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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 26, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>and the bay area temperatures will be scorching excessive heat advisories are going up we need to know before you make plans as weekends. federal arson investigators on the scene of a suspicious fire that raced through a housing construction site in the east bay. a sudden slump in bay area home sales why realtors say buyers are becoming more cautious. a live look over downtown san francisco. you can see fog and
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low clouds over the same might be cool in san francisco, but our current temperatures in the east bay. >>it is still in the 80's and this is just the beginning as the national weather service has issued an excessive heat watch for much of the interior bay area through the weekend. >>good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore we want to get right to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to find out just how hot the temperatures are going to be this weekend because it sounds like it could be dangerous in some spots it will be a they're going to the hottest temperatures of all july that we're going to see kind of settling in and it's been hot. >>for the better part of the week in many of the valley's but now this ridge of high pressure all the stone was just going to move right overhead and that is going to send the temperatures soaring, i think we're looking at triple digits, many of the valley's very tures. the only place that you're going to see the heat relief is right at the coastline and it's going to be a big difference we're talking 40 degrees different out toward the beaches, so the heat, a 100 to one in one i to see that in the pleasanton as well and the damble you can see those temperatures over a
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100 degrees. a 103 in antioch 98 degrees in santa rosa inside the bay you'll find lot of 80's and 90's. it's only right at the water's edge right along the coastline, you see those temperatures almost 40 degrees cooler. so excessive heat advisory has been posted from a those spots in the east bay just on the east bay hills there you go to the tri valley certainly that's where you see those a pressure cooking temperatures as high pressure kind of compresses the air up above really starts to heat things up not only there but around the stage you see it up and down the san joaquin to see some excessive heat watches in effect there to some the temperature in the central valley could go as high as 110 degrees that's expected to last throughout the weekend cooler weather though is expected next week. >>all right lawrence we'll get back with you of course throughout the newscast we want to go to the south bay now where the hot weather has firefighters in santa clara county on alert kron four's gayle ong live for us tonight in los gatos scale. >>yeah, ken and pam we're in the mid 80's today much cooler right now but as florence
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mention we're going to hit the 90's possibly triple digits in the valleys firefighters are keeping a close eye out here. we didn't see tipped off in a cleric the fire department fire officials today. we have video from a to slow how busy they have been the past several weeks and months actually now they have been responding to several grass fires in the county mostly the east foot hills east of san jose and the unincorporated areas of santa clara county. we did have a lot of rain as we winter spring which is one of the reasons. firefighters are on alert this season. >>avoid outdoor burning if you're going to be mowing your weeds make sure you do that before 10 o'clock do that when there's a little bit more humidity in the air. says just being responsible trying to be more fire safe when the weather gets hot. >>yeah, they did mention that they have seen an unusually. the number of increases in the
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fires so that is why they just want to spread the word because as you know it could get much worse. but i will have more at 9. we're live here in los gatos scale on kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle, other news now federal investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a warehouse in oakland. it is the latest in a series of construction site fires in the bay area the warehouse was being converted into apartments kron four's dan kerman has the latest a fast-moving fire thursday night at an oakland construction site on stanford avenue. >>destroyed what was to be 6 to 10 residential units. >>i had my judas screaming shouting mau mau mau mau mau mau houses on fire. so i thought this is my house. so when i looked like it was in the i was even shaking on clinic in. >>this woman lives just over the fence from the building that caught fire.
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>>a young very scared because i thought by now we could have been labeled homeless people by now but i think my team who say boots. >>friday investigators but the oakland fire department and the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms surveyed the site for evidence but have yet to determine a cause i cannot confirm. >>number one that this is in fact an arson. and secondly i can not 100% confidence say that there's a correlation between this particular fire right here. and recent fires that we've had in the city of old men in long beach. under construction. >>investigators are hoping numerous security cameras in the area will help identify a cause. >>all this pilot from the front that's all burned down. i had to carry every single one of those piece by piece by myself and install them. this man was part of the crew that constructed the building. he says doors and windows had just arrived to be installed. it's our word gets.
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>>it's stuff that we do to get bread every day. and for somebody to just as easily come in vandalizing do something like this was pretty crazy. >>in addition to this construction site to other homes suffered minor damage. firefighters say had there been gusty winds last night things could have been a lot worse. in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>sonoma county sheriff deputies are planning to make an appearance at a latino event tonight to show support for undocumented immigrants. sonoma county sheriff mark essex will attend a latin musical performance and dance. he will be there from the department is not cooperating with immigration and customs officials the event will be held at the grattan resort and casino which is just outside rohnert park city limits. >>a developing story tonight, a san jose police officer is in custody, suspected of possessing illegal drugs and guns. investigators was sent
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e-mails department of public safety arrested 48 year-old john thompkins today. the arrest came after a traffic stop on a man suspected of selling illegal drugs 47 year-old daniel ochoa the investigation we're told is ongoing. happening now a big celebration for an open chef who just won the food network show chopped he's serving up some of his favorite recipes to thank his friends family and the entire community for their support this is a big deal kron four's michelle kingston is live at the event right now with more on the shot arms says story michelle. >>it is just absolutely incredible he's worked so hard to get to where he is today in this party. it's all about celebrating and thanking everyone who has helped him get here. >>judge saying that and if i was to start a restaurant and put my remember this face and name.
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>>so that's been chopped champion rashad armstead did cooking up the chicken wings mac and cheese and what he calls the best potato salad on the west coast is oakland restaurant grammys op months ago being crowned the winner on the food network's cooking show chopped that was such an emotional moment because it was like. >>everything that all the hard work. it paid off for them. everything that my family's sacrifice, everything that. than the making all proud they're all signed up. >>he said customers had been mining up to try a bite of his home cooked meals after the show aired on tuesday at his love yesterday she's crying emotion she watched the show. >>she much too soon as he was hugging me she said yemen has until we have to come down here because we will know what's going to happen. i said to you we come down here now and going to hug him you have the time of his life appeared
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to know he no danger because this is supposed to be grandma's house comfortable loves most of years we don't turn away anyone here. one of we to we both. this is all about love. food is all about love. >>the ship has also started an indiegogo campaign his goal is to get 10 1000 people to donate a $100 each and all that money will help find his restaurant that he currently has and the next one he starting that is supposed to open in 2 weeks and to help pay his employees a little because he says happy employees make it. live in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>coming up home sales slump the bay area saw its slowest month for june sales of more than a decade. what experts say is behind the low numbers ever say how the newest member of the oakland raiders arrive to training camp in true napa valley style today. 11 week
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old lab puppy who is the newest member of the san jose sharks. pretty it was just a little is. >>kron four's award-winning original documentary people haven't felt. if you could you worry about earthquakes to live in this area, a must-see earthquake special. >>the hayward fault definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay area all his to fail. >>because they have in the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at 9 on kron
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>>well you can use a puppy love this is and the newest member of the san jose sharks. he is being trained as an assistant stock. >>finn sharks get it get it all right starts fans will get to know him and his mission kron four's justine waltman introduces us to fan. >>he's a pretty mellow boy fan is an 11 week old yellow labrador puppy who is as adorable as can be he's also the newest member of the san jose sharks and he has a lot to learn 80's very food motivated fan will spend the next 18 months living was sherry rotenberg or a volunteer puppy raith the nonprofit canine companions still teach him about 30 commands. so he could
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become an assistance dog will be a tool to help someone gained independence for free and serving users. veterans. >>children with autism and other developmental disabilities. >>while he has not met any of the players yet fan did hang was sharkey and it's safe to say the 2 get along swimmingly fans will also see him popping around the shark tank and a team events the sharks are supporting him on his journey because he has a big job to do canine companions trains to be highly skilled assistance dogs. >>so tasks that they might perform are picking up things off the ground turning on and off lights. >>opening doors and drawers. >>after fan that leaves the s a peace center. he will have more training before being paired with a partner. so. people say he's easy to love, and also gives the says in san jose justine waltman kron 4.
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>>oakland raiders training camp kicks off this weekend today, the team's new general manager and head coach didn't shy away from answering tough questions regarding several potential distractions this season. kron four's has to make has he doing has the story. >>here at the napa valley marriott hotel in napa oakland raiders general manager mike mayock and head coach jon gruden adjust the media on the eve of what will likely be the final training camp for the team here in the bay area before moving to las vegas for the head coach that means getting back to the old adage of just waiting maybe we like to get back to the. >>the oakland raiders of years past and hopefully our players the commitment that takes to be an excellent football team, another oak, the raiders tradition signing a controversial ulof league rules like offensive lineman richie incognito who will be serving a suspension when the season begins i told you guys
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point blank that we expected some kind of suspension ok so we know about it we planned for kind of the rich incognito's story for years. and there's some dark moments, but there's an awful lot of bright moments also. in napa. >>the blair who brought the biggest smile and both the gm and head coach is no raiders wide receiver antonio brown who flew into napa on a hot air balloon. >>land is here. is he okay that's alright. i expect a lot more drama from number 84. >>gun, but perhaps the biggest distraction of the pre season will come courtesy of cameras from hbo's hard knocks series which will be following the team throughout training camp and the reason the goal way to training camp is to get away from all the distractions. >>get together bond learned your seimetz no distractions no intrusions hard knocks is an intrusion. it was handed to
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us so it's up to us to deal with it. >>with the oakland raiders in napa haaziq kron 4 news. >>happy coaches we now there are 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside at the embarcadero in the and lawrence karnow is here to give us this is about issues with air quality with this heat this coming this way if you know that will be other thing where we've been talking about all the hot temperatures. but certainly the air quality going to suffer you get a big dome of high pressure building in overhead like this and you just don't see the wind to mix out a lot of the flu. so yeah, they're quality is going to suffer spare the air has been issued for not only tomorrow but for the weekend, poor quality expected to the east bay in the south bay tomorrow moderate amounts of pollutants in the north bay probably good right along the immediate coastline, but you'll see that haze, especially inside the bay. and these temperatures today kind of taking a hit we saw more of an on shore flow we're talking about that that knocked down the temperatures still some hot 90's and livermore caulker but you're right at the average in the san francisco know he waved their 74 in oakland say to one degrees and san jose and 85
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degrees in santa rosa nothing's going to change as we head in toward tomorrow. temperatures inside the bay today very comfortable 75. in hayward 79 in redwood city is 77 in mount view tomorrow though that big ridge of high pressure kind of builds in that's going to cut off that marine air and that means we're going to up in a hurry. the monsoon continued over the sierra nevada, but that is also going to begin to move eastward somewhat in quiet down as this high pressure really just kind of settles in over the next couple days and that means we're going to crank up the ac as we're going to see some on usually hot temperatures a good 5 maybe 15 degrees above the average for this time of year low clouds and fog a certainly going to creep in probably come in patches early on inside the bay tomorrow. but it's going to be a thin layer, so it's going to burn off in a hurry and even along the coastline by the afternoon. i think that begins to pull back we'll see some sunshine even out toward the beaches and i think that's wheday the temperatures going to be off and running sunday afternoon, hundreds inland for tomorrow 80's 90's around the bay and cooler 60's out toward the coast, staying hot through sunday cooling down on monday.
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>>thank you the hog bay area housing market appears to be cooling off a new numbers show home sales slumped to this june compared to last year. according to core logic which is a real estate research firm. they area home sales in june are down 13% from the same time last year in fact last month saw the lowest number of homes sold during the month of june in 11 years. prices however did not budge the median price for a home to just 2% from last year to $855,000. >>we couldn't sustain that frantic market some point it had to slow down and it is now and i think buyers are thinking back to 2007 when everything drops through the floor we're not expecting to see that so i think once they realize this is our normal this is the new market this a healthy market, i think we'll see more of them jumping back in. >>the on the heels of a new report by the us census bureau which shows the rate of home ownership in much of the bay area was down to 52% this
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spring. that is the lowest rate since 2012. >>and police officers died in the line of duty from one cause more than any other how one local police department is trying to keep its officers alive an unexpected light show fireworks smoker explodes we take you to the scene and hear from residents who say this from residents who say this isn't the first time it's choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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show tuesday night the explosions from inside a fireworks warehouse were so nicole comstock shows us what happened. >>watching fireworks light up the sky behind your neighborhood in real time. order shot out of a cinder block bunker that exploded into flames tuesday night at the pyro spectaculars fireworks storage art, the explosives blasted off for an hour keeping firefighters back at a distance to battle the flames well we kind of like the excitement sometimes too. murray pritchett wasn't fazed by the unexpected show she's lived in the neighborhood since 1962 and says she seen it more than once before i've seen 3 times and it's blown up the night that i've lived here. >>no no not for what they do every day no. i don't think it's them.
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>>last year we tour the facility with the sousa family who explained in great detail. the amount of care and attention they put in to safely storing their products in these bunkers which are tucked away in the large commercial property in the center of a dirt lot. this uses are known as the first family of fireworks, one of the leading producers of fireworks shows and even put on the yearly america's best 4th of july show with the rose bowl. but this tuesday. and it's something went very wrong. but like i say this this place has been here forever, and i think it's very safe. the real to fire department says no one here was injured and no employees were here when the bunker exploded. >>they're still trying to figure out what sparked the fire. >>merger involving t mobile and sprint says been approved but this could be bad for california. >>police investigating a shooting in the east bay, the suspects still on the loose. >>and police officers are dying by suicide more than any other cause in the line of duty, how one bay area police departments tr
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>>top story of a 30 across the nation more than 100 police officers have committed suicide this year. in fact studies show more officers died taking their own lives than all other in the line of duty deaths combined. >>the police chief calls the problem an epidemic he shares his new approach to keeping officers healthy and more chagall reports.
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>>these are humans behind the badge they're not robots, you know they have real emotions and more than 25 years ago when he was an officer with another department, police chief neil gang learned in the worst way that the combination of the job in the issues police have to deal with when not in uniform. >>can become too much to bear for officers as was the case for his friend and fellow officer asher is in ski who took his own life in his patrol car with a single gunshot wound to his chest and that's something we need to change we can't let this job continue to kill. >>the good people and the men and women in this in this profession since taking over as chief 5 years ago gang has brainstormed ways to not only honor asher. >>but also keep his officers healthy physically and mentally. this year he says 106 officers have committed suicide across the nation and that studies show one officer takes their own life. every 44 hours. gang says incidents like this one in new york,
8:29 pm
where officers were assaulted weigh heavily on law enforcers you can't unsee things you can hear things a few months ago gang develop the asher model, a 7 point approach to a culture of wellness. these flyers are posted all over the police department promoting awareness peer support healthy habits and spirituality among other things he's created the station jim encouraging staff to keep fit we it's changed things in our vending machine. we took out awesome than on healthy items looks are available for all station staff to check out focusing on emotional and physical wellness. he's also teamed up with portico a company that provides psychological training programs for public safety personnel to develop a wellness app he rolled out a month ago. sergeant william county was the first to use it can never know what's going to be the call that affects you were a pow me it was the recent cancer diagnosis and his mother that made him realize he needs help that's where the app comes in when
8:30 pm
you find out something about your mom and that you still have to be out on the street. >>you know makes it tough when you have to go make those decisions so you know the tough decisions out on the street the app gives him and all staff access to resources to fight addiction depression. >>and also the ability to reach out to therapists and a peer support network all day and every day it's ok to not be ok. >>creating an environment where we're taking those. once prohibit the conversations if you will out of the shadows and into the open with the ultimate goal. >>of saving lives in can all sleep should all kron 4 news. >>police are looking for the person who shot a man several times in hayward it happened at a liquor store on the corner of a street and princeton near a i guess a street last night mrs. video from the scene police say the shooting happened after the victim and the gunman got in a fight in the store police do not have information on the suspect no word on the condition of the victim. >>detectives say they removed
8:31 pm
25 illegal guns from the streets of alameda county this week as part of a months-long investigation by the alameda county sheriff's department's gang suppression unit. investigators say they found. some suspects are selling guns illegally search warrants were served on wednesday. and officers recovered as you can see a number of handguns also some automatic weapons. the investigation is ongoing. so authorities have not yet released the names of the suspects involved. to our 4 zone forecast we're talking about a big heat up coming, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the golden gate bridge which is smothered and fog tonight, nice cooling fog. our chief meteorologist is here we will see much of that tomorrow on the average just see a little bit tomorrow of course, coastal dwellers have said. >>what he wave around the bay area right all week long. it's kind of hung out mainly in the 60's toward the coast as we've had the fog and the sea breeze and the clouds to keep it cool we're seeing that again tonight there are on the look from there you can see those clouds making the way over the rain headlines back toward the golden gate bridge certainly being compressed by that ridge
8:32 pm
of high pressure up above and so yeah we're not going to see much of that cloud cover tomorrow mid 70's in the san francisco become sunny and bright their warm in oakland at 84. the hot 91 in san jose, the clouds certainly seeing those tonight, but it's the thin layer this developing tomorrow morning. it's going to be a place early on but not for long. and the most that goes away leaving lots of sunshine behind i think we start out mostly sunny side up as we head in towards sunday with some hot temperatures not only here but really around the state numbers will be the big story, the next couple of days, you'll see numbers i 70 golden gate park about 75 degrees downtown san francisco 72 and alcatraz then you've got some cooler numbers up toward the beaches patchy fog early that some sunshine in the afternoon. then 80's into millbrae and burlingame 83 in foster city 90 in redwood city 87 degrees amount the south bay filled with a tease and 90's in the saratoga 92 and campbell 92 also cupertino 90 in santa clara. the space just going to be hot a 102 a dublin, 103 in pleasanton a 100 and sin all 103 in
8:33 pm
danville a 102 and sam ramon, a 102 in concord but you get the idea a very hot temperatures. those highs, a 106 degrees in vacaville, so got some smoking hot heat inland, not so long the coastline temperatures there mainly in the 60's and look at how the next couple days that's what's going to play out very hot inland cool by the coastline, but everybody starts to cool down toward the middle of next week. >>thank you lawrence so today, the department of justice approved the mega merger between sprint and t mobile. >>the billion deal could have a major effect on california kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how the state is responding. >>before this t mobile and sprint merger can go through a legal dispute between the 2 companies and several states has to be settled. california is one of 14 states that sued the companies after they proposed the deal california attorney general have yet set out today saying his team is ready to go to trial on this he released a statement saying this merger would reduce competition and drive up prices. he spoke about the merger earlier this week if
8:34 pm
you're giving consumers more choices. >>better prices and if there's healthy competition. that sounds like it would be a good deal were not convinced that the proposed merger would be a good deal for consumers and that's why we've taken action opponents say in california specifically it could mean the closure of more than 900 stores and the potential loss of thousands of jobs but sprint and t mobile officials argue the merger would give the company a better wireless network to compete with verizon and att. >>which they say would be better for consumers. the trial is expected to start later this year, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. president trump refuses to shield apple's mac pros from china tariffs. the president is promising to slap tariffs on apple's mac pros if the company goes through >>to shift production of the computer from texas to china. apple has applied for an exemption from a possible 25% tariff on a series of parts it would likely use to make the
8:35 pm
mac pro president trump tweeted today. apple will not be given tariff waiver or really for met pro parts that are made in china make them in the usa, no tariffs, apple says it currently supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in the united states. >>ahead tonight new surveillance video released of the canadian murder suspects who are still on the loose. >>and a little boy made a very special promise to his father how he plans to try to keep that promise even though just when you thought you were done painting...
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>>it's not unusual to see young kids opening up lemonade stands in their communities, especially with the weather heating up, but this young boy that you're going to meet today is raising money to keep a promise to his father and his community is coming out to help in jokes. deborah has the story. lots of kids have lemonade stands this time of year, but brady campbell's may just be the sweetest brady's father brandon passed away a few weeks ago after a battle with stage 4 colon cancer, his for me >>brady says he and his dad came up with the idea for lemonade stand and a clam >>because i didn't have enough money in my one take. >>the day after his father passed away this 6 year-old
8:39 pm
follow through on his promise to take care of his mom brady's. >>with us very sweet saw he's awesome always looking out for everybody else in. thank you really learned that from his dad, his neighbors and friends came by in the crowd caught the attention of a denver police officer. >>once he heard brady story he put out a radio call to other first responders fire trucks and police cars started rolling they raise $244 that day it. >>really lifted our spirits and it made brady, you know so happy and now a neighbor has set up a go fund me virtual lemonade stand to raise even more money for brady his mom and for cancer research this they say is the ultimate life gives you lemons story and brady is making the most of it it's pretty special and over and it would be. >>very very proud. >>coming up next a few restaurants along the peninsula are now award winners and you can find them
8:40 pm
at the airports close raiders in the niners are fully geared up for their first practice at training camp tomorrow morning, but one star will not ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices
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for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >>san francisco international airport is celebrating after 2 restaurants, there were awarded a number of first place from forestry says stasio went to the airport check out those spots and found and a find out why they receive those honors. >>frame peruvian cuisine and
8:43 pm
1300 on film or serving up the southern inspired dishes are the 2 restaurants at sfo. that one 1st place awards for the best new food and beverage quick-service in full service ponce. >>yes, so we just won an award for 2 different concepts that we have here at sfo. one is what we call the grab and go concept quick-serve that slim own rich history, which is peruvian and that also more of a full sit-down restaurant, 1300 on fillmore. the award came from airports council international, which is kind of the airport industry. advocate i guess you ery year t concession awards for all us airports so this is something where it's a little competitive between airports every airport wants to have the hot new concept and it's really nice to be recognized by an organization like that. >>to learn more. i checked it out for myself, this is located in terminal 3 is food court near gate 80. the food looked very fresh there was a
8:44 pm
long line with aig are hungry passengers along eeli looking forward to diving in. so what did you get. >>i like effects of both on the what are looking forward to. >>i was just named is like one of the vast at like airports in the country. as for a taste test. here's what people had to say so what. do we have here what did you order. >>this is a rice ball beef stew. it looks promising like the beans they look pretty good to him. great things it's very good. >>the other place 1300 on film or is the more traditional sit-down restaurant situated in the international terminal. >>in a restaurant like this sad at san francisco
8:45 pm
international airport fire that often, but it's very nice. i chose this one over the other ones i walked by. got the food would you order that kind of so i ordered the fried chicken sandwich and it was really really good. it was super crispy and a lot better than i normally expect from airport it was really good i like this a site like this sweet like a little spicy sauce it was excellent. >>here in sf out recess stasio kron 4 news. >>this far story first ran on kron on our 24 hour streaming news service to get an in-depth look at more of the foods offered in teresa's story and to see other exclusive content down low cloud on today from the app store, the bay area's only 24 7 local news service, north korea says it fired 2 missiles into the ocean as a warning to south korea. >>ahead of next month's military exercises with the united states. north korean media reports reported that it was organized by leader kim jong hoon south korean officials say it appears the north has a new short range ballistic missile and this is
8:46 pm
new surveillance video of those canadian man hunt suspects authorities are working to find 19 year-old kam mcleod. >>and 18 year-old brian gayle ski. you can see them here walking around the store then they exit canadian authorities plan to intensify their search for the 2 teen murder suspects, the royal canadian mounted police will now go door to door in hopes of generating tips. the pair is wanted in the murders of a young traveling couple and a university teacher, the search for the teen suspects has spanned roughly 2000 miles already. police say the teens may have changed their appearances. the relationship status of the new prime minister of the u k lee's british establishment into some uncharted waters never in modern history has the leader of the uk had an unmarried partner while in office, boris johnson's girlfriend named carrie simons has led a life largely outside the spotlight until now uk first partners have no defined role so it will be largely up to simon's
8:47 pm
to define one for herself downey street would not confirm whether she will move into the prime minister's residence nor whether she will have any involvement in diplomatic affairs. >>here's a birthday party might wish that you had been invited to a panda party folks at a nature reserve in southwest china big birthday bash for 18 panda cubs all turning one years old. they chowed down on a fancy fruit birthday cake, one of them looks like he's eating some kind of a wood but it's some kind of fire actually possibly bamboo shoots and they're apparently getting ready to start teasing there are 9 boys and 9 girls here including 3 pairs of twins the pandas are healthy and as you can see they look like they're pretty happy as well. in the east bay concern in walnut creek polic have created a new outreach program from force christina has the story from one a creek. >>this is a new pilot program the city started just about a month ago, there are 2 existing wannacry police
8:48 pm
officers in charge of it and the city put out a statement saying over the past decade, they seen a steady increase in homelessness and over the past few years, it's raised a lot of concerns with the community currently they're taking anywhere from 2500 to 3,000 calls involving homelessness a year. the main goals building relationships with the homeless community connecting those who are living in homelessness with services working with residents and businesses to address how most ues, lower calls for service. all efforts to help develop long-term solutions to recurring problems. the city is seen. >>officers working closely with the woman becomes task force the trinity center mental health organizations and other city and county agencies with speaking with residents in the area this morning. all said similar things that homelessness though not playing the community has b there needs to be a solution trends in activity. >>a lot of people sort things a
8:49 pm
young daughter goes to school very near to that area. it's a sometimes it's a little nerve wracking you know when you see a lot of folks just sort of transience walking around so i think it's something that should be addressed. >>within the first month of the program this 2 officers have made about 200 contacts, 25 arrests and that provide services to about 90 people living in homelessness reporting in walnut creek christina teatro kron 4 news. >>the raiders full-squad embark to the napa valley today, some in more grand fashion than others in the least shocking news of the day antonio brown turned heads when he showed up in a hot air balloon. we all hope he will turn heads on the field as well. greater nation did get some troublesome news when they found out that the team was placed clay's brown on the non-football injury list. they haven't disclosed to specific injury but apparently they have known for about 2 weeks that this is how we would start training camp and they
8:50 pm
will probably only miss a week of camp time again not much clarity so we will be sure to monitor that situation but. >>all in all jon gruden company are ready for a b to get going for the silver and black. >>he's a fun guy to be around. i expected a little bit more than a hot air balloon. i thought he might jump out of an airplane a parachute he's easy going and a lot of life to this organization, a position where well obviously we need some explosive plays. >>over in santa clara, the niners full-squad also reported to camp today and unlike the raiders san francisco's biggest name got some great news today, jimmy g has been clear to fully practice with his teammates of course gras pillow is coming off of a torn acl in his left knee, he suffered that injury back on september 23th, he will have no restrictions moving forward as the niners look to bounce back from a foreign 12 season. >>oh no, i mean he did used to
8:51 pm
him. >>7 on 7 for although da's so. >>over to the diamond the talk for the last week with the giants has been what will they do at the trade deadline. well we're still just under a week away from that july 31th deadline but the giants are already making moves today. they traded left the relief pitcher, derek holland to the chicago cubs for cash considerations. holland has been mediocre at best this season with a 5.9 o e r a but he is significantly better against left-handed batters holland made waves earlier this season for saying that the giants front office told him to fake an injury this past may he's been opened openly critical of the giants front office and speaking of those giant they're currently tied in the bottom of the 5th ending that won all. now over in oakland, the rangers lead the a's, 3 to 2. so guys the
8:52 pm
trade lot deadlines is only a week away, but the giants already get the ball rolling making some moves and a. >>we should see have a few exciting days as we get to that deadline. all right we'll see what happens thank you jason, thank you jason up next quite a sight. we're going hear from the marine biologist look at this. the captured this spectacular picture of a sea lion in the mouth of a buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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>>in monterrey it's not only something you don't see very often is something that may have never been seen or captured before gary it's the picture of a marine that a marine biologist recently took that had even him in all i feel is quite tense reports. i get to see if a crazy stuff never this. >>chase decker was the marine biologists, a photographer for sanctuary cruises when he got this spectacular image, let's see line inside a humpback whale's mouth. >>there's a lot of people but never even seen a whale, the fact that they could see some so amazing something i've never seen in all my years of doing this is like my blind. >>sanctuary cruises out of moslehi was watching a part of humpbacks on a feeding frenzy when the freak act of nature happened. >>and i was hoping that the photo you know looking behind the land so i was like ok, i hope i got it and then i look i was just so static images capture the moment on the never see again. >>decker posted the picture on facebook for all to see and it's gone viral. but there are some internet naysayers that
8:56 pm
people keep saying well this is clearly fo shot this is clearly taken on a dock or somewhere else then. the seal on has been the whales now so get a lot of that humpback whales don't eat sea lions a crail playing them in small fish decker says are also hundreds of sea lions and the feeding frenzy and this unlucky see line didn't get out of the way quick enough when the humpback swam up to lunch feed when the whale went back down the sea lion swam off. i mean they have a little ptsd may be a bit of shake up. >>but on us there's a lot worse things to worry about and with all the sharks york is in the day. >>it's got a lot on its mind and you know being in wales, not for a few seconds. >>no doubt an amazing photograph that was who was going to as reporting decker is getting worldwide attention from that picture national geographic is even interested in writing an article about. >>yeah, we know wales don't eat sea was just an ax and luckily, the sea lion that was the get away and.
8:57 pm
>>what a story that wraps up kron 4 news today that our prime time coverage just getting started on this friday night grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at night. pam and ken thanks very much. we will stay in the ocean a coast guard crew coming up next hour. >>based in the bay area and they've done it again seizing thousands of dollars worth of cocaine from smugglers in the pacific. this comes just weeks after similar crew confiscated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of drugs from a submarine details on this latest haul next in a live report plus another construction site here in the bay area goes up in flames now federal investigators are on scene trying to figure out how it started and get ready for a high. >>weekend temperatures in some parts of the bay expected to hit triple digits. that means fire crews are on high alert our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>is tracking this heat wave kron 4 ne
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>now a 9 the us coast guard releases this dramatic new deer a series of recent drug take downs this latest aerial footage shows suspected smugglers dumping bales of cocaine overboard is that speedboat tears across the pacific. thanks for joining us tonight at 9 everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis you know this comes just weeks after the coast guard wh


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