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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>area teenagers are facing murder charges while vacationing in rome. officials say one of the teens fatally stabbed an italian police officer during a drug deal. the other punch. the man's partner good evening and thank you for joining us at 8. i'm j r stone and i'm justine waltman police say the teenagers who went to school in marin county confessed to committing this crime. >>kron 4 sanaz attorney joins us live now in the studio with a closer look at who these teens are and what they're accused of doing jr and justine of the 2 teens were arrested friday for aggravated assault of italian officer.
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>>mario churchill or a gun and attempted extortion. now their names are gabriel christian the tally, your thumb and funding in lee elder, they're both 19 years old and both are from san francisco. according to confession that who are looking to buy cocaine near their hotel at around 2 in the morning friday or sold crushed aspirin instead. police say surveillance footage shows the 2 going back to the area to look for the drug dealer that sold them the fake cocaine, but only managed to find an associate who had a back back on him. the teens then stole the man's backpack and cell phone and demanded he give them eur and a gram of drugs in return for the items. that's when the associate contacted police when police arrived they identified themselves to the teens and that's when the 2 reportedly attacked the officers. according to the detention order elder pulled out a knife and stabbed 35 year-old officer reagan 8 times hitting him in the heart while the tally, your repeated lee punched churchill or a gust partner that churchill or had just returned to work from his
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honeymoon. a funeral will be held for him on monday in the same church got married in less than 2 months ago. both teams are currently in jail in italy as officials investigate the crimes and according to a tamil pies high school class list. both teams were part of the class of 2018. >>well thank you so much sanaa's moving along right now. new video tonight of a crime that continues to plague the bay area. a pair of thieves took off with laptops at uc berkeley coffee shop. but one of them did not get too far. >>the victim and other customers are caught on camera tackling the suspected thief to the ground kron four's dan thorn is live in berkeley for us tonight and joins us with more from the shop owner. >>well just in this video shows quite the tackle and team work to stop one of these would be thieves. but police are now looking for the one who got away. the coffee shop owner tells me that crimes like these are a good reminder for people to stay vigilant because there are more thieves
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out there. >>security video from inside of a berkeley coffee shop captures a would be laptop thief getting tackled to the ground. the attempt his first stop by the victim who springs from his seat and wraps his arms around the robber others are then seen jumping in to pin down the crook. >>i was proud of everybody nobody got hurt. the outcome was what awaits. >>know micheletti is the co owner of romeo's coffee. he says this is the first time in 2 years of business, someone tried stealing a laptop at the telegraph avenue shop. >>we don't think that that ever it can happen again and we decide. >>employees say the duo walked into the shop around noon thursday. they asked for water sat for a few minutes and then launched their theft attempt, one of the suspects wearing a great company is seen quickly swiping a laptop before bolting out of the front door the second feet immediately follows but his grab at the waist and dragged out an employee then runs to the dog
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pile both laptops were able to be recovered and a 15 year-old would be thief was arrested by police micheletti says this ford and that should be a lesson to others who might be looking for trouble ever romeos. >>and that was a big mistake for those guys to make and i have to say it's in the church where they are from the neighborhood because the dead men from the neighborhood, they wouldn't know that rome is in a place you want to try that. >>well the proof is definitely in the putting micheletti says that he's grateful that customer stepped up to help each other out and he's hoping that the other suspect is caught very soon. reporting live in berkeley dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside right and the golden gate bridge which is covered in fog right now cooling off the city of san francisco what a magnificent shot what can we just leave it on the shot during the whole newscast. >>as we're joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez let is a beautiful shot salute lee a cool shot. >>after such a high day from a
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lots of the bay area. yeah that's right. we are noticing a typical bay area summer pattern words cool along the coast. >>but warm inland. so here's a live shot right now from golden gate bridge. different angle as you can see the lower levels we are noticing more high cloud cover but visibility is starting to diminish as i speak and then our interior valleys right now, especially those of you in the east bay, plenty of sunshine. so not even getting that sea breeze influence there and that is why you're still under a heat advisory mainly for interior valleys of the east bay along the hills and diablo range and this is going to remain in effect all the way through sunday night so another scorcher of a day is on tap for the 2nd half of your weekend. still tracking some 90's for try valleys including conquered in antioch everyone else in the 80's right now for this 8 o'clock hour or so we are well above average and where we should be for this time of year, a lot milder though along the coast out the san francisco peninsula. thanks to that marine layer influence and
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cool sea breeze in the 60's so we are noticing quite as you need tempe-atures spread nearly 20 degrees from downtown san francisco all the way into antioch right now and because of that poor air quality remains in effect and will be an issue for the bay area, not just today but also through your sunday that is why to spare the air alert has also been extended to continue all the way through sunday and that's because i am tracking moderate amounts of air particles throughout the north bay coast and along the bay but unhealthy air particles for those of you in the east bay, but some improvement tomorrow in the south bay and wake-up planner forecast is going to show another mild day along the coast. but triple digit heat as you make your way inland more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes just in a jar back to you thank you so much, let's go now to the east bay where it was sizzling today people there were dealing with temperatures in the triple digits. they certainly were kron four's gayle ong is live in livermore where temperatures reached a 100 degrees gal. >>what are those temps looking like right now.
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>>that's how you can see people are still. now this was the place to be to beat the heat but we did travel around the east bay and now people are looking for ways to stay cool. >>have people making their way to water. he was 85 degrees in union city. >>but temperatures reach 89 degrees as we made our way to fremont next door in these dog days of summer family stayed out of the water and stayed out of the well we have the same we have a tent, we've got trees we got the breeze. it's perfect those hanging out at querrey lakes regional recreational area and freeman are being bullied not feeling like it is in other parts of the bay area livermore it's too hot out they need to come out of fremont we worked our way east to livermore where it was a scorching 100 degrees.
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>>them like conditions are not a problem for these children live the found park in downtown livermore provided relief from the scorching heat. >>the adults have been to jim durkin from a word is celebrating his 70th birthday with grandchildren water feels good it's really hot livermore today we just got the new seating line. and we saw looks like it might be a nice place to cool off and. >>this parent kept it cool in the shade yes. >>5th really high today. my daughter planned the latter. make it plain. >>and it's still very much a warm and toasty out here right now livermore was actually one of them hottest areas of the of them. >>santa clara county is also opening cooling centers to help people deal with the heat
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this weekend the county is opening 40 cooling centers and community centers, libraries hospitals and other locations. they will be open between 10:00am and 08:00pm you can find a full list of locations on our website kron 4 dot com. police in qatar dr. are investigating the first murder in this small sonoma county city in 24 years after a 67 year-old man was shot and killed last night on robin avenue officers found the victim patrick leonard on the floor of a garage police say the leonard had been involved in an ongoing dispute with his neighbor joseph rossi police say the 2 men were involved in a heated argument outside their homes before the shooting happened. rossi was arrested at the scene on suspicion of homicide. a handgun recovered at ross's home is believed to be the murder weapon. >>well the driver involved in this violent crash in san francisco's bayview district has turned herself and police have identified her as 19 year-old lynn j vines the
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crash happened early thursday morning. 4 people including 2 minors were injured when the car was ripped in half after hitting a fire hydrant one person remains in critical condition. bynes was not at the scene when police arrived. she has been booked on felony hit and san mateo police have arrested 2 men after a car chase that ended in redwood city. >>30 year-old brandon harper of stockton and 29 year-old david quinn of oakland were arrested. 2 were spotted off of highway one oh one in hillsdale boulevard. both are accused of stealing. they want a black nissan altima with paper plates when officers tried to stop the nissan the car drove away sideswiping another vehicle after the crash harper who had been driving meili got out and ran into a neighborhood quinn surrendered to police police found harper about mile away when officers tried to arrest him harper reach for a large knife. but was quickly subdued by a canine in addition to
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stolen property. the pair were found with burglary tools, a utility worker clothing weapons and narcotics harbor faces multiple felony felony charges, including suspicion of recklessly evading police conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of burglary tools quinn faces suspicion of possessing burglary tools. >>in the east bay, a man was found shot to death in east oaand, this happened on friday night on the 100 block of international boulevard near lake merritt the man's name has not been released police are still investigating the shooting. also notes and police say they need your help finding this stolen puppy they say this 5 month old french bulldog uni was last seen on wednesday afternoon near campbell and 15th streets. if you have any information call the oakland police department. and police officers lined the streets in los angeles as the body of one of their own was transported today. los angeles police officer juan diaz was shot to death this afternoon
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while out with his girlfriend at a taco stand. he was off duty. detectives are investigating what led to the shooting. no suspects have been arrested. another man injured in the same shooting is expected to survive. coming up a san jose police officer is behind bars tonight, we'll tell you what landed him in jail that's coming up at 8.30. >>plus a manhunt intensifies for 2 teen killers accused of 3 murders. the latest on the investigation that's now stretching across canada. >>and according to a new study nearly 60% of teen car crashes happen because of driver distraction but there's new wireless network claims are so confusing. america's most reliable network. the nation's largest and most reliable network. the best network is even better? best, fastest, best. enough. sprint's doing things differently. they're offering a new 100% total satisfaction guarantee. i mean i think sprint's network and savings are great, but don't just take my word for it.
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try it out and decide for yourself. switch to sprint and get both an unlimited plan and one of the newest phones included for just $35 a month. for people with hearing loss, visit >>welcome back to kron 4 news
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at a traffic accidents remain the leading cause of death for teens in the united states and according to triple a nearly 60% of teenage crashes happened because the driver was distracted. there's a new video game that's aiming to lower those numbers, thanks to new technology kron force bello has more on these driving essentials. >>don't want to crash. >>i want to get in accident some really paranoid about that. >>penn each i might only be 14 but getting behind the wheel is already on her mind we play a lot of also. >>she's always kind of wanting to drive the car and she's always kind of wanted to do things before everyone else when her dad chris heard there was a video game that could help her get prepared.
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>>he didn't hesitate to try it out before you start not only of to. >>click to see pope. >>it's all about certain drivers it in the game. so i thought that was pretty cool. her spine driving essential to simply to allow interactive. >>teen driver training in your own house bob davis has been making large scale simulators for teenage driver since 2005. but he says creating one for x box and ps for gamers opens up a new option for teen driving preparedness be attention of the teen users because it's competitive. >>its immediate feedback and it's entertaining without being silly. the blast. >>this is see unlike always try and get the best score and i get upset when i don't. so think that will translate well and i'm on the road all try like. >>get more playing the game has 10 different lessons starting with the basics and then taking you through several different scenarios so that when it's time to get on the road you're more fully
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prepared. >>level that i'm on right now there is a par were here you have a phone it forces you to look at you can't see the road and goes back and forth that and it really shows you how much how distracted you are when you're on the phone. >>and that we're all sort of watching each other play while i'm driving a more conscious to end though there's no real replacement for behind the wheel experience the chide say the game is giving them peace of mind. yeah, this is then one of my biggest fears but. >>you know seeing all of these scenarios with the cell phones and the kids running out in the middle of the street in the different weather conditions and things like that which is hard to practice when you're actually in a car. so i think that it's a good supplement to actual driving practice and driver's education in alameda noel bellow kron 4 news. >>live look outside this evening along beautiful, san francisco you can see the fog there but it is uncertain section common. yes, the man it was hot out there today, sizzling temperatures in some areas break. records know.
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>>you know it's unbelievable because near record breaking z. but unfortunately we didn't break records today even though it certainly felt like we did especially in the interior valleys concord and livermore actually reach the century mark. so we're a good 10 to 15 degrees above average coastline. but as you can see downtown san francisco today rhys to daytime high of 67 degrees. so right about where you should be but well above normal for everyone else so it certainly felt like that summer sizzle out there in the bay area and that's why there's that heat advisory in effect primarily for the interior valleys of the east bay and also along the hills and diablo range so for your sunday expect another warm day, 95 to 105 degrees and all the areas shaded in orange and also overnight lows tonight, not much relief in fact only going to cool down to 65. maybe even upwards of 75 degrees for most of those areas so stormtracker 4 right now showing that thick fog
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bank right along the bay area coastline of the peninsula, but all clear everywhere else just because of that warm air mass that's in place you can see right now beautiful sunset this evening out of the east bay over berkeley and wind speeds out there right now not really tracking a strong sea breeze light and breezy right now for downtown san francisco. but enough to push in that low and high cloud cover but widespread single digits everywhere else with the exception of fairfield also in that double digit breezy mark temperatures out there right now widespread 60's and 70's throughout the bay area's shoreline 80's as you make your way inland with the exception of concord in antioch nearly a 30 degree difference there compared to half moon base a few wobbly from the heat head to the beach that's going to be your best bet for some cooler weather for those of you in the interior valleys and overnight lows tonight as you can see widespread 60's for the interior valleys, antioch flirting with 70's for overnight lows are not expected to get some overnight relief unfortunately concord 63 degrees nap and delayed
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little bit better in the low 60's. but widespread 50's throughout the bay area shoreline and wake-up planner forecast is going to show slightly cooler temperatures still tracking triple digit heat in the interior valleys but along the coast and along the bay, widespread 60's and 70's there downtown san francisco, 70 degrees, plenty of sunshine upper 70's for oakland and san jose 90 degrees in triple digit weather once again for those of you in livermore in antioch santa rosa 94 degrees. and we won't notice relief from the heat until monday that's when going to cope cool down 10 to 20 degrees. from sunday's daytime highs with near average highs all week long. we are just seeing back to you thank you so much a group of athletes in sacramento are ready to take on this record breaking heat, this weekend sohn surrey town still has a look at how they plan to stay safe outside. >>with temperatures pushing past the century mark that is was or statement. >>and those making any move during this weekend's us a track and field picks well for
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those cheering them on. cj brown brought 32 kids in from houston texas. he's used to dealing with a much more human version of summer. but what's happening in the sacramento valley still poses a challenge. a lot of >>in the heat so what you having the kid knew what are you telling them in did so in between races they actually goes in the cars or out of this and so can we drain every 5 minutes, what general strategy going into easy to try not to get near these. the race. i had to just a couple of times. it's been just letting every day. feel like it's hard to accomplish what you want to accomplish on the traffic so hot.
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>>that was on sri tonsil reporting and you can track the hot temperatures in your neighborhood and stay connected on fire danger updates with push alerts that all on the kron 4 mobile app download it today on android and apple devices. >>well coming up it's another measure to keep you safe. the new installment butte county officials put ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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>>there's a new alert system in the works to help warn people of a wildfire. yeah, it's a response to the deadly camp fire in paradise last year. >>when so many people didn't receive warnings to evacuate. jessica mensch takes a look at this new system. morning of november 8. >>plame's barreling toward for the shark's home for her only warning to evacuate we just saw from the ridge. an enormous amount of smoke, she's one of many neighbors who never got an emergency alert or cell phone letting her know the camp fire was coming. she left anyway, but many janet as hectic. something like that. 85 people died in the fire. butte county sheriff kory hony wants to make sure this never happens again. >>the cellular telephone networks can become clogged. you're so you never it could become damaged to go down. >>it's why his department is trying out a new weight war neighbors to get out.
8:26 pm
programming the special site running to every march deputy our deputies. >>to go through neighborhoods, sounding this very distinctive siren that would alert people to a problem. >>if you hear the site. it means your street is evacuated. i want to be very clear. >>this does not replace. the other mechanisms of notifying people we still need people. 2 foot sign up for code red, so they can get the emergency mass notification, we still need them to pay attention to our social media pages we still need them to pay attention to the traditional media. >>knows the siren there's no way to guarantee everyone will hear it. >>and for roads impassable deputies will be able to get into the neighborhoods to sound it. but sheriff tony says it's still worth a shot. >>we need to make an effort to message across multiple platforms because no single platform is going to do the trick. >>and neighbors like sharper all for any plan to get the word out faster so i think. >>everything that i can think of.
8:27 pm
>>that was jessica mensch reporting it cost the department roughly $3,000 to program. this new siren into all of their vehicles. the department is also looking into adding stationary sirens up next. >>and one very popular dating app it could cost you thousands of dollars. >>and a san jose officers behind bars tonight what he's accused
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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police officer will not be returning to work anytime soon after he was booked into jail on felony drug and weapons charges 48 year-old john tomkins was taken into custody yesterday. >>kron four's believes recall reports that a traffic stop in sunnyvale led to his arrest. a traffic stop in sunnyvale on the 7th of juny turned out to be anything but routine. >>when 47 year-old daniel ochoa was pulled over by an officer for a vehicle code violation. >>it happened just a stone's throw away from the sunnyvale department of public safety at the intersection of west el camino reale and hallenbeck avenue ochoa was eventually arrested for selling drugs and when the dps served search warrants a no who lives in santa clara. investigators then learned of a connection between the suspect to 48 year-old san jose police officer john tomkins sunnyvale captain jim choi says he was not in the car at the time information that we have at this time does a show that they were neighbors, however.
8:31 pm
>>specific into their relationship is not being disclosed at this time this investigation is still ongoing and for that reason i can't disclose. specifics on friday morning thompkins was arrested on 2 felony charges of possession of narcotics with fire. >>arms and 2 misdemeanor charges of possession of drugs. he was booked into the santa clara county main jail. this after investigators served search warrants on thompkins sunnyvale home. greg drugs and weapons were found this is a very 99.9% of time officers throughout this country throughout this county and. >>you know in our agency in san jose, you know they're going above and beyond the call of duty doing the right thing protecting the people and serving their communities in the san jose police department confirms thompkins is on paid administrative leave at the moment, adding that the agency is conducting its own internal investigation into the case. the san jose police department also assisted in tompkins arrest. >>in sunnyvale felipe should all kron 4 news.
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>>police arrested 5 suspects in connection with the deadly stabbing in san jose that happened 2 years ago 20 year-old jonathan rondo not share a was arrested in everett washington on thursday. the other 4 suspects aged 1516 1718 years old were arrested on friday. this happened on december 28th 2017 on sunset avenue in san jose. and that's when 17 year-old fernando meira montt has was stabbed and later died at the hospital so far police have not released a motive for the killing. >>the alameda county sheriff's office released this image showing 25 illegal guns that they seize this week. it was part of a months long investigation by the sheriff's office gang suppression unit and illegal gun sales. search warrants were served on wednesday and officers recovered various handguns and automatic weapons. investigation is ongoing. so the names of the suspects have not yet been released. the petaluma police are looking for the man who robbed a ups
8:33 pm
driver. it happened friday outside the rise in store on kenilworth drive. police say the delivery driver was unloading packages when 2 men pushed him and grab several boxes from his truck then got into a waiting vehicle and took off heading southbound on highway one oh one. we are told they got away with a number of cell phones and watches. police have not released a description of those suspects. the driver was not hurt. >>housing market appears to be cooling off new numbers show home sales dropped this june compared to last year. according to real estate. corelogic bay area home sales in june are down 13% from the same time last year. in fact last month that saw the lowest number of homes sold during the month of june in 11 years. prices however did not budge the median price for a home dipped just 2% from last year to $855,000.
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>>we couldn't sustain that frantic market some point it had to slow down and it is now and i think buyers are thinking back to 2007 when everything drops through the floor we're not expecting to see that so i think once they reize this is our normal this is the new market this a healthy market, i think we'll see more of them jumping back in. >>the slowdown in sales comes on the heels of a new report by the us census bureau which shows the rate of home ownership in much of the bay area was down 52% this spring. that's the lowest rate since 2012. the oakland public's ethics commission says that mayor libby shaft campaign accepted illegal donations from an east bay property owner, an investigation found that 11 west partners lcc donated $2400. more to chef's campaign then the legal limit of $800,000. investigators are recommending that she forfeit the money to the city's general fund and pay a $600
8:35 pm
penalty that's less than the usual penalty of $1000. but the commission said that's because it came from several different entities all owned by the same company and because her campaign cooperated with the investigation and offered to give back all the money. they felt then that the lesser penalty was sufficient. >>well there's a new scam targeting people who are using dating apps this result of revelation that is comes after a sacramento man was nearly tricked into giving his personal information to thieves online. ryan hill has the story. >>you know just one night to get a notification my phone say someone like you on your page like oh all right, plenty of people are looking for love online and on popular apps like tinder. stephen dank's recently use the app and thought he made a good match, but things started getting a little suspicious. she started to ask me for my confirmation number to see my page is legit and i never got a confirmation or before with tender. stevens
8:36 pm
match sent him a 3rd party site to verify his account and asked him first credit card information saying there would be no charge why would any day credit card if it's 0 feet and that was a red light red flag for me this is definitely not the first time of us hearing about it. >>danielle hale with the better business bureau says people fall for the so-called romance scams more often than you think about half of the victims fall for this scam. >>and they're losing upwards of $2000. sometimes the scams don't stop there we've seen them send them money not just once but 2 or 3 times because they feel very attached to this person and they feel like they know this person hill says there are some ways to protect yourself and do a little digging and do a little investigating try to get the person to video chat with you or get them on the and this they're avoiding it and that's a. stephen stop talking to his tinder match after being directed to the 3rd party site, a red flag that steven won't forget. >>about the tender after this.
8:37 pm
no not doing very >>that was ryan hill reporting. and hunt intensifies for 2 teens accused of 3 murders. there's investigation that's now stretching across canada. next. >>and we are taking a live look outside in the bay area right along the east bay better clearing there, but better clearing there, but cloudy along ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 8 the massive manhunt intensifies for 2 suspected teen killers on the right both are wanted in connection with 3 murders in canada. meredith wood has the latest. so he was just a few safely to their house and we're all a little bit freaked out you know. >>a tight knit community where people leave their doors unlocked now on edge the possible presence of 2 suspected killers on the run has rocked the normally sleepy town of gillam canada. >>the only difference. i think is that people are locking their cars, you know had 9 during the day. >>well our world little bit jittery got grandkids in town stuff like i mean. i don't sleep a night the last new sightings of kam mcleod and briars kamil ski in the area has caused a swarm of authorities from all across canada. >>to take over the town as the hunt for the 2 teen murder suspects. intensifies investigators will conduct door to door campuses
8:41 pm
authorities are battling to leave no stone unturned searching trains and braving brutal tough terrain. investigators are also exploring the possibility. >>but the suspects may have inadvertently received assistance in leaving. >>the area police want anyone who may have accidentally helped the teens to come forward warning that the pair are considered armed and dangerous and may have changed their appearances and one thing got in taking care of i'm meredith wood reporting. >>well coming up it was the first day of training camp and the oakland raiders kron four's jason dumas stakes, us there for a sneak peek. >>and a bay area chef winds a network cooking competition find out about his winning recipe is that while the judges as he
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>>in celebration for oakland chef who just won the food network show. >>she had a big party featuring his favorite recipe is under way to thank his friends family and the entire community for all their support kron four's michelle kingston was lucky one who's going to take us there. this guy is just incredible he's worked very hard to be where he is today and this party is all about celebrating and thanking everybody. >>who's helped him get here. >>the judge saying that if i was to start a restaurant and put my grandmother's face and name. you have a line asylum.
8:45 pm
>>so that's been chopped champion rashad armstead did cooking up the chicken wings mac and cheese and what he calls the best potato salad on the west coast is oakland restaurant grammys opened up just a few months ago after being crowned the winner on the food network cooking show chopped that was such an emotional moment because it was like. >>everything that all the hard work. it paid off for them. everything that my family's sacrifice everything that my grandmother. than the making all of crowd. their all time. >>he said customers had been mining up to try a bite of his home cooked after the show aired on tuesday at his love yesterday she was crying she watched the show. >>she much too soon he was hugging me she said has until we have to come down here because we will know what's going to happen. i says he has and we come down here now and going to hug him you have the time of his life appear to know he no danger because this
8:46 pm
is supposed to be grandma's house, comfortable loves for years we don't turn away anyone here. we to we will. this is all about love. food is all about love. >>and love is what are you celebrating in his party and his recipes at his restaurants here in oakland. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the 41th annual gilroy garlic festival is now officially under way sunday though is the last day in along with all garlic food they can we imagine there is live entertainment a wine garden, a children's play area and a lot more. sunday's attractions include the professional garlic showdown and country country music performances. so just follow your nose to christmas help park and cal train is running a specially chartered round-trip train service to the festival. better he said garlic ice cream it's going to melt and that he tomorrow.
8:47 pm
>>i was just going say i've never had the garlic ice cream but that's something that they have down there at the festival as we look at this spectacular shot of the golden gate bridge. >>how hot was it today in gilroy mabrisa hot enough melt your garlic ice you should have as if you are out there because it would have melted all over your hands because dear triple digit weather today in dough right 99 degrees summer leave tomorrow though cooling down a few degrees into the mid 90's so not that much better, but fortunately wind speeds not that bad 5 to 10 miles per hour. so it is going to be another hot afternoon so make sure to take advantage. the early morning and early evening, because you are going to notice. >>milder temperatures there throughout dory so have fun and enjoy that garlic ice can i never had any, but it sounds amazing. >>here's a look at stormtracker 4 very dry calm conditions noticing that fog bank right along the san francisco peninsula could even bring us some drizzle as well and poor visibility for those of you heading out for your saturday night so just keep
8:48 pm
that in mind don't forget to turn on those low beams of visibility does reduce at or near 0 temperatures out there right now already cooling down into the upper 50's for half moon bay, mid 60's for those of you in san francisco's in nearly a 30 degree difference right now between half moon bay and antioch in concord low 90's still at this 8 o'clock hour tonight, widespread 70's 80's though, as you make your way inland and that's going replace with 50's and 60's antioch flirting with 70's for overnight lows. so unfortunately don't expect much relieved tonight an antioch says you won't believe just head to the beach, coastal areas right about where you should be in the mid to upper 50's this evening. let's take a look at your microclimate forecast for your 2nd half of the weekend. downtown san francisco in the low 70's is still above average temperatures along the coast. half moon bay, 60 degrees going to deal with more of that fog bank and also cool sea breeze upwards of about 20 miles per hour or less burlingame 76 degrees brisbane in the low 70's for
8:49 pm
you, sam, a tale low 80's pollo all to though flirting with 80 is at 79 degrees and in the south bay, widespread upper 80's and low 90's, san jose 90 degrees for your afternoon highs and in the east bay, scorching heat yet again livermore hitting that century mark hayward though 79 degrees dublin in the mid 80's and over there in the east bay richmond, 70 degrees with conquered at 99 degrees walnut creek not that much better 94 afternoon in napa unday 89 degrees with sienna rose up 94 degrees. that's why we do have that heat advisory in effect for interior valleys of the east bay but relief is in sight on monday. we're going to be about 10 to 20 degrees cooler from today's daytime highs on monday, so just a few more days to go relief in sight. this teenager back to you. >>well day one of the nfl training camp kicked off for the oakland raiders.
8:50 pm
>>kron 4 sports reporter jason dumas swinton napa and he takes us to the start of the football season for the silver and black. >>it was day one of 45 here at raiders camp in the day was all about these players getting used to one another a whole lot of new faces shining the silver and black this year the quarterback derek carr realize how important it will be to build that chemistry early in order to have long-term success. >>we spent a lot of time the offseason more than i have with other guys in the past the these these receivers minute tell you what they it that way for me to text them that that that was something that was pretty cold. you know, i'm saying. so they're they're showing up at my house, they're showing up in bakersfield of all places. hey were you of in bakersfield, you're more than welcome to come get to work and we get 10 guys there. we do it today many camp. >>of course, antonio brown stole all the headlines this summer but there's another new wide receiver who figures to be a big part of the offense. tyrell williams comes over from the chargers and has been
8:51 pm
working out with their car since early in the summer got together in the offseason. >>i know that make and in turn can so if i were good right now you know this is starting click on this is things will work on but i mean for day one of those good. >>we some of the new guys while talented come with some baggage, one of whom being richie incognito's the controversial art is ready to make an impression on greater nation far greater nation know that i'm excited to be a part of it they've been nothing but welcoming all the readers organization been great. >>the legacy of this organization and the history his deficit that's important to me and it's also you part of that i want them to know that i'm a work often work hard every single day. and a thing i got his last ride so i got him to give you everything i got and hopefully it's not a lot of all goes well we all know training camp is a grind and the weather here in napa valley reminds us of that every minute. >>a high of 97 degrees on saturday here at raiders camp but the fans still showed up and showed out hundreds of fans here watching camp
8:52 pm
already to see the raiders suit up this season, but one player they are still waiting to see antonio brown star receiver, he is not playing right now he is on the non-football injury list but it is not believed to be a serious injury and he should only be out a couple weeks at the most reporting live from readers training camp adjacent do mosque. ron for sports. >>well today was the first official training camp for the san francisco, 49 ers down in santa clara. it was a non pad session all the talk was about the defense. this is video from the san francisco, 49 ers as to that defense. top 9 ers draft pick nick bosa went up against veteran offensive lineman joe staley and according to reports beat him several times the first quad defense gave up 0 points in just one big play. not to worry though about the offense it usually takes a little bit of time for that offensive squad to match, especially one that has been without their
8:53 pm
qb. well the san francisco giants have had some wild games in last night was no different to her oaks involved the giants player. and the dad. top of the 11 pablo sandoval crushes the ball. to be the game winning home run ball, look at caught the ball. other who was holding his child. we'll see the replay right here he had the baby in one hand and the child in the other hand child was untouched and uninjured in the dad got the ball today. the panda gave the father of back. >>actually 7 in maiden year. >>yeah, the baby making yet another cameo there today, good work dad. >>is sports.
8:54 pm
>>when tara and he knows once upon a time in hollywood goes up against disney's latest
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>>once upon a time in
8:57 pm
hollywood stars leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt has an aging actor and his stunt man in 1969 as the movie industry is changing and sharon tate played by margot robbie moves in next door. quentin tarantino's take on the end of hollywood's golden age and the manson family is getting strong reviews and it's the director's widest release to date with all that industry analysts expected opening weekend of 30 to million one of tarantino's better debuts but nowhere near enough to snatched the lion king's box office crown in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>yeah scorching advisory
8:58 pm
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from kron4's archives, where the fault lies. - recently, southern california and the bay area were reminded that the golden state is vulnerable to violent shaking. we're also quickly approaching the 30th anniversary of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake that killed 63 people, injured more then 3700 others, severely damaged the bay bridge flattened the cypress freeway in oakland and leveled parts of the city's marina district into an unforgettable, fiery disaster. - this 2004 documentary explores how the ground is moving right beneath our feet across the bay area every day. (dramatic music) - local. innovative, award winning. kron4 original programming. and now, the kron4 original program; earthquakes: where the fault lies


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