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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  July 26, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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5.30 all this heat that sitting is here in the bay area they see on that map right there an excessive heat advisory is in effect for much of the east bay chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us as we 2 little bit of breeze out here in san francisco to be one of those deals where almost everybody goes to the coast. if you want to get away, i think so i was going to flock of because really people on the coastline there say what the way they see temperatures. >>all week long with the fog mainly in the 60's but in the valleys we've seen 90's and triple digits. so all week long and guess what to get hot of this weekend for them a 103 degrees the forecast the forecast i in live more one on one in conquer one oh 3 in antioch about 98 degrees in santa rosa 97 in nevado 94 in napa 91 in san jose. but out of the coast you've got the
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cool 60's some patchy fog to start the day and i think some clearing into the afternoon so. yeah, excessive heat advisories going up into many parts of the east bay and continuing right to the death of these temperatures really going to be hot throughout the weekend and certainly the hottest of that looks like a july as these temperatures really going to be scorching much of july pretty cool around the state. but now these numbers, yes says lynn in fact we're talking numbers may be in the central valley approaching a 110 degrees over the weekend. all right we are seeing some of that fog on that is where we keep the coulee got that nice see breeze toward the coastline. you get those offshore winds that we really start heat up the coast, but that's not to be the case this weekend still a little bit of a sea breeze to bring some patchy fog in toward the beaches still in the san francisco you're talking about 75 years number they got the marathon there tomorrow so yeah starting out with some fog this warm temperatures moving in 84 degrees in oakland, 91 and hot in san jose air quality will be suffering a spare the air has been issued for the bay area poor quality expected in the east bay and also in the south bay looking good though
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still along the coastline but yeah, it looks like we'll see that fog giving way to plenty of sunshine tomorrow, even along the coastline of all kind of scoots away and then not much in the way of fog for sunday and so yeah we are we in for a hot weekend as temperatures are going to soar tomorrow the san francisco mid 70's, downtown, san francisco. you're going to see much comfortable. i'm much more comfortable along the coastline 70's 80's inside the bay and then turning into some 90's as we move into the south bay and in our quality going to be suffering they're very hazy as well the triple digits, 102 in dublin, one oh 3 in pleasanton 103 in danville a 103 a walnut creek 102 in several mona 106 possibly in vacaville see get the idea very hot temperatures away from the immediate coastline and it's going to stay hot all weekend long before we start to cool things down on monday. our large celso to kron four's always tracking local stories and here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. >>in the east bay detectives removed the streets in alameda county this week. it was all part of
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a months long investigation by the alameda county sheriff's office gang suppression unit. investigators discovered the suspects were selling these guns illegally. search warrants were served on wednesday and officers recovered various handguns and automatic weapons. the investigation is ongoing. so the names of the suspects are not being released just yet. police are looking for the person who shot a man several times in hayward this is video from the scene it happened in a liquor store on the corner of a street and princeton street last night. the shooting happened after the victim in a gunman got in a fight at the store. police do not have any information on a possible shooter and there's no word on the victim's condition. >>in the south bay 3 men have been indicted on drug charges including conspiracy to distribute meth and fentanyl they're accused of being involved in a drug trafficking ring in san jose prosecutors say the men tried to sell large amounts of meth to undercover agents on several different occasions. they also say they tried to give the agents several fentanyl pills all 3 men are now facing 40
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years in jail and a $5 million fine. in the north bay tonight, a wildfire is a lot of county is now 90% contained. the fire burned 183 acres in the area of march few road and 6.80 cal fire's sonoma lake napa unit responding to the fire the cause is being investigated. also in the north bay this a lot of county coroner's office has identified the missing motorcycle rider who was found dead on interstate 80 in fairfield 57 year-old albert daniels a vacaville was reported missing t0 police on wednesday, police paid his cell phone and that identified a location along the freeway near men well campus parkway harley was found right near the body. the chp is investigating daniels death. >>happening this weekend. the city of palo alto is inviting you and your family to attend an event to learn about the hazards that could happen in your neighborhood that includes disasters crime and more that event will include activities and exhibits it's
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going to get at noon tomorrow at the stanford shopping center. a 21 year-old man was arrested this morning after officers say he tried to run away from home burglary. police say they spotted luis lozano as he walked out of a home on carlos provide a not far from el camino reale they say that he was wearing a mask and gloves and was carrying a bag full of electronics and jewelry from that home officers say was on a tried to run away, but they were able to catch him and arrest him. >>dramatic video from ohio now where 2 young girls were locked in a car their parents panicking as the temperature was rising this until ohio police showed up and help get them out the whole thing ca >>the girl's mother told police her car doors had been malfunctioning recently and she went to get her girls out that the doors. she says had already accidentally locked.
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she immediately called 911 when she realized how much danger they were in you know, there's been a heat wave throughout the country. obviously a scary scenario for any parent fortunately police there able to use the tools they had to break the window. the department of justice today approved a merger between sprint and t mobile. >>yeah, the billion deal could have a a big impact here in california kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how the state is responding. >>before this t mobile and sprint merger can go through a legal dispute between the 2 companies and several states has to be settled. california is one of 14 states that sued the companies after they proposed the deal california attorney general have yet set out today saying his team is ready to go to trial on this he released a statement saying this merger would reduce competition and drive up prices. he spoke about the merger earlier this week if you're giving consumers more choices. >>better prices and if there's healthy competition. that
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sounds like it would be a good deal were not convinced that the proposed merger would be a good deal for consumers and that's why we've taken action opponents say in california specifically it could mean the closure of more than 900 stores and the potential loss of thousands of jobs but sprint and t mobile officials argue the merger would give the company a better wireless network to compete with verizon and att. >>which they say would be better for consumers. the trial is expected to start later this year, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>if you like garlic and you're looking for something to do this weekend we're going to tell you about an event that is filled with a car like great music. and food. >>and a new study about apples and bacteria coming up, we'll tell you why researchers say all that bacteria could be good for you.
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$20,000 and almost unbelievable new claim apple's are covered in about a 100 million bacteria. yeah. a new study suggests that many of them actually are healthy for you though those bacteria. researchers found apples are among the most consumed fruits worldwide. during the study scientists compared store bought conventional apples with fresh pick ones and they found the bacteria in the stem peel flesh and seeds overall both organic and conventional apples and the similar number of bacteria. grant lotus he introduces us to some of the late hope he these finest canine officers. >>are going to do a demo for us coming up next. oh that's going to be full hate. >>you're looking for something fun to do this weendflying hawa maybe a little wrestling, what we've got for fun just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape!
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>>i here's the fun part of the show they trained to be canine officers and tomorrow they get to show off their stuff. the vallejo police department is hosting a canine competition and it's open to the public. our grant lotus he's moved upstairs to get sneak peek at a couple of the dogs that people are going to see to see tomorrow h the kron 4 decades i grant you could say that the show is now going to the dogs take it away. >>vicki and that's not a bad thing out we're here that
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couple human officers, a couple canine officers from the vallejo police department and they're all set for tomorrow. it's a big day for the community officer hector campos is here explain to me do we have next eu and who we have down the road. >>says for now he's a secure german shepherd shepherd on a street has been working the streets of oil for 3 and a half years is a dual purpose dog. the years is here at money comes on with me and i go to work with me. he's slobber a lot he's got a story is excited like i said he's still purpose, he's a train and apprehension located narcotics and discarded items. we also have a we have 7 canines in the unit. that other one right there is can a chase with officer power. e he' his work. >>chase down there is get what is easiest take his it pretty strong, yeah, dog and he will do this all day all day i well do feel like 3 so that down
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the road of addresses effort day show you some of what's going to be happening tomorrow so tomorrow's a big day for the community officer campus just describe what's going on for folks tomorrow and lael at tomorrow we're going to have the western states police canine association. >>can trial had a 1500 road at saint pat's statements at school. pretty much canines from all over the region will come out and compete show off their agility obedience apprehension scenarios our car narcotics searches and it's all we have no right now. it is just obedience arcane as we have to be you know have a lot of control they have to listen to us, everything's fun for the canine it's all reward base you'll see as you can remember it over years wagging his tail chase happy's got his ball now. so yeah tomorrow, it's open to the public from 10:00am on for kane and it starts at 7 and like i said o b narcotics search is a building searches. scenio baseba
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have other stuff there for the public to check it out and this is a free event so they can show up and then they'll have food a device into the rotary club i read is going to be barbecuing in one eye and then they'll be what some popcorn and get will have to their >>it's again open to the we asked you don't bring your pets that's only only thing but other than that is going all sorts of things for the kids to do. >>and watch a it's a cool event and yet you never experienced one. >>and is this something that is more important than just a having people watch dogs. uh yeah, i know building relationships with communities, especially communities of color is paramount for police departments all across the country these days is that part of the reapublic i think it's just it's more we did one thing a 7 years ago the jeff as you are. >>trial. it's some of the handlers want to bring back it's a good event, it's. >>and then yes, absolutely is a good community for people see how the dogs work what they do what we do what goes into this. >>people actually talked
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officers absolutely yeah be will be out there to interact and the answer questions. and we asked people you come up sas officer first even had a dog. yeah, it's it's going to get from the public setting outing check out we do i am going to move over here and and i don't know fun. >>if chase is going to be cool with this but this is officer a power here and you're competing tomorrow, right and competing yes, and they you feel in a good about your chances. uh yeah there you never know they they listen today, we'll see how he is tomorrow. >>the kids oh absolutely >>and this officers from all over northern california. yes, the uva stocked in i'm always say lee andrews coming out. and i see you don't have the arm. rap on now. so you don't want to do that demo now no we don't treat our dogs to bite us. it's so that but it could happen smart people going to see those take downs week. oh, yes, taylor protection phase that will be the last phase. i'm probably just after 12
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o'clock. so if you want to come out make sure their lease after 12. there's usually a 4 different types of scenarios have the full-body suits on will deploy your dog there's call office verbal out recall. some stairs, maybe it's a don't bite. so you have to tell him to come back without biting. according help or does it for free and police departments in general to have canines and what is the relationship like between you 2. it's as far as having the canines it on the department because of their want to put themselves in situations that we necessarily don't want to to put officer in i'm just their mere presence, sometimes a verbal warnings is all we need to have people comply. we have more give up so that we do apprehensions fortunately, w by telling people we have a dog we could deploy the dog to come out comply. it's it makes us safer. as far as taking him home. they're with us more than our family. so chase chase is about 7 i've had him for about 5 years. i spend
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more time with this dog and i do my family. he was the work with me he comes home with me. get a cousin talk back. well, you he has his gate so is the you're looking forward to tomorrow and this is this is a great community event right. >>oh the about trials is a gives us a chance. we work within our the 7 handlers. we have but it to open it up to other agencies. you really involved with the other communities. the other canine groups and then the event of a them and find new ways to do things new a ideas of how to train some areas of 2 dogs in so just a great trained and it's a good social event to get us to meet other handlers from other areas also lost about appreciate it, good luck to you tomorrow. >>how other humans done teams are going to be up against. >>um i don't know right now we have at least 24 which is quite a big event usually most handlers don't sign up to the day of okay so by. >>they want wake up see other dogs acting that 25 we've got
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25 is average ok one k can just chime, i mean those teeth there ferocious big of vicky if you do to and my 5 it's being able to they his he's least. >>grand look like there's a for narcotics to items everything and everything it. alright giys it sounds like your signal is breaking up there either that we may not see a grant back up here see. let's go and take a live look outside the san francisco's embarcadero are crowing oh no that is not the embarcadero that is the rich with the san mateo bridge. ere was that for fabulous things to do kind that's right and they are going to be fought the good dog ate the microphone. i think that i think that's what this is going to for fun things if you're getting around the bay area, the berkeley kite festival 8 not
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just so simple kites and more look at that it's going to be colorful. >>and it is going to be very warm if you're headed out there temperatures in the 80's. a little breeze going to be kicking up in the afternoon that will be just enough to get those kites going how about this the east bay pro wrestling if you want to check that out that is of jacob that is near concord that starts at 7 o'clock that is going to be very nicely and indoor event course upper 90's by 07:00pm even out there so some very hot temperatures out there so if you're headed that way out prepare for that treasure island he a little taste of hawaii, they're out there on the island temperatures going to be in the mid 70's, lots of food, lots of booze to get out there and enjoy and it looks like a hot one at the gilroy garlic festival temperatures there soaring into the triple digits be prepared for that heat if you're headed to go right.
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>>happening now the gilroy garlic festival is underway last for 3 days, today's events include cooking competitions garlicky snacks, celebrities and music there's going to be live entertainment all weekend long on 3 stages, a wine garden, a children's area and more in tomorrow singer cold week la will be performing sunday's attractions include the professional garlic showdown in country music the event is at christmas hill park caltrain is running specially chartered round-trip train service to the festival and
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that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 that's it. >>is that i made it no you read think came you got to hand it off to let ken wayne pam moore, a dog that's still up those dogs are awesome yet see those i've i was going for it, but now they're so cool yet dog and grant. well tonight at 6 o'clock another hot. >>and it's going to heat up even more for the weekend where we're going to see triple digit temperature has federal investigators now involved in a construction fire incident, what we're learning tonight.
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>>at 6 a very hot weekend ahead here in the bay area triple digit temperatures are expected in a number of locations vehicle exhaust along with light winds are expected to cause smog levels to rise to unhealthy levels are rare three-day spare the air alert is now in effect through the weekend. officials are asking people to avoid driving when possible and try to limit outdoor exercise to the early morning hours. thanks for joining us. i'm ken why and i'm pam moore, poor air quality can cause all kinds of throat and lung issues and the heat is not going to help our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with more. what
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we should all be prepared for this yeah, you know that we've been talking about this huge dome of high pressure building in that's going to finally settle in over the bay area but. >>as it does a really kind of trap some kind of trump's on the blues around the bay area and sends our temperatures soaring and that's exactly what we're expected to happen over the weekend this ridge coming right out of the desert southwest building into the bay area going to bring the hottest temperatures of the month in the bay area so get ready we're going to talk about some scorching temperatures many an ac is going to be all full blast for this weekend as those highs are going to soar outside least away from the coastline. and it's really interesting how breaks down right up the beaches, your temperatures going to be 40 degrees cooler be very comfortable in the 60's but you get inside the bay just over the hill from half moon bay. already looking at 90 degrees or redwood city 91 in san jose 94 in the napa valley about 98 in santa rosa. and then the triple digit heat into the east 100 to one in concord one oh 3


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