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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>in on that we on and they will still and around the house because it's almost. >>close to my house. >>scary stuff in tonight at 5 federal investigators are now involved after this fire at an oakland warehouse that was being converted into apartments good evening, e king of the oc is kron ing four's dan kerman joins us live now from oakland dan walks through the latest in this investigation. well
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they know that the fire ion is started at the bottom of this unit on the first floor they do not know the cause. >>and they can say that it's related to any of these other construction type fires that we've had at buildings throughout oakland and berkeley. a fast moving fire thursday night at an oakland construction site on stanford avenue destroyed what was to be 6 to 10 residential units. >>i had my judas screaming shouting mau mau mau mau mau mau houses on fire. so i thought this is my house. so when i looked like it was in the i was even shaking on clinic in. >>this woman lives just over the fence from the building that caught fire. >>a young very scared because i thought by now we could have been labeled homeless people by but i think my team who say friday investigators but the oakland fire department. >>and the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms surveyed
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the site for evidence but have yet to determine a cause i cannot confirm. >>number one that this is in fact an arson. and secondly i can not 100% confidence say that there's a correlation between this particular fire right here. and recent fires that we've had in the city of old men in long beach. under construction. >>investigators are hoping numerous security cameras in the area will help identify a cause. >>all this pilot from the front that's all burned down. i had to carry every single one of those piece by piece by myself and install them. this man was part of the crew that constructed the building. he says doors and windows had just arrived to be installed. it's our word gets. >>it's stuff that we do to get bread every day. and for somebody to just as easily come in vandalizing do something like this was pretty crazy.
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>>at 2 nearby homes suffered some minor damage. but firefighters say that the weather was working in their favor the winds that we're kind of seeing right now we're not in place last night and that's why those 2 homes just got minor damage just one big structure right here is severely damaged live in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you. dan breaking news now i firefighters are trying to put grass fires happening in the area of marsh creek road just southeast of clayton. right now it's burned 3, 4, maybe 5 acres in contra costa fire as well as cal fire crews are on the scene. it's burning on a slope, so that's complicating things officials say the wind is driving the flames, they're asking folks to stay away from the area, we'll keep following this fire throughout the evening and bring you updates as we get them. yeah, the heat is on. >>on this week in the bay area you may want to grab your sunscreen because temps are expected to rise through the weekend they had time to check on the forecast chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by you've been warning us about the weekend for days now lawrence is it still as bad as you thought it would be yeah i think it's on specially in parts of the east bay that's where see the scorching temperatures. those numbers soaring into triple digits as high pressure builds out of the desert southwest. as what we see when we get these heat waves in the bay area that big dome of high pressure building in bringing us that desert air in the california. >>and that definitely cranks up the temperatures so yeah we're gonna have air conditioners going all full blast throughout the weekend, especially anywhere away from the coastline that'll be interesting right up toward the beaches. there's not going to be that much eat. here's latest forecast for tomorrow expecting about a 103 degrees in livermore one oh 3 in antioch 100 to one in cochran, 98 and santa rosa, 91 in san jose 96 degrees in morgan hill 90 in redwood city you get the idea some very hot temperatures away from the right at the beaches. look at half moon bay, 64 degrees, heat advisories have been
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posted for a good part of the east bay into the delta expecting those hot temperatures not only saturday, but also lingering into sunday and that is going to stretch across a good part of the state is the hot weather really going to settle in right for the weekend, some of those temperatures get this in the central valley, maybe as hot as a 110 degrees now get a big dome of high pressure like that overhead that is going to send these temperatures soaring in the central valley and also around the bay area and the air quality is going to suffer tomorrow a spare the air looks like that will continue right through the weekend, poor quality expected and parts of the east and also the south bay guys back to you. thank you large by the way you can check the weather in your neighborhood and get alerts when breaking news happens with the kron 4 mobile app download that today. >>another big story that we're following for you tonight a legal win for the trump administration. the supreme court has cleared the way for >>to be used to build sections of the border wall the court is lifting a freeze on the money put in place by a lower court that means that the trump administration can tap
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into approximately 2 and a half billion dollars and begin work on for contracts, it has awarded for liberal judges ruled against that action. and house speaker nancy pelosi says that she's not running out the clock on impeachment that she says the house will only take action against the president when quote we have what we need to proceed not one day sooner. this comes as lawmakers starting 6 week summer recess. meanwhile, the house judiciary committee is moving to obtain secret grand jury material from robert mueller's report today the committee's chairman jerry nadler says that mueller's testimony showed the trump campaign welcomed and even benefited from russian interference in the 2016 election. >>and nationwide more than one 100 police officers have committed suicide this year and that studies show more officers die by taking their own lives and all other in the line of duty deaths come behind and locally here the police chief is calling this problem. an epidemic and he
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shares with kron forcefully tuggle tonight his new approach for keeping officers healthy. >>and more importantly, alive. >>these are humans behind the badge they're not robots, you know they have real emotions and more than 25 years ago when he was an officer with another department, police chief neil gang learned in the worst way that the combination of the job in the issues police have to deal with when not in uniform. >>can become too much to bear for officers as was the case for his friend and fellow officer asher is in ski who took his own life in his patrol car with a single gunshot wound to his chest and that's something we need to change we can't let this job continue to kill. >>the good people and the men and women in this in this profession since taking over as chief 5 years ago gang has brainstormed ways to not only honor asher. >>but also keep his officers healthy physically and mentally. this year he says 106 officers have committed suicide across the nation and that studies show one officer takes their own life. every 44
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hours. gang says incidents like this one in new york, where officers were assaulted weigh heavily on law enforcers you can't unsee things you can hear things a few months ago gang develop the asher model, a 7 point approach to a culture of wellness. these flyers are posted all over the police department promoting awareness peer support healthy habits and spirituality among other things he's created the station jim encouraging staff to keep fit we it's changed things in our vending machine. we took out awesome than on healthy items looks are available for all station staff to check out focusing on emotional and physical wellness. he's also teamed up with portico a company that provides psychological training programs for public safety personnel to develop a wellness app he rolled out a month ago. sergeant william county was the first to use it can never know what's going to be the call that affects you were a pow me it was the
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recent cancer diagnosis and his mother that made him realize he needs help that's where the app comes in when you find out something about your mom and that you still have to be out on the street. >>you know makes it tough when you have to go make those decisions so you know the tough decisions out on the street the app gives him and all staff access to resources to fight addiction depression. >>and also the ability to reach out to therapists and a peer support network all day and every day it's ok to not be ok. >>creating an environment where we're taking those. once prohibit the conversations if you will out of the shadows and into the open with the ultimate goal. >>of saving lives in can all sleep should all kron 4 news. >>a bay area judge h reduced to billion award in a roundup weed killer lawsuit. the alameda county judge upheld the verdict that the chemical in roundup cause cancer in a couple from livermore but monsanto is now being ordered to pay them, million instead
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of the original $2 billion in damages. the judge reduced the payment because it was higher then constitutional limit set by the supreme court. this is the 3rd case ruled against monsanto. judges have previously ruled that a roundup cause cancer in the benicia schools, ground keeper and a sonoma county man, the company plans to appeal all verdicts. >>the raiders are kicking off training camp this weekend and today the team's new general manager and their head coach did not shy away from answering questions about it. range of potential distractions coming into this season. kron four's madyun reports. >>here at the napa valley marriott hotel in napa oakland raiders general manager mike mayock and head coach jon gruden adjust the media on the eve of what will likely be the final training camp for the team here in the bay area before moving to las vegas for the head coach that means getting back to the old adage of just waiting maybe we like to get back to the.
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>>the oakland raiders of years past and hopefully our players can learn what it is to be a raider the commitment that takes to be an excellent football team, another of the rate us tradition signing a controversial free agents. >>we have run afoul of league rules like offensive lineman richie incognito who will be serving a suspension when the season begins i told you guys point blank that we expected some kind of suspension ok so we know about it we planned for kind of the rich incognito's story for years. and there's some dark moments, but there's an awful lot of bright moments also. in napa. >>the blair who brought the biggest smile and both the gm and head coach is no raiders wide receiver antonio brown who flew into napa on a hot air balloon. >>land is here. is he okay that's alright. i expect a lot more drama from number 8 for
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real. >>the perhaps the biggest distraction of the pre season will come courtesy of cameras from hbo's hard knocks series which will be following the team throughout training camp and the reason the goal way to training camp is to get away from all the distractions. >>get together bond learned your seimetz no distractions no intrusions hard knocks is an intrusion. it was handed to us so it's up to us to deal with it. >>with the oakland raiders in napa haaziq kron 4 news. >>and southern california is off the streets after police say he went on a killing spree how police were able to track him down. >>2 children had to be rescued after being trapped in a hot car. the message that police are sending out to parents and. >>and next the bay area seeing its slowest month for june sales in more than a decade. what experts say is behind the home buying slow down. >>and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you're streaming us on kron on go to kron on dot tv to start
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>>it looks like the bay area housing market is finally starting to cool off at least for now new numbers showing that home sales slumped in june compared to june of last year kron four's maureen kelly now takes a look at what could be behind the slowdown. >>no i think it's a really great market right now for the buyers, everybody has taken a breath. >>are a lot of for sale signs out there, but the number of
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homes sold this slumping according to corelogic a real estate research firm bay area home sales in june dropped double digits down 13% from the same time last year in fact last month so the lowest number of homes sold during the month of june in 11 years. prices however did not budge all that much the median price of bay area homes dipped just 2% from last year to $855,000 which is still an eye-popping figure the corelogic analyst thinks this data in the case that many would be buyers are either still priced out are biding their time because they don't want to buy now if prices are at their peak. nancy allen with the bay east association of realtors i think what we have now is a calmer healthier market for buyers we couldn't sustain that frantic market some point it had to slow down and it is now and i think buyers are thinking back to 2007 when everything drops through the floor. >>we're not expecting to see
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that so i think once they realize this is our normal this is the new market this a healthy market, i think we'll see more of them jumping back in the slowdown in sales comes on the heels of a new report by the us census bureau that shows the rate of home ownership the bay area was down to 52% this spring. the lowest rate since 20 12 with the way the prices have been going up up up and now they started to come down a little bit it seems like they homeowners that have the equity in their house have decided this is a really good time to maybe cash in on that cashing in and moving on to places where they can get more for their money. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>now to homelessness which is a big concern in walnut creek really all over the bay area but in that city in particular. there are some kron four's christina tate row is live in that woman creek with more on this. >>this is a new pilot program the city started just about a month ago, there are 2 existing wannacry police officers in charge of it and
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the city put out a statement saying over the past decade, they seen a steady increase in homelessness and over the past few years, it's raised a lot of concerns with the community currently they're taking anywhere from 2500 to 3,000 calls involving homelessness a year. the main goals building relationships with the homeless community connecting those who are living in homelessness with services working with residents and businesses to address homeless related issues. lower calls for service. all efforts to help develop long-term solutions to recurring problems. the city is seen. >>officers working closely with the woman becomes task force the trinity center mental health organizations and other city and county agencies with speaking with residents in the area this morning. all said similar things that homelessness though not playing the community has been a big issue over the east few years and there needs to be a solution trends in activity. >>a lot of people sort walking around and handling that's to the freeway those sorts of things as a father of the
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young daughter goes to school very near to that area. it's a sometimes it's a little nerve wracking you know when you see a lot of folks just sort of transients walking around so i think it's something that should be addressed. >>within the first mth the program this 2 officers have made about 200 contacts, 25 arrests arvices to about 90 living in homelessness reporting in walnut creek christina teatro kron 4 news. >>i take a live look outside right now as we are not technically checking on the traffic situation, this is one of those look what it looks like from a weather standpoint, but obviously if you're trying to get from these data the city, the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up a little fog there you can see as well and the background 12. >>well it is finally of friday's here because pectin to see all that traffic gun we're also expecting to see lawrence karnow here talking about the weekend. >>people are flocking to the coast. i think you know to get out of that he does get ready for some very hot temperatures around the bay area, not only the heat but how about this you know not offer the sink of
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high pressure bringing some rain and some thunderstorms that that's exactly what we've been seeing over the sierra nevada that monsoon. some of that moisture being pulled from the south can trap right the circulation around that ridge, look at this thunderstorm jews really are opting across the sierra nevada into the afternoon hours that will start to diminish overnight tonight and should be a little less as we head throughout the weekend otherwise we've got that fog moving in along the coastline. graham was talking about that you can see that up toward the beaches temperatures actually cooling down just a little bit today but for this marine layer not to be around much and it's going to be very shallow overnight tonight as high pressure really begins to build in you see the fog out there are looking toward out that rats and just go behind it lost in the fog just a bit but we're going to see a whole lot of sunshine and hot weather coming our way still the 80's right now in concord 87 degrees in livermore 79 beautiful evening in san jose 60 degrees much cooler in san francisco, 81 in a bottle and 72 degrees in petaluma still overnight tonight, mostly clear well inland we will see some patchy fog along the coastline. and cup matches inside the bay tomorrow, sunny
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and hot, especially away from the coastline that's going to be the only cool spot and then stay hot as we head into sunday as that ridge of high pressure really just going to build in and sit overhead, we've got one last wave of energy roll over the top and then this ridge really just takes over the weekend hottest temperatures of the month going to settle in for both saturday and sunday be prepared. these temperatures soaring into the triple digits so well inland still we're going to see that fog along the coastline you see right here tomorrow morning, we'll wake up to a thin layer fog not to be around long. and i think even along the coastline will start to see some sunshine and then yeah we're going to break up these in the 50's and then even as we head in tomorrow night. overnight lows can be in the 60's maybe some mount top stay in the 70's. highsstomorrow will be the big story plan on triple digit heat in many of the valleys. >>they trained to be the very best and tomorrow vallejo police canines are going to compete we get a sneak peek. k 9 officers with you a live demo with us that's coming up.
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>>yeah that would be meanwhile also coming up on kron 4 news at 5. 4 people have died in california after police say they use counterfeit drugs what officers say those drugs
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>>police in southern california are still looking for a motive in a deadly shooting spree that happened in the la area and extended manhunt ended with the suspect in custody without any indication as to what may have
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led to that shooting reid binion has more on the blood dram page. was he opened the door. >>everybody started running i was like what's going on a witness describing a deadly shooting on a bus in metro los angeles all you see is just the splatter of blood dripping all over the ground it was just one of several shootings thursday in the san fernando valley, crime spree blamed on a lone suspect and prompting a daylong manhunt police say 26 year-old suspect jerry deans era goes a shot and killed at least 4 people in a violent rampage across 4 crime scenes, according to authorities it started in the early morning hours we 0 goes a shot his parents and brother, leaving his mother injured and his father and brother dead a short time later police say 0 goes opened fire at a gas station fatally wounding a female acquaintance and leaving a man critically injured tried to rob someone outside a bank before boarding a bus and opening fire killing a person o
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the station that's when you heard a and a bus driver opened the door after following the blood trail for hours police took 0 goes into custody after a minor struggle, the lapd reported saying there is no known motive. i read in your reporting 4 people are dead and officials say a counterfeit drug is to blame. >>the san diego county sheriff's department is investigating after finding the >ictims in several areas in a 24 hour period, they're looking into pills that are called him 30 which appear to be oxycodone but actually contained fentanyl authorities haven't released any information on the victims are just how they got these counterfeit drugs kron 4 is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called kron on get caught up on the latest breaking news and weather any time of day visit kron on dot tv to start watching now you may be eligible for some extra cash. >>ash in your pocket sounds good right this after the country's largest data breach in history will tell you how
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you might be able to get that money. >>and it's finally happening t mobile and sprint are merging together details on what changes you will see if you're a customer with either company. pretty it was just a little is. >>kron four's award-winning original documentary people haven't felt. if you could you worry about earthquakes to live in this area, a must-see earthquake special. >>the hayward fault definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all his fault to fail. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at 9 on kron 4 brought to you by th
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5.30 all this heat that sitting is here in the bay area they see on that map right there an excessive heat advisory is in effect for much of the east bay chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us as we 2 little bit of breeze out here in san francisco to be one of those deals where almost everybody goes to the coast. if you want to get away, i think so i was going to flock of because really people on the coastline there say what the way they see temperatures. >>all week long with the fog mainly in the 60's but in the valleys we've seen 90's and triple digits. so all week long and guess what to get hot of this weekend for them a 103 degrees the forecast the forecast i in live more one on one in conquer one oh 3 in antioch about 98 degrees in
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santa rosa 97 in nevado 94 in napa 91 in san jo


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