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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 26, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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didn't i'm darya full senate james fletcher hope for the hours going to go well for you depending on where you're going. >>to get there safely how the roads right now the late risers they have an easy commute. we haven't had any hot spots and the bridges are winding down. still a little crowded will update some numbers, but it looks much to proof the house before you leave tonight. >>yes, this a good idea get ready to go before this weekend's you'll be glad prove it. this is the time that you want to get ready for the heat because it is still nice and cool outside very cool outside at the golden gate bridge were some nice cool marine air is pushing on into the day. >>happened last night really gave us some relief from the past couple of hot days that we've had and savor this moment because it's not going to last for long. we're going he back up and even more so than we did earlier this week. skies are going to clear this afternoon and even though today is going to be one of the cooler days we've had in a minute. it's going to still be a hot one this afternoon, a success and he watches and
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advisories in effect not just for eastern parts of the bay area but across a lot of the state all through the central valley, even as far out towards the coast as the big sur coastline. tells you how hot temperatures are getting widespread across the region as this high pressure takes crippen really makes for some hot temperatur of us concord at this hour, 70 degrees still dublin at 66, this is the kind of whether you like it outside enjoy that jog. get some stuff done before we do make our way into the afternoon will be another hot one for san jose up near 90 degrees, san francisco and oakland on the more comfortable side if you need some escapes from the inland heat. i'm talking even hotter weather for saturday and sunday and still ahead robert. >>thank you john we're checking in on the bay bridge and the traffic at the toll plaza looks fantastic. it was like 15 minutes ago when i checked that there was a back up that spill back to west grand it's no longer there expect a minor wait right here in some of your cash lanes but a great trip at 12 minutes to fremont street richmond center fell we have some cones was
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like a caltrans but some cones out there and one track lanei but overall a great trip for you in to the north bay was no big trouble spot 8 minutes as your drive time we'll check in on some more bridges coming up in a bit james. >>thank you very much rob and so breaking news overnight. we had a man shot and killed early this morning in east oakland that shooting happened around 3 this morning was at the 10,000 block of bancroft avenue. the gunman. so far has not been arrested. >>time now is 9 o 2 and as we brace for more heat and dry conditions this weekend. the contra costa county fire protection district is warning that most of the county istdeva and it could very well be bad we've got kron forcefully to go now to explain. >>most communities in contra costa county are densely populated with lots of trees and grass which is why the fire protection district says some 67% of the county is considered a potential fire hazard every wildland fire. we dispatch on is another kit. >>opportunity have a
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devastating disaster isn't deadly wildfire fire protection district spokesperson. steve hill says the winter rains really caused the problem. he says over growth has resulted in about double the amount of fuel to burn compared to last year. it's also more dry and the wind is expected to pick up by the time summer turns to fall we're seeing the fires down in what we think of as the flatlands early in the season. that wasn't the case in the last couple of years we tended to be fighting fires this time of year. >>up on the ridge lines on the hillsides. >>that sort of thing he adds that people are responsible for starting the majority of fires which means most fires are preventable. the fire protection district has already thought at least 125 vegetation fires this fire season. last year the fire season lasted 192 days and 390 fires broke out it's so important for property owners to fulfill their responsibilities to abate leads. >>create defensible space around their structure. so we have time to get in there and
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save them for the past 3 years hill says the fire seasons have been starting earlier and lasting longer. he says this year likely won't be any different. the fire protection >>in contra costa county felipe should al 4 news. >>and don't forget you can track the hot temperatures in your neighborhood and stay connected with any warnings. fire related warnings will send a push alerts through the kron 4 mobile app it's free so if you haven't downloaded yet go ahead and do that doesn't matter if you have an android or apple device, it'll work on both. >>9 oh 04:00am and happening today where the garlic gilroy festival live all morning. long. that's we've got. >>2 things to prepare for one the heat of course into the pungent aroma. wonderful garlic in the air scare is out there for us this morning morning, sarah. >>and one with the garlic and a girl it all does now. behind
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me they're starting their opening ceremony right now where they have all their volunteers and they're going to pass the torch from the bull all the way to the pa. un is actually being reunited with ny for the last to 3 years and hasn't seen his family. so they're actually getting a reunion right ing the do to give this guy you know a homecoming thanking him for his service. you can see him right there this family they're all hugging it out they had no clue that he was going to be here and this family they've been volunteering with the garlic festival for many years look at the sky and the garlic sued right here. so it a big deal for them to be able to have their family member here for the festival only has one week that after this. rohit runs in
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early this morning. i don't know if you're awake at 5 in the morning. but we were and we did is super lead. we flames like 2 feet in end. and it was pretty fun, you could see the additional scampi a on the grill was girl like and we've been getting nonstop garlic. the master chef on the winner of season, i'm he's here and also a damage suit entertainment lineup to this weekend. a saturday calais is forming that her new band and so there's a lot going on here i mean there's a music tons of entertainment kids there's a rock climbing wall. there's also a. center for their children in a free are like ice cream over we get it right, it's not ready and we have an making names on get to try it, but it should come on
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down get your free garlic ice cream tickets are only $20 so. finish up their opening ceremony volunteers are going to the last touches and then the doors open at 10 o'clock this morning. so very exciting for gilroy and all the people who come out about. to 90,000 people are expected to come out here and you can see them take the torch from the garlic full pass it along to the veteran that they brought here and then to his family and will go all. kitchen where they will start cooking up that garlic so definitely if you want to come down. it's today through sunday doors open at 10:00am go till 8 o'clock. >>back to syria is it like it you know when you go to like missus fields cookies and they're pumping out that cookie smell. >>out the smell from the garland bold the giant ball oh yeah. has to be all right.
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thank you every always a fun time every single year 9 oh 8 right now and crews put out a fire that was burning at an apartment. >>building under construction in oakland and here's a look from a kron 4 of you or they could see the flames in the distance and the firefighters to get control of it at stanford avenue in occidental street nobody was hurt, but this is the 3rd fire at a residential building under construction in the oakland every bill area this year. >>we're following this morning police are looking for the person who shot a man several times in hayward it happened at a liquor store at the corner of a and princeton streets. it happened after apparently the victim of the gunman got into a fight in the store. that's when shots rang out police don't have any information yet on the shooter and we're still waiting for an update on the victim's condition. east bay walnut creek police taken big steps now towards addressing the
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homeless problem in the city together created a new homeless outreach program covers christina tape cho has more about that live from walnut creek christine. >>officers from the woman with creek police department who worked there for years who are now a part of that program and taking leave with that. no came after a community meeting where many people the community voice, the fact that they were struggling with the fact that homelessness had grown so much here in the city now it just so happens that the wannacry police department put out a statement saying if the over the past decade, there has been an extreme increase in homelessness and a huge rise. and so far they're taking 2502 about 3,000 calls a year now the whole goal behind this pilot program is to build relationships with the homeless community connect those who are living in homeless this with services work with residents and businesses to dress homeless related issues. lower calls of service and they say these are
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all effort helped develop long-term solutions to reoccurring problems. the city is seen. >>now officers working closely with the woman creek homeless task force. the treaty center mental health organizations and other city and county agencies when speaking with residents in the area this morning and those who also work in the area all had said similar things that though the homelessness issue is not plaguing the community is definitely a problem they've seen on the rise and there needs to be a solution. >>i think it's really need it. i mean because in my chance where i live there's also few homelessness and is nice that people can get the help want to go to find help that fighting is good idea. >>now over the past month that these 2 officers have been with this pilot program they have had the say 200 contacts, 25 arrests and they've connected. 90 people living in homelessness to the proper resources. here in the city reporting live in walnut creek christina teatro kron 4 news. thanks christine, a.
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>>time is 9.10 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, new additions being made now to bark in an effort to also curb homeless people using bart stations as shelters overnight. i think the goal is just to open the line. >>patient and make making sure >>coming up after the break house. speaker nancy pelosi and congresswoman alexandria and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez conntt most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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>>going to a lot outdoor stuff this weekend luckily, i planted early you know like early in the morning right because they didn't know was going to be as hot then same for me except i'll be so high up in elevation. you'll feel due to 70 last sunday the 60 up at the top a lesson to allow their by if you would have, but it's an effort somebody will cover drop if you don't want to climb >>also the coast in easier option and closer option. her if you do it to get about to the coast and a scape the heat all you have to do is get out there enjoy some of the fog year and cooler conditions 60's for some of our daytime highs in areas like half moon bay, that's nice looking outside at a san the foggy side part, san jose you haven't seen any fog so far today, it's been all about the sunshine as it also has out in the east bay snow is looking down at some of the fog that's
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been hanging out on top of the bay this morning keep in some areas on the cooler side down thanks to this fog and overall just a more present marine influence across the bay we are starting off cooler and we're going to be in for just a slightly cooler afternoon ahead of us tomorrow though high pressure takes hold again really coming back in full force saturday and sunday are the hottest days of this big warm up that we're in the midst of so today is our nice little breather we started to feel last night today you've got daytime highs in the 60's and 70's on the peninsula. there's your escape cities really nice weather right up and down the coastline, even ice right along one oh one to millbrae not bad at all ading temperatures in the 80's though for some upper 90's maybe even a few triple digits. pleasanton and livermore we'll be expecting triple digits for tomorrow with concord walnut creek danville in san ramon also seeing temperatures rising around 10 degrees from today into tomorrow. that's going to be a big difference for these areas. sonoma 88 for your high
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today while vacaville and pittsburgh at 93 still holding on to those 90's on this cool a stay of the warm-up mill valley at 75 on the bottle at 83 today from today into tomorrow you see that major change. triple digit heat on average inland for saturday and sunday after that though finally some relief come monday. robin thank you john want to check in on the san mateo bridge and it's definitely busy on 92, it's been busy all morning. but. >>we can pretty much say you're back at the limit it's a nice trip from hayward over to the peninsula, we're down to 13 minutes that's a really quick drive time to make it across the span and over to one oh one are also checking the bay bridge remember earlier this morning if you are watching it was stacked up from west grand at one point reached the bottom of the maze and as you can see that's no longer the case delay free and smooth sailing across the upper deck to downtown san francisco. so we had a couple of minor accidents on 85 you'll just see little pockets of slowing northbound approaching 17 north of 2.80 approaching to 37. so it's
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just a little stretch is 28 minutes, san jose to mountain dew. that's really good for friday morning, a look at these numbers they're all winding down 6.80 per taken a danville recovering from a crash in concord 14 minutes, not bad at all to make it from highway 4 out to danville and then one o one's going to be a little crowded for you into san francisco from right around thir to cesar chavez but that's it. a good trip from the peninsula to san francisco. james star you. >>ok thank you very much rob into national headlines now in this morning, former special counsel robert mueller testified yesterday anyway before 2 congressional committees. but we didn't learn much new information out of all of that mueller stopped to what was in his written report our washington correspondent alexander lawn joins us now. >>to discuss what happens next. good morning. alexandra. good morning and this morning. speaker pelosi just wrapped up a press conference in which she said. >>house of representatives will not be moving forward with efforts to impeach
9:18 am
president trump until they have have what they need meaning speaker pelosi, she's not there yet however congressional investigations into the president will continue and i can tell you moving forward one big focus will be the fight to get the president's time returns i spoke to congresswoman anna as she who also represents a bay area district and she says she's one of the people who began the push with legislation back in 2016 to try to get those tax returns and she explained that a person's tax returns can tell us a lot. >>who they owe money to how much where their money is invested is it domestic is an> abroad. and what the amounts are have you contributed to charity. what tax loopholes have you taken advantage of. >>we know however that more progress is in the democratic party continued to push for impeachment of the president and that's one of the issues
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that's causing divisions within the democratic party, specifically between people like new york's alexandria ocasio cortez and speaker nancy pelosi and that's why those 2 lawmakers. meeting this morning to try to. their differences not just on impeachment, but also on. handle their differences on issues like how to combat climate change and other policy issues. conference speaker pelosi also addressed how the meaning what and she said that it was a good meeting she said that congresswoman ocasio cortez is a very gracious member of cars, congress as she described the situation as well a family who has their differences. however speaker pelosi one say exactly what was discussed behind closed doors. >>all right, thanks a lot alexandra ok. and made a big mistake to one of president trump's recent speeches and it didn't get the president's
9:20 am
seal of approval is just put it that was the seal of approval, judy most takes a look. >>little did president trump know his fate was sealed that the presidential seal behind him wasn't as presidential as it should be and someone would get fired over it. look at the 2 headed seal that real seal has won eagle. it's the russian federation coat of arms that features to burn. and the eagle and the real seal clutches but the fake was holding golf cops. the imposter sealed proclaims of america's 45th president 45 is a pop it in spanish, you know cops and a notepad it's pretty clear pop it. the pair, the presidential seal was briefly projected. at the recent turning point usa teens summit for conservative youths, right away you think prayer, thanks somebody strolling president trump behind his back. trump
9:21 am
critics tweeted give them a medal someone posted putin class. but turning point usa says we're sorry for the mix-up and meant no disrespect just a couple of hours before the event the turning point folks were asked to project a presidential seal. a source says an audiovisual way did a google image search to find a c o. including the parity. the source says the person didn't notice that it was a doctored seal, a seal that sold on tank tops and throw pillows by a graphic designer known as one turned on me who told cnn he has a hard time believing someone uses designed by accident. there have been other seal snack foods, we cannot sustain. books. presidential seal. they're sweating bullets spectrum. and someone back there at the
9:22 am
trump event must have been sweating bullets the audiovisual person got 5 fired. even if the president claps like a seal. there's no excuse for showing a bogus seal with an eagle holding golf clubs like he's going to shoot a birdie kenya, cnn, new york. >>9.22 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a reminder don't forget to join us all next week for a kron 00:04am morning news summer road training area. >>area but hopefully you will get there if you're looking for one don't make me james this summer league as
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>>and 25 the family of a bay area man who's been missing now for a year is asking for your help luis garcia disappeared last july after making a routine trip to see his wife. his car was recovered a candlestick point in san francisco in his phone was found, covered in blood in foster city. garcia was living with his mother at the time his wife was pregnant when he disappeared and now her baby boy 6 months old. and she says the pain is still very much there. >>very difficult. especially because he wasn't there and interest and up. i was alone when i was giving birth. >>the family is offering a $10,000 reward for any
9:26 am
information leading to his location. >>this time 26 and coming up an alarming spike it is 9.20 a
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look at the weather and traffic in the late rollers not too much so having these what it is a great comme spot free, minor crowding in some spots but it's looking really good not hot spot free
9:29 am
whether for >>no i'm sorry, but we will be next week. so we cannot jump pass this weekend. let's go to just a restaurant on see now you probably want to get outside and enjoy this weekend. just do so during your morning in evening hours afternoon hours maybe block that time out for some chill time indoors or if you don't have ac go to the coast where conditions as you can see this been nice and cool and pretty foggy you're actually able to see now your view down to berkeley from the hills were able to see this earlier is east bay. a nice marine influence cool this down last night this kept his cool throughout the course of your morning into thursday day, the coolest day of our warm up tomorrow we heat back up though and excessive heat, advisories and watches in effect for portions of the east bay through northern california down through the central valley and even us out to the coast. if you're heading down to big sur in these areas, temperatures will be in excess of a 100 degrees at times as for
9:30 am
coastal areas, highs only in the 60's and 70's that makes for a nice escape from that hottest of weather so far today we've been very comfortable 50's out the coast 60's along the bay and a few 70's now showing up in london conquered in pittsburgh, even under some sunshine temperatures have been influenced by some cool ocean air that has crept in overnight, keeping us cool at least as up to this point ttoo the hotter side this afternoon for san jose that means near 90 degrees for your highs. well, san francisco and oakland in the 60's and 70's, i've got triple digits very bay bridge incnto co this morning. easy commute on 80 using the >>earlier we had a backup, it's no longer there so it's a great time to come on and while it's nice and smooth across upper deck. all the way through downtown 14 minutes to make it to fremont street. >>we do have this one crash lingering and san jose its northbound to 80 right at the guadalupe parkway at the split and you can see the backup that it's causing several
9:31 am
vehicles were at least one lane blocked, so it's going to be slow from one on one and the north 87 is also slow approaching 2.80 it's going to be very crowded interchange because of that crash. but your drive time is okay 15 minutes, san jose to cupertino just do expect a slowdown right here northbound 2 80 at 87 james starting. thanks a lot. >>one and people around the bay are rushing to buy generators because they're afraid that their power might be out for days any time during the fire season. p has warned about possible blackouts because of high fire danger conference justine waldman has more. do not stop at leeds generators in the past 3 months. >>sales at this santa rosa shop have skyrocketed. >>then speech in the has sent out their announcements in the last say 3 months, 200% increase. it's insane. we can
9:32 am
hardly keep up with concerns pgd could cut off power for days during fire season. customers all have reasons they want a new generator and want it now every other call is since i got the peach in the announcement. i need to get a generator, i'm either a medical equipment, my pump won't work. i have children i can't make it 5 days we had a customer that had a million dollars in coy fish. >>so they have to keep aeration pumps, running the majority of these yes are already sold. >>generator sales will ask this in high demand right before y 2 k prices for new generator range from a $200 to a few $1000. the ramseys. 100 year-old shop consists of an 18 person crew now working 15 hour days. fire safety and helping people prepare for an emergency, it means more to them. they lost their home in the 2017 tubbs fire we evacuated and 15 minutes there was no warning there's no. >>time to go rent anything.
9:33 am
everybody was on their own. so i think this concept of renting equipment we have all this time to do it that's over. >>well that's the pga is a no to yes. >>with a warehouse full all of generators waiting for delivery. this booming business is coming before a planned power safety shut off. leeds is also gearing up for what business will be like. really goes out. >>then it's going to be all the reactive people. and it's going to be stupid busy for us. >>pg any advice is if you do purchase a generator just make sure you know how to use it safely. in santa rosa justine waltman on for news. >>on the and now under arrest for sexually abusing young boys and police think there may be other victims out there 47 year-old randolph halderman was a swim team photographer at the love dare a recreation districts in portola valley. he's accused of sexually abusing several boys over a 30 year period, 3 of those victims have come forward. the
9:34 am
sheriff's office says that held a man's job as this one photographer gave him easy access to children. >>things to have those safety talks with your children and trust them when they do say that somebody made them feel uncomfortable and do something about it it's our job to protect the children in the youth of our community and we need to make sure that we give them all the tools that they can to come forward and be honest with us. >>yet despite called him and being a photographer the investigation at this point does not involve child-pornography. >>time now 9 34 in the east bay there's been a spike in home burglaries in a neighborhood in richmond burglars are targeting them a valley neighborhood which is a quiet part of town. the borders, elsa bronte there have been for break ins in this area in the last 30 days and police believe that they are all connected. >>yes, we do think that the crimes are connected simply because the point of entry is a scene that time of day is the same in property that's r. they're breaking in through the back sliding glass windows or doors and they're taking laptops electronics.
9:35 am
>>and other valuables. >>surveillance cameras from july 18 is captured these burglars 2 of them leaving the scene the home they just taken things from nobody's been arrested for that one yet. 2 men wanted for a motel -hooting in concord has been arrested in south dakota. us marshals arrested 32 year-old adam renfro on a murder warrant and conquer detectives are in south dakota now ranging for his extradition to california police believe renfro and robert brown shot and killed daniel schrader on july 12th, a motel 6 in >>another big story that we're following this morning another juvenile hall in the bay area could close san francisco leaders already voted to shut down the city's facility and now san mateo counties thinking about doing the same thing. county officials sent a letter to the board of supervisors asking that of to form a task force to take a look at alternatives to the juvenile hall. it may also no longer be cost effective to
9:36 am
keep the doors open because the population at that facilities pretty low. >>in counties costing us above $220,000 for you put round of incarceration. this a lot of opportunity for prevention and that amount of money. >>it's not clear when a final decision we made for that juvenile hall. the news new additions are being made to bark to try to stop the homeless from taking shelter in stations. we'll tell you what to sing about doing and then we're also getting a look at the projects being paid for by those rising bridge tolls it makes some say could help shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less.
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no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! >>is expanding its outreach programs for the homeless. the board voted to spend millions of dollars to continue and expand programs that are meant to improve the quality of the experience on the transit system and that money will be spent on several things for instance more elevator operators at some of their busiest downtown stations. the board is hoping that by having people in those elevators at the embarcadero montgomery powell and civic center stations. it will detour drug use and other illegal activities inside those elevators that moley will also be used to help clean up public bathrooms and add more attendants and homeless outreach programs as well. >>ask list visuals. >>can i take you to a warming center do you need something to eat can i take you to a shelter. what services you need when was the last time you saw doctor.
9:40 am
>>bart says the idea is to connect the homeless with the resources that they need to help them. keep keep from using the transit system as a shelter. >>we're getting a better idea where the extra money from the rising bridge tolls is going the metropolitan transportation committee is setting aside more than $9 million from the bridge tolls to build commuter parking lot in alameda county. they're putting up a new garage at the dublin pleasanton bart station will start on that next spring in be done by some time in 2021 and then there are 3 other parking lots that are going to be built in oakland and albany. for alameda contra costa transit buses. and those are set to open by the end of the year. the agency is hoping this will reduce congestion on the freeways and make it more convenient for you to take public transit. 9.41 and coming up on the kron 00:04am morning buzz. >>now we all know the words, yes, we'll tell you i believe in around city is making a big comeback. and the big star who got a snub and jailers birthday
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♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >>9 43 is the time right now and we're going to shatter the records. >>but you know what with very possibly could mar east bay down if we do it it will be tomorrow maybe sunday. it's to be a touch cooler than tomorrow. i kd will be record potential record setting high exactly no records of the coast it's not going to be hot there at all that marine influence is going to stay in place and that
9:44 am
means that unlike those heat waves that we had in the past were the triple digits extend all the way to the coast. this time around you do have your coastal escape so you're still going to find your 60's or 70's in areas like san francisco or on up a to a areas like stinson beach so just side know that that is there if you need it, san francisco on the foggy side this morning, san jose, nice and clear and looking outside at the east bay we do see now see some clearing skies over berkeley. it's been foggy through the morning but thank you to that fog for keeping us little cooler today, it's that marine influence that nice cool the ocean air. that's coming in helping us out a bit today resulting in that nice subtle drop in temperatures, it'll still be hot this afternoon as high pressure begins to build back in tomorrow it takes full effect though that's when we could see some inland records broken as daytime highs in areas like livermore get up to a 101 degrees. so yeah, we're looking at some very hot
9:45 am
temperatures just around the corner tomorrow and today just your normal kind a hot day 60's and 70's along the coastline on terror at 62 happen bay at 68 brisbane 68 as well with burlingame at 79. you start to see the 80's in san carlos southward and those will continue into the south bay today, no 90's in the south bay though san jose 87 you are in the 90's the past couple of days. pleasanton and livermore low 90's today you can expect a solid 10 degree boost in temperatures for areas like the tri valley through danville and up ord as tomorrow oakland berkeley and richmond on the other hand will be rising into the upper 70's to low 80's and some of these areas. well a lot nicer than triple digits. vacaville fairfield pittsburgh other areas that are likely to be seeing triple digit heat come tomorrow, possibly even lingering on into sunday. santa rosa in petaluma in the mid-eighties so sunday and saturday these are days to really plans more indoor activities and if you do want to get outside just schedule
9:46 am
it right get out there in the morning, especially that's when we'll have some of the coolest of temperatures monday of next week we see that relief a cooling trend that will take us all the way through next week. so we really just have to get through this weekend. avoid those afternoon hours as those will be the hottest and you should be thank you john some u caltrans work at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza. >>i've been watching them move around the columns here whatever they're doing it's not listed, so wasn't planned. right here in one of the fast track lanes so you see that lane is blocked and folks are just going around there and the carpool lane and other fast track lanes so this is creating a little bit of a back up you know it doesn't take much to attract a lot of attention. so we went from a delay free commute to now some crowding here back to just be on the western drive on rhapsody prepare for that one lane blocked hjre caltrans work at the toll plaza of the richmond sandra fell bridge. but a great drive across the span nothing going on on the bay bridge 80 west, nice and smooth 14 minutes into san francisco. and i talked about
9:47 am
this earlier a crash wrapping up in san jose north to 80 at the guadalupe parkway so to 80's backed up to one o one 87 north this crawling approaching 2.80. and it's all because of that crash which is clearing your drive time pushes up to 60 minute still not bad, san jose to cupertino one oh one we'll call it slow in little pockets 41 minutes from san jose to menlo park. >>happy because as of today every team has started fullo training camp but do us a favor try not to kill jimmy g on his him a couple of weeks ag they threw him to the lions, the defensive line was told to stand still put your hands up and do not touched off a low. it was his first real actions his injury well they didn't listen. coach shanahan had to call off the dogs pretty much the moment, he at least them so it will be interesting to see if the 40 niners can play nice tomorrow. >>it will be even more
9:48 am
interesting to see all the raiders dirty laundry views hbo's hard knocks cameras are following their every move. if you don't have time to watch a bunch of physically fit millionaires run around in each other out try to keep my eye on in. let you know if anything good happens. so much for nobody like the ope bohemian rhapsody movie if you saw and now all the kids have suddenly discovered this new band called queen. i'm sorry to sing, but we don't pay for the rights to music so. >>i see a little silhouette of a man. sorry for eears after was created the ball city music video has just topped 1 billion views on youtube it's just that the same with the moving miles. the way it's the first and the oldest to hit that milestone. it got hundreds of millions of new clicks because of the movie. >>about freddie mercury. and if you like that one kids check out another one bites the dust. my personal favorite. i love under pressure with david bowie. and
9:49 am
i love y'all get don't you. well. of you talk about that error of queen got just that era. well i i just we are we are the champions just like that you loudly and for every sports team and and you know i love that we don't pay for music. so like when i test the mike can you run out check 1, 2, killed everyone here is i do birthday party and some new video right here for checking out the . she's gorgeous. she is gorgeous and like forget a number of candles actually just she's counting the tiers of the cake. who's who of hollywood of course. but one star had to pull the old don't you know i. ryan seacrest told kelly on tv yesterday morning out he flew all the way to miami the night before and he was told sorry
9:50 am
you're not on the list. dime for every time that's happened. and they're saying right they made a way to the door while they call. the worst part is what's more important. there's a just we got there are 7 o'clock he said he was the first me first one to arrive at the party and he came a little bit late fashionably was late. and to get a good what and that's a friend right so on wednesday night he flies from new york to miami and back and then he's on the next morning on tv him out as a sleep and after the private planes the headache, i am. >>we to fly commercial. and i know that i have to say anymore. we all hate it and i don't best of us have a good weekend.
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>>so this report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well there sure is a lot of star power in quentin tarantino's new once upon a time in hollywood which opens in theaters this weekend but will be enough to dethrone the lion king will find out david daniel has a preview. all right. what's matter foreigners.
9:54 am
>>once upon a time in hollywood stars leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt has an aging actor and his stunt man in 1969 as the movie industry is changing and sharon tate played by margot robbie moves in next door. quentin tarantino's take on the end of hollywood's golden age and the manson family is getting strong reviews and it's the director's widest release to date with all that industry analysts expected opening weekend of 30 to million one of tarantino's better debuts but nowhere near enough to snatched the lion king's box office crown in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>the thousands of people have signed a petition now asking that halloween. the move the holiday it's out of october. it will now i mean right now it's october 31th right but every year that falls on a different day of the week tuesday night some time that
9:55 am
right so they're looking now to move it to be the last saturday of october. year is always what can we all get on board with that they got a lot of people signing it so far this is a launch by the nonprofit halloween costume association they say the last safer for kids while a stressful families for the powers that just side like who do you there some halloween committee a federal hello who's going to decide that have to take that to congress. that i can national declaration but behind at 63,000 of our to sign a petition to the highest levels there we go, yes, i like it time for that all right check out this video to got something else to share with you. this is video and i stay hot temperatures soar to be a bear yes, having some fun in the snow. so glacier national park in montana in areas, skiing she an affair styling their style i like so that some of the terms of their old on this video. share today. they also want to warn visitors against you know crossing snowfields in the
9:56 am
summer because bears are out there too and you have lot harder time getting across that in the bears will the gessner from a distance though like doesn't look like he's having a good time you want it and when the glacier ends it's no fun. he's enjoying just remember they can cover a lot more ground quicker than you can keep your distance yeah, a lot times they're she would take a peek at the office of temperatures for us and nobody scherzer and now to keep remind you about the hot temperatures this weekend check it out we're looking at upper 90's to 100 for both saturday and sunday depending on where you are mostly in all of our inland valleys down near gilroy for the garlic festival this weekend it is going to be triple digit hot so plan accordingly and be careful. especially young ok that's it for us right now have a great weekend. we'll see you back here monday morning in the meantime if you're watching kron on our coverage continues on the bay area's only commercial free 24 hour streaming news service. >>apple iphones android devices works on all of its own. you can try right now for free just visit kron on dot tv to sign up. we'll see a.
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." an aspiring model. >> i became famous. >> announcer: claims she's being hacked. >> dr. phil: my daughter has gone off the deep end. >> dr. phil: you said this is terrifying, horrible. >> it's videos, pictures. the most disturbing thing you
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could ever imagine . >> dr. phil: you make a sex tape knowing you're being hacked. >> it's not a normal thing. >> announcer: has this hacking mystery been solved? >> dr. phil: we may have found out who is doing this. >> oh, my god. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by. i'll count you down. >> today will be a changing day in your life. >> four, 4


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