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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 26, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>>happy friday to you even though they do say by the way what did you think is the most productive day of the workweek any guesses tuesday mission that was a good one though is that i little thought his due monday so cnn get nothing done to on emails like us on morning, i'm james fletcher thank you for joining us. >>it's going to be a hot weekend can't stress that enough we've been trying to pare eve last couple days we'll get more on the forecast in any hot spots before we get to that fork no hot spots on expecting friday light conditions will see it will get it. >>there's a minor way to the bay bridge toll plaza and yesterday was kind of a trade i'm breeze was your real hot behind warm, but i did notice, it was a little especially this morning when i got up there some wind out yeah that marine layer really built back in and it burned off the past couple of you know, then last
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night we got a pushing back and it was a little bit early it's early 70 young golden gate was really fog super foggy out there so what this means for today guys is temperatures are going to rise a lot slower and we are going to see daytime highs. >>again just a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday was which is a noticeable difference from wednesday. this is before the big rise in temperatures come tomorrow and then sunday so today really is your nicest a to be getting outside of the next couple of days so i would recommend enjoying it even though it will still be high into the afternoon, especially inland. this is the golden gate bridge, not that should be able to know unless i told you because it is so foggy up and down the coastline and streaming into the east bay, the this is the thickest we've seen fog all weekend. thank you fog for cool us down last night keeping us a little cooler this morning to see you're going to see temperatures spiking a little less dramatically once the sun does come up by the time we move into the afternoon today you still have a lot of sunshine and under the sunny skies. temperatures are still going to be warm warm enough
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sive heat watches in effect now for portions of the bay area. you do see them stretching from contra costa county down through the east bay and then of course down into the central valley and even all all the way out to the coastline out along big serve so this isn't just affecting our inland areas anymore. you can see that red extending all the way out to the coast south of monterrey and then most notably for us here in the bay area for inland areas again for portions of a santa clara up to san mateo counties as well as areas just right up into the above the hills of alameda and contra costa counties. now as we make our way into the afternoon skies are really going to clear out so we still do have a lot of sunshine today, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures something that isn't going to stick around for long. i do enjoy these temperatures while they last a nice comfortable start to the day. enjoy those foggy conditions too nice a chance to get outside and get a jog in before mostly sunny conditions by noon and by the
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afternoon. yeah, we're still in the 90's for daytime highs inland, i've got more details in your forecast and especially as we make our way into the weekend when we see are right on back up still to come. robert. thank you john checking in on the bay bridge traffic, the line is growing in your cash lanes. >>mostly on the right hand side so it's going to be busy commute right now coming into san francisco. but nothing problems or crashes to worry about us know that it's filling in and mostly for the cash overall 11 minutes to make it off to fremont street. here's 92 little busy a little crowded, but not bad and you are looking at the westbound traffic leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. right now you're at a pretty good average of 12 minutes one more bridge. the foggy golden gate traffic looks good though 19 minutes novato to san francisco area. thanks a lot rob and 5 oh 3 and our big story this morning high fire danger today because the hot weather and now more than 2 thirds of contra costa county is at risk they say. >>of a devastating wildfire, a spokesperson for the fire protection district says the
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winter rain made things worse this fire season over growth has resulted in about twice as much fuel that can burn compared to last year and the wind is expected to blow more frequently once fall arrives. we're seeing the fires down in. >>what we think of as the flatlands early in the season. that wasn't the case in the last couple of years we tended to be fighting fires this time of year up on the ridge lines on the hillsides that sort of thing. >>that fire say people are responsible for starting the majority of fires which means most fires are preventable. the fire protection district is already fought at least a 125 brush fires. this fire season. in the north bay a wildfire in sanaa and stallone solano county is 90 per that percent contained right now this is the one that is in the area of march road and interstate 6.80 it's burned a 183 acres its parked on wednesdah, the. still don't know why yet.
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>>people across the bay area are rushing to buy generators out of fear that they could be without power for days during the upcoming fire season. this comes of course after pga announced that blackouts would likely becoming during high fire danger days because of this one family business in santa rosa selling generator, so fast are struggling to keep up with demand. prices for the new generators range from a few $100 up to a few $1000. >>every other call is since i got the peach in the announcement. i need to get a generator, i'm either a medical equipment, my pump won't work. i have children i can't make it 5 days we had a customer that had a million dollars in coy fish. >>so they have to keep the erisa pumps running. >>if you buy or own a backup generator pg advises that you know how to use it safely. and you can track those hot temperatures by the way in your neighborhood and stay connected on the fire danger updates with push alerts. and you can get all that through the kron 4 mobile app download it today that works for android and apple devices.
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>>it's 5 oh 5 in the east bay crews put out a fire burning in an apartment building that was under construction in oakland. that was wrong video here's a video from a crime for a viewer you can see the flames there in the distance firefighters got this under control. it happened on stanford avenue occidental street in an apartment complex under construction. it's the 3rd fire at a residential building under construction in the okra oakland and regional area this year. >>out of the east bay walnut creek police are taking big steps now to address homelessness in the city they have created a new homeless outreach program convoys christina take te'o explains more from walnut creek. program that they just >>yeah o released this past month and it actually got 2 officers assigned to it it was something that they brought up in one of their community meetings and that that's something that they've so far started implementing because of that so far the community and the police officers here
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in waller creek have all said that homelessness is a growing issue here and actually the calls that they take per year now have increased and are anywhere between 2503,000 a large number the 3rd the city is not necessarily used to now the main goals of this pilot program are really face a to build relationships relationships with the homelessness population here in the city connecting with those who are living here and connecting those people living in homelessness to proper services here locally working with residents and businesses to address homelessness related issues lower calls for service and these are all out for efforts to help develop long-term solutions to these reoccurring problems that the city is seeing these officers will be working closely with the walnut creek homeless task force. the trinity center are 14 which courtney did i reach were for owning gauge meant and then other city and county agencies departments as well as the mental health services now they say it's only been a month since his pilot program
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has been in the first month alone, the 2 officers in the pilot program made 213 content contacts, 25 arrest and handled 94 homeless related complaints from the public and offered services to about 90 homeless people here in the city. so this is something that they are continuously working on and right now it's not sure how long this pilot program is going to last but this is something we're hoping hear back from police on this morning for now reporting live here in waller creek and christina teatro kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you christina in time and this morning we're learning more about that terrible crash in san francisco where a car was basically sheared in half when it ran at high speeds into a fire hydrant for people had to go to the hospital, the driver took off from the scene we first brought you the story yesterday morning. the crash happened in san francisco's bayview neighborhood and you can see what happened to the fire hydrant theirs. half of the car. for passengers. 2 of them children were rushed to
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the hospital police are asking for the driver to come forward. >>the fact that there were a couple juveniles in the car as a somewhat outraged the community here because how could this happen and you got young people in a car. you're an adult you have bility lookin from people this in your car that's all of us where was in your car that's your responsibility. so take on the responsibility be an adult and tell everyone. >>speed was definitely a factor in this crash witnesses say they thought the car was going up to a 100 miles an hour. >>well developing story that we're following this morning police are looking for the person who shot a man several times in it happened at a liquor store on the corner of a street and princes street that shooting happened after the victim and gunman got into a fight in the store. police this point don't have any information on that possible shooter, but there is word. our should say there's no word yet on the victim's condition, those are some of the things we're trying track down still for you this morning. meanwhile on the peninsula
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manager under arrest for sexually abusing young boys and police believe there may be more victims, 47 year-old randolph hold men was a swim teacher. some 2 photographer actually at the recreation district in portola valley. he's accused of sexually abusing several boys over a 30 year period. so far 3 victims have come forward the sheriff's office says that halderman's job was a swim photographer to give an easy access to children. >>more things to have those safety talks with your children and trust them when they do say that somebody made them feel uncomfortable and do something about it it's our job to protect the children and the youth of our community and we need to make sure that we give them all the tools that they can to come forward and be honest with us. >>despite the whole dumb and being a photographer the investigation does not involve child-pornography not at this time anyway. >>police in san francisco have arrested a man accused of stealing a dog in japan town earlier this month, there's surveillance video where you can see a person a man and
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tying the dog's leash and then lacayo oil is it. the dog has since been returned to the owner it was found by a couple in the tenderloin and this man has been arrested for a 53 year-old love and locky was recently arrested for a different crime. one police recognized him as the man in the video. cisco police arrested this man for vandalizing a police vehicle, 24 year-old neal, nordegren police part to their car at 16th and al be on streets to investigate a crime they heard somebody smashing a window, rush back found the rear window had been broken. police saw him nor greene running from the area chased him and arrested him. >>still ahead new additions are being made to bark to try to stop the homeless from taking shelter in stations overnight. plus an alarming spike in residential burglaries and one bay area neighborhood will tell you why investigators say all of the break ins may be related. and
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the family of a bay area man who's been missing for years now asking for the public's help in finding him. as we get outside this weekend do anticipate temperatures to be is ahead. triple digits is >>and i'm tracking your friday morning commute is picking up right now at the bay bridge toll plaza stocking up for the cash buyers, n the fast track or so a little busy but not
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>>5.14 right now, wow i did i'd like year and we really like and welcome back to the show judge on his going talk about the forecast is hot temperatures that's the big story as we head into the weekend. so let's get a quick check of that what are we looking at john. >>well guys this morning what we're looking at is not a whole lot because it's foggy out there are web cam views not showing you a whole bunch of stuff. this is your look across the bay right now from alcatraz right here really nothing to be holds because that fog but guess what that dogs can also help to cool us down a little bit for a long time this morning helping temperatures to rise a little bit slower looking at stormtracker 4 right now conditions out there pretty calm. we don't really have anything to know there is monsoonal moisture out to the east saw actually zoom out just a little bit for you right here. you can see the showers out there hanging out
5:16 am
for the sierra nevada high pressure looms to the southeast as well that's why that we do have the monsoonal moisture. it's been so active up in the sierra for those of you that plans up in the air. the high country this afternoon to escape some of that heat watch out for that potential shower if you're heading to the east. back here at home it's the fog this morning in this afternoon. it is all about the heat temperatures in the 60's and 70's for san francisco today, golden gate park 64 degrees daly city at 67 will have been day again staying below the 70's at 68 degrees. burlingame 79 well south san francisco at 71 for a daytime high. a san mateo and foster city upper 70's with redwood city and san carlos in the low 80's woodside 87, south bay numbers not quite as hot as they're about to be this weekend. so today really is your best day to get outside and enjoy it because this weekend with temperatures back into the ing quite as nice as el
5:17 am
today is about to be still hot today don't get me wrong. this could be a lot better than tomorrow. oakland 74 degrees for your high youngsville vacaville and pittsburgh all in the 90's the lazio in the meantime only 78 really nice there santa rosa in petaluma mid-eighties for your highs today. let's get a look at what we're seeing this weekend from the low 90's today to the whole trip all digits come tomorrow. temperatures will be noticeably warmer for your saturday and not much different on sunday, either the site in coastal areas also seeing a warm-up it's just going to be a bit more comfortable as you would expect of both of these regions of the bay. monday tuesday wednesday and thursday of next week consistently looking great highs falling to a comfortable range of seasonable numbers in the mid to low 80's, inland 70's by the bay. all during this time expects a mostly sunny to sunny skies. so take it easy this weekend. you've got plenty of good weather to look for to just around the corner. robin let's check in on traffic now your friday
5:18 am
morning commute is picking up getting a little busy here on the san mateo bridge. we see the brake lights and it is definitely crowded. >>but it's not bad on westbound 92 leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. right now you can go on to make this trip while it's only 12 minutes off to highway one oh one. we're checking the bay bridge 80 west, there's a backup for you in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes starting to spill just beyond 8.80 over crossing so yes, it's filling in it's not bad. it's hot spot free no problems across the upper deck and even better if your car pooler 11 minutes off to fremont street we're checking in on traffic tracker some more drive times through the grades are off to a great start this friday morning hopefully will end that way right highway 4 for many aacta conquered 15 minutes, 6.80 is looking good for j cole to danville no problems for the nimitz that's a 20 minute trip from san leandro to milpitas i'm from the south bay to the peninsula. northbound one a one under 30 minutes to menlo park will check more coming up back to you thank you it's 5.18 the family of the bay
5:19 am
area man who's been missing for a year is asking for the public's help now kron four's gayle ong. >>talk with the family about their efforts to find him. >>surveillance video shows luis garcia walking out of his mission district apartment building on 7/12/2018 it was part of his routine every day he was on his way to see his wife mager selma, and her home to do his laundry he was going to come had talked to him maybe in our before i didn't hear from him again. >>she's like i'm on my way i love you at home, i love her more. >>we spoke to me he last year when she was 3 months pregnant with their first child. today their baby boy louise named after his father is 6 months old he has his eyes. >>and that is for sure and the pain is still raw. very difficult. especially because he wasn't there. official interest and up. i was alone when i was giving birth. we
5:20 am
reached out to san francisco police who says the case remains unsolved. the only clues garcia's black suv found that candlestick point and his cell phone was found covered in blood in foster city, the family hopes coasters in the mission district and candlestick point area will help find him he had just received the rays working in construction on the chase center in san francisco his wife tells us garcia would see her every day after were is just the mystery live. we don't know what happened where he went no one knows anything we just want him home. garcia is described as approximately 5 foot 11 weighing 210 pounds, brown eyes and brown hair he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans. kron 4 news. >>in the north bay of santa rosa police say that this man is a suspect in an armed robbery at a gas station and they arrested him 28 year-old luis holmes. we showed you this surveillance video last week let's take another look this is from a shell gas
5:21 am
station on corby avenue, the man walks in and he has a rifle or shotgun and puts it to the back of a customer demands money and then took off with cash from the register. and that victim's wallet. >>2 arrested after going on a deadly shooting spree in southern california. but police are still searching for a motive behind it all. it happened in the san fernando valley. police say 26 year-old suspect jerry goes a shot and killed at least 4 people. it was a violent rampage across several crime scenes. police say it started when he shot his parents and brother leaving his mother injured and his father and brother dead a short time later police say that sara goza opened fire at a gas station killing one woman and leaving a man in critical condition. he's an accused of trying to rob somebody outside of a bank we're a 4th person was killed. after a daylong manhunt buzzer goes who was finally taken into custody. also in southern california, 16 marines are under arrest now accused of being involved in a drug related a fence and human smuggling as well. they were
5:22 am
arrested at camp pendleton right near san diego. investigators made those arrests after investigating 2 marines who are charged with human smuggling earlier in the summer 8 other marines are now also being questioned about their involvement. >>and the tales juvenile hall could soon be closing the alternatives that they're looking into now and after the break at least 8 teenagers were hospitalized because of severe lung damage after using e cigarettes we've got a right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news checking in on a very crowded bay bridge trip into san francisco check out all the headlights a gold-backed be on 8.80. it's packed for the cash fares for the fast trackers and now it's billy back to the west grand exit. it's been fairly quiet. all morning on 80 west, so hopefully it'll stay that way for you're looking good on the suspension. the skyway the james lick 2 80 end the central freeway. so all is well in san francisco. let's check in on traffic tracker let's see if we can find your commute or find your freeway it's not here now get a little bit later we're taking a look at the east shore if you roll on 80 west of the quirkiness through crockett richmond rodeo, albany. berkley also you know it's just wide open all the way down to the oakland maze, even 24 is looking good right now out of walnut creek renda continuing to in through the caldecott over to the oakland side,
5:26 am
you're good. checking in on the macarthur, i don't see the big trouble spot. it's a great transition out of castro valley through san leandro to downtown oakland and the nimitz trouble free for your northbound drive it is looking good from to 38 in san leandro to the 9.80 split at about 10 minutes and then southbound right around 60 few have road work wrapping up so southbound a little crowded, northbound nice and smooth chains all right robin, thank you, here's a disturbing story. >>in the national news, a wisconsin teen is in intensive care right now. >>with severe lung damage and doctors think it may have been caused by vaping the team was among a number of cases where teens were hospitalized with damage. long's this month at that hospital in wisconsin. hospital says all the patients vaped and now they want to warn teenagers about the dangers of the cigarettes. >>evening in teenagers is something that is causing harm to our kids we want that message loud and clear we don't have a lot of information about the long-term effects and sometimes not even about the short term effects. to avoid t
5:27 am
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at ross. yes for less. >>spots and traffic are going to be overtaken by the heat today. are i suppose, yeah it's going to be a pretty toasty one as you can see they're just a glimpse the kind of temperatures we expect today, we'll get a much more detail forecast here in half a second with john as we welcome you to the half hour mark here at 5.30 thank you for joining us, i'm james fletcher and i'm darya folsom and robin how the roads also looking good off to a great start friday light so far so if you have some driving to do now is a great time to do it out ok that's very good and then you'll be cranking up the ac he uh no problem with that i give you full permission to do so today is going to be full blast, especially this weekend if you get outside this morning. they see may actually be the last thing you're thinking about what a contrast in weather
5:31 am
from what we're seeing this morning which is foggy and cool and then later on this weekend we're talking triple digit heat across the bay area golden gate bridge can hardly even see it the fog is so thick streaming through there. >>hanging out up and down the peninsula as well as down through the east bay do watch out for a few spots where visibility is going to be low, especially out along the coastline later today, sunshine will come back out temperatures aren't going to quite as fast today, they're actually going to be impeded a lot by that fog and that marine layer that is rather dense this morning. it had burned off the past couple of days allowing temperatures to get so warm. tomorrow though the he kicks back into gear, excessive heat, advisories and watches in effect across much of the bay area. this is contra costa alameda counties down on into portions of santa clara county down in the south bay and then even up into and napa counties up in the north bay we are advisories now extending on into the weekend not just for our. valley areas but out of the central coast in right here and our own
5:32 am
backyard in the bay area and when you see temperatures for the weekend ahead. it's easy to understand why it will be well into the triple digits for a lot of the same areas. skies clear out once we are talking about that fog a student its way out of the picture later on today and that does mean that today is still going to be warm. it's just not going to be as warm as yesterday was and compared to tomorrow, it's actually going to feel kind of cool 50's and 60's right now and this afternoon we're talking temperatures out of the 50's and 60's and still in the 90's. so it's still hot still bring plenty of water with his you're getting outside. but today is the coolest day of the upcoming weekend that's saying something i'm talking now weekend still to come robin checking out how they want to one we're are taking a look at the southbound commute from nevado to san francisco. >>and it's off to a great start continuing over to the golden gate. we've had no problems are so far hopefully it'll stay that way your drive time still a very smooth 19 minutes from highway 37 to the tolls the bay bridge traffic
5:33 am
does not look like the golden gate traffic in fact it is at a crawl stacking all the way up. >>be on west grand so 12 minutes and growing off to fremont street we drive times here still look great for 5.80 out of livermore 6.80 dublin fremont and to 37 smooth the nimitz to one o one. >>all right. thank you robin time now 5 33 in a big story here bart is expanding its outreach program for the homeless. it's part of an effort to spend money on improving the quality of life for those who use barred from for spring. kelly explains. >>they'll be more smiling faces like this one seen inside bartella vader's at their busiest downtown san francisco stations. that's because the bart board voted to continue the elevator attendant program put into place last year at full. the civic center and how street stations and starting in the fall attendants will also be minding the elevators at the montgomery embarcadero stops. >>that means clean drug free. no abuse elevators for our
5:34 am
riders. >>it's just one of a package of quality of life initiatives approved by the board who green-lighted the spending of close to million over 3 years. some of that money will also go to help pay for attendance outside 3 city stations other dollars will be dedicated to help deal with the homeless on the system. the transit agency, currently funds homeless outreach teams dedicated to the bart trains and stops in the city and contra costa county now they'll also help pay for hot teams in alameda and san mateo counties, including sfo. ask the homeless individuals can i take you to a warming center. do you need something to eat can i take you to a shelter. what services you need when was the last time you saw doctor. one woman who says she's been homeless since the spring thinks it's a good idea is a great idea to some of that. barr says the idea is to connect the homeless with resources to keep them from
5:35 am
using the transit system as ne. >>in san francisco, 65 businesses and organizations are joining forces to try to find homes for people who need them. they launched what's called the all in campaign and the goal is to get 1100 homeless people off the streets across the city's 11 districts. >>starts with a safe place to live. >>the coalition includes big names like google lift uber and also the san francisco giants. >>in the east bay there has been a spike in residential burglaries in one neighborhood in rich spend burglars are targeting homes in that may valley neighborhood it's a quiet part of town that borders also brought a there have been 4 break ins thebeliev
5:36 am
>>yes, we do think that the crimes are connected simply because the point of entry is a scene that time of day is the same in that property that's taken us pretty some are there breaking in through the back sliding glass windows or doors and they're taking laptops electronics and other valuables. >>surveillance cameras from july 18th captured images of 2 hooded men leaving the scene of that burglary nobody has been arrested yet. >>one of 2 and wanted in connection with a motel shooting in concord has been arrested in south dakota. us marshals arrested 32 year-old adam renfro on a murder warrant. concord detectives are in south dakota to arrange for his extradition to california police believe that he and robert brown shot and killed daniel schrader on july 12 at the motel 6 in nc >>another big story that we're following this morning another
5:37 am
juvenile hall in the bay area could be close to san francisco leaders already voted to shut down the city's facility and now san mateo county is considering doing something like that as well county officials sent a letter to the board of supervisors asking them to form a task force to look at alternatives to the juvenile hall. it may also no longer be cost effective to keep the doors open because the population at that facility so low. it's not clear when a final decision will be made for that juvenile hall. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a new minimum wage increase in one east bay city means more money for workers but tighter budgets for small business owners as well. >>i'm live here at the annual gilroy garlic festival to show you what tasty food you can expect this year. >>and we pay a lot of money to cross bay area bridges now we know where that money's going.
5:38 am
temperatures this weekend even though today is a little bit more seasonable than we have. >>have been this weekend. well so much i've got some triple digits in your forecast still to come. >>i'm tracking your friday morning commute around the bay area still very slow at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic. already stacked up be on west grand so it's packed right now i'm going to get heavier by i'm going to get heavier by the minute. we'll ch teach them to smile. teach them to love themselves. teach them they are special, and you'll be amazed by what they do. you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you.
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>>i 40 sfo this morning just a touch of fog out in the distance are actually fairly fog free sfo considering how foggy it is just to your north and right now no delays i'll be tracking these to the day today. it is friday. so a lot of you going to be out and about see if that we do is see any those delays showing up on such a foggy morning as it is. 60's for your current and parts of the bay area and that's actually where we're going to stay today in san francisco and half moon bay. nice escapes from the inland heat that we're again going to experience conquered and livermore in the low 90's while napa 85 san jose today at 87 degrees back to you. >>we're getting a better idea about where the extra money from rising bridge tolls is going the metropolitan transportation commission is setting aside more than $9 million from bridge tolls to build commuter parking lots in alameda county one new parking garages going going near the dublin pleasanton bart station
5:42 am
construction on that garage is expected to start next spring and the opening set for some time in 2021, 3 other parking lots are going to be built in oakland and albany. for alameda contra costa transit buses. those are scheduled to open by the end of the year and agency officials say this should help reduce congestion on the freeways and make it more convenient for people to take public transit. >>coming up on the kron 4% morning news, new fuel economy standards has a few automakers jumping to comply with california law will explain. and here's a quick live look outside at the embarcadero where our camera here shows us but touch cloudy overhead that marine layer pushing back in bringing us some cooler temperatures overnight but expect another hot afternoon will have your full forecast in just a moment.
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5:46 am
going to be amazing free will to do here is taste the food. had good garlic fries as when i went to you know giants games best gold prize ever had. having these and i got to say these are the best pilot fries i have ever had sorry giants. en doing this for years you from gilmore gilroy yes. >>it's pretty much born and been coming here as long as space they have been alive so his or so that the best certainly tell me about the garlic festival. i mean this is just so you know legendary. >>all across california. >>i mean yeah this like i said it's as long as i've been alive it's been iconic for gilroy obviously it serves the community like we get to do it ourselves which is great. and it said the food is amazing all the volunteers are gray it's it's it's an amazing event. >>and you know your breath may smell like garlic but it's all worth i mean the food talk about the food, i mean all callum ari french fries.
5:47 am
>>i mean specifically up he as pyro as we do the home or in the scampi the scampi is my personal favorite, you can't get like you can get here anywhere else but kalmar is also delicious the best car look for anything that we have this is it. >>i'm told i'm going to yes, ev will be here all day show people at home everything that you can see when you come out, and if you haven't been already the new be like oh i want to come out, i'm told i'm going to be trying garlic ice cream. yes, it is. it's an acquired taste to i like to compare its like a cattle car you get the sweetness of the ice cream you get the little bit of the kick from the garlic they give you just enough. it's good trust me try it. sweet and salty like that mix. and the food there's great entertainment. guess what everyone colby calais is going to be cong going to be performing on a saturday night so washington will come out other than the
5:48 am
food, i mean this is a good good g shopping there's tons of also out or food there's local people tt obviously there's. into that the entertainment is amazing. i know we've got some chefs coming in as well, i know tom clique he'll be here. we've got some other people i think someone from master from assertion. it's it's the whole weekend. there's always something going on something to do to eat to see it's it's great. it's a good time will stick with us here in the morning show because we're going to show you more cooking. >>we're going to it i want to try more food time produced excited about that. but tickets cost about $20. it's a from today until sunday doors open today at 10 this morning. and they're actually open one hour later so that will be kind of fun. on a friday and saturday night and again called the calais on sunday, so this is really exciting so stick with us here on the kron 00:04am morning news all be going live around this time every hour to show you some more food and in i do.
5:49 am
>>garlic fry know. >>i don't want anybody near me by garlic fries know now and i know you will not yeah absolutely. >>thank you very much sara and let's find out how hot it's expected to be says john we're talking about this coincided with one of the hottest weekends we've no right to be roasted garlic if you leave it hot weather and garlic breath 2 of the best things ever to get her kids. it is going to be nice out there during your morning into evening hours. i'd recommend you planning your gilroy and maybe been enjoying a little bit earlier in the day than you would typically if the weather had been cooler mid-nineties will be your average daytime high anticipating gilroy right around 97 degrees on sunday today, the course stay the low 9day so really it is going to still be a nice weekend just get out there
5:50 am
during your evenings enjoy those mornings and stay hydrated and put on the sunscreen to going to play at sunshine. all through the day skies are going to clear out pretty quickly once we get rid of this marine layer patients, they get rid of it we want to hold on to it because this is what's going to keep us a little bit cooler today we have a thick and marine layer around 1500 feet of it this is also going to help that high pressure to that's really impacting our inland areas to just a the impact of it to stay a little bit further away from us today. tomorrow is when that higher really starts to become known for those of us back here home and our temperatures are going to be on the rise dramatically for your saturday, so as for today, the coolest day of the weekend ahead of us if you need to get outside during an afternoon. today is not a bad option to be doing so you're temperatures are still going to be warm. ty'not going to be quite as hot as tomorrow and sunday are going to be upper 80's for the south bay still some 90's for the east bay such as in pleasanton and livermore nice 70's from san leandro throw klunder richmond while conquer
5:51 am
danville up into the north bay we're still seeing plenty of 90's mixed in there. not quite as hot as yesterday was and not near as high as tomorrow is about to be which on average for inland areas will be bringing us triple digit heat come sunday, just a little bit cooler than that bayside in coastal areas in the low 80's to low 70's which is warmer than average and warmer than we have been monday of next week, the cool down starts and that's what we see for the rest of the week after that point robin. >>right now the slowdown is starting our bridges are getting a little crowded out there checking in on the richmond sandra fell bridge. now it's coming to a crawl leading up to the toll plaza in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes but it's been a pretty good trip. so far no major issues here across the span into the north bay, the bay bridge traffic, 80 west much much heavier this goes back beyond 8.80 be on west grand starting to spill back to the bottom of the maze, not quite there. but almost there 11 minutes is still a great church for friday morning into san francisco. and i'm hoping fingers crossed that it will
5:52 am
fit out for you early because on fridays. that's usually what happnormally doesn't last all morning long and through 10 o'clock like we normally see unless something major happens highway 4.60 minutes antioch to concord 6.80 looks good. so does the nimitz and what i want an easy trip at 32 minutes, san jose to menlo park james r. >>all right robin, thank you time is 5 50 to the city of emeryville has increased its minimum wage from $15 an hour to $16.30 per hour in this puts more money of course in the pockets of the staff. but it also may increase how much you might have to pay for food and other items rudy's can't fail cafe is just one of the many restaurants in emeryville this now paying their staff more money and the owner will see how those numbers look at will impact his business overall. time now is 5.52 coming up at 6 o'clock we're looking at the highlights from the contentious hearing on capitol hill and very obese jewel labspi dem
5:53 am
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5:56 am
>>once upon a time in hollywood stars leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt has an aging actor and his stunt man in 1969 as the movie industry is changing and sharon tate played by margot robbie moves in next door. quentin tarantino's take on the end of hollywood's golden age and the manson family is getting strong reviews and it's the director's widest release to date with all that industry analysts expected opening weekend of 30 to million one of tarantino's better debuts but nowhere near enough to snatched the lion king's box office crown in hollywood, i'm david daniel. for the next hour of the kron 4 morning news, a fire breaks out at a construction site in the east bay and now firefighters are trying to figure out. >>if it was set on purpose that's the big question. plus firefighters say the east bay is at high risk for wildfires front of more on the fire danger for contra costa county.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
little busy but they are not back. >>ok and we're going to get high not today, not the hottest what would saturday or sunday is a hot saturday is looking to be the hottest that's what those models are telling us at this point although sunday's not going to be much different than >>today like you mentioned though not the heart this to the problem, your to be getting outside i know it's still going to be toasty out there but do take advantage of some 90's instead of some triple digits, which is a a lot better than the obvious to those triple digits don't get too comfortable, a golden gate bridge is under a dense layer of fog this morning, this marine layer is one of the reasons that today is going to be one of the more comfortable what we have a pretty nice on shore flow. this is taking some of that nice ocean cool there. a sweeping in over the bay of course during that process you to get the foggy gray start to the morning which is the downside of it in some cases, but i think after the past couple of t


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