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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 26, 2019 9:00pm-9:59pm PDT

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>>now a 9 the us coast guard releases this dramatic new deer a series of recent drug take downs this latest aerial footage shows suspected smugglers dumping bales of cocaine overboard is that speedboat tears across the pacific. thanks for joining us tonight at 9 everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis you know this comes
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just weeks after the coast guard when viral for sharing a video of a drug running so being captured. our first dan thorn, he spoke with coast guard officials learn more about these daring missions and joins us now live from alameda with more 08:00am. >>vicki. this latest video shows a high speed chase out on the seas, a lieutenant commander here at the coast guard base in alameda tells me there's a lot of work that goes into these missions. they could be dangerous and even in some cases, deadly, but they're hoping that this footage gets out there so that people understand the hard work that they're doing to keep illegal drugs from coming into this country. dramatic video from the coast guard captures a drug smuggling speedboat. >>cutting across the waters of the pacific. the suspects on board are seen tossing bales of cocaine into the ocean while trying to outrun a coast guard cutter to counternarcotics missions are. >>and he really dangerous right we're coming up on folks who are trying to evade
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detection of aid capture lieutenant commander stephen breaky with the coast guard station in alameda says missions like these help stop the illegal flow of drugs into the us with support from customs and border protection, the guard gets a view from above the pursuit to lock in on their target. >>ricky says with a high speed chase in capture like this. the adrenaline is especially turned up for responding goes very quickly from a high speed pursuit. 2 capturing these individuals and and then taking control of the vessel. the coast guard says approximately 2300 pounds of cocaine were seized from the boat. this adds to the 144 metric tons or billion worth of cocaine. stop from flowing into the country so far this year about 80% of all the drug low in the united states our best to surge assets. the surge capability down there to combat that. what age of
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another one of these narcotics missions went viral in june. >>it shows in alameda based guardsmen, jumping onto a moving drugs up and stopping the alleged smugglers. the daring mission captivated the country and gave people an opportunity to see the work happening on the front lines. ricky says that's the goal of releasing videos of these missions we really hope just inform people how important is that we are out there doing this and that don't turn. >>helps us. get new ships get more equipment get more funding to keep doing this mission and help safeguard american lives. >>the coast guard says what seems like a large number of drugs getting seized is actually only about 11% of what's out there. they're hoping that through awareness and through funding they can greatly improve the number of captures reporting live in alameda dan thorn. kron 4 news and thank you.
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>>and let's talk about the weather now heading into heat wave as we take a live look over san francisco. now those temps expected to rise considerably for the weekend beautiful twilight sky behind dan thorn in here in this live picture as well as chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking those hot temperatures in lawrence. >>as air conditioner there on the graph didn't need it. craig gone full, i mean it is going to be really odd some parts the bay area, the hottest temperatures of july kind of settling in for the weekend both saturday and sunday, yes, scorching heat at least in the valleys along the coastline, you see a big contrast in temperatures maybe 40 degrees cooler out there but yeah, this heat, more this big dome of high pressure building in a the desert southwest and that cranking up the temperatures outside and that's what we're going to see over the weekend effect caught in the we've seen all week long. in fact all month long about a 103 in livermore one o 2 in concord 100 degrees an antioch you see about 98 in santa rosa, 91 in san jose so 80's and 90's even inside the
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bay the much cooler weather enough of the sea breeze along the coastline to keep those temperatures down you've got to really have an offshore flow to heat things up along the coast. so advisories have been issued in the east bay into the delta through conquered antioch livermore danville dublin you get the heat there those hot temperatures going to continue both saturday and sunday and not only they're very hot into the central valley, triple digit heat some places approaching a 110 degrees in the central valley over the weekend for tomorrow, we're looking at a 105 in fresno 104 bakersfield about a 105 in reading if you head in that direction. one oh 2 in sacramento, then 70's say into santa barbara about 88 in los angeles to air quality is also going to suffer spare the air issue for the entire weekend, poor air quality expected to the east bay and the south bay as high pressure really builds overhead there's not going to be much mixing not much wind and that means those pollutants are going to be trapped under the big cap of high pressure up above and that means we'll see a lot of that haze in the valleys
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inland. still the monsoon continuing today wraparound moisture right around the ridge of high pressure usually are not talking about high pressure stormy weather but in this case you get them summer monsoon and those thunderstorms erupting over the sierra nevada, but that will begin to calm down i think over the weekend temperatures out the door right now it is still warm 74 degrees in concord 68 degrees in livermore 65 degrees in blair also still some couple temperatures away from the coastline we are seeing that fog along the coast. but you know what not going to be around much tomorrow. i think after early tomorrow morning. we clear our skies, sunny and hot most places away from the coast guys duly noted lawrence that we go to the south bay where the hot weather has firefighters in santa clara county really concerned. >>about the fire dangers there they are ready for scale on live tonight in los gatos gayle could be a very busy weekend. >>santa clara county firefighters are seeing an increasing grass fires, lately they are concerned about dry
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windy conditions that can turn a few flames into a raging inferno. hot weather has crews across santa clara county on alert. we've already seen an increase in grass fires in santa clara county, particularly on the east side of the county. >>so fire danger will be increasing this weekend with the warm weather. >>county fire captain bill murphy knows the danger. he was at the thomas fire in southern california in december 2017 and last year's deadly camp fire in butte county just yesterday crews fully contain a brush fire east of l p to stafford 80 acres the fire came dangerously close to homes that crews managed to save the buildings. this is one of several wildfires that broke out in the region in recent weeks and months. >>here in the brush believe still cry they're ready to crumble at the talks. >>firefighters say all the rain in the winter spring dried out fast no be keeping a nervous eye out on this weekend avoid outdoor burning if you're going to be mowing your weeds make sure you do that before 10 o'clock. >>do that when there's a little bit more humidity in
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the air. says just being responsible and trying to be more fire safe when the weather gets hot. >>so firefighters here have been responding to the east a foot hills area and east of san jose reporting live in los gatos gayle ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle, as you know you can track the weather any time in your neighborhood and get alerts when breaking news happens with the kron 4 mobile app it's a free download you can do that today. meanwhile crews are making progress on the herculean task of removing all that debris following the campfire that view county wildfire last year was the deadliest and most destructive in state history. today officials said they're running ahead of schedule when it comes to clearing away all that debris so far more than 5 billion pounds of at ash metal concrete contaminated soil and a lot of other things have been removed. the project is expected to be finished now by september. federal
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investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a warehouse in oakland tonight is the latest in a series of construction site fires here in the bay area. >>our first dan kerman has the latest. >>it was about 10 thursday night when more than a half-dozen residential units under construction, caught fire on stanford avenue in oakland. >>very bad because this building is on was blown. >>neighbors say they spotted huge flames and embers coming over the fence on to their property. >>if rim was going hi, i'm off so we set that spraying on that we and it will still and around the house because it's almost close to my house and the fire started on the lower level in the front of the building. >>friday investigators with the oakland fire department and the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms, gathered evidence at the scene but have yet to determine a cause we have no information to show any type of relationship between this particular occurred last night.
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>>and past incidents that occurred here and and the city of oak inn and the surrounding areas. investigators also don't know if the fire was accidental or intentionally set. >>but they're hopeful footage from numerous security cameras in the area, we'll shed light on that. >>i'm surprised that it was are building something that we were building. it's not the first time that a construction that's in the middle of being built gets burning down. >>this man was part of the crew that constructed the building. he says doors and windows had just arrived. >>we made everything we put the flooring on it every single 2 by 4 that up there we had to carry it from the ground up on her shoulders so. it's pretty emotional to see like that. >>in addition to this construction site to other homes suffered minor damage. but firefighters say it could have been a lot worse had there been gusty winds last night there were not and that as a result lead to just minor damage in those 2 other homes in oakland dan kerman kron sho
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several times in hayward it happened at a liquor store on the corner of a and princeton streets last night this is video from the scene. the shooting happened after the victim in gunman got into a fight in the store. police do not have any information about a possible shooter. there's no word on the victim's condition. >>detectives removed 25 illegal guns from the streets in alameda county this week. it was part of a months long investigation by the alameda county sheriff's office gang suppression unit. investigators discover the suspects were selling these guns illegally. search warrants were served on wednesday in office recovered a various handguns and automatic weapons. the investigation is ongoing. so the names of the suspects are not yet being released. another big story tonight nationwide more than 100 police officers have committed suicide this year and study show more officers die by taking their own lives than other in the line of duty deaths combined to give up an
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old police chief is calling a problem an epidemic in. >>he's sharing with khan forcefully to call his new approach for keeping officers healthy. more importantly keeping them alive. >>these are humans behind the badge they're not robots, you know they have real emotions and more than 25 years ago when he was an officer with another department, but no police chief neil gang learned in the worst way that the combination of the job in the issues police have to deal with when not in uniform. >>can become too much to bear for officers as was the case for his friend and fellow officer asher is in ski who took his own life in his patrol car with a single gunshot wound to his chest and that's something we need to change we can't let this job continue to kill. >>the good people and the men and women in this in this profession since taking over as chief 5 years ago gang has brainstormed ways to not only honor asher. >>but also keep his officers healthy physically and mentally. this year he says 106 officers have committed suicide across the nation and
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that studies show one officer takes their own life. every 44 hours. gang says incidents like this one in new york, where officers were assaulted weigh heavily on law enforcers you can't unsee things you can hear things a few months ago gang develop the er model, a 7 point approach to a culture of wellness. these flyers are posted all over the police department promoting awareness peer support healthy habits and spirituality among other things he's created the station jim encouraging staff to keep fit we it's changed things in our vending machine. we took out awesome than on healthy items looks are available for all station staff to check out focusing on emotional and physical wellness. he's also teamed up with portico a company that provides psychological training programs for public safety personnel to develop a wellness app he rolled out a month ago. sergeant william county was the first to use it
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can never know what's going to be a call that affects you were a pow me it was the recent cancer diagnosis and his mother that made him realize he needs help that's where the app comes in when you find out something about your mom and the is still have to be out on the street. >>you know makes it tough when you have to go make those decisions so you know the tough decisions out on the street the app gives him and all staff access to resources to fight addiction depression. >>and also the ability to reach out to therapists and a peer support network all day and every day it's ok to not be ok. >>creating an environment where we're taking those. ones prohibit the conversations if you will out of the shadows and into the open with the ultimate goal. >>of saving lives in can all sleep should all kron 4 news. >>a bay area judge has reduced to billion award in a roundup weed killer lawsuit. the alameda county judge upheld the verdict that the chemical in roundup cause cancer in a couple from livermore but monsanto is now being ordered
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to pay them, million instead of the original billion in damages. the judge reduced the payment because it was much higher than constitutional limits that are set by the supreme court. this is the 3rd case ruled against monsanto. judges have previously ruled that roundup caused cancer in the benicia school's grounds keeper and sonoma county man. the company plans to appeal all the verdicts in the south bay 3 men have been indicted on drug charges, including conspiracy to distribute meth and fentanyl they're accused of being involved in a drug trafficking ring in san jose. prosecutors say the man tried to sell large amounts of meth to undercover agents on several different occasions, they also say they tried to give the agent several fentanyl pills all 3 men are now facing 40 years in jail and a $5 million fine. 4 people are dead and to blame. the san diego county sheriff's department is investigating after finding the victims in several areas in the 24 hour period. they're
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looking into pills called m 30 which appear to be oxycodone but actually contained fentanyl authorities haven't released any information on the victims or how they got the counterfeit drugs a fresno man is behind bars tonight for a high speed dui crash that killed a father of 5 said the violent crash was caught on camera. >>sean milton had a green light and was pulling into the intersection when he was hit by 22 year-old gustavo blanco a horrific crash there blanco is believed to have been driving 70 miles an hour in a 35 zone. he refused a blood alcohol test at the scene but 4 hours later after getting a warrant to test him. investigators say he still blew a 0.1 5 well above the legal limit. >>in the ligrom red to green, h you can see easing his way into the intersectional so we had no way of seeing what was about to happen. we've determined that that that signal was red o for about 4.2
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5 seconds prior to him entering into the intersection against a red signal. >>blanco has pleaded not guilty to dui and more charges are expected to be filed in the coming days. people in the town of re in san bernardino county got quite an unexpected fireworks show tuesday night the explosions were coming from inside a fireworks warehouse and pretty dramatic. so some people who live in the town had to be evacuated for a time it didn't disrupt things but nobody got hurt a cull comstock has the video. >>watching fireworks light up the sky behind your neighborhood in real time. order shot out of a cinder block bunker that exploded into flames tuesday night at the pyro spectaculars fireworks storage art, the explosives blasted off for an hour keeping firefighters back at a distance to battle the flames well we kind of like the excitement sometimes too. murray pritchett wasn't fazed
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by the unexpected show she's lived in the neighborhood since 1962 and says she seen it more than once before i've seen 3 times blown up the night that i've lived here. >>no no not for what they do every day no. i don't think it's them. >>last year we tour the facility with the sousa family who explained in greaa detail. the amount of care and attention they put in to safely storing their products in these bunkers which are tucked away in the large commercial property in the center of a dirt lot. this uses are known as the first family of fireworks, one of the leading producers of fireworks shows and even put on the yearly america fest 4th of july show with the rose bowl. but this tuesday. and it's something went very wrong. but like i say this this place has been here forever, and i think it's very safe. the real to fire department says no one here was injured and no employees were here when the bunker exploded. >>they're still trying to figure out what sparked the fire. latino event tonight to
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show support for undocumented immigrants, the sonoma county sheriff will attend a lot musical performance and dance he says that the he's going to be there from the department is not cooperating with immigration and customs officials that event will be held at great resort casino which is just outside rohnert park city limits. in national news a legal win for the trump administration. the us supreme court has cleared the way for money from the pentagon to be used to build sections of the border wall. the court is lifting a freeze on the money which was put in place by the lower court that means that the trump administration can tap into approximately 2 and a half billion dollars. that's with a b in defense department funds and the work can begin on for contracts which have already been awarded the high court's vote was split 5 to 4 with the conservative justices ruling in favor of the funding. >>house speaker nancy pelosi says she is not quote running out the clock on impeachment. it says the house will only take action against president trump when quote we have what
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we need to proceed not one day sooner. this comes as lawmakers start a 6 week summer recess, meanwhile, fast judiciary committee is moving to obtain secret grand jury material from robert mueller's report and today the committee's chairman jerry nadler said mueller's testimony showed the trump campaign welcomed and benefited from russian interference in the 2016 election. the countdown to the next round of democratic debates is on 20 candidates. we split across back to back nights next tuesday and wednesday in detroit. >>there's only days before they face off again some of the contenders are signaling a different approach in this go-round kyung lah reports. to where they came from what do we say we're not going back. and back and in fact, i'll tell you all where we're going we're going to the white house kamala harris on the attack against president trump's just days before the second democratic debate. >>she did not like a joe biden
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our mention their much anticipated rematch on the stage and it is asked if she'll be polite at that face off. told one reporter today. i was raised to be polite after biden said this about states approach at the first debate i was probably overly polite ahead of next week's debate biden is previewed a more aggressive posture against harris and cory booker and i think we just senior campaign official says is being driven by the former vice president i think beating donald trump is a 4. it is not the ceiling. >>biden is still holding on to his front runner status in a new national fox news poll but bernie sanders elizabeth warren and harris all in double digits. >>in the run-up to the debate top candidates are jockeying with competing policy rollouts paris before primarily black audience at the national urban league i will make a $16 billion investment. >>in stem education and hbc use. minority serving institutions.
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>>that's aimed at closing the racial wealth gap investing in historically black colleges and universities and an additional 12 billion to support black entrepreneurship before the same audience peep british also attacked trump. >>my generation saw this country elect its first black president and then turn around and elect a racist to the white house and we had a call that what it is. >>and today rolled out a new economic policy to help gig economy workers unionized police as is marketing big potential outsourcing their employees and their benefits. >>elizabeth warren announced she crossed a threshold receiving more than 1 million donations. so far this election, bernie sanders previously crossed 1 million donations woman both have rejected high-dollar fundraisers 6 >>a lot of reporting there still to come the bay area sees its slowest month for june sales in more than a decade. what experts say is
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behind the home buying slow down. >>plus a bay area shaft winds food network's cooking competition, the show is called chopped we introduce you to him and find out the winning dishy served up to the judges. and it's finally happening t mobile and sprint are mergi
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>>money tonight, the department of justice today finally approved a merger between sprint and t mobile the 26.5 billion dollar deal
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could have a major impact on california. >>kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how the state is responding. >>before this t mobile and sprint merger can go through a legal dispute between the 2 companies and several states has to be settled. california is one of 14 states that sued the companies after they proposed the deal california attorney general have yet set out today saying his team is ready to go to trial on this he released a statement saying this merger would reduce competition and drive up prices. he spoke about the merger earlier this week if you're giving consumers more choices. >>better prices and if there's healthy competition. that sounds like it would be a good deal were not convinced that the proposed merger would be a good deal for consumers and that's why we've taken action opponents say in california specifically it could mean the closure of more than 900 stores. >>and the potential loss of thousands of jobs but sprint and t mobile officials argue the merger would give the company a better wireless
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network to compete with verizon and att which they say would be better for consumers. the trial is expected to start later this year, reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>targeting people on one popular dating app and it could the cost you thousands of dollars that story coming up. >>also coming up home sales down in the bay area what experts say is behind the dip. >>kicked off today for the raiders a preview as the team gets ready who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio.
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>>it looks like the bay area housing market is finally starting to cool off. >>it was hot for a long time new numbers show home sales slumped this june compared to last year kron four's maureen kelly takes a look at what could be behind the slowdown. >>we couldn't sustain that frantic market it's some point it had to slow down there. >>there are a lot of for sale signs out there, but the number of homes sold this slumping according to corelogic a real estate research firm bay area home sales in june dropped double digits down 13% from the same time last year in fact last month so the lowest number of homes sold during the month of june in 11 years. prices however did not budge all that much the median price of bay area homes dipped just 2% from last year to $855,000 which is still an eye-popping figure the corelogic analyst thinks
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this data in the case that many would be buyers are either still priced out biding their time because they don't want to buy now if prices are at their peak. nancy allen with the bay east association of realtors i think what we have now is a calmer healthier market for buyers, you know i think it's a really great market right now for the buyers, everybody has taken a breath. >>and right prices are stabilizing and now it's maybe a time to come and it's not frantic. we can come in we can take a look around find a place that we love and then put an offer in. >>the slowdown in sales comes on the heels of a new report by the us census bureau that shows the rate of home ownership in much of the bay area was down to 52% this spring. the lowest rate since 20 12 with the way the prices have been going up up up and now they started to come down a little bit it seems like they homeowners that have the equity in their house have decided this is a really good time to maybe cash in on that. >>cashing in and movg to places. >>where they can get more for their money. maureen kelly
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kron 4 news leaders in san francisco approved an agreement to create affordable housing for educators. the plan will be included on the november ballot mayor london breed in 4 supervisors. released a joint statement about this agreement saying quote we have too many people who can't afford to live in this city and we need to build more affordable housing for everyone struggling with high housing costs. >>there's a new scam targeting people who are using dating apps this revelation coming after a sacramento area guy was nearly tricked into giving his personal info away to thieves online. ryan hill reports. >>you know just one night to get a notification my phone say someone like you on your page like oh all right, plenty of people are looking for love online and on popular apps like tinder. stephen dank's recently use the app and thought he made a good match, but things started getting a little suspicious. she started to ask me for my confirmation number to see my page is legit and i never got a confirmation or before with tender. stevens
9:33 pm
match sent him a 3rd party site to verify his account and asked him first cre information saying there would be no charge why would any day credit card if it's 0 feet and that was a red light red flag for me this is definitely not the first time of us hearing about it. >>danielle hale with the better business bureau says people fall for the so-called romance scams more often than you think about half of the victims fall for this scam and they're losing upwards of $2000. sometimes the scams don't stop there we've seen them send them money not just once but 2 or 3 times because they feel very attached to this person and they feel like they know this person hill says there are some ways to protect yourself and do a little digging and do a little investigating try to get the person to video chat with you or get them on the and this they're avoiding it and that's a. stephen stop talking to his tinder match after being directed to the 3rd party site, a red flag that steven won't forget. >>about the tender after this. no not doing very probably a
9:34 pm
smart move that was brian hill reporting. >>the san jose sharks, they have a new member of the team. meet 10 oh my gosh, she's so cute. there's 11 week old yellow labrador puppies being trained as an assistance dog. fan will spend the next 18 months living with sherry rottenberg are a volunteer puppy raiser with a nonprofit canine companions robin burger will teach been about 30 command so i can become an assistance dog to someone for free. serving users. veterans. >>children with autism and other developmental disabilities and companions trains to be highly skilled assistance dogs. so tasks that they might perform are picking up things off the ground turning on and off lights. >>opening doors. >>well fan has not many players not yet anyway. he did hang out with sharkey fans can see him around the shark tank
9:35 pm
and it team events. it's ridiculously can't. after families, the d a s a p center is going to have we're training before being paired with a partner. >>for sharks to the raiders raiders on of anything that cute. i antonio brown, no offense. the star receiver i've had and training camp in napa today, yes in a hot air balloon why not like you do. instead of driving. he flew in the he actually has as a non-football injury that the team announced today not expected to miss a lot of time but that is big news there's obviously always a lot of off the field news with the raiders we know they're moving there's always drama their new general manager and head coach jon gruden today didn't really shy away from answering questions about several potential distractions this season. >>the converse is 8 million has details. >>here at the napa valley marriott hotel in napa oakland raiders general manager mike mayock and head coach jon
9:36 pm
gruden addressed the media on the eve of what will likely be the final training camp for the team here in the bay area before moving to las vegas for the head coach that means getting back to the old adage of just waiting maybe we like to get back to the. >>the oakland raiders of years past and hopefully our players can learn what it is to be a raider that commitment that it takes to be an excellent football team, another of the rate us tradition signing controversial free agents. >>we have run afoul of league rules like offensive lineman richie incognito who will be serving a suspension when the season begins i told you guys point blank that we expected some kind of suspension ok so we know about it we planned for kind of the rich incognito's story for years. and there's some dark moments, but there's an awful lot of bright moments also. in napa. >>the blair who brought the biggest smile and both the gm
9:37 pm
and head coach is no raiders wide receiver antonio brown who flew into napa on a hot air balloon. >>land is here. is he okay that's i expect a lot more drama from number 8 for real. >>the gun, but perhaps the biggest distraction of the pre season will come courtesy of cameras from hbo's hard knocks series which will be following the team throughout training camp and the reason the goal way to training camp is to get away from all the distractions. >>get together bond learned your seimetz no distractions no intrusions hard knocks is an intrusion. it was handed to us so it's up to us to deal with it. >>with the oakland raiders in napa haaziq kron 4 news. >>well you're looking for something fun to do this weekend we might just have a couple ideas coming your way maybe a little wrestling, maybe some kites and of course, lots and lots of food for fun things is coming up.
9:38 pm
the keel of this it's dine and dish esca very a chef winds food network's cooking competition chopped.
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>>time now for schools. valley today. some in more grand fashion dozen others in the lease most shocking news of the day antonio brown turned some heads when he arrived at training camp, hot air balloon. we all hope he will turn heads on the field
9:41 pm
as well but raider nation did get some troublesome news when they found out the team has placed brown on the non-football injury list. they haven't disclosed that this the specific injury but apparently they have known for about 2 weeks that this is how he would start camp and that it will probably only miss about a week of camp again not much clarity so we will be sure to monitor that situation but all in all jon gruden and company are ready for a b to get going for the silver and black. >>he's a fun guy to be around. i expected a little bit more than a hot air balloon. i thought he might jump out of an airplane a parachute he's easy going and a lot of life to this organization, a position where well obviously we need some explosive plays. >>all righty over in santa clara, the niners full-squad also reported to camp today and unlike the raiders san francisco's biggest name got some great news today. jimmy g had been cleared to practice
9:42 pm
fully with his teammates of course gras pillows coming off of a torn acl in his left knee, he suffered that injury back on september 23th against the chiefs, he will have no restrictions moving forward as the niners look to bounce back from a 4 12 season. >>although i mean he did used to him 7 on 7 for although 2 days so. is the home to get offensive line front of the people the lines overnight.
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>>big celebration for an oakland chef who just won the food network show chopped. >>he is serving up some of his favorite recipes to thank his friends. his family and the entire community for all their support. kron four's michelle kingston was there. this guy is just incredible he's worked very hard to be where he is today and this party is all about celebrating and thanking everybody. >>who's helped him get here. >>the judge saying that if i was to start a restaurant and put my grandmother's face and name. you have a line asylum. >>so that's been chopped champion rashad armstead did cooking up the chicken wings mac and cheese and what he calls the best potato salad on the west coast is oakland restaurant grammys opened up just a few mont aafter crowned the winner on the food network cooking show chopped that was such an emotional moment because it was like. >>everything that all the hard work. it paid off for them. everything that my family's
9:46 pm
sacrifice, everything that. than the making all of them proud they're all signed up. >>he said customers said that mining up to try a bite of his home cooked after the show aired on tuesday at his love yesterday she's crying emotion she watched the show. >>she much too soon he was hugging me she said yemen has until we have to come down here because we will know what's going to happen. i said has and we come down here now and going to hug him you have the time of his life appeared to know he no danger because this is supposed to be grandma's house, comfortable loves first of year's not we don't turn away anyone here. you are what you we will. this is all about love. food is all about love. >>and love is what are you celebrating in his party and his recipes at his restaurants here in oakland. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>our time now check on the 4
9:47 pm
zone forecast that has been a hot topic tonight and it's only going to get hotter as the weekend. progresses this shot here shows a cool san francisco classic summer situation little bit of fog along the embarcadero mother nature's air conditioner. yes. meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the rest. the bay area which is not so fortunate trying to still the weekend right we've got to get out there and enjoy so we've got a variety of things if you want to find something it we've got to have something here for you. >>we got for fun things to check out hey how about this berkeley if you want to go this is a neat thing if you've ever wanted to see it all the kites up in the air there the berkeley kite festival takes place this weekend, at 10:00am early on but i think they'll be enough breeze to get the mid 80's there so grab the sunscreen if you're headed out. the gilroy garlic festival it is going to be smoking hot there that takes
9:48 pm
place of course throughout the weekend the temperatures will be in the triple digits, sunny and hot drink, plenty of fluids and wear that sunscreen is going to be toasty there inland. how about this one the east bay pro wrestling at the jayco that is near concord that takes place tomorrow at 7 o'clock of course, those temperatures still going to the upper 90's even by 7 tomorrow, but it's an indoor event but there could have a great time. all kinds pro wrestling every want to go check that out and another one this live be a little bit cooler for you. they've got the treasure passed on treasure island of course the whole i am in july got all kinds of great boots out there, plenty of food a nice tropical drinks that hawaiian flair if you want to head there temperatures going to be in the 70's outside right now that fog really kind of begin to thicken up just a little bit in spots temperatures. tomorrow in the mid 70's into san francisco, comfortable. oakland check in at 84 degrees, 91 in hot still in san jose fog certainly going to see some of that overnight time we're seeing that already but it's going to be really compressed overnight and then
9:49 pm
by tomorrow afternoon most that's just kind of sweeps away sunday we start out sunny and bright and i think really that's going to stay that way the better part of the day on sunday, so temperatures going to be hot away from the coastline, comfortable in san francisco, some 60's and 70's along theobeaches, you're looking to 65 in pacifica 68 daly city, 82 and warm in millbrae 90 in getting hotter redwood city the south bay, very hazy and hot 90's around much of the area and then here come the triple digits, 102 in dublin, a 103 in pleasanton one oh 3 in danville a 102 or 103 a walnut creek. maybe it's hot as a 106 in vacaville, so anywhere inland. it's going to get very hot along the coastline, pretty comfortable still even throughout the weekend, the heat is on saturday and sunday cooling down on monday. all right lawrence for your health tonight with in 4 americans struggling to pay for their medications. lawmakers on capitol hill are. >>continuing their push for lower prices. >>yeah this weekend number of bills to change the way the drug company set prices made headway to the house and the
9:50 pm
senate markelle martin has details. this is unacceptable their skipper says because of its high price she and her sister. >>started to ration their insulin. i couldn't afford to purchase my full supply of insulin so my sister risk her life by sharing her she went into diabetic, you know acidosis had to be hospitalized for 4 days. the veins in her body bloom skipper and a panel of patients say congress needs to step in and pass reforms to bring costs down the price of revlimid is over $250,000 per year price gouging is killing people these pharmaceutical companies are committing murder in getting away with it at the hearing lawmakers in both parties promised to fight back. but republican congressman jim jordan. also warned of the cost of too much regulation we have this amazing system where we do get innovation we do get the greatest drugs developed got to make sure that continues despite jordan's reservations, the house is advancing plans to bring cheaper generic brands into the market and in the senate a plan to slash payment for medicaid and
9:51 pm
medicare patients. >>is headed to the floor for a vote. so we support all those provisions john grogan the white house director of domestic policy. this president trump is celebrating the recent progress. it says the senate plan alone will save taxpayers billions of dollars they're taking advantage of taxpayers. so we want to and a lot of this gaming grogan says the white house is negotiating details with the senate ahead of their vote and says he's confident reforms are calming i am optimistic that we're going to see real progress in the senate and the house in washington recall martin. >>wells are covered in about a 100 million strands of bacteria and a new study suggests that many of them are actually good for you. during the study, scientists compared store bought conventional apples with the fresh pick ones they found bacteria in the stand the peel the flesh and seeds overall both organic and conventional apples had a similar number of bacteria now remember this is the good bacteria most of those germs to hide in the seats by the way. the party you wish you could have been invited to were to take you to this
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>works on trees been working the streets of oil for 3 and a half years is a dual purpose dogs the years is here at money comes home with me and i go to work with me. he's slobber a lot he's got a story is excited. i like i said he's still purpose, he's a train and apprehension located narcotics and discarded items. we also have a we have 7 canines in the that other one
9:55 pm
right there is can a chase with officer power. and yeah we he's a good boy and his work. >>chase down there is get low he's easy peak his a pretty strong yeah, dog and he will do this all day all day i do for like 3 seconds call. that was a lot of fun though during the 5 o'clock hour kron 4 news. we're live up there in the kron 4 dec. >>and thanks officers campos in power for bringing there. the canines if you love dogs, especially police dogs, there's a great event tomorrow in valais whoa. it's a canine competition actually that is chase and that is the officer gower they're going to be competing in this thing they were showing off some of their chicks today will be canines from around northern california, big skills competition, it's free to the public. you just can't bring your own pet, you know they they can't have that sort of vibe going on there 10:00am again open to the public it's
9:56 pm
free they'll be this skills competition. it's at saint patrick's saint vincent high school in vallejo on benicia street and there is free popcorn and snow cones it's going to be toastie so the snow cones serves a good thing that taste good and speaking of little furry critters af oaks at a nature reserve in south. >>west china through a huge birthday party for 18 and the cubs. all turning one. this year they chowed down on a fancy for birthday cake. looks like it's eating would, but it's it's it's actually fiber and there apparently getting ready to start he that there are 9 girls and 9 boys pandas there including 3 pairs of twins these pandas are very healthy and as you can see very happy with their circumstances. >>healthy and happy and they look like stuffed so cute parents of kron 4 news said 9 kind of like an animal planet and the sun for a prime-time news continues at the top of the arc and more and can are here with crime.
9:57 pm
>>they grant thank you next at 10 the weekend is here and is going to be a scorcher and sections of the bay area and that of course as fire crews on high alert we're live tonight in the south bay with some tips from the santa clara county fire chief on what you can do to protect your home and property and our chief meteorologist has a sizzling forecast coast guard strikes again dramatic video of crews stopping drug smugglers in the pacific and seizing thousands of dollars worth of cocaine. >>a live report coming up and the hunt is on for the suspects who robbed a delivery driver and got away with boxes full of phones and watches will
9:58 pm
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>>and the bay area braces for some excessive heat this weekend, here's a live view of sfo you see a little bit of fog in the background might be cool in the city, but a far different story in london today, here's a look at some of the current temperatures at this hour 10 o'clock at night much of the bay area. >>still pretty warm you can see those 70's and 60's high 60's and some spots thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore and i'm can weigh. the al weather service issued an excessive heat watch for much of the interior bay area for the weekend.


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