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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>today state police in italy paid tribute to a slain officer with patrol cars sirens blaring in front of the police headquarters 2 bay area teenagers are facing murder charges in the death of that officer all while vacationing. enroll officials say one of the teens fatally stabbed an italian police officer during a drug deal. the other punch. the man's partner good evening and thank you for joining us tonight at 10. i'm j r stone and i'm justine waldman police say the teens who went to school in marine county confessed to committing this
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crime. >>kron 4 sanaz to hernia joins us live now in the studio with a closer look at who these teenagers are and more on what they're accused of doing so year and just seeing these 2 teenagers were arrested friday night for the aggravated murder of italian officer mario churchill arabia. >>and attempted extortion. the air names are gabriel christian that holly horthy and of finnegan that lee elder they're both 19 years old and both from san francisco. according to confession that the 2 are looking to buy cocaine near their hotel at around 02:00am friday or sold crushed aspirin instead. police say surveillance footage shows the 2 going back to the area to look for the drug dealer that sold them the fake cocaine, but only managed to find an associate who had a backpack on him. the teen stole the man's backpack and cell phone and demanded he give them without a eur rather anagram of drugs in return for the items and that's when the associate contacted police now when police arrived, they identified themselves the 2 teens and that's when the 2 reportedly attacked the
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officers. according to the tension order elder pulled out a knife and stabbed a 35 year-old officer churchill o or times hitting him in the heart while that ollie north repeatedly punched churchill or a gust partner. to had just returned to work from his honeymoon. a funeral will be held for him on monday in the same church he got married in less than 2 months ago. now both teams are currently in jail in italy as officials investigate the crimes and according to the mill valley tunnel pies high school class list, both teens were part of the class of 2018 jr and justine. >>thank you son as new video tonight of a crime that continues to plague the bay area pair of thieves it looks like they try to take off laptops from a berkeley coffee shop. but they did not get too far. >>the victim and other customers are caught on camera tackling the suspect to the ground kron four's dan thorn has the story from berkeley. >>this video shows quite to tackle in team work to catch
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one of these would be thieves, but police are still looking for the other one that got away. i spoke with a coffee shop owner who tells me that these crimes are actually a good reminder to be vigilant because there are more thieves out there. >>security video from inside of a berkeley coffee shop captures a would be laptop thief getting tackled to the ground the attempt his first stop by the victim who springs from his seat and wraps his arms around the robber others are then seen jumping in to pin down the crook. >>i was proud of everybody nobody got hurt the outcome was what awaits. >>know micheletti is the co owner of romeo's coffee. he says this is the first time in 2 years of business, someone tried stealing a laptop at the telegraph avenue shop. >>we don't think that that ever it can happen again and we decide. >>employees say the duo walked into the shop around noon thursday. they asked for water sat for a few minutes and then launched their theft attempt, one of the suspects wearing a gray hoodie is seen quickly
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swiping a laptop before bolting out of the front door the second feet immediately follows but his grab at the waist and dragged out an employee then runs to the dog pile both laptops were able to be recovered and a 15 year-old would be thief was arrested by police micheletti says this ford and that should be a lesson to others who might be looking for trouble ever romeos. >>and that was a big mistake for those guys to make and i have to say it's immaturity where they are from the neighborhood because the dead men from the neighborhood, they wouldn't know that rome is in a place you want to try that. >>well the truth is definitely in the putting micheletti says that he is grateful that customers are stepping up to help each other out in these situations and he's hoping the other suspect gets caught very soon. reporting in berkeley dan thorn kron 4 news. >>police in kentucky are investigating the first murder in the small sonoma county city in 24 years after a 67 year-old man was shot and killed last night and robin avenue officers found the victim patrick leonard on the floor of a girl osh police say
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leonard had been involved in an ongoing dispute with his neighbor joseph rossi police say the 2 men were involved in a heated argument outside of their homes before the shooting happened. rossi was arrested at the scene on suspicion of homicide. a handgun recovered at ross's home is believed to be the murder weapon. >>moving on now to the east bay where it was sizzling today temps reached into the triple digits. kron four's gayle ong is live in livermore were temperatures week. 100 degrees gal. >>what does it feel like out there tonight. >>i just checked the temperature it's 80 degrees. so still very much this was the place to be today this water fountain park, the water just turned off about 5 minutes ago, but i did travel around the east bay and got a lot of people trying to stay cool. >>have people making their way to water with 85 degrees in union city. >>but temperatures reach 89
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degrees as we made our way to fremont next door in these dog days of summer family stayed out of the water and stayed out of the well we have the same we have a tent, we've got trees we got the breeze. it's perfect those hanging out at querrey lakes regional recreational area and freeman are thankful, it's not going like it is in other parts of the bay area livermore it's too hot out they need to come out to fremont we worked our way east to livermore where it was a scorching 100 degrees. >>them like conditions are not a problem for these children live the found park in downtown livermore provided relief from the scorching heat. >>the adults have been to jim durkin from a word is celebrating his 70th birthday with grandchildren water feels good it's really hot livermore today we just got the new seating line and that we saw
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looks like it might be a nice place to cool off and. >>this parent kept it cool in the shade yes. >>5th really high today. and i want plan the latter. i make it plain. >>livermore with one of the hottest areas of this heat wave at we're live in liver markelle on kron 4 news. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast the heat advisory remains in effect for the interior portions of the east bay from now all the way through sunday night it expires tomorrow night at 11 and there is an air quality alert spear the year alert will also be extended all the way through sunday night as well, the main concern smog so make sure to carpool for the 2nd half of your weekend, very poor air quality especially for those of you in the east bay, unhealthy amounts of air particles with moderate amounts for those of you in the north bay coast and along
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the bay but we are going to notice an improvement in the south bay with good air quality expected tomorrow and here's a live look outside from downtown san francisco. you can see city hall lit up out in the distance. temperatures out there right now already cooling down into the 50's and 60's right along the coast, widespread 70's as you make your way inland with the exception of the tribe valleys in the low to upper 80's right now the warmest location antioch 87 degrees nearly 30 degree difference from you and half moon bay, 55 degrees right now thanks to that stronger sea breeze and also that robust marine layer that we saw earlier in our newscast and let's take a look at overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's along the bay area coastline and 60's as you make your way inland specifically in that ride valleys antioch only cooling down to 69 degrees. so that's why you still have that heat advisory in effect right now through the overnight hours little relief for your overnight lows in wake-up planner forecast is going to
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show another scorcher of a day in the interior valleys with milder temperatures right along the coast and then nearly 10 to 20 degree drop in temperatures by monday from today's daytime highs so that some are expected to cool down to near average also tracking gusty wind speeds for the start of your workweek monday more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes just seen back to you thank you so much santa clara county is also opening cooling centers to help people deal with the heat this weekend the county is opening. >>40 cooling centers and community centers libraries, hospitals and other locations. they will be open between 10:00am and 08:00pm and you can find a full list of locations on our website kron 4 dot com. >>well the bay area area air quality management district is issued in error quality advisory for smoke for the entire bay area region through tomorrow. it began early this morning last through sunday evening, the bay area will experience air quality impacts a smoke from the mile post 97 fire. in southern oregon
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filters into the region over the past several days the fire has burned. nearly 9,000 acres, the smell of smoke is present it is important. the bay area residents protect their health by avoiding exposure. if possible stay inside with windows or doors closed until smoke level subside. >>a san jose police officer will not be returning to work anytime soon after being booked into jail on a felony drug and weapons charges. 48 year-old johns hopkins was taken into custody yesterday enforcement all reports that a traffic stop in sunnyvale led to his arrest. >>a traffic stop in sunnyvale on the 7th of july turned out to be anything but routine when 47 year-old daniel ochoa was pulled over by an officer for a vehicle code violation. it happened just a stone's throw away from the sunnyvale department of public safety at the intersection of west el camino reale and hallenbeck avenue ochoa was eventually arrested for selling drugs and
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when the dps served search warrants a no who lives in santa clara. investigators then learned of a connection between the suspect to 48 year-old san jose police officer john tomkins sunnyvale captain jim choi says he was not in the car at the time information that we have at this time does a show that they were neighbors, however, specific into their relationship is not being diiclosed at this time this investigation is still ongoing. >>and for that reason i can't disclose. specifics on friday morning thompkins was arrested on 2 felony charges of possession of narcotics with firearms. >>and 2 misdemeanor charges of possession of drugs. he was booked into the santa clara county main jail. this after investigators served search warrants on thompkins sunnyvale home. greg drugs and weapons were found this is a very 99.9% of time officers throughout this country throughout this county and. >>you know in our agency in san jose, you know they're going above and beyond the
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call of duty doing the right thing protecting the people and serving their communities in the san jose police department confirms thompkins is on paid administrative leave at the moment, adding that the agency is conducting its own internal investigation into the case. the san jose police department also assisted in tompkins arrest. >>in sunnyvale felipe should all kron 4 news. >>petaluma police are looking for the man who robbed the ups driver happened outside the verizon store on kenilworth drive. police say the delivery driver was unloading packages from his truck when 2 men pushed him and grab several boxes from is hand truck. they then got into a waiting vehicle and took off heading southbound on interstate one oh one. we are told they got away with a number of cell phones and watches. police say the suspects had hoodies over their is difficult for them to get a good description. the driver was not hurt. >>the us coast guard has released this dramatic new video after a series of recent drug take downs this aerial
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footage shows suspected smugglers. dumping bales of cocaine overboard as their speedboat tears across the pacific. this comes just weeks after the coast guard went viral for sharing a video of them capturing a drug running submarine. the border seen tossing bales of cocaine into the ocean while trying to outrun a coast guard cutter. >>to counternarcotics missions are and he really dangerous right we're coming up on folks who are trying to evade detection of aid capture. >>lieutenant commander stephen brucie with the coast guard station alameda says missions like these help stop the illegal flow of drugs into the u s the daring mission captivated the country and gave people an opportunity to see the work happening on the front lines ricky says that's the goal of releasing videos of these missions. >>well the search is underway for a 2 year-old boy who went missing. coming up how police say the boy is connected to a murder suicide and american
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airlines is under fire for allegedly retaliating against workers who use paid sick time details on a new lawsuit that the company faces while the creek officials have developed a new program to help the most this
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is a big concern in walnut creek and other areas in the bag. >>and walnut creek officials are now doing something about it police have created a new outreach program kron four's christina tape cho has our
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story from walnut creek. this is a new pilot program, the city started just about a month ago, there are 2 existing wannacry police officers in charge of it. >>and the city put out a statement saying over the past decade, they seen a steady increase in homelessness and over the past few years, it's raised a lot of concerns with the community currently they're taking anywhere from 2500 to 3,000 calls involving homelessness a year. the main goals building relationships with the homeless community connecting those who are living in homelessness with services working with residents and businesses to address how most related issues, lower calls for service. all efforts to help develop long-term solutions to recurring problems. the city is seen. >>officers working closely with the woman becomes task force. the trinity center mental health organizations and other city and county agencies with speaking with residents in the area this morning. all said similar things that homelessness though not playing the community has been a big issue over the past few years and there needs to be a solution
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trends in activity. >>a lot of people sort walking around. and handling that's to the freeway those sorts of things as a father of the young daughter goes to school very near to that area. it's a sometimes it's a little nerve wracking you know when you see a lot of folks just sort of transients walking so i think it's something that should be addressed. >>within the first month of the program this 2 officers have made about 200 contacts, 25 arrests and that provide services to about 90 people living in homelessness reporting in walnut creek christina teatro kron 4 news. >>this week city leaders in san francisco approved agreement and moving forward to rezone public lands on large lots to create 100% affordable housing for educators. the plan one-click be included on the november ballot. mayor london breed and for supervisors released this following joint statement about the agreement saying in part quote we have too many people who can afford to live in the city and we need to build more affordable housing
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for everyone struggling with the high cost of housing. >>well the hot bay area housing market appears to be cooling off. new numbers show home sales slump this june compared to last year. according to real estate research firm core logic. bay area home sales in june are down 13% from the same time last year. in fact last month saw the lowest number of homes sold during the month of june in 11 years. prices however did not budge the median price for a home dipped just 2% from last year to $855,000. >>we couldn't sustain that frantic market it's some point it had to slow down and it is now and i think buyers are thinking back to 2007 when everything drops through the floor we're not expecting to see that so i think once they realize this is our normal this is the new market this a healthy market, i think we'll see more of them jumping back in. >>the slowdown in sales comes on the heels of a new report by the us census bureau which
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shows the rate of home ownership in much of the bay area was down to 52% this spring. that is the lowest rate since 2012. >>time now to get a check of our weather forecast with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez raise your hand if you turn your ac on today. >>i don't have one i >>the north bay that's out there. hopefully right, let's take a look at today's daytime highs in the interior valleys about 10 to 15 degrees above average near record breaking heat, especially for those of you in livermore in concord. >>hitting that century mark but thanks to that shallow marine there a cool sea breeze, mild along the coast near average highs the downtown san francisco warming up to 67 degrees in the hot weather will continue yet again for the interior valleys of the east bay expect 95 tough words of 105 degrees all areas shaded in orange from now through 11 o'clock sunday night. and tonight expect a
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little overnight relieves with most of those areas only cooling down into the mid 60's and possibly even mid 70's as well stormtracker 4 tracking very dry calm conditions that shallow marine layer is becoming more widespread throughout the san francisco peninsula. but we are going to note is plenty of sunshine yet again for the 2nd half of your weekend live look outside from our alcatraz camera you can actually make out that beautiful san francisco skyline out in the distance, current wind speeds out there right now light to breezy in fact the only area in the double digits as fairfield 14 mile per hour sustained winds. lot more common in the single digits everywhere else temperatures right now white 50's and 60's throughout the bay area coastline with 70's as you start to make your way inland with the exception of the tribe valleys right now conquered in livermore 82 degrees. the warm temperatures still even at this 10 o'clock hour. antioch 87 degrees as you step outside right now and overnight lows only cooling down into the upper 60's for antioch so unfortunately, a
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little relieved tonight. that's why that heat advisory is going to remain in place through tonight, widespread 50's along the coast and 60's as you make your way inland and wake-up planner forecast is going to show by tomorrow say downtown san francisco warming up into the low 70's, upper 70's for those of you right along the bay in san jose. another day of scorching see in the low 90's triple digit weather for those of you in livermore antioch concord near triple digit heat so once again. we could break or be near a record breaking seat for interior valleys, widespread 80's and 90's inland with 60's and 70's right throughout the coast and as we take a look ahead. a big cool down on monday. so we are going to notice gusty wind speeds upwards of about 30 miles per hour or less right now looking below advisory level but 10 to 20 degrees cooler on monday compared to today alone so we're going to see a huge drop in temperatures and then your average highs for the rest of the workweek.
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>>so that's the lesson to be learned if it's too hot where you live just come to the city yet to come to beach. >>things of race and you can track the weather in your neighborhood and get alerts when breaking news. with the kron 4 mobile app download it today. boston red sox are issuing some good news on former player david ortiz and his condition we have the update coming up. >>scams are becoming a common thing for thieves details on a
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 authorities in montana are looking for leads in the case of missing 2 year-old linked to a murder suicide investigation. the boy's parents were both found dead on july 24th after a car chase with police but 8 in south see dole was not with that. a was last seen with his parents in oregon. after a car chase they were found dead in the vehicle, a father allegedly shot the boy's mother then took his own life. investigators are tracking where hannah and daniel were between early june and now. and if aid was with them. >>that one know does it have a lot of camping gear so vinnie was out camping near that contact with him. the sheriff says it's a tricky investigation because it covers a large distance. >>much isn't there isn't much technology there. as a long time line to piece together. >>president trump is threatening to apply tariffs to apple's mac pro computers
10:27 pm
if the company moves production to china. apple had applied for an exemption on the policy which could impose tariffs of up to 25%. president trump tweeted quote apple will not be given tariff waiver or relief for mac pro parts that are made in china makes him in the usa, no tariffs. pros and austin texas since 2013. however, a report surfaced last month that the cupertino based company plans to shift production to a factory near shanghai, commenting on and the trump tweet an apple spokesperson referenced a previous statement, it said the company has spent $60 billion partnering with 9,000 us suppliers which the company says supported hundreds of thousands of jobs. >>this bureau finds military families are at risk for fraud. military consumers reported losing a median of $200 when falling victim to a scam. according to the bbb
10:28 pm
scam tracker that's 32% higher than a $152 reported by all consumers in 2018. relocation forces military consumers to make quicker purchasing decisions than the general population that's what the bureau says now moving to a new location can also make it difficult to find secure stable employment for spouses and other family members. >>new york city has sued american airlines over employees, sick leave policy. the suit alleges that the carrier retaliated against workers who use paid sick time. the department of consumer and worker protection found american airlines failed to pay sick leave at the required rate and fails to allow employees to accrue sick leave the organization is seeking about $375,000 in restitution for more than 750 ground crew workers that includes agents representatives and mechanical employees.
10:29 pm
>>well known actor james dean died in a car accident in 1955. now those never seen before photos of the crash are up for sale. >>a new video game is set to help reduce the number of teens killed in car crashes will tell you. the new technology that could potentially save lives. >>and coming up we'll have a sneak peek at your clinic gilroy garlic festival forecast for the 2nd half of the weekend and also a look at
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>>traffic accidents remain the leading cause of death for teenagers in the united states and according to a aaa study nearly 60% of teenage crashes happened because the driver was distracted. >>but there's a new video game that's aiming to lower those numbers, thanks to simulation technology. kron four's has more on the driving essential ys. >>don't want to crash. i want to get in that accident some really paranoid about that. >>penn each i might only be 14 but getting behind the wheel is already on her mind we play a lot also. >>she's always kind of wanting to drive the car and she's always kind of wanted to do things before everyone else when her dad chris heard there was a video game that could help her get prepared. >>he didn't hesitate to try it out before you start not only of to. >>click a seat belt. >>it's all about sort of drivers and in the game. so i thought that was pretty cool. her spine driving essential to simply to allow interactive.
10:33 pm
>>teen driver training in your own house bob davis has been making large scale simulators for teenage driver since 2005, but he says creating one for x box and ps for gamers opens up a new option for teen driving preparedness be attention of the teen users because it's competitive. >>its immediate feedback and it's entertaining without being suing the blast. >>this is see unlike always try and get the best score and i get upset when i don't. so i think i'll translate well and i'm on the road all try like. >>get more playing the game has 10 different lessons starting with the basics and then taking you through several different scenarios so that when it's time to get on the road you're more fully prepared. >>level that i'm on right now there is a par were here you have a phone it forces you to look at you can't see the road and goes back and forth that and it really shows you how much like how distracted you are when you're on the phone.
10:34 pm
>>and that we're all sort of watching each other play while i'm driving a more conscious to end though there's no real replacement for behind the wheel experience the chide say the game is giving them peace of mind. yeah, this is then one of my biggest fears but. >>you know seeing all of these scenarios with the cell phones and the kids running out in the middle of the street in the different weather conditions and things like that which is hard to practice when you're actually in a car. so i think that it's a good supplement to actual driving practice and driver's education in alameda noel bellow kron 4 news. >>well dramatic video from ohio where 2 young girls were locked in a car. their parents panicking as the temperature rose that's until ohio police showed up and got them out. and it was all caught on camera do that. the girl's mother told police her car door locks had been now functioning when she went to
10:35 pm
get the girls the doors of arty accidentally locked. she immediately called 911 when she realized the danger they were and certainly a frightening scenario for any parent that's troop today wrapped up the first day at the oakland art and soul festival the event will also. >>kickoff tomorrow at noon in downtown oakland, the festival features food live music performers and more you also get a chance to celebrate the creativity of oakland in the east bay with a large number of artists featuring artwork. tickets for the festival are $12 for adults and free for anyone under 18. the 41th annual gilroy garlic festival is now officially under way sunday though is the last day along with all the girls food you could possibly ever imagine there is live entertainment a wine garden, children's area, a lot more. sunday's attractions include the professional garlic showdown and country music performances. so just follow your nose to christmas help
10:36 pm
park and cal train is running a specially chartered round-trip train service to the festival. and who's hungry now on laundry get out the men's the lawyer get all that go. >>newsom garland, the take a live look outside tonight along the embarcadero clear and that angle of the bay bridge and while it is cool of the coast. it will be sizzling. the garlic and the sizzling on the pans and also if you're going to the festival tomorrow breast will be sizzling as well. >>yeah that's right. mean it's a fun festival though i've been garlic ice cream. i've never heard of that but you're going to need it tomorrow, especially with temperatures in the mid 90's for your afternoon highs. so enjoy the early morning hours and even into the evening as well make sure to take advantage of those cooler temperatures because it's going to be another day of scorching heat for those of you taking part in the gilroy garlic festival for the 2nd half of your weekend storm tracker 4 tracking a thick fog bank out there right now half moon bay seeing up to 2 miles visibility but up to 6 for
10:37 pm
those of you in downtown san francisco. also impacting parts of the golden gate bridge but not too bad out there noticing more high clouds in the dense low clouds and fog so that's a good news this evening. temperatures right now widespread 50's 60's along the coast 70's and 80's as you start a major way inland still hot for those of you in the tri valleys 87 degrees in antioch in 56 degrees for those of you in half moon bay, so nearly a 30 degree difference, unique microclimate forecast in the bay area very typical of the bay area summer that were used to overnight lows tonight will also be relatively warm for antioch 69 degrees. that's what you're going to remain. >>in a heat advisory and also for most of the interior valleys of the east bay including conquered in livermore everyone else though seeing widespread 50's for your overnight low so relief mainly along the coast and let's take a look at your microclimate forecast for the 2nd half of your weekend downtown san francisco, 70 degrees marina district also
10:38 pm
in the low 70's, so a few degrees above average there in half moon bay, upper 60's for you brisbane low 70's with upper 70's all the way in burlingame we are going to notice a lot more sunshine throughout the afternoon and still warm temperatures even throughout san mateo 80 degrees. redwood city in the mid 80's with a mountain view 84 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs in light a breezy wind speeds at sea breeze will be out in full force along the coast even extending into our interior valleys but scorching see for those of you in the south bay still even with that slight cool down. low 90's for your afternoon highs in that excessive heat advisory, he's going to remain in effect for that ride valleys livermore a 100 degrees conquered also flirting with a triple digit heat berkeley 77 degrees, richmond, upper 70's. napa 89 degrees valais how in the low 90's and mid 90's for those of you in santa rosa, so let's take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 outlook because we are going to notice relief in sight, one more day a very
10:39 pm
warm to hot temperatures specifically in the east bay interior valleys but then cooling down 10 to 20 degrees. today compared to monday's so monday is going to be the day we finally get relief with near average temperatures and then slightly warmer temperatures by next weekend. but no record breaking or near record breaking heat. so that's the good news right there. >>certainly as thank you so makes. thank you greece uh. department of justice needs a little help from hollywood in the case against roger stone. >>coming up we have details on why officials wou ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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>>entertainment news now and never released photos of actor james dean's deadly car crash are now going up for auction in 1955 dean was driving his new porsche 5.50 spyder in salinas california. when it collided with a 1954 to door. son of a lawyer who was involved in a insurance case related to the crash. brought the photos forward. options says there are about 30 photos. they expect them to bring in $20,000. the wrecked porsche went on a national tour is a highway safety exhibit. but it went missing while being transported. the auction is set for next month. president donald trump is blasting sweden for not releasing rapper asap rocky after an announcement that a sav rocca will be charged with assault. the president said
10:43 pm
sweden quote let our african american community down not giving the rapper his freedom. the president added we do so much for sweden. but it doesn't seem to work the other way around the rapper says he acted in self-defense as trial begins on tuesday. prosecutors are hoping that hollywood can help them in roger stone's upcoming trial. the1 filed a request in court. >>asking the judge for permission to showed jurors a clip from the godfather part 2. the clip from the classic 1974 mob film is the moment when the mafia figure frankie pants lies to the senate committee that was investigating organized crime. according to the court filing stones referred to the movie while trying to convince an associate to stonewall a house committee's inquiry into the 2016 presidential election. stone is accused of lying to congress and witness tampering. >>well coming up it was the first day of training camp for the oakland raider
10:44 pm
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>>kron 4 news at 10 o'clock day one of nfl training camp kicked off for the oakland raiders for sports reporter jason dumas swat all. and he takes us to the start of football season for the silver and black. >>it was day one of 45 here at raiders camp and today was all about these players getting
10:47 pm
used to one another a whole lot of new faces donning the silver and black this year the quarterback derek carr realize how important it will be to build that chemistry early in order to have long-term success. >>we spent a lot of time the offseason more than i have with other guys in the past the these these receivers minute tell you what they it that way for me to text them that that that was something that was pretty cold. you know, i'm saying. so they're they're showing up at my house, they're showing up bakersfield of all places. hey were you of in bakersfield, you're more than welcome to come get to work and we get 10 guys there. we do it today many camp. >>of course, antonio brown stole all the headlines this summer but there's another new wide receiver who figures to be a big part of the offense. tyrell williams comes over from the chargers and has been working out with their car since early in the summer got together in offseason. >>no in between may kevin turn camp so if i were good right now you know this is starting click on this is things will work on but i mean for day one
10:48 pm
of those good. >>we some of the new guys while talented come with some baggage. one of whom being richie incognito's the controversial part is ready to make an impression on greater nation far greater nation know that i'm excited to be a part of it they've been nothing but welcoming all the readers organization been great. >>the legacy of this organization and the history his deficit that's important to me and it's also you part of that i want them to know that i'm worried about off to work hard every single day. and a thing i got his last ride so i got to give everything i got and hopefully it's not a lot of ball games. >>well we all know training camp is a grind and the weather here in napa valley reminds us of that every minute a high of 97 degrees on saturday here at raiders camp but the fans still showed up and showed out hundreds of fans here watching camp already to see the raiders suthis season, but one player they are still waiting to see antonio brown star receiver, he is not playing right now he is on the non-football injury list but
10:49 pm
it is not believed to be a serious injury and he should only be out a couple weeks at the most reporting live from readers training camp adjacent do mosque. ron for sports. >>well saturday was the first official training camp for the san francisco 49 ers down in santa clara. it was a non pad session. and all the talk was about the defense. this is video from the san francisco, 49 ers as to that defense. top 9 ers draft pick nick bosa went up against veteran offensive lineman joe staley and according to reports beat him several times the first squad defense gave up 0 points in just one big play. not to worry about the offense though usually takes a little bit of time for the offensive squad to mash especially for one that has been without 3rd quarterback, san francisco giants have had some wild games and friday night was no different roads involved. a giants player. and the dad.
10:50 pm
top of the 11th and pablo sandoval crushes this ball. it is gone and that would prove to be the game winning home run. father who was holding his child you can see in the replay here he had the day baby in one hand thehild in the other child was untouched in an injured in the dad got the ball saturday. >>the panda gave the father of that and invited him back to the game take a listen. >>actually 7 in nice meeting in berlin or year. >>they can pass references there to the world series baby making yet another cameo there on saturday good work dad now as for the oakland a's. they won 5 to 4 saturday night against the rangers, giants lose 5 to one against the padres.
10:51 pm
>>the boston red sox confirmed player david ortiz has now been released from the hospital in boston, the news comes more than a month after a gunman. shot big poppy in the back in the dominican republic, while he was sitting in a crowded patio bar after undergoing surgery in the dominican republic, he was flown to boston. dominican republic. authorities say ortiz was not the intended target of the shooting several people have been arrested. now this year is former president barack obama's basketball jersey from high school. the teenage obama helped is varsity basketball team when the 1979 hawaii state championship. heritage auctions is selling the jersey next month and the starting bid is $25,000. but it will likely go for a lot more estimates are coming in about 100 $1000 number 20. >>what may have started off as a joke turned into reality for one mom who her just an entire
10:52 pm
store's inventory
10:53 pm
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visit your local chase branch. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 we'll here's a good one the best one of the night and arkansas woman took advantage of the deals at a shoe store close outsell buying out the entire storm but she does not plan on keeping the 1500 pairs of shoes instead. >>her shopping spree will now
10:55 pm
benefit the entire community. >>look around kerry journey guns house. >>it was right around 1500. >>she's not a arder. >>they go from newborns to size 13 in means doesn't have a shopping addiction. >>she was just inspired by her daughter's huge hearts. >>i know senate she's little too small a 4th grader harper jernigan just wanted to buy or friend one pair of new shoes and navy at parents and i know he likes injury saif al and then she she says and long leads to shoot her my friends, but she didn't know his size. i want to be able to figure out of sight as because of the time of the year. and so i just jokinglu looked at the clear casted how much for the rest of the shoes in here. >>you just joking. >>when demint and kind maybe midnight. >>that joke became reality.
10:56 pm
now the german guns are planning to give them all away. >>it's just her heart it and she's kind she's they carney 18. and she is how she >>and that one act of kindness has snowball. >>i had a local businessman come up yesterday and give me a $1000 cash and he said i just want you spin this on those kids. it's grown. >>and it kept growing into a big event and a couple weeks churches and businesses now chicken hair cuts eye exams school supplies, you name it. >>that's what it's all about and in the grand scheme of things in this country. this is it tiny blip but if it continues to grow in a just it makes you do one little thing for that stated fixing to go back to school then it it matters to that one kid. >>all because harper wanted to buy or friend, a pair of avenger shoes. >>what an amazing story right there i mean, especially schools about to start up and to see all that giving while
10:57 pm
and it's contagious does something good another person to and we could use more of all over the country absolutely but that has a going to be very hot tomorrow. across much of the bay area. yes, specifically the interior valleys of the east bay heat advisory remains in effect now through 11 o'clock tomorrow night. >>in addition to that spear the air alert will also remain in effect all the way through sunday night as well, pretty poor air quality and daytime highs triple digit heat for most of our try valleys, widespread 70's and 80's as you make your way and like every jump in the pacific tomorrow >>you school.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
(rock music) (police sirens) (helicopter whirring) (mechanical noise) - we're going to back deputy o'camb up in pollock pines. uh, sounds like a call for a drunk subject in public. he just ran him out on the radio for a records check, sounds like he's got a couple misdemeanor warrants so we're gonna go back him up and make sure he doesn't need any help.


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