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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 26, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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tonight -- >> it's my party! >> j.lo's 50th. on a private island. a rod's jaw dropping gift. the costar some are saying outhustled jennifer. then, attacking oprah. why in oscar winner good major beef. >> what you did was ugly. plus -- >> i play both 50-year-old and 23-year-old. >> will smith goes full benjamin button. then beyonce's weight transformation.
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this is "entertainment tonight." >> i want to do something in the afternoon. something nice. j.lo told us about celebrating her 50th birthday. something nice, nothing crazy has a whole different mean inning j.lo's world. >> you are right. and we are taking you inside. >> what does it involve when you're going to a jennifer lopez birthday party? >> you know, it's going to be a big celebration. >> ladies, thedancing, people singing. we are having up ♪ >> it's my party! >> and now we know what to give a woman that doesn't need anything -- a 50th birthday party that has everything. plus a red porsche from a rod. ♪ my love don't cost a thing >> a rod and an estimated 250
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guests turned it up on the $32 million star island estate in miami. >> 50 is the new 30. >> before we get into the over the top party details let's take a minute to appreciate the glorious dress. the custom gold cutout versace with grecian in the front and bondage in the back. ♪ get on the floor ♪ >> and it was made to get on the floor. also there, ryan seacrest, dj khaled, fat joe and took the mic love ♪ ♪ >> got the do with it, baby? >> but one of the sweetest moments of the night came from j.lo's twins. emme and max both took the stage to perform for their proud mama. [ cheers and applause ] >> so how much does a party like
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that cost? ♪ number one that's easy mathematics ♪ >> could be upwards of $1 million. this cake alone cost $10,000. as for the genuinely heartfelt speech by a rod -- >> to the love of my life. >> that's priceless. >> remember that ring had a price tag. more than $1 million she of love. >> jennifer is going to be celebrating another big birthday. alex is turning 44. and saturday is also the final date of her tour in miami. so will they just take the whole party on stage? >> my guess would be yes. speaking of j.lo on stage, she stars in "hustlers." she's the biggest name, but constance wu is getting top billing and that stirred up a bit of ntroversy.
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>> when would you say things got out of control? >> a total piece of work. just some of the claims being made about wu by one publication after reps called outlets demanding she be called headliner. >> i just want to take care of my grandma. maybe go shopping every once in a while. today the "crazy rich asians" star fired back, constance she and her "hustlers" costars formed a sister hood on set and the controversy surrounding the movie seems like an age old attempt to p knock us down when had fung this. truth is, wedown. >> here's the thing, constance really is the movie. j.lo gave her top billing from the get go. >> yes, yes, constance wu is here. >> how did this whole mess
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ar who recently came under -- cardi b. who has a small roll role in the film were being called out. wu's team fought to give her more publicity, but we are told constance had no knowledge of acts on her behalf. >> we do everything together. >> how's it going? >> it's hard. it's fun, but it's hard. you have to have a lot of strength to do some of those moves. get that hustle, you know? >> i don't think there's any bad blood between constance and j.lo. she posted a birthday tribute to her. and is there any such thing at bad publicity. mo'nique just took her feud with oprah next level. >> what you did was intentional and it was ugly. oprah winfrey, you know what you need to do. mo'nique demands an apology from oprah. why? it goes back to a 2010 oprah
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winfrey show with mo'nique's brother gerald who admitted he molested here as a child. >> she said, if you don't want me to have your brother on the show, i will cancel the fine, promos started airing on the show. >> mo'nique called him a monster. she also called her brother. >> it went to commercial and i see my mother be my father. we didn't discuss that. >> she's had public spats with whoopi goldberg, tyler perry, steve harvey and sheryl underwood. she first aired this beef with oprah back in 2017. >> i would have said shut that [ bleep ] down. >> her arguments with what she said then is almost word for word what she said now. >> this is why we have a
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problem. >> this is why me and oprah winfrey have a problem. >> ironically, they were once friends. she even thanked oprah and perry during her 2010 oscar speech. >> tyler perry andwinfrey, beca, the whole world saw it. >> it was four years later during alfre woodard's sistahs soiree that mo'nique let her have it in person. >> you did do something wrong. how could you have my mother on your show. >> "e.t." was there. oprah and mo'nique sitting together for the show. but not talking. >> they were there that night. they sat back in those chairs and looking like, we know what mo'nique ain't doing is lying. >> mo'nique just named names and none of those ladies ever said anything about the situation. let's just leave it there. >> okay. speaking of hostility another oscar winning actress, faye dunaway is being accused of
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going full on mom my dearest. >> iconic. >> we have learned faye who was playing katherine hepburn in "tea at five" was fired earlier this month for allegedly slapping and throwing things at crew members who were trying to put on her wig. the show's producers have told "e.t." they terminated their relationship with her. we have reached out to faye's weapon, but she could not be reached for a comment. >> i'm stunned. let's move on to the college admissions scandal. lifetime is officially turning it into a lifetime movie. this as felicity huffman's "otherhood" costars rally around her. >> i think she dealt with it the best way you can deal with it. >> take accountability stand up. >> that's the best thing. >> i'm not a saint.
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i haven't been. there's time when we hold people accountable, and there's a great part of that. and we need to do that. the other part of that is we are human. and you know what? we all make mistakes. >> i just want one card for mother's day. >> doesn't feel like motherhood. feels like other hood. >> they formed a tight bond filming rooded are about empty nesters. they know about parent struggles. between them they have six kids. >> i wish i was a fly on the wall of the trailer swapping stories, getting to really share motherhood stories with each other. >> i have had a conversation -- i mean, why can't you just say, i love you? i mean, i get up, i make you breakfast. i mean, i the guilt >> you define motherhood in
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the-an inhumane emotional roller costar. >> there are times. there are times. coming up, meghan and harry's big move with baby archie. then, beyonce's extreme weight loss journey. what she sacrificed to shed the pounds. >> i'm hungry. plus, hollywood's new summer workout, minus the work? why this new york housewife is workout, minus the work? why this new york housewife is all about ♪ she's doing it again. no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. motherhood is not going to slow meghan down. "e.t." learned the duchess is fully engage in the planning every step of their trip to africa this fall and we hear harry and meghan and baby archie are looking forward to spending lots of time there because they are adventurous and look forward to spending time as a family. they fell in love in ank. >> nischelle has a passport. i can go too. remember this in a moment when meghan and beyonce met for the first time at the uk premier of "the lion king"? beyonce is finally revealing her
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secret to bouncing back after baby. ♪ i woke up like this >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. and this is day one of rehearsals for coachella. nightmare. my weight, 175. long way to go. let's get it. ♪ i flex >> that's bey on a scale showing her number. her post twins pre-coachella comeback. >> i was a woman that felt like my body was not mine. >> how did she get her body back? she followed a 22-day plan. but true bey style she doubled up, doing the diet for 44 days. >> i'm limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol, and i'm hungry. >> no amount of exercise in the world can counter the effect of
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a poor diet. no amount of exercise. >> the secret weapon? marco borges. he designed the 22-day diet and helped bey get in shape. meals include beans, vegetables, whole grains and nuts and seeds. the big no-no? processed foods. >> you start to lose weight, sleep better, have a better mood. still ahead -- will smith aging backwards? . the trick to his knew movie transformation from 50 to 23. plus, lose weight the real housewives way. how countess luanne is shedding the pounds without breaking a sweat. and "four weddings and a funeral." one reunion and one remake closed captioning provided by --
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triumphant moment for selma blair, who announced she's discharged from treatment. selma posted. she looks great. she wrote being in recovery is the best gift i could give to arthur. she also wrote, new immune system. who dis?
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will smith -- "aladdin" will be officially hitting $100 billion is weekend. he has a new movie and we are taking you behind the scenes. >> my son. it's like seeing a ghost. >> i play both 50-year-old henry and 23-year-old junior, who's sent to kill him. >> will smith faces off against a picture perfect clone of his younger self-? "gemini man." >> the technology is going change how movies are made. >> how did they do it? they covered his face in dots and captured his face. his 23-year-old face is 100% computer generated in throwback to his "fresh prince" days. >> i want you to feel comfortable if my house. >> we were with will in 1991 when he was the same age as his
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virtual counterpart. >> i couldn't play junior at 23 years old, but now i'm able to understand and capture both characters because of the amount of experience i had as an actor. let's move on. "real housewives of new york" special. drama aside, i love how glam the ladies get for the reunion. >> i know. now we have an idea of how countess luanne de lesseps gets ready. >> we were invited in the her home as she show is kaed her home workout to "feeling jovani." >> feeling jo extra any. >> i feel energized. i feel like i had an hour long workout and i'm ready for the races. >> 20 minutes, 600 calories burned and little to know sweat. this is the cabaret queen's go-to workout. but what's up with that
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futuristic looking chute soout? >> this is the ems vest. ems stands for electric muscle stimulatio no matter what workout you do you are going to get contractions everywhere per second. >> i feel it the next day. it's a certain kind of soreness where you go, oh, i worked out yesterday. >> work smarter not harder. mohamed elzomor says it helps build muscle and blast fat. >> i've trained ashley graham, jamie foxx. we trained in the back of an eyeglass store, a sun glass store. >> as for the actual workout it's body weight exercises like squats, lungs and crunches. >> everything is firing right now. her up thor back, abs and legs as well. >> it's a buzzing sensation.
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>> a session will set you back 200 bucks and if you want a house session, that's $250. mohammed doesn't recommend doing it more than two times a week. >> i really notice my back gets a lot stronger and tighter. in 20 minute you get look an hour workout, so perfect for a girl like me on the go. ♪ and it feels so good >> perfect if you don't want to put much effort into your workout? docto doctor if you have a neurological issue or pacemaker, this is not for you. let's talk "four weddings and a funeral." perfection. now we are getting more in one reunion and one remake. >> maybe i should have asked you to marry me. why didn't i? >> we both just get back inside. >> with that in mind, hugh and andie pay tribute to the final
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scene. the pair reunited last december shooting a rez nose day. thanks to mindy kaling we are getting a revamped version of "four weddings and a funeral." >> it's terrifying. the script is incredible. it's a completely new world. but if you like the spirit of the movie i think you'll really lick this mini series. >> please respect my decision. >> and oh, and many you love "game of thrones" you'll love seeing ka lease si's bff nathalie emmanuel in the lead role. @was on it in london for all the fun. >> she like this is guy who's married. she's heart broken and has to figure out her life zblm then natalie falls for this guy. only problem? he's her best friend's boyfriend. >> she calls him ryan gosling
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dip in the caramel. >> what? no. >> you also said superhot. >> i did not. >> that's very nice. >> andie makes the cameo. she plays the mom. could we see hugh as well? >>. >> no one asked many a. >> would you do it? >> um, maybe not. >> i don't believe
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listen, i don't want to have fun and run, but we are out of time for tonight's "e.t." >> don't wore, we'll have another very fun show for you tomorrow. >> yeah, here's a look at it. tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> this is a rare sort of car insurance. >> can lee yo and brad take down "the lion king"? inside their fierce box office battle. then, bindi irwin's big engagement news. >> it can be your exclusive. >> and they're the pint sized sisters taking over hollywood. >> we are too famous. >> i really, really, really love that.
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