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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 26, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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>>and that's just a taste of what's to come tomorrow as we're n hotter temperatures and that sort of like our her big push as we head into the weekend just trying to get the rd out and are we dealing in hot spots this morning now i like what i see it but only look like this every day it's been very quiet. there is some crowding on the bridges for most of the freeways are just smooth. >>scare running and for this he yet now i've talk about the heat the thing that i don't think a lot of us are looking for 2 into the weekend. >>today even though high you saw the numbers up there just a second ago is not nears hot has what tomorrow and sunday are about to be offering up which unlike this on the map is about to be some triple digit heat just around the corner. this morning though could be more the opposite it's cool and it's foggy for a lot of the bay area most notably the east bay hills and then out along the coast is where we're seeing some of the foggiest of whether thanks to this, nice ocean cool there which swept through last night offering up some relief and remained with us this morning. we are off to a cooler start
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this morning and we'll be on to a slightly cooler day ahead of us towards conquered livermore walnut creek the share skies are crystal clear as they are also in san jose and temperatures for the same areas are going to be some of our warmest into the upcoming weekend come tomorrow and sunday we do have excessive heat, advisories and watches taking effect now not just for the central valley that right in our backyard from the late hole through portions of contra costa alameda down into santa clara county's eastern portions of that county we are seeing these advisories taking effect tomorrow as temperatures do climb. pass the triple digit mark in some cases. advisories stretch all the way from reading it down through kern county in the southern end of the central valley, even out towards the coast at big sur there's going to offshore flow out there to have temperatures really rising along the central coast. here in the bay area we do have an escape to beu don't deal with that he take that
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drive out to happen in day out of his mo a stinson beach areas like that where conditions will be a lot cooler then livermore pittsburgh and other inland areas are about to see 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, this is our cool set up before our warm conditions later on today. temperatures will rise pretty significantly as that marine layer does become less influential into the afternoon and temperatures will rise into the 90's for inland spots, 60's and 70's holding strong by the coast. so those are your places to be if you need to be outside this afternoon. i'm talking tomorrow and sunday as hot weather as well still to come in your forecast, rob. >>all right. thank you john let's check in on highway 92 we're taking a peek at the westbound commute on the san mateo bridge folks are working their way out of hayward over to the peninsula. this is a good drive earlier this morning. it was have here now we're already seeing a nice 13 minutes to make it off to what i want. >>the bay bridge traffic it's much heavier as 80 west the
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bay bridge normally is one of our busiest bridges. but it only goes back to the bottom of the maze not through it, but holding at the bottom of those connectors from the e sure for 5.80 so 14 minutes to make it n i have one new crash that's already clearing oakland 5.80 west right between 13 and high street car off the road into the bushes, but they are clearing and right now a little slow between those 2 points 19 minutes to downtown oakland chains. all right robin, thank 3. >>we are course getting ready for a very hot weekend as we've been talking about and there's an alarming warning now coming from the contra costa county fire protection district. most of contra costa county is at risk for wildfires and this wildfire season is expected to last longer then in years past forcefully triggle explains. >>every wildland fire. we dispatch on is another kit opportunity have a devastating disaster us and deadly wildfires. steve deal not mincing words he speaks for the contra costa county fire
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protection district. >>an agency he says has already fought at least 125 vegetation fires this fire season. last year the fire season lasted 192 days and 390 fires broke out our projections are that we will probably exceed last year's. >>wildland fires by about 25% using this fire from a few weeks ago off the highway before in which a coal as an example there was no. >>no space for us to get in and fight the fire still reinforces the importance of clearing your properties of tall and dry vegetation. a lack of defensible space resulted in this storage facility catching fire. we have >>150 to 200% of the fuel today that we had on this day last year. in contrast the county unfortunately of precautions are taken. >>hill says the deadly and destructive fires that have ravaged the north bay in the recent past could happen here. 2 thirds of the county is considered high-risk fire
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zones because most neighborhoods are densely populated and surrounded by trees and brush develop evacuation plans. >>we asked that they practices evacuation plans. we asked that they create go bags for the for and the event of an evacuation think immediately grab it and leave he also recommends downloading a copy of the fire protection district residents guide to wildfire preparedness and evacuation. >>from their web site before it's too late. in contra costa county felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>and of course you can track the hot temperatures in your neighborhood and stay connected with fire danger updates with push alerts available through the kron 4 mobile app download it today it's free for android and apple devices. >>in the east bay crews put out a fire burning in an apartment building under construction in oakland and this is video of you are send us you could see or they could see the flames from a distance and the firefighters got it under control there on stanford avenue and occidental street nobody was hurt, but
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this is the 3rd fire at a residential building under construction in the oakland emeryville areas this year. >>well the big story of the east bay now is walnut creek police are taking big steps towards addressing homelessness in that city they've created a new homeless outreach program cowboys christina teacher is live in walnut creek to tell us how it works. >>it is a new program just piloting within the past month here and there are 2 officers from walnut creek police forces that are assigned to it existing officers who volunteer for it and this all came about from community mean meetings that they've had here in walnut creek with president to voice their concerns about a rising homelessness issue now walnut creek police say that the says issue and numbers have grown steadily over the past decade and currently they're taking around 2500 to 3,000 calls a year now this program again it is to officer pilot program, the main goals building relationships with the homeless community connecting those who are living in
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homelessness with services here locally working with residents and businesses to address how most related issues, lower calls for service and all of these efforts are to help develop long-term solutions. 2 reoccurring problems the city a scene. now these officers will be working closely with the woman creek homeless task force that run to the center as well as different city and county agencies and departments as well as the mental health evaluation team with the police force now it's only been a month, but these officers have meeting impact is what the police officers and the community have been saying in the first month alone they've made 213 contacts, 25 arrests handled 94 homeless related complaints from the public offered services to 90 homeless people right here in the city now i've been here in walnut creek all morning speaking with people were starting their morning here. i'm in a coffee shop or actually just spoke with one gentleman for a great deal of time to really voice his saying that he's lived in
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wiping his entire life and there said he's seen the steady rise and it's been a great issue. he's now is particularly over the past 2 years and then i just spoke with another gentleman whose daughter goes to a school right off of one of the an on and off ramps up for the freeway connecting to lafayette. he said there's a lot of transit issues there and this is of something that they really want to see tackled at the root issue of providing resources. 2 people who live in homelessness which is exactly what the police officers are saying that they're doing for now reporting live here in walnut creek christina teatro kron 4 news. thank you christina. >>time now 7 oh 8 and a developing story that we're following this morning police are looking for the person who shot a man several times in hayward it happened at a liquor store on the corner of a street and princeton street. the shooting happened after the victim in the gunman got in some sort of a fight in the store at this point police don't have any information on the shooter. and there's no word on the victim's condition just yet. >>this morning we're learning more about that terrible car crash in san francisco where
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the car was cut in half by a fire hydrant we now know more about it the driver of the car took off running from the scene. we first brought you this yesterday as breaking news, it hit the hydrant that water gushed into the air that's half of the car. the other half is it whole different place and for people had to go to the hospital 2 of them were kids and police are asking now the driver to come forward. >>the fact that there were a couple juveniles in the car as a somewhat outraged the community here because how could this happen and you've got young people in a car. you're an adult you have the responsibility of looking out for the people this in your car that's all of us where was in your car that's your responsibility. so take on the responsibility be an adult and tell everyone >>it's unbelievable how fast car was going to witnesses say that they think it was going about a 100 miles per hour. when it hit the fire hydrant. >>on the peninsula man is under arrest now for sexually abusing young boys and police
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believe there may be more victims, 47 year-old randolph haldeman was a swim team photographer at the le daraa recreational district in portola valley. he's accused of sexually abusing several boys over a 30 year period. again 3 victims have come forward so far sheriff's office says had a woman's job as this one, but i forgave him easy access to children. >>it is to have those safety talks with your children and trust them when they do say that somebody made them feel uncomfortable and do something about it it's our job to protect the children and the use of our community and we need to make sure that we give them all the tools that they can to come forward and be honest with us. >>well despite how the men's being a photographer the investigation at this point does not involve any child-pornography at least not at this time. still ahead new additions are being made to bart to try to stop the homeless from taking shelter in stations will tell you what coming up sam details juvenile hall could soon be closing. the altar of the alternatives that officials are now looking into
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and coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news, a new scam rgpeople on on app and it could end up costing you thousands of dollars. and this weekend we're talking triple digit temperatures today though we're dodging the triple digits replacing them with some 90's still hot but better than we're about to be. >>i've got your forecast on exactly what to expect still to come and it's still very busy and crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza so yes, it's going to be slow drive in traffic still creeping along. >>from the bottom of the maids which are holding at 14 minutes an
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>>7.13 right now shall we see how had it will be today. i am. >>look at that 60's at the coast all the way to mid upper 90's for the inland valleys john yet quite the region looks like a rainbow he would be nice if it stopped there seen some heat already when you look at to take that compare to the triple digits again saturday. this is going to be the cool one for right guys we're talking about it we use high but compared to tomorrow, yet you're not really going to remember today so much. >>a triple digits returns tomorrow. they're going to last through sunday after that temperatures will be a lot cooler so we've really just got to get through this weekend. but of course you want to enjoy your weekend and there are ways to do so maybe just not so much during the hottest time of day during your afternoons, san francisco looking pretty foggy still
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this morning skies are starting to clear out though san jose has been clear all morning long has also have you out in the east bay mount diablo and surrounding areas like pleasant hill conquered, while the creek going to be in for a hot afternoon today, not as hot as tomorrow is about to be of skies once you head above any sort of foggy conditions that you're seeing right now are crystal clear just as you saw in mount diablo a second ago. high pressure is still in place, although it's really taking grip tomorrow last night we had a weak trough steering north of the bay area. that's helping us out today, keeping temperatures down just a little bit. tomorrow we're not going to have that influence anymore. so tomorrow is going to the hottest of days sunday, not going to be much different still about just as hot you not to really notice much of a difference between the 2 60's and 70's for san francisco's daytime highs in looking at a range of 60's 70's as well on the peninsula. these are your numbers that you want to enjoy get out there to the coast or right along the bay and that's where it's going to be most
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comfortable. it's when you head away from the water that temperatures get so much warmer los gatos in morgan hill in the upper 80's while 90's in pleasanton and livermore each in the low 90's union city hayward on up through oakland and richmond all in the 70's while conquer danville and eventually up into pittsburgh vacaville in youngsville all low 90's as wel delay not about option that 78 nor will be mill valley really nice one up in the marin headlands at 75 degrees today. so today into tomorrow and 8 degree bump in temperatures on average 4 year. in when daytime highs from the low 90's to temperatures above the century mark sunday, not much difference a saturday and sunday get outside during the morning hours maybe spend an evening outdoors but during the afternoon schedule movie for yourself bayside areas in the 80's tomorrow on average with the coa into the 70's then comes monday and some relief that's going to stay with us for the rest of the week. daytime highs fall to averages and the out this can be feel a whole lot better. then this weekend
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is robin, not too bad heading to the richmond center fell bridge with checking out west bound 5.80 right at the toll plaza. >>and we do see some slow traffic and goes back to richmond. parkway that's about it and it's going to be a 14 minute trip which is great to make it from the pay gates over to one o one. we are hot spot free so no major issues to worry about right now there will be some crowding at the bay bridge toll plaza if you need to get into san francisco. it does feel back to the bottom of the maze. so what's holding up the 5.80 connector, and the east shore freeway connector. but that's really nothing compared to what you have to do it through the week right. so this is considered somewhat friday light because you're getting a little break we're putting it uh 15 minutes to make it over to fremont street. one want to live heavy leaving sonny bill toward a mountain view and palo alto we had a crash near shore line you see back you up on on to the west to 37 connector to north one on one. we also had minor accident right around money you expressway, so a little busy from 6.80 when you put it all together 44 minutes, not bad
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and that's total from san jose to make it to to pittsburg bay point wes for and bailey new accident just popping up. it's blocking one lane you see that minor stretch of crowding it's like passing a bart station and then up and over the hill heading toward the concord side, your overall drive time looks really good. we're putting a 21 minutes total. yeah that's friday light from one 60 out to 2.42 james, all right robert thank you. >>another big story we're following this morning, there's a new warning now targeting people who are using a popular dating app we've got ryan hill to explain. >>you know just one night to get a notification my phone say someone like you on your page like oh all right, plenty of people are looking for love online in on popular apps like tinder. >>stephen dank's recently use the app and thought he made a good match, but things started getting a little suspicious she started to ask me for my confirmation number. >>to see my page is legit and i never got a confirmation or before match sent him a 3rd party
7:19 am
site to verify his account and asked him first credit card information saying there would be no charge why would that was for me this is definitely not the first time of us hearing about it. >>danielle hale with the better business bureau says people fall for the so-called romance scams more often than you think about half of the victims fall for this scam and they're losing upwards of $2000 sometimes the scams don't stop there we've seen them send them money not just once but 2 or 3 times because they feel very attached to this person and they feel like they know this person hill says there are some ways to protect yourself and do a little digging and do a little investigating try to get the person to video chat with you or get them on the and this they're avoiding it and a big red flag, stephen stop talking to his tinder match after being directed to the 3rd party site, a red flag that steven won't forget. >>about the tender after this.
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no not doing very >>well as ryan hill reported for us this morning. for your money this morning starbucks is getting more customers in the afternoons and for automakers cut a deal with california on a fuel efficiency regulations. jane kinm is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more happy friday. heidari ahead. >>happy friday to you too yes for major automakers a recent deal california to increase gas mileage in greenhouse, gas emissions standards bypassing the trump administration's plan to free standards at 2021 level so ford bmw honda volkswagen, our parties to this deal with the california air resources board which has been at odds with the trump administration for months, california said it would exercise its powers to set more stringent pollution mileage standards the federal government had proposed facebook co-founder reportedly working with the government and how to break up spot the new york times says chris hughes attended meetings with 2 other advocates pushing for antitrust proceedings. hughes
7:21 am
has become an outspoken advocate for antitrust action are breaking up. his former employer, he says is too big and too powerful and starbucks getting more customers in the afternoons at helping profit starbucks spent trying to drive customers to its stores later in the day with promotions like happy hours, starbucks loyalty program also added about 400,000 members during the most recent quarter and comcast says it will launch its nbc universal streaming service in april 2020. the as yet. name streaming service will reportedly be free for cable subscribers and about 12 bucks a month for cord cutters more details will be released closer to the launch date live from the nasdaq market site i'm jane king that he daria how is new york is it hot there because we're getting now. it is in the 70's so feels wonderful. we have 90's coming next week, know whether ok, yeah yeah we've got we've got that. >>hot stuff now it's so it's our turn thank you j. >>and 22 is that i'm coming up the gilroy garlic festival
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kicking off today, we'll take a look at what you can expect as you head out there. this year and next the family of a very a man who's been missing for a year now is asking for your help in finding him we'll explain. here's a live look outside of the bay bridge approach, robin winston standing by with another check of the commute in just a minute stay with us. lowe's knows you're a team who does remodeling right.
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we do it right too with stylish collections that pull it all together. so you can rethink your bathroom without rethinking your budget.
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>>at 4 on this friday sfo has been looking really good through the morning you see the fog out in the distance that's what's been hovering over san francisco. suppose
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get a nice dose of sunlight and has been delay free all morning long has also has oakland and san jose it's always nice to see on a friday, especially as you make your travel plans. no need to get away from the bay area when we do have some stuff going on this weekend including the go right garlic festival if you're getting out there. i plan to enjoy the mornings and the evenings because during the afternoons we do have highs in the 90's tomorrow. it will be 97 degrees in gilroy was sunday a high of 95. james, all right john thank you very much time now 7 25 this morning. also following the news the family of a bay area man who's been missing for years now asking for your help. >>luis garcia disappeared. last july after making a routine trip to see his wife. his car was recovered a foster city. garcia was living with his mother at the time his wife was pregnant as well and now her baby boy is 6 months old especially
7:26 am
because he wasn't there. an official interest in i was alone when i was giving birth. >>the family is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to his location. spike in residential burglaries in the bay area neighborhood we'll tell you why investigators say all of these break ins. >>well they may all be related and be sure to join us all next week by the way for our kron 00:04am morning news summer road trip if you're looking for maybe a quick trip to round out your summer vacation before the kids head back to school. well we're going to take you to some special places that you can ge.
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because ya know, it's easier without the blindfold. there's lots of stuff in there, and today could be your day to explore it. learn more at >>welcome back it is 7.29 and these are the temperatures we're looking at today we're holding back it expect tomorrow because can be even hotter. it is a little something for everybody today depending on where you are. >>you might get a cool day i get a hot one good morning. thanks for joining us on james, and i'm darya folsom robin winston and we're going to get you guys in just a second mother is in a minute sounds good alright first. temperatures shot very hot definitely this weekend, especially guys we'd like to see the hottest days on a monday or tuesday while we're strain health said in here. right i wish that we could have the 80's this weekend we
7:30 am
have to wait until monday tuesday of next week though before we actually do get the nice weather we're kind of flip-flop in this week's unfortunately the weekend ahead, doubling up bringing the best of weather to be spending at least afternoons outside them usher at the coast were will it will be a nice escape today tomorrow on into sunday. if those inland temperatures are too warm for you have this morning, it's just foggy out at the golden gate bridge foggy up and down the coast to some of our north bay valleys and even down to the east bay, the hills have been pretty persistently foggy throughout the course of your morning by the time we work towards a 09:00am we've got the sunshine back in play and after that sunshine into the afternoon will be a company by some pretty warm temperatures. warm enough this weekend to be seeing excessive heat watches and advisories. for some parts of the bay area from areas like solano county down through eastern santa clara county. and then well inland across the central valley and then out too. the big sur coastline to temperatures in some of these areas like the
7:31 am
central valley will be as hot as a 110 degrees at times well back here in the bay we'll be looking at temperatures above the triple digit mark as well so get ready for some of the hottest days of the year still to come ahead of us definitely one of the big warm ups of the summer so far 50's and 60's for your current temperatures outside a good chance to get out there before it does warm up today and even as we do move into the afternoon today will be the coolest day of the weekend. tomorrow and sunday being obviously warmer than this. so take those precautions bring plenty of water with him bring the sunscreen a hat some sunglasses still get out there and enjoy it maybe avoid tomorrow and sunday a little bit more so i've got that full weekend forecast still to come first, let's get a look at traffic with robin yes we need to see fncisco right now for those of you who are about to use it. >>there is some slow traffic that's a waiting for you at the toll plaza i think it's our busiest bridge right now the bay bridge is the heaviest or the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's the heaviest its bills back to the
7:32 am
the incline but it does look good on the suspension and the skyway so you can make it and under 20 minutes. we don't have any hot spots are major issues. but yes we've had some minor crashes there's one on highway 4 in pittsburgh westbound of bailey that's wrapping up so it's a little slow from leverage heading out to the top of the hill, 22 minutes one 60 to 2.42 6.80 south friday light, the nimitz minor crowding through union city and hayward and one oh one recovering from 2 earlier accident. but only at 44 minutes from san jose to menlo park, not bad chase. >>all right, thank you very much robert in the east bay there's been a spike in residential burglaries in a normally quiet bay area neighborhood. our forces mccune explains. >>burglars are targeting homes at richmond's may valley neighborhood. it is a quiet part of town that borders else abroad, a 3rd bid for break the last 30 days was buck word wayra break stored in street. the most recent
7:33 am
incident happened tuesday at a whole but fascination way richmond police investigators say there are signs that these burglaries are related. yes, we do think that the crimes are connected simply because the point of entry is a scene that time of day is the same in property that's taken us. >>pretty some or all of them have been around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. >>they're breaking in through the back sliding glass windows or doors and they're taking laptops electronics. >>and other valuables surveillance cameras captured images of 2 hooded mid leaving the buck word street burglary july 18th police say they have limited descriptions of the to be it other than what you see here we do have a vehicle that are looking for it's a four-door silver ford the california play in the last to just start 0, 6, 6, >>anyone with information is asked to contact with with police in richmond has it led you kron 4 d in connection with motel shooting in concord has been arrested in south dakota us marshals arrested 32 year-old adam renfro on a
7:34 am
murder warrant. conquer detectives are in south dakota right now ranging for rent for his extradition to california. and police believe that renfro and robert brown shot and killed daniel schrader on july 12th at a motel 6 in concord but they are still searching for brown. >>another story that we're following this morning another juvenile hall in the bay area could close san francisco leaders already voted to shut down that city's facility and now san mateo counties thinking about doing something similar. county officials sent a letter to the board of supervisors asking them to form a task force to look at alternatives to the juvenile hall. it may also no longer caught they may also no longer be cost effective to keep those doors open because the population inside that facility. costing us above $220,000 for you put round of incarceration. this a lot of opportunity for prevention and that amount of money. >>it's not clear exactly when a final decision will be made about that juvenile hall. bart
7:35 am
for the homeless, the board voted to spend millions of dollars. >>to continue and expand programs meant to improve the quality of life of the transit system that money's going to go to things like more elevator operators at the busiest downtown station. the board is hoping having people in the elevators at the embarcadero montgomery powell in civic center stations will stop drug use and other illegal activity in the elevators that money is also going to go to public bathroom attendance. and other homeless outreach programs as for the homeless individuals can i take you to a warming center. >>do you need something to eat can i take you to a shelter. what services you need when was the last time we saw doctor. >>bart says the idea is to connect the homeless with resources to help them from using the transit system as a shelter. idea where all that extra money is that you're paying for extra tolls these days on the bridges, the metropolitan transportation commission. >>is using morth bridge tolls.
7:36 am
>>to build commuter parking lots in alameda county. a new garage is going to be going up at the doubation and that one t will start on it next pring it should be open around 2020 3 other parking lots are going up in oakland and albany for alameda contra costa transit buses. though should open by the end of the year. they're hoping that all of this will help reduce freeway congestion and make it more convenient for people to take public transit. >>new this morning police in san francisco have arrested a man accused of stealing a dog in japan town. it happened earlier this month you may remember this surveillance video we showed it to you and it depicts as you can see in the upper right hand corner a man and tying a dog's leash and then walking away with the animal that dog has since been returned to its owner after was found by a couple in the tenderloin and here's the man who police say stole the dog. he's been identified as 53 year-old leave and lock. he was recently arrested for a different crime when police recognized him as the man from the video. we'll take a quick
7:37 am
break coming up at 8 o'clock health care is a major talking point in the 2020 presidential race and in the next hour we're going to break down the key differences and the candidates proposed health care plans. >>gilroy garlic festival starts today goes through sunday coming up in a live report we're going in the golf cart we're going dry user the festival grounds show can expect to see and taste this weekend. >>and as long as you're getting out there during the morning or evening. it will be wonderful to be up to go right garlic festival or some of our inland areas, better afternoons all they are going afternoons all they are going to be they say at a certain age you just stop caring. i wonder what age that is. simply ageless with hyaluronic complex.
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>>gilroy festival you can smell it from here garlic is heavy through the weekend so be prepared where the smell and the sun umbrellas sunscreen and of course your appetite bring all of that kron 4 sarah stinson live. >>with more hey sarah. >>well there is when you said that i was like oh can they smell my breast just because i've had so much garlic but that's and normal thing here, everyone's press smells like ehrlich's. you don't get self-conscious is going it's kind of good. right now and off part we're going to take you through festival grounds here the garlic a festival go right annual. this is the 41th festival and i'm here with it we 19 president of the festival sean cac to me excited for this year, it's
7:41 am
exciting as you can see we've got the festival ready to go nd come down enjoy garlicky said. >>everyone just using garlic this weekend we go through 20c 00over the weekend. >>our 4,000 volunteers just do an amazing job to make this event happen for everyone to come down celebrate garlic have a great time great music great food and just enjoy the park out here. >>it's beautiful out here we've already seen the food and we've tried the food we tried to scam be retried callum ari a. and it was amazing garlic fries. but tell me what else can people here at the festival why in just don't food you mentioned we've also got the 3 garlic ice cream. >>mount a stand again is one of those great treat we have out here one of our biggest hits. >>issue that entertainment all weekend we've got our celebrity chefs coming out. doi headlining concert colby cali with their on west i heard about this i marry unimpressed
7:42 am
for looking for that's something we're going to fund this year's we're staying open till saturd00pm our folks to come in a little different this year. you come in later saturday enjoyed dinner at the garlic festival get a great concert. boy that kind of rush saturdays are peak times are looking for a coming out. but if you want to come out saturday night you got a great time the garlic festival on a beautiful summer night was in great music. the full park stays up until 08:00pm. >>only $20 for colby clay concert and has included with 8 you get 3 stages of entertainment our children's area are down now this crash apps for kids there's arts and crafts gone back to the kids a guide, yeah hand whack station to get to make home depot's one of our sponsors that they're doing moderate is over there we've artery this happen and all kinds of girl you food, what you're looking at now is some of our vendors are coming out supporting your garlic festival. in addition a gourmet alley which is the heart and soul. are going fast so we have tons of other food vendors foyou name
7:43 am
it they're out here so it's a great time to celebrating garlic celebrating food now. >>just loving all the different avenues you can use garlic i mean we heard from master chef the winner of the there's the season 9. drawn hurt and he said that you know garlic is a staple so this is amazing to see how you guys integrated into all the dish o absolutely in addition to that we've got the cook offs each happening which is a stadium we build. >>and all weekend long there's to demos going on there's cooking competitions. >>so if you're foodie it's a great time to come out and see all that happening experience it if you're not a foodie there's tons of food is and things to do to come out and just have a great fun weekend out here. and it's 100% volunteer driven all the money goes back to charities. nonprofits so we're out here to raise money for charities we don't have a for profit entity or promoter. that's d. >>and treating us to garlic treats if you want to come out. doors open today at 10
7:44 am
o'clock and as he said there stana late for that saturday concert at tel 8 o'clock at night great thing to do. this weekend ozona back to you guys in the studio. >>all right so much fun. thank you sarah. 7.44. i'll tell you why bohemian rhapsody is back plus the big star about the big snow that j lo's birthday.
7:45 am
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>>welcome back 7 to 47 on this friday morning and skies looking nice and clear about mount diablo that's a a lot of clear that many of our coastal areas are sitting under a layer of fog right along the coast and into the east bay, thanks to that fog temperatures this morning are a little bit cooler they're going to the slower in heating up today as well high pressure really expands its reach come tomorrow and sunday, the hottest days of the forecast ahead of us just how hot are we going to get today. well still in the 90's but some believe it or not today's actually gonna be the coolest day of the weekend. so do plan something outside maybe a little bit closer to the water because oakland and hayward are going to be beautiful in the 70's while conquered in livermore on the hotter side in the low 90's now not as hot as are central valley areas such as president in bakersfield, up into the triple dig ts, but we will be in the triple digits, ourselves come tomorrow and even into sunday on average tomorrow daytime highs inland will peak at the century mark
7:48 am
and on sunday, you're still going to see a few numbers out there at or above 100 degrees it's not going to last for long though get through the toasty weekend by next week things are looking great highs back down just below average robin thank you john the morning commutes already winding down it is not bad at all on the san mateo bridge if you're about to head over. >>he will be with the law little bit of a crowd, but as you can see there's a nice little steady flow of traffic here and we're only at 14 minutes off to want to what the bay bridge traffic is the heaviest out of all a bay area bridges it's slow from the bottom of the maze but continues to move well across the upper decks of 15 minutes, a great average for friday morning heading and we're still hot spot free. but we do have a new crash on 87 north london. that's what are you a 12 minutes from 85 to one o one and 80 looks great to 9 minutes, san jose to milpitas. happy because as of today every team has started full training camp but do us a
7:49 am
favor try not to kill jimmy g on his first day. we're looking nothing happened to him a couple of weeks ago when they threw him to the lions, the defensive line was told. >>to stand still put your hands up and do not touched a low. it was his first real actions his injury well they didn't listen. coach shanahan had to call off the dogs pretty much the moment, he least them so it will be interesting to see if the 40 niners can play nice tomorrow. >>it will be even more interesting to see all the raiders dirty laundry views hbo's hard knocks cameras are following their every move. if you don't have time to watch a bunch of physically fit millionaires run around each other out try to keep my eye on in. let you know if anything good happens. so much for nobody like the opera that was the funniest line to the bohemian rhapsody movie if you saw and now all the kids have suddenly discovered this new band called queen. i'm sorry to sing, but we don't pay for the rights to music so. >>i see a little silhouette of a man.
7:50 am
>>sorry 40 years after was traded the ball city music video has just topped 1 billion views on youtube it's just that the same with the moving mouse. the way it's the first and the oldest to hit that milestone. it got hundreds of millions of new clicks because of the movie. >>about freddie mercury. and if you like that one kids check out another one bites the dust. how about my personal favorite. i love under pressure with david bowie. we all get don't you. well. yes, of >>you talk about that error of queen got just that era. well i i just we are we are the champions just like that you loudly and for every sports team and yeah, yeah, and you know i love that we don't pay for music. so like when i test the mike can you run out check 1, 2, funny i just killed everyone here is not >>i don't a follow-up to j lo's 50th birthday partyndgiant
7:51 am
she's gorgeous. she is gorgeous and like forget a number of candles actually just she's counting the tiers of the cake. the pa already who's who of hollywood of course. but one star had to pull the old don't you know i am. ryan seacrest told kelly on tv yesterday morning, how he flew all the way to miami the night before and he was told sorry you're not. >>i had a dime for every time that's happened. and they're saying right. >>they made a way to the door while they call. >>the worst part is what's more important. there's a just we got there are 7 o'clock he said he was the first first one to arrive at the party. >>and he came a little bit late fashionably was late. so house i think and to get ait wh
7:52 am
friend right so on wednesday night he flies from new york to miami and back and then he's on. >>the next morning on tv. >>praise him out as a sleep and after the private planes the headache, i we didn't have to fly commercial. and i know that i have to say anymore. we all can get and i don't best of us have a good weekend. he
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>>office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>a lot of star power in the quentin tarantino's once upon a time in hollywood which opens up the theaters this weekend will it be enough though to dethrone the lion king live to see david daniel has a preview. all right. what's matter part. >>once upon a time in hollywood stars leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt has an aging actor and his stunt man in 1969 as the movie industry is changing and sharon tate played by margot robbie moves in next door. quentin tarantino's take on the end of hollywood's golden age and the manson family is getting strong reviews and it's the director's widest release to date with all that industry
7:56 am
analysts expected opening weekend of 30 to million one of tarantino's better debuts but nowhere near enough to snatched the lion king's box office crown in hollywood, i'm david daniel. coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news, a fire breaks out at a construction site in the east bay and now firefighters try to figure out if it was set on purpose. >>plus firefighters say the east bay is at high risk for wildfires. more on the fire danger for contra costa county. and the fairy man under arrest for sexually abusing young boys and now police think there may be more victims. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>thomas am seen it. and it is going to be for sure come this south saturday. >>absolutely but even today it's going to still be on the hot side for the inland valleys. yes, it is and we're going to get to those temperatures in a second. let's make sure we don't have a hot spot in traffic. no park been really good the commute already winding down it was never bad in the bridge is already improving time like
8:00 am
this there you go all right so let's talk about these hot temperatures and yeah it is definitely get hot tomorrow. >>and sunday are and it's your weekend. i know you want to get outside enjoy some perfect weekend weather we've seen a lot of that this summer it's been a very enjoyable season. so far for the most part but we're in the midst of another warm up now yesterday and wednesday. we're obviously hotter than we have been today just a touch of a cool down and you can see one of the reasons why looking at the golden gate bridge tonight, ocean cool their streaming in across the bay this morning. obviously the visible sign of that is that fog this misty conditions that we're seeing into the afternoon today are going to get a look at less and less of a marine influence and more and more the influence of a high pressure ridge built up to our east that tomorrow and sunday really takes hold. and that's when temperatures are going to rise so much now we're going to be looking at excessive heat advisories and watches from reading it down to bakersfield all the way from the sierra to the central coast around big sur. that


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