbell, so some very nice weather there warm into the afternoon then getting hot with some numbers moving in the mid 90's into pleasanton 94 degrees in livermore 93 in dublin, 77 in hayward 94 degrees in danville 94 walnut creek 73 in oakland about 89 degrees in concord so you get the idea you had anywhere and to the east bay inland areas you see those temperatures warming up there. murray but it is going to get a whole lot warmer as we look toward the weekend. after that ridge of high pressure really takes over temperatures going to sort of the triple digits in many spots inland. possible records going down this weekend is that he is going evi don't care
9:51 pm
if it's the middle of december. we'll have some i scream you scream we all scream for ice cream but well it might not be the healthiest option more most people agree it's pretty refreshing refreshing especially in these high days, but. >>what about those dairy free and beacon options you wonder those must be healthier currently not necessarily many. offer lower calories per serving than their dairy counterpart and could have less saturated fat but some brands they have just as many calories and saturated fats, especially those made with coconut milk which is the yummy us awesome pack up to half of the recommended daily limit of sugar, so you got to read the small print textbooks. >>snide e-books a pencil boxes, some of the things that maybe inside your kid's backpack. this school year coming up, but carrying all that weight can hurt the there's an uptick it turns out and young go to see orthopedic
9:52 pm
surgeons and chiropractors complaining of back pain. the first tip doc said make sure your child is using both strapped so keep the weight distributed and how the bag is packed can also the un issued doctors say kids should carry no more than 10 to 20% of their body weight and the heaviest things like books should be closest to their back. after a toddler took a spin on out. baggage claim belt. and this is wild will. tell you the actions airport workers had to take to say that little boy. just when you thought you were done painting...
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paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
9:55 pm
that they are going to charge american rapper asap rocky with assault and that's big news the 30 year-old whose real name is rakim mayers has been in custody since july 3rd after a brawl in stockholm on june 30th, celebrities and politicians, including president trump have called for a separate kyi's release. but no such luck a sav rocca east trial will start next week the rapper's lawyer has maintained that. he was just defending himself after being assaulted and that his client is innocent. >>that he acted in self-defense. is it claiming that his and in respect it. he of course is adds even know and i'm of course that. i mean
9:56 pm
it's to suffer through all this. >>if convicted asap rocky faces 2 years in prison. if found innocent get this the sweetest law is you have to repay a person all the money they lost while incarcerated for a set of rocky sources say that might be close to million. >>a toddler is recovering after getting swept away on a baggage carousel at america's busiest airport. atlanta police say the boy's mom lost track of him while she was putting out her boarding pass that's when the little boy disappeared behind the ticket counter. yeah and then he ended up on a conveyor belt there and then a in a tsa bag room agents eventually grabbed him they call the police. atlanta fire rescue bandage them up they took him to the hospital the boy a fractured his hand in the incident to but otherwise ok. his mom says she grateful. that he got out of this all her 2 year-old you
9:57 pm
can afford really to see how that can happen and you know pretty nothing out and and how this serious or are a little too fast. it's like an amusement park ride. >>luckily, he only had a fractured hand that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 tonight, but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and can wait are here with properties thank you grant, thank you both coming up next at 10 o'clock we are following breaking news out of the east bay what we're learning about a shooting investigation that is happening right now plus a car crashed into a fire hydrant this morning in san francisco injuring 4 people and flooding streets. >>police tell us tonight, they're still looking for the driver will have details in a live report and it was already hot today and a lot of locations around the bay area but it's going to get much hotter. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow highs are forecast don't go away our 3 a. >>kron 4 news in pri .
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>morning crash into a fire hydrant in san francisco since water shooting into the sky and tears a car in half. tonight we're learning new details in this crash has sent 4 people to the hospital. >>thank for joining us. i'm can way tonight. pam moore, the crash have and in the bayview neighborhood early this morning near 3rd street and carroll avenue cowboys taylor the second joins us live now from san


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